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Published by North Carolina Wesleyan University, 2018-09-18 16:30:50

NCWU Brand Standards Guide

NCWU Brand Standards Guide

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Brand Standards Guide

Brand Standards Guide TABLE OF CONTENTS

Our Brand Story...................................................3
An Exploration of the Logo............................ 4
Color Palette......................................................... 6
Approved Fonts and Usage.............................8
NCW Logo Specifications..............................10
NCW Logo Usage.............................................. 12
Unit/Departmental Logos..............................14
The College Seal................................................ 15
The Spirit Logo................................................... 16
Believe Campaign Branding.......................... 17
Corporate Identity & Publications............... 21
Signage................................................................. 22
Interactive & Multimedia................................ 23
Writing & Voice.................................................. 25
Photography....................................................... 26

Wisdom and courage through
Christian education.

2 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Our Brand Story

When North Carolina Wesleyan College was founded in 1956 by the United Methodist Church
and Rocky Mount leaders, it served as a source of strength and opportunity for residents of
eastern North Carolina.

Today, we strive to embody the values and principles of The United Methodist Church while
welcoming persons with all religious beliefs. Our commitment to our students’ success is
anchored in our liberal arts foundation. Our motto, “Wisdom and courage through Christian education,” continues to serve as a guiding
light and inspiration as we prepare our students to be principled leaders with vision and conviction.

Our new marketing message embodies our motto and can be represented by five core values:

Boldness – Speaking up for one’s Respect – Wesleyan is a Christian college, Wisdom – We look to the wisdom

beliefs requires boldness. It builds where all students are welcomed and provided of those who came before us, and our
integrity. At Wesleyan, we stand firmly a climate of respect, acceptance, and support. leaders, to guide the way. Wisdom is what
behind our values without compromise. We offer an environment for all of our students the college endeavors to live by, as well as
We encourage our students to do the to participate fully in the life of the college. impart upon our students.
Tradition – We’ll never know the road
Courage – Standing firm in the face
ahead if we lose sight of where we have been.
of adversity will become a way of life on North Carolina Wesleyan College is steeped in
campus. We encourage our students to traditions that have been passed down from
let their hearts have strength and power, class to class and are essential to the character
not fear. of the college.

North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 3

An Exploration of the School Logo

The NC Wesleyan logo is the keystone of our visual identity. It is used on all communication materials.
The logo must be used consistently, without alteration, in order to properly maintain our brand’s
integrity and recognition throughout the higher education market and the communities we serve.

The Colors

Though the shades have sightly changed, our brand colors remain the same as they have always been.
Dark blue and gold are indicative of several traits which should be imbued in the brand of the college:

Dark Blue Gold

• trust • illumination
• dignity • love
• intelligence • compassion
• authority • courage
• strength • wisdom

The Logo Mark

This is the only acceptable logo mark. It may be used
as a design element, separate from the signature,
only if the entire school logo appears elsewhere on
the same media.

The icon represents our commitment to knowlwedge
and Christian education. The turning page represents
the new stage of growth and refinement through
which we are boldly moving.


4 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Signature The Type Treatment

Unlike previous iterations of North Carolina Wesleyan’s brand, this
one does not depend upon all of the letters being capitalized or
even a capital letter “W.” In fact the entire word, Wesleyan, is set
completely in lower case. This was intended to be more than just
a stylistic treatment. It permits the seamless integration of “North
Carolina” with the name “Wesleyan.” There are many schools that
bear the Wesleyan name, but there is only one “North Carolina
Wesleyan.” For that reason, it was important that North Carolina
was an integral part of the brand identity and not treated as
merely an afterthought.

The Removal of “College”

Certain designations are clearly implied without the need to
spell it out in a logo. North Carolina Wesleyan College’s history
and market positioning will always clearly define it as a college
in the hearts and minds of its market. Those who interact with
the college’s identity on a regular basis commonly refer to it as
“Wesleyan” or “NC Wesleyan,” so it made sense to maintain that
simplicity in the brand.

