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IRIA Kochi City Chapter eNewsletter

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Published by drshenoy, 2019-09-21 00:58:12

IRIA Kochi Jun 19

IRIA Kochi City Chapter eNewsletter


Radimage Kochi

Monthly newsletter by IRIA Kochi Chapter

Dear colleagues,

It is our great honour ‘The Kochi Chapter of IRIA’ to bring you this first eNewsletter. The

chapter came into existence in 2011, and at present we have more than hundred members

including provisional student members. As per IRIA guidelines we have been conducting

regular meetings, CME’s and conferences. We are one of the most

active chapters in India and always try to create a sense of Presidents Column

community, by organizing social gatherings.

Kochi is proud to have certain centers of excellence in the field of
medicine, with highly talented radiologists. Kochi Chapter aims with
our eNewsletters to communicate regularly with all members of IRIA
in Kerala and elsewhere. Our aim is to also promote scientific aware
ness in the field of imaging and provide mentorship to young

We hope that our humble endeavour will benefit the Radiology Dr. M. R. Balachandran Nair
community. President

Wishing you all a great time ahead. IRIA Kochi Chapter

Dr. M. R. Balachandran Nair

IRIA Kochi City Chapter launches its 1st eNewsletter. Proud to be another 1st from any IRIA
City chapters. IRIA Kochi has pioneered several innovations in the past. Few among them
includes regular monthly meetings since 2012, completely paperless CMEs with
eRegistrations, eBadges, eTickets, eCoupons, eCertificates, eStudy materials etc. 1st to
launch a mobile app for PG education program, shared computer monitors instead of LCD
projector, LED walls for PG teaching programs. All CMEs for
PGs are without trade support.

WHAT'S IN THIS NEWSLETTER: Kochi's Fetal Radiology CME & Workshop was a
gamechanger and helped IRIA establish it's mark in
Presidents Column Feto-maternal care. With continued support of Kochi
Vice Presidents Message
Monthly Meeting, Kochi Chapter members, we are sure, we will bring more
Forthcoming Events innovations in the future
Amrita Breast Conclave
IREP - Kochi 2019 Team Kochi IRIA

Message: Dr. Amel Antony, National IRIA Vice President

It's a matter of great pride that Kochi Chapter of IRIA is bringing out a Newsletter -
probably the first City Chapter to do so across the nation.

Newsletters showcase the activities and it's evident that Kochi Chapter is so vibrant
and dynamic to require an entire newsletter. The Central IRIA is happy to
acknowledge the academic and professional pursuits of Kochi Chapter and hope that
other Chapters will emulate this model. Afterall the strength of IRIA is firmly rooted in
the dynamism and commitment of its members and City Chapters are the smallest
units to channelise this in the right direction.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Dr MR Balachandran Nair for his effective
leadership and immense energy that has made it possible.

Best wishes to Kochi Chapter of IRIA on this glorious
occasion and let your enthusiasm and commitment to IRIA
shine through the clouds of self doubts and 'blame IRIA'
attitude of some of our members.

Dr. Amel Antony
Vice President, IRIA

Kochi Chapter Monthly Meeting - May 2019, Report

The Kochi Chapter of IRIA held its monthly meeting on
the 28th of May, 2019 at IMA House. In keeping with the
theme of National IRIA outreach programme, Dr.
Manisha Joshi, (Consultant Neuroradiologist &
Interventional Radiologist) from Rajagiri Hospital, spoke
on role of Interventional Radiology in brain and spine.
She highlighted the importance of IR in management of
stroke and various vascular abnormalities including
aneurysms. An other interesting application was IR as a
solution for chronic SDH. The post graduates had many
queries and Dr. Manisha impressed the audience with
her in-depth knowledge, clinical acumen and clarity of
approach. Above all, the session was so inspiring and
motivating for the post graduates to consider taking up IR
as a career.

Kochi Chapter Monthly Meeting - June 2019

Next IRIA Kochi Chapter meet is on 25th Jun, 7.30 pm at Board Room, 2nd floor, IMA
House, Kaloor Kochi.


