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Published by Royal Rabbits Club, 2022-03-10 02:13:22

Royal Rabbits Club Manifesto

Royal Rabbits Club Manifesto





From the creation of the very first
website at the CERN outside of Geneva
on August 6th 1991, to the present
day blockchain which holds endless

Web 1.0 was all based on centralized
computers and hyperlinks that would give
users access to static information which
would flow only one way. This stage of
evolution lasted from the early 1990s until
the emergence of interactive content and
social media, when Web 2.0 was born.

In this next phase of online evolution, The future belongs to immersive experiences
users would interact with the web and and decentralization. Web 3.0 stands for
create content to share with the world. artificial intelligence and machine learning to
This phase really set the stage for make the user experience faster, easier and
sharing content globally and monetizing ever better. Not only that, Web3 is designed to
it as well. create a more democratic environment where
data is not stored in one big data park owned
Now, the future has arrived in the form by Amazon but rather stored around the world
of Web 3.0. Based on the fact that the without being able to be corrupted by interest
world has the computing power to add a groups or governments.
new dimension to the web with
Augmented Reality (AR) or even Virtual The newly emerged metaverse is an extension
Reality (VR). of Web3, in the sense that it allows users to
have a virtual reality experience of anything
just like in the real world. You can own real
estate in the metaverse, enjoy immersive
games, meet people in virtual venues and much

What is an


NFT is short for non-fungible token.

What does that mean?

It means an NFT is a unique token of ownership. In our case, it is the
It cannot be replaced or swapped for something ownership of 7,777 unique
identical. For example, you can code an NFT to images of the Royal
hold the ownership of a piece of land, a Rabbits Club.
painting, a piece of jewellery or any other
unique item.

NFTs are created on the basis of Ethereum, You can crumble it up, throw it in the mud and
which is a technology offering smart contracts yet it is always worth the same and can be easily
that can be edited to serve numerous forms of replaced.
ownership. Most people know it as the silver of
cryptocurrencies whilst Bitcoin is viewed as the But let us get back to
metaphorical gold. Bitcoin’s sole purpose is to the NFT!
be a form of payment or store of value, whilst
Ethereum fulfils a number of tasks in the The NFT itself is not physical so it can live
crypto-universe, like mentioned above such as forever on the blockchain without the risk of
smart contracts. It is also able to serve as a decay by the elements. That said, the NFT is
base for sub-currencies and tokens based on only a contract of ownership much like a
the ERC-20 code. The concept of the blockchain certificate, stored on a global ledger which can
and all its capabilities are too much to outline be transparently verified by anyone with a
in this introduction yet it is certainly worth the computer and internet access. In our case, the
educational journey as it is the future of NFT represents the ownership of Royal Rabbits,
financial instruments and mankind’s next step each unique and digitally created as a work of
of advancement. art as long as we shall live in a digital or virtual
Therefore, in contrast to an NFT you have
everything that is fungible like currency and
standard financial instruments like shares in a
company, options or simply a dollar bill.

How do NFTs tie in with


NFT THE Since NFTs are getting the most
ERA OF attention when they are linked to
DIGITAL works of art, it is important to
understand how they tie in with
the art world.

More and more artists are
creating NFTs to complement their
portfolio of traditional,
physical art.

Art is a paradox because it has seldom been Creativity ventured to depict new styles and
understood in the now and for the longest time, ways to see the world. A great example of that
value was created after the artist(s) had evolution is the impressionist movement which
passed. Each era has known innovation in art, was an attempt to capture atmospheres and
even as early as the painting on walls in caves the emotions we perceive when we see them.
several hundred thousand years ago. The most important artists of that movement
were Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir or Edgar
Mankind has experienced an acceleration in the Degas. Their works are now priceless and
evolution of art, particularly in the past 200 displayed in museums around the world.
years, when artists decided to venture away Another striking example was Vincent van Gogh
from realism and the belief that the highest whose post-impressionist art wouldn’t sell
accomplishment of an artist could be to during his lifetime, to the point where his life
produce an exact likeness of its subject. was a true tragedy. Today his art is recognized
as some of the most influential and
groundbreaking within art history.