The Chosen Font

The typeface, Griffon Light, was selected to visually represent our
intent to stay true to our traditions while embracing the future.
Likewise, this font’s design is a combination of subtle curves and
sleek lines. It visually captures a sense of classical sophistication
and contemporary simplicity. It permits the name to stand on its
own in lower-case type, legibly as well as aesthetically.

North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 5

Approved Color Palette Secondary Brand Colors

Primary Brand Colors A complementary selection of colors has been
approved to use as background and accent shades
These colors are a slight change from North Carolina Wesleyan’s where appropriate. The colors were specifically chosen
previous palette while maintaining the traditional dark blue and gold to accentuate branded elements - not to compete with
motif that has endured for years. Each of the two primary brand them. Therefore, they are simple, subtle, yet elegant
colors represents qualities indicative of the core values of North when paired with the primary blue and gold.
Carolina Wesleyan College.
Pantone® Matching System colors 7544 (dark gray)
PMS 2955 Dark blue represents trust, dignity, intelligence, and 7541 (light gray) were both selected because, like
authority, and strength. the primary tones, these colors reflect qualities that are
imbued in the college.

Gold represents illumination, love, compassion,
courage, and wisdom.

PMS 110

To ensure quality reproduction of the brand, the Pantone® Matching PMS 7544 Gray and silver tones represent
System (PMS) 2955 (blue) and 110 (gold) were selected for their: reliability, dignity, stability, intelligence,
and maturity.
1. Minimal variance when printed on coated or uncoated
stocks as spot colors. PMS 7541 White is the ideal symbol for clarity
White and purity of heart and mind. It serves
2. Minimal shift in tone when converted to specifed process both as background and accent for NC
color values. Wesleyan’s brand, both emotionally
and practically.
The primary brand colors are to be used in reproduction of the
logo, but may also be used to color layout items or other branded
elements. Neither color can ever be screened for any reason.

6 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Primary Brand Colors Secondary Brand Colors

PMS 2955 PMS 110 PMS 7544 PMS 7541 White

c100 m55 y10 k48 c16 m31 y100 k1 c33 m14 y11 k31 c10 m3 y2 k2 c0 m0 y0 k0
r0 g60 b105 r215 g169 b0 r229 g224 b142 r224 g230 b230 r255 g255 b255
#003C69 #D7A900 #B5B9BA #003764 #ffffff

NC Wesleyan Brand Color Usage Spectrum

Below is a visual spectrum representing the prominance of each color in the brand palette. When in doubt, look to this for guidance.
Example: Dark blue should be the dominant tone in most designs, followed by gold. Dark gray is only to be used as an accent, while
white and light gray better serve as larger accent fields or backgrounds.

North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 7

Approved Typefaces and Usage

Proper font selection tells the story of a brand as much as imagery and colors. Each typeface is chosen for a specific purpose and
can represent an implied message hidden within the brand.

The Logotype Griffon Light is the primary typeface for the NC Wesleyan logo. Griffon Light is a regal
typeface intended to reflect sophistication and the college’s commitment to its founding
Griffon Light values. It is reserved specifically for the logo. It is to be used sparingly in any other

Griffon Light Italic Griffon Light Italic is only to be used as an accent for the logotype, such as a tagline. It is
not recommended for use in any other capacity.

Display and Copy Fonts

These fonts are required for any and all college publications.

Gotham Light The Gotham family was chosen for its stylish-yet-contemporary design, which reflects NC
Wesleyan’s focus on the future. While the college pays homage to its past in its logotype, the
Gotham body copy embraces “today” with its minimalist style and versatility. Gotham Light
is the default typeface for titling, section headers or headlines above 18 pts., as well as body
copy. Gotham Light is never to be used as body copy in reverse (white) on dark backgrounds.
(Example, white type on black or blue backgrounds.)

