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Junior Lens - Preview - October 1 2021 Special Edition

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Published by Junior Lens, 2021-09-30 08:39:58

Junior Lens - Preview - October 1 2021 Special Edition

Junior Lens - Preview - October 1 2021 Special Edition


4OCT 2021



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2 OCTOBER 1-14, 2021

On the occasion of World Animal Day, Junior Junior Lens also participated in the World News
Lens is happy to present this special issue Day event held on September 28, 2021. This day
dedicated to raising awareness about animal highlighted the critical importance of credible
welfare. journalism in providing trustworthy information
about the climate crisis. In this issue, we republish two
What is World Animal Day? Why is it important for articles - one talks about the urgent need to address
humans to mark this day? How can we contribute climate change and the other highlights the impact of
and help the animals? This issue will answer all these increase in space junk around Earth.
questions and give you different perspectives. (World Animal Day We also have a special activity page on climate change
HQ) has written an article for Junior Lens readers for you. The ‘Going Green’ page has been developed for
explaining the significance of this International Day. children by Kid Scoop (USA), as part of the World News
They have shared the philosophy and objective of Day event. Kid Scoop is a youth feature appearing
their organization and have also sent across a special weekly in more than 300 newspapers, reaching over 7
message for all our young readers. million young learners and their teachers.
PETA India shares with Junior Lens readers how they
can be compassionate citizens and make a difference Hope you find these topics insightful, and you are
to the lives of the beautiful animals around them. inspired and motivated to make a contribution to
In Defense of Animals (IDA) talks to Junior Lens these important causes. Your contribution, however
about how they take care of and nurture thousands of small, will make this world a better place for all of us!
sick, injured/ abandoned street animals and what you
can do to help. ANEESH LAIWALA,

bpyrn–ot “”Sjmsi umsdooagrflaesald "Aonuimr pa-eAlsrmNsWhTEisoHaIsLuriOLtolIdhNnA.n"YtMooDt(lAirOveUeUqTouGHniLrOeARS)

deSdcCiiDfdIyfEWeReoNrwuJehAThnwaINactSaetyETn,koa&”e,Tvsreeantoce y“foiiIsbc’uAvtnaieCsimtoooSTtstnpmOCltesaamRHceirciOn&tWrtoeheiFntv-FndAihACOicngeAeieRRRgnsuLrMfN,ZaIi saecFcEEnOalrOtlRiNidolimLgRowtG,DEhNnlaoOGeot.ItftVArTGenslmEhdoccERiih,weResNiatn,ti.O”nseicsRglaele

6 OCTOBER 1-14, 2021


Written for Junior Lens by 'World Animal Day HQ’

World Animal Day is taking place on October 4 and today you’ll find out more We
about why this special event is so important! have over 90
Animals can feel happiness, joy, fear and pain – just like us. They often have family World Animal
connections, protect their young and even enjoy playing. It is important that we Day ambassa-
understand what we share with other beings and find a way to live peacefully side- dors in 70+
by-side. And this is what World Animal Day is all about! countries!

The main goal of the day is to raise the importance of all animals all over the
globe, in the hope of making their lives and welfare better. World Animal
Day draws attention to animals through events that teach, raise money or
rescue animals in need. It can also help those who care for animals every day
of the year, like dog rescue shelters or farm animal sanctuaries.

Every year a sum of
money (a ‘grant’) is given
to a World Animal Day
ambassador to fund a
project that they are
working on that makes a
big difference for animals.

These grants have:

n Helped new enclosures
to be built for healing
sun bears in Sumatra.

n Raised money for a
project in Romania, which
has helped hundreds of
stray dogs.

n Paid for food for donkeys
in Cameroon.

7 OCTOBER 1-14, 2021


Written for Junior Lens by 'World Animal Day HQ’

World Animal Day has led to a lot of amazing changes for animals, with communities, schools, vets and oth-
ers being involved worldwide. This year, some of the exciting events taking place include sanctuary open days
in the USA, campaigns in Australia and the release of sea turtles in Egypt!
The more of us that celebrate this special day across the world, the further our message will go and the bigger
the changes we can make for all animals.




