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BN Classroom Library Catalog

BN Catalog



Each Classroom Library was assembled by a literacy expert
who designed each one to t the needs of the ever changing
educational spectrum.

We Make
It Easy!


Classroom Libraries Our Classroom Libraries support balanced
literacy instruction and are an integral part of a
Front bin label, literacy-rich environment.
clearly stating the We can create a Customized Classroom Library
name and ISBN of for you if you don’t nd what you are looking for.
the Classroom Library
Our Classroom Libraries:

Our books and materials support independent
reading, partner reading, guided reading,
content area instruction and book discussions.

Customized Classroom Libraries:

We will customize any classroom library just
for you. We know your time and resources are
limited and we are here to help.

Lit Kits Teacher’s guide An extensive research-based teacher's guide
comes with containing time-saving, inspiring lesson plans is
BUD, NOT every Lit Kit partnered with multiple copies of the aligned
BUDDY book for a complete learning experience.

Full Classroom Front bin label, Our Lit Kits will help you guide your
Lit Kit clearly stating the students through the basics of
name and ISBN of literature study:
the Classroom Library
• How to clarify the plot construction of a novel and
describe how the main connict is resolved

• How the personalities of a story innuence the plot
and theme of the story

• How to compare the general themes in literature


• 5,600+ Classroom Libraries
• 1,000+ Lit Kits with Instructional Materials, Lesson Plans, and Studen Assessment tools.
If you don’t see what you need, we will find it for you.


sctw aEphhsaheaescocnehtngmdreiCuebnelmsgladei.gssdesndoreboufdyoctamaehtaeiLlocitinhebeavrroleaanrrceyy was Table of Contents
to fit Language Arts.................................................

Acslotlmasneedtiasnrdoubrin. Early Childhood............................................................ 6
ELA................................................................................ 8
Curriculum Kits........................................................... 12
Comprehension Strategies......................................... 14
Favorite Authors......................................................... 18
Favorite Series............................................................ 26
Award Winners .......................................................... 32
Genre Studies............................................................. 34
Hi-Lo........................................................................... 46
Social-Emotional Learning.......................................... 48
Read-Along Kits.......................................................... 49
Lit Kits......................................................................... 50
Leveled Libraries......................................................... 52


Math Libraries By Grade............................................. 58
Math Concepts........................................................... 60
Everyday Math............................................................ 62
MathStart................................................................... 64


Science Libraries By Grade......................................... 66
Next Generation Science Standards........................... 68
Science Scope and Sequence..................................... 69

Social Studies..................................................

Social Studies Libraries By Grade................................ 74
Biographies................................................................. 77

Spanish................................................................ 84


Early Childhood Starter Classroom Libraries

If you’re just beginning your preschool or early elementary Classroom Library,
these sets are the perfect place to start. This mix of classic and contemporary
titles will also integrate seamlessly into your existing collections.

Terrific Read-Alouds- PreK-K Bonus Read-Alouds- PreK-K

Set of 25 Books Set of 25 Books

9781456976064 With Storage Bins $395.98 9781456976088 With Storage Bins $207.22

Basic Concepts- PreK-K Sight Word Readers- PreK-K

Set of 25 Books Set of 20 Books

9781456976101 With Storage Bins $259.80 9781456976125 With Storage Bins $76.30

Multicultural Texts - PreK-K Social-Emotional Learning - PreK-K

Set of 15 Books Set of 20 Books

9781456976149 With Storage Bins $153.87 9781456976163 With Storage Bins $187.22

Early Childhood STEAM Texts - PreK-K Interactive Picture Books - PreK-K

Set of 20 Books Set of 15 Books

9781456976187 With Storage Bins $205.06 9781456976200 With Storage Bins $236.41


Early Childhood

A whimsical, fun collection of books that Children love poetry.
makes learning the ABC’s a delight for the Here is a wonderful set
whole family. for the youngest readers.

ABC’s- PreK-2 Poetry- PreK

Set of 12 Books Set of 10 Books

9781456972240 With Storage Bins $122.34 9781456978822 With Storage Bins $110.32

Byron Barton books for young children Classic Seuss titles in sturdy board
are highly acclaimed and are a welcome book format.
addition to any PreK-K library.
Dr. Seuss Board Book Collection- PreK-2
Byron Barton- PreK-K
Set of 12 Books
Set of 15 Books
9781456976262 With Storage Bins $73.38
9781456973063 With Storage Bins $163.35

Sturdy board book versions by the beloved creator of brilliantly illustrated and
innovatively designed picture books for young children.

Eric Carle Board Book Collection 1 PreK-2 Eric Carle Board Book Collection 2 Pre K-2

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books

9781456976224 With Storage Bins $141.33 9781456976248 With Storage Bins $139.41

Early Childhood


Early Childhood Tana Hoban Early Concepts- PreK-2

Leslie Patricelli Board Books - PreK-K Set of 8 Books

Set of 12 Books 9781456973803 With Storage Bins $66.38

9781456976286 With Storage Bins $92.44 Using brilliant photography, Hoban created
outstanding concept books, presenting difficult
The pitch perfect humor and bright illustrations in concepts through familiar objects and surroundings.
these classic board books will delight your young

Re-versed Rhymes Board Books PreK-K Gossie and Friends Board Books

Set of 15 Books Set of 8 Books

9781456976347 With Storage Bins $143.41 9781456976361 With Storage Bins $72.48

These aren’t the nursery rhymes you grew-up with - Follow the adventures of these small goslings with
these fun, re-versed rhymes tell the same beloved big personalities with this set of board books.
tales, with a fun, modern twist!

Early Childhood



Wordless Books K-5

S97e8t1o4f526097B2o8o8k2s With Storage Bins $227.22
Wordless books are books that contain illustrations but no text,
allowing students to use their imagination to create their own
stories. These books give students an opportunity to hone their
writing skills, which helps them build foundations of language,
basic story structure, and an understanding of the relation-
ship between pictures and words. Students at all levels are
provided with learning opportunities, from labeling pictures to
strengthening their understanding of story and plot.

First Day of School K-2

Set of 10 Books

9781456972424 With Storage Bins $109.54

Calm your students’ fears and mirror their excitement
with this collection of titles dealing with the range of
emotions present on the First Day of School.

Ruth Heller World of Language K-3

Set of 8 Books

9781456974060 With Storage Bins $78.42

Heller’s group of clever titles about the parts of
speech are classics. Brightly colored illustrations
and rhymes instruct and entertain.

