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The Decree - May 2019


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The Decree
since 1960 “of, by, and for the Wesleyan community.” May 31, 2019

N O R T H C A R O L I N A W E S L E YA N C O L L E G E , R O C K Y M O U N T, N O R T H C A R O L I N A 2 7 8 0 4

Venezuelan Grad Discusses Tennis ASPIRE Student Endured Cancer,
Title, New Job, Life Back Home Hurricane to Earn College Degree
Cecilia Patino overcame two cancer treatments when I felt horrible. I cried myself
It’s been a busy past month for A. It’s hard to choose only one. Besides but we need diagnoses, a hurricane, and family hard- to sleep many nights, trying to figure out if it
Stephany Barbera. winning the conference with the team, I to get rid of the ship to earn a college degree through all would be worth it, or if I would die in the
would say it was being inducted to the Na- dictatorship the Wilmington ASPIRE program. process. I clenched to my faith, I knew God
A native of Barquisimento, Venezuela, tional Society of Leadership and Success, we live under had a plan for me, and I decided I would
she was co-captain on a tennis team that and of course, graduation. right now. On May 4, she was one of more than 100 fight, every day, no matter how hard.”
dominated the USASouth Conference and new grads to walk across the stage at the
earned a berth in the NCAADivision III Q. You’re the only graduating senior and Q. What is Stephany Barbera SI photo Rocky Mount Event Center. Her parents Then, after she recovered her health,
regional tournament. She hosted her family there is only one junior on the team. Make a that you want were among family members in attendance, Patino experienced two new setbacks. Her
at her May 4th graduation. Now the business prediction: How will the Bishops do next year? Americans to know about Venezuela? while others watched the proceedings over an mother was diagnosed with cancer, and
and marketing major looks forward to mov- online video link from Cordoba, Argentina. her father underwent brain surgery and
ing to Miami, where her first job awaits her. A. I believe the team will do great next A. I would love for Americans to know long convalescence. She took time to care
year. They have very strong players and what actually happens in other countries, “As I was waiting for my name to be for them. “This break lasted a lot longer
The Decree interviewed Barbera I’m positive that they can go even further. especially Venezuela. I’d like for them to fol- called, I couldn't help but feel over- than expected,” she said. “I was unable to
following the NCAA regionals. low the news and to look for ways in which whelmed and so blessed to be standing commit to my education when both of my
Q. I’d like to turn to what’s been happening they can help the people there by making there,” she said. “It all felt like a puzzle parents were battling for their life.”
Q. What led you to Wesleyan in the in Venezuela. Describe your family’s daily life. donations or providing other types of aid. finally coming together.”
first place? Americans don’t know how fortunate they Years after finishing her associate’s degree
A. There’s no secret that the situation in are compared to other countries in the world. A few years after she was found to have and taking courses at a different four-year
A.As a tennis player, I made a video of Venezuela is difficult right now.All my fam- ovarian cancer, Patino was diagnosed with school, she enrolled last fall at the Wesleyan
me playing and posted it on YouTube with ily lives there. My parents own a business and Q. Talk about the difficulties in living breast cancer at age 24. She underwent Wilmington campus. TheASPIRE pro-
my contact information in order to be recruit- my brother’s in his junior year of high school. overseas during turbulent times back home. two lumpectomies within a year, interrupt- gram attracted her because of the acceler-
ed by coaches from different colleges and Among the challenges faced on a daily basis ing her studies at a community college.   ated classes and a schedule that allowed her
universities in the U.S. What made me come are finding food in supermarkets, waiting A. It’s very difficult to leave home in to continue working. “I was happy to see
to Wesleyan was the tennis program and the hours in line to put gas in the cars, and expe- order to pursue your dreams. But it’s even “At the time I felt as if the world was that I could still finish my degree even after
scholarship that the college offered me. riencing shortages of power (electricity). It harder when you know everything that is crumbling on top of me,” she recalled. “I taking so much time off,” she said.
was fortunate that they were able to come for happening in your country, especially with remembered the many times during cancer
Q. What did you learn about yourself graduation and they’re still here with me. your family and friends still there. Constantly Cecilia Patino Soon after beginning her courses,
over the past four years? I feel hopeless and desperate because there’s Wilmington was hit by Hurricane Florence.
Q. While a Wesleyan student, how and nothing much I can do from here besides
A. I learned that I’m able to achieve anything how often did you keep in touch with them. letting people know about what’s going on “We were without power for over
I want as long as I work toward my dreams. How often were you able to visit home? there. Sometimes I try to stay positive and it two weeks,” she said. “It was uncom-
When I first came here, my English was very makes me feel better speaking to my family fortable, but I was happy I was safe.”
limited, but with a lot of practice, I learned A. We did video calls at least once a week, but and knowing they’re okay regardless of the
the language and graduated with honors. we texted each other back and forth every day. I circumstances. It hasn’t been easy being far Though her apartment building sustained
tried to go home every Christmas break, because away from home during difficult times, but less damage than others in her neighbor-
Q. What was special about the 2019 I stayed in the States every summer to work. knowing that I’m doing my best here (which hood, there was a serious mold condition
women’s tennis team? makes my family very proud) comforts me. that forced Patino and her husband, Elias,
Q. How do you follow news events to vacate. They lived for two months at
A. I loved the diversity of the team since there in Venezuela? Q. Finish by telling us what’s next for you. her family’s house and then found a new
all the players were internationals. It was A. Right now, I’ll be moving to Miami. apartment, whose management, she said,
so special to see how all team members A. I search newspapers or social media I’ll be working at Marcus Evans Company, was considerate of her situation. Besides
brought something different that, all on line. In Venezuela, mass media and which is an international business consulting forcing her from her apartment, the hur-
together, helped us to accomplish our goals. communications are mostly controlled by company with multiple offices all over the ricane caused severe damage to a local hotel
This year, we defeated a nationally ranked the government, so we don’t really have world. I’ll be there as a sales and development where she was a manager.
team (College of New Jersey, at 26th) for that much access to news on TV. executive. I start in June. I’m very excited for
the first time in the program’s history. this new opportunity, which I believe will help After a period of joblessness, Patino se-
Q.Whatdoyouhopehappensinyourcountry? me to grow in the business world. I decided cured employment as an office assistant at
Q. What, for you, was the most mem- A. I really hope we can get rid of the cur- to move to Florida because I have family and a massage and acupuncture center in Wilm-
orable moment about the past season? rent government soon and start to build a new friends there, it is easier for my parents to fly ington.Among other duties, she schedules
country. There have been lots of innocent there from home, and I’d love to live by the appointments and does filing and data entry,
A. It was definitely winning the confer- people who have died. In hospitals, children beach (I don’t like winter, so it’ll be great!). she said. “I’m thankful I was able to get a
ence, but also the amazing trip we had in die every day because there are not enough full-time job and resume my life.”
Florida for spring break, when we were able medical supplies. Our economy is very un-
to play really good DI and DII schools. stable, with inflation as high as anywhere on
Earth. There are a lot of changes to be made,
Q. What was the most memorable
moment from your time at Wesleyan?

