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FLT Updated Newsletter-December (4)

FLT Updated Newsletter-December (4)

The Furman Forum Volume 18
December 2018

Dr. Evelyn Perry Dr. Rashida Wilson Rosalind Lockwood Wanda Best

Principal Vice Principal Executive Director Board President

Father Fundamentals: Dads & Data

at Furman L. Templeton

Look What’s New In This
Month’s Issue!

★ Vision & Mission Statement…..Page 3

Principal Says, FLT’s Mission & Vision Statement,

Important Dates

★ December’s Core Value………………………..Page 4-6

FLT’s Core Value of the month, Asst. Principal’s Message

★ Content Update & Tips…………………….Pages 7-8

Academic Content Update

Health/Wellness, & More

★ Special Recognitions…………………………….Page 9

Parent/Student/Teacher of the month

Furman L. Templeton Preparatory ★ FLT News/ Event Highlights……………….….Page 10

Academy School Information
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, FLT Clubs

Baltimore, MD 21217 Parent Information/Event Highlights

★ Attendance Updates……………………………..Page 11

Like Us On Facebook: Attendance Updates, Goals, & Tips
Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy ★ Community School News……………………..Pages 12-14

Meet the CSC, School Partners, & More

★FLT Events………………………………………….Page 15

Follow Us On Twitter @FLTprepacademy October Events & Parent Breakfast Schedule

★Resources…………………………………………..Page 16-30

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Welcome to Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy

Principal Says……

Happy holidays!

This time of year is known as “The Season of Giving” and I encourage you to give
to your children the gift of time at home and at school. Research has shown that when
parents and family members get involved in their children’s school, children have a
better feeling about their school and about learning, in general. This gift can be given to
your child in several different ways.
· Encourage your child to read by giving the gift of good books for Christmas. Read
that Christmas book aloud to your child or take turns reading to each other. This is
quality time and every child loves to have the parent’s undivided attention. Add to this a
trip to the library so students can pick out books to read during the holiday break.
· Every student will have a take home project to complete during the holiday break.
Spend time working on this project with your child so that it can be returned the first
day school opens in January. Once, again, this is the gift of time and sharing.
· Instead of putting the little ones in front of the TV to watch a holiday movie while you
do something else, take the time to watch that movie from beginning to end with them.
Pop some popcorn, bake some cookies, make some hot chocolate and enjoy!

No matter what you do during the holiday break make sure you do some things together. As stated in an article I
just read:

“Instead of expensive gifts or elaborate meals, one of the best ways of showing your love to your child is to spend
time with them exclusively, one-to-one. It’s a tangible expression of how much worth they have in your eyes, how

important they are to you, that you would give up other activities or chores to just BE with them.
Deep down, your children don’t care how exciting a date you plan for them – they just want you.”

Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to a great 2019 with you and your children!

Dr. Evelyn M. Perry, Principal Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Our Mission ● December 3-7 : Progress Report Card
To accelerate the opportunities and
outcomes for our children by demanding Distribution Window
nothing but excellence from the students,
staff, and the community. ● December 24-31: Winter Break

Our Vision ● December 25; Christmas Day
Accelerating the academic achievement
of all students, in partnership with the ● January 1 : New Year's Day
entire community, to ensure that
students have the attitudes, skills, and ● January 2-4; Intercession Break
proficiencies needed to succeed in
college and in the 21st century global ● January 7: School Opens for Students
The complete 18-19 SY Calendar with 3
important dates may be found towards

the end of this newsletter

December’s Core Value


Definition: The quality of being honest and
having strong moral principles


1. Know what’s expected.
2. Keep my commitments.
3. Do my best.
4. Not make excuses.
5. Correct my mistakes.


● It’s easy to take responsibility or ownership when things go well. Why
is it hard to take responsibility when things don’t go well?

● What is the opposite of responsibility? (unreliability, blaming others,
making excuses)

● Who do you trust more—someone who owns up to mistakes or
someone who covers them up? Why?