The break with tradition in the late 19th century into the history books as the earliest art form
paved the way for ever more bolder creations in of the virtual world or the Web3 environment.
the form of expressionism or surrealism which Although it seems too fresh or intangible to
brought forward artists like Pablo Picasso or imagine that we are making history, that is
Salvador Dali. exactly what we are doing and we at Royal
Rabbits Club are excited to be a part of it.
Every era has brought forth a different type of
art, new movements, new styles and above all,
new media. It would be much too extensive or
presumptuous to try to sum it all up in these
few paragraphs. Thus far, it is important to
note that art has finally broken free of the two
dimensions of a canvas and made its way to add
a third and even fourth dimension. Digital art
has the opportunity to change the world once

This leads us to NFT art which is a phenomenon
of the moment and will inevitably be written

How is


There is an eternal truth, there are always
fortunes made at the forefront of innovation
and at the dawn of new industries or trends.

“The NFT market has topped
$40 Billion in 2021 and it
is still in its infancy.”

With more and more institutional and public into their business as proof of authenticity for
awareness of this market, big names like Nike, their products, companies and people are
Gucci or LVMH and a huge list of celebrities selling tangible assets like homes and cars as
have jumped into the market creating more NFTs (the holder being the owner of the asset).
interest and confidence. The NFT market for art Soon all proof of ownership and authenticity
is only the beginning, LVMH have already will be tied to NFTs.
announced that they will be integrating NFTs

Value is created based on the oldest economic
principal being supply and demand. In the NFT
market we are seeing much lower supply as
each token is unique. In our case, there are
7,777 unique tokens inside the Royal Rabbit
collection and each with its own level of rarity
based on design traits. Naturally, we have been
wildly inspired by successful artistic NFT mints
like the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) or the
first release of Crypto Punks which is regarded
as the first collection of NFT artwork released
to the public as an asset.


in the Market

THE NFT COLLECTIONS There are hundreds of successful mints Crypto Punks launched as a fixed set of
in the NFT market every day, the most 10,000 items in mid-2017 and became
well-known being BAYC is seen as the one of the inspirations for the ERC-721
godfather of NFTs as it is regularly the standard. They have been featured in
highest rank collection in the market places like The New York Times and even
with pieces selling for $500,000+. The auctioned at Christie’s of London. With
interesting fact about BAYC is that they 3.4k holders in the whole collection and
had a very slow start in current a non-existent floor price as no holder is
standards, taking them 8 months to sell willing to put it up for sale, Crypto Punks
out the collection. In contrast, RRC sold have created more and more demand for
its first mint in one week. themselves and holders refuse to sell
creating an ecosystem of bidding that
will forever push the price up.

When we extend our research into other
NFT collections, we can see the
potential within this market. The Azuki
NFT project is another shining example.
They are number one on OpenSea at the
time of writing when looking at the 7-
day volume traded. OpenSea is the most
popular NFT trading platform in the
world, being number one on OpenSea is
a huge statement in itself, this is a
monumental achievement.

Azuki’s art is different from the common
NFTs. Most NFTs are designed around
the ape concept thanks to the Board
Ape Yacht Club which created a huge
hype in animals and then led to mostly
ape based projects appearing in the
market. Azuki has a Manga/Anime style
that sets it apart from most other
projects. The only perk for buying
besides the token itself, is access to a
chat for holders in the community
Discord. They call this ‘The Garden’.
However, no other utilities are offered.

It's amazing to know that this collection was born on the 12th of January 2022,
already has a market cap of $330 million at the end of February 2022. Furthermore,
the trading volume of this collection is 117,500 ETH, which means Azuki has made
$35,250,000.00 from royalties. Royalties are paid from OpenSea, 10% of all trading
volume will go to the creators.

