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December 2019 HHA Parent News Magazine

December 2019 HHA Parent News Magazine






Welcome to Hampstead Hill Academy!

Principal Note from Principal Hornbeck
Matt Hornbeck
Public Schools are a priority in Maryland! The Kirwan Commission’s Funding Formula Final Report has been
released, which is a historic moment for Maryland. Over 10 years starting in FY22, funding for public schools will
increase $4B. $2.7B will come from the state and $1.3B from local districts. For City Schools, that will mean $832M
more which will be $500M from the State and $332M from Baltimore City. The City Schools’ budget will increase
from $1.3B per year to more than $2.1B per year. This money means competitive teacher salaries, lower class sizes,
pre-kindergarten for everyone, and vastly better career preparation in high school, especially in science and
technology. The money will be distributed based on need, but HHA should see an increase of something like $5-6M
per year. In terms of the rollout, the Maryland General Assembly goes into session January 8th and finishes in early
April. What the Kirwan Commission defines as a successful school has been determined. Now legislation needs to
be passed to fully fund the findings in Kirwan Report.

HHA is doing our part. Our Strong Schools Maryland Team recently wrote more letters to elected officials in support
of fully funding Kirwan. BUILD leaders Cassandra LaBella and Jill Vasbinder Morrison organized 27 HHA staff and
parents to be among 435 citizens at a recent action at Memorial Baptist Church. That night, BUILD got
commitments from Mayor Young to provide $30M in an additional year of funding for the so-called “Bridge to
Kirwan” in FY21 and commit $90M in new money in the first year of Kirwan funding, which is in FY22. Mayor Young
repeatedly said he was “all in.” HHA will need you to write a letter to your legislator, go to Annapolis, attend a
BUILD accountability forum with the candidates running for Mayor, and stay up on the issues surrounding the
statewide effort to make Maryland’s public schools the best in the nation.

Hampstead Hill Academy Vision Statement
500 South Linwood Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21224 Hampstead Hill seeks to be a safe, nurturing, diverse,
family-friendly neighborhood school with rigorous,
410.396.9146 tel. 410.396.3637 fax effective academic programs and exciting, engaging extracurricular activities. We believe all parents
want the same thing for their children: more and
Matt Hornbeck, Principal [email protected] better opportunities for college and career. We
John Paz, Assistant Principal [email protected] believe in the importance of the arts, and we want
Cassandra Bailey, Assistant Principal [email protected] our students to be great communicators, listeners
and writers. Our students will be forward thinkers,
Hampstead Hill Academy is operated by the Baltimore persistent, responsible, caring, dependable and
Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit organization celebrating healthy members of the greater community.
more than a decade of service and student learning in
Baltimore. Mission Statement

Laura Doherty, President Hampstead Hill Academy is a neighborhood public
[email protected] charter school that exists to educate children living
John McGill, Director of Academic Affairs in both our attendance area and throughout
[email protected] Baltimore City. Our talented staff uses research- based curriculum to develop and implement rigorous
lesson plans that continuously raise the academic
HHA Parent News Magazine is published monthly for the bar for our students. Our whole school community is
families and community of Hampstead Hill Academy dedicated to working together to challenge our
students to succeed in a fair, consistent, just and
Editor Publisher joyful learning environment.
Geraldine Swann Matt Hornbeck
Director of Community Outreach Principal

Magazine contributors:
HHA staff

Club coordinators
Community Organizations



 12/5, Paint Party Fundraiser 2:40 pm Top News Stories page 3
 12/5, PTO Tutti Gusti Night 3 pm
 12/9, 10 – Mobile Dentist Visit  Current HHA information along with
 12/9, PTO Meeting 6 pm upcoming events
 12/11, Family Science Night 5:30 pm
 12/12, Strong Schools Meeting 3:15 pm News from the Teams page 5
 12/16, Padres Unidos/Parents United 8 am
 12/17, Ugly Sweater Day  What your child is doing in class along
 12/17, Conexiones Latinas 8 am with resource, enrichment and ESOL
 12/18, School Family Council Meeting 3 pm information
 12/19, Progress Reports Sent Home
 12/19, Community Arts Night 5:30 pm Club/Activities News page 10
 12/20, Purple Friday
 12/23 – 1/1, School Closed – Winter Break  Updates and announcements for the
 1/2, School Reopens many clubs offered at HHA

Family Information page 14

 Issues important to our parents on a
variety of subjects

PTO News page 17

 News from the Parent/Teacher
Organization at HHA

Let Us Know What You are
Thinking page 18

 Use this form for any question,
comment, concern or suggestion you
may have



As part of HHA's B'More Green initiatives, students, parents and teachers worked with
Canton Canopy on Saturday, November 16th to restore local habitats by planting trees in
and around our community. The trees will provide shade and beauty to the residents and
will provide habitats for many species of birds. Established in 2017, Canton Canopy is an
all-volunteer run initiative operating in affiliation with the Canton Community Association
and with support from the Baltimore City Forestry Board and Baltimore City Urban
Forestry Division. Canton Canopy's mission is to facilitate the planting of trees in existing
tree pits, fundraise and apply for grants in order to cut new tree pits, and organize
volunteers to help with the care and maintenance of the community's trees.




The MSDE star system is flawed and distills the complex work of a school to a single
number. There are some changes to the way stars are awarded this year which means
that HHA may score a very high 4 stars for 2019. Either way, HHA is a great school, and
staff, students, and parents should be extraordinarily proud of the achievement. Out of
HHA’s 152 scored categories worth up to a total of 196.5 points, it has come down to less
than 5 points. It looks like some years, we will earn 5 stars, and some years we will earn 4
stars. Our leadership team is examining the preliminary data to check for accuracy and
look for opportunities moving forward. Two new categories this year are science scores
and student and staff surveys. Stay tuned!


Rising 6th grade students have a number of middle school choices. Students may decide to continue their studies at HHA, attend parochial or
independent schools, or citywide programs such as Ingenuity or Advanced Academic. The overwhelming majority of students attending HHA in 5th
grade decide to return for 6th grade. In fact, in recent years, students have returned to HHA from Ingenuity and declined to attend private school.
Reasons to stay at HHA include rigorous academic programming, including honors science and social studies classes for every student as well as
great teachers, admission to the very best high schools in the Baltimore area, the convenience of knowing HHA’s procedures, access to HHA’s
administrators, our friendly and comforting climate and culture, friends your child has known for years, and a middle school program that prepares
your child for high school. HHA middle school also includes the Leaders Go Places (LGP) program which provides every middle school student with
a small group high school advisory, access to weekly assemblies, special speakers, and targeted help with important note taking and organizational

In addition, LGP tracks your child’s grade point average (GPA), behavior and attendance and service learning hours. Success in these three areas
means rewards including academic and cultural field trips to Washington and Philadelphia and community-building trips to Hershey Park and the
beach. Depending on your child’s GPA, behavior and attendance, and service learning hours, he/she may earn a leadership level – bronze, silver,
gold or platinum. Students on leadership level receive special uniform shirts, pins and other HHA swag. We know you have middle school choices,
and we hope you choose to stay with us! There will be a middle school information session for rising 6th grade students and their families in the
library on Tuesday, January 7, 2020 from 5 – 6:30 pm.

Spread the word to family, friends and neighbors – HHA is hosting a
group tour Monday, January 13th at 8:30 am for prospective school 2019-2020 CRITERIA FOR
families. This is a time to stop in and hear about the school and to PRINCIPAL’S LIST AND
see our students learning. To reserve a space, please contact HONOR ROLL
Geri Swann at [email protected] or call 410.396.9146.
Students at HHA who achieve the highest levels of performance are
APPLICATIONS FOR THE recognized on the Principal’s List and Honor Roll. Students in the 1st
LOTTERY AND PRE- grade must achieve a grade of P with a 1 or 2 in all subjects and S in
KINDERGARTEN all subjects for conduct to be recognized on the Principal’s List. In
grades 2-5, the Principal’s List distinction recognizes students with
Spread the word to family and friends that applications for the all E’s in Core subjects. In grades 2-5, Honor Roll students are noted
lottery and pre-kindergarten are available at HHA. The lottery is for receiving all G’s and E’s in core subjects. You can find a list of our
held for students at all grade levels who do not live in the zoned top performing students in this newsletter. Students in grades 6-8
area for the school. If you do not live in this area and would like for are recognized for their scholarship, leadership and citizenship
your child to attend HHA, you can pick up an application at school or through the Leaders Go Places program.
visit this link The lottery will take
place Tuesday, February 11th at 3 pm.



