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Published by Harvest, 2019-12-03 10:51:08

Product Guide_clone

Product Guide

Your key ingredient

Specialist food
service company

Offering ambient, frozen, chilled,
butchery, non-foods as well as
fresh produce.


Your key ingredient

Harvest is your leading supplier of quality ambient, fresh, frozen and chilled produce,
as well as a comprehensive range of non-food items.

We work closely with those around us to build sustainable partnerships, both with our
local suppliers and clients.

Our team of experts seek to gain a deep understanding of your business by asking
searching questions to allow us to add value through our foodservice knowledge
and expertise. We are committed to providing solutions and deliver the high quality
products that you need to ensure your business is profitable and successful. We
provide you with regular insights to ensure your menu is in line with current and
emerging market trends.

It is this, and much more, that makes us your key ingredient.

We are proud to support our flexible delivery options to suit. Our membership also allows us
locally sourced products from Our team of customer service to leverage our purchasing with
hampshire and dorset farms assistants are on hand from the other members across the
supplying seasonal fruit and 8am to 11pm to take your order UK to offer our customers real
vegetables, as well as artisan as well as offer advice and value for money.
producers making various oils, answer any questions you
chocolates, cheeses and juices. may have. Why not follow us on Facebook,
Being members of Hampshire Instagram and Twitter to keep
Fare we always strive to We also offer our customers up up to date with what’s going
support local farms and to date information on up and on, see the latest offers and
producers where possible. coming trends and marketing look out for our monthly stir
insights to enable you to it up magazine with all the
Harvest has built its reputation plan and be ahead of your latest trends, new lines and
over the past 30 years on competition. promotions.
offering fantastic products
at competitive prices with Being members of the Country To sign up to our email
a service that is unrivalled. Range group, who are the promotions and insights please
We work hard to ensure our leading independent food speak to one of our team.
customers get what they want service brand in the UK, gives
when they need it and offer us access to a large range of
high quality own label products.

t: 01202 470 444 e: [email protected]

Units 6-9, South Hampshire Industrial Estate,
Brunel Road, Totton, SO40 3SA

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Your key ingredient

How to order

You can place your order online or by telephoning our customer service team.
Please help us by getting as much of your order to us as soon as you can.

Online ordering

Why not use our online ordering portal or a dedicated
app to place your orders. Its quick and easy and
allows you to browse our full product catalogue as
well as look at up to date allergens and
nutritional data. To sign up please speak
to a member of our team.

Useful information

Our customer service team can be contacted on 01202 470 444

(option 1) or via e mail at [email protected]

Customer service opening times are 8am to 11pm monday to friday,

8am to 11.30am and 6pm to 11pm saturday and 7.30pm to 11pm sundays. For more information
about what we do visit
Prepared vegetable and butchery orders need to be placed prior to 1pm

Please ask your customer service assistant or account manager about Suffolk

lead times on any bought to order lines. Worceste

C Powys
Herefordshire rshire

Pembrokeshire Carmarthenshire Gloucestershire

Gwent Hertfordshire Essex


Avon Greater
Wiltshire London


Surrey Kent

Somerset Hampshire

West Sussex East Sussex

Devon Dorset

Isle of Wight


t: 01202 470 444 e: [email protected]

Units 6-9, South Hampshire Industrial Estate,
Brunel Road, Totton, SO40 3SA

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale


36515 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Baking Powder 1x900g
7981 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Bicarbonate of Soda 1x1.05kg ✿
52234 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Breadcrumbs Golden 1x3kg
1281 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Breadcrumbs Natural 1x3kg
13891 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cocoa Powder (Reduced Fat) 1x1kg
6046 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cream of Tartar 1x790g
13963 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Milk Powder Skimmed 1x12.5kg
72420 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mincemeat 1x3kg
2150 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Skimmed Milk Powder 2kg 1x2kg
2151 NESTLE Carnation Caramel 6x397g NEW
43793 NESTLE Carnation Evaporated Milk 1x410g
63198 NESTLE Carnation Sweet Condensed Milk 1x397g
1391 MACPHIE Chocolate Frosting 1x5kg ✣
5153 CACAO BARRY Cocoa Powder Extra Brut 1x1kg

Dulce de Leche Sauce 1x980g

CALLEBAUT Hazelnut/Almond Praline Paste 1x1kg

Leaf Gelatine Bronze 1x1kg

Leaf Gelatine Gold 1x1kg

Leaf Gelatine Silver 1x1kg

Marshmallows Mini Pink & White 1x1kg

Marshmallows Mini White 1x1kg ✿

Marshmallows Standard Pink & White 1x1kg

MILLAC Milk Powder Value 1x12.5kg ✣

NOELS Noels Stem Ginger in Syrup 1x1.05kg

ATORA Suet Beef Atora 1x2kg

SUNCATCHER Suet Vegetable 1x3kg

ALLINSON Yeast Dried (Tin) 1x125g

Food Colourings

50000 BLENDS Food Colouring Green 1x500ml ✿
78157 BLENDS Food Colouring Red 1x500ml ✿
72593 BLENDS Food Colouring Yellow 1x500ml ✿

Molecular Gastronomy

52020 BELAZU Balsamic Vinegar Pearls Belazu 1x55g ✣
39179 SOSA Sosa Agar Agar 1x500g
79911 SOSA Sosa Airbag Farina (Flour) 1x600g ✣
48730 SOSA Sosa Airbag Granite (Granules) 1x750g
18012 SOSA Sosa Apple Powder 1x700g ✣
42322 SOSA Sosa Beetroot Powder 1x300g ✣
6307 SOSA Sosa Calcium Chloride Clorur 1x750g ✿✣
78027 SOSA Sosa Cherry Crispy 1x300g
18915 SOSA Sosa Citric Acid Powder 1x1kg ✿✣
79011 SOSA Sosa Crispy Caramel 1x750g ✿✣
43056 SOSA Sosa Elastic 1x650g
44122 SOSA Sosa Fizz Powder 1x700g ✣

Printed 2/12/19 Page 1 ✿ - Subject to VAT ✣ - Bought To Order Only

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Molecular Gastronomy Continued....

34663 SOSA Sosa Freeze Dried Blackberries 1x80g ✣
63837 SOSA Sosa Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder 1x500g ✣
15629 SOSA Sosa Fruit Pectine 1x500g ✣
8672 SOSA Sosa Gelburgeur 1x500g ✣
70286 SOSA Sosa Gelcrem Cold 1x500g ✣
44225 SOSA Sosa Gelcrem Hot 1x500g ✣
32092 SOSA Sosa Gelespessa Xantana 1x500g
8331 SOSA Sosa Gellan Gum 1x500g ✣
61082 SOSA Sosa Glow Powder 1x100g ✣
26974 SOSA Sosa Gluconolactat 1x500g ✣
47726 SOSA Sosa Glucose Powder 1x600g ✿✣
10147 SOSA Sosa Goma Kappa 1x600g ✣
5406 SOSA Sosa Ice Cream Stabiliser ProCrema 100 Cold 1x3kg ✣
72691 SOSA Sosa Instangel 1x500g ✣
21307 SOSA Sosa Isomalt "F" Refined 1x1kg
51109 SOSA Sosa Kappa Gum 1x600g ✿✣
63786 SOSA Sosa Konjac Gum 1x600g ✣
69693 SOSA Sosa Lime Sugar 1x500g ✣
11329 SOSA Sosa Maltodextrin 1x600g
77159 SOSA Sosa Maltosec 1x500g ✣
77076 SOSA Sosa Mandarin Salt 1x50g ✿✣
75622 SOSA Sosa Mango Crispy 1x250g
48009 SOSA Sosa Natural Black Colouring 1x20g ✣
18320 SOSA Sosa Passion Fruit Crispy 1x200g ✣ NEW
71367 SOSA Sosa Powdered Egg White 1x500g ✣
71120 SOSA Sosa Powdered Smoke Flavouring 1x500g ✣
22992 SOSA Sosa Powdered Soy Lecithin 1x400g
52808 SOSA Sosa Pro Pannacotta 1x800g ✣
8806 SOSA Sosa Proespuma Cold 1x700g ✣
16767 SOSA Sosa Proespuma Hot 1x500g ✣
21739 SOSA Sosa Promousse 1x3kg ✣
14007 SOSA Sosa Raspberry Crispy 1x300g ✣
62071 SOSA Sosa Raspberry Powder 1x300g
55249 SOSA Sosa Rose Petals Dried 1x80g ✣
23912 SOSA Sosa Rose Sugar 1x500g ✿✣
8167 SOSA Sosa Sodium Alginate 1x750g
56346 SOSA Sosa Spearmint Powder 1x60g ✣
16984 SOSA Sosa Strawberry Crispy 2-10mm 1x200g ✿✣
7135 SOSA Sosa Vegetable Setting Powder 1x500g
5434 SOSA Sosa Xanthan Gum 1x500g ✣
77444 SOSA Sosa Yoghurt Powder 1x800g
68115 SOSA Sosa Yuzu Paste 1x1.5kg ✣

Baking - Chilled Yeast Fresh Block 1x1kg

1289 MAURI

Printed 2/12/19 Page 2 ✿ - Subject to VAT ✣ - Bought To Order Only

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Dessert Ingredients

4322 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Banana Flavour Delight 1x600g
54314 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chocolate Flavour Delight 1x600g
3143 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Custard Mix Instant 1x3.5kg
3464 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Custard Powder 1x3.5kg
4973 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Custard Ready To Serve 1x1lt
9334 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jelly Crystals Orange Flavour 1x3.5kg
3150 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jelly Crystals Raspberry Flavour 1x3.5kg
26769 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jelly Crystals Strawberry Flavour 1x3.5kg
1042 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pie Filling Apple 1x2.5kg
4793 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pie Filling Blackcurrant 1x2.5kg
35434 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pie Filling Red Cherry 1x2.5kg
1086 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pie Filling Strawberry 1x2.5kg
1047 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Rice Pudding (Tinned) 1x2.61kg
6571 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Strawberry Flavour Delight 1x600g
7670 BIRDS Angel Delight Butterscotch Birds 1x24ptn NEW
5687 BIRDS Angel Delight Raspberry Birds 1x24ptn NEW
61092 CADBURYS Chocolate Flakes '99' Cadburys 1x144 ✿
78712 BAKERSTREET Classic Sponge Cake Layer 8x400g ✣
13551 EN PLACE Crackle Crystals Chocolate Enrobed 1x500g
46730 EN PLACE Crackle Crystals 1x500g
64023 ESSENTIAL Creme Anglaise Essential Cuisine 1x1.02kg
3491 MACPHIE Creme Anglaise Macphie 1x1lt
9315 MACPHIE Creme Brulee Macphie 1x1lt
39904 BIRDS Custard Mix Instant Birds 1x3kg
BIRDS Custard Powder Birds 1x3kg

AMBROSIA Custard Ready To Use Ambrosia 1x1lt

DAVINCI Dessert Butterscotch Sauce Da Vinci 1x500g

DAVINCI Dessert Chocolate Flavoured Sauce Da Vinci 1x500g

DAVINCI Dessert Raspberry Sauce Da Vinci 1x500g

DAVINCI Dessert Strawberry sauce Da Vinci 1x500g

DAVINCI Dessert Toffee Fudge Sauce Da Vinci 1x500g

MACPHIE Dessert Topping Maple Flavoured Syrup Macphie 1x500g

DROETKER Dr Oetker Chocolate Delight Healthier Option 1x680g NEW

DROETKER Dr Oetker Strawberry Delight Healthier Option 1x720g NEW

FRUITYPOT Fruity Pot Apple & Blackcurrant Jelly Squeeze 16x95g

FRUITYPOT Fruity Pot Orange Jelly Squeeze 16x95g

FRUITYPOT Fruity Pot Strawberry Jelly Squeeze 16x95g

MCDOUGALLS Jelly Crystals Lime 1x3.5kg

MCDOUGALLS Jelly Crystals Strawberry Vegetarian McDougalls 1x3.5kg

DROETKER Jelly Mix Orange Reduced Sugar Wellcare 1x1kg

DROETKER Jelly Mix Strawberry Reduced Sugar Wellcare 1x1kg

BAKERSTREET Large Sponge Flan Case 1x200g ✣

MILLAC Millac Gold Double 1x1lt

MARGETTS Pie Filling Apple Blackberry 1x2.5kg

MARGETTS Pie Filling Black Cherry 1x2.5kg

DROETKER Strawberry Dessert Mix (reduced sugar) 1x1kg

DROETKER Sugar Strands Chocolate 1x700g NEW

DROETKER Sugar Strands Coloured 1x700g

Printed 2/12/19 Page 3 ✿ - Subject to VAT ✣ - Bought To Order Only

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Dessert Biscuits

1271 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheesecake Crumb Base Mix 1x1.12kg
43191 1x1.04kg
2101 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheesecake Filling Mix 1x500g
7806 15x6
1041 Amaretti Biscuits 1x320
1039 1x205
1040 ASKEYS Askey Brandy Snap Baskets 1x320
9916 1x1kg
75334 ASKEYS Askey Cafe Curls (chocolate Coating inside) 100x12.5
8079 1x2.5kg
76078 ASKEYS Askey Fan Wafers 1x500g

ASKEYS Askey Sugar Curls

WESTMERINGUE Meringue (Broken pieces)

BUSCH Meringue Nests (Plain)

CACAO BARRY Paillete Feuilletine ✣

BONOMI Sponge Fingers

Savoury Biscuits

6516 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Biscuits for Cheese Selection 1x1kg
1140 1x125g
32447 CARRS Carrs Water Biscuits 1x1.6kg
28434 1x168
4815 FUDGES Fudges Cheese Biscuit Caterpack 12x300g
8479 8x250g
58762 JACOBS Jacobs Cracker Mini Packs 1x200g ✣ NEW

JACOBS Jacobs Cream Crackers

PATERSON Paterson Rough Oatcakes

RITZ Ritz Crackers Original

Sweet Biscuits & Cookies

47014 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Digestive Biscuits 21x400g
3433 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Minipack Assortment 1x100
3431 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Minipack Luxury Assorted Biscuits 100x2's
8630 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sweet Assorted Biscuits 1x2kg
3434 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Traditional Assorted Biscuits 4x400g
3437 BELVITA Belvita Honey & Nuts 1x20 ✿ NEW
33018 BRONTE Bronte Minipack Assorted Biscuits 100x33g
2763 BRONTE Bronte Minipack Café Assortment Biscuits 1x100
64439 BRONTE Bronte Minipack Chocolate Chip & Orange Cookie 24x2x30g
44989 BRONTE Bronte Minipack Double Chocolate Chip Cookie 24x2x30g
28348 BRONTE Bronte Minipack Fruit Shrewbury Cookie 24x2x30g
39358 BRONTE Bronte Minipack Ginger Snap Cookies 24x2x30g
67220 BRONTE Bronte Minipack Indulgent & Delicious 100packs
48077 BRONTE Bronte Minipack Oat & Raisin Dunking Bar 24x2x30g
43786 CANTUCCINI Cantuccini Mini Almond Biscuits 1x1kg
27035 CRAWFORDS Crawfords Bourbon Creams 12x150g

CRAWFORDS Crawfords Custard Creams 12x150g

CRAWFORDS Crawfords Minipack Assorted Biscuits 1x100

CRAWFORDS Crawfords Pink Wafer 12x100g

MCVITIES Jaffa Cake Snack Pack 20x4pk

MCVITIES Jaffa Cakes 12x10 ✣

LOTUS Lotus Caramelised Biscuits 1x300

MCVITIES McVities Ginger Nuts 12x250g

MCVITIES McVities Hob Nobs 12x300g

MCVITIES McVities Minipack Gingerbread Men 1x100

MCVITIES McVities Rich Tea Biscuits 24x200g

MEREDITH Meredith & Drew Minipack Assorted Biscuits 1x100

OREO Oreo Cookies 1x20 ✿ NEW

PATERSON Paterson Minipack 2 Finger Scottish Cream Shortbread 48x40g

PATERSON Paterson Minipack All Butter Shortbread 70x20g

WALKERS Walkers Choc Chip Shortbread Gluten Free 60x30g NEW

Printed 2/12/19 Page 4 ✿ - Subject to VAT ✣ - Bought To Order Only

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Tart Cases - Ambient

9698 PIDY Pidy Coloured Mini Cones 1x96 ✣
52219 PIDY Pidy Gluten Free Tartelettes 5cm 1x70
37652 PIDY Pidy Gluten Free Tartelettes 8.5cm 1x27 NEW
5205 PIDY Pidy Mini Cup Sucre-All Butter Tart 1x480
7803 PIDY Pidy Mini Neutral Tartelette 4.5cm 180x45mm ✣
9934 PIDY Pidy Mini Sables (Sweet) Assortment 1x152
7132 PIDY Pidy Mini Sweet Tartlette 4.5cm 180x45mm
64692 PIDY Pidy Mini Trendy Neutral Assortment 1x96
45325 PIDY Pidy Quiche Feuill Wholemeal 22cm 6x22cm
4705 PIDY Pidy Sablee (Sweet) Tartlette 8.5cm 135x85mm
3452 PIDY Pidy Savoury Quiche Cases 11cm 42x11cm
4704 PIDY Pidy Savoury Quiche Cases 8.5cm 144x85mm
7916 PIDY Pidy Sweet Tartlette 28cm 10x28cm
76316 PIDY Pidy Tartelette Feuilletee 7cm 1x90
3453 PIDY Pidy Tartelette Sablee (Sweet) 11cm 72x11cm
42392 PIDY Pidy Vol Au Vent with Lid 1x48
2067 Ragout Shells - Cocktail Cups 1x64
71785 CEPALOR Savoury Straight Tart 6.5cm 1x180
5143 Tart Cases Sweet 6.4cm 180x64mm