All sets


ELA CAbetoCiKmuxnhwhtopedeirnlenrwoeweirrvacietoeseanhlerr’lsca,lsvdtuieAfohilarstftnivsrushsoioi.rorclnreoinaCbiestusnore,g,aomahfrrsptyoato,uhrrneeiedirts,he
and more.
Cinderella Around the World K-8

Set of 15 Books

9781456973124 With Storage Bins $168.31

ELA Grammar All-Stars K-8

Set of 15 Books

9781456975845 With Storage Bins $164.00

Grammar comes to life in this fun series, in
which entertaining sports events reinforce
language arts skills. Buzz Star teams up with
a kid reporter to call the action as they share
tips on grammar. Memorable sports personalities,
exciting play, and amusing broadcast banter are
sure to score with readers!

Wordplay Grades 4-8

Set of 15 Books

9781456975937 List Price $156.73

Help your students
further master the
English language with
this collection of fun
and funny books on

Idioms Grades 4-8

Set of 10 Books

9781456975906 With Storage Bins $100.24

Mastery of idioms promotes
fluency and lively, colorful
self-expression. With this
resource you can use idioms
to develop your students’
critical thinking skills.



We Make It Easy! Custom
• 80,000+Titles Chosen by Literacy Experts
• 5,600+ Classroom Libraries Library
• 1,000 + Curriculum and Lit Kits that

Include Instructional Materials,
Lesson Plans, and Student
Assessment Tools

At Classroom Library Company
custom work is our specialty!



Comprehension Strategies K-2

Reading comprehension strategies are specifically taught
in most early reading classrooms, and can also be taught in
later grades with great success. Comprehension strategies
can be practiced in many ways, such as questioning the
readings, filling out worksheets such as KWL (Know,
Want to Know, Want to Learn), or working with graphic
organizers. The titles in these sets will help support the
teaching of specific comprehension skills by offering
students stellar examples.

Visualizing: K-2 Set of 12 Books

9781456975029 With Storage Bins: $113.34

Best ValueCoCmompSrpeeltheteoenfCs9ioo6lnleBScttoirooantke:sgK!i-e2s

Determining Importance: K-2 Set of 12 Books

9781456975043 With Storage Bins: $136.34

BLoeoakrsniMngakFeun! Summarizing: K-2 Set of 12 Books

12 9781456975067 With Storage Bins: $119.34


Questioning: K-2 Set of 12 Books Synthesizing: K-2 Set of 12 Books

9781456975081 With Storage Bins: $101.38 9781456975142 With Storage Bins: $123.34

Connecting: K-2 Set of 12 Books Predicting: K-2 Set of 12 Books

9781456975104 With Storage Bins: $107.38 9781456975166 With Storage Bins: $114.26

Inferring: K-2 Set of 12 Books Comprehension Strategies
Complete Collection: K-2 Set of 96 Books
9781456975128 With Storage Bins: $109.34
9781456975180 With Storage Bins: $883.85


Comprehension Strategies 3-5

Rstrcgtaeearruaaanagdtddheaiienntglgssgiioenwccsbolimatamehsorpsetsrrgateosruheopegmeaaehtrnctslsi,yfsiiioauncncnalcdaleltysesr. Comprehension strategies can be practiced
in many ways, such as questioning the
readings, filling out worksheets such as
KWL (Know, Want to Know, Want to Learn),
or working with graphic organizers. The
titles in these sets will help support the
teaching of specific comprehension skills by
offering students stellar examples of books
matching the target strategy.

Visualizing: 3-5 Set of 12 Books

9781456975203 With Storage Bins: $104.34

Summarizing: 3-5 Set of 12 Books

9781456975227 With Storage Bins: $98.39

Comprehension Connecting: 3-5 Set of 12 Books
9781456975241 With Storage Bins: $100.34


Questioning: 3-5 Set of 12 Books Predicting: 3-5 Set of 12 Books

9781456975265 With Storage Bins: $110.34 9781456975289 With Storage Bins: $115.38

Determining Importance: 3-5 Set of 12 Books Inferring: 3-5 Set of 12 Books

9781456975326 With Storage Bins: $130.45 9781456975302 With Storage Bins: $121.35

Synthesizing: 3-5 Set of 12 Books Comprehension Strategies
Complete Collection: 3-5 Set of 94 Books
9781456975340 With Storage: Bins $122.30
9781456975364 With Storage Bins: $842.41


Favorite Authors Favorite Authors

Peter Brown
Grades K-2 Set of 8 Books

9781456974138 List Price: $121.95

Growing up in New Jersey, Peter Brown
told stories by drawing whimsical
characters and scenes from his
imagination. As a teenager, he fell in
love with writing, and told his tales with
words. In college, these worlds collided.
Peter has won multiple awards for his
work, including a Caldecott Honor in
2013 for his work on Aaron Reynolds’s
Creepy Carrots.

Eric Carle Set 1 Classroom Library
Grades K-2 Set of 16 Books

9781456972370 List Price: $181.84

Eric Carle Set 2 Classroom Library
Grades K-2 Set of 18 Books

9781456972394 List Price: $202.82

Eric Carle is the creator of more
than 70 brilliantly illustrated and
innovatively designed picture
books for very young children. His
best-known work, The Very Hungry
Caterpillar, has been translated into
more than 50 languages and sold
over 33 million copies.

Dr. Seuss Set 1 Classroom Library
Grades K-2 Set of 15 Books

9781456974596 List Price $179.85

Dr. Seuss Set 2 Classroom Library
Grades K-2 Set of 15 Books

9781456974619 List Price: $204.86

Theodor Seuss Geisel was an
American writer, poet, and cartoonist
most widely known for his 46
children’s books written under the
pen names Dr. Seuss and
Theo LeSieg.


Mem Fox Favorite Authors
Grades K-2 Set of 14 Books

9781456974442 With Storage Bins: $123.36

Mem Fox was born in Australia, grew
up in Africa, studied drama in England,
and returned to Adelaide, Australia
in 1970, where she has lived with her
husband, Malcolm, and daughter Chloë,
happily ever after. She is Australia’s most
highly regarded picture book author. As
Associate Professor in Literacy Studies
she taught teachers for twenty four years
and continues her role as an influential
international consultant in literacy.