At HHA, we have various ways to relay important school information to our families. The ways include:
1. Monthly HHA Parent News Magazine – The most comprehensive document the school offers parents. Each month the news magazine
has a list of all upcoming events, a message from Principal Hornbeck, updates from the classrooms and teams, PTO information,
community events and much more!
2. HHA Website ( – The website features HHA policies, schedules, district information, news stories, pictures,
academic/community links, the monthly news magazines, the school calendar along with many other items.
3. Parent E-mail list – Parents can sign up to receive all school info quickly to their e-mail box. Simply go to the HHA website and hit the
“Join Our Email List” button.
4. Class Dojo – Another technology resource used to communicate information to mostly middle school families. Teachers use Class DoJo
to send messages and information directly to our parents. Information for middle school will be relayed only through DoJo unless we
receive papers from a vendor for distribution.
5. HHA Facebook Page ( – All upcoming events, school delays, closings and early
dismissals are posted on Facebook as well as club cancellations.
6. Parent Link Phone Calls – This system calls every parent in our school with an important message. These messages may relate to
attendance, closings, events, etc.


Ms. Jessica Kavanagh would like to personally thank
Principal Hornbeck, Ms. Swann, Mr. Lucas and all of
the staff and families who participated in the 1st
Annual fundraiser on Veteran's Day this
year. It was a HUGE success! Between the bake
sale, the t-shirt sale, Red, White and/or Blue Day and
contributions, $4,500 was raised. This money will be
used to help multiple veterans and their families get
assistance for various health related issues. Thank
you all so much for your support and generosity!

Students purchased snacks, wore red, white,
and/or buy to raise money for VetLinks

All lost and found items are held for one week only.

Items marked with the student’s name will be returned to the student.
Please come into school as soon as possible to check for any lost items.

Please make sure all of your child’s belongings
are marked with his/her name.




Ms. Klenk and Ms. Kaminaris: Welcome back from Thanksgiving break! A special thanks to everyone who donated items to the PreK Thanksgiving
celebration and to those who attended. Stay tuned for more information about the next in-class winter holiday celebration. In class, PreK students
have been learning about families and communities. They will learn about winter holidays and community helpers. Point out any community
helpers you see around the neighborhood such as police officers, firefighters, EMT's, doctors, etc. Students will also begin a unit on shapes. Look
around your home and neighborhood for examples of shapes and have your student identify and describe each shape. Also, as a reminder, the
PreK students go outside for recess two times each day. Please be sure to send your child dressed in a winter coat and hat that is labeled with
their first AND last name. Also, please practice with your child zippering their coat independently. Finally, the cold and flu season is upon us. It is
very important that students are healthy enough to come to school each day. Please continue to remind your child to wash their hands regularly to
keep from spreading germs. Thank you for all your support!


Ms. Maciel, Ms. Wallis and Ms. LaBella: Kindergarten is very excited
for this upcoming month with lots of holiday fun and getting ready for
snowy weather. Please remember to send your child with warm
clothes for those cold recess days. Please take time to practice
zipping and buttoning coats. Be sure to label everything: mittens,
hats, scarves, gloves and coats. In class, some students have begun to
take readers home. Please read with your child every night and sign
the homework charts. Also, practice reading flashcards as often as
you can and turn it into a game or scavenger hunt around the house.
In math, students are making patterns, counting to 20, and practicing
number bonds. Take time to talk to your child about “Z”, our
classroom alien. “Z” is learning how friends on earth get along with
each other, and helps children be a good listener, help friends, share,
play with ALL toys and talk kindly to peers. Thank you for your
support every day and look for information about the upcoming
walking field trip to the Highlandtown Train Garden on
December 18th.


Ms. Bierley, Ms. Clary and Ms. Douglas: The students recently

participated in a project where they disguised a turkey to save it from

being Thanksgiving dinner. The turkeys were very creative, and the

writing that the children did to go along with the project was terrific.

The students, also, showcased their math skills at the annual Math Ms. Maciel’s class enjoyed an ice cream party at B’More Licks
Rumble. All of the students did a great job. On Tuesday, for being the highest earning elementary class for the
December 10th, the students will take a walking trip to the

Highlandtown Train Garden. Look for more information to be sent PTO Bee Fit

home soon. The teachers would like to thank the parents who

generously donated extra snacks for the classrooms. All students are now able

to enjoy a healthy snack each day. A donation of black Expo dry erase markers is

now needed. Your donation will be greatly appreciated. Have a safe and

relaxing winter break! Come back ready to learn more in the year 2020!


Ms. Bonner, Ms. Weber and Ms. Smith: Students had a fantastic time at the

Family Background Celebration Feast. The projects that the children created

were amazing, and the food and company were wonderful. Thank you to the Sign up to receive your HHA News
parents for bringing such delicious food! All of the 2nd grade students

showcased their math skills at the annual Math Rumble. They did a great Magazine by e-mail. Sign up at
job! Since the field trip to see Stone Soup did not take place, students will travel and hit the
to Goucher College on December 12th to see Frosty. Look for an updated “Join Our Email List” icon.
permission slip to be sent home soon. On Tuesday, December 3rd, the students

will take a walking trip to the Highlandtown Train Garden. Specific times have

been set for each 2nd grade class. Have a safe and relaxing winter break! Come back ready to learn more in the year 2020!



Reading – Ms. Kaplan: Students are practicing their reading fluency and
comprehension skills. Some students are reading about Carla and Edna's
adventures on a dinosaur island, and other students are reading about Al's
adventures in the human body. Please make sure your student is completing their
homework every night! Coach class is held every Tuesday morning at 7:30 am.

Language/Social Studies - Ms. Sparwasser: Students will begin to incorporate
quotes and sentence fluency into longer paragraphs. They will also do a Shark Tank
project to correspond with the study of economics.

Math - Ms. Knudsen: Students have continued to master multiplication facts.
Some students have learned how to multiply with 2 and 3 digit numbers, and
others are learning how to convert from one measurement to another.
Coach class for Ms. Kaplan and Ms. Sparwasser is held on Tuesdays during lunch.
Coach class for Ms. Knudsen is held on Thursdays during lunch.


Reading – Ms. Schultz: All
3rd grade students had a fun time at the park during classes just finished the first

their Audubon lesson quarter portfolio projects.

Some classes studied

characters in The Wizard of Oz and did a rewrite on a part of the story from the perspective of

their chosen character. Other classes are writing their own myth. Students are also reading

the text, A Horse to Remember or England in the 1500's. All students are challenged to

answer rigorous comprehension questions each day and respond in writing. As always, if

there is anything Ms. Schultz can do to better support your child in class, please reach out by

phone or email at [email protected]

Language/Social Studies - Ms. Costello: Students are learning how to rewrite misleading
sentences with clarity. They are learning how to appropriately use apostrophes to show
ownership within a sentence. In social studies, students have finished Unit 3 Age of
Exploration. They created comic strips showing the journey of a notable explorer, their
motive for traveling and challenges that they faced along the way.

Math – Mr. Pratta: In December, students will begin Unit 4 on fractional operations. They
will work closely on adding, subtracting and multiplying related fractions and mixed numbers.


Reading – Ms. Pelligrini: Students will delve into a variety of reading and writing tasks. Some
students will explore new stories such as The Table, the Donkey, and the Stick and
Mrs. Dunn’s Lovely, Lovely Farm. They will continue to work on building vocabulary and
answering both literal and inferential comprehension questions. Other students will finish
creative short stories, and then move into the next unit called The Power to Change. In this
unit, students will examine changes in the world around us and work on writing responses to

Language/Science – Ms. Ruppenthal: Students will continue to build upon the skills learned

in the first 20 lessons. As students continue to develop language skills, they will begin to

write longer paragraphs. There will be a heavy focus on grammar and figurative language. 4th grade students enjoyed learning at
Students will show their ability to form agreement and disagreement statements, form Fort McHenry
contractions, re-write unclear sentences and parallel statements. They will continue to

practice skills that help them to strengthen their writing abilities. In science, students have

started the investigation of the Earth and the sun. They have been doing experiments to explore the properties of the sun and the moon. They will

explore the atmosphere and the dynamics of weather and water cycling in Earth's atmosphere. Students will continue to identify patterns in their

observations. This includes length and direction of shadows, day and night, and the seasonal appearance of stars in the night sky.

Math – Ms. O’Connor: Students will begin work on addition and subtraction with fractions. They will find equivalent fractions, which is a review of
a previously learned skill. They will then move into creating like units pictorially and numerically. They will then use these skills with adding and
subtracting fractions in number and word problems. This will help students as they get ready for multiplication and division of fractions.



Humanities – Mr. Farber: Some students have started to read Walk Two Moons, by
Sharon Creech, and other students have begun reading Romeo and Juliet, by William
Shakespeare. All students will write literary analysis essays on these books in February.
Please ask your student to show you the short story they finished at the beginning of
November. Everyone worked hard and did a fantastic job! Also, all students have started
to work on their public speaking assignment for Quarter 2, which is called Our Deepest
Fear. Please encourage students to practice their speech at home. In social studies,
students have started gathering sources for their National History Day projects, and will
begin to work on their annotated bibliographies.

Math – Ms. Kleine: Students will complete the Integers Unit. They have mastered
adding and subtracting positive and negative integers and are moving into multiplying
and dividing integers. They will also explore the coordinate plane and additional real-
world examples of where negative integers exist. Towards the end of the month, they
will move into the third unit, Expression and Equations. In this unit, students will be
introduced to variables.