Gotham Book Gotham Book is reserved for headlines or subheads smaller than 18 pts. It is to be the default
typeface for body copy placed in reverse on dark backgrounds. (Example, see bottom footer
below.) It is to be the default for any body copy smaller than nine points.

Gotham Medium Gotham Medium should be reserved for adding emphasis to titling smaller than 11 points,
such as found in a business card or clerical forms. It is also approved for applications on dark
backgrounds. Never use Gotham Medium as body copy.

8 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Griffon Light Sociology Bachelor of Science

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ TianhcsnsheotdaicStnriuoaegtclsieosieotnaarlosnrucgdcahytna.udCpnrearoso,louydgcrzersieaavemliisasrsegnfultoiavecbtesiueostshnhteausasvhdtioieopsnnurs,trtftsrhahotemruhosnieulyydgosethupenspmtvFhodiaareraottciuailncuypnm,lsiptstteyyuluinccd
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890
C••a•F•PfMriSoruSCe1mo(r8bOra9MeciplSsmC9hiji(crhaeOoioe6ihnloo1namOCur0aouhpgaor1npuroRsl3lep,esrdrlju03noousetmor0cR8mysfisoqriot,8iuSeneiefmf3c,ussonagnSq1e3tucm5ittso1rshbauisa,5oecuitale4gl,iliirHtomreob14evu0esgcleen1eop.0oeyamcygUpolintecyreprheeosrtdpcs.nusailoeenergtrauvsaesreerLtcnsele)ehecvslieeeemeclslr)eevt. citivchteieovssedss. ASmocyioKloagrnye
Griffon Light Italic Associate
The Ohio
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890
(252) 98
Gotham Light
Molly A
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Texas
Gotham Book
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 ECaBlohreaReefoncahaoSdsactseviiCesxaviuuohlfe/crariElohsdl&itmthhaySons,ao:oMicPcdvaioIa,anrrpWrleiieuCaqotlgouayrenrkaotlC&iarftounyeFl.ld,tlaeuSmOcroetcicil,vyciDa,euClsepCvhainioitalidntonortnteepsnxi,ctaanl d

Gotham Medium Do not use substitute fonts.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Download our brand fonts at
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

Contact t

North Carolina Wesleyan College Brand Standards Guide 9

Signature/Mark Specifications & Treatment

The school logo is comprised of the book icon, known as the mark, and the logotype (name), referred to as the signature.
The following guidelines define acceptable treatment and placement of the NC Wesleyan logo.

The Clear Space Field

A logo is only effective when it occupies its own, unencumbered space. The logo is not to be placed in close proximity to
other elements, therefore a simple method to determine the clear space field around the logo is displayed below.

• Maintain clear space around the logo to protect it from distracting graphics or typography.
• For the signature and mark, measure clear space horizontally and vertically by the width of the “w” in signature.
• Never allow typography or other elements to invade the clear space of the signature or the symbol.
• Use only artwork authorized by North Carolina Wesleyan’s Marketing Department.

Clear Space Field

10 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Minimum Size Minimum Size:
The logo reproduces well at almost any size, but reducing it below 2 inches
in width can damage the it’s integrity and effectiveness. A good rule of
thumb is to gauge the legibility of “North Carolina” in the signature. If you
can’t read it clearly, it’s too small. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

• No smaller than 2 inches wide, measured from the left edge of
the mark to the right edge of the “n” in the signature.

• At least 0.58 inches tall from the top of the gold page in the
mark to the bottom of the “y” in the signature.

• The logo must be resized proportionally as a group (mark and
signature). Therefore, measurements for all elements of the
logo remain relative to one another.

Note how the legibility suffers when the 0.58”
logo is sized smaller than 2” in width.

Unacceptable Logo Treatment • Do not add shadows, effects or other elements to the logo.

The following examples of logo treatment are absolutely prohibited. • Do not attempt to recreate or typeset the logo.

