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St. Charles


Junior Golf Calendar

April 11:00
14 Junior Orientation (All parents & juniors invited)
25 Junior Performance Training 6:00
May 5:15-6:15 & 6:30-7:30
2 Junior Performance Training 10:30
3 Girls Club Lessons 12:30
4 Junior Learn to Play Lessons 6:00
5 Junior Performance Training Practice 6:00
5 Girls Club Practice 5:15-6:15 & 6:30-7:30
5 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit 9:30
9 Junior Performance Training 10:30
10 Girls Club Lessons 12:30
11 Junior Learn to Play Lessons 6:00
12 Junior Performance Training Practice 6:00
12 Girls Club Practice 5:15-6:15 & 6:30-7:30
12 Saturday Sweeps *MAJOR* Interclub Qualifier 9:30
16 Junior Performance Training 10:30
17 Girls Club Lessons 12:30
18 Junior Learn to Play Lessons 2:30
19 Junior Performance Training Practice 6:00
19 Girls Club Practice 6:00
19 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit 5:15-6:15 & 6:30-7:30
20 Junior Interclub Tour @ St. Charles 9:30
23 Junior Performance Training 10:30
24 Girls Club Lessons 12:30
25 Junior Learn to Play Lessons / Fun Night 6:00
26 Junior Performance Training Practice 6:00
26 Girls Club Practice
26-27 Junior Opening Ryder Cup Weekend
30 Junior Performance Training
31 Girls Club Lessons

Junior Golf Calendar


1 Junior Learn to Play Lessons 5:15-6:15 & 6:30-7:30
2 Junior Performance Training Practice 9:30
2 Girls Club Practice 10:30
2 Saturday Sweeps *Pro/Junior & Interclub Qualifier * 12:30
3 Future Links Skills Challenge 1:00
6 Junior Performance Training 6:00
7 Girls Club Lessons 6:00
8 Junior Learn to Play Lessons
9 Junior Performance Training Practice 5:15-6:15 & 6:30-7:30
9 Girls Club Practice 9:30
9 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit 10:30
10 Junior Interclub Tour @ Breezy Bend 12:30
13 Junior Performance Training 3:00
14 Girls Club Lessons 6:00
15 Junior Learn to Play Lessons 6:00
16 Junior Performance Training Practice
16 Girls Club Practice 5:15-6:15 & 6:30-7:30
16 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit Event *MAJOR* 9:30
20 Junior Performance Training 10:30
21 Girls Club Lessons 12:30
22 Junior Learn to Play Lessons 6:00
23 Junior Performance Training Practice 6:00
23 Girls Club Practice
23-24 Junior Match Play 5:15-6:15 & 6:30-7:30
27 Junior Performance Training 9:30
28 Girls Club Lessons 10:30


3 Little Swingers Summer Series 5:30
4 Junior Performance Training 6:00
5 Girls Club Lessons 6:00

Junior Golf Calendar

July 10:00
6 Junior Golf Play day 10:30
7 Junior Performance Training Practice 12:30
7 Girls Club Practice 1:00
7 Junior Sweeps / Order of Merit TBD
8 Junior Big Break Challenge 5:30
9-10 Manitoba Junior @ Breezy Bend 6:00
10 Little Swingers Summer Series TBD
11 Junior Performance Training 6:00
12-13 Manitoba Junior @ St. Charles 10:00
12 Girls Club Lessons 9:30
13 Junior Golf Play Day 10:30
14 Junior Performance Training Practice 12:30
14 Girls Club Practice 9:30-3:30
14 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit 5:30
16-19 Junior Golf Camp 6:00
17 Little Swingers Summer Series 6:00
18 Junior Performance Training 10:00
19 Girls Club Lessons 9:30
20 Junior Golf Play Day 10:30
21 Junior Performance Training Practice 12:30
21 Girls Club Practice 1:30
21 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit *MAJOR* 5:30
22 Parent / Child Tournament 6:00
24 Little Swingers Summer Series 6:00
25 Junior Performance Training 10:00
26 Girls Club Lessons 9:30
27 Junior Golf Play Day 10:30
28 Junior Performance Training Practice 12:30
28 Girls Club Practice 5:30
28 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit *Interclub Qualifier*
31 Little Swings Summer Series