● How do you think responsibility can help you in school? At home



Message from the Assistant Principal:

Our Core Value of the month of December is Responsibility.
Here at Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy we strive for
our students to succeed and be prepared for the real world. That
means that we must teach them the importance of Responsibility
as a characteristic that they learn to adopt and practice
throughout the course of their lives.
When we identify historical and impactful figures such as our former president Barack Obama and
the responsibility that each president holds for our country, we want to emphasize to our students
that they have a responsibility to work towards achieving success for themselves so that they may
be able to make great contributions to this world. (Rahshida Wilson, Ed.D.)


Responsibility comes from the Latin responsus, which means “to respond.” There are actually a few
different definitions of the noun. It can be another word for trustworthiness, as in, "He
demonstrated his responsibility by showing up to practice on time." And it can be used to describe
the social force that motivates us to take on individual responsibilities, as in, "A sense of
responsibility drove him to memorize all of the songs.



Help Your Kids Volunteer!

Volunteering teaches even toddlers and preschoolers about compassion, empathy, tolerance,
gratitude, and community responsibility. Children who volunteer are more likely to continue doing
so as adults.
An easy way to find out about volunteer opportunities in your area is to call your local volunteer
center (check online) and describe your location, interests, and the ages of your children. The center
will probably have a database and be able to match you with an appropriate volunteer project. You
can also contact your church or temple about which charitable groups in your area have requested
help. If you've decided on an ongoing volunteer job, talk to the agency's volunteer coordinator about
training and orientation. Visit by yourself before making a commitment, and trust your instincts
about whether you think it will be a comfortable environment for you and your children.
t their behavior.


Here are some suggested books that can aid on teaching students the core value of responsibility:

I Just Forgot by Mercer Mayer
I think the Little Critter books are really amusing but this one is a particular
favorite of mine because I hear my kids’ voices in my head as I read it saying, “I
just forgot!” And they do too. My kids and Little Critter. Is Little Critter memory
challenged or is he just not paying enough attention? Either way, it’s a fun way
to go over what you are supposed to remember every day! [picture book, ages 3
and up]

Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman
It takes just a nine-year-old girl who plants a handful of lima bean seeds to remember
her father that turns a derelict lot into something that brings her diverse community
together. In each story, neighbors come together over the promise of something hopeful
and previously unexpressed. Curtis hopes the tomatoes can win Lateesha back. Virgil’s
dad sees a cash harvest of lettuce. Sae Young regains her trust in people. I love the idea
that a child can be the catalyst of turning a vacant lot into a community garden.
Responsibility can go beyond just caring for oneself but also for one’s community.
[chapter book, ages 10 and up]

Arthur’s Pet Business By Marc Brown
My girls started a dog walking business to make extra money but only Picky Kid Pix was
willing to do the work when the weather was cold. Arthur is lobbying to get a dog and he
thinks that by taking care of other people’s pets he will convince his parents that he is
responsible. It is a lot of work to take care of pets! Will it work? [picture book, ages 3 and

Strega Nona By Tomie dePaola 6
Big Anthony is not exactly the most responsible person in the world as Strega Nona
knows all to well. He’s supposed to take care of her house while she’s gone and he’s
certainly not supposed to try magic. This funny classic picture book teaches what not
to do when it comes to being responsible. I’m sure your kids are not like Big Anthony!
[Caldecott honor picture book, ages 3 and up]

Content Update

Illuminating Intervention

The intervention program at FLT is off to a great start this year! Mrs. Benton, Mrs. Cuellar,
Mrs. Gitters, Ms. Ware, and Reading Partners have been working hard with the 147 students that
receive intervention services. Currently we have 91 students that receive support in reading, 73
students receiving support in math, and 26 students receiving gifted and advanced learning
support. Students meet with their interventionists twice a week to practice skills that support
their learning in the classroom. This year we have implemented a fluency time at the beginning of
each session. For reading groups, they practice letter, sound, or sight word identification. For
reading, they practice math facts or number identification. Building and strengthening these areas
of fluency are essential for math and reading success.

