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Published by Pyespanewsletter, 2022-03-26 19:21:24

Pyes Pa Newsletter Apr 2022

Pyes Pa Newsletter Apr 2022



April/Āperira 2022

“Our very own gutsy little non-profit publication, for the Pyes Pa rural area.”

Page 2
Easy Feijoa Tart

Page 4
Waipuna is desperate
for volunteers

Page 7
Minimum wage going

Page 17
Edible Flowers Part II

Page 23
Pet Nutrition

Deadline for May 2022 Issue: Friday, Apr 29

Arbor Care Ltd

NZ Arboricultural Assoc Approved Contractor

Ph 07 543 1775

[email protected]

your local arboricultural experts

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 1

Pyes Pa Foodie

Easy Feijoa Tart

It’s Feijoa season for a short time. So here is a little tart recipe for you to enjoy, serve with
Greek Yoghurt or Cream.

Make an egg wash by lightly whisking just the yolk, and a teaspoon of cold water together –
this gives a gorgeous dark honey colour to your cooked pastry.

250g pre-rolled butter puff pastry

5-6 large feijoas

Egg wash for brushing

2T Caster sugar for sprinkling

1 Lime

Greek yoghurt, cream or ice cream for serving

1. Heat the oven to 200°C. Line a baking tray with
baking paper.

2. Cut a 20cm disc from the pre-rolled pastry and
put on the prepared tray. Make a shallow cut
(ensuring you don’t cut all the way through),
about 5mm from the edge of the pastry in a
circle. You are essentially making a frame
around the disc of pastry, which aerates the
pastry so it puffs during cooking to give you an

3. Prick the pastry within the frame with a fork,
then brush the entire top of the pastry with egg
wash. Put in the fridge to firm up.

4. Meanwhile, peel and slice the feijoas. Remove
the pastry disc from the fridge and arrange the
sliced feijoas on the pastry, again within the
frame, overlapping each piece slightly. Sprinkle
with the sugar.

5. Put in the oven and bake for 20-30 minutes
until the feijoas soften and the pastry is a dark
honey colour and crisp.

6. Remove from the oven and finely grate the zest
of the lime over. Cut into slices and serve with
Greek yoghurt, cream or ice cream.


CAR BOOT SALE Newsletter articles and stories
must be submitted on time,
Saturday, Apr 16 or miss the boat!

$5 per site at Deadline for May issue is:
Tauranga Racecourse, Gate 4
Organised by :-

Contact Shirley 577 1116
or Jude 07 281 2389

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter

Pyes Pa Community Newsletter Circulation: 1000
Delivered to the Pyes Pa rural
Editor: Clyde Campbell 543 1477 area and other distribution sites.
Email: [email protected]
The Pyes Pa Community
Treasurer: Joyce Bonner: 544 5165 Newsletter is non-profit and is
Assistant: Catherine Fitzpatrick 027 648 5650
produced by volunteers.
We always welcome any new articles of up to 300 Any surplus funds are donated to
words so don’t hesitate to tell us your story. Please supply text as Pyes Pa community organisations.

a Word Document and photos as .jpeg.

Deadline for May 2022 Issue: Friday, Apr 29

Hello everyone
There is a struggle going on behind the scenes each month to get enough articles to fill the gaps on the
pages of the Newsletter. Therefore, my plan was to ask today for more contributions from the people of
Pyes Pa - there must be residents in Pyes Pa that enjoy writing; or others that want to comment about
what the council is/isn’t doing for us. Today’s request was scuppered slightly (and, for once, I had more
material than space!) because Steve Gore has sent me a great article about his trip down South. It
would have been a shame to split it up over two or three pages so I have held it back until next month.
Easter is upon us again and the Colouring Competition is in this issue on page 21. Thanks go to
Catherine for organising this event. Please note that the competition’s eligibility is that the entrants
must live in areas that are serviced by the Pyes Pa RD3 Rural Delivery driver.

Keep safe

Advertisers please note We print 11 issues for the year - February to December. If you wish to place a
Multi Ad during the print year in three or more consecutive issues, the 30%
‘THE TIN’ discount still applies. Clyde Campbell 543 1477, Joyce Bonner: 544 5165,

Could you please place your 3
adverts, copy and payments (along with
your contact details) in an envelope and

drop off at

414 Espresso Café

Pyes Pa Road

or Renner Park Golf Club

Oropi Road
Please contact Joyce Bonner (544 5165)
for enquiries about payments.
Adverts can be emailed to
[email protected]


Every effort has been taken to see that all
information within this Newsletter is

correct. This newsletter is produced by
volunteers in good faith.

No responsibility will be accepted for any
inaccuracies or misuse or

misrepresentation or/of wrongful
information. All information given and

provided should be used as a guide only.