Pastry - Chilled Pastry Roll Butter Puff 1x4.2kg ✣
Pastry Roll Short Crust 1x4.2kg
2062 Pastry Sheets Feuilles de Brick 1x10sht

Essences & Aromes

7529 NEILSON MASS Almond Extract 1x118ml
55955 1x500ml
4379 BLENDS Almond Flavouring 1x190ml ✿
23977 1x1lt
5801 GEO WATKINS Anchovie Sauce 1x500ml ✣
4727 115ml ✣
2052 DGF Coffee Extract 1x500ml ✣
50537 1x1kg
16335 SEVAROME Liquorice Extract 1x500ml ✿✣
28347 1x50g ✣
29452 CULINAIRE Orange Arome 1x50g
40960 1x50g ✿✣
76281 SOFRA Orange Blossom Water 1x400g ✿✣
44896 1x50g ✿✣
14410 SEVAROME Pistachio Paste 1x50g ✿✣
39611 1x50g ✿✣
56674 Rose Water 1x50g ✿✣
18608 1x50g
78276 SOSA Sosa Bitter Chocolate Aroma 1x50g ✣
57071 1x50g ✿✣
62231 SOSA Sosa Caramel Flavour Aroma 1x50g
33070 1x50g ✣
33568 SOSA Sosa Green Apple Aroma 1x65g ✿✣
6236 1x1lt ✿✣
23580 SOSA Sosa Grill Powder Aroma 1x500ml
1889 1x10
1624 SOSA Sosa Lavender Aroma 1x100ml

SOSA Sosa Lemon Aroma

SOSA Sosa Lemon Balm Aroma

SOSA Sosa Lemon Verbena Aroma

SOSA Sosa Peppermint Aroma

SOSA Sosa Strawberry Aroma

SOSA Sosa Sweet Orange Aroma

SOSA Sosa White Chocolate Aroma

SOSA Sosa Wild Strawberry Aroma

TAYLOR&COLLE Vanilla Bean Paste

EUROPA Vanilla Europa Extract

DROETKER Vanilla Flavouring

Vanilla Pods Large

TAYLOR Vanilla Pure Extract

Printed 2/12/19 Page 5 ✿ - Subject to VAT ✣ - Bought To Order Only

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Cooking Chocolate

55858 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dark Chocolate Drops 70% 1x2.5kg
31248 1x2.5kg
50111 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dark Chocolate Drops 1x2.5kg
18229 1x2.5kg
2079 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Milk Chocolate Drops 1x2.5kg
2078 1x2.5kg
35375 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG White Chocolate Drops 1x10kg
26997 1x2.5kg
2081 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Dark Chocolate Callets 54.5% 1x2.5kg
42023 1x2.5kg
74981 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Dark Chocolate Callets 70% 1x800g
71489 1x800g
60708 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Dark Chocolate Chunks 1x800g ✣
69661 1x600g ✣
17405 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Gold Easimelt 1x10kg
39601 1x2.5kg ✣
2098 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Milk Chocolate Callets 1x5kg ✣
2099 1x2.5kg ✣
69839 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Milk Chocolate Chunks 1x2.5kg ✣
70869 1x3kg ✣
66238 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Mousse Powder Dark Chocolate 1x3kg ✣
29482 1x2.5kg ✣ NEW
40128 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Mousse Powder Milk Chocolate 1x2.5kg

CALLEBAUT Callebaut Mousse Powder White Chocolate

CALLEBAUT Callebaut Mycryo (Cocoa Butter Powder) ✣

CALLEBAUT Callebaut Ruby Chocolate Easimelt

CALLEBAUT Callebaut Ruby Chocolate Easimelt

CALLEBAUT Callebaut White Chocolate Block

CALLEBAUT Callebaut White Chocolate Callets

CALLEBAUT Callebaut White Chocolate Chunks

DROETKER Chocolate Drops Plain Scotbloc

DROETKER Chocolate Drops White Scotbloc

MONA LISA Mona Lisa Milk & White Chocolate Blossoms

MONA LISA Mona Lisa Milk Chocolate Blossoms

Chocolate Cups & Decorations

9099 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Pencils Dark Chocolate 20cm 1x900g ✣
4744 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Pencils Marbled Chocolate White & Dark 20cm 1x900g
8268 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Pencils White Choc 20cm 1x900g
2074 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Snobinette Cups (small) Dark Chocolate 1x270
2091 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Truffle Shells Dark Chocolate 1x504
2093 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Truffle Shells Milk Chocolate 1x504
2094 CALLEBAUT Callebaut Truffle Shells White Chocolate 1x504
31407 MONA LISA Mona Lisa Assorted Dark Chocolate Cups 1x40
47641 MONA LISA Mona Lisa Bubble Gold Cup 5x28
7297 MONA LISA Mona Lisa Marbled Chocolate Jura Assortment 1x340
2075 MONA LISA Mona Lisa Marie Charlotte Chocolate Cups 1x135
7336 MONA LISA Mona Lisa Tulip Chocolate Cups Marbled Medium 1x36
38503 MONA LISA Mona Lisa White Chocolate Jura Rhomba 1x360

Chocolates & After Dinner Treats 1x1kg ✿
1x1kg ✿
8292 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chocolate Mint Cremes 1x1kg ✿
9241 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chocolate Mint Crisps 1x1kg ✿
2090 Flaked Truffles Dark Chocolate 1000g ✿
2092 Flaked Truffles Milk Chocolate
2095 Flaked Truffles White Chocolate

Printed 2/12/19 Page 6 ✿ - Subject to VAT ✣ - Bought To Order Only

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Chocolates Other Uses

48331 MONA LISA Chocolate Guitar Sheets 30x40cm ✣
34736 ICRA Dark Chocolate Vermicelli 1x1kg ✣
41587 MONA LISA Gold Colouring Powder 30g ✣
16829 MONA LISA Marzipan Gold Crunch 500g ✣
29474 MONA LISA Mona Lisa Dark Chocolate Tagliatellis 1x2kg ✣
6209 BELCOLADE Shavings Dark Chocolate Belcolade 1x3kg
6181 BELCOLADE Shavings White Chocolate Belcolade 1x3kg

Confectionery Glazes

61403 Apricot Glaze 1x7kg
52908 PURATOS Neutral Mirror Glaze 1x5kg ✿

Mixes and Batters

9652 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Carrot Cake Mix 1x3.5kg ✣
5705 1x3.5kg
5986 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chocolate Sponge Cake Mix 1x3.5kg ✣
7546 1x3.5kg ✣ NEW
70665 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Crumble Mix 1x3.5kg
7395 1x3.5kg
5792 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pizza Base Mix 1x3.5kg
6820 1x3.5kg
9265 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Plain Muffin Mix 1x3.5kg
9105 1x3.5kg
43366 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Scone Mix 1x12.5kg
51850 1x3.5kg
4317 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Shortcrust Pastry Mix 1x3.5kg
28381 1x1.5kg
24911 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sponge & Pudding Mix 1x3.5kg


COUNTRYRANGE *CRG White Bread & Roll Mix

MACPHIE Macphie Pancake Mix

MCDOUGALLS McDougalls Chocolate Sponge Mix

MCDOUGALLS McDougalls Fish Batter Mix

MCDOUGALLS McDougalls Meri-White Icing Mix

MCDOUGALLS McDougalls Plain Sponge Mix


73267 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cornflour 1x3kg
8226 1x16kg
12345 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Plain Flour 1x3kg
8753 1x16kg
50786 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Plain Flour 1x3kg
1247 1x16kg
76451 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Self Raising Flour 1x3kg
7445 1x1kg
38825 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Self Raising Flour 1x16kg
2140 1x1kg
1234 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Strong White Bread Flour 1x12kg
3932 1x3kg
3935 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Wholemeal Flour 1x1kg
54217 1x1kg
6082 MOLINO 00 Pasta Flour Molino 1x16kg
9754 5x1kg
6237 TIPO 00 Pizza/Pasta Flour 1x16kg
2681 1x3kg
3939 RISCOSSA 00 Pizza/Pasta Flour 1x1kg
1240 1x1kg
31599 Bread Improver 1x16kg ✿✣
32167 1x16kg ✣
Buckwheat Flour

KTC Chick Pea (Gram) Flour

Corn Flour

COTSWOLD Cotswold Crunch Flour

DOVES Doves Organic Spelt Flour Brown

EVENLODE Evenlode Strong Bread Flour

Potato Flour

SUNCATCHER Rice Flour 100%


IMPERIAL T45 Plain Culinary Flour

ENCORE T55 Encore Flour

Printed 2/12/19 Page 7 ✿ - Subject to VAT ✣ - Bought To Order Only

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Gluten Free Flours 1x1kg
3937 DOVES Doves Gluten Free Plain Flour 1x1kg
3936 DOVES Doves Gluten Free White Bread Flour
6934 DOVES Doves Self Raising Flour Gluten Free


6039 BILLINGTONS Billingtons Golden Caster Sugar 1x1kg
7952 BILLINGTONS Billingtons Muscovado Dark Sugar 1x500g
6359 BILLINGTONS Billingtons Muscovado Light Sugar 1x500g
22601 BILLINGTONS Billingtons Natural Molasses Sugar 1x500g
1213 DGF Perpetual Snow 1x1kg
4400 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar Sack 1x25kg
4398 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar 1x10kg
4399 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Caster Sugar 1x2kg
4404 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Demerara Sugar 1x3kg
4408 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar 1x1kg
4406 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar 1x25kg
6786 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Granulated Sugar 1x5kg
5199 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar 500g box 1x500g
4409 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar 1x25kg
4411 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Icing Sugar 1x3kg
4412 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Jam Making Sugar 1x1kg
4414 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Soft Dark Brown Sugar 1x3kg
4415 TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Soft Light Brown Sugar 1x3kg

Sugar Portions

6900 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Brown Sugar Sticks 1x1000
6924 1x1000
6743 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sachets Brown Sugar 1x1000
8247 1x1000
57636 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sachets White Sugar 1x1000
1061 1x1kg
1062 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG White Sugar Sticks 1x1kg
3351 1000x3g
3353 CANDEREL Canderel Granular Stevia Green Sticks 1000x3g
9958 1x1000
52550 LA PERRUCHE La Perruche Brown Rough Cut Sugar Cubes 1x1kg
3358 1x1000
3359 LA PERRUCHE La Perruche White Rough Cut Sugar Cubes 1x1000
57264 1x1kg
8817 Metallic Brown Sugar Sticks 1x1000
57411 1x1000
Metallic White Sugar Sticks

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Brown Sugar Sticks

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Demerara Sugar Cube

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Fairtrade Brown Sugar Sticks

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Fairtrade White Sugar Stick

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle White Sugar Cube

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle White Sugar Sticks

ZUCRO Zucro Sachets

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Syrups & Sugar Syrups 1x620g
4370 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Maple/Agave Syrup Squeezy 1x1kg
7015 1x740g
37482 CRAZY JACK Agave Syrup 6x250ml
3728 1x1.25kg
74873 Glucose Syrup 1x454g
79313 1x7.26kg
4572 MERIDIAN Molasses Natural Cane 1x454g
4418 1x7.26kg
28937 MARIGOLD Molasses Pomegranate 1x750ml
4417 1x7kg
31225 Pure Maple Syrup Medium
TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Black Treacle

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Black Treacle

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup Maple Flavour

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup Poly

TATE & LYLE Tate & Lyle Golden Syrup

Trimoline (Caulett)

SugarPaste, Icing & Marzipan

32376 Fondant Block 1x12.5kg ✣
44874 Fondant Icing Patissier 1x1kg
59459 DGF Fondant Ready-Roll Icing 1x1kg
39980 DR OETKER Marzipan Golden Renshaw 1x5kg
1278 RENSHAW Marzipan Neutral Renshaw 1x5kg
4654 RENSHAW Palm Sugar Paste 1x1kg
1205 Sugar Paste White Renshaw 1x10kg

Organic Dairy

1404 YEOVALLEY Organic Bath Soft Cheese 1x260g ✣
67315 YEOVALLEY Organic Mango & Vanilla Yogurt Yeo Valley 1x80g ✣
78640 YEOVALLEY Organic Raspberry Yogurt Yeo Valley 1x80g ✣
77683 Organic Strawberry Yogurts Yeo Valley 1x80g ✣

Eggs - Whole & Packaged Chilled

6807 Free Range Duck Eggs 1x6's ✣
11545 Free Range Eggs Large 1x180
54003 FRAMPTONS Free Range Eggs Medium 1x15doz
9959 FRAMPTONS Free Range Eggs Medium 1x60
74072 FRAMPTONS Hard Boiled Eggs Free Range 1x144
3077 Hard Boiled Eggs 1x144
6173 Pasteurised Egg White Framptons 1x1kg
7625 Pasteurised Egg Yolk Framptons 1x1kg
5939 Pasteurised Whole Egg Framptons 1x1kg
22239 Quails Eggs 1x18 1x18


70173 BV DAIRY Buttermilk 1x1lt ✣
18143 WISEMAN Semi Skimmed Milk Cartons 1x189ml
67328 Semi Skimmed Milk Pouches 9x1.5lt
1907 WISEMAN Semi Skimmed Milk 1x2lt
1911 Skimmed British Milk 1x2lt
27795 Skimmed Milk Pouches 9x1.5lt
77751 Whole Milk Cartons 1x189ml
1904 Whole Milk Pergal 13.6 litres Pergal
14208 Whole Milk Pouches 9x1.5lt
1903 Whole Milk 1x2lt

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Butters Fats & Spreads

74195 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Butter Dishes Size 10 96x8g
5543 1x100
20710 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Butter Portions Size 7 1x2kg
14239 1x2kg
47620 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Buttery Spread 36x250g
8418 40x250g
16192 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cooking & Baking Margarine 1x2kg
48913 1x100
65603 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cooking & Baking Margarine 1x2kg
3028 40x250g
61332 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Salted Butter 200x10g
45769 1x2kg
6225 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Soft Spread 20x250g
1399 20x250g
4795 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sunflower Spread Portions Vegan 1x250g
37280 100x10g
45868 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sunflower Spread 100x10g
45320 1x200g
55567 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Unsalted Butter 1x200g

FLORA Flora Portions

FLORA Flora Tub Marg Buttery NEW

L'ESCURE L'escure Demi-Sel Butter Roll ✣ NEW
L'ESCURE L'escure Unsalted Butter Rolls ✣ NEW

KERRYMAID Lard Block Kerrymaid

NETHEREND Netherend Salted Butter

NETHEREND Netherend Unsalted Butter

GARLICFARM Oak Smoked Garlic Farm Butter

HEMPPANTRY Veurre Plant-Based Organic Margarine

Cream - Chilled

3031 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Soured Cream (Set) 1x2kg
43862 1x500g
62554 COUNTRYRANGE Aerosol Cream 1x1kg
1897 1x2.27lt
1899 BV DAIRY Clotted Cream Tray 1x2.27lt
1900 1x2.27lt
Double Cream - Fresh

Single Cream - Fresh

Whipping Cream 40% - Fresh

Dairy Longlife

4756 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG UHT Whipping Cream 1x1ltr
79143 12x1lt
36065 KERRYMAID Kerrymaid Double Cream 12x1lt
31672 12x500ml
MEADOWLAND Meadowland Double Cream ✣

UHT Semi Skimmed Milk

Yogurts - Chilled

77435 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG 20% Full Fat Soft Cheese 1x2kg
1400 1x2kg
56344 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Yogurt Natural Greek Style 1x2kg
1914 1x5kg
31374 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Yogurt Natural 12x125g
38398 1x400g
50496 BV DAIRY Yogurt Natural Low Fat 12x140g
26511 12x140g
15290 ALSTON DAIRY Yogurt Natural 12x125g NEW

Yogurt Natural ✣

ANN FORSHAWS Yogurts Luxury Fruit
ANN FORSHAWS Yogurts Luxury Plain

ALSTON DAIRY Yogurts Mixed Fruit

Dairy - Frozen Roddas Clotted Cream Portions Frozen 96x40g

5827 RODDAS ✣ - Bought To Order Only
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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Cheese - English (others available)

3042 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheddar Cheese Mature 1x4.75kg
1618 1x4.75kg
6261 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheddar Cheese Mild 1x1kg
7394 1x1kg
7763 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheddar Mature Grated 50x20g
6930 1x1.5kg
18142 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheddar Mild Grated per kg
1415 1x200g
48052 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sliced Mild Cheddar per kg
38876 1xBox
75392 APPLEWOOD Applewood Smoked Halves 6x180g
9987 1x225g
5779 Butlers Secret av.2.5kg 1x200g ✣
61631 av.1.0kg 1x2kg ✣
3068 Cerney Ash English Goats Pyramid 1x4.75kg
1490 av.1.5kg per kg ✣ NEW
1502 Charcoal Cheddar Cheese av.350gms per kg ✣ NEW
60414 av.3.3kg 1x1.2kg ✣
3073 Christmas Cheeseboard 1x1.2kg ✣
10623 per kg
Dorstone Goats Cheese ✣