Science – Ms. Poole: Students have successfully completed the first unit on physics, with 5th grade science students use a flashlight,
a focus on light. Point to an object and ask your student how we see the object. protractor, and figure to determine patterns
Students should be able to give detailed explanations on how light interacts with various
objects and how light gives the world color. In this unit, they have also learned various in the length and direction of shadows
“mind blowing” facts. Ask your student to share some of these with you. Who knows
maybe, you’ll even learn a few things! The next unit is the Life Science unit. In this unit,
students will explore the question: “Where have all the creatures gone?”


Language Arts – Ms. Locke-Jones: Students have just completed their final topic proposal for National History Day. They are excited to start the
research phase after learning the difference between primary and secondary sources. Let the NHD season begin!

Math – Mr. White: Students will write equivalent expressions, adding and subtracting expressions, combining like terms, expanding and factoring
linear expressions. They will also work on solving linear equations by applying the distributive property and combining like terms.

Science – Ms. Petruzzelli: Students will finish the physical science unit, Why Do Some Things Stop While Others Keep Going? During this unit,
students learn about energy transfer from kinetic, gravitational, elastic and thermal energies. The end of the unit will culminate in a project where
each student makes their own model of energy transformation.


Language Arts – Ms. Kosmer: All students are working on their National History Day project – Breaking Barriers. Groups are researching and
creating notecards based on the information they are reading. They are, also, creating a working annotated bibliography by citing the sources that
they are using. Over the next few weeks, they will research daily, and after the winter break, they will begin to put their projects together. In
English, students are working on grammar lessons and short informational passages with text dependent questions.

Pre-Algebra/Algebra 1 – Ms. Luthers: In Pre-Algebra, students are beginning the slope portion of unit 2. Students will investigate real-like
examples of positive and negative slope and how steepness has real world implications. Ask your students, "How does skiing relate to slope? Is this
more steep or flat? Does this hill have a positive or negative slope?"

In Algebra 1, students continue to work with functions. Currently, they have learned how to define and identify a function and how to apply that
understanding to graphs and real-world situations. This upcoming month, students will learn how to graph and transform functions in different
forms. Ask your student, “What is a domain restriction or asymptote?” And given the following situation, what is a reasonable domain and range
and why? "Jenny rides in an Uber. Uber charges $1 for the ride and $1.50 for every mile."

Science – Mr. Lohrman: Students have just completed their first portfolio project, completing a CER answering the question, How does food
provide my body with energy? Soon they will begin the second part of the chemistry unit which includes reading the periodic table of elements,
ionic and covalent bonding and an element research project.




The first LGP deadline has been reached with great success. In order to
reach LGP status, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, an 80% positive
behavior score on Class Dojo, and complete at least two hours of
community service. This is a pretty rigorous standard, and our students
rose to the challenge. 78% of middle school students reached these
levels in all three categories. What an amazing group of students!
Take a look at the chart below. It shows the class averages.

Grade Leadership Scholarship Citizenship
6 94% positive 3.20 GPA 4 hours
7 94% positive 3.53 GPA 6 hours
8 93% positive 3.43 GPA 12 hours

8th grade students were on the move this month. They On average, our students carry a 3.39 GPA and have contributed over
attended a University of Maryland soccer game, did math in nine hours of community service. In addition, we had 48 students earn
a perfect 100% positive behavior rating on Class Dojo. This is 18% of
the Chill Zone and visited City College our middle school with perfect behavior scores. We also had 42
students with perfect 4.0 GPAs. In the first quarter alone, the students
completed more than 1,800 hours of community service.

These outcomes are a direct result of the consistent effort put forth by
our students and staff on a daily basis. The middle school at HHA
includes an amazing group of people, both kids and adults that are
working toward individual and collective success with amazing results.



Ms. Butcher: Students have been getting creative in the art room Ms. Durkin: PreK and kindergarten students are rehearsing a story
and have been working on the following art units: Grade 1 and 2 theatre play. PreK students are working on Stone Soup, and
students are learning about warm and cool colors. Students created kindergarten students are working on Where the Wild Things Are.
oil pastel drawings of owls made up of these colors. Grade 3 Grade 1-5 students are writing original plays to submit to Center
students are learning about the artist Edward Hopper and how he Stage's Young Playwright's Festival. They have already submitted
created beautiful paintings of everyday life using many geometric plays on a range of topics including ending pollution, being kind and
shapes. Students created a collage made up of only geometric stopping bullying. Grade 7 students collaborated in small groups to
shapes. Grade 5 students are learning about the artist Thomas Cole adapt the Where I'm From poems written in ELA into theatre pieces,
and looked at his famous landscape painting The Oxbow. Students and grade 8 students will participate in a unit on theatre for social
discussed the perspective of distance in the painting, and created a change and begin devising theatre pieces around these issues.
landscape watercolor painting demonstrating perspective in art. Ms. Durkin will be out on maternity leave after winter break (or
possibly sooner) and will return at the end of March. Her substitute,
MUSIC LESSONS Mr. Cameron Tulloch, is excited to begin shadowing her in
December to get to know HHA!
Mr. Garner: Music students will participate in rehearsals this month
in addition to regular lesson times in preparation for December FOOD FOR LIFE
Community Arts Night on Thursday, December 19th. All band and
orchestra students will participate in this performance. Students Ms. Demas: Students in PreK and kindergarten are finishing tasting
will continue to work on fundamentals of sound and musicianship as all the colors of the rainbow, and grade 2 students are learning how
well as music for the concert. to categorize foods in USDA’s MyPlate. Grade 4 students are
preparing herb mixtures for popcorn, and grade 6 and 8 students are
PHYSICAL EDUCATION tasting 10 different herbs and preparing classic dishes featuring
those herbs.
Mr. Edwards: During Quarter 2, PreK and kindergarten athletes will
work on spatial awareness, bending, stretching, turning and
swinging. Elementary athletes will continue to work on team
invasion strategies for capture the flag along with work on throwing,
catching and kicking. The middle school athletes will refine their
volleyball skills.



Ms. Riorda: Students have been enjoying the change in the seasons. Grade 2 students are in the school garden looking for signs that pollination
has occurred. They are dissecting flowers and creating pollination models. The middle elementary classes are learning about the amazing plant
and animal adaptations that help animals to survive in their ever-changing environments, and middle school students are investigating the water
cycle in real time and creating models of how water moves between the earth and the atmosphere. They are also focusing on evolution by natural
selection and are participating in many activities which get them outside to simulate natural selection. As the weather gets colder, we will continue
to go outside so please send your student to school with coats, hats and gloves.

Nature Exploration
students take part in
hands-on activities to
learn about flower
pollination and why

it rains.


Ms. Burt Grade PreK – 4: PreK and kindergarten students have practiced using 4 of their 5 senses
on a nature walk and played a special game of tag to explore which foods give us the most
energy. Grade 1 and 2 students are working to identify community helpers and heroes, and
discuss why it is important to know who can help, when different problems arise. Grade 3 and 4
students are working to define bullying and identify different types of bullying-verbal, social and
physical. They are creating a campaign to solve bullying in school. Ms. Burt would like to send a
special shout out to the parent volunteers who helped in the Quarter 1 PreK and kindergarten
health classes. Thank you for your support! The students really enjoyed having you in their

Mr. Cobb Grade 5 – 8: The Quarter 2 Health and Wellness topic is “Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco.”
Students are learning about various substances, the risks and rates of addiction, as well as taking
a closer look at the dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping. At the end of the unit, students will
create visual representations of the pressures that can push a teen “into the world of substance
abuse" and the consequences that often follow. If you were unable to attend the parent
information session about the Quarter 3 Sexual Health curriculum, feel free to email Mr. Cobb.

LIBRARY Kindergarten students explore the

Ms. Kannam: Grade PreK-2 students have outdoors using 4 of their 5 senses.
explored problems and solutions through Here, they are identifying what
literature and shared how they would fix their sounds can be made with sticks.

own problems. Inspiration for working on

solutions was shared by learning about the very inspiring real-life scholar Katherine Johnson who

worked for NASA and was one of the inspiring women portrayed in the recent film Hidden Figures.

The HHA library has a new and robust collection of biographies about more people like Katherine

Johnson to inspire us all. Grade 5-8 students have logged over 200 hours of computer coding.

Please ask your student if their class has participated in computer coding and if so if they can show

you their work at home.


Ms. Guitian and Ms. Burt: Parents of GAL students should have received a copy of their child's
Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) to sign and return. If you have any questions or did not receive a
copy, please contact Mrs. Guitian. When reviewing your child's learning plan you will have noticed
reference to the National Association for Gifted Children Programming Standards. These standards


may be addressed and implemented in a variety of ways, but they provide important direction and focus to designing and developing options for
gifted learners. For more information, visit the NAGC website at The NAGC also provides a valuable resource, a publication
called Parenting for High Potential, for parents of gifted children. This is a quarterly magazine designed for parents and others working to support
and guide their gifted children at home and at school. Here is a link for further information:
Happy Holidays from the enrichment team!