Junior Golf Calendar


1 Junior Performance Training 6:00
2 Girls Club Lessons 6:00
3 Junior Golf Play Day 10:00
4 Junior Performance Training Practice 9:30
4 Girls Club Practice 10:30
4 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit 12:30
5 Junior Interclub Tour @ Elmhurst 3:00
7 Little Swingers Summer Series 5:30
8 Junior Performance Training 6:00
9 Girls Club Lessons 6:00
10 Junior Golf Play Day 10:00
11 Junior Performance Training Practice 9:30
11 Girls Club Practice 10:30
11 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit *MAJOR* 12:30
13-16 Junior Golf Camp 9:30-3:30
15 Junior Performance Training 6:00
16 Girls Club Lessons 6:00
17 Junior Golf Play Day 10:00
18 Performance Training Wind Up / Play with the Pro 12:30
18 Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit *Interclub Qualifier* 12:30
24-26 Club Championship Weekend TBD


1 Final Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit 12:30

2 Junior Interclub Tour FInale @ Niakwa 2:00

9 Junior Closing / Awards Dinner 3:00

30 Iron Man TBD

*For a full schedule of provincial tournaments

please check out our provincial junior calendar or

visit,, and to register.

Junior Golf Events Summary

Saturday Sweeps / Order of Merit

Season long Order of Merit race that tracks your ten best scores throughout the season.
Each Saturday, juniors compete in an individual net stableford format. All junior members
are encouraged to participate in this weekly event! It is a great way to meet other junior

members as well as improve your own game.

*NO COST *Saturdays @ 12:30pm *Sign Up in the Pro Shop

Junior Golf Play Days

A fun day of golf with a different team format each week. Groups for each day are
determined by the professional staff. The winning team is awarded credit towards pro shop

merchandise. Following 18 holes of golf, each junior will receive a complimentary lunch!
This event is open to junior members of all skill levels and is a great way to meet other junior


*NO COST *Select Fridays @ 10:00am *Sign Up in the Pro Shop

Junior Ryder Cup

Our most popular event at St. Charles. A selection lunch followed by 2 days of team match
play. Prior to the first round, team captains will select their teams. All matches are net

handicap matches; in order to participate, a valid Golf Canada Handicap Index is required.

9 Holes - 2 Person team net alternate shot for 1 point - Saturday
9 Holes - 2 Person team net best ball for 1 point - Saturday
18 Holes - Singles net match play for 3 points - Sunday

*Lunch on Chit Signing Basis *May 26th @ 11:00am & 27th @ 12:30pm
*Sign up in the Pro Shop

Junior Golf Events Summary

CN Future Links Skills Challenge

Through Golf Canada and the CN Future Links Golf Program, Juniors will test their Putting,
Chipping, Iron Play and Driving. Each competitor will have their scores posted on the

website where they are ranked nationally. Top qualifiers will have a chance to compete in
the National Competition.

*NO COST *June 3rd @ 1:00pm *Sign Up in the Pro Shop

Junior Big Break Challenge

Juniors will compete in a 'Big Break' Challenge where they will complete challenges similar
to those on the popular television show on the Golf Channel. The junior with the highest
point total will be crowned St. Charles 'Big Break' Champion!

*NO COST *July 8th @ 1:00pm *Sign Up in the Pro Shop

Junior Interclub Tour

All Junior members with a valid handicap are encouraged to qualify for this event. Join your
St. Charles Team in these handicapped match play events that will take place at St.

Charles, Niakway, Elmhurst and Breezy Bend. Qualifying for each event will take place
during Saturday Sweeps

*NO COST *Dates: See Junior Calendar *Sign Up for Qualifying in the Pro Shop

Pro / Junior

This is your chance to play with the pro! 3 junior golfers, who qualifying during Saturday
Sweeps, will join one of the professional staff and compete against other clubs in the
province in an 18 hole scramble tournament.

*NO COST *Date: TBD *Qualify during Saturday Sweeps on June 2nd

Junior Golf Events Summary

Junior Match Play

Test your Match Play skills in this event. Juniors will play 18 holes of match play receiving
75% of their handicaps. Matches take place over 1 weekend with the championship match
taking place on Sunday evening. The event is open to the first 15 registrants with a valid

handicap. Last years champion will round out the field of 16 players.

*NO COST *June 23rd & 24th *Sign Up in the Pro Shop

Parent / Child Tournament

For this fun event, junior golfers will team up with their parent or grandparents and compete
for the Parent / Child trophy. The format is 18 holes of alternate shot.

