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The National Identity Board proudly presents the masterpiece of H.S.H. Prince Chand Chirayu Rajani, entitled Facets of Thai Poetry. This work not only introduces the Thai Kloang form to the world, but also provides a rich and varied collection of English poems in that form, written in the way that only Prince Chand could. The author may truly be called "the last of the Romantics." He handles with remarkable celerity such love themes as were dear to Sri Praj in the Ayutthaya period and to Sunthorn Phu in the early Rattanankosin period. It is largely due to these themes that Thai poetry becomes self-probing and candid. Besides, Print Chand demonstrates his absorption of the Thai Kloang in a series of breathtaking duets with other poets which appear on pages 78-96 in this volume. On the whole, Facets of Thai Poetry has something to say to world poets. It is a book to test one's capacity for poetry and humour, and goes to show that these two subjects are as timeless as they ever were.
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