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Volume 150 • Number 48

© 2021, Helena World Chronicle, LLC Editorial

Police make arrest in Saturday shooting spree Everything Is
Failing Our
Andrew Bagley er 17-year-old Rogers in the Phillips County Jail the shooting on Friday of a Young People
injured and awaiting the filing of formal home belonging to Rogers’s
HELENA WORLD forced the can- charges at press time. Also mother. No one was home 12 Jesus went into the tem-
cellation of the arrested was another 17-year- when the shooting occurred. ple courtyard and threw out
Michael “Mike Mike” Rog- H e l e n a - We s t old. Both are believed to be everyone who was buying
ers has been taken into custo- Helena Christ- connected to the Thanksgiv- Originally, police believed and selling there. He over-
dy by the Helena-West Helena mas Parade. ing night double homicide. that a 17-year-old that has turned the moneychangers’
Police Department along with Saturday’s shootings are also been a suspect in the case tables and the chairs of those
one other juvenile in connec- Rogers, 31, believed to be connected to where a juvenile was alleg- who sold pigeons. 13 He
tion to the shootings Satur- was being held told them, “Scripture says,
day afternoon that left anoth- Please see SPREE on 2A ‘My house will be called a
house of prayer,’ but you’re
MESD’S ANDERSON PASSES turning it into a gathering
After battling health place for thieves!”
issues for months, MESD
Superintendent Henry Matthew 21:12-13
Anderson transitioned on
Saturday, December 4. It’s the holiday season
The Marvell-Elaine com- and normally our focus
munity mourns in the would be on the Biblical
loss of a great leader and story of Christmas and
to many, a true friend. we would be discuss-
Anderson became super- ing “peace and goodwill
intendent of MESD in toward men.”
July 2019. Entering with
the heavy tasks of turning But Helena-West Hel-
around the district both ena has been robbed of
financially and academi- so much of the holiday
cally, Anderson took it spirit since the night of
all on with needed bold- Thanksgiving that began
ness and confidence. In with a spate of violence
less than two years under that commenced with a
his leadership, Anderson tragic double homicide
took the district from and ended with a Sat-
desolate fiscal distress urday wave of gunshots
to thriving financially that left a 17-year-old
with reserves. Due to his injured, lots of connect-
unwavering leadership, ed shooting in between,
Anderson was nominated and the Christmas
for the Thompson Execu- parade cancelled because
tive Leadership Institute. our city did not have the
He was a servant leader resources to secure it.
that believed in making
education an experience Greed, debauchery, and
for children. Anderson selfishness dominate our
listened to the students social landscape which
and used their input to has resulted in the rend-
change and/or bring dif- ing of our social fabric
ferent programs/initiatives and the crippling of our
to the district. “We are social and political insti-
so heartbroken.”, MESD tutions that traditionally
board president Clyde step in.
Williams Sr. stated. “Mr.
Anderson was a strong In short, all of our soci-
advocate for our students ety is failing our young
and communities. Please people, leaving them
keep his family, MESD with few skills, little
family and all who’ve hope, and a feeling that
known and loved him they are forced to turn
lifted in prayer during this to ill-advised, sinful, and
time.” sometimes illegal under-
takings to obtain an eco-
HWHSD School bus drivers get $10,000 bonus as teachers receive $2,000 nomically successful life.

Andrew Bagley plan, which would also give a only $2000 for teachers is some- plan because of the bus driv- It’s time to usher out
$3000 signing bonus for new thing I am struggling with.” er shortage, which prompted the failures who have
HELENA WORLD drivers while having no pro- She asked Watkins, “How are Phillips Community College of focused for too long on
vision for a signing bonus to you going to explain this to the the University of Arkansas to their own economic well-
The Helena-West Helena recruit new teachers. Watkins teachers?” partner with the school district
School Board, with members noted that the bonuses would to implement a 12-week, non- Please see EDITORIAL on 2A
Troy Bobo and Janice Williams be paid through federal funds Watkins replied, “If we don’t credit training courses to get
absent, voted at a special meet- received due to the pandemic have bus drivers, then the kids people trained and driving bus-
ing last Thursday to give reten- and would continue until those won’t get to school. If they ses. She said, “We have got to
tion bonuses in the amount of funds had been exhausted. aren’t at school, there will be a do something to keep the driv-
$10000 to existing bus drivers RIF and then they won’t have ers we have.”
while only giving teachers a Board Member Sandra Bagley a job.”
$2000 retention bonus. expressed skepticism. She said, During a discussion of what
“$10000 for bus drivers and Superintendent Linda English Please see HSHSD on 2A
Federal programs coordinator urged the board to approve the
Adrian Watkins presented the

2A — WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 Local The Helena World

edly kidnapped in Governor for all the state- able to provide from his restoring order on the Parade Commit- resources had to respond
Helena-West Helena and wide assistance avail- office, not just on state streets. He left open the tee Chairman Laketha to the violence taking
taken to a wooded area able and left open the highways but also in possibility of imposing a Brown-Fluker lamented place and the continua-
in Mississippi where she possibility of requesting neighborhoods.” curfew, which was last the cancellation of the tion of the parade would
was stabbed repeatedly troops from the Arkan- Smith also added that done during the tenure parade and was working have put children and
but survived was a sus- sas National Guard. He an emergency meeting of former Mayor James on rescheduling options families at unnecessary
pect in the Thanksgiv- said, “I’ll be talking to would be held as soon F. Valley when a similar at press time. risk. We are looking at
ing night shooting. That the Governor later to offi- as possible with law concatenation of violent She said, “It was a rescheduling for 6:00 on
juvenile is no longer a cially request immediate enforcement, the Christ- acts terrorized the resi- very difficult decision Sunday, December 12 so
suspect in the case. help here with terroris- mas Parade committee, dents of the area between because so many were that the people of Phil-
Helena-West Hele- tic gun shootings and and other necessary per- Center Street, 4th Street, looking forward to the lips County can enjoy
na Mayor Kevin Smith related crime, including sonnel to discuss options Plaza and Sebastian. Sat- parade after its absence both the Marvell and
issued a statement Sun- saturations and the high- for rescheduling the urday’s shootings were last year due to the pan- the Helena-West Helena
day pledging to ask the est level of support he is Christmas Parade and on Plaza Street. demic. But our city’s parades.”

being at the expense of wonders why local peo- turned another building Scripture of the Repub- World has seen it in his that lead them down a
good citizenship, strong ple won’t talk. Well, look it received into an eye- licans at the expense of life. He often calls the destructive and danger-
educational training, eco- at the situation. They sore contributing to dan- teaching the Great Com- greatest failure in his life ous path.
nomic development, and see gratuitous acts of gerous living in an entire mission of Christ. was the collapse of his The money changers
moral guidance. gun violence all around neighborhood. Like our police chief, first marriage. He feels he have infiltrated and now
Let’s begin with our them and don’t want to When we have teach- too many of the spiritual and his first wife failed dominate every institu-
local governmental insti- be the next victim and ers after tragedies pleas- shepherds are separat- his son and it has affected tion in our society. We
tutions. There is no way they can’t see where the antly reminiscing about ed from the life experi- him his entire life. And, need that come-to-Jesus
to say it. They are an police, despite knowing experiences with those ences of the flock. We that story has played moment where their
abysmal failure. It seems many officers work hard, we lost where they knew need fewer political ser- out in millions of homes tables are turned over
like every city council can protect them from the they weren’t doing right monettes and fundrais- across this country where and someone does as
meeting is punctuated mayhem that dominates and did not take action to ing programs and more 50% of marriages fail, an Jesus did after that one
by fights over money our city streets. And they change that behavior and focus on the Great Com- astronomical number of display of his anger in
that inevitably benefits know that Police Chief then see School Board mission to “go ye there- children are born out of the Bible.
the City Council while Patrick Smith doesn’t members praising them, fore and teach” and actu- wedlock, and parents He healed. Let’s start
the quality of city ser- live here and experience that tells us all we need ally teach that there are seek to be their children’s healing. Let’s throw
vices that help improve this struggle with them. to know about the lack consequences to sinful friends rather than the out the money-chang-
the quality of life in the Mayor Kevin Smith of discipline and teaching lifestyle choices. We may parent training them to ers focused on greed,
neighborhoods where should either require our taking place. have a right to do many make good choices in life debauchery, and selfish-
children live, play, and police chief to move back We also need our things in America but and stay away from those ness.
grow up are neglected. from Memphis or the Superintendent, admin- our spiritual institutions
City Councilman Chris- department should have istrators and teachers to must step up to instill in
topher Franklin claims to new leadership because be our educational shep- our young people why
be a man for the people this community deserves herds and be connected they shouldn’t and the
but he steadily works a security shepherd to the life experiences of dangers of some of these
against adequately fund- “watching over the flock our public school stu- choices.
ed code enforcement, by night.” If he doesn’t dents that constitute their Debauchery and riot-
forces citizens to live in make this change, we flock. If Mrs. English’s ous living may be legal
blighted areas that look believe it will become a contract is renewed, she because we are free. But
like urban war zones, and political albatross in the should move into the dis- they come with stiff con-
pushes for pay raises that 2022 elections. trict-owned house and sequences that we don’t
benefit relatives of those City government isn’t the School Board should warn young people about
pushing to direct school the only failure. Our impose a residency anymore because we are
business to his cleaning school leadership should requirement for all new always afraid of offend-
company. Should we be be ashamed to show its hires. ing someone or being
surprised that some areas face. Instead of worrying While government and accused of being judg-
have actually turned into about the fact that almost schools get an F, our reli- mental. We don’t need
war zones like we had eight out of ten students gious institutions should anymore young people
Saturday? It’s time for can’t read at grade level too. For far too long, too to learn personal respon-
courageous new blood to and so many are being many churches have been sibility after they go to
assume these legislative lost to the culture of the worried about losing tith- prison.
positions and Mr. Frank- violent streets because ers and raising big money Finally, our family struc-
lin and those that enable they feel there is no hope at programs like church ture has failed. Much
him need to exit stage for a better future, this and pastor anniversaries. has been written about
left. board focuses on things For far too long, pulpits the disintegration of the
Our citizens feel that like donating an entire across this community nuclear family in this
our local law enforcement campus to an organiza- have occupied them- country and the damage
is powerless to protect tion connected to a board selves with the Gospel caused by it. Even the
them. Law enforcement member that had already of the Democrats or the publisher of the Helena

HWHSD drivers get paid for Simpson replied, “I wasn’t trying to The retention bonuses will be
running their normal 3-hour dai- say that.” paid in two installments, one-half
ly routes, Board Member Earnest Bagley also said it was time to in December and one-half in May if
Simpson, Jr. said, “Everyone’s job is explore options outside the box the employee remains with the dis-
important. No one is more impor- such as a cooperative agreement trict through the rest of the school
tant than someone else.” with a neighboring school or priva- year.
Board member Loistyne Burrell tization of transportation services.
pointed out that each job required She said, “Have we considered a
different skill sets and qualifica- co-op or possibly a contract with a Thank you for reading this

tions. Bagley took a harder stance private company to manage trans- edition of the
and said to Simpson, “We pay the portation services? What we are
Superintendent $140,000. Are you doing today is just a band-aid and
wanting to pay the cooks $140,000?” not a solution to the problem.” Helena World

The Helena World Opinions WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 — 3A

80 Years Since
Pearl Harbor

It came to be called the Day Which Will Live in Infamy.

The attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor on

December 7, 1941, was a devastating loss for the nation.

When the attack began at 7:55 AM by Japanese forces,

the Americans on the scene realized that their lives in that

moment had changed. The American entry into World

War II would transform the face of the war and forever

alter the course of the nation and of the men and women

who fought to protect it.

By December 1941, most of the globe was engulfed in

World War II while the United States tried to stay out of

it. Nations on five continents were already embroiled in

conflict. American military

and political leaders som- Dr. Kenneth Bridges
berly noted that the nation Guest Columnist
would likely be drawn

into the fight as well while

they watched Allied losses

mount. To the last, America tried to avoid war. As

the United States continued to negotiate for peace with

Japan, Japan plotted a sneak attack.

Japan had unleashed sneak attacks at the beginnings

of previous wars. And Japanese military officials hoped Legislative maps appear to be finalized

that crippling American naval forces while they went on

a massive offensive across the Pacific would neutralize By Steve Brawner involved, of bilingual. Among There are only three peo-

American advantages and allow Japan a quick victory. Columnist course. By her achievements ple on the board. Asked if he

In ninety minutes on what had been a quiet Sunday We finally know what comparison, was sponsoring wanted Godfrey to be drawn

morning, the American fleet was wrecked. Four battle- Arkansas’ new legislative dis- the Board of legislation mak- into that district, he said, “We

ships were sunk with the other four crippled. Many other tricts will look like, so now Apportion- ing undocument- presented ways that that could

ships and planes were severely damaged. One hundred potential candidates know bet- ment in 2011 ed immigrants have been done, but again,

fifty-nine planes were destroyed. And in the end, 2,403 ter whether they should jump approved its served by the the priority was getting that

Americans were killed. in the race or walk away. maps July 29 Deferred Action Latino district up to a voting

But America sprang into action. The United States On Monday, the Board of that year. for Childhood age majority.”

responded with its own declaration of war the next day. Apportionment approved the The com- Arrivals program The board touted the fact

And three things saved the Pacific fleet that day: the oil final district maps for the pressed time- – the so-called that the number of House

refineries that fueled the ships and planes were spared; Arkansas House and Senate. line has left incumbents and “Dreamers” – eligible to be districts where the major-

and the aircraft carriers were on patrol, ships that acted The vote came a month after potential candidates in some- licensed as nurses. ity of residents are minorities

as floating air bases that proved indispensable in the it released preliminary maps what of a waiting game to Board of Apportionment increased from 11 under the

island-hopping campaigns that marked the Pacific war. that drew more than 800 com- learn what district they might members and their staffs, coor- 2011 maps to 12 now, count-

The third factor was the unbreakable American resolve. ments. represent and who their voters dinated by former Supreme ing the Latino district.

In 1958, the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association was Those maps will determine might be. Those are important Court Chief Justice Bettye Still, Hutchinson acknowl-

who can run where in next factors in deciding whether Dickey, placed a high prior- edged the maps probably will

formed among the veterans who were there on Decem- year’s state legislative elec- to run. ity on creating Arkansas’ first lead to a court case, as has

ber 7, 1941. At its peak, the organization boasted 70,000 tions, which are approaching Now we’re seeing a lot district drawn so that a major- happened following every

members. In the years after the war, special remem- fast. The filing period for party of announcements, one way ity of voting age residents redistricting since 1940. In

brance ceremonies were held at Pearl Harbor each year. candidates for the May 24 pri- or another. Among the most are Latino. The way the lines a press release, Democratic

Time moved on in a nation that continued to grow in mary is Feb. 22 to March 1. notable ones came from Rep. worked out, Godfrey was left Party Chairman Grant Tennille

its freedom in the decades of peace that followed the Running for those offices had Megan Godfrey, D-Spring- out of that district in the draft said the maps dilute minority

war. The world was freed from the nightmares of mass best not be a last-minute deci- dale, who was drawn out of maps released a month ago, votes and that the mapmakers

executions, tortures, genocides, and bloodshed that the sion. the heart of her district and which didn’t change after the “know they’ll be headed to

Axis Powers inflicted upon the world. The Pearl Harbor The board is composed of announced on Monday via comment period. court.”

generation had survived the worst challenges the nation the governor, attorney general Twitter that she won’t run next Following the 24-min- Redistricting processes

and secretary of state. Those year. ute meeting, which was 18 often are marked by partisan-

had experienced – the Great Depression and World War office holders meet every 10 Godfrey had been a remark- minutes longer than the one ship. This time, Dickey said

II – and showed that there was nothing that the United years following the census to ably effective Democrat serv- in 2011, I asked Gov. Asa partisan data wasn’t even

States could not overcome. The principles of courage, redraw district lines to account ing in a House of Representa- Hutchinson if Godfrey could loaded into the system, which

unity, justice, and liberty became more than slogans for for population shifts. tives that is more than three- have been drawn into her old is believable because it wasn’t

that time. They were ideas that saved humanity. This year’s maps are coming fourths Republican. She rep- district. necessary. The 2011 maps,

In 2017, the Southwest Times-Record noted that there very late, primarily because resents Springdale, which has “There might have been a even though drawn by Demo-

were perhaps five survivors in Arkansas still alive in the the COVID-19 pandemic a high population of Hispanic way, but that didn’t get the crats, produced a Legislature

state, by then well into their nineties, when there were messed up the census, and and Marshallese residents. votes … on the board,” he that is more than three-fourths

once hundreds. Among the last survivors was Harold also there was some politics She’s not Hispanic, but she is said. Republican.

Mainer of Charleston, a navy veteran and later a mailman State Capitol Week in Review

who became a beloved figure in his community. Harold

Mainer Day was proclaimed in the city in 2018 in his

honor. He once said of his experiences on that day, “I By Keith Ingram lion a year. almost a bil- the governor’s official call.

sprang into action and did the best I could to stay alive. State Senator The proposal lion dollars. Beyond the income tax cuts,

You didn’t have time to be scared.” He passed away at LITTLE ROCK – The leg- would lower When the he has listed several minor

the age of 98 in 2020. islature is scheduled to begin the top rate state accumu- “housekeeping” measures

Now as the 80th anniversary approaches, a chapter on December 7 a special ses- for individual lates such a that need to be approved and

in history prepares to close. The theme for this year’s sion to consider reductions state income large surplus, should not generate much

remembrance ceremony will be “Valor, Sacrifice, and in individual and corporate taxes, from 5.9 it promotes controversy.

Peace.” There are very few left who remember that day income taxes. percent to 4.9 two oppos- For example, a law enacted

firsthand. Those who were there and those who gave The governor and state rev- percent. The ing schools earlier this year limits rebates

enue officials have proposed top rate for cor- of thought. from pharmaceutical manu-

everything to protect the nation have a revered place a measure that would lower porate income In one camp, facturers that sell insulin.

in the collective American memory. The millions who income taxes by almost $500 taxes would drop from 5.9 advocates argue that legisla- An unintended consequence

came after and grew up in a time of peace still salute million a year when all of percent to 5.3 percent. tors should increase funding was that it may raise costs of

those who were there. The lessons from that terrible day its provisions have taken full It would increase tax cred- of vital social programs such health insurance for teachers

still resonate for American foreign policy but also for effect. its for people with incomes as services for people with and state employees. The gov-

a nation decades later shaken by epidemics, economic There are enough legislative of less than $22,900, saving disabilities and pre-school for ernor said he would ask that

chaos, and distrust: that there is nothing that America, co-sponsors to make passage them almost $20 million a children in low-income fami- the legislature repeal the law.

when united, cannot overcome. of the measure a mere formal- year. lies. Some legislators want to

ity. People in the low income On the other side are elected add a provision to Arkansas

The tax reductions will be and middle income brackets officials who believe that large laws that outlaw abortions,

in effect for only part of 2022, would save about $133 mil- surpluses prove that taxes are to allow civil lawsuits against

when it will save Arkan- lion a year. too high. They say that essen- abortion clinics. If the gover-

sas taxpayers an estimated The legislature approved tial services are adequately nor does not include the item

$135.25 million. income tax cuts proposed by funded, and the surplus on his call for a special ses-

In 2023 the estimated tax the governor in 2015, 2017 should be returned to taxpay- sion, it would not be consid-

savings are $307.4 million. In and 2019. In total, they low- ers because government is not ered unless the legislature vot-

2024 they will be $383.2 mil- ered taxes for Arkansas fami- in the business of stockpiling ed by an extraordinary major-

lion and in 2025 they will be lies, in all income brackets, by money it doesn’t need. ity of two-thirds to bring it up.

