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Published by Cory Kartusch, 2017-03-18 16:47:55

St. Charles Performance Center 2017

PC - Summer


~Professional Instruction      ~Private Practice      ~Club Fitting
~Golf Specific Fitness      ~True Line Indoor Putting Green

Golf Season Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 7:00am to Sundown
Saturday: 6:30am to Sundown       Sunday: 6:30am to 5:00pm

St. Charles Country Club - 100 Country Club Blvd - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  R3K1Z3 - 204-888-8229 -


Welcome to our 3rd golf season with the St. Charles Performance Center. Your Performance Center has

provided members of St. Charles the opportunity to improve their games year round with the assistance

of your professionals and with the use of the best technology in the industry.

Our Instruction philosophy is simple. We do not teach methods, we teach individual players. Through

our years of experience and studies with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), it has become very clear

in the golf world that there is not a specific "method" that can be applied to each player. We are all

different in how we swing the club. Components of every swing method in golf certainly do have their

applications. Each golfer brings different physical characteristics to the game that form the patterns to

their swing, pitching, and putting. Looking at the players below, there is not one back swing that is the

same, but all strike the ball wonderfully. As professionals, we try to find the most efficient way to

improve on your patterns and ultimately your skills as a golfer. Function comes before form. Most

players are missing one or two simple components in their swing that can be easy to implement and

provide increased efficiency to their ball striking or other areas of their game. 

Our education and technology provides us insight to the easiest

path to improvement for you. Our video, BodiTrak pressure

mapping, K-Vest and Foresight launch monitors provide us the

feedback to see clearly which movements need to be addressed

to increase the efficiency of your swing. TPI assessments help

us determine what movements you can and cannot perform

while offering solutions to improve on your limitations.

Through simple drills and exercises, these movement patterns

can be changed with the assistance of your instructor and

some practice time.

Maybe its not a "swing change" that is in order, and is often not

the case. In many scenarios simply having the tools to work on

your rhythm, tempo, balance or tension can prove to make

great strides in your performance. Often we blame mechanics

for a bad shoot, when it can be as easy as putting our attention All play professionally but have different
towards sequence and timing. Our professionals explore those back swing positions.
ideas with you and can help you create the tools to find your
Function comes before form

best swing on the course.

When visiting one of our professionals, they will provide an initial assessment and discuss with you the

history of your game and what your goals are. We will develop a plan specific to you. We will guide you

on how to practice through the off season and how to best utilize your performance center. Golf is a

challenging game that requires practice to see improvements. Our professionals will be with you every

step of the way to make sure your time is maximized and your game improves.

I invite all of our members to use their performance center. The details of our programs and how to use

the facility are outlined in this booklet. I am sure you will be impressed with our technology and

professional staff, making the indoor golf experience an enjoyable way to see improvements in your


Cory Kartusch
Head Professional


Private Instruction will be offered year round in both studios. Members may
Coaching book their instruction directly with the golf professional of their

choice. Your professionals are able to voice over a lesson and send you
the session via email. To accompany our programs listed in the

brochure, our staff specializes in customizing a program to suit your
needs as a player.

Group Groups of up to 6 golfers can be accommodated for instruction in our
Coaching 1200 sq. foot performance studio. We can accommodate groups larger
than 6 outdoors. Your professionals are able to create a program to meet
Custom the specific needs to your group. If you prefer to learn with family or
Club Fitting friends, please contact our professional staff to schedule your group

Golf program.
Fitness The Performance Center compliments our existing club fitting programs
with a facility that houses our extensive selection of fitting clubs and
technology. Fittings can be performed on demand in a comfortable
private setting, without interruption from the weather. Club fitting is
essential to all levels of players as properly fit golf clubs impact your

performance and development. See the fitting schedule at the back of the

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is a golf specific fitness program
that provides your professionals two key tools. The TPI physical
assessment allows our professionals to understand your physical

strengths and weaknesses to provide more specific and accurate swing
analysis. Secondly, we can provide a web-based golf workout program
designed around your assessment results. We are also able to consult

with your fitness professional to incorporate exercises into your
current routine.

Private During the golf season, members can use the Performance Center for
Practice practice on a first come, first served basis. The daily schedule will be
posted inside on the whiteboard. Members are encourage to use the

facility when it is available. Golf Lessons and Club Fittings will get
priority in the studio.