• Do not alter the proportional relationship of the mark and signature. • Do not attach a departmental (program-level) identification
• Do not display the signature without the mark. to the logo. An authorized unit logo will be provided.
• Do not replace the mark with any other symbol.
• Do not configure the elements into a different logo. • Do not use the logo to create a pattern.
• Do not crop or remove any part of the logo.
• Do not distort (squeeze or stretch) the logo. • Do not encroach the logo’s clear space field with other
• Do not screen or alter the colors of the logo in any way. competing elements, or reduce the clear space field.

North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 11

Logo Usage and Placement

What’s Your Background?

Just as a logo needs personal space, considering the background of that space is
equally important. Placing the logo on top of dark or complicated backgrounds
can drastically compromise its effectiveness.
The color and solid logos are only to overlay white or very light backgrounds.
Select your background imagery carefully. Choose a clean, light background
for your logo placement.

• White or light backgrounds only.
• Background density of 0-10% maximum.
• Simple, clean, uncomplicated backgrounds maximize legibility.

The Color Logo on Dark Backgrounds

Careful selection of background space is required when placing this
version. It is best for placement on NC Wesleyan brand blue (PMS 2955).
Be mindful that the white outline around the symbol and the words
“North Carolina” appear white and that it is no smaller than 2” wide
and 0.58” tall.

12 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Color and Black-and-White Options (A)
The color logo (A) is preferred. When black-and-white printing is
the only option, the logo is to appear as solid black (B) or reversed
as white (C and D) when placed on a dark, simple background.
(See Utilizing Dark Backgrounds with Reversed Logos below.)

Utilizing Dark Backgrounds with Reversed Logos (C)

Should the need arise for the logo to appear on a dark background, such
as a photograph, a web page, or a sweatshirt, it is important to control
the placement by following these guidelines:

• Only use the approved reversed (white) logo.

• Place reversed logos on a clean background shaded at
65% density or darker. (See example D at right.)

• Whenever possible, limit the dark/solid background
coloring to NC Wesleyan brand blue (PMS 2955) or black.


North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 13

Unit/Departmental Logos Minimum Size:
Although the official North Carolina Wesleyan logo is preferred,
approved logos with designations may be used at certain times. 2”
Please limit use of these logos to letterhead, presentations, and key
forms and documents. They are not to be used as email signatures
or on promotional items.
All unit logos must be created by the NC Wesleyan Marketing
Department and approved by the Vice President of Marketing and
the President of the college.
Any division or department may request that a unit logo be created
for them. All unit logos will be created using the same guidelines
and proportions as the samples displayed at right. The unit logos
will consist of the school logo, followed by single delineator and
the name of the office or department depicted on two lines, in our
brand blue, and typeset only in Gotham Book.

• Do not attempt to create your own unit logo.
• Do not alter the approved unit logo provided to you.
• Do not reproduce the unit logo for any purpose other than

internal communications.

• Do not convert the unit logo to an email signature.
All NC Wesleyan employees are to utilize the same
email signature format.

• The unit logo is only intended to be reproduced in color.

• Since the unit logos include the official school logo, be
mindful of the minimum allowable width. No smaller than
2 inches wide, measured from the left edge of the mark to
the right edge of the “n” in the signature.

14 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

The NC Wesleyan Collegiate Seal

The offical seal of North Carolina Wesleyan College is the oldest and most revered
symbol of the college, forever stating and illustrating our motto “Wisdom and courage
through Christian education.” The seal is not intended for promotional or marketing
purposes. It should be reserved for more distinctive needs. The seal should primarily
be used on official documents of the President, graduation materials, transcripts,
certificates, and awards.

• The college seal should never be substituted for the NC Wesleyan logo.
• Never replace the mark (book) in the NC Wesleyan logo with the seal.
• Always place the college seal on a white or otherwise lightened, clean,

and uncomplicated background. Use the reversed (white) version sparingly.