Below are some key figures about these NFT collections:

84.5K ETH
Crypto -- 845K ETH 10K 3.4K 8K ETH - 23.7M
Punks 40K ETH
769 ETH - 2.5M
Bored Ape 95 ETH 400K ETH 10K 6.3K 11.7K
Yacht club 204 ETH - 615K

Azuki 12.5 117.5 K 10K 5.4K

The NFT space is currently filled with Our coding is done through a smart contract
thousands of projects with no utility that was deployed which sends all royalties
whatsoever and even these projects sell out in from OpenSea sales and allows each holder to
the shortest time periods based on hype. Most collect their share. The user interface for this
projects are a pretty picture with nothing else system will be on our website where holders can
behind it like standard art although they sell click a collect button and the mechanism
out a collection in no time at all, but then many automatically detects their NFT, its status
rookie holders are left in the red with no (VIP,WL,Public) and transfers their share of
demand after the initial sale. royalties to their wallet.

Royal Rabbits Club has gone a different way Furthermore, we have a royalty checker in
than everyone else by basing our NFT on utility. development that will allow anyone to go on the
We decided that we will code a 10% royalty into website, type in the ID of a particular piece and
each and every sale and 100% of these royalties find out its status, royalty collected and
goes back into the community. All the projects royalties uncollected. This will aid in secondary
we previously encountered solely benefit the market sales and help increase the price of
creators and the community can only hope to pieces with higher royalty or uncollected
earn through speculation on the price. royalties.



There are only a few NFT marketplaces for Another noteworthy marketplace is Mintable
NFT’s depending on the blockchain they are on. which works the same way as OpenSea and has
copied their layout and information is starting
OpenSea (OS) being the biggest one for to get bigger but still trails behind OpenSea.
Ethereum based NFTs, it is also where the Finally, there is Binance NFT, which is a new
minted Royal Rabbits reside. OS provides marketplace that will be the home of NFTs on
statistics on every collection and NFT, allowing the Binance SmartChain, they are relatively late
people to see price history and other to the game however, they have the advantage
informative statistics for users. This makes the of a very large following due to being the
market very transparent and leaves little to no world’s biggest exchange for cryptocurrency
room for forgeries. A word of caution, there are and being blockchain pioneers.
always bad elements out there who can try to
partially duplicate a collection and create a
fake OpenSea offering but these will never be
listed in the official catalogue of the real
collection on OS. OpenSea has a current
valuation of $13.3 Billion and over 30% of the
NFT market ($15 Billion) traded on this
platform in 2021 alone.

On OS, The Royal
Rabbits Club
resides at:

How to create


A lot of research and Next is the artwork! Any NFT collection has to
planning goes into the have appealing art if it wants to have a chance
launch of a successful NFT to withstand the scrutiny of the buyer(s). It has
collection right now because to look appealing and should tell a story that
there’s something of a “gold ties in with the brand you’re creating. Naturally
rush” going on. Therefore, there will always be projects that won’t have to
it is important to be play by these rules for various reasons such as
mindful of the most celebrity involvement, but the exception simply
significant factors of a proves the rule.
successful NFT project.
With all that in place you can move on to the
Much like any traditional project, the success tricky part, the creation of hype. You need
largely hinges on the team behind it. What is some lead time to build a community on
significantly different from a regular business Discord, create a social media following and
is that it is impossible to have a lot of engage with your community to get them very
experience in the NFT market since it is so new. excited to purchase the NFTs at the moment of
That is why the most important traits of the the release (which is called The Mint). To seal
team are motivation, ambition, a solid skillset the deal and all but guarantee a buying frenzy
in marketing, social media management and a is to get celebrity backers who will publicly
great understanding of blockchain technology endorse the release (or the NFT collection once
with all its possibilities. it has been launched)

Once you have a good team in place, you have Lastly, we believe that it won’t be long until the
to make sure that the project has merit and NFT creators must present its potential buyers
that the technology is solid. You’ll achieve that with a value proposition. Right now, this is a
by properly managing the smart contract new idea and we at Royal Rabbits Club are
creation process and all communications such pioneering the idea of channeling all the
as websites, presentations or explainer videos. royalties of sales back to the community along
It is important to ensure that each aspect is with other benefits that holding a Royal Rabbit
well presented and functional. holds for its owner. NFT collections who follow
this blueprint to the letter and avoid the
pitfalls, stand a good chance of succeeding.