The gifted and advanced learners have been working on improving their reading and
responding to text with Jacob’s Ladder. In math, they have been working on stretching their math
minds with M2 and M3. They have also all begun working on learning projects using the topics of
their choice.

If you would like to know more about how to support your child at home, do not hesitate to
ask! Mrs. Benton is available on Wednesdays to provide support for families. Please contact her by
email at [email protected] or call the school office to schedule an appointment.

This month includes holiday parties and lots of holiday fun for most people. It is easy
to over-eat and over indulge this time of year. Keep these items in mind to help have

a happy, safe, and healthy holiday!

1. Don't try to diet during the holidays. Set a goal of trying to maintain your present weight. That way, you have
a realistic goal. You allow yourself to indulge here and there, but you don't go over the edge.

2. Pace, don't race. Pay attention to how quickly you eat and exactly what you eat and drink. Savor the flavor by
eating slowly and choosing your food carefully

3. Make the effort to continue a regular exercise program. Exercise will help keep extra calories away, but it
also can reduce the stress of social events and family get-togethers.

4. Don't go to a party or event on an empty stomach. Before going out, snack on protein, like chicken or
cottage cheese. Protein satisfies and helps you eat less. Some people have the idea that if they skip lunch, or
don't eat all day, they can eat more later, but skipping meals means you're hungry, and your chances of
overeating later are much higher.

5. Keep an eye on your portion sizes. In the heat of celebration, portion sizes can be excessive. Instead of
eating a large amount of food, try to eat a large variety of foods.

6. Don't let a hectic holiday schedule force you to eat fast food. Prepare and freeze several quick, healthy
meals. That way, you have an option other than high-fat, fast-food meals.

7. When the party is at your house, put low-calorie and fat-free salad dressings on the menu. Pack the table
with flavorful vegetable dishes, and make reduced-fat versions of your family's favorite traditional dishes.

8. Make decisions about what you're going to eat. Weight management is all about moderation and making
healthy decisions.

9. Monitor your children’s screen time. When the weather is cold, it is easy to curl up and watch tv or play on
tablets all day. Doing so is not good for your eyes or your brain. Set a screen time limit each day and
encourage your children to play other games or toys when their screen time is up!

10. Sometimes the holidays are busier than a normal work/school week. Remember to carve out at least an
hour or two of your day each day to relax and unwind. Your mind needs it for a reset and your body will 7
appreciate it too!

Tips: How to Talk to Teachers

Talking to Teachers

School teachers and psychologists report on ways to approach teachers that will get their attention, and the
ways that won’t.

Find the right time to speak to the teacher.

● Always ask the teacher if she has time to talk at that moment, or better yet, when it might be
convenient for her to do so. “Mornings and after school can actually be quite hectic times. The
teacher may appear free but she’s not.”

Write short, effective notes.

● If you want a quick response, keep your correspondence brief and then schedule a phone
conversation for a more detailed conversation.

Make sure your message gets to the teacher.

● Handwritten notes, leaving occasional messages on teachers’ voicemail or sending emails (if allowed
by school policy) are effective ways to communicate. Sometimes mailing a note to the school can be
the most reliable way to get information through, for parents who do not take their kids to school.

Come prepared to conferences.

● Make a list in advance of what you want to discuss. Let the teacher know you have some questions
and be specific: give concrete details that paint an objective picture of a problem. This way you can
collaborate with the teacher on solutions.

Discuss what matters most.

● Your teacher wants to know about how best to teach your child, so share what your child loves to
learn about as well as any struggles he may have. This way, you can look at the whole picture of your
child together.

Supply data.

● Teachers will find comments from previous teachers useful, and giving this data is a non-threatening
way to address issues.

Accept your differences with your teacher.

● Recognize that your teacher may have a different style from you, but that doesn’t make her a bad

Ask what you can do to help.

