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Joey ends up losing his keys and forgetting his dog at the vet.

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Published by Ashtyn Streich, 2019-05-09 13:14:00

Joeys hectic day

Joey ends up losing his keys and forgetting his dog at the vet.

​Joey’s car broke down on the highway and it 

is 7:30 in the morning and it was dark out because he hit 
a deer on the way to work because he didn't have his 
headlights on. He had his dog in the back seat, and he 
still had to drop his dog off at the vet. His dog is a 
German shepherd and had to get a checkup because 
his dog had been acting weird and really tired and he 
used to be really playful. So he pulled over and his 
engine was smoking. So he opened the hood and all of 
a sudden started on fire and lucky he had a fire 
extinguisher in his trunk to put the out the fire and he 
was glad that he had the extinguisher or he would have 
been in big trouble 

There was a squirrel came and took his keys and 
went back to his to doing his squirrel business.     


Joey came back and tried to start his car but he 
couldn't find his keys, and his dog Andrew was still on 
the car when he left to check what's going on with the 
engine. So what he did was he blamed Andrew for 
taking his keys.So he got Andrew and his bag for work 
and he set off. They had to walk to the vet which is five 
miles away from where he is.  



​ When Joey and Andrew got to vet he forgot his 
wallet in his car and he had to pay one hundred dollars 
for Andrew´s haircut and he did not have any cash on 
him either. What they did was walked back five miles to 
his car. So lucky his car was still there “few, my car is still 
here” so he found his wallet and head back and paid for 
Andrew´s haircut. Then when he got to work his boss 
was not even mad, because he had a crazy morning, 
too but they saw that nobody else was there so then 
they realized it was Saturday. They got a good laugh 
about it.  



This is what his boss Allen said “Joey I woke up This 
morning and got already for work and ate some fruit 
loops and got my lunch out of the fridge. I walked 
outside and saw a random dog sitting on his lawn and it 
was tied up so I went and got in my car and I decided I 
don't wanna start today. I got m so mad so walked I 
over to the dog and united the dog of the chain and 
said “get off my lawn stupid dog ¨then the dog ran off. 



It was halfway until he got to work and realized it 
was his girlfriend Abbey’s dog Gabby he was dog sitting 
for the weekend and if she found out that she lost her 
she would break up with him FOR LIFE. He drove back to 

his house and the dog was GONE as he expected, so he 
went to go looking for the dog and he found her at the 
dump and he brought her to his house and put him in 
his cage with her food and her blanket. He got to work 
and nobody else was there but joey so they looked at 
each other and realized it was Saturday so they got a 
good laugh out of  

them and drove back home with no problem 
getting home with no problem and Allen’s girlfriend did 
not break up with him. Horah!!!  


When Joey got home his friend Allen was there and he 
forgot he left Andrew at the vet so joey and Allen drove 
back to town. When they got back they all fell asleep.  



The End  


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