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This fable will make you appreciate your true friends through hard and ease.

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Published by aininsofea329, 2020-02-18 01:07:24

The Niveus and His Guardian

This fable will make you appreciate your true friends through hard and ease.

Keywords: A Fable


By : Ainin Sofea Binti Ahmad Zainudin

The meaning of their names.

One bright evening as the sun was sinking on a glorious
world,a tiny little rat called Niveus was walking all alone in a
huge creepyOfonerebsritg.hNt eivveneiunsg aws tahse saunpwiacsksyinlkiitntgleonraagtl.orAioulls wcroerladt,autriensy in
friends makeahlliamlonteh.Hiniskextphearietnmcesoivnimnagkianglofrnieendissmbaektetehirmththainnk thhaatving
day,Nimveouvsinwg aaasloftnaraekviesellbifenrtgtieerinntthdoasna. having fake friends.
One deeper forest that he's never
been before.He was busy picking some peanuts until he heard a
weird noise from the bushes.He start to freaking out and hiding
behind the tree.Then, suddenly the atmostphere was quiet.Niveus
take a look and saw an elephant baby who is hiding bhind the

“Hello there, I am Amicus.This is the first time i saw a rat in here! do you want to be
my first friend? since i am new here, i couldn't find any animals to talk to.what is your

name little rat?"
"sorry i got to go, see you when i see you 'Amicus' " said Niveus unfriendly.He ignore

the Amicus introduction and walk away.He didn't turn back .
After a few minutes,Niveus saw a peanut on the grass and pick it up.When he look
infront,there was a snake waiting to eat him! He was so frightened and stay still. As the
snake was about to attack,Amicus came and step the snake. Amicus have saved his life !
"thank you Amicus ! you have saved my life, i cant describe how thankful i am! you are
the best friend ever!Sorry for my attitude before, I didn't make friend with anyone. But

now,I think, I have found one." Said Niveus.
"friend?" ask Amicus with her shining eyes.Her face can describe how happy she are.

"yes, first and last friend!"
Finally, they both have found a true friend.
and this is how niveus found his guardian.

“Be slow in choosing,but slower in changing”

–choose things or people after proper diligence,but once you
choose,stick for long

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