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Published by troyedmond9, 2019-05-01 19:41:58

LOG Troy Final Transition Flipbook

LOG Troy Final Transition Flipbook

Low Organized

Troy Edmond
KINE 1151 - P02
Mon/Wed 8-8:50am
February 27th, 2019

Table of Contexts(pt1..)

Game #’s Section 1 Warm up:
 Game 1: Capture The  Page 4 2 laps around
 Page 5 the gym and
Flag  Page 6 then stretch
 Page 7 arms and legs
 Game 2: Castle Pool  Page 8 out.
 Page 9
 Game 3: Hula Hoop

 Game 4: Critter Dash

 Game 5: Robot Tag

 Game 6: Everybody’s It

Table of Contexts(continued..)

Games #’s Section 2

Game 7: Boomerang Page 10
Page 11
Game 8: 4 Way Frisbee Page 12
Page 13
Game 9: Goalie Galore Page 14
Page 15
Game 10: Pirates &

Game 11: Catch Me If
You Can

Game 12: Pin Down

Capture The flag

 Instructions: both teams get one minutes to hide their flags. Once the flags are Pg 1

hidden, the game begins. Obviously, in order to win the game, you must capture the
other team's flag and bring it back to your own territory. But if an enemy team
member grabs you while you're standing on their part of the field, they are allowed to
take you straight to jail (which is a small patch of land in their territory). You can
be freed from jail if one of your team members touches you, and there's no limit to how
many times you can be thrown back into the jail. You can’t b tagged in safe zone (inside
of cones). Can only free one person at a time. Can’t capture a flag and save a person at
the same time.

 Objective: Get the flag to your side of the court

 Equipment: Cones, three flags, 6 Hula Hoops

Castle Pool

 Rules/Instructions: Class divided in two teams by the center line, just like a
typical dodgeball game for example. Each team will also set up 7 bowling pins
on their side in the volleyball court. Each pin can have one guard only. The
object of the game is for one team to knock down the other teams pins
before they can attack their castle.

 Objective: To Knock down opponent’s pins.
 Equipment: 14 Bowling Pins, Foam Balls


Hula Hoop Rescue

 Instructions: This teambuilding relay-type game will really get the players moving and working
together. Create teams and have 1 player from each team start behind a cone with a hula hoop,
facing his teammates across from him at the opposite cone. On the signal, the players with the
hula hoops will run across to their teammates and “save” or “rescue” the first person in line by
placing the hula hoop over them. Then the two must travel together back to the original cone.
The one who was rescued then becomes the rescuer and continues on to save the next person,
etc. until all players have been saved and brought to the starting point. But that’s not it – once
all the teammates have been rescued, the team must then join hands and race to pass the hula-
hoop from person to person by passing their bodies through the hula hoop. Hands may not come
apart during the hula-hoop pass. The team to complete both tasks first wins a point or the
round. As always, play again and again!

 Objective: Rescue teammates and win the relay.
 Equipment: Cones and Hula Hoops


Critter Dash

 Instructions: The critters try to get the pieces of food from the far side safely
back to their home without getting their tails swiped off by the foxes! This
game includes running, dodging, strategy, and good old fun.Tails for the
critters to wear. Place beanbags along one end of the gym. Those represent
the pieces of food. Critters (1 team of students) line up along the opposite
end. They each need a flag as a tail. Foxes (another team of students) start in
the middle. They will try to take the tails off of the critters as they run by. On
the signal, the critters try running to the food to take a piece and make it
back safely without losing their tail. Critters will go back-and-forth grabbing
food pieces one at a time until they lose their tail. If their tail is taken, the
critters must sit. When sitting they can try to take tails of other runners going

 Objective: To all of the food from the other side without being tagged.
 Equipment: Cone, Tails (waist flags)


Robot Tag

 Instructions: In this game, there are good robots, and then there are bad
robots (taggers). The good robots try their best to get away from the bad
robots, because if tagged then they must head to the repair shop for a fixing!
Safe zones are available for the good robots to recharge their energy when
needed – but only for 10 seconds at a time. Most of the players are ‘good
robots’ who start spread out around the gym. Choose a few players to be the
‘bad robots’ (taggers). They will each get a dodgeball to tag with. Place 2 or
3 hula-hoops in the middle circle. Those are the battery charging areas (safe
zones) for the good robots to use for 10 second breaks – but only for 10
seconds, then they must leave. Using cones, create a rectangular area on the
side. This is the ‘repair shop’ where robots must go once they are tagged.
When in the repair shop, players must count out loud to 30 before re-entering
the game.