$459 million. By 2026, when about $250 million a year. Another issue that will Also, some legislators have

all of the provisions have tak- Even after reducing tax arise during the special ses- said they would try to bring up

en effect, the tax savings will revenue, Arkansas ended last sion is whether legislators will tax cuts that go beyond those

be an estimated $497.9 mil- fiscal year with a surplus of limit their action to items on proposed by the governor.

4A — WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 Local/Religion The Helena World

What is the Real Meaning of Christmas?

By Sandra Bagley easy on yourself, just Sandra Bagley the city of David a Sav- scary place, and most of Christmas tree. He puts
send money.” about?” ior, which is Christ the us find ourselves hold- a single red ornament
RELIGION COLUMNIST Lord. And this shall be ing on to the false secu- on the tree causing it
Charlie Brown is real- “Sure, Charlie Brown, a sign unto you; Ye shall rity of many things. to bend over. Believ-
“For behold, I bring ly disgusted when he I can tell you what find the babe wrapped We can let go of the ing he has failed again,
you good tidings of great sees his own beagle, Christmas is all about,” in swaddling clothes, things we have been Charlie Brown laments,
joy, which shall be to all Snoopy, decking the said Linus. Linus walks lying in a manger. And clinging to and looking “Everything I touch
people. For unto you is halls of his doghouse to center stage and suddenly there was for security in because gets ruined.”
born this day in the city for a Christmas light says, “Lights, please.” with the angel a mul- Jesus has come into the
of David a Savior, which contest that promises a titude of the heavenly world to be our Savior. Linus takes his secu-
is Christ the Lord.” cash prize.  After pay- “And there were host praising God, and rity blanket and lays
(Luke 2:10-11, KJV) ing a visit to Lucy to in the same country saying, Glory to God We need to simply it down for good at
discuss his holiday shepherds abiding in the highest, and on drop the false security the base of the tree,
A Charlie Brown depression, Charlie in the field, keeping earth peace, good will we have been grasp- saying “Maybe it just
Christmas has been Brown is roped into watch over their flock toward men!” (Luke ing so tightly and learn needs a little love.” At
a perpetual holiday directing a neighbor- by night. And, lo, the 2:8-14, KJV). to trust and cling to that moment, the tree
favorite since it first hood Christmas play. angel of the Lord came Him who is able to do “awakens,” stands tall
premiered on CBS upon them, and the “That’s what Christ- exceedingly, abundant- and firm. The others
on December 9, 1965. When the rehearsals glory of the Lord shone mas is all about, Char- ly more that we can ask remove ornaments
Written by Peanuts cre- do not seem to be work- round about them: and lie Brown.” Linus picks or think. from Snoopy’s now
ator Charles M. Schulz, ing, Charlie Brown they were sore afraid. up his blanket and award-winning decora-
this TV special has decides they need a And the angel said walks off stage. But wait! After this tions, and together they
remained a holiday sta- Christmas tree to pick unto them, ‘Fear not:” epic recitation of Scrip- transform that tree into
ple over fifty-five years things up. So, Charlie [Linus drops his securi- For me, the real pow- ture, Linus picked the something beautiful.
later. Brown and Linus head ty blanket on purpose]. er of “A Charlie Brown blanket back up and
to the Christmas tree Christmas” lies not left the stage with it. Let this message
The story unfolds lot, where among all “for, behold, I bring only with the scripture We are just like Linus. inspire us that no mat-
with Charlie Brown’s the big, bright, colorful, you good tidings of but also with the secu- For a moment, we ter who we are, how
dissatisfaction with the shiny, aluminum trees great joy, which shall be rity blanket. Charlie stand tall and faithfully many mistakes we
holiday. He tells Linus, they chose the little real to all people. For unto Brown is best known “in the power of His have made, a “little
“Christmas is coming, tree, with just a few you is born this day in for his uniquely striped might.” Then at some love” can make all the
but I’m not happy.” He branches. shirt. Linus is known point, out of habit, we difference.
repeatedly complains for his ever-present reach down and pick
about how the holiday When Charlie Brown security blanket, which back up the things that Like Linus, let us
has grown too com- brings the tree back he has repeatedly we cling to for security drop the blanket! Leave
mercial for his taste – to the auditorium, the refused to let go of until and the burdens that it forever behind us
such as Lucy complain- kids laugh and mock the moment he utters we choose to carry. at the foot of the tree
ing that all she ever him. Charlie Brown the words, “fear not.” on which Jesus dem-
gets at Christmas are declares, “Everything I Here Charles Schultz is The good news is that onstrated His love for
“stupid toys or clothes do turns into a disaster. reminding us that the is not where the sto- us. In doing so we can
or a bicycle,” when I guess I don’t really birth of Jesus Christ ry ends. After hearing “fear not” (Luke 2:10)
what she really wants know what Christmas separates us from our Linus’ “tidings of great and “love one anoth-
is “real estate.” His sis- is all about. Is there fears. joy,” Charlie Brown is er” (John 13:34), dur-
ter, Sally, writes to San- anyone who knows rejuvenated and tries ing Christmastime and
ta that if gifts are too what Christmas is all This world can be a to decorate his little throughout the year.”
much trouble, “make it

Why do older folks have balance issues? * Candles will
burn more evenly if
Dr. Keith Roach take it after supper in the you refrigerate them
evening. I get up at night for a few hours
SPONSORED FEATURE three or four times to uri- before lighting.
nate. Would it be better to
DEAR DR. ROACH: Apparently, it is common for older take the medication after * “My great-neph-
people to have balance issues. Do these balance problems lunch? I would be happy if ew and his family
usually stem more from muscular issues or inner ear issues? I could reduce the number came to visit, and
-- E.M. of times I get up to maybe his toddler son is
only once or twice. -- P.J.S. quite into opening
ANSWER: It is often a combination of issues that lead to doors. I had baby-proofed my home, but I did not
balance problems in older adults. Inner ear problems, where ANSWER: Tamsulosin is think about his being able to turn a doorknob. His
the organs of balance are located, are a major cause. However, in the class of alpha block- very smart mother pulled out a sock and slipped it
balance problems are exacerbated by muscle weakness, vision ers, and they relax smooth muscle, a special type of muscle over the doorknob, then secured it with a wide rub-
problems, arthritis and medications, to name a few common found in the prostate and in blood vessels (among other ber band. Even I was unable to get a good grip on the
ones. places). Relaxing the smooth muscle in the prostate makes the doorknob after that!” -- V.R. in North Carolina
urethra, the tube that carries the urine from the bladder and
The body has many safeguards to keep us from falling. If through the prostate, larger. As a result, men can empty their * Surprise guests? Here’s how to quickly clean your
the balance system can’t tell us our exact position in space, bladders more easily. living areas: First, clean the toilet, mirror and vanity
our eyes can, and the neurological system uses fine muscle However, even though tamsulosin is better at relaxing in the guest bathroom and leave a fresh towel; grab a
control to keep us upright and safe. We can often do well smooth muscle in the prostate than in blood vessels, some laundry basket and remove any clutter from the liv-
even with one system not working properly. When multiple men will get lightheaded upon standing when using it. This ing room and kitchen; put away or clean dirty dishes
systems are affected, falls are more common. occurs especially on the first dose, and over time most men and wipe down counters in the kitchen; finally, give
no longer have trouble. It is usually dosed at nighttime so carpets a quick vacuum. Then maybe light a great-
Improving balance and reducing fall risk often involves that the lightheadedness on standing is minimized. You can smelling candle and greet your guests!
multiple interventions. One is working on balance directly. take it at any time of the day (a half-hour after eating is rec-
This can be achieved with home exercises; group exercises, ommended, at the same meal of the day), but I doubt it will * “Fireplaces are wonderful for heat and ambience,
like tai chi and yoga, which have the added advantage of work much better. but the ashes! When cleaning up, I spritz the ashes
increasing muscle control; or with a skilled therapist such Many experts will use 0.8 mg in men who haven’t had an with a rosemary water solution. This keeps them
as physical or occupational therapy. Making sure vision is ideal response and who do not have lightheadedness. I’d ask from dusting up and flying all over, and it smells
as good as possible and staying on top of joint, muscle and your doctor whether an increased dose might be better. Before great. My neighbor puts her damp loose-leaf tea in
neurological conditions will help reduce fall risk. considering another drug, be sure you avoid too many liquids the fireplace for scent.” -- C.W. in Iowa
at night, especially alcohol, and try voiding your bladder
Medications are so often the source of balance and fall prob- twice before bed to make sure it is as empty as possible. * “In cold winter months, keep your robe (and slip-
lems that many medical practices (including mine) review *** pers or whatever else) under the covers with you
medications at every visit to look for errors, medicines that when you sleep. Pull it next to or over you a few min-
have combined toxicities, medicines that are less safe in older Sponsored by John Charles Edwards, Economic Developer utes before you get up. It’ll be toasty and will help
adults and any medicines that might safely be discontinued. make the transition into the cold a little less harsh.”
-- Giselle in New York
DEAR DR. ROACH: I am an 89-year-old man who has * Empty spice containers can be used to hold differ-
been taking tamsulosin (Flomax), 0.4 mg, for many years. I ent hardware in the shop or in your toolbox.

This Sponsorship is available now. To see your name or

business here, call Andrew Bagley at the Helena World.