One team member must be a club member but you play with a non member. Juniors of all
ages are encouraged to play in this event.

*$55 per team *July 22nd @ 1:30pm *Sign Up in the Pro Shop

Junior Club Championship

The Club Championship weekend is a lot of fun for all junior golfers! The weekend consists
of 3 days of stroke place competition accompanied by a horse race following play on

Saturday. Juniors will compete against the entire field in a gross and net division as well as
within their flight. Flights are based on age. If you find that 54 holes is too many, there is
also a 9 hole division where golfers play 9 holes on Saturday and 9 holes on Sunday. Talk
to your Junior Program Coordinator for further details.

*NO COST *Dates: August 24th - 26th *Sign Up in the Pro Shop

Junior Closing & Awards Dinner

Juniors will be placed on teams and play a 9 hole modified scramble. Following golf will be
dinner in the clubhouse on a chit signing basis. Don't miss out on this event as there are
great draw prizes available; the awards for the season are presented at dinner as well.

*Dinner on Chit Signing basis *Date: September 9th *Sign Up in the Pro Shop

Junior Coaching Platform

Our professional staff at St. Charles has always
believed that golf can be one of a child’s primary

sports. Junior Golf coaching and training has
made significant strides in the past 10 years with
Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada leading the
way amongst all international golf associations.
Coaches have more resources, tools and training
to be able to deliver programs that are engaging

and effective for all levels of junior golfers.

Our professional’s experience and training
through the PGA of Canada, Titleist Performance
Institute and Vision 54 provide us the opportunity
to deliver Junior coaching programs that train golf
skills in a fun learning environment. St. Charles
provides golf programs and coaching for all levels
of player beginning at age 5 through ages 18 and


Our programs provide a pathway for all levels of
golfers as they grow through the stages of their
development. Our professional staff are here to
provide our junior members coaching, guidance

and encouragement for whatever road they
choose to take in the development of their game.

On the following pages there is a brief outline of

the stages and age ranges of our golf

development and coaching programs. Please

speak to any of your staff for further details and

Golf for Life (Ages 15+) information.

Recommended Program - Learn to Play
Golf is a sport that everyone can play for a lifetime. For those individuals who don’t wish to
play golf competitively, they can simply play the game for their own enjoyment. Reasons
people may play the game leisurely are; exercise, camaraderie, networking, pastime,
personal enjoyment and more! These types of golfers are typically the ones who take
lessons only when they are struggling with their game. These golfers should receive regular
instruction to ensure their fundamentals are good so they can play the game to the best of
their ability with a high level of enjoyment.

Junior Coaching Platform

Active Start (Ages 5-6)

Recommended Program - Learn to Play
The objective at this stage is to learn basic movement skills and link them together with play.

Children should be exposed to many different activities at this stage, rather than a sport
exclusive program. At this stage children have a short attention span but love to experiment,
explore and master skills. Physical activity is essential for healthy child development. Some

of the benefits of physical activity include; enhanced brain development functions,
coordination, social skills, imagination, build confidence and positive self esteem, build

strong bones and muscles, promote healthy weight, and more!

FUNdamentals (Ages 7-8)

Recommended Program - Learn to Play
The objective at this stage is to learn all fundamental movement skills and build overall
motor skills. At this stage of growth children experience their first window of accelerated

adaptation. Children at this age must live in a multi-sport culture. Physical literacy at a young
age is important as it builds an athletic foundation for the rest of their lives. The goal at this
age should be to develop an all around athlete who happens to play golf. Exercises should
contain a combination of fundamental movement skills with an introduction to golf specific


Learn to Play (Ages 9-11)

Recommended Program - Learn to Play
The objective at this stage is to develop all fundamental movement skills, fundamental golf
movement skills and teach general overall sports skills. This is the age that is most
important period for motor skill development. Children are developmentally ready to acquire
the general sports skills that are the cornerstones for athletic development. This is the time
where golf specific programming begins, there is an emphasis placed on teaching swing
skills, shot making skills and technical components such as how to achieve optimum
strength, power, balance, flexibility and posture. This is the age when junior golfers should
start receiving private instruction and start building the necessary technical golf skills that
are specific to them to ensure proper long term swing development.