Ms. Shaffer: December 2nd is National Special Education Day! Special Education Day marks the anniversary of the
nation’s first federal special education law, signed into law on December 2, 1975. This year marks the
42nd anniversary of IDEA - Individuals with Disability Education Act. Since President Gerald Ford signed the ground-
breaking legislation, access to education is now provided for all children, including children with disabilities.


Ms. Bailin, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Hicks and Mr. LaBarr: Students in PreK and kindergarten are completing the We Are
a Family unit. Family members, rooms in your home, food items, kitchen objects, actions and family traditions are
being taught through songs, books, writing and drawing. Ask your child what they like to do with your family the
most! Grade 1 students are starting a new unit Here Comes the Animals! In this unit, students will learn about animals. Talk with your child about
animals and the sounds they make. Then tell your child some of the words for animal sounds in your home language. It will be an exciting unit
learning about what animals are their favorites. Grade 2 students are starting a new unit Water, Water Everywhere! In this unit, students will learn
about rain and the water cycle. They will read the science article Where Do Puddles Go? This article tells about the water cycle using diagrams.
Ask your child to sing the water cycle song and share what evaporation, condensation and precipitation mean. Grade 3 students are reading about
parts of a plant, the life cycle of a plant and what plants need to survive. Soon, they will read a fun little story, The Ugly Vegetables, by Grace Lin.
Grade 5 students are beginning a science-related unit that will focus on Earth's history and systems. They will learn about Earth by reading fiction
and non-fiction texts, and identifying the main idea and citing important details. Middle school students are making inferences in order to compare
and contrast texts written by authors from different cultural backgrounds. Students are also making connections between their own cultures and
the different cultures they are reading about. In addition, students will complete practice items online in preparation for the WIDA ACCESS 2.0 for
ELLs assessment, which will take place in January.


As a reminder, students will not be permitted to join two clubs that meet on the same day.


The Hampstead Hill Builders Club will be busy in December. The Students in culinary arts club are getting ready for the Winter
members will host a ceramic painting event on Thursday, Community Arts Night, Thursday December 19th from 5:30 – 7 pm.
December 5th to raise money for the University of Maryland Child Homemade gingerbread houses will be on display, and dinner will be
Life Center. The members will go shopping at Target to purchase served after the band and orchestra concert. Student art will be on
items for the hospital's wish list event. They will also sponsor an display in the cafeteria. We hope to see you there!
Ugly Sweater Day on Tuesday, December 17th to raise money for the
Pennies for Patients campaign that will be held later in the year. STEAM
Their last activity will be to visit Future Care nursing home and make
crafts with the residents. Thanks for your support of these fund Ms. Hicks' kindergarten STEAM students learned about the fall
raising activities. Happy 2020 to everyone! season and weather through songs, stories and projects. They also
took a trip to outer space, learning all about the sun, moon, and
DIVERSITY CLUB Earth. Grade 1 students have been designing a rocket ship out of
recyclable materials that will land while keeping its egg astronaut
Students are continuing to read articles, discuss major social justice intact. Grade 2 students practiced graphing by choosing data to
issues in the country, and write their own narratives to describe Our collect and present to their peers. Grade 3 and 4 students got a
Baltimore. The next meeting will be December 4th from 3-4pm after chance to play with Sphero robots! They also enjoyed making paper
school in room 310. Students are always welcomed and encouraged airplanes and solving engineering problems. The next session of
to join. Club permission slips can be found in Ms. Luthers room. STEAM will begin in January. Please keep an eye out for interest
flyers, if your student would like to participate.

Uniform Items - If your child borrowed a uniform item, please send it back as soon as possible. We
need those items to be available for other students that may need a change of clothes. We also are

accepting gently worn uniform clothing only. Please bring the items to the office.


EMERGING SCHOLARS Ms. Hicks’ STEAM Club class shows off their
night and day books.
Grade 2 students are beginning to design their dream playgrounds.
These designs have been very creative, including components like a 2nd grade STEAM Club uses a paint
giant tree house, waterpark and ropes course. By the end of the pendulum to make works of art.
school year, they will use these plans, and strengthened
understanding of geometry, to make a to-scale model of their
playground. Grade 3 students continue to explore the impact of
engineering on structural design. They will create a building to
withstand the force of wind and the force of an earthquake.
Throughout the next month, they will be introduced to more
engineering challenges. Grade 4 students are researching an
assigned planet and creating a travel brochure about it. They are
discovering the size of their planets, different characteristics of its'
surface, capacity for life and much more. Students are experts at
using Epic for their research and taking organized, detailed notes.


Congratulations to our Girls on the Run Fall 2019 team
who completed the season-ending 5k race at Druid Hill
Park on Sunday, November 24th. The girls enjoyed team
building and personal growth throughout the season,
with lessons focusing on topics including friendship,
feelings, health and joy. The team also had fun
completing a Community Impact Project—tutoring PreK
and kindergarten students. We are so proud of all of our strong girls: Lucy,
Gabriella, Ellie, Mirabelle, London, Kamryn, Danielle, Quinn, Teaghan, Parker,
Wallace, Corbyn, Maddie, and Olivia and thankful for Coach Sara, Coach
Amanda, and Coach Reza

Registration for our Girls on the Run Spring 2020 session will open in January!
We will have a parent meeting to provide details and to assist with registration
on 1/23/20!


3rd grade Emerging Scholars
students take a walk through the

park to practice mapping
different areas of land



HHA's Daisies and Brownie Girl Scouts have
been busy this fall! They have earned Trail
Adventure and Hiking Badges through a
visit to the Irvine Nature Center, and have
also learned about sports and inclusion
while earning the Fair Play badge. They
also learned to help others for the
Philanthropist badge. Daisies have learned about real female
superheroes with the power of empathy, and learned what it means to
be considerate, caring, friendly, helpful, honest and fair. They are also
learning how to run a cookie business. Thank you to all the parents who
are guiding these girls to become leaders in their communities! For the
next week, the Girl Scout Troop 5394 is hosting a diaper drive and
collecting donations for ShareBaby (, a local Baltimore
City organization that helps families in need. Please help us collect
unopened diapers and pull ups (all sizes) and baby wipes. Donations
can be dropped off at the main office until December 6th. The troop is
volunteering at the ShareBaby warehouse on December 8th to count,
sort, and package gear and diapers from their donations to distribute
to the community.

Congratulations to the HHA Debate team
for getting 4th place overall at the
tournament held on Saturday,

November 23rd at Roland Park. Every girl
took home a medal or a trophy! Thanks to
Coach Steve, Coach Rafael, and Coach Eva

for leading these girls to victory!

If you would like to be part of the debate
team, see Ms. Swann. Being on the

debate team requires commitment and
work but the experience will expand your
horizons and give you the confidence you
need to talk in front of people and argue

your point.

What’s happening at HHA? Import the HHA school

calendar to your personal Google calendar. Instructions are
located in the back of the news magazine. You will never have

STAFF STUDENT SOCCER GAME to say, “I didn’t know this was happening.”



A beautiful day and a large enthusiastic crowd of students in grades 4-8 made the annual staff and student soccer game in Patterson Park great fun.
Coaches Costello, Luthers, VW and Kleine led both teams. Mr. White’s goal was particularly exciting for spectators! The staff won the game 4-2,
but the sportsmanship and fun on both sides were the real highlights.

CONTACT MS. SWANN AT [email protected]

CONTACT MS. SWANN AT [email protected]





 32% of the school year is done
 58 of our 180 student days are completed
 There are approximately 85 school days left until our

3-8 grade students take the MCAP Assessment in
reading and math beginning Monday, April 20th.


Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) for grades 3 to 8 - April 20 – June 2
Report Cards – 2/3 (2nd Quarter), 4/16 (3rd Quarter), Last Day of School (4th Quarter)

Please put these dates on your calendar and be sure NOT to plan activities outside of school on test days!
Remember, scores on the tests help decide whether students move on to the next grade.

What Does the MCAP
Look Like for Your

Spend some time learning about this new state assessment for your child at the Maryland State Department of
Education at


 No gum at school. It is distracting and prevents students from reading aloud clearly.
 No smoking in or around school property. This is against the law on school property.
 No double parking or idling at drop-off and pickup. Double parking creates a dangerous situation, and you could get a $252

ticket for double parking.
 No crossing in the middle of the street. Cross your child at the corner. Do not encourage your child to get to school by

crossing in the middle of the street! This can be extremely dangerous for your child.
 Please remind your child, especially older children, that ball playing is not allowed in front of the school or on the blacktop

during school arrival and dismissal times. Also, ask them to be mindful of smaller children to avoid accidentally bumping
into them.

Would like a way to communicate with our diverse HHA community? There is
an app called "Say Hi". You can download this app to your phone and have
conversations with non-English speakers. It is very simple to use, and you will
have the means to communicate with any non-English speaking person. The
app is free and offers a large variety of languages.



HHA is serious about attendance. Our talented staff cannot teach unless students attend school. There is a district-wide focus on student
attendance. Again this year, there will be mandatory hearings at school headquarters for the parents of students with poor attendance. Each

month, the newsletter will include this chart so students and parents can review attendance averages.

