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Uttiya Sarkar




A ship was sailing in the sea. The sea was calm.

The water was blue. It was afternoon. Most of
the passengers were in the deck. They were
looking at the setting sun. The passengers were
lined at the railing on the deck. Suddenly a child
of seven or eight fell into the water. Its parents
raised a hue. Amazingly a youth jumped into the
water swam to the child and rescued it while
ropes were lowered form the deck. The captain
arranged a party in the evening on the honour of
the youth. At the ceremony, the Captain praised
his bravery and requested him to say a few
words of inspiration.

As soon as he spoke he angrily shouted- This is
no joke, I am searching desperately the person
who pushed me into the waters.

Sometimes you need a push in your life to



Once Aeroplane became jealous of Rocket because of his
speed. He insisted Rocket on having a race with him, in
which he dreamed to win. Early the next day, they set
their starting point, fired the signal, and Go…….

Off they went. There was heavy smoke form the engine of
the Rocket. Aeroplane was unable tom see anything. When
the smoke cleared, rocket had already won the race. That
evening when they were discussing over the event,
Aeroplane felt that Rocket had cheated him. He urged on
having another race the following day. The next day there
was the race, and same things happened as the previous
day. In the evening aero plane once again argued that
Rocket had cheated. Finally another race was decided the
next day. As usual, Aeroplane lost the race. That evening
Aeroplane admitted that there has been no cheating on
Rocket’s part, and he was many times faster than himself.

Can you tell me what the secret of your tremendous
speed? Aeroplane asked enquiringly.

You see my tail is on fire, I run madly and blindly.
Rocket promptly answered.

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