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Published by Greenleaf Catering and Event Management, 2019-06-11 05:40:10

Greenleaf Punjabi Menu 2019




Mini Seekh Kebabs - Spicy minced lamb with fresh herbs and spices Ⓔ

Mini Kofta - Meatballs with fresh herbs and spices Ⓖ

Shami Goli - Delicious miniature shami kebabs with tomato salsa or imlee sauce ⒼⒺ

Cocktail Lamb/Chicken Samosas – Filo pastry stuffed with either a minced lamb or chicken, with fresh spices Ⓖ

Chicken Tikka - Bite-size pieces of chicken marinated in spices ⒹⓂ

Chicken Parcels - Minced spicy chicken filling wrapped in crispy filo pastry Ⓖ

Mini Reshmi Kebabs - Minced chicken with a range of spices

* Cocktail Masalla Fish – Fresh fish marinated in authentic and special masalla, deep fried in batter ⒼⓈⒺ


Bombay Crustards – Filled with spicy chick peas, potatoes and topped with yoghurt and tamarind sauce ⒹⒼ

Cocktail Vegetable/Paneer Samosa – Mini pastry parcels filled with a variety of vegetables Ⓖ or ⒹⒼ

Cocktail Spring Rolls – Pastry parcels filled with Chinese style vegetables ⒹⒼ

Vegetable Kofta – Vegetable balls with fresh herbs and spices ⒺⒼ

Thai Veg/Paneer Parcels – Filo pastry parcels of spicy Indian cheese filling Ⓖ or ⒹⒼ

Mini Masala Papad - Mini popdoms with kutchumber salad and spicy mango chutney

Mini Hara Barra Bites - Miniature Harra Barra Kebabs with Goats Cheese & Imlee ⒹⒼ

Pani Puri Shots – A round hollow Puri fried crisp and filled with a mixture of flavoured water, tamarind chutney,
chili, Chaat masala, potato, onion and chickpeas ⒹⒼ

Mogo Chips (Masala and Chlli & Lemon) – Casava marinated in either a spicy and tangy masala or in chilli &
lemon, deep fried for a crispy texture

Tandoori Paneer Tikka – Indian Cheese marinated in tandoori spices Ⓓ


Mango Tikka - Chicken marinated in spicy yoghurt cooked in a tandoor topped with a piece of mango ⒹⓂ
Kashmiri Cucumber Round - Cucumber stuffed with minced lamb filling Ⓓ
Chicken Satay Skewers - Chicken marinated in a blend of peanut and carefully selected spices ⒹⓃⓂ
Chicken Tikka Puri bites - Crisp Puri with tandoori chicken and a light yogurt dressing
Spicy Chicken Nachos – Nanchos served with a marinated chicken and topped with a spicy & tangy sauce ⒼⒹ
Lamb Puri bites - Crisp Puri with moist lamb and a refreshing mint dressing ⒹⒼ
Fish and Chips Cones - Delicious miniature fish and chip served in a retro cone ⒼⓈⒺ
Mini Sliders - American-style mini burgers with a Indian twist Ⓖ
Mini Tacos - Lamb / BBQ Chicken / Veg – Mexican tacos filled with 1 of the various fillings on offer ⒹⒼ
Mini Keema Pitta with fillings – Mini pita bread filled with spicy lamb mince Ⓖ
* Noodle box - Stir fried noodles with chicken Ⓖ
* Jalpari Lasooni - Tiger prawns marinated in garlic and herbs Ⓢ
* Prawn Puri - mini Puri with spicy prawn or tandoori prawns ⓈⒼⒹ
* Duck Spring Rolls – Pulled Duck lightly seasoned in a filo pastry roll Ⓖ

Cocktail Pizza Samosa – Pastry filled with Authentic Italian Stuffing ⒹⒼ
Bombay Cucumber Round – Cucumber stuffed with special paneer filling Ⓓ
Dynamite Mushrooms – Button mushrooms in a crispy breadcrumb coating ⒹⒼⒺ
Paneer Pudina Pakora – Indian cheese stuffed with mint coated with a spicy batter ⒹⒼ
Bhel Puri Chaat – Puffed rice, sev, onions and tomatoes served on a savoury disc with special sauce ⒹⒼⓃ
Mixed Veg Skewers - Tandoori Mushroom, Achaari Aloo & Haryali Paneer skewered Ⓓ
Mini Toast- Mozzarella and tomato with balsamic vinegar or pesto served in a miniature bread ⒹⒼ
Paneer Sandwich - Finely cut and chargrilled, peppers, onions and Tandoori Paneer sandwiched Ⓓ
Cocktail Falafels – falafel served with pesto and humus Ⓖ
Aloo Tikki Channa Chaat in boat – Potato cakes topped with chickpeas masala and spices ⒹⒼ