Congratulations to the 3rd Grade Team for having the highest attendance average for November.
The students in this grade level will have a PTO sponsored pizza party.

November Attendance% Year Attendance%
Grade 95.64% Grade 96.86%
HHA average 96.65% HHA average 97.34%
Grade 3 96.47% Grade 6 97.23%
Grade 7 Grade 7 97.12%
96.16% Grade 3 97.11%
Kindergarten 96.07% Grade 4 96.86%
Grade 1 95.99% Grade 1 96.85%
Grade 6 95.41% Grade 2 96.69%
Grade 4 95.29% Grade 8 96.63%
Grade 2 95.29% Kindergarten
Grade 8 94.57% 96.39%
PreK 93.90% PreK 96.15%
Grade 5 Grade 5


The Spectacular Express program at HHA is used to recognize students in grades 1-5 for
doing a spectacular act. This may be a random act of kindness, outstanding academic
behavior, being honest and much more. Students who received a train car for the month of
November are:

Burger, Calvin Harper, Heaven Ramirez-Cardoso, Daniella
Bussey, Joseph Johnson, Brayden Rivera-Barreto, Keily
Cano Leon, Danny Johnson, Kamoir Robinson, Chase
Colin-Gonzalez, Melissa Keola-Lee, Nasir Simmers, Jackson
Cox, Travis King, Shakim Simmers, Joshua
Dziedzic, Ivy Navas Migueloa, Soledad Thompson, Zamyan
Garcia Alvarado, Helen Neponuceno-Moran, Henry Yupa-Cuzco, Wesley
Geist, Lylah Oleszczuk, Hailey
Gossage, Alyssa Ramirez, Nevaeh


celebrates its 11th year in the fire station (Engine House # 41) at 520 South Conkling Street across from the
Southeast Anchor Library. It will be open from 11 am to 5 pm on the following days: November 30, December 1, 7,
8, 14, 15 and 20 through January 5 except Christmas Day. For the 11th year, there are new displays – three Bump
and Go Trolleys around Patterson Park, replicas of the Dominic Mimi DiPietro Ice Rink and the Southeast Anchor
Library and also a fun look at Highlandtown’s industrial heritage. The Train Garden is open to the public and is free.
For more updated information, visit or follow us on Facebook.



Mr. Berry booms, “Leeetttt’s get ready to rummmmmmble!” and with that the 19th Annual HHA Math
Rumble was off and running. For those new to our school, the Math Rumble is sort of like a spelling bee,
but with math facts instead of words. Students in grades 1-4 compete through several rounds of math
problems, and there are winners based on the groups with the highest percent of students left standing.
Students get practice in a public speaking setting, and everyone receives a certificate of participation.
The Math Rumble is an opportunity to practice basic math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication
and division. These basic computation skills form the foundation for the more complex math skills
required by the Common Core Standards. Special thanks to Ms. Trainer, Ms. Johnson and Mr. Lucas for
their leadership and organization and to Ms. Swann and Mr. Berry for their coordination, enthusiasm
and essential logistical support.


Books, Baking, and Beats:
Encouraging Speech & Language Development
During The Holidays

With everyone’s busy schedules during the holiday months, it may be hard finding time to practice
speech or language skills at home during these eventful months. Luckily, the holidays present a great
amount of opportunities to encourage speech and language development outside of therapy. Here are
a few ideas to incorporate at home to practice listening and talking while also having fun celebrating the


Research has shown that reading aloud stimulates language development. Holiday breaks are a perfect time to head to your local library and check
out some seasonal and holiday books to help build your child’s vocabulary, listening skills, ability to answer questions and grammar. Here are a
couple of holiday book ideas to target speech and language at home:

Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney - This book tells the story of a little llama who is excited for the holidays but is exhausted by all the
activities. This is a great book to work on answering questions and basic concepts. You can ask simple questions such as “Where did llama and
mama go?” or “What is llama and mama doing?” This book is also written in a lively rhyming format. Reading books that rhyme allows children to
memorize familiar words and helps them develop skills to predict rhyming words, which is an essential step in the process of learning to read.

The Mitten by Jan Brett - When Nicki loses his mitten in the snow, a number of animals find it and crawl inside. This book is a great story to discuss
illustrations or use it to target sequencing. You can discuss the order that animals crawl into the mitten and also target special concepts by
discussing which animals are in/out of the mitten.

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bell! by Lucille Colandro - This time the hungry old lady swallows a bell, gifts, a sleigh and many other
holiday items. This is a great book to work on predicting, story retell or sequencing. You can also work on basic concepts such as counting to count
the number of items the old lady has swallowed.


You may find yourself in the kitchen more often during the holiday season baking or cooking for various parties or events. Baking with your child is
a great opportunity to work on their speech and language skills. You can target following directions by giving your child specific tasks or narrating
simple steps and then asking him or her to recite the steps (“First we are going to add the sugar, then butter and then eggs. Can you tell me what
we are going to add?”). There are many opportunities to target responding to questions while engaging in a cooking or baking activity with your

You can target “where” questions by having your child help you locate specific ingredients in your kitchen and “what” questions by having your
child help you identify utensils you need (or don’t need). You may have an item on the counter that you don’t need such as a mug, banana, toy,
etc., and you can have your child tell you what you do not need to roll out dough or mix the batter. You can also target spatial concepts during a
baking activity such as the word “in” (“Can you help me put the chocolate chips in the bowl?”), “on” (“Let’s put sprinkles on the cookies”), and “off”
(“Now we need to take the cookies off the baking sheet”). There are limitless opportunities to target speech and language while engaging in a fun
activity like baking!


Music is an essential part of a child’s speech development. Through singing, children can achieve improved articulation skills. In addition, singing
combines repetition, rhythm and rhyme, which helps to develop speech and language skills. What better time than the holidays to sing fun, festive
songs with your little ones?! Please contact Amanda Smith-SLP for any questions or concerns! (Source: Children’s Therapy Place, B. Minniti SLP)



Flu season is just around the corner. Be sure you and your family take steps to stay healthy this flu
season! According to the CDC, the best way to prevent the flu is by getting yourself vaccinated. Some
of the best preventative measures also include:

 Avoiding close contact with sick people  Wash hands frequently with soap and water
 Limit contact with others while sick  Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, germs are spread
 Stay home for at least 24 hours after your fever is gone
 Cover your nose or mouth with a tissue and immediately this way!
 Disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated.
throw away tissue


Upcoming PTO Events Include:

 Tutti Gusti Night - 12/5 3-8pm flyer attached - Join HHA on the first Thursday of each month for a fun dinner out and help PTO raise
money! Tutti Gusti donates 10% of all eat in and carry out orders.

 PTO Meeting - 12/9 - meeting dates have changed to the 2nd Mondays 6pm in the library - Childcare will be available until 7pm.
 Harris Teeter - consider attaching your VIC card to HHA. When you shop Harris Teeter brands, a percentage of your purchase is donated

to the school that is linked to your VIC card. There are NO LIMITS to how much a school can earn.
 Box Tops – flyer attached

Staff and students would like to say thank
you to:

The HHA PTO: Sean Morrison, Adrienne Ekas-Mueting, Jim Hanson, Rachel
Douglas, Jill Morrison, Beth Kemmery, Carmelina Mosier, Shallah Graham,
Alison Bucklin and Fulya Gursel. Also, special thanks to Laverne Gilmore,
Cheryl DeScipio, Eva Bazant, Loren Kupferschmid, Jodi Naasz, Molly Burger,
Rafael Coven, Stephen Fogleman, Liz Gebelein, Julie Gochar, Steven Cuellar,
Madeleine Williams, Katie Landwehr, Jackie Ejinco, Carrie Mittenthal,
Amelia Thomas, Barbara Simpson, Sara Berman, Leana Houser, Veronica
Piskor, Tamiko Lovette and Jeffrey Winfree and the many parents who help
with various activities throughout the school.



 Southeast Anchor Library - located at 3601 Eastern Avenue; 410-

 Friends of Patterson Park – located at 27 S. Patterson Park
Avenue; 410-276-3676,

 Creative Alliance at the Patterson – located at 3134 Eastern
Avenue, 410-276-1651,

 Patterson Park Audubon Center – located at 2901 E. Baltimore
Street, 410-558-2473,

 Please check the back of the news magazine for additional event

Digging for dinosaur eggs was the hit of
Family Academic Night at the Museum


Hampstead Hill Academy Feedback Form

School Year 2019-2020

Name and contact information if you want a response to your submission:_____________________________
I have a_____question_____comment_____concern_____suggestion.
Please return this form to Ms. Swann.

From the Staff at HHA….

May the peace and joy of
the holidays be with you
today and throughout the

New Year!


