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Forecast 3 Question SPM CEFR

Forecast 3 Question SPM CEFR

SIJIL PELAJARAN MALAYSIA 40 markah (40 marl<s)



I % jam ( I hour 30 minutes)

i :.: :f .: .::i:::: .


Questions I to 8

Read the text carefully in each question. Choose the best onswer A, B or C. For each question, mark
the correct answer A, B or C on your onswer sheet.

'Leorning to learn is o skill set thot I The purpose ofthe advertisement is
A to advertise a paid course
all young people should hove. B to introduce the academy to students
C to provide free tuition for SPM subjects
Not only do you need to know whot to
leorn, you need to moster how to leorn.'

\Ve at Train Your Brain Acaderny

would like to gii'e SPNI candidirtes
a free trainine sessiot-t

on l0 November 2021, lrom 9zrnr to 12pn'r.

Limited seats availablc!
Register now b\' filling in this online firrnr:

www.bitly/TYBA l0 I 0.

National Day Poetry \ilriting Contest 2 Which statement is true about the National

- registration now open! Day Poetry Writing Contest?

Calling all secondary school leavers! A Registration is open to all secondary
Write a poem to show your patriotic spirit
school students.
for the National Day celebration!
B Only the best poem will be read out on
The top l0 participants will be invited
national radio.
to read their poems on national radio on
31 August 2021. C Winners can buy books as part of the

Each winner will be given prtze.

a certificate and a RM250 book voucher
which can be used in all bookstores.

I 3 Which of the following is true about the

,[ilemher's Notice notice?

The bowling centre A Members can try out the bowling facilities
at Tropical Golf and Country Club
without payment on one day.
is open from
B Members can form a team only with other
10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on 30 June 2021
to celebrate its opening. club members.

Each member may register for C Members may book up to four free games
one free game for a maximum of
on one day.
4 persons.

Reseruations are required.

Quick, make a date with your friends
or family now!

': ,.' 4 Which ofthe following is true?

, A The voucher can be used for one week.

',r.'. TEACHERS'DAY .,,ii,,, B The discount is available at all the
McDonny's outlets.
C The diner needs to pay for the more
Get a Buy !, Free 1 set meal
expensive meal.
with this voucher.

Terms and conditions:

. The voucher can be redeemed for
. the cheaper set meal.

Valid for one day only on Teachers,
Day (16 May)

. Offer is valid at any McDonny's Cafe

outlet in Malaysia except in airports.


The Computer Laboratory will be closed 5 The notice to staff says that
for repair work.
A the office will be shut for repair work
When? 2 June 2021;
from 7.00 a.m. until 5.00 p.m. B the computer laboratory will be unavailable

All staff are allowed to use the computers for a fortnight
in the office for any clerical work during
C teachers have two more weeks to submit
this period.
Please note that the final submission date the students' marks

of students' marks for the mid-term
examinations has been extended by

a fortnight.

For further enquiries, please contact
Mr Loh, the manager.

: Mei, do you still have my library book? i 6 Which of the following statements is true?

l. :, A Mei thinks that June's sister took the

l'm sorry June. I can't find it. book.

Oh, no! | will be fined by the librarian. B Mei will continue looking for the
It was an expensive book and I'm not
sure if I can pay for it. misplaced book.

It's my fault, so I will pay for it. l'm sure C Both Mei and June do not want to PaY
my mum will help me. She knows that
I didn't mean to misPlace it. the fine for the book.

I I still have a week to return the
i boot<. Please keep looking for it.


Sure. l'll check my sister's room. She
often borrows things without asking.

Be an usher for charity! 7 Which of the following statements is true?
A The ushers will not be paid a salary.
Ushers needed
B The job involves selling tickets to the
We are a growing local event planning company.
We make your party or event truly special!
C Applicants must call to register as a
Our new project is a free concert for a local
charity. We are looking for extra hands to help volunteer.
usher guests to the concert hall.