● When discussing a problem your child may have, ask your teacher for specific ways you can help at
home. Ask her to define what your role should be in the problem-solving partnership, making sure
the teacher, parent, and child all play important roles.


Special Recognitions

Pre- K Kindergarten 1st Grade

1. Za'Ryah Warren 1. Harmony 1. Ashton Cox
Hooper 2. Kayla Keels
2. Falynn Pompey 3. Khalea Prince
2. Rashawn
Muhammad Jr.

2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade

1. Kemar Forbes 1. Eli Davis 1.Christopher 1. Amaria Singletary
2. Nevaeh Bailey 2. Karim Dupree Williams 2. Rudie Williams
3.Zaiire 3. Elias Pinkney 3. Ryheem Parker
Johnson-Yarrell. 2. Joshua Komla 4. Aliyah Steele-Wilson
3.Patrick Shaffer III

Ms. Samantha Wise Mr. Richard

Ms.Rebecca Robinson Ms. Ashley Adams Ms. Shipman Ms. E. Brown



School Information

Breakfast Start Time: 7:30 a.m. (New time)
School Start Time: 7:45 a.m.
Dismissal Time: 2:25 p.m.

● Pre-k to 1st grade pickup location: Blacktop behind brick wall on Pennsylvania Ave
● 2nd to 5th grade pickup location: Black top near basketball court off of Dolphin St
NOTE: We DO NOT follow the BCPS Early Release Days newly scheduled for SY 18/19.
● No early dismissals after 2:00 p.m.
● Must show i.d. to enter school building
● School-wide uniform: Khaki pants/short/skirt, Navy blue (or white) polo style top (or button up shirt)

and closed-toe shoes
● No double parking

Pratt Bookmobile
This year the Enoch Pratt Library Book mobile will come to
our school once a week. Students will have the opportunity to
check out books each week using their library card.

FLT Choir Club

Choir club is back up and running for the FLT FLT Clubs
school-year and children are already Basketball
starting to learn songs and fundraise. The FLT Cheerleading
choir club will meet this year on Tuesdays Contact Ms. Harrell for more
after school from 2:30p.m.-3:35p.m. As well information
as during club times on Fridays. We are
looking forward to working on our holiday Club Friday is every Friday at FLT
music sets in preparation for our @ 1pm
December performances. More details about FLT Basketball
and other clubs to come….

PARENT Parent Information Monthly Parent Thank you 10
December 18th 7:45am - 8:30am
December 18, 2018 Next PTO Meeting:
8:30-9:30 a.m. December 18, 2019 FLT Library
FLT Library @4pm
FLT Parent & Community Center
For more parent information check out the resource
guide at the end of the newsletter

Attendance Updates

Attendance Plans Tardy Program November’s Perfect Attendance
Homeroom Winners
Objective: Reduction of tardiness of
students w/10+ tardy in a month to 5 Congratulations
or less tardy in a month. to

Monthly Homeroom Ms. Brown
Perfect Attendance Incentive and

Plan: Each day homerooms will earn a letter Ms. McCuller’s
if perfect attendance achieved. Receive a homerooms
letter to spell out the monthly core value.
When all letters achieved classrooms earn in a job well done!
the monthly incentive.

Quarterly Incentives

Goal: 95% Club- Students with 95% cumulative
attendance for the quarter can attend the
quarterly event.
Next Event; January 2019

Attendance Percentages Grade Attendance
FLT is serious about attendance. Our talented staff FLT
cannot teach unless students attend school. There is Average 89.85%
a district-wide focus on student attendance. Again
this year, there will be mandatory hearings at school 3 91.83%
headquarters for the parents of students with poor 5 90.47%
attendance. Each month the newsletter will include Pre-K 90.28%
this chart so students and parents can review 2 89.44%
attendance averages. Parents track your student’s 1 89.39%
daily attendance. 4 88.96%
K 88.92%
FLT’s Attendance
Goal: 94.0%


Community School News

The Promise Heights Team at FLT Promise Corps: We have experienced
AmeriCorps working here at FLT.
Meaghan Tine, Community School Coordinator Their mission is to address absences
410-207-3602 and provide supports and services to
[email protected] students and families.