• Do not allow text or elements to invade the seal’s clear space field.

• Do not resize the college seal below its minimum width – 1.5 inches in diameter.

Approved Colors for Reproducing the College Seal Clear
The college seal may only be reproduced in these approved colors: Field

PMS 2955C for color Black for black-and-white White for reproduction on
printing dark backgrounds.

Minimum Size: 1.5”

North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 15

The Spirit Logo Clear Space Field

There is a time to study and there is a time to cheer. Likewise, Use the width of the capital W in “Wesleyan”
there are two sides to NC Wesleyan’s identity. The spirit logo to measure the clear space field.
is intended to represent the college’s athletic programs,
intramural activities, or to represent the college in sports- NORTH CAROLINA
related sponsorships.
The spirit logo can be reproduced on any medium, including NORTH CAROLINA
apparel and specialty items. However, reproduction must be
approved by the NC Wesleyan Marketing Department and
must not stray from the guidelines displayed at right.
It is preferred that the Blue W color version be used.
There are additional approved color versions that may
be used, depending on the applications.
Use the black spirit logo only for black-and-white printing or
if your media is limited to printing in one dark spot color.
If the logo is to be printed on backgrounds colored with
either of NC Wesleyan’s brand blue or gold, use only the
versions specified for those backgrounds. You have two
approved variations specified for each brand color.
These variations are not to be altered in any way.
Reference Brandfolder for additional options and restrictions.

16 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 17

Believe Campaign Brand Standards

Definition & Purpose

The Believe campaign is intended to provide a message to current and incoming students to believe in themselves, their
abilities to achieve their goals, and that they can overcome any obstacles ahead.

The Believe Logo

Believe does not represent a single distinct message. It embodies countless, boundless messages in a single, powerful word.
That’s why the logo is the word with no supporting accoutrements. Its minimalist approach is emphasized by its font, Gotham
Light. Simple, elegant yet contemporary—the geometric shape of the characters visually bond with one another making
“believe” as much a recognizable shape as it is a legible word. At its heart is a discreetly placed cross as the dot of the “i.”
When students adopt “believe” as a personal brand and mantra, all other negativity such as doubt, fear, and frustration begin
to fade. What better place to brand such a message of faith and hope than North Carolina Wesleyan?

18 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Believe Campaign Brand Standards

Clear Space Field

• Maintain clear space around the logo to protect it from distracting graphics or typography.
• Measure clear space horizontally and vertically by the height of the “e” in believe.

Minimum Size

• The Believe logo must not be reproduced smaller than 1.25 inches wide.
• The logo must be resized proportionally.

Clear Space Field Minimum Size:


North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 19

Color and Black-and-White options

• Whenever possible, the Believe logo should be displayed in color as
PMS 2955 (blue), however PMS 7544 (gray) is also permissible.

• When black and white is the only option, the believe logo is to appear
as line-art black or reversed (white).

Utilizing Dark Backgrounds with Reversed Logos

• Only place approved reversed (white) logos.
• Place reversed logos on a clean background shaded at

65% density or darker.
• Whenever possible, limit the placement of a white logo to a dark/solid

background of NC Wesleyan blue PMS 2955 or black.

Believe in Tomorrow Today (alternate logo)

Although the “believe” brand implies several messages, if one particular
message was to be “spelled out” it would be “believe in tomorrow
today.” This alternate logo can be used as a springboard when launching
the overall “believe” campaign message. It is intended to be used as a
supplement to the primary “believe” brand – not as a replacement.
The same guidelines (listed above) are to be followed for the treatment
and placement of this alternate logo.
Usage of the alternate logo is reserved for select purposes specified by
the North Carolina Wesleyan Marketing Department.

20 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Corporate Identity and Publication Design

Letterhead and Business Cards

Corporate identity pieces will utilize the logo in a top-centered or top-left
placement. A minimal, unobtrusive presence is still required.