Junior Coaching Platform

Train to Play (Ages 12-14)

Recommended Program - Learn to Play or Junior Performance Training
The objective at this stage is to learn to cope with the mental and physical challenges of
competition. During this stage, junior golfers must optimize their skill set and build on

competitive experiences. The Train to Play stage is important for athletic development as it
is when sport-specific skill development really begins. At this stage, junior golfers must

obtain good basic skill competency and stable mechanics. Since this is typically the stage
when juniors experience the most drastic time for growth, they experience a decrease in
awareness and coordination. This growth spurt makes physical abilities such as balance,
flexibility, posture, core stability, strength and power paramount at this age. Junior golfers
should be receiving private instruction at this age as they are constantly trying to adapt to
their growth change. Their instructor must be able to understand the changes their body is
going through, and help them maintain golf basics while constantly developing technical
swing skills. At this age, there is a heavy influence on the junior golfer’s aspirations to play

golf competitively.

Learn to Compete (Ages 15-17)

Recommended Program - Junior Performance Training
The objective at this stage is to optimize fitness preparation, specific skills, and overall

performance. The emphasis on the golfer at this age is all about execution when it counts.
To increase the likelihood of future success, the junior golfer’s skills must be tested in

different circumstances and conditions. The ratio of skill development to competition specific
training is 40:60 at this stage. This is the time when a player can specialize in one sport;
they should receive high intensity, year round sport specific training.

Train to Compete (Ages 18+)

Recommended Program - Junior Performance Training
The objectives at this age are to optimize golf specific skill set and fitness preparation as

well as have well developed information processing skills. At this stage, the golfer should be
receiving high-intensity individual and golf specific training year round. The ratio of specific
skill development and competition specific training is 50:50. Golfers who are proficient at

performing basic and golf specific skills must be taught to perform these skills under a
variety of competitive conditions during training. Golfers at this stage must possess the
knowledge of how to perform a variety of shots including; escape shots, trouble shots and

specialty shots.

Private Coaching & Custom Group

Private Coaching

The professional staff can provide instruction for juniors just getting introduced to the game
up to players looking to compete on a local, provincial or national level.

Private instruction can as simple as taking a few lessons to introduce concepts to improve
your swing or to build a comprehesnive program for the competitive player.

Private Coaching Programs offer:
A program built to your specific needs as a player
Use of video, launch monitors, pressure mapping and 3D
Full swing, Pitching, Chipping and Putting instruction
Effective and fun ways to practice with plans supplied
On course instruction - course management, club selection, pre and post shot routines
Statistical tracking
Mental and physical assessments

Custom Group Instruction

For juniors whos schedule does not fit our list of group programs
Group lessons to accomodate your schedule
Program content specifically designed around the skill level of the participants
Accomodate groups of 3 or higher
Inspired practice through group games and exercises

Professional Staff Rates

Cory Kartusch

[email protected]

40 Min $50

Craig Strand 1 Hour $65 Derrik Goodwin

[email protected] 5 Hour $300 [email protected]

40 Min $45 40 Min $45

1 Hour $60 1 Hour $60

5 Hour $275 5 Hour $275

Troy Kapko Jeremy Gallant

[email protected] [email protected]
40 Min $45 40 Min $40
1 Hour $60 1 Hour $50
5 Hour $275 5 Hour $225

Junior Group Programs

*Refer to the Junior Golf Platform on page 9 to determine which program is best for you!*

Learn to Play Program (Ages 5-18)

Dates Time
May 4, 11, 18, 25
June 1, 8, 15, 22 Active Start (Ages 5-6) 5:15pm - 6:15pm

Price FUNdamentals (Ages 7-8) 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Junior Member: $90
Non Junior Member: $125 Learn to Play (Ages 9-12) 5:15pm - 6:15pm

Train to Play (Ages 13+) 6:30pm - 7:30pm

The learn to play program is designed for the golfer who is new to the game or is looking for
some instruction on basic golf skills. Young athletes are put into groups based on age and skill
level. Using Golf Canada's Long Term Player development guide, athletes will be exposed to

specific skill building exercises appropriate to their development stage. Athletes will work to
grow their motor skills and fundamental movement skills, progressing into a setting where

there will be a higher focus placed on golf specific skills.