Linda Callahan, Early Childhood Mental Health Cynthia Uchendu, Student Services
Consultant Coordinator
[email protected]

Latoria Mackey, Activate Site Coordinator
443- 813- 1522
[email protected]

● Child First Partnerships at FLT ● Promise Heights
● B’More for Healthy Babies ● Leveling the Playing Field
● Arts Every Day For more information Contact: ● Breath Mobile
● Reading Partners Meaghan Tine, LMSW ● Greater Baltimore Urban
● New Fit Sports Program Community School Coordinator League
● ElmSeed Foundation ● MD Food Bank
● Little Flowers
● Chicago Parent

Partnership Highlight

Reading Partners

Every day, thousands of volunteer reading partners make a lifelong difference
for kids who struggle with reading.

More than simply reading with a child, our volunteers follow a proven, structured curriculum to help
students learn specific skills necessary to become proficient readers. It’s simple, and it works. Each
lesson comes with step-by-step instructions and materials. A trained site coordinator is always available
to answer questions, assist with the materials, and solve problems.

Volunteers are needed at FLT:
Access this link: to sign-up and volunteer. They require a commitment

of at least 1 hour between the times of 8:20 am-2:15 pm on any school day.

For more information contact: 12
Latoria Mackey 443-813-1522

Samantha Whittemore, by email: [email protected]

Child First Updates

Pupils of Promise Child First After-School Program:
The Pupils of Promise Child First After-School Program at FLT has grown considerably this
year. We currently have 121 students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade receiving
academic instruction in math and reading and enrichment activities like football, clay art,
photography, dance, art, violin, and art and arts and craft.
On December 4th, the students in the program traveled to Towson State University to
participate in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Fair and to watch a
women’s basketball team. The students enjoyed learning about STEM and cheering on the
Lady Tigers. It was also great to see what it is like to be a college student for the day.
On December 20th, we will have a holiday event where the students will participate in a
number of activities. Parents and families are encouraged to celebrate with us. If you would
like more information about the Pupils of Promise program, please contact Ms. Ballard, Ms.
Robinson, or Mrs. White.


Community School News

The H.E.A.R.T. Market is a new concept from the Maryland
Food Bank where children get to shop with their parents and
select the foods that they want to bring home on the dates below.
This market is only open to children who attend FLT and they
will be able to send food with 100 families at each event.

H.E.A.R.T. Market Schedule

Date Time

November 5th 12:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m.

December 19th 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

January 23rd 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.

February 28th 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m

March 21st 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m

Location: Auditorium Lobby 14

Event Title FLT Events
Parent Breakfast
December Events
Parent Workshop
Event Details
PTO Meeting
December 14, 2018 @ 7:45 am
H. E. A. R. T. In the main Lobby of FLT
December 14, 2018 @ 8:30 am
Career Day Parent and Community Room at FLT

Polar Express Day December 18, 2018 @ 4pm

December 19, 2018 @9am-11pm
Auditorium Lobby

December 19th (all day)

December 20th (all day)

Parent Breakfast Schedule SY 18/19

Date Theme Location

December 14th Holiday Library

February 15th Black History Lobby

March 15th Women’s History Lobby

April 26th PARCC Prep Lobby

May 17th Summer Learning and Library


Resource Guide 16
1. Workshop & Upcoming Event Flyers

○ Parent Workshop
○ Parent Breakfast
○ PTO Meeting
○ Parent Punch Card
○ H.E.A.R.T. Market
2. Clubs & Organizations
○ The Christmas Store
○ Choice Fair
○ Center For Urban Families
3. Menus
○ Breakfast Menu
○ Lunch Menu
4. 17-18 School Year Events & Calendar















School Year 18-19 Events


School Year 18-19 CALENDAR


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