Kevin Henkes-Young Readers
Grades K-2 Set of 18 Books

9781456974275 List Price: $150.82

Henkes first picture book was published
in 1981 at the age of 19. Henkes won the
2004 Newbery Honor for Olive’s Ocean,
a 1994 Caldecott Honor for Owen, and a
2005 Caldecott Medal for Kitten’s First
Full Moon. His innate understanding
of children and young people shines
through his picture books and novels.

Ezra Jack Keats

Grades K-2 Set of 12 Books

9781456974626 With Storage Bins $89.38

Long before multicultural characters
and themes were commonplace,
Ezra Jack Keats crossed social
boundaries by being the first
American picture-book maker to
give black children a central place in
children’s literature. His books are
recognized for their universal
children’s themes and close-knit
urban neighborhood settings.


Favorite Authors Favorite Authors

Cynthia Rylant
Grades K-2 Set of 15 Books

9781456974541 With Storage Bins: $112.35

Whether writing picture books,
chapter books, or novels, this
Newbery Medalist is a true
wordsmith. Rylant presents
young people’s experiences with
sensitivity and perceptiveness,
branding her protagonists’
concerns as legitimate and equally
important as those of adults.

Maurice Sendak
Grades K-2 Set of 12 Books

9781456974428 With Storage Bins: $104.15

Sendak illustrated more than a hundred
picture books throughout his 60-year career.
He was known for taking characters, stories,
and inspirations from among his own
neighbors, family, pop culture, historical
sources, and long-held childhood memories.
He won numerous awards as both a writer
and an illustrator, including the Caldecott
Medal and the National Book Award.

Mo Willems
Grades K-2 Set of 12 Books

9781456974794 With Storage Bins: $209.88

Mo Willems’ works in children’s books,
animation, television, theater, and bubble
gum card painting have garnered him
3 Caldecott Honors, 2 Geisel Medals,
6 Emmy Awards, and many more. His fun
and funny books are sure to delight your


Steve Jenkins Favorite Authors

Grades K-5 Set of 20 Books

9781456973605 With Storage Bins: $208.18

As a child, Caldecott Honor winner Steve
Jenkins kept a menagerie of lizards, turtles,
spiders, and other animals, and frequently
blew things up in his small chemistry lab.
Now, Jenkins has written and illustrated
thirty eye-popping and inventive picture
books for young readers, many based in
the natural world he grew to love as a

Beverly Cleary
Grades 3-5 Set of 20 Books

9781456972981 With Storage Bins: $159.30

Newbery Medalist Beverly Cleary is one of the
most beloved authors of children’s literature.
Although she writes about the trials of the young,
especially about Ramona and Beatrix Quimby
and their friends, she doesn’t dwell on problems,
but instead stresses the many joys of childhood
in works that are filled with amusing situations
and details.

Roald Dahl
Grades 3-5 Set of 24 Books

9781456974107 With Storage Bins: $198.26

British writer Dahl rose to
prominence in the 1940s with
works for both children and adults,
and has been referred to as “one
of the greatest storytellers for
children of the 20th century.” His
children’s books are known for their
unsentimental, often very dark


Favorite Authors Favorite Authors

Kate DiCamillo
Grades 3-5 Set of 15 Books

9781456972646 With Storage Bins: $109.35

Kate DiCamillo, two-time winner of the
Newbery Medal, writes for both children
and adults and likes to think of herself
as a storyteller. Her masterfully crafted
books have won her numerous other
awards and honors. Kate and her dog,
Henry, live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Andrew Clements
Grades 5-6 Set of 15 Books

9781456972264 With Storage Bins: $126.41

Clements credits his becoming a
writer with the fact that he was a
reader first. Over ten million of his
books have sold to date and he has
been nominated for a multitude of state
awards and has won two Christopher
Awards and an Edgar Award. He lives
with his wife in central Massachusetts
and has four grown children.

Sharon Creech
Grades 5-6 Set of 10 Books

9781456973568 With Storage Bins: $79.40

Sharon Creech is the Newbery Medal-
winning author of Walk Two Moons.
Many of her books feature strong female
characters and a variety of coming-of-age
story lines. Although many also deal with
the themes of loss and abandonment,
Creech has a light touch and balances the
serious side with joy and hope.


Christopher Paul Curtis Favorite Authors
Grades 5-6 Set of 8 Books

9781456973162 With Storage Bins: $68.42

Curtis’s much-praised first novel
literally changed its author’s life
by allowing him to finally fulfill
his dream of becoming a full-time
writer. In 2000 he became the first
African-American man to win the
Newbery Medal. Curtis confronts
powerful issues in his books --
racism, family, love, and hope are
recurring themes.

Linda Sue Park
Grades 5-6 Set of 8 Books

9781456974725 With Storage Bins $67.42

Linda Sue Park, the daughter of Korean
immigrants, has been writing poems and
stories since she was four years old, and her
favorite thing to do as a child was read. She
started her career by retelling Korean folk
tales, and has since published several novels,
as well as picture books, poems and short
stories. A Single Shard won the Newbery
Medal in 2002.

Katherine Paterson

Grades 5-6 Set of 15 Books

9781456972660 With Storage Bins $117.35

Katherine Paterson, a two-time
Newbery Medalist and National Book
Award winner, was named the second
National Ambassador for Young People’s
Literature in 2010. Her international fame
rests not only on her widely acclaimed
novels but also on her efforts to
promote literacy in the United States
and abroad.


Favorite Authors Favorite Authors

Laurie Halse Anderson
Grades 7-8 Set of 8 Books

9781456974701 With Storage Bins: $84.42

Laurie Halse Anderson is known for
tackling tough subjects with humor
and sensitivity, and her work has
earned numerous ALA and state
awards. Two of her books, Speak
and Chains, were National Book
Award finalists. She lives in northern
New York.

Sharon Draper
Grades 7-8 Set of 11 Books

9781456975661 With Storage Bin:s $101.39

Dr. Sharon M. Draper is a professional
educator as well as an accomplished
writer. She has been honored as the
National Teacher of the Year, is a
five-time winner of the Coretta Scott
King Award, and is a New York Times
bestselling author of fiction, nonfiction
and poetry.

John Green
Grades 7-8 Set of 6 Books

9781456973384 With Storage Bins: $74.44

Printz Award-winner John Green is one
of the most popular writers for young
adults today. Two of his New York
Times-bestselling novels have been
turned into movies, with more planned
for the future. Green’s books have
been published in more than a dozen


Lois Lowry - Older Readers Favorite Authors

Grades 7-8 Set of 8 Books

9781456974343 With Storage Bins: $101.38

Lois Lowry is the author of over 20
novels for children and has won the
Newbery Medal twice, for Number
the Stars and The Giver. She told
Contemporary Authors that she
measures her success as an author
by her ability to “help adolescents
answer their own questions about life,
identity and human relationships.”