Little Swingers Summer Series (Ages 6-9)

Dates Price Time
July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 $125 5:30pm - 6:30pm

August 7

The Little Swingers Summer Series is a continuation of the Learn to Play Program. Using
Golf Canada's Long Term, athletes are exposed to age / stage appropriate exercises to

enhance their growth and skill development.

Junior Golf Camp (Ages 9-16)

Dates Price Time
Camp 1: July 16 - 19 $400 (per camp) 9:30pm - 3:30pm
Camp 2: August 13 - 16

Golfers will spend 4 days with a golf professional receiving instruction on all aspects of the
game. Golfers will participate in fun games and activities. Lunch and snacks is included
each day! Make sure to bring appropriate clothing for expected weather conditions!



17 Group Lessons 14 Guided Practice Sessions 6 Private Lessons $1,200 Value!






The St. Charles Performance Training Program is designed for juniors and young amateurs who have competitive aspirations or
who are actively engaged in competition.

This program give players the opportunity to develop their skills at a faster rate while making them capable of practicing effectively
and improving their game independently.

- Practice drills and games to build skill and
- Transfer skills from practice to the course
- Test and measure progress with coaches and
- Advanced green reading techniques (Aimpoint
- On course game management sessions
- Private instruction to build your specific skill set
- Develop techniques to achieve optimum
performance state
- K-Vest biofeedback training
- Tournament coaching

Group Coaching Sessions Member Cost: $599 Supervised Practice Sessions
Non Member Cost: $999
April: 25 *Limited spots available for non members* May: 5, 12, 19, 26
May: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 June: 2, 9, 16, 23
June: 6, 13, 20, 27 Sponsored Membership & Program Cost July: 7, 14, 21, 28
July: 4, 11, 18, 25 August: 4, 11
August: 1, 8, 15
Wind Up: August 18th Saturdays 9:30-10:30am

Wednesdays: 6:00 - 7:30pm

PGA of Canada Coaches

Cory Kartusch - [email protected]

Derrik Goodwin - [email protected]

For more information on programs or membership contact the pro shop (204-888-8229) or Junior Program Coordinator Derrik Goodwin

"let's go golfing"


Golf coaching and events for GIRLS ONLY! 

Junior Membership

Members: $500
Sponsored Membership: $550

*For Sponsored Membership Information Please Contact us at 204-888-8229*

Cory Kartusch Girls Club Troy Kapko

*Access to Lessons & Girls Play Days*

Ages: 9-18

PGA of Canada Coaches

Derrik Goodwin

30 Hours of Group Coaching 6 Private Lessons $1,150 Value!


Lesson Dates (Thursdays): Practice Dates (Saturdays):

May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 May 5, 12, 19, 26

June 7, 14, 21, 28 June 2, 9, 16, 23

July 5, 12, 19, 26 July 7, 14, 21, 28

August 2, 9, 16 Wind Up - August 19 August 4, 11

Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm Time: 10:30am - 11:30am

Girls will receive instruction catered to their skill level. During the group
lessons, girls will learn all of the skills required for golf as well as learn how to

play on the course.
Practice sessions will include proper practice techniques to help girls apply

the skills learned in group lessons.
Girls will receive 6 private lessons with the instructor of their choice!


Dates (Wednesdays): July 4, 18, 25 August 1, 8, 15, 22
Time: 11:00am Tee Times

*Girls Day Out on July 18 and August 15*

Girls will meet on the putting green and be put into groups of 2 or 3. The girls
will then play 18 holes of golf.

On Girls Days out, the girls will meet at 10:00am for 'mocktails' and play golf in
a fun team format.

2018 St. Charles Junior Group Coaching Programs

Junior Golfer Age


Email Address

**providing your email will allow us to directly communicate information regarding program changes,
cancellations, junior program updates and further lesson program information.

Lesson Programs

Please refer to our Junior Program Coaching information sheet or contact your
professional staff for further details on all of our programs

Fee Date Time X

Active Start (Little Swingers level 1) $90 - Jr. Member May 4, 11, 18, 25; 5:15pm - 6:15pm
Fundamentals (level 2) $125 Non member June 1, 8, 15, 22
Learn to Play (Level 3/4) $90 - Jr. Member May 4, 11, 18, 25; 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Train to Play (level 4/5) $125 Non member June 1, 8, 15, 22
Girls Club $90 - Jr. Member May 4, 11, 18, 25; 5:15pm - 6:15pm
Little Swingers Summer Series $125 Non member June 1, 8, 15, 22
$90 - Jr. Member May 4, 11, 18, 25; 6:30pm - 7:30pm
$125 Non member June 1, 8, 15, 22
See Program info Thurs. @ 6:00 p.m.
$599.00 sheet for all details Sat. @ 10:30am
July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; 5:30pm - 6:30pm
$90 - Member
$125 Non member August 7