) Free meal and bottled water
) Free concert T-shin

This is an excellent opportunity to get to know
new friends, do charity and make some great

Send a WhatsApp message to this number to
sign up: +0168880007

Closing date: 1 June

BUKIT MERTAJAM: !t was an unlucky 8 Which ofthe following statements is true?
day for a man who tried to rob a local
convenience store. Fortunately for the A The robber escaped with all the cash.

store, it had already banked in all the cash B The customer noticed that the robber's
a few hours before the failed robbery. The
would-be robber also did not realise that weapon was not real.
the customer standing in line behind him
was a karate expert. C The cashier managed to attack the robber

'l noticed he was acting oddly and was before he hurt anyone.

holding a toy gun, so I immediately

used my karate moves to pin him to the
ground,' said the customer.

The police soon arrived and arrested
the man.

?arl2:i, :

Questions 9 to 18
Read the text below and choose the best word for each space. For each question, mark the coruect

letter A B, C orD onyour answer sheet.

Apollo 11

Apollo 1l was the name of the spacecraft that brought the first humans to land ,:;1t

(0) on the Moon. The fifth mission of NASA's Apollo program, T

Apollo 1/ was (9) on 16 July 1969 from the Kennedy Space $1

Centre in Florida. It carried a three-man crew.

The Apollo spacecraft had three parts. First, the command module called

Columbia. with a cabin for the three astronauts. This was the only part that would
(10) to Earth. The second part was a service module that (11) electrical
power, oxygen and water. The last part was a lunar module called Eagle that had two stages, one that
allowed it to first land on the moon and then another to lift off from the lunar surface (12)


Apollo / 1 commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot BttzzAldrin (13) the

Eagle on the Moon's surface on 20 July, 1969. Meanwhile, Michael Collins flew the command module

alone, orbiting the moon. Armstrong became the first person to step (14) - the moon's

surface six hours and 39 minutes later on2l July 1969. Aldrin (15) him nineteen minutes

later. The two astronauts collected2l.5 kilogrammes of lunar material to (16) to Earth.

A worldwide audience (17) Armstrong's first step onto the moon's surface on live

television and heard his words, 'That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind'. President

John F. Kennedy's words in 1961,'Before this decade is out, we will land a man on the Moon and

return him safely to the Earth,' became a reality when the three astronauts in the Columbia landed

(18) in the Pacific Ocean on24July 1969. They had spent more than eight days in space.

o@ on B of Cat D from
C lifted
9A sent B fired C return D launched
B move C removed D appear
10A enter B supplied C when D refreshed
B what C placed D which
11 A created B settled C among D grounded
B onto C joined D between
t2A who B arrived C take over D showed
B give in C watched D bring back
13A landed B heard C handily D analysed
B wisely D carefully
t4A over

15A left

16A show up

t7A read

18A safely

:li:., ,l ,li: , :4,.a

,,,P€Ift 3,,',

You are going to read an extract from an article. For questions 19 to 26, choose the correct answer
(A, B, C orD) and mark the correct letter A, B, C orD onyour onswer sheet.

I asked myself if I, at not quite eighteen, could neither of them managed to guess my idea. Finally,
really make a difference in the world? Yes,
-I showed them my solution a barrier made of a
Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King had had
a tremendous global impact, but I was still young net-like material that would sieve the rubbish before

and inexperienced. it reached the pipes. We could also make special

And then I came up with my One Ringgit net bags to tie at the end of the large pipes so that
Project idea. If every person donated one ringgit, when water comes out, the floating rubbish could

that amount would grow and grow to a point where get trapped in the nets and easily removed.

it would not be a small sum anymore. I could Dad was very keen on the idea. He said that
the cost would be quite low because the materials
speak to fifty people first to share my plan with them
and if they agreed, I would have at least flfty ringgit needed are easily found at hardware stores. His
with which to kick-start my project. only concern was the manpower needed to remove
the accumulated rubbish in the nets. I told him that
With newfound confidence, I started writing my neighbourhood friends were willing to help out
down the #lRinggitProject plan and even gave it a
trendy hashtag. Basically, I had been reading up on especially since they would be paid for their time and
social enterprises and how combining charity with effort. This was, after all, what a social enterprise is
a business idea would not only make money but
be able to solve certain social problems that would all about. It was a strategy to make money whilst

benefit society. I wrote and rewrote my business doing something good for the community.