MAKE A PLEDGE ON OUR Scientists currently
OWN WAY. LION other species.
World Animal Day
CAN TEACH ON THIS TOPIC AT YOUR 4 because it shares the
SCHOOL ON, OR AROUND, WORLD date with the Feast of St
ANIMAL DAY. Assisi, an Italian Saint
who cared for animals
TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND over 800 years ago!
ANIMALS. Many Indian celebrities
support World Animal
GET CREATIVE: DRAW Day, such as Madhuri
A PICTURE OR WRITE Dixit, Neetu Kapoor and
A POEM ON YOUR Rohit Sharma.


We hoped you enjoyed reading about World Animal Day! Madhuri Dixit
This international event takes place every year on October 4 and we’re sure Human, animal, and
that it will continue to grow. You can help us to achieve this by spreading environmental health are
the message about this special day and everything it stands for. all connected!
In a fast-changing world, you are the future for animals. Having you on board is
more important than ever – let’s work together and improve the lives of animals

World Animal Day HQ

10OCTOBER 1-14, 2021


Junior Lens is happy to participate in the WORLD NEWS DAY event on September 28th.
World News Day is a global campaign to display support for journalists and their audiences,
who using facts and understanding, make the world a better place. World News Day will
highlight the critical importance of credible journalism in providing trustworthy information
about the climate crisis.

This story, first published by WORLD NEWS DAY, has been shared as part of World News Day 2021, a
global campaign to highlight the critical role of fact-based journalism in providing trustworthy news and

information in service of humanity. #JournalismMatters.

Warren is the Editor-in-Chief of
The Straits Times, a leading English existential issue for this low-lying emergency' earlier this month
language news title in Singapore. island, about a third of which is after record levels of rain in the
less than 5 metres above the wake of Hurricane Ida.
Getting to school as a boy mean sea level. The country’s
growing up in Singapore in Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong Over 300 people were killed
the 1970s could be soggy has estimated that over $100 in China’s Henan province in
affair at times. Tropical downpours billion (Singapore dollars) might August, when a year’s worth of
overwhelmed drainage systems, be needed over the next decades rain fell in three days, leaving
leaving parts of the island to tackle the rising tides caused many trapped in underground
impassable. Students braved the by warming seas and melting ice train carriages and road tunnels,
rains and rising waters, turning up sheets. as water levels rose.
wet and bedraggled, if they made
it at all. Thankfully, this became But Singapore is not alone. New Devastating floods in Germany
a thing of the past by the late York City declared a 'flash flood and Belgium, droughts in Brazil,
1980s. Massive flood alleviation heatwaves in India, Australia,
efforts caused this story to recede
from newspaper front pages, as a
modern city-state emerged.

Yet, decades on, we seem
to be heading back to the
future. Severe storms are now
becoming more frequent. The
result: last month, pictures and
videos of upscale districts in
central Singapore inundated hit
the headlines again, causing
much consternation. But even as
the authorities rushed to unveil
plans in response to the public
concerns, a minister warned that
as intense rainfall was becoming
more common with global
warming, people might have to
get used to flash floods from time
to time.