Do not attempt to create or format your own letterhead, envelopes or
business cards. All stationery items must adhere to the identity guidelines.
Order all stationery from Allegra Printing in Rocky Mount, NC – 252.937.7171.

3400 N Wesleyan Boulevard
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Publications 252.985.5200 | 3400 N Wesleyan Boulevard | Rocky Mount, NC 27804 |

For most print designs or publications, [email protected] John Smith
the logo is to be placed in the lower right o: 252.555.5555
hand corner whenever possible. While c: 252.555.5555 Professor of English
the logo should be visible, its size should f : 252.555.5555
be minimal so as not to visually compete 3400 N Wesleyan Blvd
with the message. Rocky Mount, NC 27804

• Be mindful of the minimum size requirement for the logo: 2 inches wide or larger.
• Only use approved art or photography (see Photography section).
• Only use approved fonts for headlines and body copy in tomorrow today

(see Approved Typefaces and Usage section).

North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 21


Proper Logo Placement/Proportion

Outdoor display signage is the one exception where the logo
must be prominently positioned, large and centered, such
as the campus entrance signs. Other types of signage with
a specific purpose, such as directional or building signs, will
require the logo to be sized down to a proportion that does
not compete with the sign’s message.


Directional / Wayfinding Entrance

22 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Interactive and Multimedia

Social Media

Our audience’s primary source of information is more than just the Internet,
it is social media. NC Wesleyan represents itself on several social media
platforms – namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. Likewise, it is
a primary goal for the college to be completely mobile-ready in order for our
students and following audience to remain connected and up-to-date.

It is preferred that all departments, divisions, and student groups promote
themselves under the official NC Wesleyan page for each of these platforms.
If you are an authorized contributor to any of the college’s pages, or if you
must maintain a separate social media presence, you are required to adhere
to the following guidelines.

• Any content (imagery, video, text) that cannot be approved by the
NC Wesleyan Marketing Department must support the integrity of
the school and reflect our five core values.

• Make certain photos and videos meet the brand requirements in
terms of quality and composition (see Photography section).

• Never tag and/or post an image or video of a student or faculty
member without their expressed permission, unless the context of
the post clearly implies such permission (i.e. President Dewey Clark
speaks at Orientation).

The college website is getting a much needed facelift with our new brand launch.
The new design will be completely responsive to accurately project the college’s
new image on mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. All departments and divisions
will be represented and are strongly encouraged to provide up-to-date information
and imagery to the NC Wesleyan Marketing Department. Bear in mind that the
site will be visually streamlined to meet our latest brand standards. Requests for
customized graphics, fonts or layouts not aligned with those standards will require
approval from the Vice President of Marketing.


Interactive and Multimedia

Video Production Quality editing is as important as
videography. Never use effects
Delivery of video content is easier than ever with a multitude of that discolor or distort branded
online and social media portals available to our audience. It is of elements. Doing so in video is as
utmost importance, now more than ever, for NC Wesleyan and its destructive to our brand integrity
divisions to represent themselves with high quality content that is as doing so in print.
as engaging as it is accessible. Any video content produced for the
college’s marketing purposes must meet the following standards:

• Originate any video content in a minimum HD 1080p quality.

• Ensure high definition sound clarity and quality.

• Closely monitor the conversion of video content when
uploading to online services. Over-compression resulting in
artifacts and degraded sound quality should be avoided.

• Avoid creating video content with a cell phone. Exceptions
may be considered for student or faculty blogs.

Digital Presentations templates have been developed for the purposes of connecting
with investors and outside groups, as well as for use internally. Each
Whether presenting in the boardroom, the classroom or online, 16:9 template establishes ideal styles for headlines, body copy, and
it is essential to remain consistent in style and tone when bullet points. Contact the NC Wesleyan Marketing Department to
representing the college. Branded Microsoft PowerPoint templates obtain a copy.
have been developed that give any NC Wesleyan presenter a firm
foundation to build his or her presentation with ease. Separate

24 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

Writing & Voice

Our tone must craft our brand as effectively as any visual element. No matter how visually attractive a publication or website
may be, eventually it is the words we choose that compel the audience to positive action.