pitch until it was meaningful but most importantly, Well, that night, mum and dad invested ten
achievable. When itwas ready, I decidedto approach
my parents first. I wanted to get their feedback and ringgit each for my project and I officially had a

advice. project fund! I was ovedoyed to think that I could
indeed make a difference, no matter how small
That evening after dinner, I asked my mum
and dad to listen to my idea. I asked them to be the impact. I slept well that night, knowing that
totally honest with me because I needed to know
if I was convincing enough to get the funding for everything was going according to plan.
my new project. I wished myself luck because my
The next day was a Saturday. I had two days
dad was a chartered accountant and he was the most to walk around the neighbourhood and convince
likely to ask questions and try to break my case. people to contribute a minimum of one ringgit to

I started by telling them about the problem. I this project. After all, it was for the good of the
community because we have had to deal with
had noticed that the drains around the neighbourhood
were always clogged. There was simply too much smelly drains for a long time. This would be a low-
cost but high-impact solution to our shared problem.
rubbish floating around in the drains. Heavy rain
would cause all the plastics and other garbage in I repeated my social enterprise idea from house to
drains to get washed down and then get stuck in house and in the end, I had a fund of RM580.00.
the pipes that are supposed to let the water out into The total amount surprised me because so many
bigger drains. I then asked my parents to think of a people gave more than the RMI minimum.

cheap but very effective solution. It sfrengthened my belief that everyone can

They thought of some good solutions but do something meaningful and worthwhile if they

turn ideas into action. The difference between those

who do and those who don't is attitude. I believed

in myself and made others believe in me. With the
right attitude, anything is possible. It can transform
the word 'impossible' to 'I'm possible!"

19 In paragraph2,why does the writer use the phrase it would not be a small sum anymore?

A He hoped the project would be very profitable.
B He expected many people to contribute to the fund.
C He thought the amount of money requested was affordable.
D He felt everyone should contribute that amount to the fund.

20 In paragraph 3, what was the writer's plan?

A He wanted his project hashtag to become famous.
B He wanted to convince his parents to sponsor his whole project.
C He wanted to write a business plan that would make a lot of money.
D He wanted to do something for the community while making some money.

21 In paragraph4,why was the writer concerned about his father's response?

A His father was very good with money.
B His father was stricter than his mother.
C His father would not be easy to convince.
D His father would try to get him to change his plan.

22 In paragraph 5, how did the writer start to explain his project?
A He spoke about his solution for the blocked drains.
B He told them about the different ways to unclog drains.
C He explained about the importance of clean drinking water.
D He described the environmental issue that their community was facing.

23 Why did the writer ask his parents to guess his solution?
A He wanted to know if they had a better idea.
B It made them believe theirs was the best solution.
C It was a way to make them donate more than one ringgit to his project.
D He encouraged them to think of solutions on their own before explaining his idea

24 Why was the writer's father supportive of the idea?
A He knew how to make the project possible.
B He wanted his son to do some community service.
C He thought the proposed solution was good and cost-effective.
D He was convinced the other neighbours would help out with the project.

25 Why was the writer surprised about the amount collected?
A It was not as much as he hoPed for.
B People were more generous than he expected.
C They did not think that he would have enough support.
D They wanted to reward him for his effort to solve the problem.

26 What is the purpose of the writer writing this article?

A To recall how he was inspired to do charity
B To share his experience starting a social enterprise
C To look back at how difficult it was to start his project
D To show how his family supported his idea from the start


Questions 27 to 32
You are going to read an article written by a barista at a cafd. Six sentences have been removedfrom the
article. Choose from the sentences A to H the one which fits each gap Q7 to 32). There are two extra

sentences whichyou do not need to use.

Markyour answers onthe separate answer sheet.

All in a Day's Work

I used to love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The aroma of the coffee beans being heated up and
releasing its delicious smells into the air atthe cafe I work in would make me instantly thirsty for a nice

hot cuppa. 27 I guess that is what happens to overworked and underpaid staff when they are no

longer excited to go to work.

A big law firm has set up office beside the caf6 and since then, we have had very good business.
Don't get me wrong, more customers mean higher profits and my boss is smiling all the way to the bank.
28 I wouldn't be complaining if we worked on a commission basis, but we don't.

