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Published by e.nourse, 2019-12-12 11:15:54

FP Fit Bit 12.12.19

FP Fit Bit 12.12.19

Your fitness tracker

“Good communication is
the bridge between
confusion and clarity”

“You may not be able to control every
situation and its outcome but you can control
your attitude and how you deal with it”

FP UK News

Christmas Party 4pm - Office Closing
Friday 13th December (Thanks Len!)

The Village Hotel, Maidstone 7pm - Arrival Time
7.45pm - Dinner Served

Head Office Head Office Remember to use
Please make sure your desks are NEW DRESS CODE your Aspire points
Please refer to Katie’s email before Christmas!
clean and tidy.
We are having a deep clean before

the New Year which includes all
monitors and phones!

To date

Aspire (Emoji Banks): Q4 Target: 4.9

• Customer Facing – For every verified 5* review, you will receive 1000 Aspire points.

• Non-customer facing – If overall company target is met, you will receive 3000 Aspire points.
Everyone’s job has a role to play in FP providing good service.

(FullFPSupport month November) Average wait time Calls offered vs calls answered

20 6243
seconds vs


Call handler of the week
Sarah 229



Leads Received Conversion -
Source YTD
Mailsave Target = 20%


Website Target = 30% We need the help of all
Total employees when it comes to
71 34% increasing In House Leads….

Marketing Target = 150


Phone Target = 30%

70 28%

Full month Nov 2019


Have leads at the forefront of your mind | Listen to the customer…

• Do they have an old PostBase model? Qi3, Qi4, Qi6? New facelift products… discoverFP as a selling tool?
• Could they benefit from FP Sign?
• Is their machine too slow? Has their volume increased, and they need a faster machine or a machine with an automatic
feeder to make their processes faster?
• Do they have a legacy product? (Mymail, Optimail, Ultimail, Centormail) and therefore cannot benefit from updated
features that the PostBase can offer such as better user interface, portal access?
• Is their machine Mailmark ready? Could they be accessing better rates?
• Do they send large volume mailers and could therefore benefit from a machine to fold and insert their letters into
• Have they just opened or looking to open an additional site for their business?
•Would they be happy to take a call from a member of the FP team to speak to them about how they can benefit from a
different / newer / faster / additional machine?

Marketing News We are now rated 4.3/5 on Yell
(We were 1 at start of the year)

We are ranking as number 4/5
on the page 1 of Google for the
search ‘franking machine'!
(Highest we have ever ranked!)
We’ve also started blogging:

Commercial ACM Public Sector ACM

Sales Boards – Full month Nov 40,000 177% 150% 128% 151% 100,000 425% 101%
30,000 80,000
20,000 35,366 30,061 25,619 30,125 60,000 84,976 20,101
10,000 40,000 Rob W
Emma Linda Lynsey Charli 20,000 Chris H
0 0

Top Achiever Top Achiever

Soho ACM New Business
Sales Boards - Full month Nov
50,000 Units136%135%101%50 71% 73% 47% 87%
30,000 40,801 40,614 30,297 40 190% 25 25.5 16.5 30.5
10,000 Ellie Alec Stacey 30 Emma H Lewis Jamie Mel

0 20 38


Top Achiever Top Achiever


Sales Boards – Full month Nov 30,000 92% 113% Top Achiever
20,000 23,000 28,140


Reece Ham
Sales Value

Let’s take a moment to recognize the following
employees who have chosen to donate the remaining of
their Aspire Points to Samaritans:

Samaritans 1. Harvey Humm What makes you happy?
2. Alisa Egan We hope you’re enjoying the advent calendar. Read our blog
3. Ashley Thompson
4. Lauren Phelps here:
5. Lynsey Busby
6. Sofia Mead

Thank you! x

Katie Dawson has a new Kitten. Muk has lost
His name is Ziggy! over 10kg on

his diet,

Will Tom end up in Ashleigh's bed tomorrow or
will Ashleigh end up in his? #PartyTradition!

FP Lads had a great night at five a side

FPSupport have recently
discovered their newbie Kara
has tiny thumbs and is
unable to open sachets. Bless

Getting to know you… Lucy Moss

• What celebrity would you rate as a perfect 10? Nick Jones
• Favourite radio station? Kiss
• Favorite sport? Kickboxing
• Favourite band? Pierce The Veil
• Favourite drink? Coke
• Name something on your bucket list? Ride an elephant
• Football team? Rugby not football
• Best place you have ever visited? Ventnor
• What movie do you wish life was more like? White Girls
• At which store would you like to max-out a credit card? Selfridges
• If you could date anybody at FP who would it be? Lois
• Relationship status? Single

FP Vision ACT Strategy

Mission Attack in core business (grow market share)
Accompany the customer (develop new solutions
Our vision is to be the preferred supplier of mailing solutions to and services to aid the customer along the way)
the UK market; providing superior products and offering Transform FP to an enlarged business (develop new
exceptional service and support to our customers through our business segments)
company organization and its associated sales channels.


Sustainable profitability through customer focus and
excellent processes (good relationships,
communication, happy employees and knowing who
we are)

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