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Published by Nalani Sanders, 2019-05-09 08:59:27

Arctic tundra

Arctic tundra

Arctic tundra

By Bryant Farrar
and Nalani Sanders

and Nalani sanders


The tundra is a cold and treeless plain where
harsh conditions make it hard for plants and
animals alike to survive.Around 20% of the
earth’s land surface is covered with tundra.The
average temperature in the tundra is around
-18 degrees F.


The tundra has a lot more animal activity
during the summer than the winter.This is
because most birds migrate south for the
summer,insects lay eggs that wait for the
summer to hatch,and some animals hibernate
for the winter.There are even some
animals,like the caribou,which migrate south
for the winter.

Animal adaptation

There are some animals that have
adapted to winter in the tundra.Some of
them change coats from brown in the
summer to white in the winter so they
can blend in with the snow.These include
the arctic hare,the ermine,and the arctic
fox.Other animals that are active in the
winter include,the snowy owl,musk
oxen,and ptarmigans.


The location of arctic tundra is north america
and asia.It is in three countries canada, the
united states,and you can see the map
is showing you where the arctic tundra.

Fun Facts

1. The word tundra come from a finnish word
tunturi,which means treeless plain or barren
2.The tundra is a very fragile biome that is
shrinking as the permafrost melts.

Quiz time!!!!!

1.What is it like in the arctic tundra?The tundra
is cold and treeless plain where harsh conditions
make it hard to survive .2.Why is there more
animal activity in the summer than the
winter?Because birds migrate south for the
summer.3.Where is the arctic tundra located ?It
is located in north america.


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