When I reach home and finally get to sit down and rest, my mind is still working thinking of a

solution. 29 Making a good cup of coffee not only depends on the barista's skill, but it also takes

a lot of time to get it right.

Therefore, I think that the best way to create a win-win situation for everyone is to hire more staff.

I think if we had more workers, we could keep up with all the orders without being run off our feet.

30 More hands make light work, right?

The issue now is how to convince the cafe owner that we should be hiring more staff. 31
We may have to write a letter and get everyone to sign it so that she knows it is a group decision.

On the other hand, we could just nominate one person to tell our boss about it verbally. 32
The last time someone suggested something to her which she did not like, she yelled at the top of her
voice! Nevertheless, I know I have to voice it out because no one else would even dare. Good luck to
myself tomorrow!

A However, these days I dread the smell of E This second option is not so favoured

coffee. because it could have bad consequences

for that person.

B FOf the two choices, I would choose neither. Our boss is very careful with financial

matters so it will be hard to persuade

her that it is necessary.

C To find an answer, we should first analyse G The employees would face less pressure

the problem. and stress.

D They need to pay us a higher salary for the H It also means that we are constantly

pressure that we are facing. on our feet attending non-stop to

customers' orders and needs.


Questions 33 to 40

We interviewed six teenagers about what money monagement means to them. Read the texts below and
answer the questions thatfollow.

A - N,[.IZAN, 16 years old

Learning how to manage money should start from a young age. Children should learn to save

coins and smaller notes first in money boxes and later in personal bank accounts. I believe that
when you start saving money from a young age, it becomes a habit that helps us manage money

better as adults.

B - SUI LING, 14 years old

When I was younger, I helped my grandmother sell dumplings. I realised then that no one need go

hungry if we work hard and know how to save money. I learnt how to manage my money from

my grandmother. We would count out our earnings, put aside money to buy new ingredients then
divide the rest between spending money and savings.

C - CHITRA, L7 years old

I never had to worry about money before the economic downturn. After that, my parents could

no longer afford to buy me a new car for my eighteenth birthday. However, they had practised

good money management when I was a child and had an education savings account for me.

I can still afford to continue my studies.

D - NURUL, 13 years old

My teacher taught us about money management. She told us that we should divide our pocket
money into three categories. We should have different money jars and label them for daily
expenses, savings for emergencies and savings for certain goals like buying a smartphone.
I really want to try her savings technique.

E - AMI& 15 years old

I want to buy games online but my parents told me that it is a waste of money and poor money

management to just spend money on online games. Well, I aim to do well in my studies, get a

good job and earn enough to own my own credit card. I can buy anything online then.

F - NORDIANA, 17 years old

Now that I am in my final year of secondary school, I am starting to worry about financial matters.

I think that our education system doesn't prepare us sufficiently for life after school. I have no

clue how to do things like pay taxes, invest my money in unit trusts or shares, buy life insurance
or pay for a medical card. I think students need a proper course on money management to make
us more financially responsible adults.

Questions 33 to 36

Which paragraph (A-F) describes thefollowing experiences of money management?

Markyour qnswers onthe separate answer sheet.

Statements Paragraph

33 I am notprepared to make goodfinancial decisions.
34 I am interested in a new money management technique.
35 I learned how to manage money through hands-on experience.
36 I am thankful that my parents are forward-thinking in money matters.

Questions 37 to 40

Complete the notes below using information from the text. Choose no more than one word from the
passage for each answer.

Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

What We Know About Money Management

. Those who save money at a (37) age are more likely to manage their money better

as an adult.

. Do not use up all the money your parents give you; (38) it according to different

pu{poses including one for savings alone.

. Owning a credit card is a good idea if you know how to manage your money in a

(3e) way.

. Try not to (40) money on unnecessary things. Instead, learn to set savings goals

so that you can afford to buy the things that you want by yourself instead of getting your parents

to pay forthem.

III9I2 BAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS 2 60 markah (60 marlcs)

1 % jam (1 hour 30 minutes)

. , ; it ir:;: i Ii I il jr I ;i ! :i ir:r; I i ! I i: i:: i::t :: ; : : :l


You mlu;st onswer this question.