GOLDENCROSS Golden Cross Mature ✣ NEW

Ragstone 200g ✣

Red Leicester (Grated)

Red Leicester

Stinking Bishop

WATERLOO Waterloo Baby

Wensleydale & Apricot


WOOKEY HOLE Wookey Hole Cave Matured Cheddar

Cheese - Local (others available)

5322 BARBERS Barbers Cheese Reserve av.1.0kg per kg ✣
50747 COASTAL Coastal Dorset Cheddar av.1.0kg per kg
62683 FORD FARM Dorset Red Cheese av.1.1kg per kg ✣
70449 Francis Cheese av.0.8kg per kg ✣
13969 LAVERSTOKE Isle of Wight Blue 1x200g ✣
59561 LAVERSTOKE Isle of Wight Soft av.2.5kg 1x180g ✣
35402 Laverstoke Buffalo Mozzarella Balls av.5.0kg 6x125g ✣
39749 LYBURN FARM Laverstoke Buffalo Mozzarella Ball av.2.5kg 10x125g
56181 LYBURN FARM Little Colonel Cheese av.5.0kg 1x235g ✣
64294 LYBURN FARM Lyburn Garlic & Nettle Cheese av.2.5kg per kg ✣
11456 LYBURN FARM Lyburn Gold av.5.0kg per kg ✣
34628 LYBURN FARM Lyburn Old Winchester 1/2's av.2.5kg per kg ✣
6508 LYBURN FARM Lyburn Old Winchester per kg
44518 LYBURN FARM Lyburn Smoked 2.5kg per kg
7639 ROSARY Lyburn Smoked per kg
56290 ROSARY Lyburn Winchester per kg
1479 ROSARY Rosary Ash Goats Log (small) 1x275g
1480 Rosary Goats Log Plain 1x1kg
9671 Rosary Goats Log 1x275g
1495 Tunworth Soft 1x250g

Cheese - French (others available)

1408 PRESIDENT Brie de Meaux av.3.5kg per kg ✣
30480 LE FIN NORMA Camembert President av.2.5kg 1x145g ✣
3039 Camembert Whole Wheel In Box av.1.5kg 1x250g
3058 COMTE Chevre Goats Log 1x1kg ✣
21476 Comte Cheese Block per kg ✣
1505 PLASIR DEROY Epoisses 1x250g
3035 Petit Brie 60% 1x1kg ✣
1425 Petit Crottins Pasdeloup 12x60g
3069 Roquefort per kg

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Cheese - Blue (others available)

1518 Barkham Blue av.0.83kg per kg ✣
1406 av.2.5kg per kg ✣
7618 BUTLERS Blacksticks Blue 2.5kg 1x500g ✣
7920 av.2.0kg per kg ✣
9647 Blacksticks Blue Baby av.2.1kg per kg
62681 1x220g
CROPWELL Shropshire Blue 1/4 2kg

TUXFORDTEBBU Stilton 1/4's

CLAWSON Stilton Wedges

Cheese - Italian (others available)

61157 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Grated Mozzarella 100% 1x2kg
31594 1x2kg
46296 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Grated Mozzarella/Cheddar Mix 70/30% 1x2kg
1405 24x25g
44179 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mascarpone 2x125g
1430 1x1.5kg
1442 Bel Paese Cheese per kg ✣
3056 per kg ✣
1467 Burrata 1x1kg ✣
1466 1x1kg
3063 Dolcelatte 1/4's 1x1kg ✣
72713 per kg
1455 Fontal Cisalpino Fontina av.1.5kg 1x500g ✣
74184 1x125g ✣
47297 Gorgonzola 1/4s av.1.5kg 1x1kg ✣
1459 1x1kg ✣
9148 Grana Padano Italian Hard Cheese Shavings 10x200g
5850 50x20g
5660 Grana Padano Italian Hard Cheese 1x250g
3061 1x1kg
1470 Italian Hard Cheese Dried - Grated per kg
1478 1x1.5kg
1491 Italian Vegetarian Hard Cheese av.1.1kg per kg

EPIU Mascarpone

JAGER Mozzarella Balls

Mozzarella Block

GALBANI Mozzarella Bocconcino

COLLEBIANCO Mozzarella Buffalo Balls

Mozzarella Sliced

Mozzarella Smoked

Mozzarella Soft Block

Pecorino Romano av.2.0kg

BRESCIALAT Ricotta Cheese

Taleggio av.2.5kg

Cheese - International (others available)

70376 BABY BEL Baby Bel av.2.5kg 1x96
27887 YAMAS Emmental av.1.5kg per kg
75562 Greek Feta Vac Pack av.3.0kg 1x900g
3057 Gruyere King Cuts per kg
1447 Halloumi Cheese 1x250g
1454 Manchego Super Pure per kg
3054 Sliced Emmental Cheese 50x20g
43833 Sliced Monterey Jack 50x20g

Cheese - Irish (others available) av.1.5kg per kg ✣

1414 Cashel Blue

Cheese - Soft Cream (others available)

3051 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Creme Fraiche 1x2kg
9297 1x2kg
3047 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Full Fat Soft Cheese 1x2kg
19780 1x1.2kg
69229 COMPSEY Compsey Cottage Cheese 1x2.4kg ✣
1424 1x20cl ✣
3065 Goat Curd 1x1.65kg ✣

Goat Curd

LONGLEYFARM Organic Creme Fraiche 30%


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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Cheese - Local Blue (others available)

55864 DORSETBLUE Dorset Blue Vinny 6kg av.6.0kg per kg ✣
1612 DORSETBLUE Dorset Blue Vinny av.1.5kg per kg

Cheese - West Country(others available)

1452 Capricorn Goats Cheese 1x100g
per kg
1422 CORNISH Cornish Yarg Baby av.1.0kg per kg ✣
av.1.8kg 1x1.80kg ✣
1421 Cornish Yarg Wheel 1xeach
8x220g ✣
7962 QUICKES Quickes Truckle Cheddar

1614 CROXTONMANOR Somerset Brie

1616 Somerset Camembert Cheese 220g

Cheeses (Local/International) - Frozen

9412 KITCHENRANGE Baby Camembert in Crispy Crumb 80x45g ✣
38645 YAMAS Halloumi Fries

Cheese - Vegan Vegan Grated Pizza Topping 1x200g
Vegan Sliced Cheese 1x200g
23529 Vegan White Style Cheddar 1x200g
57141 KOLIOS

Sandwich Fillings - 2 days notice

67054 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG BBQ Pulled Jackfruit filling 1x1kg ✣
23547 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheese & Spring Onion Sandwich Filling 1x1kg ✣
49337 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling 1x1kg ✣
35766 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Prawn Mayonnaise Sandwich Filling 1x1kg ✣
21892 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Supreme Chicken & Bacon 1x1kg ✣
72440 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Supreme Chicken Mayonnaise 1x1kg ✣
27092 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Supreme Coronation Chicken 1x1kg ✣

Dips & Slaws - Chilled

56524 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Couscous & Roast Vegetables 1x1.5kg ✣
50982 1x1kg
53391 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Houmous (chickpea & tahini dip) 1x2kg ✣
37797 1x1kg ✣
39139 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Luxury Coleslaw 1x2kg ✣
8834 1x3kg
3075 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Potato Salad 1x1kg ✣
8739 1x1kg ✣
OAKVALE Pasta & Ham Salad

LEPIC Sauerkraut

OREXIS Taramasalata

OREXIS Tzatziki

Meat - Uncooked Fresh 1x1kg

9377 Pancetta Lardons Smoked

Bacon - Chilled

8086 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Bacon Rindless Back 1x2.27kg
9574 HARVEST Bacon Harvest Smoked Streaky 1x2.25kg
6385 HARVEST Bacon Harvest Streaky 1x1kg

3100 Bacon Smoked Back

3099 Cooked Bacon Crispy Gas Flushed ✣

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Meat - Cooked Unsliced

71024 LAVERSTOKE Black Pudding Laverstoke av.4.5kg 1x1kg ✣
3121 BURYBLACKPUD Black Pudding av.1.5kg 1x1.36kg ✣
60962 MONTEPLANO Chorizo Rosario Sausage av.2.0kg 1x1kg ✣
3105 WESSEX COUNT Chorizo Sausage Stick av.4.5kg 1x1.6kg
3111 WESSEX COUNT Honey Roast Ham 1/2 100% per kg
3118 per kg
3122 Pancetta Tesa per kg
3109 Salami Milano per kg
WESSEX COUNT Traditional Ham 1/2 100%

Meat - Cooked Sliced

24141 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Ham Gammon Sliced 100% 1x500g
3103 1x500g
75715 WESSEX COUNT Beef Sliced 100% 1x500g ✣
5753 1x500g ✣
5062 Chorizo Sliced 1x500g
27806 1x500g ✣
75005 WESSEX COUNT Ham Honey Roast Sliced 100% 1x500g ✣
77622 1x135g ✣
4943 Ham Serrano Sliced 1x500g ✣
7604 1x250g
5116 WESSEX COUNT Ham Sliced 100% 1x500g ✣
37569 1x500g ✣
32141 WESSEX COUNT Ham Smoked Sliced 100% 1x250g
3114 1x500g
49425 CHARCUTI Italian Antipasti Charcuti 1x120g
3125 1x500g
Mortadella Sliced 500g

Pancetta Smoked Sliced

Pastrami Sliced

GRAN BOSCO Prosciutto Ham Sliced

CHARCUTI Salami Milano Sliced Charcuti

Salami Napoli Sliced

CHARCUTI Spanish Tapas Mix Charcuti

WESSEX COUNT Turkey Sliced 100%

Pates & Terrines - Chilled

3082 Ardenne Pate Loaf 1x2kg ✣
3083 Brussels Pate Loaf 1x2kg ✣
9944 Chicken Liver Pate Loaf 1x1kg
3084 Duck & Orange Pate 1x2kg ✣
61576 BROCELIANDE Duck Liver Terrine 1x2kg ✣
38760 PATEGRANDMER Mushroom Pate Log 1x1kg ✣
9465 Pheasant Pate 1x1kg
69736 Pork Rillette 1x1kg ✣
6079 Venison & Armagnac Pate 1x1kg
6837 Wild Boar Pate 1x1kg ✣

Pates & Dips - Frozen 1x500g

73910 AVOGRANDE Supreme Guacamole

Butchery - Poultry

13608 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fresh Chicken Breasts 200-230g 1x5kg
67894 1x5kg
32103 Chicken Breast (Halal) Fresh 200-230g 1x5kg ✣
36697 1x5 ✣
44057 Chicken Breast Red Tractor Fresh 200-250g 1xeach ✣
22107 per kg ✣
30396 Chicken Supremes Skin On Red Tractor 199-227g per kg ✣ NEW

Chickens Fresh Whole Red Tractor approx 2kg

Duck Breasts Gressingham 2x227g av.500gms

Turkey (Butterfly) av.5.0kg

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Great as breakfast, as a sharing
side or light bite. Potato Puffs
are gluten-free.

10 x 1 kg per case

Potato Puffs - 21916

Potato Wedges

One of the all-time favorites
since 1976, when it comes to variety,
with a superbly crunchy crust
holding the delicate potato inside.

4 x 2,5 kg per case

Original Seasoned Wedges
Skin-on - 2992

Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Butchery - Beef Beef Burgers Fresh 80% Red Tractor av.2.0kg 40x170g ✣
Beef Diced Chuck Red Tractor av.5.0kg 1x2.5kg ✣
18779 Beef Feather Blades per kg ✣ NEW
17339 Beef Fore Rib B/R Red Tractor av.6.0kg per kg ✣
35337 Beef Minced Lean 95% Red Tractor av.9.0kg 1x2.5kg ✣
68943 Beef Minced Patties 100% Red Tractor av.4.5kg 40x170g ✣
58169 Beef Rump Steaks 8oz Red Tractor av.4.0kg 5x227g ✣
32466 Beef Sirloin Steaks 8oz Red Tractor 5x227g ✣
63246 Beef Striploin Whole Red Tractor per kg ✣
33411 Beef Striploin for Roasting Red Tractor per kg ✣
19202 Beef Topside Corner Cut Red Tractor per kg ✣
65947 Calves Liver Whole per kg ✣ NEW

Butchery - Lamb Lamb & Mint Burgers av.2.5kg 40x170g ✣ NEW
Lamb Diced (Stewing) 1x2.5kg ✣ NEW
58580 Lamb Diced Leg 1x2.5kg ✣ NEW
47471 Lamb Leg Whole (Boneless) Red Tractor per kg ✣
51418 Lamb Minced 85%VL 1x2.5kg
40632 Lamb Shanks Red Tractor 1x8 ✣ NEW
71052 ✣

Butchery - Pork Bacon Hocks 1xeach ✣ NEW
per kg ✣ NEW
76679 Gammon Half (Boneless) Red Tractor av.4.0kg 5x227g ✣
47561 per kg
26968 Gammon Steaks 8oz Red Tractor 40x170g ✣
57607 per kg
10629 Gammon Whole (Boneless) Red Tractor av.9.0kg 1x2.5kg ✣ NEW
51981 per kg ✣
39809 Pork & Chorizo Burgers 5x170g
69277 1x500g ✣ NEW
69062 Pork Belly (Bone In) Red Tractor av.5.0kg per kg ✣
12577 1x1.8kg
67217 Pork Diced Shoulder Red Tractor 1x1.5kg ✣
20395 1x2.5kg
52040 Pork Loin (Boneless) Red Tractor av.5.0kg 1x2.5kg ✣ NEW
76520 ✣
26207 Pork Loin Steaks Red Tractor 170g
Pork Sausage Meat ✣

Pork Tenderloin Red Tractor 350g-400g av.400gms ✣

Sausages Chipolatas 16's Red Tractor ✣

Sausages Pork & Leek 6's Red Tractor

Sausages Pork Cumberland 6's Red Tractor

Sausages Pork Farmhouse 6's Red Tractor

Potatoes/Chips - Frozen

9322 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fries Chunky 13x13mm 4x2.5kg
16486 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fries Crispy Coated 13x13mm 4x2.5kg
29854 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fries Crispy Coated 7x7mm 4x2.5kg
8311 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fries French 10x10mm 4x2.5kg
7408 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fries French Shoestring 7x7mm 4x2.5kg
6040 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fries Steak Cut 9/18mm 4x2.5kg
17607 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fries Sweet Potato 4x2.5kg
2473 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Hash Browns 4x2.5kg
8076 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mashed Potato 4x2.5kg
5393 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Wedges Seasoned 4x2.5kg
78170 BANNISTERS Bannisters Roast Potatoes 4x2.27kg
40912 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Cubes Traditional 4x2.5kg
27892 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Fries Connoisseur Chunky Stealth 4x2.5kg
71082 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Fries Connoisseur Rustic 4x2.5kg

Printed 2/12/19 Page 15 ✣ - Bought To Order Only
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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Potatoes/Chips - Frozen Continued....