Honors Students Conduct Research on Array of Subjects Abletoreturntotheclassroom,Patino
was appreciative of the personal touch she
Taylor-Crocker Program for tons of diseases like malaria and Zika, so with conferences, and even contacted a nearby to the concept of Reacting to the Past, so experienced from the Wesleyan staff—she
At Highest Enrollment it’s important we understand how to stop this university to help me get even more input from he helped me find a lot of the sources that singled out her adviser Fabiola Kinney—
transmission. I worked with Dr. (Erica) Kosal a professor working on mosquitoes. Dr. Kosal I needed to get this project started. He was and professors. “At a previous school,
Dr. Fred Sanborn was impressed by to determine what concentrations of this plant was one of the biggest motivators I had in this also great at answering my off-the-wall, the professors cared about my success,
presentations made by seniors in the extract would repel mosquitoes the most. We thesis. She’s someone I can call a close friend. late night emails. I owe him and my other but they weren’t always as dedicated,”
Taylor-Crocker Honors Program dur- looked at their behavioral differences, includ- committee members, Dr. (Chad) Ross and she said. “The Wesleyan professors were
ing the past academic year. ing their feeding patterns. We also learned how Q. What are your plans for next year Dr. (Molly) Wyatt, a lot for not only helping understanding and tried to work with me
to maintain mosquito populations in the lab, and the future? me with the project, but with guiding me as much as possible. I always felt my
“The projects ran a huge gamut of which was a pretty cool challenge on its own. through the graduate school process as well.  professors were with me every step of the
topics, from the creation of a business app A. I plan to attend Thomas Jefferson way, offering help and advice not only for
to original cancer research,” said Dr. San- Q. What was most challenging about University to obtain my Master’s in Public Q. What are your plans for next year my academic goals, but personal goals as
born, the assistant director of the program. the project? Health degree. I hope to use this to con- and the future? well. I felt I had a strong support system,
“I was impressed by the projects this tinue researching infectious diseases like outside of my family, which is rare to find
year. The final presentations were a good A. It was definitely keeping the mosquitoes malaria and to start a nonprofit and/or go A. In the fall, I will be attending Virginia in a school. It was comforting.”
indication of the time and effort put in by alive! There was a protocol online that we fol- into medicine for underserved areas. Tech in pursuit of an MAin history with a
the students and their faculty directors.” lowed, but most lab protocols have to be modi- public history certificate. While there, I plan Patino graduated with degrees in psy-
fied for the institution where you’re working. Jessica Brabble to continue working on the Reacting to the chology and organizational administration.
Fifteen seniors completed an in-depth It was sort of like a puzzle, each piece coming Q. Describe your project. Past game that I have created with the hopes
project during the year. Directed by a facul- together to create a finalized list of methods A. My honors thesis is a student role-play- of making it a more polished game that can be “My journey has had a few roadblocks
ty mentor, the projects span two semesters, that may not appear very extensive but took ing game based on the “Reacting to the Past” played at other colleges. In the future, I hope on the way, but it all felt worth it when
with the students often doing preliminary much research and brainstorming to develop. pedagogy. This pedagogy puts students into an to gain my Ph.D. in history and work either in I heard my name at our graduation, fol-
research during the preceding summer. Dr. important historical moment and assigns them higher education or in the public history field. lowed by magna cum laude,” she said.
Sanborn was acting director during spring Q. What did you learn about yourself? historical roles to play. In my case, I based my “I’m now healthy, cancer free, and excited
semester, while Dr. Bill Yankosky took A. It taught me how much of a deter- game upon the 1898-1899 Senate debate about See HONORS pg 2 to see what God has in store for me.”
time for a research sabbatical. mined individual I am as well as how much I whether to ratify the Treaty of Paris after the
value collaboration. There were many times Spanish-American War. This was a divisive At the May 4 commencement, Beverly Anaele (right) received
Last year Wesleyan’s honors program when I would need to stay in the lab for sev- topic in 1898-1899 because it meant deciding the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award and Jessica Brabble
grew to 65 members, the most ever. eral hours preparing experimental trials, and whetherAmerica would become an imperial earned the President’s Cup.
“As a whole, the honors students are I’m proud that I was able to work as hard as power and take over the Philippine Islands.  Photo courtesy of J. Brabble
very impressive,” Dr. Sanborn said. “It’s I did. I also could not have finalized my proj- Q. What was most challenging about
remarkable the effort they put into their ect without valuable help from my director, the project?
work as well the leadership positions they Dr. Kosal, and several other faculty members A. For me, the most challenging part was
tend to take on campus and beyond. What and students. This project showed me that staying on task. For this project, I had to cre-
impresses me most is that the honors stu- “teamwork really does make the dream ate a game book, role sheets for 17 characters,
dents just care a lot--about their education, work” (not to be philosophical, but it’s true), an introductory paper, and some other key
about Wesleyan, about their communities, and that lifelong friends can be made through elements. In total, it ended up being over
and about the world. They’re willing to sharing your passions with each other. 250 pages of content. It was certainly a lot to
take action to improve their world, which Q. Be more specific about your director’s role. keep in mind, and I had to remain disciplined
makes me hopeful about the future.” A. Dr. Kosal played a huge role in this enough to make sure that I had as many ele-
project. She started working on this thesis ments as possible ready by the beginning of
Last month, The Decree interviewed six with me during the end of my sophomore March so that I could then play test my game. 
of the honors students, five of whom plan year, taking time out of her day to brainstorm Q. What did you learn about yourself?
to attend graduate school next year, while ideas with me, analyze results, and gather my A. I did this project while working two
the sixth is launching his own business. data. It was because of a trip I took with her jobs, doing my senior seminar for history,
Conservation Biology class that I learned the applying for graduate school, and balancing
Beverly Anaele American beautyberry existed. We both sort all of my other classes. Because of that, I’ve
Q. Describe your project. of looked at each other when we found out learned that as long as I have a planner, I can
A. My research was focused on under- that it has repellency factors and I could see manage my time pretty well. 
standing how mosquitoes respond to a the same spark of excitement in her eyes that Q. What role did your director play?
natural plant extract from theAmerican beau- I knew were reflected in mine. She helped me A. Dr. (Jonathan) Sarris was extremely
tyberry. This is a plant endemic to the south- organize my thoughts for the project’s objec- helpful throughout this process. He’s the
eastern parts of the U.S. and it has chemicals tives and my written/oral report, connected me one that introduced me (and my classmates)
in it that repel lots of insects like ticks, red fire
ants, and mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are vectors

2 North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27804 May 31, 2019


Profile: Assistant Store Manager Jared Johnson, Class of ‘18
By Dawn Wallace a strong working relationship with Rich. play and watch sports. A talented Last month Johnson wed Kelsee
& Decree Staff Asked if their relationship had changed now disc golfer, he can often be seen with Whitley, a fellow Wesleyan grad. The two
that he’s Rich’s assistant, he said, “I don’t so. friends, tossing a disc on Wesleyan’s married one week before she received her
It was a busy day in the Wesleyan Col- If anything, it may have gotten better.” on-campus course. His best round is diploma May 4 at the Rocky Mount Event
lege Store. Several prospective football Johnson sees Rich as a role model. six under-par. His best overall round is Center. An education major, Whitley hopes
players and their parents were browsing “Marcus is one of the hardest working eight under at the Sunset Park course. to become an elementary school teacher.
the blue and gold Wesleyan apparel. people that I’ve been around,” he said.
“In the past I’ve worked in places where “I think that the course here is easier Like Johnson, Whitley was a student
Jared Johnson, the assistant manager, can employees try to get by doing the mini- to play in the winter because the grass worker in the college store, but their families
be seen talking and sharing a few laughs with mum. I feel like Marcus is the complete is low and the trees are leafless, so there have known each other since their childhood.
one family. He’s always willing to stop and talk opposite. He often takes work home with aren’t as many obstacles on your way to Johnson noted thatWhitley’s mother taught
to visitors or students. Six-feet tall with light Jared Johnson Decree photo him, and most of the time, he eats lunch the hole,” he said. his younger sister in elementary school.
brown hair, he’s dressed in khakis and a navy- Johnson andWhitley have a sweet relation-
blue polo shirt with the NC Wesleyan logo. from that of a student to the mindset of in 10 minutes to continue working rather Basketball is another favorite activ- ship.They attend Christ Covenant church and
a professional,” he said. “Now that I’m than taking a full hour to himself.” ity. Once while playing a pickup game spend time worshipping the Lord together.