The Helena World Church WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 — 5A

Calvary (Barton) MB Church Barton Baptist Church

ASSEMBLY OF GOD St. John M.B. Church Greater Powerhouse/Adams Temple
FIRST Assembly of God Perry Ext., Helena, AR Rev. Walter Debro Jr., Pastor Sun- 519 Plaza Street - Alex J. Smith, Min. First Lady-Clinton
1807 Stringtown Rd. Smith S.S. 9:30 am.; W.S. 12 Noon, Tlies. Thurs, Fit, Nightly
day School 9:30 A.M.
Pastor Dwight Miner 338-3882 Sunday Worship 11:00 A.M. 7:30 pm
S.S. 9:45 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m.. & 5 p.m. Wed. 5 p.m.
Each Sunday St. Luke COGIC
Hope Church Elaine, Robert Tackett, Min. -
417 E. Baldwin St. Joseph Missionary Baptist -
Pastor Qway Duvall 501-655-0359 Postelle S.S. 9:30 a.m.
Worship Service Sundays 10:45 W.S. 11 a.m. 2nd & 4th Sun
S.S. 10 am.: W.S. 11:30 am. Wed. 6 p.m.
BAPTIST Upper Room Pentecostal COGIC
Asbury M.B. Church Spring Lake Missionary Baptist Jalen Phillips, Pastor. Sunday Worship 10 am. Wednesday
Wallace St. Marvell Rev. Leroy Williams Min., S.S.9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m.
Prayer Service 7:00 pm. 870-995-5128
Rev. Gray Asst. Rev. Garland Lee
S.S 9:30, M.W. 11:00 a.m. Power House COGIC - 2nd St
2nd & 4th Sundays Bible Study Wed. 6:00 Greater St. Mary’s Restoration Outreach Kim Smith, Min., 572-9901
S.S. 9:30 a.m., W.S. 11:00 a.m. Bible Study - Wed. 7:00 S.S. 10 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m.
Harmony M.B. Church & 5 p.m. Tues. 7:30 p.m.
801 Airport Road p.m. Pastor Matthew McKing

Fred Garrison, Min. 572-9342 St. Paul Missionary Baptist Watson Temple Church of God Kyeisha Ward-Jordan
S.S. 10 A.M. W.S. 11am & 5pm Wed 7pm Old Little Rock Phillips County Road 300 Billy Ward, Minister Hwy 49, Lexa

Barton Baptist 572-2870 S.S. 10100 am; Tues. Bible Study
9718 Hwy 85 W.S. 11:30 every Sunday Bible Class 7:00 pm - Wednesday 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Fri. Regular
Pastor: TBA Services 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
S.S. 9:45 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wed. 7 p.m. St. Paul Missionary Baptist Sim. S.S. 9:30 to 10:30 Regular Services 10:30 to 1:30 p.m.
Corner of Walnut & Adam St. -Amos Newell, Min.,
Beautiful Zion Miss. Baptist Evening Services:
218 Ponotoc 338-3977 Danny Robinson, Min., S.S. 9 a.m.; S.S. 9:45 am.: W.S. 11 p.m. 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Bible Study 6:30 p.m.-Tuesday
W.S. 10 a.m. EPISCOPAL
St. Peter Missionary Baptist St. John Episcopal
Beulah Missionary Baptist Old LR Road - Devin Brown, Perry & Pecan St.
Onieda - Robert L. Goldsberry, Min S.S. 10 a.m.; W.S. Rev. Ray Brown, 338-8115 W.S. 10:30 a.m„ S.S. 9:00 a.m.
Min., 338-7164
11 a.m. S.S. 9:30 am.: W.S. 11:30 a.m. Bible Study: 6:00pm Allen Temple A.M.E. -
120 S. Ashlar SS 9:30 am -10:45 am Worship: 11:00 am
County Line Baptist Wednesday followed with every choir rehearsal
P.O. Box 273, Marvell, AR 72366 Nate Lawerence, Min., Each Sunday Pastor T.B. Lamb
Second Baptist SBC
829-3260 3rd & Baldwin St. METHODIST
S.S. 10 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m. & 5:30 p.m. Wed. 7 p.m. Carter Chapel AME
Mike Collins, 419 Columbia Deborah Senter, Pastor S.S. 9:30 a.m.;
Elaine Baptist Church Senior Pastor., 572-3264
200 Main St. Elaine Luke Watson/Pastor., 870-827-3469 S.S. 9:00 a.m.: W.S. 10:00 a.m. & 7 p.m. Wed. 6:30 p.m. W.S. 11 a.m.
S.S. 9:45 a.m.; W.S. 11:00 a.m. & 6p.m. Wed. 7:00 p.m.
Second Baptist - Elaine United Methodist
First Baptist M.B. Church Park & Hernando St. Pastor William Joe Head W.S. 9:00 am.
Comer of Miller & Walnut St., Helena, 338-8652, Jarvis Smith, Min., 572-9647
S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11:00 a.m. NS. Sun., 6:30 p.m., First United Methodist in Helena
Derrick L. Hughes, Pastor BC., Tues. 5:00 p.m., Every 1st. Sat., Mo. Mus. 7:30 p.m. 502 Porter 338-7418 Rev. Buddy Hamner
S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11:30 a.m.
Second Baptist Church S.S.9:30 a.m.; W.S. 10:30 a.m.
Helena First Baptist Church Lexa - 113 Mapl & Maine St 572-1525 S.S. 10:00 a.m.;
600 Franklin, Helena Lexa United Methodist
M.W. 11:30 a.m.; Pastor: Kenneth Lee - Cedar - S.S. 9:55 a.m.; W.S. 9 a.m.
Cliff Bernard/Pastor., 338-6764 Bible Study (First & Third Wednesdays) at 6 p.m.
S.S. 9:15 a.m.; W.S. 10:30 a.m.
Silver Cloud Marvell United Methodist
& 6 p.m. Wed. 6:45 p.m. 206 Riverview James L. Williams, Pastor 338-6822 Sunday Pastor: Kenneth Lee - Hwy. 49 S.S. 9:55 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m.
School 9:30 , Morning worship 11:00 am, Wednesday night
First Baptist Pettis Memorial CMJZ.
Ward St., Marvell S.S. 10:00 a.m.; Randy Williams, Pastor Bible Study 7:00 p.m. 121 Coranza 572-5046 Pastor William C. Gant

W.S. 11:30 a.m. Wed. 7 p.m. Every Sundays Trenton Baptist S.S.9:30 a.m.; W.S. 5 p.m.
Pastor: Brother Mike Shelley Sun. CYF: 5 p.m.
First Missionary Baptist Church S.S. 10 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m. & 6:30 p.m. Wed. 7 p.m.
125 N. Coanza Wesley Chapel A.M.E.
Truevine Missionary Baptist Center & Wallace St., Marvell W. Simmons, Min., 338-8651
Von Daniels, Min., 870-228-5007 415 W. Garland Dr. Pastor: TBA
S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m. S.S. 9:30 a.m.; Sunday Worship 11 a.m. Wed. Bible Class S.S. 9:45 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m. & 6 p.m.

Fourth Street Baptist B.MA 6 p.m. West Helena United Methodist -
Pastor: Lance Madden SS, 10am; WS, 11am &6pm Wed.- 109 N. 6th St. 572-2559
Tucker Grove MB Pastor William Joe Head
Adult Bible Study/ Children/Youth Classes 6pm PC Road 115 Marvell, AR
S.S. 9:30 am W.S. 11:00 am Rev. Earnest Womack Jr.- S.S. 9:30 am.; W.S. 11 a.m.
Fountain Head M.B. Baptist
Willis DR Marvell Pastor PENTECOSTAL
Dr. James L. Allen, Min. West Acre Baptist Church
870-829-2558 S.S. 9:45 a.m. W.S. 11:00 a.m. Pray meeting Wed. 7:00 Porter Kenneth D. Harman, Pastor
S.S. 10 am.; W.S. 11 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wed. 7 p.m.
S.S. 9:30 a.m.; M.W. 11:00 a.m. Evening Service 1st & 3rd p.m.
Sundays 6:00 p.m. Apostolic Life Center Church
West Helena Baptist 1335 Hwy 49, Marvell, AR Pastor Leroy Jackson Jr.
Galilee Missionary Baptist- 702 Plaza St.
206 Adams S.S. 10 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m.
S.S. 9:30 a.m.: W.S. 10:45 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wed. 6:30 p.m. Tues & Thurs 7 p.m.
338-3024 S.S. 9:30 a.m.
Pastor Jessie King Zion Hill Baptist - Bible Study Thurs 7:30 p.m.
1108 Pecan St. 338-3712 Leroy Harper Sr., Min.,
Greater First Miss. Baptist S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m., 1st & 3rd Sunday Pentecostal Church of Holiness
Comer of Sam and Bonanza St. Arthur Hughes, Min. 52 ST. Francis Glenn Jackson, Min., 388-8974 S.S. 10 am.;
Zion Travelers Mis. Baptist
S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m., 1st & 3rd Sunday Rev. Austin D. Hill SR Pastor 32610 HWY 44 Mellwood, W.S. 11 a.m. Wed. 7 p.m. United

Lambrook Baptist AR 72367 PRESBYTERIAN
827-3918 S.S. 10 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m. S.S. 10:30am W.S. 11:30am First Presbyterian Church
629 Porter St - Helena 338-3021 - W.S. 10:30 a.m.

213 Cedar St. St. Mary’s Catholic Seventh Day Adventist Church
Pastor: TBA 572-6533 Hwy. 49, Bill Neptune, Min. -W.S. Sat 9:30 a.m. & 11 a.m.
S.S. 9:45 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m. 123 Columbia Pastor Jeny Kenyon, 572-9141
& 6 p.m. Wed. 7 p.m. 338-6990 - Sun. Mass: 10 a.m.