78205 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Fries Home Style Skin on 13x13mm 4x2.5kg NEW
5797 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Fries Stealth 6/6mm 4x2.5kg NEW
20006 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Fries Stealth Skin On 6/6mm 4x2.5kg NEW
25958 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Fries Stealth Skin On Skinny 9/9mm 4x2.5kg NEW
72787 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Hash Brown Triangles 10x1kg
21916 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Potatoes Puffs 10x1kg
9800 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Saute Traditional Potato 4x2.5kg
8964 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Sweet Potatoes Fries 4x2.5kg
75997 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Twisters Seasoned 4x2.5kg
2992 LAMB WESTON Lamb Weston Wedges Seasoned 4x2.5kg
16531 LUTOSA Lutosa Xtra Crispy Allumettes 7x7mm 4x2.5kg
32636 MCCAIN McCain Original Choice Thick Cut 9/16 4x2.27kg
27996 MCCAIN McCain Steak Cut Chips 4x2.27kg
40718 MCCAIN McCain Sweet Potato Fries 4x2.5kg
79266 MCCAIN Surecrisp Gourmet Chunky Chips 4x2.27kg
35321 MCCAIN Surecrisp McCain Medium Skin On 4x2.27kg
44706 MCCAIN Surecrisp Skin Off Thin Fries 4x2.27kg
22032 MCCAIN Surecrisp Traditional Thick Chips 4x2.27kg

Vegetables - Frozen

2491 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Beans Green Sliced 1x2.5kg
2490 1x1kg
19348 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Beans Whole Green Very Fine 8mm 1x2.5kg
6821 1x2.5kg
48937 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Broccoli 40/60 IQF 1x2.5kg
9491 1x1kg
2505 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cauliflower 30/60mm 1x1kg
2506 1x1kg
2509 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Green Cabbage 1x1kg
2499 1x1kg
2510 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Onion Rings Beer Battered 1x2.5kg
5302 1x1kg
62659 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Peas Fancy Garden Grade A 3x1kg
2489 1x1kg
77481 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Peas Petit Pois AA Grade 1x2.5kg
68616 1x2.5kg
7613 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Swede Diced10/10mm 1x1kg
2498 1x2pcs
52520 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sweetcorn Niblets Grade A 1x500g
64605 1x1kg
2503 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Vegetables Mixed Fancy Grade A 1x1kg
14841 1x1kg
9541 GREENS Beans Green Cut 1x1.3kg
62907 1x1kg
76671 BREWCITY Brew City Onion Straws 36x200g NEW
66431 36x200g
2508 GREENS Broad Beans Extra Fine 14mm 1x1kg
74633 1x1kg
Brussel Sprouts Button

GREENS Carrots Whole Extra Fine

GREENS Corn Bay Whole

GREENS Corn On the Cob 2 pieces

Edamame Whole Soya Beans Shelled

GREENS Onion Diced Frozen 10/10mm

GREENS Onions Pearl (Button/Silverskin)

GREENS Parsnips Roasted Honey

BIRDS EYE Peas Birds Eye

LOCKWOODS Peas Mushy Frozen

TILDA Rice Frozen Long Grain Tilda

GREENS Rice Sachets Microwaveable

GREENS Spinach Leaf portions 40g

KITCHENRANGE Tempura Vegetable Mix

Buffet Foods & Pies - Chilled

8228 OAKVALE Chicken/Mushroom Pie 1x12 ✣
3092 Gala Pork Pie with Egg 1x1 ✣
3078 Scotch Eggs 1x6 ✣

Printed 2/12/19 Page 16 ✣ - Bought To Order Only
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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Buffet Foods & Pies - Frozen

38006 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Bacon & Cheese Turnover 1x40
36307 1x24
6888 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Broccoli & Cauli Pasty 1x66
50483 6x10x30g
9478 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jumbo Sausage Rolls 6" 1x108
32363 40x160g
5050 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mini Party Beef & Ale pie 1x12"
5051 1x12"
25451 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Premium Sausage Rolls 4" 1x12"
75247 1x12"
59138 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Premium Sausage Rolls 8" 8x390g
57845 36x176g
10154 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Quiche Cheese & Onion 1x60
8774 24x283g
5058 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Quiche Lorraine (Ham,Shallot,Mature Cheddar) 60x3"
72607 3x1kg
16758 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Quiche Mediterranean Vegetable 3x1kg
14636 3x1kg
22438 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Quiche Tomato & Basil 3x1kg
76484 3x1kg
43607 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Steak & Kidney Puddings 5x2.5kg
60963 4x12
14922 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Steak Slice 4x12
70541 24x228g
15724 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Three Cheese & Onion Roll 6" 1x50
7023 960g
19119 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Traditional Cornish Pasty 1x60
38296 3x20
24650 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Yorkshire Puddings 3" 60x20g
71585 90x20g
30111 BREWCITY Brew City Fiery Jalapeno Slices 1x80x30g NEW
32698 50x35g NEW
6490 BREWCITY Brew City Frickles 1x2.3kg NEW
10172 1x64 NEW
61018 BREWCITY Brew City Gouda Mozzarella Bites 1x36 NEW
72693 1x10" NEW
5049 BREWCITY Brew City Herby Tomato Arancini Bites 1x10"
2985 1x100 ✣
50882 BREWCITY Brew City Mac N Jack Bites 1x57
25232 1x100 NEW
37507 BREWCITY Brew City Salt & Pepper Potato Pops 16x195g
74413 1x60 NEW
3000 PRESTIGE Canape Collection Mini Vegetarian Prestige 1x18
66161 60x4"
40464 PRESTIGE Canape Selection Mini Savoury Prestige 30x8"

PUKKA Chicken & Mushroom Pie Pukka

SPICE OF LIF Duck Spring Rolls

Dumplings Sieuw Mai

DALOON Falafels Daloon

CENTRALFOODS Indian Snack Selection Gluten Free and Vegan

GOLDENVALLEY Mini Cooked Chicken Satay Selection

DALOON Mini Veg Spring Roll Daloon

DALOON Mini Vegetable Samosa Daloon

DALOON Onion Bhaji Daloon

PLUMTREE Pigs in Blankets (Bacon and Sausage rolls)

WRIGHTS Pork Pie Dinky Wrights

WRIGHTS Pork Pie Hand Raised Wrights

PEAKHOUSE Quiche Brie, SunDried Tomato & Red Pepper

PEAKHOUSE Quiche Broccoli & Stilton with Wholegrain Pastry

WRIGHTS Sausage Rolls Buffet Wrights

MEADOWVALE Sriracha Chilli Chicken

PLUMTREE Stuffing Balls Pork Sage & Onion

MENUSERVE Sweet Potato Cajun Spice Roulade Gluten Free

JUSROL Vol au Vent Mini Jus Rol

Vol au Vents Med

Yorkshire Puddings 4"

Yorkshire Puddings 8"

Printed 2/12/19 Page 17 ✣ - Bought To Order Only
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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Sausages & Burgers - Frozen

79863 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG 99% Gourmet Steak Burger 30x170g ✣
21778 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Beef Burgers 2oz 80% IQF 48x57g
5720 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Beef Burgers U.S. 4oz 100% 48x113g
38921 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sausages Cocktail 32's 1x2.27kg
8658 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sausages Cumberland Butchers Style 6's 1x3.63kg
6444 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sausages Pork 4's 1x40
9049 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sausages Pork 8's 1x80
23992 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sausages Pork & Leek 6's 1x3.63kg
29277 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sausages Pork Butcher's Style 6's 1x3.63kg

Frozen Plant Based Alternative

27175 PLANTLIFE Burgers Vegan Plant Based Italiano Plantlife 24x100g
74501 24x100g
10194 PLANTLIFE Burgers Vegan Plant Based Punjabi Plantlife 36x90g
12346 24x113g
25068 KATERVEG Burgers Vegetable IQF 1x20
55473 15x300g
37218 DALOON Falafel Spinach Burgers 1/4lb Daloon 1x1kg
19302 1x1kg
58188 MOVINGMOUNTA Moving Mountains Burger 1x2kg NEW
63507 6x300g NEW
Penang Curry Gluten Free and Vegan

QUORN Quorn Mince

QUORN Quorn Pieces

LINDA MCCART Sausages Meat Free Linda McCartney

LINDA MCCART Sausages Veg Chorizo & Red Pepper Linda McCartney

Fish - Frozen

6077 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Battered Cod 1x30
6376 30x113g
12554 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Breaded White Fish Fishcakes 1x24
59464 1x24
2437 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cod Battered 110-140g 1x18
9633 1x4.54
65077 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cod Battered 140-170g 2x1kg
71831 10x350g
29906 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cod Battered 170-200g 24x90g
6867 1x18
22936 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cod Fillets IQF 230g 1x10
44143 1x6.81kg
37266 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cod Fish Finger Goujon Gourmet 35g 1x4.5kg
46784 1x1.5kg
28474 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fish Pie Mix Frozen 1x24 NEW
43343 1x4.54kg
7208 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fishcakes Thai Style Cod & Prawn 1x3kg ✣
49300 1x4.54kg
5160 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Haddock Battered 170-200g 1x450g
49329 50x56g
52068 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Salmon Portion 170-200g 1x454g

Cod Fillet FAS Shatter Pack Skin On

SEAHAWK Cod Fillet Skin On 230g-280g

YOUNGS Fish Fingers (Minced White Fish) 60x25g

ARTICROYAL Haddock Fillet Smoked 80-130g

Haddock Fillets Skinless & Boneless

JUBILEE Mackerel Fillets Smoked approx 40x75g

SEAHAWK Plaice Fillets

Plaice Goujons Breaded 45g

HAVELOK Salmon Fishcakes MSC

SEAHAWK Whitebait Coated

Meat - Frozen

67403 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pork BBQ Pulled 1x1kg
15735 12x1
20810 MENUSERVE Half Rack BBQ Ribs 1x1kg
55862 per kg
10258 PIZZA PLUS Pepperoni Sliced 1x3.63kg

Turkey Butterfly Raw Frozen (average 5.5ka)v.5.0kg

FENTON BARNE Turkey Saddle Cooked Frozen ✣

Printed 2/12/19 Page 18 ✣ - Bought To Order Only
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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Shellfish - Frozen

8686 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Prawns Cold Water 100/200 10% Glaze 2kg Gross Weight1x1.8kg
2455 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Prawns Cold Water 200/300 25% Glaze 2kg Gross Weight1x1.5kg
9455 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Scampi Wholetail Breaded 1x454g
53033 SEAHAWK Crabmeat Canadian Snow 20x400g ✣
49017 SEAHAWK Crabmeat Orkney 50/50 1x450g
ARTICROYAL King Prawns Peeled & Deveined 20% Glaze 1x1kg

King Prawns in Filo Pastry 21/26 1x500g

Mussels Vac-pack Frozen 5x1kg

PACIFIC Squid Chunks Salt & Pepper 1x1kg

SEAHAWK Squid Rings Battered 1x500g

Chicken - Frozen

69128 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chicken BBQ Marinated Wings 1x1kg
9801 1x2kg
5218 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chicken Goujons Breaded 1x2kg
4557 1x1kg
27164 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chicken Goujons Southern Fried 1x1kg
39046 1x1.02kg
5977 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chicken Hot & Spicy Marinated Wings 3x1kg
7958 1x3kg
22339 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chicken Nuggets Battered 4x5
26922 1x2.5kg
21868 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chicken Steaks Battered 85g 1x3.6kg
9238 12x170g
67735 DOVEY Chicken Breast Fillets Breaded Dovey 1x2.5kg
65552 1x5x1kg
DOVEY Chicken Chunks (Nuggets) Battered Dovey

MEADOWVALE Chicken Cooked Halves ✣

Chicken Cooked Steamed Strips 12mm

DOVEY Chicken Fillets Southern Fried Dovey

MOY PARK Chicken Kievs

Chicken Whole Fillet

WESTERN Chicken Wings Steam Cooked

Bread Loaves - Frozen

41387 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Bread Sliced Half & Half Medium 18+2 1x8
56613 1x8
30334 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Bread Sliced White Medium 18+2 1x8
55936 1x8
10808 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Bread Sliced White Thick 16+2 1x8
78515 1x150
7678 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Bread Sliced Wholemeal Thick 16+2 1x18
28084 1xloaf
15526 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Bread Sliced Wholemeal Medium 18+2 1x8
25659 1x8
34114 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Garlic Bread Slices 10x400g
69517 1xloaf
43213 PANESCO Barra Gallega Large Baguette 1xloaf
36102 1x535g
62426 REEVE Bloomer Malthouse Uncut Reeve 1x535g
20097 1xloaf
19469 FRANKROBERTS Bloomer Sliced Malt Brown Bread Th14+2 Roberts 20x340g
26246 8x400g
25912 FRANKROBERTS Bloomer Sliced White Bread 14+2 Roberts 1x20x5
30491 15x5
5810 REEVE Bloomer Sourdough Uncut Reeve 1x24
14746 40x65g
REEVE Bloomer White Uncut Reeve

ROBERTS Bread Sliced Malted Brown Thick 14+2 Roberts

GENIUS Bread Sliced Multi Seed Gluten Free

GENIUS Bread Sliced White Gluten Free

ROBERTS Bread Sliced White Thick 14+2 Roberts

DELICE DE FR Buchette Noire Aux Grains


DELICE DE FR Flatbread Khobez 8"

Flatbread Lebanese 12"

MISSION Naan Bread Large Plain

MISSION Naan Bread Mini

Printed 2/12/19 Page 19 ✣ - Bought To Order Only
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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Dinner Rolls - Frozen

8926 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Baguette Demi White 135g 28cm 1x30
43486 1x30
8652 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Baguette Malted Wheat Half 48x70g
18525 65x120g
37928 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Brioche Buns 4.5" 6x10
6107 1x30
5172 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Ciabatta 1x48
36005 1x100
58331 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dinner Roll Selection 5x10
52201 10x10
27122 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fully Baked Demi Baguette 24x115g
52751 24x85g
75181 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG MK5 Floured Baps 48x115g
18048 24x115g
3413 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Petit Pain 1x45 NEW
52664 1x45 NEW
46076 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tortilla Wraps Flour 10" 30x285g NEW
30526 1x30 NEW
3414 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tortilla Wraps Flour 12" 1x50 NEW
55974 1x12 NEW
23851 Bagels Multiseed 1x12
50127 1x48 ✣
13979 Bagels Plain Sliced 45x90g ✣
7833 1x50
76001 Bagels Plain Unsliced 36x95g NEW
44121 60x20g
15770 Bagels Sesame 1x48
28276 48x84g
2987 PANESCO Baguette Demi Multi Cereal Panesco 1x48
2849 1x48
53828 PANESCO Baguette Demi Premium Plus 42x80g
78160 45x90g
3415 DELIFRANCE Baguette Heritage Poolish Delifrance 1x40
44332 30x130g
25051 LE PAIN Baguette White Sliced Thaw & Serve 28cm 120x40g
49321 40x100g
54066 PANESCO Barra Gallega Media 40x100g
26183 90x25g
42929 REEVE Bridge Rolls Brown 1x72
7357 1x48
6933 REEVE Bridge Rolls White 1x24
9946 50x100g
46814 SPECIALITY Brioche Bun Glazed Seeded & Sliced Speciality 5x1kg
2458 1x48
67018 SPECIALITY Brioche Bun Glazed Speciality 75x55g
6478 1x240
50343 PANESCO Brioche Bun Round Panesco 85g 48x55g
21797 48x55g
60289 SPECIALITY Brioche Hot Dog Roll Large Glazed Speciality 48x55g
1142 1x48
13651 SPECIALITY Brioche Mini Slider Glazed Speciality 40x130g
7467 1x30
55819 REEVE Brioche Rolls 1x30
28783 1x70
72234 KARA Brioche Style Bun Vegan 20x6

KARA Burger Baps Seeded MK4

KARA Burger Baps Seeded MK5

PANESCO Burger Bun Pretzel Pre-Sliced Panesco

SPECIALITY Burger Bun Vegan Speciality

PANESCO Ciabatta Bocata 140g

SPECIALITY Ciabatta Roll Large Speciality

SPECIALITY Ciabatta Roll Mini Speciality

SPECIALITY Ciabatta Roll Round Speciality

SPECIALITY Ciabatta Roll Speciality

SPECIALITY Ciabatta Sticks 20-30g Speciality


KARA Floured Baps 4"

KARA Floured Baps MK6

PANESCO Focaccia Rolls with Fine Herbs Panesco

PAN ARTISAN Focaccia Rosemary

FLETCHERS Hotdog Rolls Jumbo MK8

SPECIALITY Mediterranean Rolls Selection

Mini Blinis

SPECIALITY Mini Tin Loaf Multigrain Speciality

SPECIALITY Mini Tin Loaf Onion Speciality

SPECIALITY Mini Tin Loaf White Speciality

KARA Muffins English Breakfast

SPECIALITY Multigrain Cottage Roll

SCHULSTAD Panini White 135g 270mm

PANEFRESCO Panini White Grill Marked 27cm

EUROBUNS Petit Pain Malted Wheat

KATERBAKE Pitta Bread White

Printed 2/12/19 Page 20 ✣ - Bought To Order Only
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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Dinner Rolls - Frozen Continued.... 4x25
5504 PANESCO Rolls Assorted Mini Classic Panesco 25x68g
6612 PANESCO Rolls Assorted Mini Rustic Panesco 40x130g
68710 GENIUS Rolls Seeded Gluten Free 1x150
53860 SPECIALITY Rolls White Cottage Speciality 40x100g
25440 DELICE DE FR Sliders Mini Sesame Buns 40x100g
33536 SPECIALITY Sourdough & Onion Rolls Speciality 10x420g
52875 SPECIALITY Sourdough Roll Speciality 10x420g
43746 SPECIALITY Sub Deli Loaf Brown 23" Speciality 1x36
69463 SPECIALITY Sub Deli Loaf White 23" Speciality
53937 KARA Sub Deli Rolls 6"

Patisserie - Frozen

13851 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Belgian Waffles 1x20
5709 80x65g
59110 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Croissant Straight Unbaked 1x36
76645 12x9
67985 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Donut Selection 5x9
76196 1x24
42156 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Eclairs Chocolate Mini 1x24
68511 1x24
5940 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Eclairs Chocolate 80x75g
8913 1x120
18834 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Muffin Blueberry 1x1.44kg
2852 1x48
60007 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Muffin Raspberry & White Chocolate 60x90g
63856 120x25g
63536 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Muffin Triple Chocolate 56x80g
2910 1x36
75563 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pain au Chocolate Unbaked 1x120
33455 1x36
10749 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pancakes 4.5" Sweet American 80x90g
62576 120x30g
12241 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Profiteroles & Chocolate Sauce 60x96g
63483 120x30g
31465 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Teacakes 5" Spiced Fruit 1x38
79424 75x18g
68964 DELIFRANCE Cinnamon Swirl 20x140g NEW
7583 1x60 NEW
22382 DELIFRANCE Croissant Mini Delifrance Unbaked 18x90g
2851 1x60 NEW
67806 DELIFRANCE Croissant Spelt & Quinoa Vegan Delifrance Unbaked 45x110g
19026 1x120
SCHULSTAD Danish Pastry Royal Selection 88g-100g Schulstad Unbaked