Johnson was raised in Rocky Mount on staff, everything I do reflects the Johnson added that Rich has created a with friends, he scored 30 points. “That
off Highway 97 near the Rocky Mount- college. I’m trying my best to represent positive atmosphere for his workers. “I’ve doesn’t happen very often and it was a “It really wasn’t until she came to Wes-
Wilson Airport. Along with a brother and Wesleyan in a positive way.” enjoyed working for Marcus because he’s proud moment in his life,” he said. leyan that we started to hang out together,”
sister and his parents, he grew up with With Johnson managing me and nine able to make work fun,” he said. “He’s Johnson related. “Other than a physical at-
cousins—the children of his mother’s twin other students, I was curious to know always even keel. In the nearly six years Dwayne Wade, a player for the Miami traction, she had many traits that I was seek-
sister–– who lived nearby. Johnson said his advice for students who may want I’ve worked for him, I don’t think I’ve Heat, is Johnson’s favorite basketball ing in a wife. She loves Jesus, she’s kind,
he and his siblings often enjoyed spending to take on a work-study position in the ever seen him angry or upset.” player. He is a fan of football and often she’s funny, and she’s very easy going.”
time with the cousins on the weekends future. “My advice is to be attentive and While working an 8-to-5 job, Johnson plays fantasy football. He follows the Caro-
swinging on their swing, or just tossing proactive. Be ready to step up and be is enrolled at East Carolina University in lina Panthers, but considers Tom Brady the Right after graduation, the couple
around a baseball. The two families would the one to take responsibility,” he said. an online master’s degree program. He’s closest he has to a favorite NFL player. “It’s took a weeklong honeymoon cruise
often take vacations together, he said. Johnson explained that all workers studying business administration and intends impressive what he’s done over his career in the Caribbean, traveling to St.
will make mistakes or, at times, do an to graduate in two years. “I’m hoping to use and it’s insane that he’s still playing at a Maarten, San Juan, and Haiti. 
“Family is important to me,” he said. inadequate job. “The key is to learn my degree to teach lower-level business high level in his forties,” Johnson said, not-
“I’m lucky that growing up almost all from your experiences,” he said. classes at the undergraduate level,” he said. ing that the New England quarterback looks Johnson said his wife will teach summer
of my extended family lived in Rocky When he was a student, Johnson had In his free time, Johnson likes to a little like his boss. “Both are tall and they school during June and July in the Nash-
Mount. I really liked it.” have the same hair style,” he quipped. Rocky Mount district. He said she is inter-
Jerry Shoemaker Finishes MS in CJ viewing for full-time positions in the area.
The Southern Nash High graduate On May 4, Jerry Shoemaker was among Johnson uses sports to strike up Her preference is to teach second grade.
enrolled at Wesleyan the following fall. the first group to graduate from Wesleyan’s Jerry and Debbie Shoemaker conversations with his student employees
Attracted by the college’s size, location and new master’s program in criminal justice. as well as Rich. I’ve often heard him says Johnson spoke of his wife with
the offer of a scholarship, Johnson double- Photo courtesy of J. Shoemaker things like, “Did you see the game last evident pride.
majored in business administration and ac- Aresident of the Rocky Mount area night?” and “How are you doing on your
counting and held a work-study job at the since 1998, the 50-year-old is employed as pursuits the past three years. I set my goals and fantasy team?” “I’m sure she’ll be an awesome teacher
college store. Besides stocking shelves and a corporal in the Enfield Police Department. then put both hands to the plow and refused to because she’s great with kids and possesses
clerking, Johnson was responsible for mail Besides his full-time job in law enforce- look back. I even purchased a deck package HONORS from pg 1 the heart to see them succeed,” he said.
delivery to different departments. He also ment, Shoemaker is a minister and for the from Builders Discount and have yet had the Ivan Cockman my career I hope to do infectious disease
dealt with students who came to the store past 16 years, he’s been the owner-operator time in the last three years to put it together. Q. Describe your project. research full-time, perhaps going into
for their packages. “That’s one aspect that I of Deb’s Funnel cakes, a mobile “fun food My wife, Debbie, made the most significant A. I focused on modelling Markov chains in pharmaceutical development. 
really liked about working in the store,” he extravaganza.” He’s taught continuing edu- sacrifice because, prior to enrolling at Wesley- an open-source programming language called
said. “I got to meet everyone on campus.” cation courses at Nash Community College an, she and I would spend every day together Python. Markov chains are used to model time- Joseph Lloyd
for several years. He served as a military with my full attention on her or the family’s dependent random phenomena. This type of Q. Describe your project.
Johnson finished at Wesleyan in April police officer in the U.S.Army during needs. In the past we would take vacations model is useful in sciences, finance, and other A. I focused on social media and memory
of 2018 and became assistant manager Operation Desert Storm, the first gulf war. together at least twice a year for a minimum of fields. My goal was to understand Markov deception topics. Though memory research
in the store last October. He said that his a week, but while I was busy with my studies, chains and create a generic program that shows had been conducted on older forms of
experiences as a student-worker led him The Decree spoke with Shoemaker we missed out on six weeks of vacation. how they work and perform some analysis. media, there has been little research done on
to seek the full-time position. “It’s hard in the weeks before his graduation. social media. My goal was to see how much
work,” he said, “but it’s fun and worth it.” Q. How do you account for your suc- Q. What was most challenging about influence social media had on the autobio-
Q. Tell us about your family. cess as a student? the project? graphical memories of its users. To do this, I
Though he’s only a year removed A. I have a wonderful wife of 17-plus tested participants’memories by giving them
from his student-worker days, Johnson years, Debbie Shoemaker, aka “Chocolate A. While working on both degrees, I A. I would say it was working with a fabricated social media news feed, paired
said the adjustment to full-time employ- Bunny”; three wonderful grown children, Hol- maintained a rigorous schedule and tried Python, as I had no experience with any with a questionnaire. The results indicated
ee and supervisor was pretty smooth. ly Marie Shoemaker, 28, Jerry Lee Shoemaker to complete each task ahead of time rather programming languages. that exposure to social media information that
He noted that college Store Manager III, 26; and Tyhira Walston, 27, as well as an than waiting until the last minute. Often I contradicted autobiographical memory of
Marcus Rich is the one responsible for extraordinary dog named Kali.All of whom finished my assignments early enough to Q. What did you learn about yourself? news events led to changes in the memories.
giving students their assignments. have made me the proud man that I am. help others in my cohort. A. I learned that I have the capability to Q. What was most challenging about
Q. You’re a minister, as well as a work on a large project if I put the time and the project?
“By the time I graduated,” he explained, businessman and police officer? I understand my learning style. Since effort into it. A. I would say it was conducting the
“I’d accumulated multiple responsibilities A. I share the word of God wherever the early 2000s, I’ve applied a principle Q. What role did your director play? surveys. Operating statistical software
in the store and I was confident that I could and whenever the need arises. Debbie and I I learned from Dr. West, a psychology A. Dr. (Brent) Dozier was a great was also challenging at times.
do a good job in a higher role. I feel like the have been spearheading “SHARE Outreach professor at Nash Community College. It’s director. He was a source of ideas for Q. What did you learn about yourself?
students view me in a different way, but it Ministry” through prayer from its inception in known as the Premack Principle. He taught the coding aspect of the project and he A. I learned that I can easily adapt
felt normal because of how much I was al- July of 2003. Reaching into the lives of others us that, on a daily basis, you should take helped me understand the mathematical to the challenges that confront me.
ready doing in the store as a student. I may with the love of Christ through a “Fishin’ care of your least favorite activities and concepts behind Markov chains. Q. What role did your director play?
suggest a task for them here or there, but Mission” of family fun, SHARE is a ministry assignments first and then complete the Q. What are your plans for next year A. My director (Dr. Sanborn) was very
Marcus is the one who assigns their duties. that has touched the lives of thousands. ones you enjoy more. The other key was and the future? helpful throughout the course of my study.
Q. Talk about your start in law en- that I would take time—at least 20 minutes A. I plan on attending the North Carolina He was able to give me proper guidance and
Johnson added that the biggest forcement and education in that field. or so—to review lessons learned earlier in State’s chemistry graduate program in the confidence at times I needed it most. I’m
change has been in the way he carries A. I returned to my first love, law enforce- the day. Repetition is important and proved fall. I hope to get my Ph.D. and either work very grateful for the assistance he provided.
himself. “I had to change my mindset ment, after obtaining an associate’s degree very helpful in attaining all my degrees. in the chemical industry or education. Q. What are your plans for next year
in criminal justice at Nash Community. and your future career?