Rising sea levels is an

11OCTOBER 1-14, 2021


and the Pacific Northwest of If we continue to behave as impacting the lives and livelihoods
the United States, wild fires in we are doing, our children of communities, and how they
California and Canada, as well and grandchildren will have are grappling with it. Professional
as across the Mediterranean newsrooms, with resources and
and Amazon regions – such to deal with potentially expertise, are best placed to tell
extreme weather events, once the catastrophic changes these stories in clear, compelling
stuff of movies, have been playing and credible ways. One of the
out across the planet this year. virus has continued to spread, best examples of this, in my view,
mutate, and unleash new waves is the recent BBC documentary,
Get used to it, say the climate of infections. The Covid-19 The Truth about Climate
scientists, for these are signs experience has made plain how Change. In it, environmentalist
of what’s to come. The United difficult it will be to forge a global David Attenborough sums up
Nation’s Intergovernmental consensus on tackling the climate the facts and makes the case for
Panel on Climate Change crisis. action, in his friendly-scientist-
(IPCC) chairman Hoesung Lee, you-can-trust way. “In 4,500
summed up the grim scenario this The signs of this looming million years, our world has gone
way: “It is indisputable that human challenge, and the science through many natural changes.
activities are causing climate behind it, grow clearer by the day. Now, it is changing once again,”
change and making extreme But here too, politics, inequality he warned. “But this time, we
weather more frequent and and misinformation confound ourselves are contributing to
severe. It also shows that climate concerted action. This is where those changes. We are causing
change is affecting every region professional newsrooms have the world to heat up.
on our planet,” he said, following an important role to play. And it
a UN report in August, dubbed a is why this year’s World News “If we continue to behave as
Code Red warning for humanity Day on September 28, will we are doing, our children and
and an urgent call to action. focus on the climate crisis. grandchildren will have to deal
Some 300 newsrooms from with potentially catastrophic
Yet, who can blame a weary around the world will come changes.
world for being distracted, with together to tell the story of
so many countries still in the grip how climate change is already “The vast forests of the Amazon
of a rampaging virus that refuses could wither and burn. The
to yield. But, as the IPCC’s Dr oceans could turn acid, destroying
Lee rightly notes, the Covid-19 much of the life they presently
pandemic is a “foretaste of what contain.
climate change could do to
our society, to nature and our “The Arctic could be
lives. Both climate change and transformed. Its ice could melt
Covid-19 have shown us the risks and its most famous animals
of an unthinking and rapacious vanish forever.
approach to nature and its
resources.” “Rising tides could cast millions
of people adrift. Many of our
Lamentably, while the world’s coastal cities could be flooded,
scientists were quick to step and drowned.”
up to the Covid-19 challenge,
delivering effective vaccines, There is still time to act if
efforts to curb the outbreak have the world is to minimise these
been hampered by populist changes”, he adds. But time, that
politicians, global inequalities, and most non-renewable of resources,
a pandemic of misinformation. is running out.
Divisions and delays have
compounded the challenge: the Sir David, 93, has been
making such pleas for some
time. Now is the time to
hear him, and heed.

12OCTOBER 1-14, 2021


This story, first published by Sophie Bennet at UTS Journalism (Australia) has been shared as part of
World News Day 2021, a global campaign to highlight the critical role of fact-based journalism in providing

trustworthy news and information in service of humanity. #JournalismMatters.


BY SOPHIE BENNET AT As each year collisions and ‘clean up’. However,
CENTRAL NEWS - UTS more satellites are even new technologies can’t
JOURNALISM (AUSTRALIA) sent up to space, our escape the inherently political
reliance upon this technology nature of space exploration.
They say what goes up increases. From Wi-Fi to online
must come down. When it banking, if a major collision was Professor Freeland said many
comes to space, however, to knock out functioning satellites countries are concerned. “If
this expression doesn’t ring our lives would be dramatically you develop the technology to
so true with space debris now changed, Professor Freeland clean up the debris – and that
reaching crisis proportions. In said. “So, to the extent we technology will be essential – we
fact, there are currently around continue on a ‘business as usual’ still need to deal with the lingering
28,600 debris objects tracked basis to create unacceptable question as to how to prevent
by space surveillance amounts of additional debris you from using that technology to
networks and many more to the point where we create grab my ‘live’ satellite, upon which
objects not able to be irreversible damage, or at least I am dependent, which would of
tracked at all. for generations and generations, course, compromise my ability to
then that will have devastating function,” he said.“The issue is
However, regulating the effects on the world, the economy, intensely legal and it’s intensely
use of space and keeping lifestyles, infrastructure; in political. You can’t separate the
countries accountable for essence, everything about the two.” Professor D’Orgeville said
debris, is no easy feat, said functioning of our society may doing technology in space is not
Steven Freeland, Emeritus collapse.” difficult, but it’s something we
Professor at Western Sydney While countries are entering can do and learn to do better.
University and Professorial Fellow legal discussions in an attempt “Doing it well and preserving
at Bond University specialising to regulate the use of space, space, that’s the political
in Space Law. “I’m not saying it’s researchers are investigating dimension and it’s definitely, from
impossible, and that we should potential ways to mitigate my point of view as a scientist,
just throw our hands up and wait more complicated,” she said.
for disasters to happen,” he said.
“There’s a lot of discussion and a
lot of work being done already, but
it’s not easy and that’s really the

Although Australia is not a top
contender in the global space
industry, Celine D’Orgeville,
Professor at the Australian
National University, sees Australia
having a strong political influence
in global discussions. “There is
room for Australia to take a little
bit of leadership and guide this
conversation at the policy level, I
don’t know if Australia will do it but
there is an opportunity,” she said.

