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Untitled presentation

Untitled presentation

A is for Alone. They way A
that HEster felt alone since
she was isolated by the

B is for Baby. The B
child pearl was
when her mother
held her.


C is for Confession
when Dimmesdale
confesses for being
the baby daddy.

D is for Dangerous, D
the dangerous paths
hester took for the
people she loves.

E is for Easy, The E
easy life the minister
got to take since his
secret wasn’t let out
to the public.


F is for Faithful,
Hester was Faithful
to the minister and
never revealed his


G is for Graveyard,
The place Pearl like
to play in and
throw rocks alone.


H is for Hester, One
of the main character
that have gone
through so much in
her life.

I is for Independents, I
Hester had to be
independent for her
and pearl to survive.


J is for Jeering,
The Jeering
pearl did as
she played with
her mother.

K is for Kindness, No matter K
what happened hester was
always kind with pearl. Even
when she thought she was a
devil child.

L is for Love, The L
love hester felt as
she looked at her
child pearl.


M is for Marked, The mark
some people say they saw
on the ministers chest that
represents and A for
Hester’s scarlet letter.


N is for Naughty, Pearl
tended to be a
Naughty girl when she
throw rocks at other


O is for Opportune, The
minister and Hester
waited for an Opportune
moment to leave the town
but it never happened.


P is for Pearl. The
daughter of Hester,
the one that has
received the scarlet


Q is for Questions.
The questions that
pearl had for her
mother in the book.


R is for Reminder.
The Scarlet letter A
is a reminder of her
sins that she has


S is for Skillful. Hester
was a very skillful
mother to pearl and
having to live by
herself with pearl.

T is for Treasure. T
Pearl is Hester’s
Treasure and only
prize in her life. The
reason for Pearls


U is for unravel. The way
chillingworth was trying
to unravel to truth to find
out who was the father
of pearl.


V is for Vanish. Hester
wanted to vanish with
pearl and the minister
to get away from her
life of isolation.


W is for Wilderness.
Hester had to meet the
minister in the
wilderness to peak with
him and so he can see

X is for eXecuted, X
which is the
punishment that is
received for


Y is for Youth. The
Youth pearl and
hester had as they
were both still young
and admired.

Z is for zealous. The Minister Z
was extremely zealous during
the climax when he tells
everyone in the church that he
is the father of pearl.

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