DeTchreee Fifteen years after Mr. Michael Drew begun I always worked on my school assign- Hannah Ivester A. I plan to attend a mathematics mas-
his relentless recruitment, I enrolled in the ments at the kitchen table where I would Q. Describe your project. ter’s program at East Carolina University in
since 1960 ASPIRE program to work on my bachelor’s. sit free of distractions, with my little dog, A. It was a combination of a creative the fall. I’m not sure about my future career,
“of, by, and for the Wesleyan community.” I completed 62 credit-hours in 11 months, Kali, sitting on my foot showing me she’s narrative and scientific analysis of the novel yet but I’ll probably go on to get a Ph.D.
graduating with a 4.0 GPA in May 2017. right there with me. As a police officer, “The Strain” by Guillermo del Toro. The
s ta f f By June of that year, I was enrolled in my off days were Sunday through Tues- narrative is used to help teach the reader Justin Tankelewicz
the 4th Basic Law Enforcement Train- day and every other Saturday. I would use about viruses and viral infection, while the Q. Describe your project.
Staff Writers ing Academy (BLET) at Edgecombe the off days to complete school work, put- scientific analysis attempts to give validity to A. I decided to write and execute a busi-
Community College as a full-time ting in 12 hours a day. It was difficult at the science used in the novel. The discussion ness plan. My business is called REACHur. It
Cameron Beal, cadet, sponsored by the Northampton times, knowing there would be no going also critiques the differences between the sci- pays local social-media users to post on their
Trey Croom, County Sheriff’s Office. Despite being to the movies for our typical date night, no ence in the book and the science in real life. personal social media accounts about local
Ali Cucinotta, 48 years young, I graduated at the top of walks together, fewer long conversations. Q. What was most challenging about businesses. REACHur helps local businesses
Zack Foster, the class earning the highest academic Debbie really made sacrifices for me. She the project? improve their social media marketing and
grade of all four academies, according would often say, “I can’t wait until you A. The most difficult part of my thesis helps social media users make an easy dollar.
Christian Heisey, to the Academy Director Burnie Taylor. complete your program so we can have was trying to marry the real and the fictional. Q. What was most challenging about
Hannah Ivester, Upon completion of BLET, I once again a life again.” Debbie has encouraged me Trying to see the scientific truth in a fictional the project?
Jared Joyner, became a sworn law enforcement officer, and always supports me in whatever I do; novel about vampires is no easy task. A. It was getting businesses to buy in to
this time in the state of North Carolina. she is a real cheerleader, cheering for the Q. What did you learn about yourself? REACHur. So far, I’ve pitched to about 20
Jovan Pope, Q. What attracted you to the NCWC championship team. A. I learned that I get some of my best different businesses with 5 buying into it.
Chasadie Searcy, master’s program? work done in the early hours of the morn- Q. What did you learn about yourself?
Qa’lexus Taylor, A. I would say it was my love for edu- Q. What challenges did you face in ing. This project was difficult in that is was A. I learned that I really have a pas-
Tanisha Williams cation and passion for the criminal jus- taking all your courses online? interdisciplinary, so I had a committee made sion for entrepreneurship and building
tice field, coupled with Michael Drew’s up of two scientists and an English profes- my own product. Building REACHur has
Special Contributors relentless emphasis on the importance A. Besides missing “Blackboard,” I would sor. Trying to merge science and literature is become my main passion and helped me
of pursuing my education. Every time I say there were two main challenges. One was something I hope I never have to do again. to realize that my path after graduation is
Carl Lewis, Andrew Stern, saw Drew in public, he would speak to dealing with the quirks of “Jenzebar,” aka “Je- Q. What role did your director play? to continue with my business.
Grace Wallace me about coming to Wesleyan; the short zebel.” The other was making sure to complete A. Dr. (Heather) Louch mainly helped Q. What role did your director play?
infomercials were persistent. He invited my online posts and responses throughout me find topics to discuss for the scien- A. Dr. (Bennie) Felts was very helpful
Faculty Advisor me to come to Wesleyan and motivated tific analysis. She kept me on track and with my project. He guided my project
and at times calmed me. That helped me See SHOEMAKER pg 4 helped develop the thesis into the two in the right direction by giving me guide-
Dr. William Grattan excel in my courses. separate sections that it became. lines for formats and letting me know
Q. Discuss the specific challenges you faced Q. What are your plans for next year what needs to be in a business plan.
179 Braswell • Phone: 985-5336 in balancing school, work, and family life. and your future career? Q. What are your plans for next year
Email: [email protected] A. Well, I stopped my life for academic A. Next year I’ll be at Virginia Tech and your career?
working towards a Ph.D. in Translational A. My plan is to continue to develop
Biology, Medicine, and Health, likely REACHur, by building out the app,
with a focus in infectious diseases. In acquiring more users and getting more
businesses to buy into it.

May 31, 2019 North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27804 3


Golf Places 3rd in Conference, Climbs to 14th in Nationals
The Bishops golf team finished 14th in Q. Most domestic students played on their Q. How did the team play in the USA Q. How did your guys respond to the A. Right now I have only one firm
high school team, and many belonged to a coun- South tourney? Were you disappointed in pressure of playing in the NCAAs? commitment from an American player,
the nation during the recent NCAA Divi- try club and/or entered junior tourneys. What’s 3rd-place finish? A. For the most part, each played and I’m talking with an Argentinian re-
sion III tourney in Nicholasville, Kentucky. the profile of the typical international player? cruit along with a transfer student from a
A. Yes, I thought we had a decent chance decent on a very tough course, with nar- DII school out West. Both would fit well.
Wesleyan had earned an at-large bid af- A. Most international golfers have to defend, but we didn’t play our best game on row fairways and deep rough. We had to
ter the team placed third in the competitive played junior events and belong to a any day, in particular the first and third rounds. adapt to conditions and overcome adver- Q. Grady and Mariano are graduating. Talk
USA South Conference championship held country club as well. They tell me that But at least we finished as had been predicted sity, as we experienced flight delays. about what each has meant to the program.
April 25-27 in LaGrange, Georgia. Last in their home countries, schools tend not A. I can’t say enough about these two
year the Bishops claimed the conference in the pre-season rankings. We play in a tough Q. Describe the highlights from indi-
to offer collegiate teams. So they were conference (rivals Huntingdon finished sec- vidual players in the NCAAs. players. Our program started trending in
title and then finished 22nd in NCAAs. attracted to the combination of athletics ond while Methodist was fifth in NCAAs). A. I was really pleased with the the right direction when Grady came four
Here is a list of Wesleyan golfers, and academics that we offer them. years ago and then Mariano came a year
Q. What’s your reaction to finishing play of Frankie (a first-semester fresh- later and we’ve continued our upward
their placing and scores, from Kentucky: Q. With sports like soccer, the coach must 14th in the nationals? man). He was solid all week to lead our climb. They brought low scores and
28: Frankie Schmitt—75-73-75-78 (301) blend the playing styles on his team. Is there players. And then in his last collegiate
32: Mariano Silvestri––74-77-75-76 (302) A. I was very pleased, not only by our
70: Grady Anderson––78-76-85-74 (313) a difference in the type of golf played in finish, but that we had made the pool as a “C tourney, Mariano came right behind him; leadership--on and off the course—that’s
South America and other foreign countries? team.” Only seven programs were selected; that was incredible golf. The other three been tremendous. They’ll be missed,
83: Luke Thornton––85-78-78-78 (319) A. There may be slight differences in the other 35 qualified by winning their confer- golfers played key supporting roles on but I continue to feel the future is bright
94: Dustin Wood––85-86-82-82 (335) styles, but for the most part it’s an individual ence titles, as Wesleyan did last year. It was a different days. It was a team effort. because our expectations have changed
After the NCAA tourney, the Decree sports in a team setting. Each player pos- milestone for our program; after the first two Q. How is next year looking as far as during their time here. We’re still hungry
interviewed nine-year coach Gregg Ripke: sesses strengths that we try to use the utmost. rounds, we made the cut to the final 18 teams. for a national championship.