Principal’s List – November, 2019

Abukhdeir, Muhammad Daimoucha, Hafssa Herndon, Marley Naasz, Zoe
Adarkwah-Yiadom, Jaden Daniels, Archer Hillenburg, Mia Navas-Migueloa, Soledad
Alarcon-Ramos, Josiah Davila, Ariadna Hines, Bentley Neponuceno-Moran,
Albrecht Brown, Sylvia Davila-Bernal, Heidy Hines, Parker Henry
Albrecht Brown, Vivienne Davis, Elijah Holcomb, Urijah Nicholson, Cameron
Alexander, Zoe Deleon, Alex Horner, Karma Nicholson, Kyle
Almazo Jr., Erick Denham, Aaron Houser III, John O’Connor, Ashlin
Almazo Jr., Felix Desai, Ava Huerta-Machuca, Daniel Oleszczuk, Hailey
Andersen, Sejr Elliot Desai, Ella Hunt, Liam Orlaskey, Parker
Anderson, Camden Di Seta, Oscar Isaula-Aguilar, Alex Park, Sophia
Anderson, Quinn Dobbins, Gabriella Jimenez-Reyes, Juan Parr, Daxton
Anderson, Sasha Donahue, Benjamin Joda, Hassan Parr, Ellia
Bailey, Addison Douglas, Ryan Joda, Malak Payne, Jayden
Baloh, Huxley Dryanovski, Valeri Johnson, Brayden Perez Jr., Luis
Bautista, Mariajose Dziedzic, Ivy Johnson, Gianna Powell, Jackson
Beatty, Zoey Dziedzic, Kipling Johnson, Kamoir Powell, Keller
Beaudry, Andrew England, Steven Johnson, Zoey Prioleau, Aerin
Beaudry, Timothy Escalante-Sanchez, Jones, Savely Purkey, Cassie
Boyle, Andrew Gisselle Jordon, Damien Ramirez-Moran, Yostin
Briscoe, Caleb Fawcett, Helena Jozefiak, Avamae Randolph, Najee
Bucklin, Evelyn Ferguson, Caleb Juknevicius, Gus Rimzan, Zahraa
Burger, Calvin Filippou, Elisavet Kemmery, Tyler Rivera-Castro, Aylin
Burger, Henry Filippou, Sofia Keola-Lee, Delilah Rivera-Orellana, Genesis
Bussey, Joseph Flores-Venancio, Ruby Keola-Lee, Nasir Robinson, Chase
Canales-Sanchez, Dominic Foote, Lennon Knorovsky, Kamryn Robinson, Colin
Candia-Garcia, Julian Fraser, Frances Kozlowski, Zachary Robinson, Payton
Cannizzaro, Aria Fraser, Gavin Kryshtompol, Jevhenia Rodriguez, Nevaeh
Cannizzaro, Treme' Gahagan, Fiona Larman, Zola Rogers, Quinn
Cano Martinez, Ashley Garcia Alvarado, Shanik Lee, Skyy Rogers, Teaghan
Cano-Candia, Almadelia Garry, Mirabelle Leverett, Davol Rosa, April
Canoles, Harper Garry, Tobias Leverett Jr., Terry Rosa, Cecilia
Cappolla, Spencer Gomez-Buezo, Douglas Levy, Peyton Rothstein, Jackson
Castelan, Juliette Gonzales, Saray Lewis, Embrya Roycroft, Ana
Castillo-Vargas, Julyabby Gonzalez, Yaretzi Locklear, Aiden Salters, Samuel
Castro, Tyler Gonzalez-Avila, Mia Lucas, Addison Salto, Kayla
Castro-Quintanilla, Ana Gonzalez-Hernandez, Mangano, Isabella Schellenbach, Parker
Cawthon, Kolby Daniela McCartney, Quinn Schiffer, Quinn
Chabot, Liliane Gonzalez-Serrano, McCray, Julia Schutz, Annabel
Clark, Branon Christopher McDowell, Zander Shah, Bria
Colin-Gonzalez, Melissa Gorham, Grace McFadden, Nevaeh Shroyer, Atticus
Collier, Grace Gover, Hailee Megali, Samuel Sierra-Levin, Henry
Connolly, Camden Guambana-Calle, Melany Mendez-Mendoza, Simms, Kamari
Connolly, Hudson Guarnaccia, Ava Jacqueline Simon, Wallace
Cornejo, Diana Guerra Lopez, Jesus Miller, Asia Sio, Aleem
Coronel Zamora, Madison Gursel, Zehra Miller, Joaquin Smith, Corbyn
Corro-Cruz, Edgar Guzman-Rios, Hannette Mittenthal, Mae Spencer, Taylor
Cos, Logan Guzman-Zavala, Yamile Molina, Sophia Sullivan, James
Couteau, Cecilia Hamilton, Theodore Moran-Chavez, Abril Sullivan, Maeve
Crandalscott, Atlantis Hampton-Glunde, Julius Morris, Jack Sweets, Mekhi
Cuellar, Penelope Hansel, Edward Morris, Maya Tate, Amalie
Dach, Hudson Harper, Heaven Morrison, Tessa Teresi, John
Dagistan, Ava Harrison III, Rodney Moussa, Berend Tolentino, Daniel
Dagistan, Jem Hernandez-Ramirez, Emily Munoz Jr., Andy Torres-Ramirez, Mia

Townshend, Carter Winder, Michael Zamora-Rojas, Edgar Zheng, Andrea
Velasquez Ruiz, Keren Woolery, Emily Zamora-Rojas, Giselle Zhumi-Mendez, Javier
Wagner-Tan, Leo Wycall, Andrew Zaragoza-Cardoso, Noemi Zornes, Damien
Watnoski, Olivia Xolalpa-Torres, Arely Zelic, Azran Zuniga-Gallegos, Yaneli
Webster, Zane Yupa-Cuzco, Wesley Zelic, Una

Honor Roll – November, 2019

Acevedo Quezada, Regina Gilbert, Gianna Palmer, Fiona
Aguilar-Garcia, Maritza Gochar, Charles Pappas, Eric
Aguilar-Garcia, Dara Gonzaga, Genesis Patmore, Grace Ana
Aguilar-Oyorzabal, Neyria Gordon, Tori Perez, James
Alosaimi, Lulwah Gordon, Kameron Poland, Ayden
Alvarez-Blanca, Bryan Gossage, Alyssa Portillo-Santos, Emely
Anderson, Shawn Griffin III, Adrian Price Ojagh, Herbert
Andino Urbina, Diego Guambana-Calle, Christopher Prioleau, Kendall
Arias Mendoza, Judith Hanson, Bryant Prioleau, Paul
Arias-Mendoza, Sandra Harris, London Ramirez Urbina, Katherine
Armando, Jordi Hernandez, Emely Ramirez, Lisander
Baloh, Lucy Hernandez-Ramirez, Ivan Richards, Malia
Baten-Rios, Ashly Huerta-Machuca, Gustavo Rivera-Barreto, Keily
Baten-Rios, Lesli Huggins, Dawn Rivera-Orellana, Emmanuel
Bautista-Uroza, Stephanie Jara-Martinez, Jason Roldan-Sanchez, Elvin
Beckham, Patrick Jimenez-Reyes, Catherine Rosas, Brandon
Bethea, Alex Joslin, Sofia Sanchez, Bryan
Bolanos-Buezo, Fernando Jozefiak, Michael Sanders, Colin
Borowski, Evan Juvencio-Gaspar, Karen Sanders, Gabriel
Bradford, Karmen Kavanagh, Meyrn Santos-Marin, Nicholas
Bratton-Bey, Mikayla Kim, Sophia Schroeder, Ian
Bratton-Bey, Milan King, Aleana Simmers, Joshua
Bush, Robert-Emmett Kirby, Rafael Smith, Daelan
Cabeza, Evanna Lamp, Danielle Soto, Erick
Candia Garcia, Jazmin Lewis, Harlow Soto, Monserratt
Cano-Leon, Danny Lopez-Calderon, Danny Sounakhen, Christopher
Cano-Leon Jr., Elmer Lucas, Isabella Stewart, Olivia
Cardillo, Gianella Madrigal-Galindo, Yasmin Tanner, Kaitlyn
Casimiro, Henry Madrigal-Galindo, Bryan Tilghman, Kenadi
Cerritos-Garcia, Justin Maldonado, Jacqueline Tillman, Darius
Cielo-Medina, Ian Martinez-Flores, Axel Tlapanco-Dominguez, Guadalupe
Cole, Danielle Mateos-Davila, Ingrid Torres-Ramirez, Randy
Colin-Gonzalez, Octavio Mattox, Evan Truesdale, Jordyn
Cos, Matison McCutchen-Shabazz, Taj Turowski, Jacob
Cox, Travis McFadden, Harmony Victoriano, Madelyn
Cruz-Gonzalez, Brian Mejia-Candia, Yaritza Vicuna-Villalba, Angel
Daimoucha, Assia Milligan, Hannah Wahl, Zoe
Davis, Trinity Misewich, Tyler Warren, Anala
De Los Santos-Solano, Eliseo Miskimon, Layla Wilson, Laila
De Leon, Delander Morales Mejia, Josue Wycall, William
Denham, Hailey Morales De Leon, Lester Zaragoza-Caballero, Paola
Diaz-Lopez, Darwin Mosier, Douglas
Dominguez, Emmanuel Mpoko, Danielle
Forame, Sadie Munoz-Urgiles, Emily
Franco, Madisson Neponuceno-Moran, Kevin
Fraser, Julianna Nunez-Cabrera, Allison

What can be better
than an ugly sweater?