Chilli Paneer in boat – Indian cheese in a tangy and chilli sauce with fresh capsicum and onions Ⓓ
Harra Barra burgers – Spinach with goats cheese and spices pan fried ⒹⒼ
Okra fries – Lady fingers deep fried in a spicy batter Ⓖ
Mini Paneer Pitta – Mini pitta stuffed with spicy Indian cheese ⒹⒼ
*Mini pau bhaji – Bread topped a spicy mixed veg curry ⒹⒼ


Vegetable Samosa – Triangular filo pastry parcels filled with mixed vegetables Ⓖ

Paneer Samosa – Triangular filo pastry parcels filled with spicy Indian style cheese ⒹⒼ

Mixed Vegetable Cutlets – Spicy vegetable cakes lightly fried Ⓖ

Aloo Tikki & Channa Chaat – Potato cakes with chick peas, tamarind and yogurt ⒹⒼ

Spring Rolls – Filo pastry rolls filled with spiced Chinese style vegetables ⒹⒼ

Onion Bhaji – Onions deep-fried in a spicy batter

Mixed Pakoras – Potatoes, onions with spinach mixed in spicy batter deep-fried

Aloo Papri Chaat – Aloo, channa, yoghurt and tamarind sauce with crispy papri ⒹⒼ

Bhel Puri – Puffed rice, sev, chopped onions, tomatoes, crisps and special sauces ⒹⒼⓃ

Paneer Tikka – Indian cheese cubed, marinated and cooked in tandoor Ⓓ

Katchori – Pastry based dish with a mixture of various fillings Ⓖ

Chilli & Lemon Mogo Chips – Deep fried Mogo (Cassava) served crispy with seasoning

Masala Mogo – Mogo Deep fried tossed in a spicy masala sauce

Batata Wara – Spicy mashed potato deep fried in spicy batter

Achaari Paneer Tikka – Indian cheese marinated in special pickled spices Ⓓ

Chilli Corn – Corn on the cob or niblets sautéed with chilli and spicy masala

Dokra – Savoury steamed cake with curry leaves and mustard seeds Ⓜ

Haryali Paneer Tikka – Indian cheese marinated in spinach and yoghurt Ⓓ

Hara Bara Kebab – Spinach with goats cheese and spices pan fried ⒹⒼ

Chilli Paneer – Indian cheese cubes with green chillies in hot and spicy curry sauce Ⓓ


Seekh Kebabs – Spicy minced lamb prepared in a traditional tandoor Ⓔ

Shami Kebabs – Minced lamb cutlets with spices, fried in egg batter ⒼⒺ

Chapli Kebab – Minced lamb with onion and tomatoes cooked on a tawa ⒼⒺ

Reshmi Kebabs – Minced chicken with a range of spices prepared in a tandoor
Chicken Tikka – Chicken marinated in spicy yoghurt cooked in a tandoor ⒹⓂ

Tandoori Chicken – Tender pieces of chicken marinated in fresh ground spices Ⓓ

Peri peri wings –Chicken wings cooked in a special peri peri marinate ⓃⒼⒺⓈ
Chicken Wings – Chicken wings marinated in our special sauces and prepared in a tandoor Ⓓ

Jeera Chicken – Chicken made with roasted cumin seeds and ground black pepper Ⓓ

Malai Tikka – Tender pieces of chicken marinated in coriander, cream and butter ⓃⒹ
Peshwari Tikka – Tender pieces of chicken with coriander, butter, coconut and cashews ⓃⒹ

Haryali Tikka – Chicken pieces marinated in green chillies and fresh green herbs Ⓓ

Chilli Chicken – Chicken marinated in yoghurt and spice marinade with chilli sauce ⒹⒼⒺ

Lamb Tikka – Lamb pieces marinated in spices cooked in a tandoor ⒹⓂ
Lamb or Chicken Samosa – Triangular filo pastry parcels stuffed chicken or lamb Ⓖ

* Fried Masalla Fish – Marinated in spices and fried in batter ⒼⓈⒺ

* Amritsari Fish – Fingers of fish coated with Bengal grass, eggs, carom seeds, deep friedⒼⓈⒺ
* Tandoori Lamb Chops – Lamb chops marinated and freshly prepared in a tandoor ⒹⓂ