OCTOBER 1-14, 2021 13


This page, first published by KidScoop (US) has been shared as part of World News Day 2021, a global campaign to
highlight the critical role of fact-based journalism in providing trustworthy news and information in service of humanity.


© 2021 by Vicki Whiting, Editor Jeff Schinkel, Graphics Special Edition

What are I’m going green! That’s not what is Wow, is my face Nellie Fly is looking for news about kids
you doing? means to go green! ever red! helping the environment. She saw some
It means taking care kids cleaning up a playground in their
of the planet! Read the notes in Nellie Fly’s reporter
notebook. Then write a short news article about
the playground clean-up project.

One way we generate produce CO2. These activities are called a person’s
carbon dioxide (CO2) is carbon footprint. The average American generates
by burning fossil fuels 16 tons of CO2 every year. That’s three times more
(coal, oil, and gas) to than people in the UK!
power electricity, cars
and planes. Each person participates in activities that Source:

Whenever possible, walk or ride Encourage your family to take vacations
your bike to get places. nearby, and skip plane flights. If you take
just one roundtrip flight, you cause as
If walking isn’t possible—carpool! much climate pollution as 10,000 plastic
Carpooling two days a week can bottles—that’s a bottle a day for 27 years!
reduce your annual CO2 emissions
by as much as 1,590 pounds. Look closely!
Ride to the park. Find the two
minivans. C




Standards Link: Writing Applications: Write expository compositions (e.g.,
develop the topic with simple facts, details, examples and explanations).

Plants are better for the climate, and they’re the best thing Get your school or neighborhood on a SGeraerecnh ThanksgotoDr.KimberlyNicholasfor help with this page.
you can do to save biodiversity since they use less land, fossil-free path. Even though kids can’t Kimberly Nicholas is a sustainability scientist at Lund University,
water, and resources than animals. vote, you can tell your elected Look through the Sweden and author of UndertheSkyWeMake:HowtoBeHumanina
Name that veggie! representatives you want them to stop newspaper for
climate pollution. anything that is WarmingWorld.She also grew up reading KidScoop!

green. How many Complete the grid by using all the letters in the word POWER in each
things can you find vertical and horizontal row. Each letter should only be used once in
each row. Some spaces have been filled in for you.
in one minute?
Standards Link: Earth Science: The amount of life an environemnt can support is limited by the ability of the ecosystem to recycle materials. Compete with a
partner to see who
comes up with the
most in a minute.

Standards Link: Earth
Science: Recognize
renewable and

This tree is 624 This water animal lives CARBON LE U F G T R AH C
inches tall. There 7 fathoms below the FOOTPRINT EN F O S S I L A A
are 12 inches in surface of the ocean. GREEN CE S O N E E R G R
a foot. There are 6 feet in a CARPOOL LR R T R O B I T P
feet tall is fathom. In feet, how deep FOSSIL MY C R N V O T E O
the tree? in the sea would you have ENERGY AE D I O X I D E L
to go to find this animal? FUEL TT O N S R E T AW
Standards Link: Number Sense: Solve problems using computation and mathematical reasoning. CLIMATE “gWrehenat”dmoeeasn?
WATER Standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recognize identical
TONS words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns. What does the term “green” mean when
TREE used to describe businesses and lifestyles?

Editor : Bharti Aneesh Laiwala ([email protected]) Chief Creative Officer : Aneesh J Laiwala

22 OCTOBER 1-14, 2021

Ever wondered who takes care of all the homeless animals on the streets? Well, luckily
there are animal welfare organizations who act as their guardian angels! Junior Lens
brings to you the inspiring story of one such organization called 'In Defense of Animals
(IDA)' and how they have been instrumental in saving thousands of street animals.