1Pay just $

To walk the halls wearing the
ugliest sweater of them all!

Tuesday, December 17th

Students may wear a sweater, sweatshirt or t-shirt .
Uniform pants or skirt must be worn.

Please help children get better by wearing a sweater!!

Join Hampstead Hill Academy

Friends and Family Night Out!

Bring this flyer into Tutti Gusti on
Thursday, December 5, 2019

from 3-8pm

10% of Food & Drink purchases
(eat-in or carry out) will be donated to

Hampstead Hill Academy PTO

Come enjoy great food as well as a night out!

Gluten-free options available

Tutti Gusti
3100 Fait Ave.Baltimore.21224




Box Tops is going digital…
you can still find tradition

products. Don't miss out

CLIP: If your package has a traditional Box

Tops clip, cut it o and attach it above. Each
clip is worth 10¢ for our school. Please be
sure each clip has a valid expiration date.



…but during this transition,
nal Box Tops clips on many
t on cash for our school!


SCAN: If you see this label, use the new Box Tops app to Name & Homeroom:
scan your store receipt within 14 days of purchase. The app

will find participating products and instantly add Box Tops to

our school's earnings online. No clipping required! ©General Mills

HOW-TO: Impyoourrt tpheresHonHaAl Gscohogoloel ccaalleennddaarr to

1 From a web browser, go to:

2 Click on the
+Google Calendar icon

A new “Add calendar” window
will open.

The calendar name is:
“Parent meetings/activities”

3 Click the Add button

Your calendar will now display major events and will
receive any updates to the HHA calendar automatically.

Your Google Calendar will open and in “Other calendars”
you’ll see “Parent meetings/activities” listed.

This HOW-TO is brought to you by the efforts of the HHA PTO.
Want to help? Contact us!

This is a direct link to the calendar:


With Patterson Park Audubon Center

Programas con Audubon en Parque

¡Invitamos a su familia a programas sobre
naturaleza en español!

Sábado, 7 Diciembre, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Ya Viene el Invierno

Empezamos en la mesa al lado noreste del lago en el parque
¡Bienvenidos! Audubon imparte este programa educativo y divertido sobre naturaleza. Venga

para explorar el parque y los cambios de las estaciones y como les afectan a los animales y
plantas. Se enseña en español.

Friday, December 13th ∙ Viernes, 13 Diciembre
10:30 - 11:30 AM
Animals in Winter ∙ Animales de Invierno

Meet at the picnic tables on the northeastern shore of the Boat Lake
Empezamos en la mesa al lado noreste del lago en el parque

Ages: 2-5 ∙ Para niños de 2 a 5 años ∙ $5 suggested donation per child, with an adult
Tiny Tots is an early childhood environmental education program where kids make a craft, play

a game, and read a story around a nature theme. Space is limited.
Please register in advance: [email protected] or 410.558.2473.
Audubon imparte este programa infantil sobre naturaleza donde los niños exploran artes,
juegos, e historias, todo alrededor de un tema central – ofrecido en español.

Registración: 410.558.2473 o [email protected]

Saturday, December 7th in Druid Hill Park, 8:00 – 9:30 AM

Meet at 3001 East Drive
Saturday, December 14th in Patterson Park, 8:00 – 9:30 AM
Meet at the fountain, closest to E. Lombard St. and S. Patterson Park Ave.

All ages and abilities welcome! ∙ Free!
Over 200 bird species have visited Patterson Park, an important migratory stopover in Baltimore

City! Audubon experts will lead us in search of avian friends! Bring the whole family! No
experience necessary. There is no need to RSVP for this event, just arrive ready to explore! To

borrow binoculars: [email protected] or 410.558.2473.

your journey starts here free TO BMORE


Holiday Cookie Contest

Sponsored by the Friends of the Canton Library.
Come see the holiday decorations at the Canton Branch
and kick off the spirit of the holidays.

Take part in our Holiday Cookie Contest with prizes of
$25 Greedy Reads gift certificates. Two divisions of entries,
child and adult. Entries should be at least six cookies each,
delivered between noon and 1:00 p.m. on the day of the
event. Judging will take place at 1:15 p.m.
and you must be present to win.
Children can enjoy holiday crafting with Miss Lisa.
Light Refreshments will be served.

Please consider a children’s book donation
to the Friends of the Canton Library
Children’s Book drive, which may be
dropped off at the branch up
until December 14.

Saturday, December 7 12:00 p.m.

Canton Branch The free educational and cultural programs at Pratt
1030 S. Ellwood Avenue libraries are made possible by the generous support of

donors to the Enoch Pratt Free Library.

Family STEM:
Snow Science

December 2

4:00 p.m.

There’s no science like snow science.
Get ready for winter with hands-on activities

and experiments.

Canton Branch The free educational and cultural programs at
Pratt libraries are made possible by the generous
1030 S. Ellwood Avenue support of donors to the Enoch Pratt Free Library. your journey starts here free TO BMORE


Artesanas Mexicanas
of Creative Alliance


SUN DEC 15 | 5-9PM

Meet at Creative Alliance ; walk to Lady of Pompei Church

Join the community in Christmas songs as we are led in a candle-lit processions through the streets.
Celebrate our local churches and businesses along the route. Cap the night with a fiesta, performances,

and piñata breaking for all ages! Organized by Artesanas Mexicanas, and the Lady of Pompei Church.
Funded in part by National Endowment for the Arts.

$5 Suggested donation | 3134 Eastern Ave. | 410-276-1651

December Elementary & Mid
Traditional Breakfas

Monday Tuesday Wednesday 5
2 Oatmeal Breakfast 3 Turkey Sausage 4 Peach & Raspberry 19
Bun Breakfast Pizza Yogurt 26

Assorted Cold Cereal Assorted Cold Cereal Crunchy Granola
Graham Crackers Graham Crackers Clusters
Peach Cup Peach Cup
Fresh Orange Assorted Cold Cereal
9 Pancake Graham Crackers
Chicken Sausage 10 Turkey Sausage Mixed Fruit Cup
Patty Breakfast Pizza Banana
Assorted Cold Cereal 11 Plain Bagel
Assorted Cold Cereal Graham Crackers Cinnamon Raisin
Graham Crackers Peach Cup Bagel
Peach Cup Fresh Orange
Ginger Gold Apple Assorted Cold Cereal
17 Turkey Sausage Graham Crackers
16 Oatmeal Breakfast Breakfast Pizza Mixed Fruit Cup
Bun Banana
Assorted Cold Cereal
Assorted Cold Cereal Graham Crackers 18 Peach & Raspberry
Graham Crackers Peach Cup Yogurt
Peach Cup Fresh Orange
Ginger Gold Apple Crunchy Granola
24 Clusters
Winter Break Assorted Cold Cereal
Winter Break Graham Crackers
Mixed Fruit Cup


Winter Break

Schools Closed Schools Closed Schools Closed

30 31 Students must select
One item must be a s
Winter Break Winter Break

Schools Closed Schools Closed

This institution is an equal opportunity provid

ddle 2019 Options Available Daily at
st Menu Breakfast:
Thursday Cold Cereal Options-
6 Cinnamon Glazed Apple Cinnamon Cheerios,
Chicken Sausage & French Toast Multi-Grain Cheerios, Original
Egg Breakfast Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast
Sandwich Assorted Cold Cereal Crunch, Golden Grahams,
Graham Crackers
Assorted Cold Cereal Honey Kix
Graham Crackers Assorted Fresh Fruit
Pear 13 Strawberry Banana
Chicken Breakfast
Fillet Biscuit Assorted Cold Cereal
Graham Crackers
Assorted Cold Cereal
Graham Crackers Assorted Fresh Fruit

Chicken Sausage & 20 Cinnamon Glazed 1% White Milk, Fat Free White
Egg Breakfast French Toast Milk
Assorted Cold Cereal Menu subject to change
Assorted Cold Cereal Graham Crackers
Graham Crackers Daily Available Breakfast Nutritionals
Banana Assorted Fresh Fruit Breakfast Condiments
Winter Break 27

Winter Break

Schools Closed Schools Closed Milk

t at least 3 food items.
serving of fruit or vegetable.