Question I

You received an email from your classmate Zainah who has just been asked to be your partner for a

science project.


I'm glad that our science teacher selected us as partners for our science project.
Let's do something about insects. What should we do and what will we need for the
project? Who will do the presentation?

l'll be waiting for your reply.


Now write an email to yourfriend in tbout80 words . Write your answer below.


You mast onswer this question. Write your answer in 125- 150 words in an appropriate style.

Question 2
Your class has been discussing how modern inventions have made life easier and your teacher has asked
you to write an essay about an invention that has eased your life.
In your essay, you should write about:

. what modern invention has made a big difference in your life
. reasons for your choice
. why it is so important to you

Write your essay using all the notes and giving reasons for your point of view.

i$*#u ,

- -Write an answer to one o.f the questions 3 5 in this part. Write your onswer in 200 250 words in an

appropriate style on this question paper. Put the question number in the box at the top of the onswer spoce.

Question 3
You see this notice on the board outside the school library.


Our School Bookshop

What are your suggestions to improve the school bookshop?
How would this benefit the students?
What is another service your school bookshop should provide?

Write us an article answering these questions. G

The best article will be published in the school magazine.

Write your article.

Question 4
Your teacher has asked you to write a report for a school magazine. The report must have the title:

Beach Clean-Up

Your report should include:

. a description of the beach clean-up event
. what happened during the activity

Writeyour report.

Question 5
Your teacher has asked you to write a story for a school magazine. The story must have the title:

My Financial Goal

Your story should include:

. a description ofthe financial goaVambition
. how the goaVambition was achieved

Write your story.

III9I3 BAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS 3 24 markah (24 marl<s)

l3 minit (13 minutes)

Phase l

Good morning / afternoon.

I'm ... and this is my colleague... She'll just listen to us.

First of all, we'd like to know something about you.

Main questions Back-up prompts

ACandidate What's your name? Should I call you ...?

Thank you.

Candidate B And what's your name?

Thank you.

Candidate A Where do you live / come from? Do you live in ...?

Candidate B How do you come to school? Do you come to school by ...?

Thank you. Ihese nofes
are for teacherl
Phase 2 interlocutor use.

Interlocutor r$sIeef i ::i : ,: : : : I i : ! : : i : : i i ; i ,r ::l: : : :i
Now I'm going to ask you about your daily routine.
,,,Ofi6, ;i I tr: :r i i i i i r ir r i . i : : : i i:l I ! :l i:,: ; i i i

:itrof,;trt,:rffi G,li6r

,,quesffons,, :f,{:af t : f#b, .,,Iffi

fo ask the candidates.'

llse candidates'names


Main questions Back-up prompts

What do you normally do after you wake What is the first thing you do every day?
What do you do when you get home from
What do you usually do after coming back school every day?
from school? What do you do when you have free time?
What do you do on Friday'SaturdayiSunday?
How do you spend your leisure time?

What do you do on weekends?

Thank you.

Note . ..



Ihese notes

Interlocutor In this part of the test, I'm going to give each of you a topic and I'd like you are for teacherl
to talk about it on your own for about a minute. You also need to answer a interlocutor use,

question briefly about your partner's topic. iFl##,.ffifif,:W,i

(Candidate A), it's your turn first. Here's your task. opff, af -TaS( *4, ,r?
fmt of qa4Or4*e-n.
I'd like you to talk about the importance of having a savings account.

First, you have some time to think about what you're going to say. I

Candidate A &- I
wr+r qpprox. I

Nlow candidate 2O
seconds to preparc.

20 seconds i
Interlocutor A11 right? You may start now. i

Candidate A What can you say about this point? i,B,acft"u6'..,prumBf$.
tL) I minute Tell me about .... (e.g. Tell me about this point.)
ifbi..,.,i G;'.''.,tr d,,...1

..n ,.'( ,

,,P ff:F t$..,..., belo #.,.iohillg r,',ili,:is

Interlocutor Thank you.

(Candidate B), do you have a savings account? Why? / Why not?

Would you encourage your family members to have savings accounts?