Q. Your team played in more three-day
and more prestigious tournaments in 2018-19.
A. Due to our stellar finish last spring,

Baseball Team Finishes 24-16 in Coach’s First Seasonwewereblessedwithinvitationsto
Golfweek, The Gordin, and Jekyll Island The Wesleyan baseball team was competing,” he said. “As a senior, he Clifton acknowledged the challenge in nior Cedrick Kornegay (team-leading
Collegiate, all 54-hole, three-day events. unable to overcome a super-human per- knew it was his last chance to pitch,
We played from Ohio to Florida. We formance by a Greensboro pitcher, as its and he wanted the ball. Very few winning the double-elimination tourna- batting average of .372 with 37 RBIs)
ment. He said it tests a team’s pitching led the way with a place on the first
expect to have the same or better invites season ended in the USA South Confer- conference pitchers possess the grit to depth. “You need quality pitching for team, while Croom (.352, team-leading
next season, since we finished eights ence tourney in Georgia with 10-2 loss. pitch like that in consecutive days. four days,” he said. He added that while 7 homers 41 RBIs) made the second
spots ahead of last year in the NCAAs.
Q. Talk about recruiting overseas, in par- The Pride's Will Hicks pitched complete Croom mentioned that TJ Vira- his team “swung the bat great all year,” team. Junior second-baseman Brad
games on successive days, shutting out cola accomplished a similar feat for the offense slumped a bit toward the end. Pennington (.348, 31 RBIs) and senior
ticular in SouthAmerica. How do you find and Maryville on Friday and then scattering 10 Averett in 2016, when he threw over Croom offered a similar assessment. outfielder Logan Andrews (.306, 34
recruit student-athletes from, say,Argentina? hits the next day in his outing against the 250 pitches in two starts against the “The conference tourney either comes RBIs) earned spots on the third team.
A. We got our first Argentinian recruit, Bishops. Greensboro advanced to the finals Bishops in a single weekend. down to the team with the best pitching or “I was happy but definitely not satis-
Mariano Silvestri, through a collegiate
recruiter that had a relationship with the against the host school, undefeated La- First-year Coach Greg Clifton the one that’s swinging the hottest bats,” fied with our season,” Clifton said.
Grange, which defended its title by beating pointed out that Greensboro advanced said Croom, a four-year starter for the He noted that the Bishops lost
college. Then Mariano helped us identify The Pride and its depleted pitching staff. to the finals despite losing its opening Bishops. “We had good pitching depth but seven of their last ten, including three
some of the younger South American play-
ers that we’ve recruited. We use referrals Hicks impressed Wesleyan first- game in the tourney. “We ran into a hot not as many lights-out arms as LaGrange by walk-off hits in a span of 17 days.
baseman Trey Croom. “He was just hot team in Greensboro,” he said. and the other top teams. We usually swing “That was hard to take,” he said. “I
Bishop Q and A: Senior Trey CroomandFacetimehasworkedwellforus. it the best during the beginning of the don’t think we ever recovered.”
season and have to scratch and claw to put While lamenting the loss of Croom
up runs in the tournament.”
Though it trounced Covenant, 11-1, in and ten other seniors—"a very close-knit
its second game, Wesleyan scored a total group that provided leadership”––the
Gene “Trey” Croom came to Wes- that players want to follow. I’ve noted A. I’ve developed my time-man- of four runs in its other three games. coach is optimistic about next season.
leyan and found a home in the Bishops the different leadership characteristics of agement skills and work ethic through
infield in his first season. He’s since previous seniors and tried to use what I college athletics. Having to plan around Wesleyan finished the season 24-16 So far, he said, 19 athletes have commit-
made his mark on the field (he now thought they did well. practices, games, and workouts is dif- and 12-9 in the USA South to place ted to Wesleyan for next fall. “Recruiting’s
plays first base) and in the classroom, Q. What will you miss most about ficult. I’ve also been able to grow my fifth among tournament-eligible teams. gone well,” he said. Clifton said Wesleyan
your time on the baseball team? Four players were named to the all- has concentrated on outfielders with speed,
maintaining a 3.84 GPA through his A. I’m miss spending time with the leadership and team skills, which will conference team at season’s end. Se- left-handed hitters, and pitchers. “You can’t
first seven semesters at Wesleyan. He’s guys on and off the field. We like to have help me in the workforce. of the coaches, athletes and staff at Wesleyan? have enough arms at this level.”
finishing a double major in business
Profile: For SID Troy Baranik, Sports Are a Passionadministration. A. The athletes are very friendly and
administration and an organizational fun regardless of the situation. We’ve had polite and I love to watch them play and
below-average luck in terms of circum- write about them. The coaches and staff
The Wilmington native was named stances in our four years, so we’ve just Troy Baranik, Wesleyan’s new Sports Infor- are very helpful. They’ve been welcom- to inform the public so that’s what I try to
mation Director, works long hours and watches ing and made me feel at home. do. Once I’ve written so many articles for
2016 Rookie of the Year, 2017 Schol- tried to make the most of it. lots of sports. That’s the way he likes it. a particular team, I can memorize the play-
ar Athlete of the Year, 2019 Second Q. What’s the highlight of the past Q. Your job requires that you work odd ers’ names, year and position. It all flows.
season? Born in Charlottesville, Va., Baranik grew hours (with evening and weekend matches, Q. What’s most challenging about your job?
Team All-Conference, and Academic A. I would say it was our upset win up in central Pennsylvania and graduated from etc.) If possible, describe a typical day. A. The
All-Conference 2016-2019. Last SaintAndrews University, in Laurinburg,
month he was honored as Organiza- over Randolph-Macon or our come- where his father is a wrestling coach at the col- A. Well, every day is different. Well before
tional Administration Student of the back against Emory and Henry. Those lege and his mother is a medical transcriptionist the game, I prepare the programs. In a typical crazy work
for a local children’s hospital. Baranik’s sister, game day, during the week, I’ll set up at the hours and
Year at NCWC. wins were just so satisfying and left an Marina, a 2016 graduate ofAppalachian State, field hours before the action begins. That how the job
impression on how good we could be works near Durham for Redeye Records. means setting up the scoreboard, the audio
Croom was interviewed prior to during the season. system as well as the video equipment for basically
Wesleyan’s appearance in the USA- Q. What’s your best memory of your Baranik, 30, earned a degree in Sport and live-streaming. I announce the games, keep
South tournament in Georgia. Recreational Studies in 2011. He completed stats and then clean up equipment after the eliminates
one internship at an ESPN radio station and game. Then there’s the press release that I having any
Q. What attracted you to NCWC in time here? then, after graduation, a second in the athlet- write and then send to the media and other weekends
the first place? A. It’d be making a run to the confer- ics department at Penn State University. conference SIDs. I post the stats and game off or plans
A. I came to Wesleyan to play baseball, ence championship game last year account on our web site. That’s just one game
but the small campus and scholarship op- despite not having a great individual Before coming to Wesleyan, he served for one sport. On weekends, with multiple to do much
as SID (the primary media contact, as it home games occurring in a day, I may begin on Satur-
portunities were also very attractive. season. We underachieved as a young says on NCWC’s web page) at Saint An- at 10 a.m. and leave at midnight. days!
