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A book about Leafcutter ants

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Published by Connor Larkin, 2019-05-07 15:01:49

Leafcutter Ants

A book about Leafcutter ants

Leafcutter Ants

By Connor Larkin

1.Introduction 8.Glossary

2.Where They Live 9.Bibliography

3.What Leafcutter Ants Look Like 10. Online Websites

4.How They Act

5.Life Cycle

6.Fun Facts


Leafcutter ants have a very interesting habitat. They live in the rainforest.There are 3 levels of the
rainforest, the canopy, understory, and forest floor. A lot of animals live in the canopy. Rainforest trees are
being cut down. Tropical rainforests are in the tropics which are warm and wet all year long. The
temperatures never go below 25c. It can go between 1 and 2 meters of rain every year. Leafcutter ant build
nests in soil. Rainforest soil is very bad.The rainforest trees are being cut down and used for things. We get
a lot of resources from the rainforest. And Leafcutter ants live in Mexico, Central America, and in South
America. Rainforests are important because they have 50% of the animals and plants in the world.
Rainforests only cover 7% of the earth's surface. The plants in the rainforest gives us a lot of our air. Also
they are found in warm agricultural areas like a rainforest. Leafcutter ants live in colonies. Some colonies
have over 1 million ants. And some live in urban neighborhoods. As you can see Leafcutter ants have an
interesting habitat.

Leafcutter ants have a very interesting life cycle.The first stage of a leafcutter ants
life cycle is the egg. Then the eggs turn into larvae. Next the larvae turn into pupae.
And pupae go through metamorphosis to become either a worker, male, or the
queen. As you can see, Leafcutter ants have some very interesting things that go on
in their life!

How many things did you know about Leafcutter ants? And how much did you
learn? Did you enjoy all the facts I included? And did you know all the facts about
rainforests I included? And if you still have questions there are plenty of websites
where you can find additional info about Leafcutter ants.

Author Title Year Published
Helen Frost
Leafcutter 2003



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