The Story of In
Defense of
Animals, India

IDA India was started almost 25 Mobile Vans: We also help HOW CAN YOU BE
years ago by our dear founder animals at their own location when INVOLVED?
Ms. Sudnya Patkar who always they are sick or injured and cannot
had a very special affinity for all be brought to the hospital. Adoption – Come forward and
animals since her childhood . Over adopt the strays. Give them a
Our mobile vans go to them home in your house.
the years, IDA has grown on the spot, and render the
and expanded, helping much-needed treatment and Foster Care – Take care of the
thousands of sick, injured, vaccinations, and so on. This is lovely puppies and kittens (foster
or abandoned animals another effective way of ensuring care) till we find a home for them!
each year. Now we run the good health of our community
three hospitals in Deonar, animals who live on the roads. Donate and Sponsor – Donate.
Turbhe, and Panvel and It will help run our centre and
IDA Programs: IDA is sponsor the expenses of the
also have a small setup in actively involved in controlling animals.
Lonavla. the population of community
animals (dogs and cats). Mumbai Our focus is to bring each animal
HOW DOES IDA municipality has given this work to in our care, back to good health. It
CARE FOR AND IDA and many dogs/cats have been is a privilege to be in a position to
NURTURE THE saved thanks to our ABC (Animal help them when they are in need.
ANIMALS? Birth Control) program. Our work is truly satisfying and
fulfilling as we strive for a better
Deonar Centre: IDA’s future for all our community
biggest hospital at Deonar animals.
has a puppy ward, a kitten
ward, a clinical ward for sick
and injured dogs, and one more
for cats.  The dogs who really need
care and monitoring are the very
old dogs in our blind dog ward.

They have a safe and Fun Times: We have fun times Visit
comfortable haven at our Deonar as well. This year we celebrated to know more about their
Hospital. At this centre, we always Valentine's Day for all our cats and
have over 500 animals under our dogs, pups, and kittens. We ordered interesting work
care. Our biggest expense by far is lovely cakes, suitable for them Contact : (022) 24170017
feeding all of them two nutritious to eat and they all thoroughly Email: [email protected]
meals a day, that too on each day enjoyed the day.
of the year! For help with this, we
reach out to the caring public.

23 OCTOBER 1-14, 2021

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
India is an organisation based in India. It was n Do not visit an animal circus. Animals in circuses
created to protect animals and to encourage people are sad, because they’re forced to perform
to follow the Golden Rule in their treatment of confusing and unnatural tricks.
n Wear shoes made of canvas or another animal-
Do you know what the Golden Rule is? friendly material instead of leather (animal skin).
It is “Do unto others as you would have
them do unto you.” n Use reusable bags instead of plastic ones. Cows
looking for food often accidentally eat plastic
That means always treating humans and other bags, which hurts them.
animals the way you would like to be treated. All
of us can show animals compassion and respect nPlant trees and other vegetation outside your
home. Plants release oxygen, which humans and
through our choices – and we can encourage other animals breathe. Some plants also provide
others to do the same. The Golden Rule bees and other animals with food or hiding spots.
should be followed in our treatment of
everyone, every day. Can you think of other ways you can help animals?

The Importance of Empathy What Can Schools Do?

Imagining how you would feel if you were Download PETA India’s award-winning
in an animal’s place can help you to be Compassionate Citizen programme from
kind. For example, how would you feel if (in the “Humane Education in
you were a bird in a cage? Wouldn’t you Schools” section). It’s designed to help young
feel sad? Imagining ourselves in the bird’s students better understand and appreciate animals.
place can help us understand that birds
need to be free, to fly, and to be with their PETA India’s Rescue Work
family and friends.
And how would you feel if you were a dog on PETA India has an animal emergency helpline.
a hot day? Wouldn’t you feel thirsty? We can You can call on 98201 22602 if you see an animal
help dogs and other animals by putting out clean who is hurt, at any time of day or night. Be sure to
bowls of water for them in our neighbourhoods. mention your age when you call, because the rescue
team may need kids to involve an adult. The group’s
What Can Kids Do? helpline receives about 1,000 calls a week from
across the country. PETA India’s rescuers help the
Every one of us can be kind to animals every day! animals directly if they are nearby, coordinate with
Here are some ideas: other animal protection groups, or guide the caller
on helping the animal in trouble.
n Enjoy nutritious and delicious foods that animals
don’t have to suffer for, like fruits and vegetables
(instead of meat, eggs, or milk).

n Only fly kites with plain cotton strings, not sharp
manja, which can hurt birds.






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