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Published by stacey, 2019-05-21 08:53:59

Power Point April 2019

Power Point April 2019

In today’s constantly

Shifting Commerce Landscape,

companies need to adapt to emerging
trends and unexpected challenges,

so they can grow to their full potential.


Private and Confidential

Commerce projects often TM
fail due to a lack of:

Organizational change management
Strategic vision
Realistic timeline
Proper scoping
Meaningful data

Private and Confidential

To see ROI from your

commerce investment,

an entire organization needs
to support the initiative:

You need the right skill
sets and expertise
All critical systems
need to be properly
Key stakeholders
need to be trained
and fully on-board

Private and Confidential

Many organizations get
blinded by the

Shining Technology

on the horizon
(failing to see the whole picture)


Deploying a project is
50% of your success.

It takes a great amount of skill and
talent to leverage that technology
and drive real results!


Private and Confidential 5

At Pivotree, we understand
the vast relationship between

and people,

helping companies
design and build
complex systems
by connecting all
the dots.

Private and Confidential

The journey is not always linear.
It requires constant evolution and course correction.

Our goal is to walk beside you throughout the

Digital Transformation Journey

every step along the way.


Private and Confidential 7

There is no magic solution-in-a-box, just clear strategy,
astute technology and an uncommon will to

Adapt Relentlessly.


About Us

Global Commerce Services

Providing leading brands with
comprehensive commerce strategies,
robust implementations and
end-to-end customer experiences.

Strategy Design Implementation Managed Services

A clearly defined plan to Smart, beautiful design An implementation A mix of services that delivers
align with your business that generates results process that is tightly the performance and security
objectives and connects with your engineered for the required by your environment
audience long-term
Private and Confidential

Simple Facts

200+ Satisfied 2000+ Successful 20+ Years in the 30+ Hosting 250 Wonderful
Customers Infrastructure Commerce Locations People Working
Worldwide Deployments Business Worldwide as a Team

8 Offices in North 20 Partners and 95% of Tickets 100% of Projects
America, Europe Growing Responded to Within Deployed On-Time
and APAC 15 Minutes or Less

Private and Confidential 10

Managing the Full Life Cycle
of Your Digital Journey

1. Strategy 2. Design

▪ Omni-channel business ▪ Digital Design

strategy ▪ Creative
▪ Technology strategy ▪ User Experience
▪ Roadmap and project planning ▪ Usability Labs

▪ ROI / TCO analysis

3. Development 4. Management

▪ Architecture ▪ Infrastructure management

▪ Platform Configuration and ▪ Application management
Customization ▪ Security management
▪ BPO for eCommerce operations
▪ Development/System
▪ Business Optimization (Driving Traffic,
Integration Conversions, Order Size)
▪ QA and Training

5. Optimization

▪ Code Review

▪ Oracle Database tuning
▪ Load Testing
▪ Scalability Services

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