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Published by rubyaguilar0, 2019-05-18 16:10:48

my classroom management plan

my classroom management plan

Ruby Aguilar

!The Start of Class Routine and Taking Attendance
!Opening Assignment
!The Agenda
!Dismissing Class

! I will greet students at the door with a smile.
!Students will enter the classroom quietly.
!Students will check agenda and start working on the warm up.

!The very first thing that students will do every day when they walk into class is a
Science warm up.

!The warm up will usually be a question that will either get the student thinking
about what we will be learning that day or will help them think about what we
learned during the day before.

!At the end of the week students will hand them in.
!If students ever miss a day, it is their responsibility to make up the warm up.

!The agenda will be posted daily in a designated area of the whiteboard.
!Students will check the designated location for the agenda the minute they enter

the classroom.

!Students will make sure their area is neat.
!Students will stay seated until the bell rings.
!Students will push in their chair as they leave.

!Organizing Homework
!Classroom Tardiness
!Paper Headings
!Absent folder
!Unfinished Class Assignments

!I will assign two students to collect homework
!Students will pass homework up
!Homework will be turned into the perspective drawer for the period.
!Very bottom drawer will be for notes to teacher.

!Enter the class quietly
!If you have a tardy slip from the office, place it on my desk.
!Go directly to your desk, check the agenda posted in the whiteboard, and get to


!Write your Name, Date, and Class period in the right-hand corner of your paper

If you are absent
!As soon as you return, check the hanging absent folder to your missing

!Complete all missed work and return as soon as possible.
!Look over the assignments before you leave class so that you can ask me any

questions you may have.

!Unfinished classwork that can be done independently will be sent home as

!Unfinished group work will be worked on the following school day.

!I will use my attention getter to have students stop what they are doing.
!Have students turn in work or turn down work so it is not distracting for new

!Introduce new activity and explain expectations and give new directions.

!I will say “May I have your attention please.”

!If you are done with independent or group work early, you may
1. Complete missing work, warm ups
2. Work on homework

!Emergency Preparedness
!Getting students’ attention
!Restroom Breaks

Emergency evacuation binder is located on the left hand side of the doorway.
Included is:
1. Emergency procedures
2. Map with evacuation route
3. Class rosters
4. Required administrative procedures
!Emergency bag is below the evacuation binder
!School map will be highlighted evacuation route is posted on the door.
!When we return to the classroom, students will discuss of what happened during

the evacuation and how they can improve the next time.

!I will say ”May I have your attention please.”
!Students must do three things
1. Immediately stop what they are doing
2. Look up at me
3. Listen for instruction

!Students are not allowed to go to the restroom the first and last 10 minutes of class.
!Each student will be given four bathrooms passes per quarter.
!At the end of each quarter, students will turn in their unused passes for extra credit.

!Class Discussions
!Working in Groups
!Cultivating Social Skills

!All students will participate in some way during class discussions
!Discussions expectations
1. Eye contact
2. Mutual respect for speakers and listeners
3. Feel safe-mocking will not be tolerated
4. Use classmates thoughts to build off of

!Predetermined groups so not students are left out
!All students must participate
!All students are responsible for their own work.

!It is important to me that my class is a safe and respectful environment.
!Students will be taught professionalism and will be expected to act professionally

while in my class.
1. Be on time
2. To have manners
3. Work well in groups
4. Bring problems to my attention
5. Be respectful
6. Participate

!Consistency in Procedures
!Handling Student Anxiety
!Communication with Parents

!Being organized
!Having clear expectations everyday with all activities.
!Have a structured organized schedule (agenda) that students can see.
!Strategies need to be taught and reinforced.

!Questions I need to ask myself if I see a student displaying anxiety signs
1. What behavior is student displaying?
2. When and where is it occurring?
3. What concerns does the student verbalize?
4. Who is involved?
5. How does these situations come about and why?
!Brainstorm with student if possible
!Make sure to exercise IEP accommodations

!Parent communication and cooperation is significant for for special needs students
!A variety of communication tools may be used
1. Be present in EIP meetings
2. Conferences
3. Allow parents to contact me with any questions or concerns.

!New Student Orientation
!The Death of a Parent/Student
!The Angry Student
!Procedures for My Substitute Teacher
!Back-to-School Night
!Technology in the Classroom/Going Green

!Have a packet ready for student to read over, include:
1. Help student feel welcomed and safe in new class.
2. Include copy of syllabus and procedures
3. Pair student up with a reliable and responsible student from class.
!Introduce student to the whole class.

!Create flexibility within the scheduled assignments and tests.
!Lead a class discussion to allow students to express their feelings.
!Allow students time to talk and reflect in groups, individually, and counselor.
!The student’s desk will remain in the class until after the funeral in order to allow

others time to heal.
!Observe others as time passes because they may need more counsel.
!Be sensitive to the trauma, grief, and possible cultural differences.
!Make sure I receive counseling and deal with the loss.
!Begin to introduce normalcy within the classroom and gain closure.
!Return the classroom to normal routine, structure, and organization.

!Remain calm and collected.
!Give student a note that says they will not be bothered for 5-10 minutes (use

discretion) while they regroup, are allowed to go to the restroom, get water then
come back to class.
!Talk to the student a an appropriate time away from the other students for privacy.
!Have a space in the classroom where student can regroup, maybe a seat in the back
with head down or eyes closed.
!Use administration only as a back up or for serious problems.
!Allow student to take work home to complete if they need to.

!Have a substitute binder, include:
1. Welcome letter
2. Day schedule
3. Class rules and procedures
4. Student rosters
5. Seating charts
6. Lesson plans for day of planned absence
7. Contact sheet for help with phone line extensions and referral slips
8. Emergency procedures
9. Feexetrdabcarcekdifto)rm(rate each class on a number scale, class with highest points earns
10. Emergency lesson plans for unexpected absences

!Prepare script
!Hand out welcome letter with teacher information
!Display student work in classroom
!Have room organized and presentable
!Short presentation of expectations, homework procedures, projects students will

work on through first semester.
!Give copy of syllabus

!No phone unless teacher allows phones for activity
!No listening devices unless teacher allows for activity
!Google classroom will be used for students to access worksheets and handouts.
!PowerPoints will be uploaded onto Google classroom before exams for students to

!Use interactive websites for informal assessments.
!Recycle in classroom

Welcome students!
My name is Mrs. Aguilar and I am your Science teacher this year. I am looking
forward to getting to know each and everyone of you during the year. I hope that you
all had a great summer.
This class will be challenging, but I believe in all of you and I will do my very best to
make sure that all of you are successful in my class. I will give you all the tools for
success and I will try to make it as fun as I can.
Lastly, in order for our classroom and year to run smoothly I do want to introduce our
classroom procedures. If we can learn and follow these procedures we will have a
fantastic year, which I know we will.

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