Morning Grove Missi. Baptist CHRISTIAN Faith Lutheran Church For more information on a sponsorship of
Hwy 44 - Elder Robert Davi, Pastor, 572-0667 S.S. 10:00 First Christian 4525 North Washington Forrest City, AR 72335 Earl D. this church directory
a.m.; W.S. 12:00 noon every Sun. Bible Class every Tues.
Carruth St. - Marvell Alton Merchant, Min. Burhhart, Deacon Please contact Wally Burchett at: [email protected]
Morning Star Baptist S.S. 10 a.m.: W.S. 11 a.m.; E.S. 5 p.m.
885 S. Biscoe 338-6727 OTHER or call 910-528-0244
S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11:00 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wed. 6 p.m. 1st & Bible Study: Wed. 6:30 p.m Greater Miracle Temple -
3rd Sun Rev. Larry Edwards, Pastor 228 No. 2nd St Bro. Willie Manuel, Min. This local church directory is made
CHURCH OF CHRIST S.S. 9:30; W.S. 11:00 Tuesday Bible Study 7:30-9:00 p.m. possible by these supporting busi-
Mount Oliver Miss. Baptist Hicks United Church of Christ nesses that are positioned around
Onieda - Moses Tillman Sr., Min. Marvell Alton Merchant, Min. Gods House “A Safe Place to Come To” Outreach Ministries, these page. The basic church listings
S.S. 10:30 a.m.; W.S. 12 Noon every 2nd Sun. S.S. 10:00 a.m.; W.S. 9:00 a.m. Inc. - are provided at no charge to all our
area churches. If your church is not
Mount Tabor Miss. Baptist Twin City Church of Christ Pastor: Elder Robert Davis 9th Street & Plaza 815 Plaza listed or an information change is
1160 Holly & Adams Streets Bobby Baker, Min. 572-1215 Street West Helena AR 72390 870-753-4050 870-995-3533 needed, please contact Andrew Bagley
S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11:00 a.m. 2nd & 4th Sun. S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 10:30 a.m. & 5 p.m. Wed. 7 p.m.
Tues. 7:30 p.m. 2nd & 4th Tues. mobile Church Services Every Sunday: at [email protected]
Southland Church of Christ S.S. 9:30 am
New Haven Missionary Baptist Bro. Derek Wilson, Minister 5625 Hwy 242 West I Lexa, AR
Rev. Rodney D. Corbin, Pastor 404 W Street West Helena, Morning Worship: 11:00 am Every Tuesday even. Bible
AR 72390 S.S. 9:30 a.m.- W.S. 11:00 a.m. - Prayer, Mon. 6 72355 S.S. 10am - W.S. 1 lam 572-2240 Teachings 6:00 pm Every 2nd & 4th Sunday after service
Lords Supper Free Food Pantry schedule: 1st Tuesday &
p.m., B.S., Wed. 7 p.m. Ph. 870.572.6314 CHURCH OF GOD
Church of God - 1736 Hwy 49 Gene Rutledge, Min., 3rd Tuesday Call Pastor 870-572-0667

572-2099 House of the Lord Church -
S.S. 10:00 a.m.; W.S. 11:00 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wed. 7 p.m. 8365 Phillips 300.

J.L. Sanders 572-2469 or Bill Home 572-5679

New Hope Missionary Baptist Church of God of Prophecy Delta Fellowship -
Jackson & Holly • Billy G. Williams, Min., 338-9095 S.S. 210N.9TH 276 Richmond Hill Dr, W.Helena
Sunday 10:30 am 870-572-1120
9:45 a.m.; Pastor: Doris Smith, 572-7587
W.S. 11 a.m. Wed. 6 p.m. S.S. 10 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m. & 5 p.m. Wed. 5 p.m. True Gospel Church -
542 Cooper St., West Helena Tony Dyce, Pastor.,
New Light Baptist Elaine Church of God
522 Arkansas Dan Wessell, Pastor 870-572-9651
S.S. 10:00 a.m. W.S. 11:00 a.m. Sunday 10:00 am-12 noon.
Andre K. Valley, Min., 338-8677
S.S. 9:15 a.m.; W.S. 10:45 a.m. Living Water Ministry Sun, Evening 6pm-till,
Bible Study 6:30 pm Wednesday 227 N. 8th St. West Helena Judy Carter, Pastor 572-5327 Wed. 7pm-till.

New Zion Missionary Baptist - S.S. 10:00 a.m.; Church of the Living God
225 Plaza W.S. 11 am & 6 pm. 700 Park Ave West Helena, AR 72390 (870) 572-7188
Wed. Bible Study: 7 p.m. Pastor Jenkins P.S. 7-7:30 Wednesday B.S. 7:30-8:30
L.A. Gamble, Min., 572-2159
S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11:30 a.m. 2nd & 3rd Sun. B.S. 2nd New Beginning Church Wednesday
South Seven S.S. 11am - 1pm Every 2nd Tuesday
Audie Richardson Sr., - Pastor Food Pantry Giveaway
Pleasant Grove Miss. Baptist
S.S. 9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11:00 a.m. 1st & 3rd Sun. Christ Temple-
Faith Outreach Church -
Salem M.B.Church - Franklin & Jefferson, Helena Supt. Alex J. Smith, Pastor; 1430 Springdale Rd.
Hwy. 44 So. S.S. 10:00 a.m. Min. Abram Johnson,
W.S. 11:00 am. 1st & 3rd Sunday Paster Randy Williams, Pulpit Chairman; Jim D. Harrison,Pastor -572- LORD W.S. 10 a.m.
Mid-Week Service (Wed.) 7 p.m.
Sr. SS 9:00 am, MS 10:30 am, YPWW 5:00 pm.
Evening Service 6:00 pm, Wednesday Prayer &
St.John Missionary Baptist-
Perry ext., Helena S.S.9:30 a.m.; W.S. 11 a.m. Bible Band 7:00 pm,
Holy Communion-Third Sundays
Rev. Walter Debro Jr- Pastor

6A — WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 Local The Helena World

Recipe of the Week: ITALIAN Around Town

Cindy Davis 2 10 oz..ramekins, or coat with cooking



Ingredients Divide marinara sauce evenly between
the ramekins. T
1 cup marinara sauce, divided
4 large eggs Top the eggs with milk,,gruyere,and
1/4 cup milk parmesan. Season wit salt and pepper.
1/4 cup gruyere cheese, grated

2 tsp. freshly grated parmesan Place into oven and bake until egg
Kosher salt and freshly ground black white are cooked through, about 10
pepper, to taste
1/4 cup basil leaves, chiffonade

Directions Serve immediately, garnished with

Preheat oven to 425. Lightly grease Basil leaves if desired.

BON APPETIT La CHOF Megan Guynes (R), former PCCUA cosmetology graduate, was a guest in the
cosmetology department at Phillips College where she demonstrated per-
forming a balayage with low lights color hair treatment for Cheryl Scarbrough
and other students. Marla Riddell photo


Arkansas Humanities Council funds Elaine symposium

Staff Reports Elaine Mas- vs. Dempsey in the Post dent of the the national impact of the
sacre to share George Floyd Era.” Elaine Legacy historic decision that was
HELENA WORLD insights of the Center, and the result of 12 men from
importance of Dr. Paul Ortiz, University a descendant Elaine, with support from
The Arkansas Humanities the Elaine 12’s of Florida history professor, of the Elaine their families and friends,
Council recently awarded a victory. Print director of the Samuel Proc- Massacre of winning a decision at the
$13,200 grant to the Elaine and media tor Oral History Program 1919; will level of the U.S. Supreme
Legacy Center to plan and pieces will and author of the African serve as plan- Court, to guarantee that all
implement commemo- be produced American and LatinX His- ning coordi- states and individuals must
ration of the Elaine 12’s from the sym- Griffen tory of the United States, Ortiz nator for the follow the United States Bill
Supreme Court victory in is the humanities scholar of Rights. Attorney James
the case known as “Moore posium to advising the planning and event. Three Weldon Johnson, author of
vs. Dempsey.” The victory prepare for the 100th anni- implementation of the sym- area schools will be award- what is now known as the
is foundational to all civil versary event on February posium. ed transportation money African American National
rights legislation. 17-18, 2023, at the Elaine for students to attend in- Anthem and then president
Legacy Center. Dr. Nan Woodruff, Penn person. of the national NAACP, pro-
The event will be held on The Rev. Judge Wendell State University profes- The symposium will vided them with insight,
Friday, February 18, 2022, Griffen, who keynoted the sor emeritus and author of be a hybrid format of both support, and guidance.
the 99th anniversary of Oli- opening of the Elaine Leg- American Congo, will also a virtual zoom platform
ver Wendell Holmes’ read- acy Center on February 19, bring her wisdom to the and an in-person gather- “We appreciate the
ing of the US Supreme Court 2017, will be returning to symposium. ing at the Elaine Legacy support of the Arkansas
decision. The symposium keynote this symposium. Center, 313 College Ave., Humanities Council. Their
brings together academic He will address “Moore Lenora Marshall, Elaine Elaine AR. It will highlight
experts, civil rights lead- area representative on the Please see ELAINE on 2B
ers, and descendants of the quorum court; vice presi-

Marvell City Council reports city running smoothly

Terri Ann Hall tear down the condemned
house on Carruth St. and
CONTRIBUTING WRITER there are still a couple more
condemned houses to tear
The Marvell City Council down.
met on November 16, 2021, at
Marvell City Hall. The meet- During the Court Report, it
ing was called to order by was noted that there would
Mayor Lee Guest. Present at be no bench court during
the meeting were Mayor Lee November and December
Guest, Recorder/Treasurer due to the holidays.
Christy Davidson, Council
members Curtis Pettie, Leroy During the City Report, it
Powell, Pace Hindsley, Rich- was conveyed that the census
ard Wooten, and Verlene numbers for Marvell are 855.
McCall, absent Larry Denson. This decline will probably
affect the City’s turn back
On the Fire Report, Chief money.
Bert Davidson stated three
firemen had been replaced Under New Business, Res-
with Arnell Craig, Matthew olution #199 was passed.
Catlett, and CJ Inebnit. This is a resolution for Per-
formance Incentive for city
On the Street Report, Mayor employees. There was a
Guest reported that the new motion by Hindsley, second
stop signs had been installed by Powell to adopt this reso-
on South Midway and Col- lution, all, Ayes for a unani-
lege. The concrete jobs on mous pass. In other new
Main St. and Roosevelt St. business, the Marvell Christ-
are complete, as well as some mas Parade will be December
potholes in town. The rented 12, at 2:30.
track hoe has been used to

Around Town New Arrival

Noralynn is the first child of proud and excited parents, Josh and Bethany

Proffit of Brinkley, Arkansas, in the Rich Community. Josh and Bethany are

both pharmacists at Hickory Hill Pharmacy in Helena, and they are the own-

ers of Biscuit Blues Nutrition in Helena. Noralynn was born on November 29

at St. Bernard’s Medical Center in Jonesboro, Arkansas, at 12:49 p.m. time,

Audrey Kemmer, a 5th grade student at Marvell Academy, competed this week weighing 8 pounds, 7 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. Noralynn is the
in Drew, Mississippi in the MAIS District Spelling Bee. Audrey had played first granddaughter of Bobby and Linda Boyle of Helena, Arkansas, and Mark and
in the local Spelling Bee for her grade. She played second at the District Bee Mari Proffit of Piedmont, Missouri. She is the great granddaughter of Robert
and will advance to the MAIS State Spelling Bee in January 2022 in Jackson, “Beb” Boyle of Brinkley, Arkansas; Dennis and Judy Proffit of Garrison, North
Dakota; and Jadeen Robinson and Jim Rowling of Butte, Montana.
MS. Audrey is the daughter of James and Amy Kemmer of Marvell.