* Tandoori Prawns – Prawns marinated in a blend of spicy cooked in a tandoor Ⓢ

* Lamb strips – Indo Chinese style lamb strips sautéed in a special sauce Ⓨ
* Chicken strips - Indo Chinese style chicken strips sautéed in a special sauce Ⓨ

Mixed Vegetables – Assorted fresh garden vegetables cooked in medium spices
Mixed Vegetable Kofta – Minced vegetable dumplings served with a curry sauce ⓃⒼⒺ

alai Kofta – Potatoes dumplings mixed with cheese and cashew nuts in a creamy sauce ⓃⒹⒼ
Mixed Vegetable Jalfrezi – Vegetables cooked with capsicums in a masala sauce
Palak Paneer – Indian cheese cubed cooked in fresh spinach ⒹⓂ

Shahi Paneer – Indian cheese in a creamy buttery sauce with fresh herbs Ⓓ
Mattar Paneer – Home made cheese cubes cooked in onions and tomatoes with peas Ⓓ
Paneer Jalfrezi – Indian cheese cubes cooked with mixed capsicum and baby corn in a light masala Ⓓ
Chilli Paneer – Indian cheese cubes with green chillies in hot and spicy curry sauce Ⓓ

Bhindhi Masala – Lady fingers cooked with onions, and spices
Sweetcorn Masala – Corn sautéed with spicy masala sauces
Coconut Sweetcorn – Sweetcorn cooked with spices and fresh coconut milk ⓃⒹ
Baingan Masala – Fresh aubergine cooked with onions and spices

Aloo Baingan – Aubergine and potato curry
Baingan Bhartha - Mashed aubergines in spicy masala sauce
Saag Aloo – Fresh spinach with baby potatoes
Aloo Gobhi – Potato with cauliflower cooked with herbs and spices

Bombay Aloo – Sautéed potato in hot spices
Achaari Aloo – Potatoes cooked in a special pickle masala
Aloo Methi – Potatoes with methi (fenugreek) cooked with fresh herbs and spices
Mushroom Masala – Button mushrooms stir fried in fresh herbs and spices

Aloo Channa – Chick peas and potatoes cooked with fresh herbs and spices
Channa Masala – Chick peas cooked with fresh ginger herbs and spices
Tinday Masala – Marrow vegetables cooked in a masala sauce
Tarka Daal – Lentils cooked with herbs and spices flavoured with garlic Ⓓ
Daal Makhani – Black lentils in rich, creamy butter sauce Ⓓ

Karahi Channa Daal – Split chickpeas in lentil curry Ⓓ
Greenleaf’s Special Shahi Daal – 5 types of Lentils cooked with herbs and spices Ⓓ


Karahi Chicken – Prepared in a traditional Indian wok, cooked with tomatoes and onions

Balti Chicken – Chicken cooked with a mixture of ground spices

Chicken Korma – Mild and Creamy Korma ⓃⒹ

Tawa Chicken Keema – Minced chicken cooked in herbs and spices

Chicken Jalfrezi – Tender succulent pieces of chicken cooked with capsicum

Chicken Dopiaza – Chicken cooked in an onion based sauce

Handi Chicken – Chicken on the bone cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices Ⓓ

Chicken Tikka Masalla – Boneless Chicken Tikka cooked in a mild and creamy sauce ⓃⒹ

Butter Chicken – Chicken cooked in a butter sauce ⓃⒹ

Chicken Achari – Tender chicken cooked with lightly pickled ingredients

Dum Ka Murgh – Chicken, sautéed in a light sauce of almonds and cashew nuts ⓃⒹ

Methi Chicken – Chicken cooked with fresh methi (fenugreek) in a medium curry sauce

Malai Jeera Chicken – Chicken cooked in yoghurt and seasoned with cumin seeds Ⓓ


Khuna Gosht - Lamb enriched with the chefs special spices ⒹⒼ

Karahi Lamb – Hot and spicy lamb with tomatoes and onions, prepared in an Indian wok
Degchi Kebab – Lamb marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and pan fried with onions ⒺⒹ

Balti Lamb – Lamb cooked with a mixture of ground spices
Ra Ra Lamb – Bhuna Lamb cooked in a mild yoghurt sauce Ⓓ

Shahi Korma – Lamb cooked in a creamy and mild sauce ⓃⒹ

Lamb Jalfrezi – Lamb cooked with capsicum and onions in a spicy masalla sauce

Lamb Chops Masalla – Marinated lamb chops cooked in ground masalla

Achari Gosht – Lamb cooked with lightly pickled ingredients
Palak Gosht – Spinach and lamb cooked together in a mild curry sauce