Candidate B Ratrieve Part 2

S oppro*. boaktet. Place Paft

20 seconds 2 Qogklet, open at

Interlocutor Thank you. (Candidate A) Can I have the booklet, please? Task 28, in front of

Qandidate B.

Now, (Candidate B), here's your ksk. I'd like you to talk about debit cards

and their uses. First, you have some time to think about what you're going to say.

Candidate B A11 right? You may start now.

uJ,-.T* approx.

20 seconds


Candidate B iBac#'rr 1;Pt1}.ffifs
ffi t minute
What can you say about this point? ,.h..fO.1,1,;,$C .,u,$,ed.,.,,.if
Tell me about ... (e.g. Tell me about this point.) p.#ampts.. .,,,,, b$l$1ry,'


Interlocutor Thank you. e,,[#ig, . O,bJi,Q,,'/.{,,,JS

Candidate A (Candidate A), do you think a debit card is necessary? Why? ,fincfU ...tO1,ime#e

N,#tj approx. Thank you. (Candidate B) Can I have the booklet, please? #, ag,€.;,c.f,l.0fe€ri:r:,:,,

20 seconds ,

Interlocutor T



,6gg*lgf;. .,.,i f . r, . i,,

Note ,f,fi.ese,no.,fig$i.4, .:

Interlocutor Now, I'd like you to talk about something together for about three minutes. Ihese nofes
The task will have two parts. In the first part, you will discuss something are for teacher/
with each other for about two minutes. Then, in the second part, you will interlocutor use.
have another minute to make a decision together. All right? Let's begin
with the discussion task. .Fart,.;,;:.,3,

Crime happens in our country every day. open at


Here are some reasons why people commit crimes and a question for
you to discuss. First, you have some time to look at the task.

Candidates A & B i;,i fffiiEsi i: l. . ,r,i::,:I: i r:: : : I I ,ii::,I: i: : : i

$ oppro* 20 seconds I i ::

Interlocutor Now, talk to each other about the reasons why crimes happen daily. .lfo,#1er

Candidates A & B Back-up
ffi 2 minutes

What do you think [candidate name]?
What about this?

Interlocutor Thank you. Now you have about a minute to decide together which is
the main reason people commit crimes.

Candidates A & B

($ I minute

Interlocutor Thank you. Can I have the booklet, please?

You've been talking about why people commit crimes, now let's hear

your opinion on this. In what ways is cyberbullying a crime in this

modern era?

. What do you think?
. Do you agree?
. How about you?

Candidates A & B

6 2 minutes

Interlocutor Thank you, [Candidate A and Candidate Bl. That's the end of the

Speaking test.

PE*lE;it;i,Gffi U,i$.ry,BO'oKEET fl#

Savings accounts

Talk about savings accounts.
You should say:
. what a savings account is for

. why it is important to have one

. if it is beneficial for you to have one (why/why


. why more Malaysian youths should open a

savings account

,Paft:2 :;illiriii:ri it:iii'!ll:1ilir.


Debit cards

Talk about debit cards.
You should say:
o what a debit card is for

. why it is better than cash

. if you would like to have one in the future (why/

why not?)

. why people in Malaysia should use them wisely

-:i:i i.:a::::ii: : :',1:::::ia,


Task 3

.ffior-al.s greedy in luenced

Why do hy, ,,lli6nfl$
commit selfish

Ia6 .I : ,:t:t:i:t:i: i i,


, .f l i ,

.m:Ud il$.

III9I4 BAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS 4 30 markah (30 marlcs)

40 minit (40 minutes)

General instructions: Track I I

, l,i l l l:l:::ll::i: i:lfii:iiiili W


Questions 1 to 7 Track 12

You will hear people talking in seven different situations. For questions I to 7, choose the correct answer
(A,8, orC).

Youwill hear eachrecording twice. Answer all the questions.

I The caller wants confirmation about
A sharing a gift
B buying a card
C shopping for a present

2 Which group would find the rock-climbing centre suitable?
A Children about 2 years old
B Children below 6 years old
C Children aged 7 years or older

3 According to the speaker, the gender of a baker
A brings many advantages
B gives one a chance at fame
C does not affect one's talent

4 What made the girl question her career choice?
A The trendy designs at the fashion show.
B The impractical fashion designs showcased.
C The poor colour choices of the clothes on display.