Royal Rabbits Club - a look
behind the curtain


We are a team of highly motivated
millennials, ready to put our minds to work
for the greater good of our Royal Rabbits


The project is the brainchild of Mark Smith, a Mark got drawn into the world of crypto in 2018
young British entrepreneur who has started to when everyone was running for the hills. He was
earn his success from an early age when he was able to make a number of profitable
elected entrepreneur of the year two times in a investments and when the concept of the NFT
row during his studies and later headed the came across his desk in 2021, Mark knew that
business and enterprise team at Rydens he had to create value in this space, build a
Enterprise School. After his education he unique community and that’s how the Royal
immediately joined a real estate investment Rabbits Club was born.
firm in the UK where he excelled, climbed the
corporate ladder and soon ventured out on his Mark lives by the mantra “you become what you
own to become a real estate investor. In 2017, think about” and he’s only had success on his
after solidifying his success and financial mind since childhood.
freedom, he founded his passion project Marks
Art, an art gallery, art storage and art
insurances companies which operate in London
(UK) and Cyprus, where Mark currently lives
with his young daughter and his fiancée.


Hassan El Karamany is another great asset of Hassan enjoys working in fast-paced
the RRC team. A highly motivated, young man environments and joined Mark Smith in 2020,
who is well versed in the subject of FinTech and working as a sales operations manager at
the Blockchain since he developed a keen Marks Art. His knowledge of financial
interest in Technology and Finance from an instruments and smart contracts and relentless
early age. This is also reflected in his recently drive to succeed has become instrumental for
completed degree in International Finance. the launch of Royal Rabbits Club.


Any project strongly benefits or rather needs a
female touch, and for that we’re glad to have
Yasaman Alavipour on board. Yasaman has a
degree in education and psychology. She assists
in all aspects of marketing and enjoys
interacting with our Discord community. She
plays a very important part in our
communications process. Helping others is one
of Yasaman’s key goals in life and her
multicultural background allows us to always add
perspective in important conversations.


Thomas Walker, in charge of marketing and Parallel to his studies he worked in Real Estate,
also a moderator on our Discord, has a learning about brokerage and sales. Moving
background in sales and management. He forward, he then transitioned from the Real
personally took a keen interest in crypto assets Estate world and focused his attention on the
since 2017 and recently developed a passion for brokerage of fine art. He crossed paths with our
NFT projects. Thomas, like all our team founder Mark Smith and joined Marks Art as a
members, shares a strong entrepreneurial sales consultant. Shortly after, he seized the
spirit. opportunity to be a part of the Royal Rabbits
Club team, adding great value in marketing and
Thomas graduated from university with high moderation of our social media channels.
honors in 2020 and holds a business degree.

Next up is our “wizard” of the metaverse, HALIL
Halil Abdullah who has taken the lead in the ABDULLAH
development of our presence in the virtual
world. He is managing the development of
our rabbit game and art gallery in the
Sandbox. Halil is an avid student of millennial
technology and currently completing his
studies in Banking & Finance. Technology is
his passion and he’s been drawn to the crypto
space since his teenage years.

Mark took Halil under his wing at Marks Art
as he was working his way through his studies
and he is now a very important member of the
Royal Rabbits team, assisting in several areas
beyond the development of the technology
but also making sure that the RRC is well
positioned for the future in the metaverse.


