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claire final project finished version

claire final project finished version



Tom Brady dominates at 44 V

Tom Brady, 44 years old, is still one of the players just because football is a demanding
best quarterbacks in the NFL. sport on your body,” Brady said, according
Before the NFL he began his football career “He used to get on me like an older brother,
as just another kid in northern California but I was the kind of guy he could get on,” said
with a dream. On his rst day of high school, Julian Edelman, according to….... Edelman
he barely knew how to put his pads on and was one of Brady’s former teammates from
was barely able to do the basic tasks. He al- the Patriots he described him as his brother.
most didn’t play, being stuck between wanting Now going on his 20th season he plays for the
to play football and baseball but soon into the buccaneers and has his team at a 6-3 season
high school season he showed good skills as a as of now. According to sport, most
quarterback. In his last season playing for his retire before the age of 30 which leaves Brady
high school, he won All state and All far??? I exceeding that by 14 or more years. And he
would explain this honor and earn MVP. He breaks all odds and proves you can do any-
then went on to play in college for the Uni- thing at that age.
versity of Michigan and excelled there.

“I was ready and eager to prove myself,
because of my college experience, I’d learned a
lot about competition, about teamwork, about
all the things to me that mattered, and I was
ready to go all-in on the professional level,”
Brady said, according to…….

He began his career in the NFL at age 23.
He was a sixth-round dra pick chosen by
the patriots. In his time with them he won 6
super bowls and a er he was dra ed to the
buccaneers. As of 2021, he has sevensuper
bowl wins which beat the record for the team
with the most wins which are the Pittsburgh
Steelers with six which is more than any play-
er in NFL history. Brady’s strategy is to learn
how each player plays their position and he
likes to have a personal connection with each
teammate. And to keep him in this shape to be
this good is his strict diet and workout regime
called TB12. he only eats organic and local
and plant-based. He avoids alcohol and gluten.

“I try to spread the message to a lot of other

Brady was estatic a er his big win. His kids are
always supportive.
Photo by WCVB news


Vanhorne takes on a leader position as a freshman on varsity

Freshman Hayden Vanhorne talks about what Looking really good for the rest of the season!”
it’s like to play boys volleyball. e Berlin boys varsity is 8-4 and still have 12

He began playing when he was 13 years old very exciting games ahead of them.
when he was in 7th grade. Him and his brother Freshman Hayden Vanhorne
Parker have a very close bond and he convinced jumps and scores a point for his
him to play. team.
“My brother and I have a really good relation-
ship and I had previously nished baseball and
didn’t really like it so my brother convinced me
to go to an A2 open gym and I’ve loved it ever
since,” said Vanhorne.

e best part of his season so far was getting
to play Olentangy High School because some of
his closest friends are on that team. His biggest
goal is to try to be a leader on his team.
“Being a freshman on varsity and playing all
around is lots of fun but challenging trying to
be a leader on the team while being the young-
est,” said Vanhorne.

When playing volleyball the people on the
court are typically supposed to be the leaders
and bring the team up which can be hard at
times especially in long ve set point to point
“ is year the culture of Berlin has made me
extremely close to some sta and my team-
mates especially in long sets and games. Having
people from the school supporting us makes it
more enjoyable and easier knowing you have
fans supporting you” said Vanhorne.

e sta and students here at Berlin make the
school extremely full of spirit. e principal
at Berlin Todd Spinner makes a great e ort to
come to all groups and teams events home or
away. When conducting this interview when
Vanhorne talked about his teammates he con-
tinuously said that they all have a really good
bond and when he hears about other schools
and their teams they don’t seem as close as the
teams at Berlin.

“We’ve had a good season so far and


Nathan Chen takes the gold

Nathan Chen takes home the gold. He thanks his mom for all.