Walter Dean Myers
Grades 7-8 Set of 20 Books

9781456975401 With Storage Bins: $197.36

Walter Dean Myers is credited with
helping to redefine the image of African
Americans in children’s literature, and
is regarded as one of the best American
writers for young people. He served
as the National Ambassador for Young
People’s Literature and wrote more than
100 books before his death in 2014.

Jacqueline Woodson
Grades 7-8 Set of 15 Books

9781456975548 With Storage Bins $126.35

A former drama therapist for runaways
and homeless children in New York
City, Jacqueline Woodson is now a
multiple Newbery Honor winner, a
two-time National Book Award finalist,
winner of a Coretta Scott King Award
and three Coretta Scott King Honors,
and the recipient of the Margaret A.
Edwards Award for her contributions to
young adult literature.


Favorite Series Elephant and Piggie Early Readers
Grades K-2 Set of 14 Books
Curious George
Grades K-2 Set of 20 Books 9781456972349 With Storage Bins: $148.42
The Elephant and Piggie books have quickly become new
9781456972462 With Storage Bins: $115.22 classics in the world of early readers. Mo Willems has won
The endless curiosity and exploits of this mischievous multiple Geisel Awards for this outstanding and popular
monkey are universally enjoyed by generations of children. series about these friends’ adventures.

George and Martha Early Readers Henry and Mudge
Grades K-2 Set of 5 Books
Grades K-2 Set of 20 Books
9781456973346 With Storage Bins: $31.45
These hilarious and heartwarming stories about 9781456974244 With Storage Bins: $86.30
the world’s two best friends define the essence of Henry and his big, affectionate dog, Mudge, share domestic
friendship. adventures full of humor and warm emotion. Family and simple,
everyday pleasures matter a good deal in these early reader stories.

Annie and Snowball Mr. Putter & Tabby
Grades K-2 Set of 10 Books Grades K-2 Set of 18 Books

9781456974220 With Storage Bins: $46.40 9781456972707 With Storage Bins: $114.32
Annie and her pet bunny, Snowball, love living next door to This series about the lovable Mr. Putter and his skittish cat,
Annie’s favorite cousin, Henry, and his big dog, Mudge. Tabby, will entertain and delight new readers.
They also love frilly things, playing dress-up, and going on
Favorite Series adventures together! Annie also loves to read, especially
when her fluffy bunny, Snowball, is curled up beside her.


Branches Chapter Books Set 1
Grades K-3 Set of 20 Books

9781456975784 With Storage Bins $106.30

Scholastic proudly presents Branches - a unique line of books
specifically designed for newly independent readers who are
ready to make the exciting leap from leveled readers, but not
quite prepared for a traditional chapter book.

Branches Chapter Books Set 2
Grades K-3 Set of 20 Books

9781456975807 With Storage Bins: $106.30

Captain Awesome Greetings From Somewhere
Grades K-3 Set of 12 Books
Grades K-3 Set of 7 Books
9781456973667 With Storage Bins: $78.38
Eight year-old Eugene McGillicudy is on a mission to protect the 9781456973742 With Storage Bins: $48.43
universe from a comical, quirky cast of “bad guys” like Queen Eight year-old twins Ethan and Ella have embarked on the adventure
StinkyPants, Dr. Spinach and Mister Drools. Luckily, his superhero of a lifetime: they’re traveling around the world! With a travel-
alter-ego is none other than Captain Awesome! writer mother, and an aloof professor for a father, the twins manage
to find time in every foreign city to explore it themselves. Ethan is a
soccer star who loves adventure, and Ella is an intuitive bookworm,
but they have one thing in common: they both love a good mystery.

Heidi Heckelbeck Frankly Frannie Favorite Series
Grades K-2 Set of 12 Books Grades 1-3 Set of 9 Books

9781456973681 With Storage Bins: $77.38 9781456973308 With Storage Bins: $58.41
Heidi Hecklebeck seems like any other eight-year-old, but she Frannie Miller loves grown-up things and can’t wait to be a grown-up
has a secret: She’s a witch in disguise! Careful to keep her powers herself. She want to impress everyone, but when her over-eager
hidden (but excited to use them all the same), Heidi’s learning to desire to prove her maturity gets her into trouble, she doesn’t quite
live like any other kid - who just happens to be a witch. know how to make it right. Join Frannie as she tries out various
careers and gets herself into all kinds of trouble.


Favorite Series

Katie Woo Words Are Categorical
Grades 1-3 Set of 20 Books Grades 1-3 Set of 15 Books

9781456974282 With Storage Bins: $125.50 9781456974046 With Storage Bins: $110.75
Spunky and styling Katie Woo stars in these lighthearted books This series makes its mark with cartoon characters and
about growing up. This series examines life changes and school life rhymes that provide grammar instruction in a clear
through the eyes of a bright, friendly young girl. lighthearted way. The set will help build vocabulary
and model better writing.

Ricky Ricotta Fudge
Grades 2-3 Set of 7 Books
Grades 3-4 Set of 5 Books
9781456972783 With Storage Bins: $48.43
Little Ricky Ricotta has a problem: the bullies at school pick on 9781456973902 With Storage Bins: $46.45
him all the time. Until one day, he saves the life of a mighty robot. Fans young and old will laugh out loud at the irrepressible wit of
Together Ricky and Robot face the bullies and save the world. Peter Hatcher, the hilarious antics of mischievous Fudge, and the
unbreakable confidence of know-it-all Sheila Tubman.

Favorite Series Geronimo Stilton Set 1
Grades 3-4 Set of 20 Books

9781456975500 With Storage Bins: $166.30

Geronimo Stilton Set 2
Grades 3-4 Set of 20 Books

9781456975524 With Storage Bins: $166.30
Geronimo Stilton, globe-trotting publisher of The Rodent’s
Gazette, writes about his many adventures. The comic-book-
inspired design features cartoon illustrations and the dialogue
is full of cheesy puns.


