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Published by kflemish5, 2019-12-09 07:18:28

Techmas 2019

Techmas 2019

10 days of Techmas

On the first day of Techmas...


Noisli is a fantastic background noise and color
generator for working and relaxing. Online soothing
ambient sounds like White noise, Rain and Coffee Shop,

Click here to get started

On the second day of Techmas...

Animated GIFs
Make your own Animated GIF

Spice up your presentations!

Click here to try it out!

On the third day of Techmas...


Rewordify is a free on-line tool that simplifies difficult
vocabulary in a written text.

Make Vocabulary easy for your students!

On the fourth day of Techmas...

Printable Sticky Notes

Print sticky notes or make your own!

On the fifth day of Techmas...

Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet is a website which contains digital jigsaw
puzzles that can be assembled using any device with a web
browser. It also has the capability to upload any image and
create a digital puzzle for someone else to solve.

Get started making your own puzzles

On the sixth day of Techmas...

Bitmoji Google Extension

Create a cartoon version of yourself.

Get started with this fun extension

On the seventh day of Techmas...

Brush Ninja

Brush Ninja is a free tool for creating animated GIFs .
This s ite can be us ed for s top-motion animation as well
as a way for s tudents to ans wer ques tions !

Click here to go to Brush Ninja

On the eighth day of Techmas...


Flippity easily turns any Google spreadsheet into
flashcards, a badge creator, a spelling quiz, a
memory game, a word search, and more.
Teachers can use Flippity for a variety of
purposes: to present to the class, to assess
individual students, or to have students make
their own creations.

Stop re-creating the wheel and click here

On the ninth day of Techmas...


LunaPic is an online platform that enables users to
upload, edit, and share their pictures. After uploading the
picture to the platform, users can add borders, filters,
animations, and more to their pictures.
Pixelate your photos and get the students to figure out
what it is as a way of enticing the lesson.

Start pixelating now!

On the tenth day of Techmas...


Wizer.Me is an education platform that
allows teachers to create quick, easy and
fun digital worksheets, to share them with
fellow teachers and to keep track of student

Create interactive activities now!

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