Figure skater Nathan Chen thanks his mom for all She said she would do anything for him. She
he’s accomplished drove him everywhere miles and miles, hours
and hours, tears of happiness all for a lifetime of
Figure skater Nathan Chen for the United States accomplishment.
wins gold in the 2022 olympics. A er taking He shared a special photo of him and his mom
the gold his rst move was to hug his coach and infront of the Prius they drove everywhere in.
thank him for everything. is win was a big leap “It made me emotional to think of how tirelessly
from his 2018 olympics when he got h place she supported me in my skating career, not once
due to faulty mistakes. complaining that the drive was too long or too
“A lot of years of work. A lot of people are
supporting me, a lot of -- I know it’s cliche -- but “Without her support, I never would have
blood, sweat and tears, (over) just many, many made it to where I am now.” said Chen
years,” Due to covid-19 they were on video chat which
said Chen a er being asked what it took to get wasn’t as special but still memorable. is year’s
here. 2022 Olympics he was able to take home the
gold a er lots of bumps in the road and a long
He gave most credit to his mom for all her help journey to get here he nally did it. He hit a
and dedication to helping him do what he loves world record of 218.63 points in ursday’s free
and said she’s the most hard working woman he’s skate category. He was the rst American in 12
ever met even when the family had little to no years to take home the gold in an event he said
money she still supported his dreams and every- he wouldn’t have been able to do without his
thing he did. mom and he thanked her for all she did.
“Since day one, 3 years old, I stepped on the ice,
and she’s been by my side ever since.”

When the family lived in Salt Lake City Utah
she found a coach in San Diego and she pock-
eted every penny they had to get him to have
that coach to further his career.


Staff shortage causes parent to become
substitute teacher

Due to an outbreak in covid cases schools suggest par- doubts about how this could a ect the learning of students
ents become substitutes to help with sta shortage. Father and the substitute’s true level of knowledge when teaching
Craig Niles gets a call from his principal suggesting par- students.
ents apply to be substitute teachers. Niles has been work- photo by 10 TV news.
ing from home for 4 years so he said why not I’ll help out.
“It is a unique way to give back and help the school that
your children attended.” said Niles

Previously, he quit his job as a paralegal to become a
full-time substitute teacher. He said it was one of the best
things he could’ve done to help out.
In the school district, Lisa Carlson decided to send out
the message a er realizing there was a huge shortage of
subs. A er the call was made 8 parents decided to help

Schools in Texas, California and Idaho are facing the
same problem. And people have begun to raise much
concern about the education students are receiving during
this troubling time.
“ I would say that’s more important than the quality of the
substitute teacher standing in the front of the classroom
for a few weeks,” said educator Micheal Hanson with

Parent steps up to the plate. It was a di cult task but it got done

Parent subs for class. It was a struggle for all. photo by 10 TV news



Review on the popular debate of which leggings to buy.


The Lululemon wonder train leggings with
upkeep can be kept for years, but they

recommend you wash them in cold water and
line dry them to keep them from pilling. Ive

had mine for around a year and they have kept

the aerie offline og leggings require less upkeep
but they pill easier and they pick up dust and hair

easier and after lots of wear and tear they feel
very worn


the aerie leggings are anywhere from 25-50 dollars
depending on sale prices

Lululemon: they have a soft buttery texture aerie: they have a similar texture and easy
to move in but they only offer 3 lengths
and they are easy to move around in. normal, short and long in select colors and
They're a little loose in the waist, but sizes. If that's an issue than these aren't the
there's a tie in the waistband so that you leggings for you overall I recommend the

can tighten them if you need! Lululemon ones due to the diversity but if
your on a budget then the aerie leggings

are a great buy!! 9

Your daily dose of seritonin


Travel guide for good eats in Jamaica


From cheerleader to setter in one year

Freshman Jena Sturgill explains her struggle in the transformation from becoming a ds to a setter
“ e most di cult part was de nitely learning the rotation and what type of sets are better for certain posi-
tions and people,” said Jena Sturgill.
She’s a freshman who goes to Berlin High school and has the challenge of trying to make her team trust her
while learning a new position. She hasn’t had an easy time over the summer she participated in team camp
and throughout this camp coaches pushed her to be the best she could be almost to the point where it broke
her. Over the last 3 months, she trains everyday with her team and in games she also has to get every second
ball to make sure she gets the sets high enough while also being the most positive on the team.
“Another struggle throughout the season has been when my team got quarantined and I couldn’t play for 10
plus days,” said Sturgill.
She began to say that when she came back the biggest struggle was not getting practice for 10 days and she
felt her skill set and stamina went down. e days leading up to the rst game were hard; she was pushed but
overcame it and began to get better everyday.
“I feel a certain sense of accomplishment every time I step o the court, said, Sturgill”

e feeling she expressed was a sense of joy that she feels no one else can understand. Its passion and excite-
ment overcame her nerves knowing she did something that she felt she could mess up.

“It feels amazing to be a part of such a family. It’s almost like my volleyball family knows me more than my
own,” said Sturgill.

Walking into the locker room a er a hard practice is de nitely tough cause everyone is tired but there’s al-
ways that one person that comes in to pick everyone up which really makes us a family.


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