Ivy and Bean Judy Moody
Grades 3-4 Set of 10 Books Grades 3-4 Set of 10 Books

9781456972608 With Storage Bins: $66.40 9781456975586 With Storage Bins: $66.40
The Ivy and Bean books are about the adventures - and disasters - Meet Judy Moody, a third grader with plenty of attitude.
created by an unlikely team. Bean is loud and wild and goofy. Ivy She has moods to fit every occasion and special faces she
is quiet and full of ideas. But they’re great friends. makes to go with them.

Stink Magic Tree House: Fact Trackers
Grades K-3 Set of 8 Books Grades 3-4 Set of 20 Books

9781456975609 With Storage Bins: $46.42 9781456983284 With Storage Bins: $146.30
Meet Judy’s younger brother Stink, a kid who pictures himself These nonfiction Fact Trackers were developed as companions to
with super powers to deal with the travails of everyday life - Jack and Annie’s time traveling adventures.
including the occasional teasing of a bossy big sister!

Magic Tree House Favorite Series
Grades 3-4 Set of 20 Books

9781456983246 With Storage Bins: $126.30

Magic Tree House: Merlin Missions
Grades 3-4 Set of 20 Books

9781456983260 With Storage Bins: $126.30
A magic tree house filled with books transports Jack and
Annie on adventures through time to different places in the
world. The siblings use books, riddles, codes and courage to
solve problems, complete missions, and help those in need.


Favorite Series All sets
come in our
Jake Maddox Sports Stories standard
Grades 3-5 Set of 20 Books
9781456975708 With Storage Bins: $125.50
Jake Maddox has surfed in Hawaii, scuba-dived in Australia, and
climbed the mountains of Peru and Alaska. Each of his stories is
stamped with teamwork, fair play, and a strong sense of self-
worth and discipline. He hopes the lessons learned on the court,
field, or arena and the champion sprinter pace of his books can
motivate kids to become better athletes and lifelong readers.

Big Nate Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Grades 3-6 Set of 8 Books Grades 4-5 Set of 10 Books

9781456973001 With Storage Bins: $99.42 9781456972745 With Storage Bins: $108.46
Rebellious and energetic Nate Wright is no stranger to the Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson is on the most dangerous quest of
detention room. In fact, Nate is 11 years old, four-and-a-half his life. He must journey across the United States to catch a thief
feet tall, and the all-time record holder for detentions in school who has stolen the original weapon of mass destruction — Zeus’
history. He’s a self-described genius and sixth grade Renaissance master bolt. Along the way, he must face a host of mythological
Man. And he’ll be excellent entertainment for your students. enemies determined to stop him.

Field Trip Mysteries Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Grades 3-6 Set of 12 Books Grades 4-6 Set of 10 Books

9781456973926 With Storage Bins: $79.70 9781456973223 With Storage Bins: $146.00
It seems every school field trip winds up with a mystery to solve! Greg and his family and friends make the Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Clues in both the text and the illustrations help readers solve the books a must-read for middle school readers. With handwritten
mystery before the kids in the story. notes and cartoon drawings, the diaries chronicle Greg’s daily

Favorite Series


Fablehaven Goosebumps
Grades 4-6 Set of 5 Books Grades 4-6 Set of 15 Books

9781456974640 With Storage Bins: $50.45 9781456975463 With Storage Bins: $113.35
Kendra and her brother Seth have no idea their grandfather is the Spine-tingling tales, thrills and chills with some humor and no
current caretaker of Fablehaven, a hidden refuge where mystical graphic violence.
creatures of all kinds are gathered to prevent their extinction.
They gain entry and become involved in the mythic struggle of
good and evil.

Harry Potter The Chronicles Of Narnia
Grades 4-6 Set of 7 Books Grades 4-6 Set of 7 Books

9781456972547 With Storage Bins: $95.49 9781456974084 With Storage Bins: $75.43
Orphan Harry Potter has never belonged, but all of that changes Along with millions of others discover the wondrous world that
after his 11th birthday when he is whisked away to Hogwarts exists at the back of the wardrobe. A classic among classic series.
School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There he learns magic, the
meaning of friendship, and the truth about his destiny.

Artemis Fowl The Hunger Games Favorite Series
Grades 7-8 Set of 8 Books Grades 7-8 Set of 3 Books

9781456972943 With Storage Bins: $78.42 9781456972844 With Storage Bins: $43.47
Set in two sharply contrasting realms --- the aboveground world The phenomenal series takes place in a post-apocalyptic world called
that humans inhabit and the imaginative underground netherworld Panem, where teens are chosen in a “lottery” each year to compete
where “the People” (otherwise known as fairies, gnomes, goblins in the Hunger Games, which is a televised fight to the death. The
and trolls) reside, the series’ main character is twelve year old books follow 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, and Gale
Artemis Fowl II -- millionaire, genius and criminal mastermind. Hawthorne through the Games and ensuing experiences.


Award Winners

Enhance your Classroom Library with these
collections of ALA award winning titles.

All sets Award Winners Grade K
come in our
Set of 15 Books
standard 9781456977863 With Storage Bins: $201.35
Award Winners Grade 1

Set of 15 Books
9781456977887 With Storage Bins: $164.24

Award Winners Award Winners Grade 2

Set of 15 Books
9781456977900 With Storage Bins: $131.27


Award Winners Grade 3 Award Winners Grade 6

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456977924 With Storage Bins: $152.31 9781456977986 With Storage Bins: $166.06

Award Winners Grade 4 Award Winners Grade 7

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456977948 With Storage Bins: $153.83 9781456978006 With Storage Bins: $173.35

Award Winners Grade 5 Award Winners Grade 8 Award Winners

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456977962 With Storage Bins: $144.29 9781456978020 With Storage Bins: $186.35


Genre Studies Fantasy

Our broad spectrum Fantasy-Grade 2
of titles, including
classics and award Set of 15 Books
winners, provide a
great introduction 9781456978044 With Storage Bins: $109.31
to the fantasy genre.

Fantasy-Grade 3 Fantasy-Grade 4

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books

9781456978068 With Storage Bins: $110.28 9781456978082 With Storage Bins: $128.29

Fantasy-Grade 5 Fantasy-Grade 6

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books

9781456978105 With Storage Bins: $144.33 9781456978129 With Storage Bins: $131.41

Fantasy-Grade 7 Fantasy-Grade 8

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books

9781456978143 With Storage Bins: $143.37 9781456978167 With Storage Bins: $162.37

Fantasy 32

Genre Studies Poetry

Introduce your students to the joys of Shel Silverstein
poetry with these collections of sometimes Grades K-5

serious, often humorous, books of poetry. Set of 10 Books
9781456973643 With Storage Bins: $194.46

His unique imagination
and bold brand of humor
is beloved by countless
adults and children
throughout the world.