SCHULSTAD Danish Selection Signature Mini Schulstad Unbaked

TIPIAK French Macarons

DELIFRANCE Large Butter Croissant Unbaked

DELIFRANCE Pain au Chocolat Mini Delifrance Unbaked

DELIFRANCE Pain au Raisin Beurre Fin Delifrance Unbaked

DELIFRANCE Pain aux Raisins Mini Delifrance Unbaked

TIPIAK Petit Fours French Style

DELIFRANCE Savoury Tart Mini Selection Delifrance Unbaked

SPECIALITY Scone / Scioche Speciality

KARA Scones Plain Kara

HANDMADECAKE Scones Sultana Gluten Free Handmade Cake Company

KARA Scones Sultana Kara

SPECIALITY Teacakes Fruited

DELIFRANCE Vienoiserie Selection Mini Delifrance Unbaked

Printed 2/12/19 Page 21

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Pastry - Frozen 1x10
33223 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pizza Base Deep Pan 12" 1x60
59144 1x1.5kg
44357 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pizza Base Thin & Crispy 12" 1x1.5kg
2996 1x500g
2999 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pizza Dough Balls for 23cm Pizza 1x96
2995 1x40
2997 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Puff Pastry Block 1x96x54g
76048 12x625g
4855 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Shortcrust Pastry Block 1x96
2998 17x6
42260 JUSROL Jus Rol Pastry Filo 1x12
77309 1x28
21184 JUSROL Jus Rol Puff Pastry Lids Oval 149mm x 98mm 1x48
4560 1x48
6316 JUSROL Jus Rol Puff Pastry Lids Oval 7" x 5" 1x9
56317 4x2
56566 JUSROL Jus Rol Puff Pastry Rounds 152mm in diameter 1x9
35726 4x2
42750 JUSROL Jus Rol Puff Pastry Sheets 580mm x 380mm 1x22
24973 1x1.68kg
45431 JUSROL Jus Rol Puff Pastry Squares 5" 6x485g
36543 1x80
30927 MING FOODS Pancakes Chinese 1x550g
58858 1x200g
19960 PIZZA PLUS Pizza Base 9" Gluten Free NEW
PIZZA PLUS Pizza Base Deep Dish 9" IQF

PIZZA PLUS Pizza Base Thin 7" IQF

PIZZA PLUS Pizza Base Thin 9" IQF

CHICAGOTOWN Pizza Chicago Town Chicken & Bacon 30cm

CHICAGOTOWN Pizza Chicago Town Four Cheese Stuffed 30cm

CHICAGOTOWN Pizza Chicago Town Manhattan Meaty 30cm

CHICAGOTOWN Pizza Chicago Town Stuffed Pepperoni Pizza 30cm

DROETKER Pizza Rising Base with Passata 9"

CROWN FOODS Pizza Selection Mini

CAPRI Pizza Slab Cheese & Tomato Thin 240mm x 180mm

PAN ARTISAN Pizza Sourdough Balls

CARRYFRESH Spring Roll Pastry

HAPPY BOY Wonton Pastry

Desserts - Frozen

64021 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cake Mini Assortment 1x40
57840 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cake Round Carrot Gluten Free 1x14pp
9247 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cake Round Coffee & Walnut 10" 1x14pp
22738 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cake Round Handmade Lemon Buttercream Cake 1x14pp
8718 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cake Round Victoria Sandwich Hand Made 10" 1x14pp
56406 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Charlotte Strawberry & Prosecco 1x14pp
6179 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheesecake Large Baked New York Style 1x14pp
73219 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheesecake Salted Caramel 1x12pp
77193 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheesecake Triple Chocolate 1x12pp
48250 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cheesecake White Chocolate and Raspberry 1x12pp
71158 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fudge Cake Alabama Chocolate 1x16pp
47184 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fudge Cake Chocolate 1x16pp
36701 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fudge Cake Triple Layer Chocolate 1x12ptn
78341 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Gateau Chocolate & Orange Bar 1x1.5kg
59090 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Gold Finger Fudge Cake Gluten Free 1x12pp
66884 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mint Chocolate Shard Cake 1x14pp
39480 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mousse Cake Chocolate & Cherry 1x12pp
31565 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mousse Stack Chocolate Orange Sidoli 1x36pp
6136 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pie Apple Caramel 1x14pp
58436 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pie Apple Deep Dish 10" 1x12ptn
9040 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pie Lemon Meringue 1x12pp
64421 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Salted Caramel Cream Bar Gateau 1x16pp
5763 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sponge Puddings Chocolate 1x12
79621 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sponge Puddings Gooey Belgian Chocolate 1x12
34020 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sponge Puddings Individual Bread & Butter 1x12
5479 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sponge Puddings Spotted Dick 1x12

Printed 2/12/19 Page 22

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Desserts - Frozen Continued....

2452 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sponge Puddings Sticky Toffee 1x12
8912 1x12
9730 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sponge Puddings Strawberry Jam 1x12
48563 1x12
22400 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sponge Puddings Syrup 1x14
10658 1x12pp
60694 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sponge Puddings Ultimate Sticky Toffee Gluten Free 1xeach
13728 1x20pp
19108 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tart Baked Belgian Chocolate Espresso 1x14pp
45756 1x14pp
71699 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tart Bakewell 1x14pp
71051 1x14pp
63214 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tiramisu Premium 1x14pp
63755 1x14pp
30999 SIDOLI Billionaires Bar Gluten Free and Vegan Sidoli 1x14pp
45296 14pp
5871 SIDOLI Cake Round Blueberry Burst Cake Sidoli 1x14pp
18244 1x48
25916 HANDMADECAKE Cake Round Cappuccino Gluten Free HCC 1x12pp
4911 1x14pp
58333 HANDMADECAKE Cake Round Ginger Cake Gluten Free HCC 1x12pp
56595 1x14pp
27105 HANDMADECAKE Cake Round Gluten Free Victoria Sponge 9" HCC 1x16pp
62756 1x14pp
54496 SIDOLI Cake Round Handmade Earl Grey Lemon Drizzle Sidoli 1x14pp
12765 1x12pp
9937 SIDOLI Cake Round Naughty Chocolate Cake Gluten Free Sidoli 1x14pp
59960 1x9"
63084 SIDOLI Cake Round Sticky Chocolate & Orange Cake Sidoli 1x9"
30566 1x18 ✣
7687 SIDOLI Cake Round Vegan Harvest Gateau Sidoli 1x14pp
70921 1x12
6306 SIDOLI Cake Round Victorian Style Fruit Sidoli 1x12
56555 2x10ptns
58275 PRESTIGE Cheesecake Mini Selection Prestige 2x10ptns
12044 2x10ptns
41871 SIDOLI Cheesecake New York Style Gluten Free Sidoli 1x12pp
9568 24x110g
46906 SIDOLI Cheesecake Strawberry & White Chocolate Sidoli 1x12pp
10950 1x48
22416 SIDOLI Cheesecake Strawberry Gluten Free Sidoli 1x12pp
46596 1x12pp
53154 SIDOLI Cheesecake Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Gluten Free Sidoli 1x15pp
75655 1x15pp
61428 SIDOLI Cheesecake Vanilla Cookie Crust Sidoli 1x12pp
41834 1x15pp
56759 HANDMADECAKE Chocolate Cake Gluten Free HCC 1x18pp
39285 1x12pp
79325 HANDMADECAKE Fudge Cake Belgian Choc/ Vegan HCC 1x12pp ✿
26818 1x12pp
46305 SIDOLI Fudge Cake Chocolate Brownie Slice Gluten Free Sidoli 1x15pp
73916 1x12pp
72364 SIDOLI Fudge Cake Mega Fabulous 3 Layer Sidoli 1x15pp
26886 1x15pp
69606 MADEMOISELLE Gateau Black Forest 1x18pp

MADEMOISELLE Gateau Strawberry NEW
Iced Fruit Cake Slice

SIDOLI Pie Apple Bramley Sidoli

SIDOLI Puddings Lemon Sponge Sidoli

SIDOLI Rhubarb & Apple Crumble Sidoli

MENUSERVE Roulade Black Forest

MENUSERVE Roulade Lemon

MENUSERVE Roulade Raspberry & White Choc

SIDOLI Tart au Chocolate Sidoli

DELICE DE FR Tart au Citron Indvidual

SIDOLI Tart au Citron Large Sidoli

PRESTIGE Tartlet Mini Variety Prestige

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Amaretti & Pistachio Tiffin HCC

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Black Cherry & Almond Slice HCC

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Blackcurrant Crumble Vegan Gluten Free HCC

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Caramel Shortcake Gluten Free HCC

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Caramel Shortcake HCC

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Chocolate Brownie Gluten Free HCC

SIDOLI Traybake Chocolate Brownie Gluten Free Sidoli

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Chocolate Fruit & Nut Slice HCC

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Granola Slice Dessert HCC

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Honeycomb Tiffin HCC

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Lemon Drizzle Slice Gluten Free HCC

SIDOLI Traybake Millionaires Caramel Shortbread Sidoli

HANDMADECAKE Traybake Pecan & Walnut Slice Gluten Free HCC

SIDOLI Traybake Squidgy Lemon Sidoli

SIDOLI Traybake White Chocolate & Raspberry Slice Sidoli

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale
Desserts - Frozen Continued....

69559 SIDOLI Traycake Carrot Sidoli

New Forest Dairy Icecream

9747 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Banana Ice Cream 1x4.75lt ✿✣
24186 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Brownie & White Chocolate Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿✣
79699 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿✣
9604 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream with Ripple/Choc Chips1x4lt ✿
20825 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Cinnamon Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿✣
40392 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Clotted Cream Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
40670 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Coconut Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
8069 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Coffee Mocha Swirl Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
10773 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Honey & Fig Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
63677 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Honeycomb Swirl Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿✣
14090 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Jaffa Cake Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
6017 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Lotus Biscoff Dairy Ice Cream 1x4.75lt ✿
New Forest Millionaire's Shortcake Ice cream 1x4lt

New Forest Mince Pie Dairy Ice Cream 1x4.75lt

New Forest Mint Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream with Choc Ripple 1x4lt

New Forest Oriental Ginger Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt

New Forest Peach Melba Ice Cream 1x4lt

New Forest Raspberry Ripple Meringue Dairy Ice Cream 1x4.75lt

New Forest Rhubarb & Ginger Dairy 1x4.75lt

New Forest Rum & Raisin Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt

New Forest Salted Caramel Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt

New Forest Salted Caramel Vegan Ice Cream 1x2.4lt

New Forest Strawberry Dairy Ice Cream with Real Strawberries1x4lt

New Forest Vanilla Ice Cream with Pods 1x4lt

New Forest Continental Icecream

54808 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Banoffee Continental Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿✣
9064 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Bubblegum Continental Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿✣
27396 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Lemon Curd Continental Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
76711 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Pistachio Continental Ice Cream 1x4.7lt ✿
8151 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Toffee Crunch Continental Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
5846 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Vanilla Continental Diabetic Frozen Dessert 1x4lt ✿


8392 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chocolate Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
5791 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
69588 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mint Chocolate Chunk Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
45713 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
3324 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Strawberry Dairy Ice Crea 1x4lt ✿
6369 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Strawberry Ice Cream (Non Dairy) 1x4lt ✿
3260 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Triple Chocolate Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
3261 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
9094 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG White Vanilla Ice Cream 1x4lt ✿
79819 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Amaretti Amaretto Ice Cream 1x2.4lt ✿
52469 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Apricot Ice Cream 1x2.4lt ✿
39095 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Blackcurrant & Cream Ice Cream 1x2.4lt ✿
17950 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Caramel Ice Cream 1x2.4lt ✿
14056 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 1x5lt ✿
73056 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Mint Chocolate Ice Cream 1x2.4lt ✿
67571 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Pistachio Ice Cream 1x2.4lt ✿

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Icecream Continued....

70106 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Praline Ice Cream 1x2.4lt ✿
76406 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Strawberry Ice Cream 1x5lt ✿
17856 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Vanilla Ice Cream 1x5lt ✿
32704 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Vanilla Pod Vegan Ice cream 1x2.4lt ✿✣
30206 SUNCREAM Vanilla Bean Flavour Vegan Ice Cream 1x5ltr ✿


3005 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Orange Sorbet 1x2lt ✿
3003 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Premium Lemon Sorbet 1x2lt ✿
55555 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Coconut Sorbet 1x2.4lt ✿
19751 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Lemon Sorbet 1x2.4lt ✿
68592 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Pear Sorbet 1x2.4lt ✿
45633 AMORE DI GEL Amore Di Gelato Raspberry Sorbet 1x2.4lt ✿
59128 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Blackcurrant Sorbet High Fruit 1x2.4lt ✿
58705 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Blood Orange Sorbet 1x2lt ✿
3002 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Champagne Sorbet 1x2lt ✿
41969 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Chocolate Sorbet 1x2lt ✿✣
34539 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Gin & Pink Grapefruit Sorbet 1x2lt ✿
59324 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Lime & Coconut Sorbet 1x2lt ✿
3004 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Mango Sorbet 1x2lt ✿
65496 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Raspberry Sorbet High Fruit 1x2.4lt ✿
3007 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Raspberry Sorbet 1x2lt ✿

Lollies/Impulse Icecream - Frozen

72709 LICKALIX Lickalix Caribbean Twist 1x24 ✿
50501 LICKALIX Lickalix Mango Raspberry Swirl 1x24 ✿
13109 LICKALIX Lickalix Natural Cola 1x24 ✿
23564 LICKALIX Lickalix Oh So Berry 1x24 ✿
71018 LICKALIX Lickalix Simply Chocolate 1x24 ✿
78072 LICKALIX Lickalix Strawberry Lemonade 1x24 ✿
8970 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Blackcurrant Squeeze Up 1x16 ✿
6590 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Lemon & Lime Squeeze Up 1x16 ✿ ✣
8620 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Mint Cone 1x16 ✿
9151 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Mister Bobble 1x24 ✿
29090 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Orange Lolly 1x30 ✿ ✣
6057 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Orange Squeeze Up 1x16 ✿
6423 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Strawberry Cone 1x16 ✿
9184 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Strawberry Milk Rocket 1x24 ✿
18843 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Strawberry Split 1x30 ✿
48525 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Super 5 Fruit Ice 1x20 ✿ ✣
6068 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Supreme Caramel Crunch 1x20 ✿ ✣
76605 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Supreme Milk Chocolate 1x20 ✿ ✣
61550 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Supreme Mint Crunch 1x20 ✿
8457 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Supreme White Chocolate 1x20 ✿
8581 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Vanilla & Chocolate Cone 1x16 ✿

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ƼŅƚų Ƌ±ĬåĹƋ ±ĹÚ åþÏĜåĹÏƼØ 


Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Frozen Portion & Tubs 60x80ml ✿ NEW
24x120ml ✿
65100 COOLDELIGHT Chocolate Ice Cream Tubs 24x120ml ✿ ✣
8066 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Chocolate with Ripple 120ml Portion Tub 24x120ml ✿
61105 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Lotus Caramelised Biscoff 24x120ml ✿
7649 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Mint Chocolate with Ripple 120ml Portion Tub 24x120ml ✿
5410 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Strawberry with Ripple 120ml Portion Tub 24x120ml ✿
8008 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Toffee Crunch Ripple 120ml Portion Tub 30x140g ✣ NEW
9981 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Vanilla Ice cream Portion 120ml Tub 30x140g ✣ NEW
71220 SMOOTHEELICI Smoothie Fruit Berry Burst 30x140g ✣ NEW
47958 SMOOTHEELICI Smoothie Fruit Strawberry Split 30x140g ✣ NEW
50700 SMOOTHEELICI Smoothie Fruit Sweet Melody 60x80ml ✿ NEW
72002 SMOOTHEELICI Smoothie Fruit Tropical Delight 60x80ml ✿
45340 COOLDELIGHT Strawberry Ice Cream Tubs
50044 COOLDELIGHT Vanilla Ice Cream Tubs (No Added Sugar)

Icecream Extras

7363 NEWFORESTICE New Forest Real Dairy Ice Cream Mix NFIC 12x1lt ✿
9498 CATERLINK Waffle Cones 2 scoop

Fruit - Puree (Frozen)