1. Welcome & Presidential address: Prof. Dr. M. R. Balachandran Nair.
2. Case presentations from PGs
3. Imaging of solitary pulmonary nodule by Dr. Reshma Francis,
Consultant Radiologist, Lisie Hospital
4. Association matters
5. Vote of thanks: Dr. Rijo Mathew

Dr. Rajesh Kannan
Academic Co-ordinator, IRIA Kochi Chapter

Forthcoming events (Click the text to visit the web for regn)

RadAspire at AIMS on 22nd June 2019
Interventional Radiology at Grand Hyatt on Jun 29/30th 2019
KREST Physics, July 6/7th, IMA House, Kochi.
Interventional Radiology, July 14th, Govt Med College, Kozhikode
Amrita Breast Conclave. Aug 4th, IMA House, Kochi
IREP 2019, Aug 17/18th IMA House, Kochi
IRIA Midterm CME, Oct 13th, Raviz, Kollam
International Day of Radiology, IMA House, Kochi - Theme: Sports Imaging

Instructions for sending articles in this newsletter

1.Matter should be sent to [email protected]
2.Text should be sent in MS WORD format ONLY
3.Pictures to be included should be in JPEG
4.Email should reach before 15th of the month
5.Only Radiology or Radiologists programs will be included



Venue: IMA House, Kochi, Date: 17/18th Aug 2019
Day 1: 17 Aug 2019 (Saturday)
8.00 am: Registration
8.30 am: Display of spotters
9.00 am: Normal anatomy and variants: chest and abdomen – Dr. Tara Pratap, MD, HOD,
Radiodiagnosis, Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi
9.30 am: Normal anatomy of brain - Dr. Geena Benjamin, MD, HOD, Radiodiagnosis, Pushpagiri
Institute of Medical Sciences, Tiruvalla.
10.00 am: Inauguration & Tea break
10.45 am: Interactive case discussion CNS - Dr. Gomathi Subramanian, MD, HOD,
Radiodiagnosis, Manjeri Medical College
11.45 am: Tips on Dissertation - Dr. Praveen Nirmalan, MD, MPH (John Hopkins), Chief
Research Mentor, Ammaerf Research Foundation, Hyderabad & Kochi.
12.45 pm: Lunch break
1.30 pm: HRCT chest basic patterns - Dr. Babu Peter, MD
2.15 pm: Barium study - technique and applications - Dr. Lalendra Upreti, MD, Professor,
University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi & Chairman, ICRI
3.00 pm: Pearls of chest xray - Dr. Srikanth Moorthi, MD, HOD, Amrita Institute of Medical
Sciences, Kochi
3.45 pm: Tea break
4.15 pm: Film reading session / Quiz - Dr. Shrinivas B. Desai, MD, Jaslok Hospital,
Mumbai. National Resident Education, Coordinator.

Day 2: 18th Aug 2019 (Sunday):
8.00 am: Display of spotters
8.30 am: CT and MR contrast media - common questions PGs need to know - Dr. Rajesh
Kannan, Asso. Prof, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi
9.15 am: How to read bone X-ray : case based review – Dr. Sreekumar K P, MD, Amrita Institute
of Medical Sciences, Kochi
10.00 am: Structured reporting in Radiology - Dr. Rajat Jain, MD, DNB, FRCR, HOD, Radiology
Primus Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi.
10.45 am: Tea
11.15 am: Interactive case discussions: Abdomen - Dr. Lalendra Upreti, MD, Professor,
University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi & Chairman, ICRI
12.15 pm: Basics of interventional radiology & angio anatomy - Dr. Jeyadevan, MD, Prof.
1.00 pm: Lunch break
2.00 pm: Mock exam case presentations
Dr. M. R. Balachandran Nair, HOD, Radiodiagnosis, Jubilee Mission Medical College, Trissur.
Dr. Amel Antony, MD, HOD Radiodiagnosis, Lisie Hospital, Kochi,
Dr. Rajat Jain, MD, DNB, FRCR, HOD, Radiology, Primus Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi.
Dr. Rajeev Anand, MD, HOD, Radiodiagnosis, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church Medical
College, Kolenchery
4.00 pm: Feedback, Valedictory function

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