2B — WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 Local The Helena World


Claudine Bragdon

Claudine Bragdon, member of West Hele- S h e E.W. Miller. Park in West Helena. Howard Taylor and Lay-

age 77, of West Hel- na Baptist Church. She was pre- A funeral service for Brother Bob Ross will mon Pierce.

ena, Arkansas passed loved going on walks, c e d e d Claudine Bragdon will officiate. Services will be direct-

away Tuesday, Novem- sewing, and her cats in death be held at 2:00 p.m., Pallbearers are Jason ed by Roller-Citizens

ber 16, 2021 at her and kittens. by her Saturday, November Webster, George Web- Funeral Home, West

home. Mrs. Bragdon Mrs. Bragdon leaves p a r e n t s 20, 2021 at West Hele- ster, Rickey Tinsley, Helena, (870) 572-2571.

was born November 19, to cherish her memo- and her na Baptist Church. Visi- Rusty Porter, Ed Pat Relatives and friends

1943 in Helena to the ry, her husband of 34 g r a n d - tation will be held one Wright and Josh Proffitt. may sign the online

late Claude and Max- years, Joe Bragdon; parents, hour prior to the service Honorary pallbearers guestbook at www.rol-

ine Crittenden. She nieces, nephews and Mr. and Bragdon at the church. Burial will are Bob Ross, Steve

was a housewife and a other family and friends. M r s . be at Sunset Memorial Toney, Eddie Schieffler, westhelena.

C. Gerald Goldsmith

C. Gerald (Gerry) Gold- father sudden death at Street, Real Estate, and ship at the Palm Beach Colin and his husband ish Life, P.O. Box 16528,

smith passed away Sat- age 36, Gerry and his Banking. Country Club and was Patrick, and 7 grandchil- Jackson, MS 39236 and/

urday, November 27th in older brother George He was Chairman of instrumental in making dren: Jack, Max, Eve- or Temple Beth El Cem-

West Palm Beach, Flori- Jr. were raised in the Palm Beach Bank and course improvements lyn, Lily, Gillian, Jenna, etery Fund c/o Billings

da at the age of 93. household of his aunt Trust and served on the over the years. He was a and Chess. Bookkeeping 302 Cher-

Gerry was a son of Retta Goldsmith Solo- board of Cypress Trust. member of Palm Beach Rabbi Debra Kas- ry St, #404 Helena, AR

the South. Shortly after mon and her husband He was active in the Country Club, Deep- soff will preside over a 72342.

the Civil War, Gerry’s Lafe Solomon in Helena, Palm Beach community dale Golf Club, Cen- graveside service for Graveside service will

grandparents settled in Arkansas. serving on the Police tury Country Club, and the family on December be handled by Roller-

Trenton, Arkansas in the Gerry left the South to Retirement Board, Town Trump International Golf 7 at Beth El Cemetery Citizens Funeral Home

northern reaches of Phil- attend The Culver Mili- Council, and several Club. in Helena where Gerry of West Helena, (870)

lips County. tary Academy and later Review Boards. In his His previous three mar- will be interred amidst 572-2571.

Gerry was born on graduated from the Uni- 80s Gerry ran for Mayor riages ended in divorce. three generations of his Relatives and friends

August 2, 1928, the sec- versity of Michigan and of Palm Beach and lost He is survived by his 4 ancestors. may sign the online

ond son of Sadie and the Harvard Business by one vote! children, Andrew, Alice Donations in his name guestbook at www.rol-

George Seeman Gold- School. His business An avid golfer, Gerry and her husband David, may be made to: Insti-

smith, Sr. After Gerry’s career spanned Wall won the Club Champion- John and his wife Alicia, tute of Southern Jew- westhelena.

Willis donates $50,000 Endowment to Shorter College

Staff Reports Studies Student who received the gift on 30 years in government on.” which graduates can
maintains a 2.5 GPA, behalf of Shorter Col- focusing on redevelop- Shorter College’s receive their Associates
HELENA WORLD with priority of selec- lege. ment of the economy of Entrepreneurial Stud- of Arts in Entrepreneur-
tion given to Central low-income communi- ies Program focuses on ial Studies, Computer
Former Helena-West High School of Helena- Arnell Willis, Sr. ties. business law, finance Science, Early Childhood
Helena Mayor, Arnell West Helena. accepted the position of Willis “want[s] to help and building better busi- Education, Church Min-
Willis, Sr. has established Special Advisor to the others reach their full ness practices amongst istry and Leadership,
and endowed scholar- Mr. Willis, accompa- President for Economic potential. I hope that its students. Criminal Justice, and
ship of $50,000 for the nied by his family, Betty Development and Pro- students will know the Shorter College was General Studies. Shorter
Entrepreneurial Studies Willis (wife), Popi Willis gram Compliance. Since story of why I have established in 1886 by College has transferred
Program at Shorter Col- (daughter), Jessica Lynn he has been here at established these schol- the African Method- hundreds of students to
lege December 3, 2021. Richardson (daughter), Shorter College, he has arships and pay it for- ist Episcopal Church in many of Arkansas’ Four-
Arnell Willis, Jr. (son), found that the Shorter ward too,” said Willis. North Little Rock, AR. Year Institutions with a
The funds will be held will present the Endow- College Second Chance “I had extraordinary Shorter College has 6 large percentage qualify-
by the Arkansas Com- ment daughter at the Pell Program has been examples in my life who Degree Programs in ing for scholarships.
munity Foundation Shorter College campus an insurmountable ben- taught me such valuable
and disbursed annu- on December 3, 2021 in efit to the Community it lessons, from my moth-
ally to Shorter College. the F. C. James Audito- serves. er and aunt to Dr. Haz-
This scholarship will go rium. zard. I hope that these
towards assisting with Willis has owned sev- lessons can be passed
the account balance of Shorter College Presi- eral successful business-
any Entrepreneurial dent O. Jerome Green es and has spent over


support enables us to provide of the Elaine Legacy who will released before the decision
information and knowledge of open the symposium on Febru- was made but it took until 1925
the success of the Elaine 12 ary 18, explained. “The men, for the final six to be released.”
so we will be prepared for an with death row sentences, did For more information, contact
even larger 100th anniversa- not fight with guns but with The Elaine Legacy Center at
ry commemoration in 2023,” the democratic processes of the [email protected]
William Quiney III, president U.S. court system. Six were or 501-400-0046.

The Helena World Legals/Classifieds WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 — 3B

Local Legals

PUBLIC NOTICE Persons with disabilities who require alter- provider. + Design, Inc., Mike Repsch, 111 E. Cha- excess of $50,000.00. Bidders are advised ment is also made to all general contrac-
Mid-Delta Community Services, Inc. will native means of communication for pro- pel Hill St. Suite 100, Durham, NC 27701 that Buy America provisions will apply to tors that in the event they subcontract por-
distribute USDA Commodities as following: gram information (e.g. Braille, _______ (860)819-6034. this contract. tions of their work, consideration is given to
Location: Mid-Delta Community Center large print, audiotape, American Sign Lan- The Davis-Bacon Wage Rates and other the identified groups.
1125 Springdale guage, etc.), should contact the Agency NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Federal Regulations shall apply to this Pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. § 22-9-203, The State reserves the right to reject any or
Helena , Arkansas 72342 (State or local) where they Sealed bids will be received until 2:00PM, project. A bid security in the amount of 5% the State encourages all small, minority, all bids and to waive any formalities.
Date: December 17, 2021 applied for benefits. Individuals who are January 5, 2022 in the Conference Room, shall accompany each bid, if the bid is in and women business enterprises to submit
Time: 10:00am until 3:00pm deaf, hard of hearing or have speech dis- Division of Building Authority, Construction bids for capital improvements. Encourage-
Eligible households may pick up Commodi- abilities may contact USDA through the Section, 501 Woodlane, Suite 101N, Little
ties at the Community Center by providing Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339. Rock, Arkansas for the following:
a form of personal Additionally, program information may be Construction of Delta Heritage Trail Phase
identification. made available VII – Elaine to Mellwood for the Arkansas
When picking up Commodities for someone in languages other than English, Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism
other than yourself, a limit of 2 households To file a program complaint of discrimina- PR #9002109
may be picked up by any one person afier tion, complete the USDA Program Discrimi- BID DOCUMENTS: The official version
providing a copy of proof of identification nation Complaint Form, of the complete set of the Contract docu-
and a letter of approval from the additional (AD-3027) found online at: http://www.ascr. ments should be examined and are ob-
households in which Commodities are be- filing custhtml, and tainable from Southern Reprographics,
ing picked up. at any USDA office, or write a letter ad- 901 West 7th Street, Little Rock, Arkansas
Mid-Delta Community Services. Inc. is a dressed to USDA and provide in the letter 72201 (501)372-4011. Bidders must de-
USDA distribution site all of the information requested in the form. posit a check in the amount of $265.00 per
In accordance with Federal civil rights law To request a copy of the complaint form, set, payable to Alta Planning + Design, Inc.
and US. Department of Agriculture (USDA) call (866) 632—9992. Submit your com- Deposits will be refunded to all prime bid-
civil rights regulations pleted form or letter to USDA by: ders who return bidding documents in good
and policies, the USDA, its Agencies, offic- 1. By mail: US. Department of Agriculture condition within 10 days after the opening
es, and employees, and institutions partici- Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil of bids. A bidder receiving a contract award
pating in or administering USDA programs Rights may retain the bidding documents and the
are prohibited from discriminating based on 1400 Independence Avenue, SW Bidder’s deposit will be refunded. Prime
race, color, national origin, sex, disability, Washington, DC. 20250-410 bidders requiring additional sets and Sub-
age, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil 2. Fax: (202) 690-7442; or bidders may purchase bidding documents
rights activity in any program or activity 3. Email: [email protected] through Southern Reprographics.
conducted or funded by USDA. 4.This institution is an equal opportunity DESIGN PROFESSIONAL: Alta Planning

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Helena World Today
Call Nicole Lappin at
501-500-0520 ext. 1

Local Classifieds

Childcare / Daycare Almost new heat pump. Call Chuck available for rent at 417 York Street.