9818 BOIRON Boiron Apricot Puree 1x1kg
2175 BOIRON Boiron Banana Puree 1x1kg
2179 BOIRON Boiron Black Cherry Puree 1x1kg
5043 BOIRON Boiron Blackberry Puree 1x1kg
2177 BOIRON Boiron Blackcurrant Puree 1x1kg
2186 BOIRON Boiron Blood Orange Puree 1x1kg
2178 BOIRON Boiron Blueberry Wild Puree 1x1kg
2180 BOIRON Boiron Coconut Puree 1x1kg
6409 BOIRON Boiron Cranberry & Morello Cherry Puree 1x1kg
2117 BOIRON Boiron Fig Puree 1x1kg
2174 BOIRON Boiron Green Apple Puree 1x1kg
34236 BOIRON Boiron Kalamansi Puree 1x1kg
4662 BOIRON Boiron Kiwi Puree 1x1kg
4663 BOIRON Boiron Lemon Puree 1x1kg
2182 BOIRON Boiron Lime Puree 1x1kg
2183 BOIRON Boiron Lychee Puree 1x1kg
5047 BOIRON Boiron Mandarin Puree 1x1kg
2184 BOIRON Boiron Mango Puree 1x1kg
9104 BOIRON Boiron Mirabelle Plum Puree 1x1kg
9212 BOIRON Boiron Morello Cherry Puree 1x1kg
24949 BOIRON Boiron Papaya Puree 1x1kg
2187 BOIRON Boiron Passion Fruit Puree 1x1kg
4767 BOIRON Boiron Pear Puree 1x1kg
2188 BOIRON Boiron Pineapple Puree 1x1kg
4661 BOIRON Boiron Pink Grapefruit Puree 1x1kg
9118 BOIRON Boiron Pomegranate Puree 1x1kg
4768 BOIRON Boiron Pumpkin Puree 1X1kg
4769 BOIRON Boiron Raspberry Puree 1x1kg
9373 BOIRON Boiron Redcurrant Puree 1x1kg
2189 BOIRON Boiron Rhubarb Puree 1x1kg
2190 BOIRON Boiron Strawberry Puree 1x1kg
2191 BOIRON Boiron White Peach Puree 1x1kg
9573 BOIRON Boiron Wild Strawberry Puree 1x1kg

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Frozen Fruit 1x1kg
2483 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Raspberries 1x1kg
6370 1x500g
8578 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Strawberries 1x500g
52454 1x1kg
35130 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Summer Berry Fruit Mix 1x1kg
6239 1x1kg
2479 AVOGRANDE Avocado Dices 1x1kg
4997 1x10kg
6726 AVOGRANDE Avocado Slices 1x2.5kg
19924 1x2.5kg
69586 GREENS Blackberries 1x2.5kg
25723 1x400g
32868 GREENS Blackcurrants 1x1kg
21900 GREENS Blueberries

GREENS Cranberries


GREENS Mango Diced 20x20mm

GREENS Papaya Diced 20x20mm

GREENS Pineapple tid-bits


GREENS Sour Cherries

Fruit - Puree (Ambient)

35548 MERCHANTGOUR Chestnut Puree Pouch Ambient 1x200g ✣
42116 LEONCE BLANC Lychee Fruit Puree Ambient 1x1lt
3397 LEONCE BLANC Mango Fruit Puree Ambient 1x1lt NEW
32843 LEONCE BLANC Passion Fruit Puree Ambient 1x1kg
6372 LEONCE BLANC Raspberry Fruit Puree Ambient 1x1lt
17366 LEONCE BLANC Strawberry Fruit Puree Ambient 1x1lt

Bread & Patisserie

51293 ST PIERRE Brioche Loaf Sliced 1x500g ✣
7788 PIDY Pidy Mini Choux Profiteroles 1x75
24599 OLD EL PASO Taco Shells Old el Paso 10x260g
22374 CASA SERRANO Tortilla Wraps Flour 6" Casa Serrano 1x144
41650 CASA SERRANO Tortilla Wraps Spinach 12" Casa Serrano 1x108

Cookies, Biscuits, Muffins & Bars 1x20 ✣

9310 BAKER BOYS Muffins Mixed


78498 ALPEN Alpen No Added Sugar Portions 30x41g ✣
45074 ALPEN Alpen No Added Sugar 1x1.1kg
66287 ALPEN Alpen Original Portions 30x50g
61191 ALPEN Alpen Original 1x1.3kg
56451 MORNFLAKE Granola Hawaiian 1x500g
49575 MORNFLAKE Granola Orchard 1x500g
21616 MORNFLAKE Granola Original Raisin Honey Almond 1x500g
2613 SUNCATCHER Muesli Base Cereal Only 1x2.5kg
2612 HARVEST Muesli Base Cereals Only 1x1.5kg
40270 SUNCATCHER Muesli Base Gluten Free 1x1kg
2628 SUNCATCHER Muesli Tropical 1x2.5kg
2618 SUNCATCHER Muesli base with 35% Fruit & Nut 1x2.5kg

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale


4146 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Oatflakes 1x3kg ✣
6603 SUNCATCHER Oatmeal Medium 1kg 1x1kg ✣
25913 1x1kg
57664 Oats Gluten Free Jumbo 6x500g
1268 MORNFLAKE Oats Gluten Free Superfast Porridge 1x25kg
1267 MORNFLAKE Oats Jumbo UK 1x1kg
1269 SUNCATCHER Oats Jumbo 1x25kg
MORNFLAKE Oats Porridge Rolled

Kelloggs Bag Pack

24212 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs All Bran Original 6x500g
2855 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Bran Flakes Bag Pack 4x500g
42500 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Coco Pops Bag Pack 4x500g
6794 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Corn Flakes Bag Pack 8x500g
69453 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes Bag Pack 4x500g
2867 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Frosties Bag Pack 4x500g
5967 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Fruit & Fibre Bag Pack 4x700g
6154 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Rice Krispies Bag Pack 4x400g
14755 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Special K Bag Pack 4x500g

Kelloggs Bulk Pack

2856 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Bran Flakes Bulk Pak 1x10kg
2859 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Coco Pops Bulk Pak 1x10kg
2862 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Corn Flakes Bulk Pak 3x3.3kg
2876 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Frosties Bulk Pak 1x10kg
2871 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Rice Krispies Bulk Pak 1x10kg

Kelloggs Portion Pack

5074 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs All Bran Portion Pack 40x45g
5075 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Bran Flakes Portion Pack 40x40g
5076 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Coco Pops Portion Pack 40x35g
5077 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Corn Flakes Portion Pack 40x24g
5078 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes Portion Pack 40x35g
5079 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Frosties Portion Pack 40x35g
5080 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Fruit & Fibre Portion Pack 40x45g
2870 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Mixed Kelloggs Portion Pack 1x35
5081 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Rice Krispies Portion Pack 40x22g
5082 KELLOGG'S Kelloggs Special K Portion Pack 40x30g

Dorset Cereals

21261 DORSETCEREAL Dorset Cereal Simply Delicious Muesli 5x650g NEW
5096 DORSETCEREAL Dorset Cereals Berries & Cherries Portion Pack 1x18x85g
28297 DORSETCEREAL Dorset Cereals Choc & Cherry Granola 1x5x550g
71921 DORSETCEREAL Dorset Cereals Classic Fruit, Nuts, Seeds Muesli 1x5x700g
61069 DORSETCEREAL Dorset Cereals Honey Granola 1x5x500g
28953 DORSETCEREAL Dorset Cereals Nutty Granola 1x5x550g
5098 DORSETCEREAL Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Fruity Muesli Portion Pack 1x18x85g

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Cereals - Other Nestle Cheerios
Nestle GoFree Coco Rice Gluten Free
73470 NESTLE Nestle GoFree Cornflakes Gluten Free 8x375g NEW
68081 NESTLE Nestle GoFree Crisp Rice Gluten Free 9x295g
35547 NESTLE Nestle GoFree Honey Cornflakes Gluten Free 7x500g ✣
13640 NESTLE Nestle Harvest Home Bran Flakes 6x550g ✣
74450 NESTLE Nestle Harvest Home Corn Flakes 7x500g
50078 NESTLE Nestle Harvest Home Cornflakes Bulk Pack 4x500g NEW
61081 NESTLE Nestle Harvest Home Crisp Rice Bulk Pack 4x500g NEW
10836 NESTLE Nestle Harvest Home Crisp Rice 1x7kg
30371 NESTLE Nestle Shredded Wheat Cereal 1x7kg
21773 NESTLE Nestle Shreddies Cereal 4x400g
5133 NESTLE Ready Brek Original 1x20x2pk
55111 NESTLE Weetabix Catering A 10x415g
43787 WEETABIX Weetabix Catering B 6x450g
6080 WEETABIX Weetabix Catering C 6x48
7561 WEETABIX Weetos 48x2
8840 WEETABIX 1x96
79128 WEETABIX 8x350g

Breakfast - Grab n Go

79497 ALPEN Alpen Fruit & Nut Cereal Bar 24x28g ✿
69779 ALPEN Alpen Fruit & Nut with Chocolate Cereal Bar
62546 ALPEN Alpen Light Bars Chocolate & Fudge 24x29g ✿
34376 ALPEN Alpen Light Bars with Summer Fruits
33810 ALPEN Alpen Strawberry Yogurt Fruit Cereal Bar 10x5x19g ✿
30159 WEETABIX Breakfast Drink Banana Weetabix
46465 WEETABIX Breakfast Drink Chocolate Weetabix 24x19g ✿
24853 WEETABIX Breakfast Drink Strawberry Weetabix
70285 WEETABIX Breakfast Drink Vanilla Weetabix 24x29g ✿
25250 KELLOGG'S Cereal Bar Coco Pops Kelloggs
52754 KELLOGG'S Cereal Bar Marshmallow Squares 8x250ml
35046 KELLOGG'S Cereal Bar Nutri-Grain Blueberry bar Kelloggs
56785 MORNFLAKE Oats2Go Original Porridge Pots 8x250ml



25X20G ✣

30x28g ✿ ✣

25x37g ✣


Jams/Marmalades/Spreads - Catering

3201 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jam Apricot 1x2.72kg
39719 1x2.72kg
61453 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jam Raspberry 1x2.72kg
17197 1x2.72kg
3484 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jam Strawberry 1x2.72kg
5440 1x3kg
31206 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Marmalade Fine Cut 6x430g
66362 6x340g
76662 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mixed Fruit Jam 6x340g
14641 6x340g
46870 MARGETTS Curd Lemon 6x340g
61897 6x430g
45273 STUTE Jam Apricot No Sugar Added 6x340g ✣
49003 6x340g
2273 HARVEST Jam Blackcurrant Harvest 1x3kg ✣
2262 6x340g
26058 HARVEST Jam Blueberry & Lime Harvest 6x430g ✣
2272 1x3kg ✣
27289 HARVEST Jam Bumbleberry Harvest 6x430g
2270 6x340g
HARVEST Jam Gooseberry & Elderflower Harvest

STUTE Jam Morello Cherry No Sugar Added

HARVEST Jam Raspberry Harvest

HARVEST Jam Rhubarb & Ginger Harvest

HARVEST Jam Strawberry Finest Harvest

HARVEST Jam Strawberry Finest Harvest

STUTE Jam Strawberry No Sugar Added

HARVEST Marmalade Breakfast Harvest

STUTE Marmalade Fine Cut No Sugar Added

HARVEST Marmalade Vintage Thick Cut Harvest

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Jams/Marmalades/Spreads - Catering Continued.... 6x340g
59379 HARVEST Marmalade with Ginger Harvest
21181 MARMITE Marmite Jar

Jams/Marmalades/Spreads - Portions

65027 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jam Assorted Portions 100x20g
71149 100x20g
51548 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jam Strawberry Portions 100x20g
58452 72x28g
20290 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Marmalade Portions 72x28g
37092 72x28g
38743 TIPTREE Curd Lemon Tiptree Glass Jar portion 72x28g
73767 72x28g
29583 TIPTREE Jam Apricot Tiptree Glass Jar Portions 72x28g
61785 72x28g
1107 TIPTREE Jam Blackcurrant Tiptree Glass Jar Portions 100x8g

TIPTREE Jam Morello Cherry Tiptree Glass Jar Portions

TIPTREE Jam Raspberry Tiptree Glass Jar Portions

TIPTREE Jam Strawberry Tiptree Glass Jar Portions

TIPTREE Marmalade Orange Tiptree Glass Jar Portions

MARMITE Marmite Portions


4372 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Honey Blossom Clear 1x3.16kg
51164 1x1.36kg
4374 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Honey Clear Squeezy 1x680g NEW
57931 100x20g
7365 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Honey Easy Squeezy 1x340g ✣ NEW
72750 1x5x300g
2756 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Honey Portions 1x227g
32389 72x28g
HURNHONEY Honey Clear Hurn

GALES Honey Clear Squeezy Gales

HURNHONEY Honey Comb Cut Hurn

TIPTREE Honey Tiptree Glass Jars Portions

Nut Spreads

10597 MERIDIAN Cashew Butter Smooth 100% 1x1kg
49729 NUTELLA Nutella Chocolate Spread 1x750g
5519 NUTELLA Nutella Portions 120x15g
29597 MERIDIAN Peanut Butter Crunchy 100% 1x1kg
1359 SUNPAT Peanut Butter Crunchy Sunpat 1x200g
40698 MERIDIAN Peanut Butter Smooth 100% 1x1kg
1360 SUNPAT Peanut Butter Smooth Sunpat 1x200g
37450 Tahini Light 1x1kg


7124 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cous Cous 1x3kg
6305 1x3kg
3921 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Semolina 1x3kg
3851 1x1kg
60604 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tapioca Pearls Dried 1x1kg
5693 1x1kg
2252 Bulgar Wheat 1x5kg
6288 1x3kg
9819 Chia Seeds 1x1.5kg
3857 1x1kg
74468 Cous Cous Israeli 1x1kg
45952 1x1kg
15520 BELAZU Israeli Cous Cous Sack Belazu 1x1kg
3874 1x1kg
72540 Pearl Barley 1x1kg

Polenta Cornmeal ✣ - Bought To Order Only

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Quinoa Black

Quinoa Red

Quinoa Tri Colour


CENTAUR Spelt Grain

Printed 2/12/19 Page 30

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale


45911 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Rice Easy Cook Long Grain 10kg 1x10kg
55169 1x15kg
7017 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Rice Easy Cook Long Grain 15kg 1x5kg
7505 1x5kg
8695 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Rice Easy Cook Long Grain 5kg 1x5kg
79598 12x1kg
8190 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Rice Indian Easy Cook Basmati 1x1kg
23955 1x1kg
5213 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Whole Grain Brown Rice 1x3kg
51669 1x2.26kg
3891 BELAZU Rice Carnaroli Risotto Belazu 1x1kg ✣
2829 1x1kg ✣
2945 MARTINOTTI Rice Carnaroli for Risotto 1x1kg
3903 1x1kg
48510 Rice Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Mix 1x3kg
8811 1x2kg
9402 Rice Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Mix 1x1kg
61787 1x5kg
8080 Rice Gold Tamaki Sushi 1x5kg
66749 1x5kg
8671 SUNCATCHER Rice Ground Rice 1x5kg
1110 1x5kg
2827 Rice Jasmine Fragrant 1x5kg
52333 1x4kg
MERCHANTGOUR Rice Mixed White/Red/Wild


TRIPLE LION Rice Pudding

Rice Thai Jasmine

Rice Wild Black Grain

TILDA Tilda Arborio Risotto Rice

TILDA Tilda Basmati Rice Easy Cook

TILDA Tilda Basmati Rice Original

TILDA Tilda Brown 'n' White Rice Easy Cook

TILDA Tilda Easy Cook Long Grain Rice

TILDA Tilda Fragrant Jasmine Rice

TILDA Tilda Rice Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Tilda

Pasta - Dried

3208 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Conchiglie Shells 1x3kg
50589 6x500g
3210 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Farfalle Bows 1x3kg
3211 6x500g
3212 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fusilli Spirals 6x500g
2125 6x500g
74335 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fusilli Tricolour Spirals 6x500
3213 1x3kg
3214 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Lasagne Sheets 1x3kg
3215 1x3kg
2131 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Lasagne Verdi Sheets 6x500g
3216 6x500g
73944 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Linguine 1x250g
55085 1x1kg
46835 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Macaroni 1x3kg
42435 8x500g
53691 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Penne Quills 1x3kg
8833 1x500g
8877 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Spaghetti Short 1x500g
2128 1x500g
6203 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tagliatelle Verdi 1x500g
60690 1x3kg
26181 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tagliatelle 12x500g
63302 12x500g
31653 Cannelloni 1x3kg
26096 1x3kg
1109 CENTAUR Fregola Toasted 1x3kg

KNORR Fusili Tricolore

DOVES Fusilli Brown Rice Doves Gluten Free

KNORR Macaroni Pasta Knorr



RISCOSSA Papardelle

DOVES Penne Doves Gluten Free

KNORR Penne Knorr

BIONA Penne Whole Wheat Organic

DOVES Spaghetti Doves Gluten Free ✣

KNORR Spaghetti Short

KNORR Tagliatelle Knorr

KNORR Tortelini Cheese Filled Knorr

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Code Brand Product Guide Unit of Sale
12x250g ✣
Pasta - Fresh Product Description

6991 Lasagne Sheets Chilled

Pasta - Frozen

19458 LABORATORIO Giganti with Ricotta & Asparagus Surgital 1x3kg NEW
76321 LABORATORIO Gnocchi Surgital 1x6kg NEW
25240 LABORATORIO Maccheroni Al Torchio Surgital 1.5kg
30485 LABORATORIO Panzerotti with Porcini Mushroom Surgital 1x3kg
75815 PASTASI Rigatoni Precotti Surgital 4x1kg
21717 LABORATORIO Tagliatelle Surgital 1x2kg
29796 LABORATORIO Taglioline with Squid Ink Surgital 1x1.5kg
76402 LABORATORIO Tortellacci with Ricotta & Spinach Surgital 1x3kg
17265 LABORATORIO Tortellini with Pumpkin Surgital 1x3kg