5 According to the girl, the concert
A felt the same as a recording
B had a large and noisy crowd
C was being recorded on television

6 What makes this bookshop unique?
A The comfortable chairs are for sale.
B The signs not allowing food and drinks.
C Customers may read the books before buying.

7 What advice was given to members of the public?
A Stay away from higher ground
B Report any cases of vehicle breakdowns
C Do not go out unless absolutely necessary

iiii# ,ii,I::.:::::::tii:i :::.:., .:: .


Questions 8 to 15 Track 13 W

You will hear Aiman talking about his job as a lab assistant. For questions 8 to 15, circle the correct
answer (A,8, or C).

You will hear the recordingtwice. Answer all the questions.

8 What is Aiman doing at the talk?
A Giving advice to new jobseekers
B Gaining new experiences about careers
C Offering tips on how to impress interviewers

9 Why did Aiman want to work in research and development at first?
A He had experience in research.
B He had suitable academic qualifications.
C He had always dreamed of being a scientist.

10 What challenges did Aiman face during his job search?

A He did not have any transportation.
B He could not get any interviews.
C He failed to secure a job.

11 Why was Aiman looking mainly for city-based jobs?

A He was more familiar with city life.
B He knew all the best jobs were in the city.
C He thought rural areas had no jobs available.

12 Aiman's main responsibility now is looking after the

A tourists
B turtle eggs
C baby turtles

13 What did Aiman do to get better at his job?

A He did research and studied on his own.
B He relied on what he learned in university.
C He improved hatching conditions for the turtles.

14 What is the part of the job that Aiman finds most enjoyable?

A Releasing baby turtles
B Watching turtles lay eggs
C Looking after the incubators

15 What advice does Aiman give to the participants?

A Find work that suits your qualifications
B Expect all your plans to change a lot
C Be open to trying something new

,:.1 i: i: tr it: t:: : ! i it:i ! !i:i t: i i::t ! it lii !t I rt I i : t:r it ! i t6to2o @;))i*c,(rir ffi


You will hear five short extracts in which people ore talking obout online learning. For questions
16 to 20, choosefrom the list (Ato G) what each speaker says. Use the letters only once. There are two

extra letters whichyou do not need to use.

You will hear the recording Rvice. Answer all the questions.

A Unable to access online classes Speaker I t6
Speaker 2
B Excited to do online research and Speaker 3 18
Speaker 4 20
submit tasks given Speaker 5

C Need to consider all points of view

D Will save up to buy a new smartphone

E Prefers to teach in a traditional


F Avoids online classes because they are

too hard

G Has everything required but still

cannot focus

::i. I I ::.::t.:,.,_ i:

,,ii:iffiffiu#,,,,, ffi

Questions 21 to 30 Track 15

You will hear a woman called Diana Fariha, talking about her online business. For questions 2l to 30,
fill in the missing information in each numbered space.

Use NO MORE THAN ONE WORD/or each space.

Youwill hear the interviewtwice. Answer all the questions.

Careers with a Difference

Diana Fariha already has a stable job as a (21) for a private clinic. However, she also

has an online business which provides her with some side income. Diana works a fuII day at the clinic

before spending her night on growing her online business.

She started her online business by chance when she was actually (22)

for masks and mask extenders on a popular online shopping site. She soon realised that
she could easily order the raw materials for mask extenders and make them using her

own (23) She thought she could make them for her personal use and

hoped that friends would buy some too. She was pleasantly surprised when her colleagues

(24) some from her immediately. After she completed these orders, she did some

(2s) on other possible items she could use in her future designs. She also learned

how to set up her own vendor page on the shopping site through some (26)

At first, she did worry about various things that could go wrong with the online business. Luckily,

no one wrote any negative (27) or made any complaints. Soon, the business

took off'! Diana is grateful for the (28) of customers as well as ftiends and family.

She advises young entrepreneurs to (29) their businesses with hard work and

dedication. As long as they have the correct (30) they will be able to make any online

business a success.

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