Jack Prelutsky Poetry Grade K

Set of 15 Books Set of 10 Books
9781456973780 With Storage Bins: $143.35 9781456978846 With Storage Bins: $114.28

Jack Prelutsky’s inventive
poems have inspired
legions of children to fall
in love with poetry. His
outrageously silly poems
have tickled even the most
stubborn funny bones.

Poetry Grade 1 Poetry Grade 2-3

Set of 10 Books Set of 10 Books
9781456978860 With Storage Bins: $95.28 9781456978884 With Storage Bins: $117.36

Poetry Grade 4-5 Poetry Grade 6-8

Set of 10 Books Set of 10 Books
9781456978907 With Storage Bins: $115.36 9781456978921 With Storage Bins: $98.36



Genre Studies Graphic Novels

GNraopvheilcs Everyone loves a graphic novel,
from struggling readers to the most
advanced. Enhance your classroom
library with this ultimate collection
of age appropriate, exciting graphic
novels on a range of topics.

Graphic Novels Grade K Graphic Novels Grade 3

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456974824 With Storage Bins: $124.13 9781456974886 With Storage Bins: $177.21

Graphic Novels Grade 1 Graphic Novels Grade 4

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456974848 With Storage Bins: $151.27 9781456974909 With Storage Bins: $ 186.37

Graphic Novels Graphic Novels Grade 2 Graphic Novels Grade 5

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456974862 With Storage Bins: $157.28 9781456974923 With Storage Bins: $194.37


Graphic Novels Grade 6 All sets
come in our
Set of 15 Books
9781456974947 With Storage Bins: $232.41 standard

Graphic Novels Grade 7

Set of 15 Books
9781456974961 With Storage Bins: $230.34

Graphic Novels Grade 8 Graphic Novels

Set of 15 Books
9781456974985 With Storage Bins: $217.33


Genre Studies Historical Fiction

These fine examples of historical fiction can be Historical Fiction Grade 2
invaluable in the classroom. Historical fiction puts
people in history; it illuminates time periods, helps Set of 20 Books
integrate the curriculum, and enriches social studies. 9781456973407 With Storage Bins: $139.30

Historical Fiction Grade 3 Historical Fiction Grade 4

Set of 20 Books Set of 20 Books
9781456973421 With Storage Bins: $168.22 9781456973445 With Storage Bins: $164.33

Historical Fiction Grade 5 Historical Fiction Grade 6

Set of 20 Books Set of 20 Books
9781456973469 With Storage Bins: $171.36 9781456973483 With Storage Bins: $177.83

Historical Fiction Historical Fiction Grade 7 Historical Fiction Grade 8

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456973506 With Storage Bins: $134.31 9781456973520 With Storage Bins: $153.32


Genre Studies Humor

There’s often nothing more compelling for a Humor Grade 2
reader than a humorous story. These collections
represent the best of the genre and will draw Set of 15 Books
your readers in with laugh-out-loud funny 9781456978181 With Storage Bins: $103.37
situations and characters.

Humor Grade 3 Humor Grade 4

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978204 With Storage Bins: $121.27 9781456978228 With Storage Bins: $124.23

Humor Grade 5 Humor Grade 6 Humor

Set of 15 Books Set of 10 Books
9781456978242 With Storage Bins: $132.23 9781456978266 With Storage Bins: $91.37

Humor Grade 7
Humor Grade 8
Set of 10 Books
9781456978280 With Storage Bins: $97.33 Set of 10 Books
9781456978303 With Storage Bins: $107.40


Multicultural Literature Genre Studies Multicultural

Tmabghsoaeetoawhkneeessvlrleiet.nrhdTc-arhctteehhayaesaonevubgasreiinlasatgtnebnxfioluatfitacuyletalhyloo,efnfmaeqnteuhhddaeeslwritceaey.lra ehsmsacurvholetaoicmnuglitnugral
Multicultural Literature Grade K

Set of 15 Books
9781456978327 With Storage Bins: $126.31

Multicultural Literature Grade 1

Set of 15 Books
9781456978341 With Storage Bins: $125.28

Multicultural Literature Grade 2

Set of 15 Books
9781456978365 With Storage Bins: $139.27


Multicultural Literature Grade 3 Multicultural Literature Grade 6

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978389 With Storage Bins: $142.78 9781456978440 With Storage Bins: $133.35

Multicultural Literature Grade 4 Multicultural Literature Grade 7

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978402 With Storage Bins: $151.19 978145464 With Storage Bins: $146.27

Multicultural Literature Grade 5 Multicultural Literature Grade 8

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978426 With Storage Bins: $156.25 9781456978488 With Storage Bins: $184.93

Keep Your Books Organized Multicultural Literature
and Easy to View.

Each set comes with
our standard bin.


Genre Studies Mystery

Everyone loves a mystery, and your Mystery Grade 2
students will love following along with
these sleuths as they put the clues Set of 15 Books
together and try to solve the case. 9781456978501 With Storage Bins: $94.81

Mystery Grade 3 Mystery Grade 4

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978525 With Storage Bins: $108.46 9781456978549 With Storage Bins: $123.42

Mystery Mystery Grade 5 Mystery Grade 6

Set of 15 Books Set of 10 Books
9781456978563 With Storage Bins: $128.23 9781456978587 With Storage Bins: $99.24

Mystery Grade 7
Mystery Grade 8
Set of 10 Books
9781456978600 With Storage Bins: $98.37 Set of 10 Books
9781456978624 With Storage Bins: $109.37


Genre Studies Narrative Nonfiction

Representing some of Narrative Nonfiction Grade K
today’s best nonfiction,
these titles about true Set of 15 Books
events and people who 9781456978648 With Storage Bins: $236.32
lived and breathed
are also examples of

compelling writing.

Narrative Nonfiction Grade 1 Narrative Nonfiction Grade 2

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978662 With Storage Bins: $184.19 9781456978686 With Storage Bins: $190.23

Narrative Nonfiction Grade 3 Narrative Nonfiction Grade 4

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978709 With Storage Bins: $129.38 9781456978723 With Storage Bins: $156.23

Narrative Nonfiction Grade 5 Narrative Nonfiction Grade 6 Narrative Nonfiction

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978747 With Storage Bins: $177.37 9781456978761 With Storage Bins: $157.15

Narrative Nonfiction Grade 7 Narrative Nonfiction Grade 8

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978785 With Storage Bins: $192.33 9781456978808 With Storage Bins: $196.30


Genre Studies Realistic Fiction

Students will recognize Realistic Fiction Grade 2
themselves in these
compelling and believable Set of 15 Books
stories that mirror 9781456978945 With Storage Bins: $102.31
real life.