Junior Golf Camp (July 10-13) $400.00 July 16, 17, 18, 19 9:00am - 4:00pm

Junior Golf Camp (July 31 - Aug 3) $400.00 August 13, 14, 15, 16 9:00am - 4:00pm
Junior Performance Training** $599.00
See Program info Wed. @ 6:00 p.m. Sat.

sheet for all details @ 9:30am

**Junior Performance Training & Girls Club - Please see program information for all details and dates

** Junior Instruction programs are open to junior members, members children and grandchildren
**Custom group programs and private instruction at junior rates are available if the above programs
do not suit your schedule

Junior Signature

Parent/Guardian Acct#

Please scan and email form back to [email protected]

*If your child has any food allergies or medical conditions we need to be aware of please let us know

St. Charles Pro Shop - 204-888-8229

Junior Family Tee Program

As part of the Junior Golf Program, St. Charles is proud to offer our Family
Tee Program to all of our members with young children. This program

provides a golf course set up based on how far our young golfers can hit a golf
ball. The golf course has blue and gold tee merkers set into the fairway much
like our 150 yard markers. Juniors starting at age 5 and up to age 12 should

play these tees based on their skill level.
As part of this program, children of members aged 5 to 8 are now able to use
the practice facilities and golf course when accomopanied by their parent. We
ask that parents please observe the practice facility and golf course access

restrictions as listed below.

Practice Facilities - Putting Green, Short Game, Driving Range

Weekdays - before 11:00 and after 6:00
Weekends & Holidays - After 3:00

Golf Course Usage

Weekdays after 5:30pm
Weekends and Holidays after 4:30pm
Must be accompanied by a parent at all times
Must keep up with the pace of play and always let faster groups play through

Club Dress Code applies

Scorecards for these tees are available in the pro shop. Additionally, parents
will want to use directions to the tee locations until you are familiar with the

course. These are available on the scorecards.

Talk to the professional staff for questions about this program.

Club Fitting

Equipment that is too heavy, stiff or not fitted correctly can imped a juniors
development. The St. Charles professional staff want to help you with that!
The professional staff will fit junior clubs based on height and ability. Playing
proper equipment will enhance the development of any players golf game.
In the St. Charles pro shop you will find U.S. Kids clubs available for junior
golfers. U.S. Kids is the world leader in junior golf equipment. Juniors are fit for
clubs based on height and clubs are designed to be 25% lighter than adult
clubs. Giving junior golfers clubs that are weighted for them will enhance their
development and allow them to enjoy the game. If you would like to have your
junior fit into a major manufacturers clubs, they are able to receive a full club

fitting session.

U.S. Kids Buy Back Program

Any purchase of U.S. Kids clubs can be returned within 2 years of purchase.
You will receive 25% of your money back from the orginal purchase in a gift

certificate to the pro shop.

This program is designed to help alleviate the cost of continually upgrading
clubs while allowing juniors the opportunity to have the equipment that best

suits their development.

Junior Golf Membership

Under the membership umbrella, juniors are able to become members at the
age of 9. Junior membership ends once the individual becomes 19 years of age.

The golfers age is their chronological age on March 1st of the current
membership year.

Junior golfers who are not related to a member are able to join the club in the
Sponsored Junior membership category. There is a limit of 30 sponsored juniors
at the club at one time. Sponsored junior memberships start at the age of 12 and
terminate once the golfers reaches 19 years of age. At that times, golfers have

the opportunity to join the club in the intermediate membership category.

Golf Course Restrictions

Monday & Friday: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
Tuesday to Thursday: 12:30pm to 4:30pm

Weekends & Holidays: Before 12:30pm

*There are no restrictions on practice facilities*

Membership Benefits

Junior Locker in Junior Locker Room (Ages 12+)
Discounted group lesson rates
Access to the Junior Room

Opportunity to play 40 rounds of golf without booking a tee time
7 Day advance tee time booking

*Contact the Junior Program Coordinator for more information*
[email protected]

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