$120.00 -- Five Days per week Davis, 501 412 7885 to arrange for $25 per day paid in advance. To

URGENTLY NEEDED a showing. schedule in advance, contact Nicole

This is a live-out position work,for _________ at 501-500-0520 ext 1.

five days of the week. $120.00 Commercial Space for Rent ______

weekly Childcare, If interested you 405 Cherry Street. Approximately

can reach Karon at [email protected] 1600 square feet of street level com- Room Available for Small Group mercial space in downtown historic Meetings! Need a place to hold a
________ district. Has multiple potential uses. meeting for 8-15 people. Confer-
If interested, contact Chuck Davis at ence Room Available for Rent. Wifi
Commercial Space for Rent 501-412-7885 to arrange for a show-
and Limited Technology for Pre-
403 Cherry Street. Approximately ing.
sentations Included. $150 includes
1600 square feet of prime real estate _______
three hours. $25 for each subse-
in downtown historic district. Could

be used as professional office, re- HOT DESKS AVAILABLE! If you quent hour. Call 501-500-0520 ext 1

tail, or possibly a restaurant. Water need wifi and a desk space to work and speak with Nicole to reserve the

and trash provided. Wifi available. on a short term basis, hot desks are room for your meeting today.

4B— WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 Local The Helena World

MA welcomes Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop

Terri Ann Hall able to visit The Workforce Work- in 2016, Arkansas has been leading operator; tool and die maker; com-
shop. This was an opportunity to the nation in supporting skilled trade puter programmer; computer-aided
CONTRIBUTING WRITER reach students who will one day and professions allowing us to bet- design and computer-aided manu-
make up part of the skilled work- ter compete in the global market- facturing (CAD/CAM) drafter; heat-
The Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Work- force. The mobile unit, also known as place,” said the Arkansas Governor ing, ventilation, air conditioning and
shop visited Marvell Academy. The the Workforce Workshop, provided Asa Hutchinson and continued, “I refrigeration (HVACR) tech; plumb-
all-day event took place on campus real-life hands-on experience with encourage everyone to be a part of the er; electrician and carpenter.
from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. The Arkan- skilled professions. The students Be Pro Be Proud movement. It shows
sas State Chamber and its public could experience what the jobs are that we are serious about educat- High Schools play a crucial role
and private partners launched Be really like. ing parents and young people about in connecting students to education
Pro Be Proud in 2016 to address an these career paths that are essential to and industry, and Be Pro Be Proud is
expanding skills gap in professional “The customized interactive trailer our state’s economic growth.” excited to partner in this movement.
trades across the state. Arkansas’s was very exciting to students and it Be Pro Be Proud believes that working
future will depend on changing the also provided them with information The twelve in-demand profes- to replenish the declining workforce
perception of these career options and skills challenges,” stated Martin sions that continue to be represented in manufacturing, utility, transporta-
and efforts highlighting the many Rawls, a teacher and coach at Marvell include truck driver; diesel tech; loco- tion, and construction industries will
opportunities available within these Academy. motive engineer; welder; machinist; enhance the economic prosperity and
sectors. computer numerical control (CNC) opportunity in Arkansas. 
“Since launching Be Pro Be Proud
Students in 8th-12th grades were

Elaine Country Christmas Parade

There was no school
band performing this year,
but the LIT Foundation
brought all the needed
entertainment during the
Elaine Country Christmas
parade, held Saturday eve-
ning. The annual Christ-
mas Festival brought a
large turnout and a festive
atmosphere to south Phil-
lips County. Photo Credit:
Candace Williams


Marvell Academy falls to North Delta 48-39 in hoops

Terri Ann Hall Green Waves began to
pull ahead and keep the
The Marvell Academy lead.
Eagles held with the At the beginning of
North Delta Raiders but the fourth quarter, the
lost 48-39 at home. Eagles trailed by 14
Both teams were score- points. The Eagles man-
less for the first two aged to come back and
minutes of the game. get the score within
The Green Waves scored six points but lost by 9
2 points and a minute points.
later, Senior Reese Tra- The leading scorer for
vis had a 3-point shot the game was Samuel
fall, giving the Eagles Hall with 13 points, fol-
the lead. lowed by Case Jackson
The Eagle defense with 12 points, and Reese
kept an aggressive pace. Travis with 10 points.
Senior Samuel Hall stole Juniors Ryce Bennett
the ball and scored 2 and Wesley Turner each
a minute later, giving had two points.
the Eagles a three point Head Coach Martin
lead. Rawls stated, “We spent
The Eagles and Green several practices over
Waves then started back the Thanksgiving break
and forth scoring. Each putting in a new offen-
team taking a turn with sive set, only to lose
a narrow lead. This one of our leading scor-
continued through the ers to a knee injury in
third period. With 3:56 the first minutes of the
left in the third quar- game. That really threw
ter, Senior Case Jackson a curveball at us ear-
made a 3-point shot and ly. The guys responded
the Eagles were behind well and battled until
23-22. At this point, the the final buzzer.”

Lady Eagles take convincing 56-44 win over ND

Terri Ann Hall vital in scoring and steals.
Snowden is a team player,
The Marvell Academy hustles on the court, and is
Lady Eagles defeated the key in assists.
North Delta Lady Green Hindsley has been
Waves 56-44 at home. This aggressive on defense and
was a bittersweet victory has been important on
for the Lady Eagles. Senior rebounds. Hall has been
starter, Kinley Swindle, working hard in practices
returned to the court after and has shown her value
being out with an injury for on the court. Simpson and
nearly three weeks. During King are known for their
that time, the Lady Eagles hustle.
were forced to regroup and To beat a bigger school
step up. However, dur- like North Delta is always
ing the game, Senior Joey something to be proud of,
King was injured and was but when a senior starter
unable to finish the game. gets hurt, it just puts a
Swindle led in points damper on the celebration.
with 20, followed closely Coach Cathy Wilson
by Junior Kayla Warren echoed this sentiment say-
with 18 points. ing, “I am so proud of my
Senior Brooke Snowden team. They really worked
and Sophomore Ella Hind- hard and stepped up when
sley each had 6 points. Kinley was out. We are
Junior Sidney Simpson so glad to have her back.
had 4 points and King had This was a huge win, but
2. Sophomore Mabry Hall when a player gets injured,
played a key role with it’s just hard on the whole
steals. team. It’s hard to be excit-
Warren had stepped into ed about a win.”
a leading role, both on The Lady Eagles played
offense and defense, while DeSoto Christian School
Swindle was out. She was on December 6.

2C — WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 Sports Week The Helena World

Helena’s Stackhouse sinks game winner for DSU

Staff Reports Camryn Davis denied Miss. rebounded UAH 43-24. The Chargers took their
Alexis Woods’ shot as time Get Social: Twitter - @ Moriah Hurst had a first lead with 8:12 left in
HELENA WORLD expired. Stackhouse had a the game at 39-38.
team-high 16 points and DeltaStateWBB | Insta- career high 11 rebounds
Ke’Vonshaye Stackhouse seven rebounds in the win. gram - DeltaStateWBB including four offensive DSU had four blocks in
hit the game-winning shot rebounds. the contest.
with one second left to THE TIP-OFF: STATS OF THE GAME:
give the Delta State Uni- Score: DSU 54 | UAH 52 DSU was 22-for-55 from Selena Pruitt led all scor- UAH and DSU traded
versity women’s basket- Records: DSU 3-3 (1-0 the floor while UAH was ers with 20 points for the the lead four times and
ball team the 54-52 win GSC) | UAH 1-5 (0-1 GSC) 22-for-53. Chargers. had three ties.
over the University of Series: Delta State leads The Chargers were held
Alabama-Huntsville on the series 23-11 without a point for the After DSU took a 34-24 Makenzie Hill had a
Thursday evening. City | Venue: Walter-Sill- first four minutes and ten lead in the third quarter, career-high six points and
ers Coliseum | Cleveland, seconds of the game. UAH went on an 10-4 run Brysa Maxwell had four
UAH had an opportu- The Lady Statesmen out- to close the gap to 38-34 at points to tie her career-
nity to tie the game but the end of the third. high.