Q. Have you been glad with your team, but battled our way into the final drews since 2012. He succeeded Rikki
game. I think that experience really Rich, who left Wesleyan after 13 years to On days without a home game, I can Q. Now Troy Baranik SI photos
decision to enroll at the college? take a job as a teacher at a local school. leave the office by 6. But then, if a Wesleyan that you’ve
A. I’ve been pretty satisfied with my helped us grow. team is playing on the road, I’ll need write
time at Wesleyan. I’ve enjoyed a close Q. What’s next for you? Besides ca- The Decree conducted an email interview an article and update the stats, all at home, been in the
with Baranik as he was finishing the spring late into the night. I’m sometimes in the position for fall and spring seasons, identify
relationship with the faculty and staff, reer objectives and personal life, discuss sports season and his first year in the job: office during the day, but most work is done your specific goals for the SID department.
your possible continued involvement in after normal business hours. It fluctuates A. To get an assistant at some point, and,
which has made a big impact on my baseball and other sports. Q. What sports did you play as a youth? week to week. I’ll admit, it can be tiring.
success. I’ve also made connections and A. I’m planning on moving back to A. I’ve played a bunch. I was a wrestler
relationships with peers and profession- ever since grade school. Throughout my life Q. You’ve given a detailed look at a as Athletic Director Aaron Denton says, to
I’ve also played flag football and football (in typical day. Describe other responsibili- livestream all sporting events on campus,
als that will benefit me in the future. Wilmington and working in the financial high school), baseball, cross country. In middle ties, done outside of game days. especially with the Spring Sports Festival
Q. You’ve been a successful student- services industry, most likely in the school, I was a district wrestling champ. I went
athlete over the past four years. What’s insurance business. I’ve found the girl to states at 145 pounds, and I wrestled all four A. I maintain the record book and before coming to Rocky Mount next year.
been the key to your success in balancing I want to marry and will likely do that years at. SaintAndrews (a DII school). each season, on the web site, I compile rosters Q. If the college increased your annual bud-
Q. How did you get interested in SID work? and post mini-biographies for each athlete. get by a significant sum––let’s say $100,000––
academics and your sport? within the next couple of years. I’d like A. Starting at age 6, I used to read and I prepare press releases and promote other how would you spend the money?
A. I’ve had to grind multiple hours of the to start a baseball training company skim the stats on the sports pages. I’ve events such as the annual Hall of Fame induc- A. I’d hire an assistant or two for dif-
day, doing homework and completing as- or a recruiting service for Wilmington always been interested in sports stats and tions, the annual banquet and next year I’ll be
signments days in advance. I try not to stay and Southeastern NC within the next 5 sports in general. involved in publicizing the Spring Sports Fes- ferent duties like photography, web page
Q. Describe your previous job experience. tival, which Wesleyan is hosting once again. I design, and videotaping. I’d also buy
up too late to do work because the quality is to 10 years. I’m also planning to play A. Before coming to Wesleyan, I was prepare senior day gifts for each sport. more laptops and iPads.
not there and it will affect my next day. slow-pitch softball and golf as well as the Sports Information Director at my Q. Wesleyan has seen a growing number
Q. If a freshman athlete asked you for church-league basketball. alma mater for six years. I maintained the Q. Talk about your ability to write so
advice in achieving success, how would Q. How will your experience as a athletics website, wrote articles and did fast. How did you develop that? of students who major in organizational
the stats for 20 different sports. administration with a sports concentration.
you respond? student-athlete help you in your career Q. What attracted you to the position A. It only took me my first year on the What would you say to an undergrad to
A. Find a senior who’s in the position and other facets of your life? at Wesleyan? job back at Saint Andrews. It’s quick and
A. When I came here to work a St. easy as long as I’ve got the stats in front interest him or her in your field?
you want to be in three Andrews-Wesleyan baseball game last of me. It’s much easier to write an article A. I’d ask them if they’d be willing to watch
years from now and try year, I noticed that the school had great right after an event. Road games can be
to emulate him or her. facilities and I met Rikki Rich. I enjoyed tricky because I wasn’t able to watch the sports and get paid for it. They can videotape
meeting her and the staff at the college. event, but there’s a template to help me or- it, write about it, keep stats, and manage a busy
That senior has figured I’d wanted to work at an NCAA school; ganize (intro, play-by-play account, recap, web site. I love that I’m around sports 24/7.
out how to achieve St. Andrews is in the NAIA (National individual stats, and conclusion). My job is Q. What internships/on-campus job
success, so learn from Association Intercollegiate Athletics).
them. Q. What have been your early impressions opportunities might Wesleyan students
find in your department?
Q. As a senior, I A. Students can gain experience by volun-
imagine you were
asked to lead the teering or arranging an internship for course
credit. My budget doesn’t allow me to pay
younger players, students for their work, but I have used work-
in particular with a
coaching change in the study students. Their roles include helping me
set up for home games, compiling stats, serv-
off-season. Describe ing as a “spotter,” or even broadcasting our
that experience.
A. I’ve just tried to Trey Croom connects on a homerun during his senior season. games over the Internet. Cameron Beal did
be the senior leader see Baranik pg 4

4 North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27804 May 31, 2019


TSeonunthisCToenafmerseDncoemPilnaayteAUgaSiAn FCA Offers Peace
The men’s and women’s tennis different, even before the match began. Emory Of Mind during
teams dominated the USA South Con- seemed more focused and alert concerning our The women’s tennis team won its second consecutive conference title. Busy School Year
ference, compiling undefeated seasons ability to be a worthy opponent. Our young guys
against their rivals and qualifying for played with fire and belief, only to have some First Person: Athletes Face Challenges By Joshua Strausser
NCAA regional action in Atlanta. key games impacted by the pressure of such a In Majoring in STEM Fields at NCWC Decree Staff Writer
big stage. I do believe we could have won that By Hannah Ivester ple, the course load of many of the STEM
For the men’s team, it was the 11th match and I also believe that our team now Decree Staff Writer student-athletes face similar challenges. After a busy Monday, Wesleyan athletes and
consecutive conference title and the believes this, as well! Hopefully, we’ve moved Mitch Layton, a junior on the basketball team, non-athletes alike came together to fraternize, wor-
second under Coach Albie Brice. The into a new stage of NCWC-Emory tennis.  Oh, my goodness, not again, I thought as is a biomedical science major, with a concentration ship, and replenish their spirits for the coming week.
women won each individual and doubles I tore through the Wesleyan campus earlier in
match en route to 7-0 conference mark Q. What did the men winning 22 the semester. Softball practice had started at in pre-medicine. He says that getting work done The Fellowship of ChristianAthletes (FCA) meet-
and their second consecutive champion- matches mean to you as a coach? 3:15 and my lab got out at 4. For the third time has only become more difficult in the past year. ing kicked off as students came to the chapel to talk to
ship. After opening with wins in the this semester, I was running late. My experi- “With no wi-fi on the buses, I would try to finish each other about their weekends. Most meetings FCA
regionals, both teams were eliminated by A. It was certainly a nice part of the ment didn’t work the first time I ran it, I didn’t my work the night before in order to get it done,” he starts with a game to serve as the ice-breaker, but this
perennial Wesleyan nemesis, the Emory season; however, more important was that understand the post-lab, and I was generally said, noting that meant staying up as late as 3 a.m. Monday began with the announcements.After the
Eagles, the tournament host. we played well against tough DII and DIII having issues. We weren’t supposed to have our In my case, I ran into a conflict the night be- announcements, students stood and sang three popular
opponents, winning all but two matches phones, but I had snuck mine to my lab bench fore my last regular-season softball game, which contemporary Christian songs, led by a worship team
The Decree talked with Coach against this level of competition, and often to send a quick message to Coach Brackett: happened to be the night before my honors thesis made up ofWesleyan students. Between each song,
Brice, over email, in May. decisively, as well! We played with energy, “I’m so sorry, Coach. It looks like I’m going to was due.We were told the day before that we two FCAmembers each testified about how their faith
family unity, and a lot of fun. For this team, be later to practice than I thought.” would be leaving campus after practice on Friday helped them through their first year at college.