Our coaching programs are not limited to the outline below. Your professionals are available to
create an individual or group program suited to your game and schedule. Please contact any of

your Professional Staff for more information.

Private Coaching Your professionals will create a program that is suited to all levels of players based on
your goals.

We are available all season for coaching on full swing, short game and putting.

Individual Lessons K-Vest Training Programs Coaching Packages

40Min 1 Hr 1.5 Hrs 1 Hr 4 Week 6 Week 10 Week 3 Hr 5 Hr 8 Hr

Cory $80 $95 $135 $120 $665 $855 $1,235 $270 $440 $700
Craig $70 $85 $125 $110 $595 $765 $1,105 $240 $400 $635
Derrik $70 $80 $115 $100 $560 $720 $1,040 $225 $365 $580
Kevin $65 $75 $105 $95 $525 $675 $975 $210 $340 $540

Group Instruction Group Rates (per student / hour)

Members who wish to learn the 2 Students 3 Students 4+ Students
game with friends, family or
Cory $75 $60 $55
co-workers can take advantage
of our custom group programs. Craig $65 $55 $50

The Performance Center is Derrik $55 $50 $45
equipped to accommodate
groups of up to six students. Kevin $50 $45 $40

Junior Coaching

Juniors are now able to train year round on their swing, short game and putting. Our professionals will create a custom
program for individuals or groups suited to your availability. TPI fitness programs and strength training are also
available at junior rates.

Individual Lessons Coaching Packages Group Rates

40Min 1 Hr 1.5 Hrs 3 Hr 5 Hr 8 Hr 2 Students 3 Students 4+ Students

Cory $50 $65 $100 $185 $300 $470 $35ea $30ea $25ea
Craig $45 $60 $90 $165 $275 $430 $35ea $30ea $25ea
Derrik $45 $60 $90 $165 $275 $430 $35ea $30ea $25ea
Kevin $45 $60 $90 $165 $275 $430 $35ea $30ea $25ea


It can be difficult determining the plan of action that is best suited to improve your golf game.  Use
the chart below to help put yourself on the best path for improvement. Always consider your
personal goals and the time you will have available to achieve them. 

I want to acquire I want to acquire or I want to work together
information that I can improve on a certain skill with a professional to
determine the best path
apply to my game set
for my long term

Private Training Private
Instruction Program Coaching

Cory Kartusch

Aimpoint will take one variable out of putting, allowing you
to make a confident stroke. After this clinic you will have the
tools to become an expert green reader. During the clinic
you will learn; how to accurately identify slope, how slope
direction and grade effect break, how to determine the
precise amount of break for putts, how to handle multiple
slopes and how to manage speed control.

Private & Group Instruction Cost: $150 per student

Your professional will provide you with simple techniques, drills and exercises to
accelerate improvement in all areas of your game. In addition, they will educate you

on how to use a few simple data points from our technology making your practice
specific, simple and efficient. 


Below is a list of a few program ideas on how you can improve a certain aspect of your game.
All programs include an initial assessment as well as performance check points along the way.

We recommend discussing your goals with your coach to determine the best path for your
improvement. Program length may vary for each golfer.

The initial assessment includes an evaluation of your golf swing on video using V1 Pro, your
center of pressure trace on the BodiTrak mat, motion capture with K-Vest as well as your club

and ball data using our  Foresight launch monitor. 

Custom Is there a specific part of your game you want to work on? Your
Programs professional staff are willing to customize a program that suits your
golfing needs. You will work together to build a specific plan for your

own improvement. 

Basic This program is for all golfers. For beginners, it is a good introduction
Fundamentals into how to stand and hold the golf club. For your intermediate and
higher level golfers, it can be a good reminder of how proper
fundamentals affect your performance. 

Solid This program is for the golfer looking to make a significant
Contact improvement in their ball striking ability. During this program you
will work with your coach to control your low point and improve your

distance control.

Shot After being able to manage your stock ball flight, you will learn how to
Shaper shape the golf ball in both directions and control your trajectory. Your
coach will work with you to ensure you have a full understanding of
Golf ball flight laws.

Short This program is for the golfer looking to learn how to develop more club
Game head speed and ball speed. You will work with your coach to reach your

maximum carry potential based on club head speed while working
together to increase overall speed.