 Objective: Not to get tagged
 Equipment: Hula-hoops, dodgeballs


Everybody’s It

 Instructions: Everybody is it, and everybody can also get tagged. If a player
gets tagged, he must sit where he was tagged. He is stuck down until the
player who tagged him gets tagged, and then he’s back up. It’s that simple!
This is a very active game; lots of running. If players are sitting too long then
the teacher can yell out, “free pass” and then they can get back up. If
players tag each other at the same time then they play a round of ‘Rock,
Paper, Scissors’ to see who sits.

 Objective: Tag everyone
 Equipment: None



 Rules/Instructions: In ‘Boomerang’ players will throw, roll, dodge, jump, run,
share, and have a ton of fun. This is an active target game that covers a wide
range of skills. Players spread out around the playing area. Introduce the
dodgeballs. Players run around and pick up a dodgeball. Players throw or roll
a dodgeball to hit another player below the knee. If a player is hit, she must
sit down where hit (and give up any dodgeballs in hand). Player can get back
up once a dodgeball rolls to her, or if someone shares with her. Remind
players to keep ball low.

 Objective: Be the last team standing
 Equipment: Foam Balls


4 Way Frisbee

 Rules/Instructions: 4 teams faceoff in a huge game similar to ultimate frisbee.

 4 goal areas are created on the sides of the gym.
 Teams work together to score points in the opposing teams zones. Points are scored when the

frisbee is caught with at least one foot in the goal area.
 Put in your own rules for play, such as how many steps players can take, or how many seconds

with the frisbee, or even how many frisbees in play at once. Or use the rules stated in the
 Have fun with it and get lots of disc throwing and catching practice!
 Objective: Score in other teams area
 Equipment: Frisbee


Goalies Galore

 Rules/Instructions: Create a team of goalies along one end of the gym.
 Create a team of attackers in the rest of the gym area.
 Mark a boundary line 15 feet in front of the goalies where attackers can’t go

passed or too near to the goalies.
 Throw in a bunch of foam balls or soft soccer balls for the attackers.
 On signal, attackers will have 2 minutes to try to score as many goals against

the team of goalies.
 When goals are scored or shots are saved, goalies kick balls back into attacker

playing area.
 After 2 minutes, attackers and goalies switch roles.
 Continue as long as you’d like!
 Objective: Win The Game.
 Equipment: Foam balls


Pirates & Sailors

 Rules/Instructions: Pirates & Sailors gives pirates a chance to try to tag sailors by chasing them with a
pool noodle! If a sailor gets tagged, he must go into the pirate ship (prison). Sailors are safe in their
own ships, but can only stay in them for 3 seconds. Sailors stuck in prison can be freed by other sailors
if they can get to them without getting caught by a pirate. This game can get really intense; a great
way to get exercise and have fun!

 Place a mat on the floor in the middle of the gym. That is the pirate ship.
 Place 4 mats in the corner areas. Those are the sailor ships.
 Give 3 players a pool noodle to tag with. Those 3 are pirates.
 The rest of the players are spread out in the entire playing area. Those players are the sailors.
 If tagged, sailors must go into the pirate ship. They can be freed if another friendly sailor can get to

them and safely bring them to a sailor ship without getting tagged.
 Sailors are safe in their own ships, but can only stay in them for 3 seconds at a time, then must leave.
 Objective: Tag The Sailors
 Equipment: Pool Noodles & Mats


Catch Me If You Can

 Rules/Instructions: Pairs toss a ball back and forth until the music stops and then
run for it! Players partner up and find a spot in the gym.

 Give each pair a foam ball.
 When music starts, partners play catch back and forth.
 When music stops, player with the ball chases after partner trying to tag or toss

the ball at him below the waist.
 When music starts up again, they continue to play catch like before.
 Repeat steps 4 & 5 for as long as you desire.

 Objective: Throwing, Catching, & Tagging
 Equipment: Foam Balls & Music


Pin Down Pg.12

 Rules/Instructions: Players guard their own pin while trying to knock over
someone else’s with a dodgeball. If your pin is down, go to the back of the
line but don’t worry – you’ll get right back in there in no time. This game
utilizes a variety of movement skills, but the best part about it is that it’s a
great workout with lots of laughs!

 Place down a bunch of hula-hoops in the gym spread out (about half as many
as there are players).

 Place a bowling pin in each hula-hoop.
 One player starts at each pin/hula-hoop.
 Remaining players form a line at the side.
 Introduce the dodgeballs.
 On the signal, players try to knock over other player’s pins. They can leave

their area if they want but at their own risk!
 If a pin is knocked down, the line at the side yells ‘PIN DOWN’ and the player

whose base that was goes to the back of the line.
 The first person in line then enters the game and picks pin up (that is their

pin now).
 Objective: Guard Your Pin & Knock Opponent’s Pins Down
 Equipment: Hula Hoops, Pins, Dodge Balls

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