Q. How does Wesleyan—a school the fun factor is high, but never does it Practice only ran about an hour and a half, so and not, as planned, on Saturday morning.This
with scant overall resources compared drown out an insatiable desire to win.  by the time I got to the field, it would have ended. change meant I would finish my thesis on the Sophomore Will Plyler ended the meeting with
to universities like Emory and Johns If that happened, I would have to make up all the bus.While I’m lucky enough to not get motion a 30-minute devotional on the blessings of freedom.
Hopkins—attract so many talented Q. Talk about your top doubles tandem, drills by myself––buckets after buckets of balls sickness, other challenges presented themselves. As the meeting adjourned, members trickled out of
student-athletes from overseas? Roberto Puig and Giannis Brokakis. How in the outfield, rushing through hitting…I never When the battery ran out, I was unable to charge the chapel, while others lingered for a few minutes
do they complement each other? felt like I got enough done during that intense 30 my laptop on the bus. I ended up going to sleep at to finish conversations. The worship team stayed a
A. We’ve found that international players minutes. I would miss the beginning of caf time, 4 a.m. the night before the biggest games of my little longer to practice for next week’s meeting.
are attracted to our program for the following: A. They had some big-time wins this and it would set me back on starting homework senior season because I had to finish my paper.
• The international culture on campus. year. I believe they had the ability to be the for my other classes. But this was a necessary Sometimes the pressures are so great that With their busy schedules of classes, practices and
• Our coaching philosophy. It’s based national champion; however, they were evil for a biomedical science major in athletics. student-athletes, like LoganAndrews, change their team meetings, student-athletes get little time during
upon tactical development. We teach overlooked when the NCAA invites were re- That’s not the only problems we face as majorsor,likeSullivanReece,quittheirsports.Sam the week to participate in extra-curricular activities.
players how to make observations and leased. This was a special team, and Giannis Valeros decided to put her athletic career on hold. But many make space in their week for FCA. Unlike
adjustments depending on the oppo- (a graduating senior) will most definitely majors in STEM fields (Science, Technol- ShewasadualsportathleteatWesleyan,competing other campus ministries, FCAis not sponsored and
nent, situation, and execution capacity. be missed. Roberto is ready to lead another ogy, Engineering and Math). Just attempting organized by off-campus churches; it is almost entirely
• International players like that we teach doubles tandem to even greater heights; a biomedical science major alone is difficult. for the lacrosse and cross-country teams. In the student led.Acting as “huddle leaders,” students open,
them competitive skills and mental I’m confident in this statement. They were When I declared this as my major, I knew end Valerosdecidedthatwhileshewastakingthe create and plan outreach programs, and lead worship
toughness training. Often, they’ve been definitely grinders that won matches off a that it required 66 credit-hours. Now, with the required chemistry courses for her biomedical sci- and devotions every Monday. “It helps us to connect
exposed to robust technical training with- never-quit mentality and the ability to extend addition ofAnatomy and Physiology I and II to ence major, it would be better if she quit her sports. to the student population better,” remarks FCAVice
out making the competitive connections. points by making one more shot.  the course requirements, the total number had Since making that decision, her average chemistry President Beau Sharpe. “It’s easier for them to relate
• Another key element is that interna- increased to 74 hours.At NCWC, general edu- graderosefroma‘D’toa‘B,’thankstoallofthe to us because we’re their age. Plus we’re with them in
tional schools don’t offer an intercol- Q. The men’s team seems larger than cation classes typically take up a lot of hours as additionaltimeshenowhastostudy.Herplanis classes, at practice, and other places on campus.”
legiate athletics system. in years past, with 27 listed on the roster. an underclassman, accounting for another 43 toresumeplayinglacrosseaftershefinishesall
•Tennisisawidelyglobalsport,andtheU.S.col- Talk about the way a “deep” team helps hours. That leaves 7 hours for electives, which chemistrycoursesrequiredforhermajor.Sinceshe President JosephAlexander, a 2019 graduate, credits
legesystemoffersarichtrainingenvironment.  the top players perform. means 5 percent of your required coursework must also take organic chemistry, Valeros will lose FCAin helping him develop as a Christian. It’s given
• We spend a significant amount of time is not mandatory (assuming you don’t have out on two years as a student athlete, cutting her time him a “platform to do what I know I’ve been called to
reviewing videos, looking at results, and A. We did have a strategy last year to recruit a any additional prerequisite coursework). Factor onthefieldinhalf,thankstoherdegreeofchoice. do. It’s allowed me to grow not only in my faith and
speaking with the players/families by lot of players. I’m a believer that a meritocracy is in the 10-20 hours a week of athletic commit- Among STEM majors, one common teaching but in leadership and in love for all around me.”
means such as WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat. the best way to cultivate a competitive tempera- ments, and it’s nearly impossible to have a life thread is arriving late to practice. Often stu-
ment and mentally tough team. Depth helps with outside of your courses and your sport. dents find that either classes or labs run over Students come to the FCAmeetings, because they
Q. Let’s turn first to the women. This injuries; however, it mostly helps with making the beginning of practice, and they would can “worship God with friends and like-minded stu-
year’s team was young, with only one players become their very best—if they slack off, This is the reason Sullivan Reece cites for the deci- then need to make up missed practice times, dents in a judgment free area,” as juniorToby Sharp
graduating senior. Describe how the past there’s always an athlete chomping at the bit to sion he made to leave the men’s soccer team. He felt puts it. “It’s a great way to kick off a school week.”
season will help in their development take their spot. We’ll have a more manageable hecouldn’tdedicatethetimeneededforbothcommit- often alone. Junior Connor Stratton, a pitcher
and their play next year. roster size because the players who survived the ments,resultinginhischoicetoleavethesportheloves. for the Bishops baseball team, is finishing up Sophomore Grey Clark goes to FCA, “because
test this past year are returning. It’ll be a tighter LoganAndrews remained on the baseball ros- his practicum hours for the exercise science he can relate to the community of believers because
A. We expect all of our players to family environment moving forward.  ter, but chose to change his major due to the time major this semester. He mentioned that I was an athlete in high school.” Said junior Kevin
return, with the hope of adding one or constraints.After his sophomore year, he decided throughout the last season there have been Teague, “I go to FCA, not only because I used to be
two more. We’ve also ramped up our SHOEMAKER from pg 2 he could no longer find the time required to play days when he has been at practice for an hour an athlete, but because of the atmosphere.You feel
schedule to include a significant number his sport and complete his exercise science degree, or less of the two-and-a-half-hour session. welcomed and the Holy Spirit is definitely moving
of nationally ranked teams. Having a the week, as required, as opposed to the times swapping it for one in business administration. For student-athletes, the stress is unlike other during the services. There’s always a take-away from
strong strength of schedule will keep our when it was convenient for my schedule. MaddieWilliams, a member of the soccer pressures faced by college students. Missing the time spent there, and the music is really good.”
players challenged and, we hope, place team, decided to keep playing and continued to classes is frustrating for the athletes, but it’s also
them on a trajectory to improve through- Q. What most impressed you about pursue her majors in biology and math. She de- frustrating for faculty members. This can create Although “Athletes” is in the name of the
out the year. Confidence is queen! your professors? scribed similar challenges and said she often felt tension between the athletes and their profes- organization, membership is not restricted to Bishop
behind both on the field and in the classroom. sors. While professors receive an email about athletes and coaches. In fact, non-athletes outnumber
Q. What’s your reaction to the wom- A. I would say it was the amount of time She expects graduate in December, four-and-a- dismissal times for athletes, some do not look at athletes in the current group. Plyler and freshman Dan
en’s overall performance in 2018-19? and care each one would give you when you half years after starting at NCWesleyan, while the emails and then expect students to follow up Locey believe that non-athletes find meetings and
needed their help. Dr. (Mary) Jackson would two teammates, both of whom started the same with them separately. While this is reasonable, outreach just as fulfilling. “Unless you miss the sports
A. Our women’s team made historic allow you to text and call her just about semester asWilliams, graduated last December. student-athletes report that some professors references,” Locey joked.