Aloo Gosht – Lamb with sautéed potato in hot spices

Kofta Curry – Meat balls in a mild sauce Ⓖ
Karahi Kofta Palak – Lamb meat balls cooked with fresh spinach Ⓖ

Tawa Lamb Keema – Minced lamb cooked in herbs and spices

Nargisi Kofta – Lamb meatballs stuffed with eggs in a rich sauce ⒼⒺ
* Lamb Pasanda – Lamb marinated with yoghurt and coconut cooked in a spicy sauce ⓃⒹ

* Nihari - Lamb Shank coated and slow cooked in a blend of Greenleaf’s secret spice blend Ⓖ

* Haleem – A combination of 5 daals and lamb or chicken slow cooked with Greenleaf's Secret blend of spices Ⓖ


* Machi Masala – Fish curry cooked in a variety of spices ⓈⓃ

* Prawn Curry – Prawns of your preference cooked in a curry sauce ⓃⒹⓈ


Basmati Rice – Basmati white steamed rice
Jeera Rice – Plain boiled rice with cumin seeds
Almond & Cashew Rice – Rice with almonds and cashew nuts Ⓝ
Mixed Vegetable Rice – Rice cooked with mixed vegetables
Pilau Rice – Pillau rice cooked with onions and garlic
Mattar Pillau – Pillau Rice cooked with peas and cumin seeds
Channa Pillau – Pillau rice cooked with chick peas


Tandoori Naan Bread – Fresh Green Salad, Iceberg Plain yoghurt Ⓓ
Leavened freshly baked Indian style bread lettuce, cucumber, tomato, red Cucumber & Carrot Raita Ⓓ
made in a clay oven ⒼⒹ kidney Boondi Raita Ⓓ
Tandoori Roti – Wholemeal bread baked in beans, sweetcorn Jeera Raita Ⓓ
a clay oven Ⓖ
Bhatoora – Deep fried light puffed Lebenese Salad
leavened Indian breadⒼ * Fatoush Ⓖ CHUTNEYS
Puris – Deep-fried unleavened bread * Tabouleh Ⓖ Mango
* Mixed Nan Basket – Garlic, Chilli, Mint Ⓓ
Coriander, Plain Nans Ⓖ Chilli and Tomato
* Paratha – Bread cooked with butter Ⓖ * Aloo Bukhara
* Peshwari Naan – Leavened Indian bread
stuffed with a mixture of almonds, * Assorted Pickles
pistachios, coconut and cream ⒼⒹⓃ * Achaar

Kulfi – Traditional Indian cone shaped ice cream available in, Plain, Pistachio, Almond and Mango flavours ⓃⒹ
Shahi Ras Malai – Creamy milk cake with milk dressing, served cold ⓃⒹ
Kheer – Rice pudding with traditional Indian flavourings ⓃⒹ
Gajar Ka Halwa – Carrots cooked in cream served hot ⓃⒹ
Beetroot Halwa – Greenleaf’s signature dessert made with caramelised beetroot ⓃⒹ
Chocolate Samosa – Filo pastry filled with a milk chocolate filling ⓃⒹⒼ

Mango Delight – Indian Mango Kulfi served with fresh seasonal fruit and mango sauce ⓃⒹ
Le Shahi – Mini Ras Malai served in a martini glass, chocolate wafer and garnished with pistachio ⓃⒹⒼ
Hot Passion – Gajar ka halwa served with ice cream, and garnished with pistachio and almond flake ⓃⒹ
Sweet Like Chocolate - Mini Gulab Jamun served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce ⓃⒹⒼ
Sweet Romance – Indian Rice Pudding with raspberry sauce ⓃⒹ
Summer Breeze - Vanilla Ice Cream served with fresh seasonal fruit Ⓓ

* Mini Gulab Jamun, Beetroot Halwa and Mango Kulfi, garnished with pistachio, almond flakes and Mango coulie
* Shahi Ras Malai, Gajar Ka Halwa and Mango Kulfi garnished with pistachio, almond flakes and Mango coulie
* Layered Chocolate Mousse, Gajar Ka Halwa, and Mango Kulfi (Allergens as above)
*Bespoke combinations are available upon request



*Please note that most of our foods are cooked at our catering facilities where most allergens are present and
could be present within your chosen menus, also traces of nuts could be present in your chosen menu


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