Last but certainly not least is Daniel Smith, Due to his “out of the box” mindset, he is a
graduate of Rydens Business & Enterprise great problem solver and can frequently offer a
College. He joined the team at the invitation of perspective that other RRC members might not
his brother Mark, keeping the family together have come up with. He also has a role as one of
in this new chapter of their ventures in the art our Discord moderators and his highly
world. Daniel has been the administrator of appreciated by our community.
Marks Art and its subsidiaries, making sure
that operations run smoothly.


As a special advisor, the Royal Rabbits Club has His role is to guide the team and to make sure
retained serial entrepreneur Patrick Gruhn who that we avoid as many business and investment
has a number of ventures under his belt. During pitfalls as possible and steer the Royal Rabbits
his 20-year entrepreneurial career, Patrick has Club to sustained success.
owned and operated more than a dozen
businesses on two continents. His family has been The team counts a few more support members
in the art business for five decades and he has who are too shy to be front and center but we
been involved in the crypto space since 2017. acknowledge their importance as moderators on
Patrick also published two books on business and our Discord and executing other supportive
entrepreneurship. tasks that are essential to our long-term



Based on the founder’s existing expertise and We have chosen to go down the road of
contacts in the art world, there was readily anonymous creation to honor the legacy of the
available talent to choose from, for the creation illusive creator of the Blockchain and Bitcoin,
of the iconic rabbit. The closer you look, the more Satoshi Nakamoto, making the result more
you can see that a real artist has created the important than the creator. We have also chosen
Royal Rabbits and the individualizations were a to disperse 100% of the royalties to the
collective effort. We are convinced that the NFT community, making the collective more
artwork of the RRC will stand the test of time, important than the individual.
unlike many other creations that will simply be




The Mint Ecosystem

The primary 777 Royal Rabbits were minted in Apart from the artistic appeal and the limited
the first week of February 2022, despite some number of the Royal Rabbits, a key factor for
technological setbacks on the first day of the future, exponential valuations of our NFTs are
mint, which dampened the initial hype. We the distribution and redistribution of the
currently have 225 owners which means that the royalties. Our community receives 100% of the
average buyer holds three rabbits. royalties that are generated from sales on the
market, primarily on OpenSea
We now plan to build a bigger hype with a very (
strategic marketing effort built around social rabbits-club).
media over the course of four weeks. We have
the blueprint of our initial success and can As it was coded into our smart contract, the
simply amplify the effort by increasing the first people who minted Royal Rabbits are
marketing budget. We can scale up the considered VIPs and will receive 50% of the
promotion without linear growth of cost. At the royalties collected on the market. The Rabbits
end of this intensive promotion period, we will Number 1 to 403 were minted in the first 24
mint the remaining 7000 rabbits and grow our hours of the release and are therefore VIPs with
community to several thousand rabbit holders. the mentioned privilege.

Among the 7777 rabbits, we have a total of 20 After the VIP we minted merely 97 Rabbits in
so called legendary rabbits, which will be more the whitelist phase, these are numbers 404-501
valuable than the rest, based on their rarity. and they are entitled to 25% of the total royalty
pool. We have decided to reopen the whitelist
People will be able to check the rarity of each for the upcoming mint, giving more investors a
Royal Rabbit on: chance to buy into the 25% royalty pool. It is a
strategic decision to benefit the community rather than just a select few.






For those who are not We are the only NFT
familiar with the concept of collection on the
royalties, here are some planet, who pay all the
examples. royalties back into the
community! Simply put,
If the Royal Rabbits Club reaches a trading this is a massive value
volume of 1000 ETH on the open market, that creation mechanism for
would mean that 100 ETH would be distributed sustained increase in
as royalties. In current market conditions, this prices over time.
equates to USD 250’000 to 300’000 paid out to
the loyal owners. We will be minting for 0.4 ETH during the next
mint, which equates to around $1000 right now.
If we take a successful NFT collection as We’ll let you do the math if it is appealing.
reference, the numbers look as follows. Looking at traditional assets, the shares of
CryptoPunks have traded for a volume of Apple for example, pay a dividend of $0.22 per
845’000 ETH since they were released. If that share. Amazon or Google don’t even pay
applied to Royal Rabbits Club right now, the dividends at all, and these are the most
community would be entitled to royalties in the valuable companies in the world.
amount of 84’500 ETH. In current market
conditions, this equates to over USD 210 - 250
million which would get paid out to the