Realistic Fiction Grade 3 Realistic Fiction Grade 4

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456978969 With Storage Bins: $105.31 9781456978983 With Storage Bins: $117.27

Realistic Fiction Realistic Fiction Grade 5 Realistic Fiction Grade 6

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456979003 With Storage Bins: $129.36 9781456979027 With Storage Bins: $131.23

Realistic Fiction Grade 7
Realistic Fiction Grade 8
Set of 15 Books
9781456979041 With Storage Bins: $129.35 Set of 15 Books
9781456979065 With Storage Bins: $159.41


Genre Studies Science Fiction

These collections of science fiction novels and short stories will
allow your students to explore far away galaxies, alien creatures,
and the future - all without leaving their desks.

Science Fiction Grades 2-3 Science Fiction Grade 4

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456979089 With Storage Bins: $128.23 9781456979102 With Storage Bins: $123.33

Science Fiction Grade 5 Science Fiction Grade 6 Science Fiction

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456979126 With Storage Bins: $133.42 9781456979140 With Storage Bins: $139.27

Science Fiction Grade 7
Science Fiction Grade 8
Set of 15 Books
9781456979164 With Storage Bins: $158.35 Set of 15 Books
9781456979188 With Storage Bins: $165.42



The Heights Hi-Lo - Grades 5-8

Set of 18 Books
9781456969462 With Storage Bins: $149.60
Family is the main theme of these
stories, written expressly for the
middle grade struggling reader. The
series does not contain strong
language, edgy themes, or
dysfunctional families.

Timeless Hi-Lo Retold Classics 1-Grades 6+ Timeless Hi-Lo Retold Classics 2-Grades 6+
Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456982447 With Storage Bins: $155.75
9781456975982 With Storage Bins: $155.75

These retellings are designed
for the struggling reader and
adapted to retain the integrity
of the original classic.

Urban Underground Hi-Lo 1 Grades 8+ Urban Underground Hi-Lo 2 Grades 8+

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456976002 With Storage Bins: $155.75 9781456982461 With Storage Bins: $155.75

Series confronts issues that are of great importance to
teens, such as friendship, loyalty, drugs, gangs, abuse,
urban blight, bullies, and self-esteem. More than
entertainment, these books can be a powerful learning
and coping tool when a struggling reader connects with
credible characters and a compelling storyline.

U.S History Hi-Lo Graphic Novels Grades 8+ Hip Jr - Grades 4-6

Set of 10 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456975968 With Storage Bins: $106.00 9781456969349 With Storage Bins: $156.75
Fast-paced and easy-to-read, these Novels suitable for
graphic U.S. history titles teach middle school students
students about key historical events (grades 4-6+) who read at
in American history from 1500-present. a grade 2-3 level. Includes
Dramatic and colorful graphics highlight adventure, humor and
the text with easy transitions. mystery novels.

Hi-Lo Hip SR - Grades 8+ Graphic Biographies Hi-Lo -Grades 6-8

Set of 20 Books Set of 18 Books
9781456969363 With Storage Bins: $205.50 9781456969424 With Storage Bins: $149.60
High-action, readability
controlled novels for
junior and senior high
school students who
read at a grade 3-4 level.


Hi-Lo Red Rhino Hi-Lo Nonfiction - Grades 3-8

Red Rhino Hi-Lo Fiction - Grades 3-8 Set of 10 Books
9781456969400 With Storage Bins: $106.00
Set of 22 Books This series is written at a 1.5-1.9 readability
9781456969387 With Storage Bins: $181.40 level, and include pre-reading comprehen-
This series of short novels was sion questions and a 20-word glossary.
designed to engage a broad Visually appealing photographs and
spectrum of struggling readers. illustrations, fun facts, and short chapters
Upper-elementary students don’t keep emerging readers focused.
have to read material junior to
their maturity and interests. Hip Hop Biographies Hi-Lo - Grades 6+
Characters are age appropriate
and come from diverse cultures Set of 12 Books
and backgrounds. Books are no 9781456969448 With Storage Bins: $149.90
higher than a 1.5 reading level. These 48-page full-color biographies
feature the most well-known artists
Supporting Struggling Readers and in the hip-hop community. Each
Writers Hi-Lo-Grades 6-8 biography is written at a low reading
level, so that even the most
Set of 30 Books struggling reader can access the
9781456969486 With Storage Bins: $ 238.58 material. Books include a timeline
This important resource provides teachers, administrators, and and glossary with vocabulary words
staff developers with the best research-based practice on the highlighted throughout.
literacy learning and teaching of low-achieving intermediate
students. The extensive Strategy Bank provides over twenty Catching Readers: This EIR program targets early readers who
step-by-step practices, each with three sections: What It Does,
How to Do It, and What to Look For. The set includes titles may be at risk of falling below grade level, or who have already fallen
listed in the Resources section, organized by purpose. below level in reading. Early intervention strategies vary widely,
and can include individual attention, scaffolding approaches, and
Catching Readers Grade K Set of 23 Books child-directed reading times. Fluency and comprehension are major
goals in more early intervention plans. In the Catching Readers series,
9781456969509 With Storage Bins: $231.41 Barbara Taylor, the developer of EIR, provides an in-class alternative
to traditional pull-out remedial reading programs.

Catching Readers Grade 1 Set of 32 Books

9781456969523 With Storage Bins: $233.81

Catching Readers Grade 2 Set of 37 Books Catching Readers Grade 3 Set of 22 Books

9781456969547 With Storage Bins: $268.00 9781456969561 With Storage Bins: $160.01



Social-Emotional Learning Grades PreK-2

Laugh-Along Lessons Grades PreK-2 Families Grades PreK-2

Set of 10 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456976026 With Storage Bins: $96.40 9781456976040 With Storage Bins: $161.87
The Laugh-Along Lessons will Families come in all shapes
have your students learning and sizes. Have fun with your
about cause and effect, the students with this collection
importance of listening, self- of books about various
acceptance and more, all while familial relationships.
laughing out loud.

