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Its about this man that works at walmart and he had a tragic day.

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Published by Conner Martin, 2019-05-08 11:57:55

Billy Bobs Tragic Day

Its about this man that works at walmart and he had a tragic day.

Billy Bobs Tragic

Written By Conner Martin

Some interesting facts about Billy Bob are he is size 10¨
10¨ for his height and he wears a lot of different colored clothes.
His clothes never match and he always is a very kind, loving and
sensitive person. Billy Bob is age 16 and works at Walmart in
the glasses section of the store.

Last night he was partying way too long with his friend Jeff
he had to be at work at 5:00 A.M because he had to present
these new glasses but he woke up at 5:15 and when he realized
what time it was he freaked and got ready as fast as he could he
got into his Lamborghini.

He took off he had to take a short cut but then he realized it
was longer this way and he is in the desert.

All of sudden BAM! his car just broke down because it was
super hot but then he realized he ran out of gas instead.

Then all of a sudden there was a giant
sand storm right next to his car. He ran and
as he was running he said it's only a half
mile I can run the half mile 10 minutes later.
He, finally, got near Walmart but then he
realized he forgot his Walmart badge in his
car and that was the only way for him to get in the glasses
section so he ran as fast as he could back to the car. He quickly
jumped into his car and grasped his badge. It was now 6:00, and
he still isn't even at work. Then he realized once he gets then
there will be security guards waiting for him.

He had a plan where he was going to dress up like a security
guard but he realized he didn't have a security badge, so he
finally got there, and he thought he could get into one of the
vents. He found a vent but it had a cover over it. Billy Bob
brought a quarter so he could unscrew the screws. When he
finally got into the vent, he was stuck in there
for 30 minutes straight. He, finally, saw the
glasses section and jump down from the vent.

Then he realized the boss was standing right next to him and
his glaring eyes were staring at him.

Billy Bob was so frightened some of his friends were crying of

“Boss said why are you so late”
"Bob said because I was partying all night”
“Boss said why were you doing that you knew it was the
new glasses presentation”
“Bob said yeah but I lost track of time because it was so
fun and I went to bed way to late last night and I just wanted to
sleep my eyes feel like they're bleeding from being up to late”
”Bob said well am I fired”
”Boss said no you're not fired”
”Bob said yes”
“Boss said Just kidding you're fired you're fired”
”Bob said no why,” then they hauled Billy Bob away and left him

So Billy Bob was wondering how he was going to get home.
Then he realized that he had his phone but then he noticed his
phone was dead. He started to cry and sat on the street for 20
minutes. Then he saw his mom buying groceries and ”Bob
yelled mom. His mom turned around and said, why are you not
at work, because I was fired because I was late to the
presentation, and I crept in and fell on the floor when I was
going through the vents,” ”That sound awful said Billy Bob´s,

So then Billy Bob asked his mom were can I work now there
aren't a lot of places that I can work because this town is very
small but I think it's going to be McDonald's.

No please anything but McDonalds. But it pays $10.13 an
hour that place is as trash as a racoon can't work there well you
have to so then Billy Bobs Mom drove Billy Bob to McDonalds
and Billy Bob applied for the McDonalds job and he got the job.
he had to work there for 13 years or he wouldn't have enough
money to survive and help his family when they get old and can't
do stuff by themselves so then he could hire someone to take
care of his parents and his parents will be as happy as a clam,

that he worked there for so many years to help them​.

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