Marvell Academy’s Cross Country seniors honored

Sandra Bagley received a ribbon in the State Cross
Country Meet.
Maddy Reynolds is the daughter
Marvell Academy recognized its of Jason and Stephanie Reynolds of
four seniors who ran cross-country Brinkley. She also is on the track/
at Senior Night for fall sports. field team and is in the National
Honor Society. In the State Cross
Avery Kemmer, Joey King, and Country Meet, Maddy finished 8th
Maddy Reynolds were the seniors with a time of 24:12 and got a rib-
on the Girls Team and Senior Col- bon and All MAIS plaque.
by Johnson was the only runner
for the Boys Team. Colby Johnson is the son of Shag
and April Johnson of Holly Grove.
Avery Kemmer is the daughter of Colby also plays Varsity football,
James and Amy Kemmer of Mar- wearing #62 for the Eagles.
vell. She is a Co-Captain of the
Varsity Cheer Team and is on the At the State Cross Country Meet,
track/field team. Avery was 13th Colby was the only boy for Mar-
with a time of 25:12 and received a vell Academy, so he competed as
ribbon in the State Cross Country an individual and finished 53rd
Meet. out of 76 runners. His time was
Joey King is the daughter of Joe
and Melanie King of Poplar Grove. He was coached by his mother,
She also plays basketball and is April Johnson, and his younger
on the track/field team. Joey is in sister, Kayla, was a runner for the
the National Honor Society. She Girls Team.
was 23rd with a time of 27:57 and

Razorbacks to face Penn State in Florida’s Outback Bowl

Nate Allen and coached by former press conference. “It’s been Florida, Pittman expects in the college playoff it’s
Vanderbilt Coach James an exciting day for us, the a team excited to be bowl hard to get them fired up
CONTRIBUTING WRITER Franklin, finished 7-5 over- University of Arkansas and bound. even about going to a New
all after a 5-0 start and 4-5 our program. Can’t wait to Year’s Day bowl,” Pittman
FAYETTEVILLE - For the in the Big Ten. The Nittany get down to the sunshine ““I think they’re unbeliev- said. “ But for us, I think it’s
first time in their football Lions are not Top 25 ranked of Tampa, Florida and eat a ably excited,” Pittman said. going to be very, very easy
history the Arkansas Razor- in the CFP, AP or Coaches couple of Bloomin’ Onions.” “There’s not many of them to get our kids excited about
backs will play the Penn polls but have had three 11 in there that’s been to a bowl. going to Tampa and playing
State Nittany Lions in Arkan- win seasons and one 9-win Blooming’ Onions are So, to get to a New Year’s on New Year’s Day in the
sas’ first ever Outback Bowl season since Franklin’s 2014 among the specialties of the Day bowl, and one as pres- Outback Bowl.”
game, Jan. 1 in Tampa, Fla. arrival from Vanderbilt. bowl sponsoring Outback tigious as the Outback Bowl,
Steakhouse. they’ll be ready and they’ll Pittman said he has no his-
The Outback Bowl on New From 1950-1965 under Rip be excited. It’ll make practice tory coaching against Frank-
Year’s Day kicks off at 11 a.m. Engle, 104-48-4 and 1966- Supposed to play in last a little bit easier for them I lin, but Dowell Loggains,
and is televised by ESPN2. 2011 under the NCAA record year’s Houston Bowl against would say.” Arkansas’ tight ends coach
409 wins under Joe Paterno, TCU which was cancelled and former NFL offensive
The Razorbacks under sec- Penn State inevitably ranked because too many TCU It doesn’t always work that coordinator, was briefly on
ond-year Coach Sam Pittman among the nation’s best foot- players tested positive for way. Pittman was offensive Franklin’s staff as an offen-
went 8-4 overall/4-4 in the ball programs. covid-19, Arkansas has not line coach for the 2018 nation- sive analyst before the for-
SEC, and finished ranked played in a bowl game since ally No. 5 Georgia Bulldogs mer Arkansas walk-on quar-
21st in Sunday’s final Col- “Just want to say we’re so Bret Bielema’s 2016 Razor- missing the 4-team national terback seized the opportu-
lege Football Playoff Com- excited to play in a New backs lost to Virginia Tech in semifinalists cut and then nity that Pittman offered to
mittee poll and 22nd and Year’s Day bowl against a the Belk Bowl. getting upset by Texas in the return to his alma mater as
24th, respectively in Sun- great opponent in Penn State Sugar Bowl.
day’s Associated Press Media University,” Pittman said Between the long bowl Please see OUTBACK on 5C
and the USA Today Coaches in a Sunday evening Zoom absence and playing in a “Sometimes you’re at a
polls. New Year’s Day bowl in university and if you’re not

Penn State of the Big Ten

The Helena World Local WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 — 3C

4C — WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 Comics/Puzzles The Helena World

The Helena World Sports Week WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 — 5C

OUTBACK Friday and Saturday concen- linebacker Grant Morgan of football and academic All- come back and g got a team
tight ends coach.
Pittman was asked if he’d trating “on ourselves,” Pitt- Greenwood, an All-American American. meeting tomorrow at 5, and
seek Penn State insight from man said and then get Penn last year when the the award Morgan, Georgia quarter- then we’ve got graduation
the former Penn State ana- State specific in the Dec. 20-23 went to University of Pitts- back Stetson Bennett, who reception at 6:30, so I’ll hit
lyst. practices before breaking for burgh center Jimmy Mor- Pittman knew while coach- that early, then we’ll — Jamie
“That would certainly be Christmas and flying Dec. 26 rissey, is a finalist for the ing Georgia’s offensive line and I — run up to the Burls-
something we talk to him to Tampa. award honoring the season’s before head coaching Arkan- worth Award. Certainly I’m
about,” Pittman said. “We Pittman will take time from best player who began his sas, and Troy University line- rooting for him. That doesn’t
have 12 videos, 12 films, 12 his recruiting schedule to career as a walk-on like the backer Carlton Martial are mean I’m rooting against oth-
games as well, but he might attend Monday night’s Burls- late Brandon Burlsworth of the finalists. ers, but certainly I’m root-
know something a little bit worth Award banquet in Harrison did as a Razorbacks “Certainly I hope he wins ing for him. I’d love to see
more about personnel.” Springdale. 1994 redshirt freshman walk- it,” Pittman said. “ I’m get- a kid from the University of
Arkansas will start its on For the second consecu- on offensive guard and fin- ting ready to fly out to a Arkansas win the Burlsworth
campus bowl practices this tive year, Arkansas senior ishing as a NFL drafted 1998 home (recruiting) visit. We’ll Award.

Hogs run over depleted UALR 93-78 in hoops

Nate Allen far as them playing really hard,” “They’ve got some really good bas- “I thought Devo was as dialed in
Musselman said postgame. “They ketball players, man,” Walker said. as I’ve been around him,” Mussel-
CONTRIBUTING WRITER executed really well. Sometimes “There’s a reason Muss’ record is man said. “I thought he played on
when you know you’re going to what it is, man. He does an unbe- a different level. I thought Jaylin
FAYETTEVILLE - Other than the play, and you have a short rotation, lievable job. They are physical and (Williams) and Au’Diese and Devo,
close of both halves, the injury good things happen. I thought Coach they are tough. I tell people all the those three guys played on a differ-
depleted University of Arkansas-Lit- Walker did a great job with his rota- time they shoot the ball well they ent level today.
tle Rock Trojans coached by former tion. He would go small, then he can beat you by 15 or 20 for sure.
University of Arkansas Razorbacks would put his big back in. I thought It’s a good basketball team there. Razorbacks starting power for-
All-American Darrell Walker hung they did good of mixing and match- They’re physical and they’re solid ward/center Williams scored nine
surprisingly tough against his old ing and utilizing their personnel.” and they’ve got guys who can score.” points with seven boards and four
school Saturday at Walton Arena. assists and sixth man guard Chris
Walker implied the Trojans did Toney scored 16 of his 18 points Lykes scored 14 points.
Ultimately, though, spurred by for- about all they could with what they in the first half and bagged a team-
ward Au’Diese Toney’s big first half had. leading eight rebounds. UALR took one lead, 3-2 in the first
and guard JD Notae’s big second half it only trailed, 34-30 with 4:24
half, the AP 10th-ranked and Coach- “Nobody needs to feel sorry for “He’s a junkyard dog,” Walker said before intermission.
es poll ninth-rated Razorbacks of us because if it was the other way of Toney, the 6-6 grad transfer for-
Fayetteville prevailed, 93-78. around I would try to beat the Hell ward via the University of Pitts- Starting with a Williams to Davis
out of Muss,” Walker said.”Trust me. burgh. “ I’d love to have a guy like basket, Arkansas for the first half’s
The victory ups Coach Eric Mus- It’s unfortunate it is at the wrong that. You don’t have to call any final 4:09 outscored Trojans, 15-4 to
selman’s Razorbacks to 8-0 heading time, but that is part of it.” plays for him. He just gets it within lead, 49-34. That’s over and out for
into Tuesday night’s game at Wal- the system. That’s a great pickup by most teams in the depleted Trojans,
ton Arena against the University of They went in believing they would Muss. He’s a really good basketball shoes. But by 13:42 of the second
North Carolina-Charlotte. make a game of it by doing their player, man. He’s kind of the glue half the Trojans were just down sev-
part. guy on this basketball team. He’s en. They kept at it to just down sev-
The Trojans, 4-5 of the Sun Belt solid.” en until consecutive Notae steals and
Conference, next play Missouri State “I thought the effort was really baskets had them by double-digits
Wednesday night at the Jack Ste- good,” Walker said. “I had told my Notae scored 16 of his 18 points in reeling beyond a comeback.
phens Center in Little Rock. Though team watching film that if we didn’t the second half.
without seven players, including turn the ball over a lot and we could Musselman found faults in Notae’s
their No. 1 and No. 3 scorers on the kind of stay within the rebound mar- Sophomore Razorbacks guard game, just one rebound and more
season, the Trojans behind 6-7 for- gin (the teams tied 31-31) and make Devo Davis of Jacksonville, whose turnovers and assists but did note,
ward Mark Lukic’s game-leading 23 some shots we would have a chance four fouls absence from 12:33 to “He’s a guy that can kind of put in
points and 17-points/game-leading to be in the basketball game and 2:33 not so coincidentally coincided the daggers.”
10 rebounds double-double Isaiah that’s what happened.” with the Trojans fighting back after
Palermo kept the Trojans resilient appearing on the ropes, scored 16 Walker’s Trojans felt Notae’s jag-
even as Arkansas seemed about to But there are many reasons, Walker points with four rebounds and seven ged edge. “He can flat out score,”
put them away. said, that Musselman’s Hogs rank assists against zero turnovers. Walker said. “When he is on - and
ninth and 10th in the national polls. tonight he was on - he can beat you.”
“It’s kind of what we expected as

6C — WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2021 Local The Helena World

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