strides. We took recruits with high-level skill any hour of the day or night. You’re there What was their major? Criminal justice. also punish the students if the follow-up is not
sets and made a daily commitment to training thinking “Poor pitiful me, I’m up at 3 a.m. Of the student-athletes/science majors presented in the form of an email, charging the ThisyearFCA’sfocuswastocreatedisciplesatWes-
and learning to win points.Akey ingredient working on this paper.” Then you’d submit surveyed, every one described a time they had to student with an unexcused absence. leyan.Todothis,studentswereencouragedtosharetheir
was learning and executing specific patterns. it, and before you return to your comfy bed, complete homework on away trips. Some said Stratton said that he took a course with an testimonies,theirstoriesoftheirfaith,throughthesecond
When we play teams like Emory, it gave the you hear “You have mail” (a response from halfoftheschool-year.Thetestimoniesrepresentasignifi-
women a sense of what it takes to be an elite Dr. Jackson). It would humble you quick. Dr. cantpartofFCA,averagingtwotestimoniesameeting.
college program. I’d expect that the shock-and- Jackson would be available for your ques- SophomoreAustinMooneycommentedthathe’s“really
awe factor has been removed and that now, tions and concerns 24-hours a day. When enjoyedthetestimoniesthissemester.”Alexanderhopes
among our players, there’s a desire to improve she evaluated your papers, she’d be brutally thatstudentcontinuesharingtheirtestimonies,saying:
serving, returning, and point formation.  honest with the red and yellow highlighters, “Allarewelcome,andallareencouragedtosharewhat
causing you not to make the same mistakes Godhas,andisdoing,ineverydaylives.”
twice. She was flexible on assignment due adjunct professor during the 2018 season. The
that they bring homework on every away trip, FCAwasfoundedin1954byDonMcClanen.Itwas
dates, always adjusting to your circum- among them volleyball’s Catelyn Cink, one of baseball team missed two weeks of class time, latersponsoredbyBranchRickey,anexecutiveforthe
stances as a police officer, such as hurricanes the only student-athletes with a chemistry major. and his professor was unable to meet with him PittsburghPirates,in1955.McClanen’svisionwastosee
For most athletes, road games mean doing outside of class, he said. Stratton was forced athletessharetheirtestimonywithotherathletesacross
and officer-down funerals. She would always school work on the bus, vans, or late at night to attempt to learn the material himself and thenation,saying:"Forsometime,Ihavehadtheideaof
say, “You pay me to be available to you.” when the team arrives at the hotel, where with the help of tutors on campus. But he was forminganorganizationofathletesandcoachesinthis
Dr. (Gail) Marsal was known as the dedicated students must stay up late or battle not successful. He failed the next exam and, hero-worshipingnationofours.Ifathletescanendorse
famous “gatekeeper” that you would face in shavingcream,razorbladesandcigarettes,surelytheycan
the senior seminar in order to graduate.When motion sickness in an attempt to finish their as- despite his best efforts, he failed the course. endorsetheLord.”Today,aroundtheU.S.,inhighschools
some state highway patrol officers and I met signments. This has proven even more difficult, Student-athletes are expected to be the best andcolleges,FCAchaptersnumberinthehundreds.
now that the college has purchased two buses of the best in their sports and in the classroom.
with her, she gave us clarity and eased our for travel. While the move has saved the college For many athletes, though, this pressure is too The Wesleyan FCAchapter was created sometime
fears. She offered some sound advice that I’ve the expenses of paying for rental transporta- hard to manage and they must choose between before college President Dewey Clark attended the col-
Roberto Puig formed the top doubles applied to my graduate studies: “We’re going tion, it was also true that the charter buses were their sport and their major. When students opt lege, and it was restarted by Head Trainer Carol Carson
team with Giannis Brokakis. SIphotos to take the elephant one bite at a time.”That equipped withA/C outlets and Wi-Fi, while to continue in their sport, they often change in her second year at Wesleyan (1988-1989). Since
then, the Wesleyan FCAhas been meeting regularly
Q. Comment on the play of your number-one was encouraging and I found that if I took my the new ones do not. On the college’s buses, their majors to a non-science field. and hosts a variety of campus outreach programs. FCA
women’s player, freshman FarizaAbdulloeva. education in small steps, I’d be successful. without access to technology, athletes can lose Johnathan Makauskas, a senior on the base- hosts and annual bonfire at the end of homecoming
Dr. Marsal was always responsive to phone their most important commodity––time. ball team, changed his major from biomedical week, organizes a joint ministry Super Bowl party, and
A. Fariza had a wonderful first year. inquiries and always willing and available to science to business administration. He did so often provides after-practice treats for Wesleyan athletes.
She accomplished things that were a first meet in her office to provide extra help. Wesleyan’s softball team traveled on the after struggling through two years of afternoon
for Bishops tennis. That said, I believe she school’s buses on every away trip, with total BARANIK from pg 3
learned that talent and athleticism are only a Q. How will the master’s degree help travel time of about 36 hours. With all our labs, which forced him to miss practice
part of the equation in becoming a high- level you in your career? games within the semester, the travel hours multiple days a week. By switching to business some play-by-play for baseball and assisted in
player. She also had to transition from the are invaluable; losing so much time can be an administration, he completed his degree more other duties. He was a huge help. Tyree Butler
individual junior tennis game to the intense A. It will permit me to re-visit my love for impediment to academic success. quickly and graduated in May. In business, he presented the music at baseball games.
team environment of college tennis. Fariza is teaching. I’ve taught students of all ages--19 to Some athletes have used different tactics found that the courses he needed were offered
one of the best, if not the best, players in DIII 97. It’s really rewarding to know that you’ve to finish their work. Sophomore softball more often and multiple times in the day. He Q. Which program in the USA South
tennis. I expect her to have a decorated ca- helped them gain knowledge that can’t be taken player Grace Preston describes a time when said his main motivation was to ensure he Conference possesses the strongest sports
reer, and to develop into a tremendous leader away from them. I would like to teach criminal there was a sudden change in schedule, finished his coursework and graduated on time. information department and web site?
who carries the team to a new level. justice and plan to find an administrative resulting in her having to take homework Danielle Pugh, a sophomore on the softball
position in the law enforcement field. I hope to with her on a six-hour bus trip. She had A. I’d say Averett and Covenant. Their
Q. We followed the men’s match vs. Emory mentor others, making a difference in the work- team, was drawn to business administration, websites are more current. Then again, they have
online. It seemed like the Bishops were more place. My biggest goal is to change the world–– hoped to finish the work before the trip. and away from biomedical science, for similar more help. For example, the Averett SID has two
competitive this year. Was the team, in fact, or at least a small corner of it––and make it a “Ourgamewasbumpedupaday,andIhadn’t reasons. In her first few semesters, she enrolled assistants and they’re diligent.
closer to beating the Eagles than in the past? better place through my writing.Academics has watchedmylecturevideosyetformyhybridgen- in multiple courses that often made her late to
been the key to unlocking my full potential, and eral chemistry course,” she recalled. “By the time practice. Her coach reminds his athletes to try Q. Turning to your life outside of work…
A.The Emory match was definitely a differ- I’m just getting started. World, look out! we got to the hotel, it was already past midnight, to take all morning classes so as not to conflict What do you like to do to unwind?
ent match this year.The environment was much but I had to stay up to turn in my lecture notes, with practice or game times. For science ma-
and still be up early for the game the next day.” jors, this is nearly impossible, as labs often start A. Bike riding, visiting my family and
While this may be an extreme exam- at 1 and last until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. traveling to the beach.

Q. Identify your favorites from the following:
DI and Pro Sports Teams: Penn State, the
Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates.
Music: I like rock music. Among my favorite
groups is Hootie & the Blowfish; I’m going to
see them in concert this summer.
Movies: “Rocky” films, Adam Sandler
comedies and action thrillers.
Literary Genre: Nonfiction books, history,
and sports biographies.
TV Programs: Reality shows, crime/police
dramas, and of course “SportsCenter.”

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