Boldness, Courage, Respect, Tradition, Wisdom

Our five core values are a great place to start when crafting a message. None of these values state what we have to offer. Instead, they
specifically imply what the audience has to gain from choosing NC Wesleyan. For example, any college may have an Accounting major.
Instead of launching with pre-requisites and course descriptions, be “bold” and lead with the rewards of Wesleyan’s curriculum. Place
emphasis on how the program will empower its graduates, praise past students’ accomplishments, and set benchmarks for the future.


It takes courage for any student, traditional or non-traditional, to take up the challenge of higher education. It’s important to
support the student’s courage with an approach of warmth and compassion. This can be the foundation for any written or
spoken piece and alleviate such fears within the first few lines. Students of all levels need to know that we care for them – that
they are not just another number, but a part of the Wesleyan family.


Staying the course through arduous times is the greatest challenge faced by any student. Finances, challenging courses, time
management, living apart from family – all these and more can contribute to a student’s stress and cause them to falter. Any
communication from the school, or its individual parts, must convey to its students a sense of positive encouragement and
faith. For example, one of our primary goals is to keep students on a four-year track here at Wesleyan, rather than watching
them falter mid-stream or switch to another school. Consistent encouragement in our communication to our students is key to
keeping them on track. It’s more than just saying “You can do it.” It’s saying, “Believe in yourself. We believe in you.”

North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 25


A Picture Tells the Story. • High-resolution 300 dpi at 100% for print.
• Consider the size of your media.
Photography and photo selections can reflect a brand as much as a logo or a color. Anyone • Never “blow up” imagery beyond 100%.
who owns a smartphone can call themselves a photographer these days. That is why we must • Never use images from the Web in print
be extremely selective when choosing the imagery that best visualizes life at NC Wesleyan. • Avoid flash photography.
• Include color and depth-of-field.
Quality is key. High-resolution images (300 dpi at 100% for print) are the first step. Determine • Avoid staged shots. Stay candid.
how tall or wide your image needs to be before placing it in any design. Next, make certain • Avoid straight-on, centered shots.
lighting and color are optimal. Avoid obvious flash photography. Wesleyan is an ambient, open • Stock photos permitted conditionally.
campus wrapped in nature. Such an array of color should also be reflected in our imagery. • All images or footage must be approved
Finally, proper composition and depth-of-field will determine a positive feel for your image.
Avoid obviously staged shots. Candid imagery is more believable to the viewer and adds by the NC Wesleyan Marketing Department
credibility. Avoid straight-on or centered shots. Rather, include the environment with the prior to use.

These guidelines must be followed when choosing original or stock photography or video
footage. Stock photography or video is permitted but must accurately depict life at Wesleyan.
All images must be approved by the NC Wesleyan Marketing Department prior to use.

26 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide 27

Photography – Watercolor Treatments

Life Imitates Art at Wesleyan.

Wesleyan is full of color and the student life only adds to our palette. Therefore, it was
only fitting to depict certain scenes of Wesleyan life as works of art in our marketing.
It is preferred that any marketing materials requested by any college department
or division include this watercolor treatment as a front cover image, if not applied
throughout the project. Doing so will maintain consistency within our latest marketing
campaign and new brand launch.
Please do not attempt this effect on your own. Although these images are not original
watercolors, the watercolor treatment is an intricate, manual, multi-step process
developed by NC Wesleyan’s brand managers. It is not a single-click Photoshop filter.
Great care goes into the preparation of each image. Submit your image(s) to the NC
Wesleyan Marketing Department for approval and for treatment.

28 North Carolina Wesleyan Brand Standards Guide

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