Monday Tuesday Wednesday 5

2 Hamburger on Bun 3 Breaded Drumstick 4 Sloppy Joe on
Cheeseburger on Bun Tuna Salad Hamburger Roll
Veggie Burger on Tuna Salad
WG Hamburger Bun Saltine Crackers
Oven Fries Vegetable rice WG Bread, 2 slices
Side Salad Falafel on Flat Bread
Seasoned Greens
Hummus Plate Steamed Carrots
Side Salad Side Salad

9 Breaded Cheese Sticks 10 Steak Sub on WG Roll 11 Tangerine Chicken 12
Marinara Sauce Cup Cheese Steak Sub Brown Rice
PB & J Sandwich Tuna Salad 19
Veggie Burger on Saltine Crackers Deli Sandwich
WG Hamburger Bun Hummus Plate Falafel on Flat Bread G
Corn Roasted Butternut S
Squash Broccoli
Side Salad Side Salad
Side Salad
18 Chicken Cheese Steak
16 Breaded Chicken Patty 17 Spiral Rotini w/Italian Sub
Sandwich Meat Sauce
Tuna Salad Deli Sandwich
Veggie Burger on Falafel on Flat Bread
WG Hamburger Bun WG Bread, 2 slices
Hummus Plate Steamed Carrots
Vegetarian Beans Broccoli Side Salad
Side Salad Side Salad

23 24 25 26

Winter Break Winter Break Winter Break

Schools Closed Schools Closed Schools Closed

30 31

Winter Break Winter Break

Schools Closed Schools Closed

This institution is an equal oppor

DDLE 2019

Thursday Friday

Chicken Burrito Bowl 6 Cheese Pizza
Sour Cream Turkey Pepperoni
Deli Sandwich Pizza
Veggie Wrap Carrot Sticks
Side Salad
Fiesta Taco Black
Beans Daily Available Lunch Options

Side Salad Milk Options:
1% White Milk, Fat Free White Milk,
WG Chicken Tender 13 Cheese Pizza Sometimes Fat Free Chocolate Milk, Fat
Honey Mustard Cup Turkey Pepperoni
Pizza Free Strawberry Milk
Dinner Roll PB & J Sandwich Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Tuna Salad Carrot Sticks Apples, oranges, pears and bananas
WG Bread, 2 slices Side Salad
Veggie Wrap All rolls, breads, and tortillas are made with
Vegetarian Beans whole grain.
Side Salad
Menu is subject change.
Sliced Turkey 20 Cheese Pizza
Gravy Turkey Pepperoni
Stuffing, WG Carrot Sticks
Veggie Wrap Side Salad
Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Seasoned Greens Side


Winter Break 27
Schools Closed
Winter Break

Schools Closed


Daily Condiment Offerings

Lunch Daily Available Nutritionals

rtunity provider.


Monday, December 2, 2019 Monday, December 9, 2019

 2:40pm - 3:15pm Coach Class Schultz  Mobile Dentist Visit

 2:40pm - 4:20pm Gr 4 Emerging Scholars  2:40pm - 3:15pm Coach Class Schultz

 2:40pm - 4:30pm Gym - Play Rehearsal  2:40pm - 4:20pm Gr 4 Emerging Scholars

 2:40pm - 4pm Lego WeDo  2:40pm - 4:30pm Play Rehearsal

 2:45pm - 4pm Chess Club  2:45pm - 4pm Chess Club

 2:45pm - 3:30pm Coach Class O'Connor  2:45pm - 3:30pm Coach Class O'Connor

 2:50pm - 3:50pm French Class  2:50pm - 3:50pm French Class

 4:30pm - 6pm Brownies & Daisies  4:30pm - 6pm Junior Girl Scouts

 6pm - 7pm Basketball Clinic  6pm - 7pm Basketball Clinic

 6pm - 7pm PTO Meeting

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

 Grade 2 Train Garden Trip Tuesday, December 10, 2019

 7:30am - 8am Coach Class Kaplan  Mobile Dentist Visit

 2:40pm - 3:40pm Coach Class Kleine  Gr 1 Train Garden Trip

 2:40pm - 4:30pm Debate  7:30am - 8am Coach Class Kaplan

 2:45pm - 4pm Coach Class Luthers  2:40pm - 3:40pm Coach Class Kleine

 2:45pm - 5pm Green Leaders  2:40pm - 4:30pm Debate

 2:50pm - 3:30pm Coach Class Pratta  2:45pm - 4pm Coach Class Luthers

 2:50pm - 4:30pm Basketball  2:50pm - 4pm Builders Club

 6pm - 7pm Cub Scouts  2:50pm - 3:30pm Coach Class Pratta

 2:50pm - 4:30pm Basketball

Wednesday, December 4, 2019  6pm - 7pm Cub Scouts

 7:15am - 8am Coach Class Ruppenthal  6pm - 7pm Cadettes

 2:40pm - 4:20pm Gr 3 Emerging Scholars

 2:40pm - 4:30pm Play Rehearsal Wednesday, December 11, 2019

 2:45pm - 4pm Open Doors  7:15am - 8am Coach Class Ruppenthal

 2:50pm - 4pm Diversity Club  11am - 12pm Klenk Train Garden Trip

 2:50pm - 3:50pm French Make Up Class  2:40pm - 4:20pm Gr 3 Emerging Scholars

 6pm - 7pm Basketball Clinic  2:40pm - 4:30pm Play Rehearsal

 2:50pm - 3:50pm French Make Up Class

Thursday, December 5, 2019  5:30pm - 7:30pm Family Science Night

 7:30am - 8am Coach Class Sparwasser

 2:40pm - 4pm B'More Green Club Thursday, December 12, 2019

 2:40pm - 4:20pm Gr 2 Emerging Scholars  7:30am - 8am Coach Class Sparwasser

 2:40pm - 4:30pm Paint Party Fundraiser  11:10am - 1:45pm Gr 2 Field Trip

 2:45pm - 4pm Culinary Arts Club Gr 6-8  2:40pm - 4:20pm Gr 2 Emerging Scholars

 2:50pm - 3:15pm Coach Class Costello  2:45pm - 4pm Culinary Arts Club Gr 6-8

 2:50pm - 3:30pm Coach Class Lohrman  2:50pm - 3:15pm Coach Class Costello

 2:50pm - 4:30pm Basketball  2:50pm - 4:30pm Basketball

 2:50pm - 3:50pm Spanish Class  2:50pm - 3:50pm Spanish Class

 3pm - 8pm PTO Tutti Gusti Night  2:50pm - 3:30pm Coach Class Lohrman

 6pm - 7pm Tai Qi  3:15pm - 4:15pm Strong Schools Meeting

 6pm - 7pm Tai Qi

Friday, December 6, 2019 Friday, December 13, 2019 LGP Team Building
 8:10am - 9:05am LGP Community  8:10am - 9:05am Earthquake/Hurricane Drill
 9:15am - 11:45am K Field Trip  11am - 12pm Play Rehearsal
 2:40pm - 4:30pm Play Rehearsal  2:40pm - 4:30pm Hip Hop Dance
 2:50pm - 3:50pm Hip Hop Dance  2:50pm - 3:50pm Basketball Clinic
 6pm - 7pm
Saturday, December 7, 2019

8am - 3pm Debate Tournament

Monday, December 16, 2019

 8am - 9:30am Padres Unidos/Parents United

 2:40pm - 4:20pm Gr 4 Emerging Scholars

 2:40pm - 3:15pm Coach Class Schultz

 2:40pm - 4:30pm Play Rehearsal

 2:45pm - 4pm Chess Club

 2:45pm - 3:30pm Coach Class O'Connor

 2:50pm - 3:50pm French Class

 4:30pm - 6pm Brownies & Daisies

 6pm - 7pm Basketball Clinic

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

 Ugly Sweater Day

 7:30am - 8am Coach Class Kaplan

 8am - 10am Conexiones Latinas

 11am - 12pm Kaminaris Train Garden Trip

 2:40pm - 3:40pm Coach Class Kleine

 2:40pm - 4:30pm Debate

 2:45pm - 4pm Coach Class Luthers

 2:50pm - 4:15pm Builders Club Walk

 2:50pm - 3:30pm Coach Class Pratta

 2:50pm - 4:30pm Basketball

 6pm - 7pm Cub Scouts

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

 K Train Garden Trip

 7:15am - 8am Coach Class Ruppenthal

 2:40pm - 4:30pm Play Rehearsal

 2:45pm - 4pm Open Doors

 3pm - 4pm School Family Council Meeting

 6pm - 7pm Basketball Clinic

Thursday, December 19, 2019 Winter Community Arts
 Progress Report Sent Home Night at Hampstead
 7:30am - 8am Coach Class Sparwasser Hill Academy
 2:40pm - 4pm B'More Green Club
 2:40pm - 4:20pm Gr 2 Emerging Scholars Thursday, December 19th
 2:45pm - 4pm Culinary Arts Club Gr 6-8
 2:50pm - 3:15pm Coach Class Costello 5:30 - 7pm
 2:50pm - 3:30pm Coach Class Lohrman
 2:50pm - 4:30pm Basketball Music, Dinner and an
 2:50pm - 3:50pm Spanish Class Art Show!
 5:30pm - 7pm Winter Community Arts Night

Friday, December 20, 2019 LGP Community Circle
 Purple Friday Play Rehearsal
 8:10am - 9:05am Hip Hop Dance
 2:40pm - 4:30pm
 2:50pm - 3:50pm

School Closed - Winter Break
Monday, December 23, 2019 –
Wednesday, January 1, 2020
School Reopens Thursday, January 2, 2020

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