This means for example that each one of our
VIP Rabbits would have earned close to USD
315’000 in royalties. Now, if you consider that
every asset that generates cashflow is traded
at a multiple of its earnings, it is not farfetched
that a VIP Rabbit could be worth several million



Royal Rabbits Club has pioneered a play-to- to compete for 20% of the royalties that have
earn game in the Sandbox, making it more accumulated from the trading of Rabbits on the
exciting to earn in the Metaverse! The Sandbox open market.
is a virtual environment where players can play,
build, own and monetize their virtual Naturally, the games are designed to be fun
experiences. We have engineered our first and to entertain our community but as soon as
game for the Metaverse to give our community the royalties will reach the sphere of hundreds
the play-to-earn experience. of thousands of Dollars, the appeal will
massively increase and give buyers an
The games being added are another important additional incentive to buy and hold their Royal
building block to our ecosystem because it Rabbits. The first of the series of games we are
allows holders of the Royal Rabbits to play and releasing is the “Carrot Hunt” which is much
like a Jump ‘n Run style game where players can
put their skills to the test.

The second release will be called Rabbits & The total Royal Rabbit metaverse experience
Ladders where players can race each other in a counts seven different games and will be
multiplayer experience and the winner gets released over the course of the summer 2022.
paid! As previously mentioned, the 20% of the
trading royalties are securely allocated to the OpenSea sales give 10% Royalties 80%
play-to-earn experience. Players will be earning community 20% play to earn games. As the
in SAND, which is a tokenized asset for The royalty pool increases, demand increases for
Sandbox gaming ecosystem and can be easily Royal Rabbits as the only entry point into our
traded for other cryptos like ETH or BTC. suite of games.

Higher prices



More Higher
demand prices
for rabbits
More sales earnings in
the games

Sales generates 10% Royalties

are paid out 20% go to the play
to earn games
80% directly to the

As the royalty pool increases, demand increases for Royal Rabbits as the only entry
point into our suite of games.

Photographer :



Streetwear Inspo

The virtual art gallery of Royal Rabbits Club consists of
all the unique pieces of the 7777 collections. Our
official land within the Metaverse will be used as the
location for our virtual art gallery. Every holder of the
tokens will be able to showcase the art of their Royal
Rabbits available for anyone to see. This boundless
place can be a great tool in bringing together like-
minded people and creating strong means of
networking opportunities. The RRC gallery will be
released on Web 3.0 since we have entered a new era of
transparency where everyone will be able to see
endless resources, content and agreements!



The idea for Royal Rabbits Club was born in the
Fall of 2021. After extensive research and
brainstorming in regards to the direction of the
art, the team started reaching out to artists and
developers across the globe in order to start
building the core team for the project. As seen on:

The ultimate goal of RRC is to create
a strong community of NFT owners, the-metaverse
collectors, fans and followers where
everyone benefits and who together
will lift the collection and the bringing-prosperous-opportunities-its-holders-come-2022/
ecosystem to the top of the

8 May 2022
Virtual Art Gallery launch

April 2022

7 Completion of the Play-To-Earn Rabbit
Game in Sandbox

6 March 2022
First Royalties are paid out and Mint 2.0
goes live

February 2022

5 First Mint of 777 completed within one week
over 200 new Rabbit Collectors

January 2022

4 Development Completion and
Promotion, Discord community
reaches 20’000 members

3 December 2021
Artwork was created and Development set
in motion

2 November 2021
Visual Concept Creation and Artist Selection

October 2021

1 The idea was born - First NFT Collection with
100% Royalties paid to the Community


[email protected]






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