15162 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Egg Noodles Medium 1x3kg
28149 1x250g
31107 BLUE DRAGON Egg Noodles Blue Dragon 1x400g
15675 1x400g

KIRIN Thai Rice Stick Kirin

Beans, Peas, Lentils - Dried

6814 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Beans Butter Dried 1x3kg ✣
7564 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Beans Haricot Dried 1x3kg
6528 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chick Peas Dried 1x3kg
3688 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dried Black Eye Beans 1x3kg
5392 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Lentils Red Split Dried 1x3kg
5775 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Marrowfat Peas Dried 1x3kg
8357 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Split Peas Green Dried 1x3kg
9487 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Split Peas Yellow Dried 1x3kg
3621 SUNCATCHER Beans Black 1x1kg
3635 SUNCATCHER Beans Cannellini 1x1kg
3655 SUNCATCHER Beans Pinto 1x1kg
7018 TRIPLE LION Lentils Green 1x3kg
69221 MERCHANTGOUR Lentils Puy Ready to Eat 1x600g
8954 TRIPLE LION Lentils Puy Style 1x3kg

Potatoes Par Cooked - Chill

51792 CELAVITA Potatoes Whole CelaVita Chilled Long Life 1x4kg
26174 CELAVITA Potatoes Whole CelaVita Chilled 1x5kg

Fruit & Nut Mixes 1x1kg ✣
2584 SUNCATCHER Fruit & Nut Mix
2591 SUNCATCHER Tropical Mix

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Fruit - Dried

5587 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Apricots Dried 1x3kg
6640 1x3kg
6836 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Currants 1x3kg
7559 1x3kg
6337 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dates Chopped, Rolled in Rice Flour 1x3kg
8727 1x3kg
6923 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dates Pitted 1x3kg
8159 1x500g
2367 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mixed Fruit and Peel 1x1kg
2371 1x1kg
9152 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Raisins 1x1kg
9758 1x1kg
5613 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sultanas 1x1kg
8895 1x1kg
6635 HARVEST Apple Rings Chopped 1x1kg ✣
6093 1x1kg ✣
31069 SUNCATCHER Apple Rings 1x1kg
20900 60x25g ✣
4003 SUNCATCHER Apricots Chopped 1x1kg
8109 1x5kg ✣
6456 RM CURTIS Banana Chips 1x1kg ✿
4008 1x1kg
4026 HARVEST Chopped Dates 4x5kg
4023 1x1kg
4030 RM CURTIS Cranberries 1x1kg
2415 1x1kg
4067 RM CURTIS Cut Mixed Peel 1x1kg
2419 1x1kg
8640 RM CURTIS Figs Dried 1x7kg
14276 60x25g
Glace Cherries

Goji Berries Dried

FUNTIME Juicy Sultana & Raisin Mix


ISRAEL Medjoul Dates

SUNCATCHER Papaya & Pineapple Chunks

SUNCATCHER Papaya Chunks

RM CURTIS Pineapple Diced



SUNCATCHER Prunes Pitted

Raisins Golden

HARVEST Raisins Thompson Seedless


FUNTIME Strawberry Infused Sultanas

Sweets & Confectionery

8842 AERO Aero Bubbly Peppermint Bar 1x24 ✿
13392 NESTLE Big Biscuit Box Mixed 1x71 ✿
34027 CADBURYS Boost Bars Cadburys 48x48.5g ✿
7621 BOUNTY Bounty Dark 1x24 ✿ ✣
37105 BOUNTY Bounty Milk 1x24 ✿
51752 CADBURYS Caramel Cadburys 1x48 ✿
6731 CADBURYS Crunchie Cadburys 1x48 ✿
59548 CADBURYS Dairy Milk Chocolate Bars Cadburys 1x48 ✿
36932 CADBURYS Double Decker Cadburys 1x48x55g ✿
79752 CADBURYS Fruit & Nut Bars Cadburys 48x49g ✿
17894 ROWNTREE Fruit Pastilles Tube Tb 1x32 ✿
53261 GALAXY Galaxy Chocolate Standard 24x42g ✿
1113 FOXES Glacier Fruits Foxes 12x130g ✿ ✣
1114 FOXES Glacier Mints Foxes 1x2.34kg ✿ ✣
39695 Honeycomb Pieces 5-20mm 1x3kg
1368 JELLY BABIES Jelly Babies 1x2.85kg ✿ ✣
14726 KINDER Kinder Bueno 30x43g ✿ ✣
8588 KIT KAT Kit Kat 2 Finger 1x72 ✿
30611 KIT KAT Kit Kat 4 Finger 1x24 ✿
64175 KIT KAT Kit Kat Chunky 1x24x40g ✿
55647 MARS M & M's Peanut 12x125g ✿ NEW
7088 MALTESERS Maltesers Fairtrade 1x40x37g ✿

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Product Guide

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Sweets & Confectionery Continued....

6618 MARS Mars Bars 48x51g ✿
71047 MILKY WAY Milky Way
1362 MINTIMPERIAL Mint Imperials Bag 56x21.5g ✿ ✣
10253 MCVITIES Penguin Biscuits
60474 POLO Polo Original Tube 1x3kg ✿ ✣
64164 QUALITY STRE Quality Street Assortment
8085 ROLO Rolo Tube 4x48 ✿
60200 CADBURYS Shortcake Snack Biscuit Cadburys
9275 SMARTIES Smarties Hexatube 32x34g ✿
9907 SNICKERS Snickers Bars
35594 CADBURYS Twirl Cadburys 1x1kg ✿
74076 TWIX Twix Twin Fingers
21622 CADBURYS Wispa Chocolate Bars Cadburys 1x36 ✿ ✣
31121 CADBURYS Wispa Gold Chocolate Bars Cadburys
49468 YORKIE Yorkie Original 1x36 ✿ NEW
37002 YORKIE Yorkie Raisin & Biscuit
1x48 ✿ ✣

1x48x48g ✿

48x43g ✿

1x32x50g ✿

1x48x36g ✿

1x48x48g ✿ NEW

1x24 ✿ ✣

1x24 ✿ ✣


42429 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Seeds Poppy Blue Maw 1x600g
4948 1x580g
31521 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Seeds Sesame Whole 1x250g
1667 1x1kg
29120 SPICES Beans Tonka 1x1kg
4883 1x1kg
7873 Linseed (Flax) Brown 1x1kg


CURTIS Seeds Pumpkin

TRIPLE LION Seeds Sunflower

Nuts - Shelled

8734 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Almonds Flaked 1x1kg
9130 1x1kg
16858 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Almonds Ground 1x1kg
9547 1x1kg
29475 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Brazil Nuts 1x2kg
9089 1x1kg
4994 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cashew Nuts Whole Blanched 1x1kg
6340 1x1kg
7173 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Coconut Desiccated 2kg 1x1kg
8705 1x1kg
9170 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Hazelnuts Whole 1x1kg
5794 1x1kg
3746 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mixed Nibbed (Chopped) Nuts 1x1kg
77758 1x1kg ✿
8266 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pecan Nut Halves 1x1kg
4520 1x1kg ✿
32522 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pistachio Nuts Shelled Raw Kernal 1x180g
3781 1x3kg
3785 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Walnut Halves 1x1kg
5912 1x1kg ✿
36728 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Walnut Pieces 1x1kg ✿
2565 1x1kg ✿
2560 RM CURTIS Almonds Blanched 1x1kg
8322 1x1.45kg ✿
29029 RM CURTIS Almonds Nibbed 1x1kg
4530 1x1kg ✿
4536 Almonds Smoked 1x1kg ✿

SUNCATCHER Almonds Whole Shelled

RM CURTIS Cashew Roasted & Salted

COOKSMART Chestnuts Vac Pack

Coconut Raw Slices

SUNCATCHER Hazelnuts Ground

RM CURTIS Hazelnuts Roasted/Blanche

Mixed Nuts (Luxury Smoked)

SUNCATCHER Mixed Nuts (Whole Salted)

SUNCATCHER Mixed Nuts (Whole Unsalted)

BELAZU Mixed Nuts Rose Harissa Belazu

RM CURTIS Peanuts Blanched

RM CURTIS Peanuts Chilli

RM CURTIS Peanuts Dry Roasted

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*AC Nielsen Data Impulse Market MAT 23.2.19. OllfLMfeeosrisrneogcuMhtlocaiCyco,eyuf'sosirnbygeosluetrsssceusllspetaroscmeineforo!rnyeocua!se! NEW TO KP!



Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Nuts - Shelled Continued....

4527 SUNCATCHER Peanuts Honey Roasted 1x1kg ✿
75587 RM CURTIS Peanuts Roasted/Salted 1x3kg ✿
70109 RM CURTIS Pinenut Kernel 1kg 1x1kg
61434 Pistachio Peeled Green 1x1kg
2516 RM CURTIS Pistachio Roasted & Salted 1x1kg

Savoury Snacks

15723 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tortilla Chips Salted 12x500g
2304 1x1kg
51197 SUNCATCHER Bombay Mix 1x250g
7358 1x150g
4983 BELAZU Bread Sticks Spaccatini Belazu 1x2kg
16158 24x23g
49218 BELAZU Bread Sticks with Black Olives Belazu 1x5kg
8140 12x40g
65345 BELAZU Broad Beans Chilli Fried & Salted Belazu 12x40g ✣
20111 12x40g ✿
20376 TYRRELLS Popcorn Sweet & Salty Tyrrells 12x40g
38276 12x40g ✿
3584 Pork Scratchings 1x1kg ✿
3592 1x1kg ✿
3595 PRINGLES Pringles Original 1x1kg ✿
57814 1x1kg ✿
PRINGLES Pringles Paprika

PRINGLES Pringles Salt & Vinegar

PRINGLES Pringles Sour Cream & Onion

PRINGLES Pringles Texas BBQ Sauce

SUNCATCHER Rice Crackers Chilli

SUNCATCHER Rice Crackers Japanese & Chilli

SUNCATCHER Rice Crackers Japanese

Wasabi Peas

Bar Cards

47784 JACOBS Mini Cheddars Original 1x30x50g
29609 JACOBS Mini Cheddars Red Leicester
7757 KP Peanuts Dry Roasted KP Card 1x30x50g
5688 KP Peanuts Salted KP Card
6420 Pork Scratchings 21x50g ✿
28409 SMITHS Scampi Flavour Fries
69917 JACOBS Twiglets Original 21x50g ✿

40x90g ✣

24x27g ✿



52305 TENACRE BBQ Crisps Ten Acre 18x40g ✿ NEW
40757 FAIRFIELDS Bacon & Tomato Crisps Fairfields 24x40g ✿
69359 KP Beef KP Crisps 48x25g ✿
4634 TYRRELLS Cheddar & Chive Crisps Tyrrells 24x40g ✿
32033 MCCOYS Cheddar & Onion Crisps McCoys 26x47.5g ✿
54966 TENACRE Cheese & Onion Crisps Ten Acre 18x40g ✿ NEW
3014 WALKERS Cheese & Onion Crisps Walkers 32x32.5g ✿
74675 FAIRFIELDS Cheese & Onion Farmhouse Crisps Fairfields 24x40g ✿
41064 KP Cheese & Onion Fresh 'n' Golden KP Crisps 48x25g ✿
4640 TYRRELLS Cider Vinegar Crisps Tyrrells 24x40g ✿
7205 MCCOYS Flame Grilled Steak Crisps McCoys 26x47.5g ✿
55082 HULA HOOPS Hula Hoops BBQ Beef 32x34g ✿ ✣
52534 HULA HOOPS Hula Hoops Original 32x34g ✿ ✣
74578 FAIRFIELDS Lentil Bites Jalapeno & Lime Fairfields 18x20g
68994 FAIRFIELDS Lentil Bites Tomato & Herb Fairfields 18x20g
44498 FAIRFIELDS Lightly Sea Salted Crisps Fairfields 12x150g ✿
74688 FAIRFIELDS Lightly Sea Salted Crisps Fairfields 24x40g ✿
4637 TYRRELLS Lightly Sea Salted Crisps Tyrrells 12x150g ✿
4909 TYRRELLS Lightly Sea Salted Crisps Tyrrells 24x40g ✿

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Crisps Continued....

6197 TYRRELLS Lightly Sea Salted Crisps Tyrrells 4x600g ✿
4642 TYRRELLS Mixed Root Vegetable Crisps (tub) Tyrrells
4641 TYRRELLS Mixed Root Vegetable Crisps Tyrrells 1x600g
72358 WALKERS Multipack Variety Walkers
37687 KP Nik Naks Nice' N' Spicy 24x40g
29084 KP Nik Naks Rib' N' Saucy
71197 KP Pom-Bear Cheese & Onion Crisps KP 18x6x25g ✿ ✣ NEW
73013 KP Pom-Bear Original Crisps KP
35646 KP Popchips Barbeque KP 28x30g ✿
36134 KP Popchips Salt & Vinegar KP
43020 KP Popchips Sour Cream & Onion KP 28x30g
36141 TYRRELLS Prawn Cocktail Crisps Tyrrells
3017 WALKERS Prawn Cocktail Crisps Walkers 36x19g ✿
32514 KP Prawn Cocktail Skips Crisps KP
41592 PENN STATE Pretzles Sea Salted 36x19g ✿
73977 WALKERS Quavers Cheese Crisps
53145 WALKERS Ready Salted Big Bags Walkers 24x23g ✿
57211 KP Ready Salted Crisps KP
20398 TENACRE Ready Salted Crisps Ten Acre 24x23g ✿
3013 WALKERS Ready Salted Crisps Walkers
66037 WALKERS Roast Chicken Crisps Walkers 24x23g ✿
38963 KP Salt & Vinegar Crisps KP
6957 MCCOYS Salt & Vinegar Crisps McCoys 24x40g ✿
38175 TENACRE Salt & Vinegar Crisps Ten Acre
3018 WALKERS Salt & Vinegar Crisps Walkers 32x32.5g ✿
6553 MCCOYS Salted Crisps McCoys
56800 FAIRFIELDS Sea Salt & Aspall Cyder Vinegar Crisps Fairfields 24x17g ✿ ✣
4639 TYRRELLS Sea Salt/Pepper Crisps Tyrrells
72423 WALKERS Smoky Bacon Crisps Walkers 33x30g NEW
60063 TYRRELLS Sourcream & Serenade Chilli Crisps Tyrrells
25318 TENACRE Sweet & Sour Crisps Ten Acre 1x32x20g ✿
4635 TYRRELLS Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper Crisps Tyrrells
24460 FAIRFIELDS Sweet Chilli Crisps Fairfields 6x175g ✿
37988 TENACRE Sweet Chilli Crisps Ten Acre
30675 KP Wheat Crunchies Bacon Crisps 48x25g ✿
31361 WALKERS Wotsits Crisps
18x40g ✿ NEW

32x32.5g ✿

32x32.5g ✿

48x25g ✿

26x47.5g ✿

18x40g ✿ NEW

32x32.5g ✿

26x47.5g ✿

24x40g ✿

24x40g ✿

32x32.5g ✿

24x40g ✿

18x40g ✿ NEW

24x40g ✿

24x40g ✿

18x40g ✿ NEW

24x30g NEW

32x22.5g ✿

Herbs - Dried

20304 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Bay Leaves Dried 1x30g
46636 1x300g
59223 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Coriander Whole Seeds PET 1x1.5kg
4967 1x200g
65989 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dehydrated Sliced Onions 1x700g
69512 1x180g
56043 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dried Basil 1x190g
37267 1x150g
41547 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dried Garlic Granules 1x120g
18228 1x300g
72616 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Dried Mint 1x170g
9003 1x80g
31310 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mixed Herbs Dried 1x220g
18109 1x65g
44998 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Oregano Dried 1x150g
55794 1x150g





KERALA Chives Dried

Curry Leaves ✣

KERALA Dill Dried

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Herbs - Dried Continued.... 1x230g
38603 KERALA Herb De Provence 1x400g
53231 KERALA Marjoram Dried 1x500g
49800 KTC Onions Crispy Fried 1x400g
68962 Onions Crispy Fried
8134 KERALA Onions Kibbled

Spices - Whole

72375 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cinnamon Sticks 1x150g
66939 1x350g
38477 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cloves Whole 1x400g
33727 1x350g
6805 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cumin Seeds Whole 1x300g
58917 1x520g
59015 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fennel Seeds Whole 1x200g
5542 1x500g
49020 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Juniper Berries 1x400g
51722 1x75g
8722 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Onion Powder 1x100g
25121 1x680g
9111 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Star Anise Whole 1x750g
20142 1x550g
7963 KERALA Caraway Seeds Whole 1x70g
4701 1x2g
31564 KERALA Cardamon Whole 1x180g

SPICES Lavender Flowers ✿

Liquorice Root

KERALA Mustard Seeds Black

KERALA Mustard Seeds White

KERALA Nutmeg Whole

BELAZU Paprika Sweet Belazu

ALTAJ Saffron Strands

KERALA Whole Chilles

Spices - Ground

78552 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG All Purpose Seasoning 1x800g
67469 1x510g
34871 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Arrowroot Powder 1x530g
56931 1x460g
31569 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Blackened Cajun Seasoning 1x460g
14488 1x440g
23083 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cayenne Pepper 1x450g
59680 1x420g
72495 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chilli Powder 1x400g
13966 1x430g
11896 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chinese Five Spice 1x450g
27930 1x520g
8391 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cinnamon Ground 1x400g
29674 1x500g
27856 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Coriander Ground 1x420g
38784 1x260g
75277 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Crushed Chillies (flakes) 1x500g
46130 1x480g
10319 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Cumin Ground 1x500g
36845 1x550g
67948 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Curry Powder 1x530g
68067 1x550g
63129 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Fajita Seasoning 1x550g
79144 1x490g
49969 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Garam Masala 1x500g
73048 1x520g
6199 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Garlic Powder 1x25kg
71703 1x500g

COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Italian Seasoning

COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mixed Spice Ground



COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Peri Peri Seasoning



COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Tandoori Spice Mix


KERALA All Spice (Pimento) Ground

Cajun Seasoning 25kg ✣

KERALA Cloves Ground

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Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Spices - Ground Continued....