Enhance your Social- Bravery and Determination Grades PreK-2
Emotional Learning
curriculum with Set of 15 Books
these character 9781456976507 With Storage Bins: $159.31
education collections.

Bullying Grades PreK-2 Kindness and Empathy Grades PreK-2

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456976385 With Storage Bins: $131.11 9781456976408 With Storage Bins: $149.35

Friendship Grades PreK-2 Manners Grades PreK-2

Set of 15 Books Set of 15 Books
9781456976446 With Storage Bins: $135.24 9781456976484 With Storage Bins: $131.15

Social-Emotional Integrity and Honesty Grades PreK-2 Self-Esteem and Positivity Grades PreK-2

Set of 15 Books Set of 16 Books
9781456976460 With Storage Bins: $141.66 9781456976422 With Storage Bins: $159.26


Read-Along Kits

For a new Small Group
shared reading experience,
try our Read-Along Kits,
which bundle the audio-
book and six copies of the
print book.

Read-Along Kits With List 2
Set Title 9781456981280 $55.83
9781456981303 $55.83
Three Little Kittens - Read-Along Kit 9781456981327 $64.79
Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed - Read-Along Kit 9781456981341 $54.83
Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - Read-Along Kit 9781456981365 $70.83
A Bad Case Of Stripes - Read-Along Kit 9781456981402 $70.83
Because Of Winn-Dixie - Read-Along Kit 9781456981426 $54.83
From The Mixed-Up Files Of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler - Read-Along Kit 9781456981440 $86.79
Goosebumps Horrorland #1: Revenge Of The Living Dummy - Read-Along Kit 9781456981464 $118.84
The Graveyard Book - Read-Along Kit 9781456981488 $45.79
Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone - Read-Along Kit 9781456981501 $108.83
Hi! Fly Guy - Read-Along Kit 9781456981525 $71.83
The Hunger Games - Read-Along Kit 9781456981549 $76.83
Little House on The Prairie - Read-Along Kit 9781456981563 $62.79
Sarah, Plain And Tall - Read-Along Kit 9781456981587 $71.83
Stone Fox - Read-Along Kit
Where The Wild Things Are - Read-Along Kit

Read-Along Kits


Lit Kits

A novel study is an in-depth study of an
author’s work through guided reading and
independent activities, which not only boosts
reading comprehension and enjoyment, but
also builds classroom community. We believe
the novel study is one of the most effective
tools a classroom teacher can employ.

Full Classroom and Small Group Lit Kits

Lit Kits Set Title ISBN Price
A Wrinkle in Time - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456981600 $242.20
A Wrinkle in Time - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981624 $72.38
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day -
Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456981648 $266.24
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day -
Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981662 $72.42
Baseball in April and Other Stories - Full Classroom Lit Kit
Baseball in April and Other Stories - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981686 $268.24
Because of Winn-Dixie - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456981709 $74.42
Because of Winn-Dixie - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981723 $266.24
Becoming Naomi Leon - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456981747 $72.42
Becoming Naomi Leon - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981761 $268.24
Bridge to Terabithia - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456981785 $74.42
Bridge to Terabithia - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981808 $268.24
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456981822 $74.42
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981846 $297.24
Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale Of Mystery - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456981860 $79.42
Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale Of Mystery - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981884 $268.24
Caps for Sale - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456981907 $74.42
Caps for Sale - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981921 $268.24
Charlotte’s Web - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456981945 $74.42
Charlotte’s Web - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456981969 $299.24
9781456981983 $81.42


A Full Classroom Lit Kit includes a A novel study is
teacher’s guide with questions and one of the most
activities, plus 31 co ies of the effective tools
chosen novel.
A Small Group Lit Kit includes a a teacher
teacher’s guide with questions and can employ.
activities, plus 7 copies of the book.
ISBN Price Lit Kits
Set Title 9781456982003 $268.24
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982027 $74.42
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456982041 $268.24
Ella Enchanted - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982065 $74.42
Ella Enchanted - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456982089 $264.18
Miss Nelson Is Missing! - Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982102 $72.42
Miss Nelson is Missing! - Small Group Lit Kit 9781456982126 $305.80
The One and Only Ivan : Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982140 $79.42
The One and Only Ivan : Small Group Lit Kit 9781456982164 $175.55
Pride and Prejudice : Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982188 $53.49
Pride and Prejudice : Small Group Lit Kit 9781456982201 $388.80
Princess Bride : Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982225 $88.42
Princess Bride : Small Group Lit Kit 9781456982249 $485.55
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead: Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982263 $123.49
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead: Small Group Lit Kit 9781456982287 $516.24
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn : Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982300 $130.42
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn : Small Group Lit Kit 9781456983307 $366.20
The Hunger Games: Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456983321 $100.38
The Hunger Games: Small Group Lit Kit 9781456982386 $273.20
The Dark Is Rising : Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982362 $79.38
The Dark Is Rising : Small Group Lit Kit 9781456982423 $242.20
Flora & Ulysses : Full Classroom Lit Kit 9781456982409 $72.38
Flora & Ulysses : Small Group Lit Kit

Leveled Libraries A-E

Barnes & Noble is the ultimate provider of
leveled books. We have gathered together
these well rounded sets of fiction and
nonfiction titles to make putting together
your leveled library easy and affordable!

Leveled Libraries A With Storage Level With Storage List
C Level A Fiction Set of 25 $150.87
9781456979201 Level A Fiction Set of 50 $330.67
D 9781456979225 Level A Nonfiction Set of 25 $164.32
E 9781456979249 Level A Nonfiction Set of 50 $336.03
50 9781456979263
Level B Fiction Set of 25 $140.56
9781456979287 Level B Fiction Set of 50 $277.44
9781456979300 Level B Nonfiction Set of 25 $167.60
9781456979324 Level B Nonfiction Set of 50 $357.31
Level C Fiction Set of 25 $137.74
9781456979362 Level C Fiction Set of 50 $280.13
9781456979386 Level C Nonfiction Set of 25 $189.90
9781456979409 Level C Nonfiction Set of 50 $370.36
Level D Fiction Set of 25 $158.28
9781456979447 Level D Fiction Set of 50 $307.76
9781456979461 Level D Nonfiction Set of 25 $177.96
9781456979485 Level D Nonfiction Set of 50 $344.46
Level E Fiction Set of 25 $156.85
9781456979522 Level E Fiction Set of 50 $294.54
9781456979546 Level E Nonfiction Set of 25 $193.91
9781456979560 Level E Nonfiction Set of 50 $355.88

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