This program is for the golfer who wants to become a more efficient
scorer around the greens. You will gain an understanding of the

difference in body movements and swing geometry on short game shots.
During this program a focus will be placed on proper practice and
simulating pressure situations.

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

- TPI is the world's leading education organization and research
facility dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in
relation to the golf swing.
- Our professionals believe there is no one way to swing the club
for every golfer, although there is one efficient way for everyone to
swing a club based on what they can physically do.
- TPI Screening determines the roadmap to your most efficient

Injuries in golf are most typically caused from compensating for your bodies physical
limitations. A TPI screen consists of 16 functional movement screens and is accompanied by
a personalized exercise program to improve the stability and mobility of your body for golf.
Your body is the most important part of your golf swing; take the required time to get into a

condition that will allow you to play your best golf!

Physical Screen & Swing Analysis: $150
Physical Screen: $100

Your TPI Professionals

Cory Kartusch - Level 3 Golf Professional &
Level 2 Junior Coach

Craig Strand - Level 1 Golf Professional
Derrik Goodwin - Level 1 Golf Professional
Gord MacInnes - TPI Fitness Professional

*All physical screens are accompanied by an
18 session workout program


Cory Kartusch PHONE: 204-888-8229 Craig Strand

Head Professional Associate Professional
[email protected] [email protected]

Derrik Goodwin Kevin Giesbrecht

Assistant Professional Assistant Professional
[email protected] [email protected]


During the golf season, practice time using the Performance Center and
technology is on a first come first served basis. Please check the schedule in the
Performance Center or call the pro shop at 204-888-8229 for available times each


*Lessons and Fittings get priority*

Practice With Technology

Access to Launch Monitor

30 Minutes: $25.00
1 Hour: $35.00

10 Hours: $300.00

**Complimentary practice time is
available without the use of technology**

K-Vest is a wearable system that measures BodiTrak is a mat that gives you real time
human movements in 6 dimensions that is data on how you interact with the ground.
not possible with cameras or the naked eye.
We use K-Vest to understand how a person You can modify your center of pressure
moves and create a plan to improve based trace to effectively change club delivery and
on a biomechnical and kinematic sequence
ball flight.


The St. Charles Performance Center is the perfect place for you to get fit for all 14 clubs in your bag.
Properly fit golf equipment will play a significant role in the development of your swing and
enhance your performance on the golf course. Utilizing the best technology in the industry through
our fitting process gives us the ability to find the best clubs for your game, without bias to a
particular brand.
Fitting and instruction work together; our experience in both give you the opportunity to go
through the most comprehensive fitting program in the province.
We are fortunate to be the regional fitting center for Titleist, while additionally being the primary
fitters in Winnipeg for Ping, TaylorMade Callaway, Mizuno and Cobra. This provides us
considerably more options in shafts and heads than other club fitters, making our program the
most comprehensive fitting program of any Club on the prairies. Your entire bag can be fit, from
driver to wedges.
Putter fitting is as important as fitting the other 13 clubs in your bag, and we do that as well! St.
Charles is one of three EDEL putter fitters in Canada. The EDEL system uses various putter styles
and offset types to find the putter that you aim best. We measure loft, head weight, shaft flex and
counterbalancing to optimize speed control. Optimizing aim and speed contorl will result in more
putts dropping in the hole. Edel provides our members with a tour level putter fitting experience! 

Fitting Days Schedule

Weekends Weekdays
11:00am to 3:00pm 4:00pm to 7:00pm

Saturday, April 15th Wednesday, April 19th
Sunday, April 16th Thursday, April 27th
Saturday, April 22nd
Sunday, April 23rd

Saturday, May 6th Tuesday, May 2nd
Saturday, May 13th Thursday, May 11th
Saturday, May 20th Tuesday, May 16th
Sunday, May 21st Thursday, May 25th
Saturday, May 27th Tuesday, May 30th

Saturday, June 3rd (Demo Day) Thursday, June 8th
Sunday, June 4th Tuesday, June 13th
Thursday, June 22nd
Saturday, June 10th Thursday, June 29th
Saturday, June 17th
Saturday, June 24th
Sunday, June 25th

To book a fitting or for more information, contact any of your professional staff

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