27155 KERALA Ground Cardamoms 1x380g ✣
36468 KERALA Ground Fenugreek 1x470g
9852 KERALA Mace Ground 1x420g
7171 COLMANS Mustard Powder Colmans 1x454g
59646 PIMENT Piment D'Espelette Powder 1x250g
7875 SPICES Ras el Hanout Moroccan 1x250g
46649 SCHWARTZ Schwartz Season All 1x840g

Salt COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Salt Table 1x6kg
7754 Himalayan Pink Salt 1x1.1kg ✣
38896 1x1kg
37495 KERALA Salt Celery 1x500g
61756 1x10kg
53777 KERALA Salt Garlic 1x750g
9513 1x1.5kg
17263 Salt Pink 1x1.5kg
29816 1x750g
75917 SEASUN Sea Salt Coarse 1x125g
49036 1x250g
5651 SEASUN Sea Salt Coarse
DORSET SEA Sea Salt Dorset Smoked

DORSET SEA Sea Salt Dorset

SEASUN Sea Salt Fine Seasun

MALDON Sea Salt Maldon Smoked

MALDON Sea Salt Maldon


64387 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pepper Ground Black Coarse 1x500g
8560 1x500g
26691 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pepper Ground Black 1x550g
67717 1x250g
33327 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pepper Ground White 1x500g
58242 1x100g
42574 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Peppercorns Pink 1x400g
8062 1x225g
4692 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Peppercorns Whole Black 1x1.65kg
9596 1x300g
4693 Pepper Black Sarawak (Poivre Noir) 1x1.65kg ✣ NEW
9711 1x650g
KERALA Peppercorns Five Mix

CENTAUR Peppercorns Green Madagascan

DELICIAS Peppercorns Green in Brine

KERALA Peppercorns Green

DELICIAS Peppercorns Pink in brine

KERALA Peppercorns Whole White

Oils & Tin Fats

4858 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1x5ltr
9078 1x5ltr
42062 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pomace Oil 1x20lt
22467 1x5lt
17349 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Rapeseed Oil (Bag in Box) 1x20kg
57578 1x1kg
3534 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Rapeseed Oil (Extended Life Vegetable Oil) 1x500ml
65252 1x900ml
31217 Basil In Sunflower Oil 1x50cl NEW
3377 6x250ml
23788 COOKS & CO Duck Fat 1x500ml ✣
9436 1x2lt
7898 Oil Grapeseed 1x15ltr
55121 1x500ml
8979 L&G Oil Peanut (Ground Nut) 1x250ml
30417 1x250ml
Oil Porcini-Cepe

CENTAUR Oil Pumpkin Seed

COOKS&CO Oil Sesame

KTC Oil Sunflower

PREP MULTI Oil Vegetable PREP ZT Extended Life

CENTAUR Oil Walnut

TARTUFI MORR Oil White Truffle

BELAZU Olive Oil Basil Infused Belazu

Printed 2/12/19 Page 38 ✣ - Bought To Order Only
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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Oils & Tin Fats Continued....

6728 BELAZU Olive Oil Black Truffle Infused Belazu 1x250ml ✣
52674 BELAZU Olive Oil Chilli Infused Belazu 1x250ml
25331 BELAZU Olive Oil Gaziello Mosto Naturale Extra Virgin Belazu 1x500ml NEW
2208 BELAZU Olive Oil Lemon Extra Virgin Belazu 1x250ml
7117 BELAZU Olive Oil White Truffle Infused Belazu 1x250ml
43390 BELAZU Olivia Blended Oil Belazu 1x5lt
28250 COLD PRESSED Rapeseed Oil Maple Smoked Coldpressed 1x250ml
52323 COLD PRESSED Rapeseed Oil Pure English Coldpressed 1x5lt
35610 COLD PRESSED Rapeseed Oil White Truffle Coldpressed 1x250ml
1285 TRENNSPRAY Trennspray 1x600ml
17020 WHIRL Whirl Butter Substitute 1x4lt


76246 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Vinegar Balsamic 5lt 1x5lt
8952 1x5lt
8029 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Vinegar Distilled Malt 1x5lt
37698 1x2lt
63028 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Vinegar Malt 1x2lt
64036 1x50cl
41271 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Vinegar Red Wine 1x5lt
27582 1x500ml
2213 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Vinegar White Wine 1x250ml
2214 1x500ml
7178 CHAINKWO Rice Vinegar 1x500ml NEW
3542 1x1lt
1317 CENTAUR Vinegar Apple Cider 12x300ml ✣
6475 1x500ml
2111 BELAZU Vinegar Balsamic No. 8 Belazu 1x75cl
4678 1x5ltr
21053 BELAZU Vinegar Balsamic No. 8 PGI 1x750ml
23696 1x75cl
4679 BELAZU Vinegar Cabernet Sauvignon Belazu 1x5ltr
29633 1x700ml
BELAZU Vinegar Chardonnay Belazu

RAYNERS Vinegar Cider

SARSONS Vinegar Malt Vinegar Sarsons

BELAZU Vinegar Merlot

Vinegar Raspberry

DELICIAS Vinegar Red Wine

CAPIRETE Vinegar Sherry 20yr

PALOMINO Vinegar Sherry Reserve

DELICIAS Vinegar White Wine

WASABI Yuzu Ponzu

Olives - Ambient 1x1kg

5739 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pimento Stuffed Olives

Olives Fresh Stone In Varietal

5315 BELAZU Olives Cuquillo Nicoise Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
6400 BELAZU Olives Gaeta DOC Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
7309 BELAZU Olives Green Picholine du Gard Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
9667 BELAZU Olives Green Queen Belazu 1x4.5kg
2243 BELAZU Olives Kalamata Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
7883 BELAZU Olives Nocellara Del Belice Belazu 1x3.8kg

Olives Fresh Pitted Mixed

2241 BELAZU Olives Harlequin Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
6874 BELAZU Olives Pitted Hot Chilli Belazu 1x2.5kg ✣
6351 BELAZU Olives Pitted Mixed Provence Belazu 1x4.5kg
8262 BELAZU Olives Pitted Pistou Olives Belazu 1x4.5kg

Printed 2/12/19 Page 39 ✣ - Bought To Order Only
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Olives Fresh Stone In Mixed

5388 BELAZU Olives Casablanca Olives Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
2244 BELAZU Olives House Mix Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
5312 BELAZU Olives Oak Smoked Mixed Belazu 1x2.1kg

Olives Fresh Stone In Aromatised Black

2224 BELAZU Olives Black Douce Herb Belazu 1x3kg ✣

Olives Fresh Stuffed

42271 BELAZU Olives Double Stuffed - Garlic & Jalapeno Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
2237 BELAZU Olives Garlic Stuffed Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
2245 BELAZU Olives Mixed Stuffed Olives Belazu 1x4.5kg
4953 BELAZU Olives Red & Green Chilli Stuffed Olives Belazu 1x4.5kg ✣
6953 BELAZU Olives Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Belazu 1x2kg

Olives Fresh Pitted Black

8495 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pitted Black Olives 1x1kg
9161 BELAZU Olives Kalamata Pitted Belazu

Olives Fresh Pitted Green

8861 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pitted Green Olives 1x1kg
2238 1x4.5kg
4360 BELAZU Olives Green Herb de Provence Belazu 1x3.8kg ✣
2236 1x4.5kg ✣
26472 BELAZU Olives Nocellara Del Belice Pitted 1x2.5kg

BELAZU Olives Vinci Olives Belazu

BELAZU Pitted Smokey Salamanca Olive

Antipasti - Ambient

8767 CHERRY BELL CherryBell Peppers - pickled 1x3kg ✣
4689 DELICIAS Peppers Green Chilli 1x1.57kg
2249 BELAZU Peppers Piquillo Wood Roast Belazu 1x2.5kg
66160 BOWES HILL Peppers Sweet Red Fire Roasted 1x2.5kg
2940 Roquito Hot Chilli Pepper Pearls 1x793g
15207 BELAZU Stuffed Vine Leaves 1x1.95kg
2135 Tapenade Black Olive Belazu 1x1kg

Antipasti - Fresh

5448 BELAZU Artichoke No Stalk in Oil Belazu 1x1.9kg ✣
2220 BELAZU Artichokes with Stalks in Oil Belazu 1x1.9kg
9631 BELAZU Aubergines Grilled Belazu 1x1.9kg ✣
2246 BELAZU Balsamic Onions Belazu 1x2.1kg ✣
7236 BELAZU Cherry Tomatoes Semi-Dried in oil Belazu 1x1kg
7782 BELAZU Courgettes Grilled Belazu 1x1.9kg ✣
5261 BELAZU Lemons Beldi Preserved Belazu 1x720g ✣
5602 BELAZU Peppas Feta Stuffed Peppadew Style Peppers Belazu 1x1.9kg ✣
2248 BELAZU Peppers (Red) s/w Feta & herb Belazu 1x1.9kg ✣
6048 BELAZU Peppers Green Chilli Stuffed with Feta/Mizithra Belazu 1x1.9kg
2247 BELAZU Peppers Mixed Chargrilled Belazu 1x1.9kg ✣
2223 BELAZU Sweet Garlic with Herbs Belazu 1x1.9kg
9221 BELAZU Tomatoes Semi-Dried Oil Belazu 1x1.15kg
77704 BELAZU Tomatoes Semi-Dried Smokey Belazu 1x1.15kg

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Capers & Gherkins 1x1kg
2221 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Capers in Brine 1x1.60kg
4684 1x1.6kg
42819 DELICIAS Caperberries in White Wine vinegar 1x1.6kg
68670 1x2.45kg
4682 BOWES HILL Capers Baby Lilliput 1x1.6kg
78629 1x2.55kg
4697 DELICIAS Capers Fines 12mm 1x1.65kg
4698 DELICIAS Capers Non-Pareilles (baby)

KUHNE Gherkin Pickled Dill Chips

DELICIAS Gherkins Cocktail 300/401

LEFKTRO Gherkins German Pickled

DELICIAS Gherkins Medium 50/70

Pickled Vegetables

37890 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Beetroot Sliced Pickled 1x2.25kg
8194 1x1kg
15316 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Garlic Puree 1x2.25kg
3218 1x2.25kg
8625 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Onions Pickled 1x220g
66603 1x4kg
COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Red Cabbage Pickled

BELAZU Beldi Preserved Lemons Belazu ✣

DELICIAS Onions Pickled Silverskin

Pickles & Chutneys

10261 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Chutney Mango 1x2.8kg
30038 1x2.4kg
57704 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Piccalilli 1x2.4kg
8537 1x1.3kg
8452 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Pickle Sweet 1x3kg
77553 1x1kg
58420 TRACKLEMENTS Chutney Apple & Cider Brandy 1x1.2kg
63151 1x2.5kg
2274 HARVEST Chutney Apricot & Ginger Harvest 1x3kg
2283 1x3kg
4918 Chutney Beetroot & Horseradish 1x3kg
46071 1x1kg
16318 TRACKLEMENTS Chutney Chunky Tomato 1x1.4kg
43363 1x1.2kg
19032 Chutney Old Fashioned Plum 1x1.3kg
2292 1x3kg
5066 HARVEST Chutney Real Ale Harvest 3kg
56302 1x1.2kg
63259 HARVEST Chutney Spicy Gooseberry & Coriander Harvest 1x2.55kg
3219 1x2.55kg
9448 HARVEST Chutney Spicy Tomato Onion Harvest 6x360g
8799 1x2.25kg
18480 CROXTONMANOR Chutney Sweet Apple 1x390g



TRACKLEMENTS Marmalade Caramelised Red Onion

HARVEST Marmalade Onion Harvest

HARVEST Marmalade Spicy Red Onion Harvest

TRACKLEMENTS Particularly British Piccalilli

BRANSTON Pickle Branston Small Chunk

BRANSTON Pickle Branston

BRANSTON Pickle Branston

OPIES Pickled Eggs

OPIES Pickled Walnuts

Mushrooms - Preserved

3126 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Button Mushrooms 1x2.5kg
69900 1x250g
8401 Cepe Powder 6x220g
67814 1x400g
6415 DAVY Garnishing Paste (truffle substitute) 1x100g ✣
2054 1x500g
2057 CHEFSBRIGADE Mushrooms Mixed Dried 1x100g
2891 1x100g
CENTAUR Mushrooms Morille (Morel) Dried

Porcini Cepes Sliced Dried

CENTAUR Truffle Black Summer Peelings

Truffle Black Summer

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Product Guide

Code Brand Product Description Unit of Sale

Mushrooms - Frozen 1x1kg
8758 Cepes (Porcini)
2501 GREENS Mushrooms Breaded

Condiments - Bulk Sauces

8759 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Burger Relish 1x2.2kg
5147 1x4.5kg
19945 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Ketchup Tomato 1x10ltr
54142 1x5lt
9470 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mayonnaise Free Range 1x5lt
4857 1x2.25lt
8937 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mayonnaise Free Range 1x2.27kg
8546 1x2.5kg
54882 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Mayonnaise Light 1x2.25kg
5126 1x4.3kg
6801 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Ranch Dressing 1x2.5kg
3232 1x2.2lt
3237 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Salad Cream 1x2.2lt
3250 1x2.25lt
5127 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sauce Apple 1ltr
1371 1x4lt
7674 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sauce Barbecue 12x425g
61830 8x285g
1370 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sauce Brown 12x255g
1373 1x4lt
1375 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sauce Cranberry 12x342g
1376 10x342g
3251 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sauce Horseradish 2x2.15lt
15717 10x220ml
60397 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sauce Mint 8x220ml
30446 1x15kg
35262 COUNTRYRANGE *CRG Sauce Tartare 8x430ml
37310 8x430ml
7347 UNCLEJOHNS Burger Sauce 1x5lt
48813 8x260g
42234 DADDIES Daddies Sauce Brown 8x430ml
20971 2x500g
3182 HP HP Sauce Brown Squeezy 1x3.78lt
69834 1x1.5kg
6887 HP HP Sauce Brown Table Top 1x2.72kg
2251 1x1.4kg
50389 HP HP Sauce Brown 1x1lt
52042 6x230ml
9113 HP HP Sauce Brown 1x2.5kg
52155 1x10ltr
8552 HEINZ Heinz Ketchup Tomato Glass 1x2.27lt
70038 6x500ml
64725 HEINZ Heinz Ketchup Tomato Opaque 1x1.1kg
63239 1x170g
1514 HEINZ Heinz Ketchup Tomato 1x400g
1122 1x2.35kg
27599 HEINZ Heinz Mayonnaise Table Top Squeezable 10x425g
32633 1x2.25kg
76612 HEINZ Heinz Mustard English Table Top 1x2.25lt
55884 1x1.1kg
HEINZ Heinz Tomato Ketchup Vol-Pak ✣

HELLMANN'S Hellmanns Ketchup ✣

HELLMANN'S Hellmanns Mayonnaise Real Squeezy

HELLMANN'S Hellmanns Mayonnaise Real

HELLMANNS Hellmanns Mustard American Style Yellow

HELLMANNS Hellmanns Sauce Smokey BBQ

MAJOR Hickory & Applewood Smoke Style Seasoning

HOUSEOFLORD House of Lords Barbeque Sauce

TRACKLEMENTS Jelly Redcurrant Tracklements

JOHN MORLEY Jelly Redcurrant

BELAZU Jelly/Jam Smoked Chilli Belazu

TRACKLEMENTS Ketchup Proper Tomato Tracklements

TRACKLEMENTS Ketchup Proper Tomato Tracklements

OASIS Mayonnaise Coronation

KENNYS Mayonnaise Free Range Kenny's

LION Mayonnaise Garlic

Mayonnaise Vegan

TRACKLEMENTS Mustard Wholegrain Tracklements

BELAZU Paste Rose Harissa Belazu

Quince Jelly Membrillo Paste

ISLE OF ARRA Relish Tomato Arran

HEINZ Salad Cream Squeezable Heinz

ALFEES Sauce Barbecue Chipotle

COLMANS Sauce Horseradish Colman's

TRACKLEMENTS Sauce Horseradish Cream Tracklements

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