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter

Waipuna is desperate for volunteers

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 4

For all your General Engineering requirements, Bay Container Solutions is leading the way when it
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made to order. Refer to our website  Container Repairs and Modifications  Window and Door Installation
for more information  Electrical and Plumbing fit outs
Tim Sidwell  Ventilation and Security
 Painting and Refurbishment
Unit l, 65B Maleme Street, Greerton  Mobile Repairs
Phone 07 541 1277 Mobile 027 256 4250
Call Ricky 027 266 8246

Email [email protected]

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 5

By Oona Hepburn
Georgia James

Despite the fact the Omicron is going round, our students are still very motivated as the end of term
approaches. We are in the middle of doing tests and the students are taking them very well and getting higher

This week, students that are Year 7 and 8 have been going to
Technology at Taumata School. This is a great experience where you can
do sewing (Soft materials), cooking and woodwork.

Our excited students pile onto a bus ready for a new adventure. They
arrive at technology with smiles on their faces and a great learning attitude.
The Year 7 and 8s had a blast making surfboards and name plates out of
timber in Hard Materials plus yummy choc chip banana muffins - these
students were buzzing when they got back to school. They had a lot to tell
us about their adventures at tech. It is exciting to see the students enjoy the
challenge to learn new skills and to have experiences.

Throughout the term, classes have been going down to our
beautiful river, the track is steep but the students manage to
do it as the climb is worth it. We are investigating how we can
have a bush classroom and complete learning projects in and
around the bush area.

Meanwhile, Lynda, our wonderful Sports Coordinator, has
been kind enough to run a give-it-a-go hockey and basketball
sessions that are super fun for the students. These sessions
are run so that students know what they want to play in the
winter. They get to learn skills and then play a mini game.
Many students now have an idea of what sport they want to
play and enjoy over the winter.
Stay safe and have a nice day

Does your Motorcycle or ATV need servicing?
We service & repair all makes & models
Free pickup & delivery if you mention this

Simon & Sherilyn Horne

Phone: 575 8358 A/H: 027 238 1760

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 6


For all your WOODEN needs

AVAILABLE FOR HIRE Front entrance doors,
barn & stable doors,
Do you wish to hold a celebration,
event, activity or gathering? French doors,
Bi-folds doors and
Returnable Bond: $250 interior doors,
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Night: $300 maintenance,
exterior wooden sash-
Meetings: $30 an hour, negotiable
EQUIPMENT HIRE (off premises) (incl replacements)

Wooden and plastic chairs: $1 each Justwood Joinery - Craftsmen in Wood
75 Keenan Road, RD3, Pyes Pa, Tauranga
Trestle tables: $10 each Phone: 07 543 0871, Mobile: 021 1667963

Hall hire includes full Web:
use of facilities. Email:
(No dishwasher,
but microwave [email protected]
Contact: Judy
Ph 543 0047

MONEY MATTER$ Minimum wage going up

by Nikki Blake

Minimum wage rates are going up on 1 April 2022. If  Aged 18-19 and have been paid a specified social security
you’re an employer, here’s what you need to know: benefit for six months or more, and who haven’t yet
 The new minimum wage rates, before tax, are: completed six months continuous employment with any
employer since they started being paid a benefit. After six
 Adult: $21.20 per hour (up from $20) months continuous employment with a single employer, they
 Starting out: $16.96 per hour (up from $16) must be paid at least the adult minimum wage rate.
 Training: $16.96 per hour (up from $16)
 If you have staff on minimum wage, send them a  Aged 16-19 and required by their employment agreement to
letter or email to let them know about the increase. undertake industry training for at least 40 credits a year to
 If any workers are on starting-out or training wages, become qualified.
now is a good time to check when they’ll be eligible to
move to the adult rate. The training minimum wage applies to employees
 If you pay staff minimum wages, recalculate your aged 20 years or over who are completing recognised
budget for the rest of the year as you’ll be paying out industry training involving at least 60 credits in order to
more in wages. become qualified.
 Check that any affected employment contracts are
updated. There is no minimum wage for employees who under
 Talk to whoever runs your payroll system to make 16 years of age. If you employ under-16s, you must not
sure they’re ready for the changes. let their work get in the way of attending school.
The adult minimum wage applies to all employees A small number of people hold an exemption from
aged 16 and over who aren’t starting-out workers or the minimum wage, e.g. prison inmates and some
trainees, and all employees who are involved in apprentices.
supervising or training other employees.
Starting-out workers are: If your payroll and employment agreements are a
 Aged 16-17 and have worked for you for less than six few years old, you can use the minimum wage rate
increase as a chance to update them. There is a great
months. free online tool to help you do this – it is called the
“Employment Agreement Builder”. Check out:

(Note: it’s a legal requirement to have a written employment
agreement with all staff.)

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 7

Equine Rescue. Revive. Rehome.
Not many rescues take in every animal there is, but RRR - Rescue do. This month’s issue that
we are looking at is the equine section of RRR-rescue, revive, rehome. This division is a huge
one that involves extensive organisation and care to neglected and abused horses. Grazing is
gifted around the Bay of Plenty by kind families to assist the organisation as well as donations
of hay and dry feed. The ongoing costs of farriers, vets and dental
treatments makes this division one of the most expensive for the
Equine neglect is one that people tend to turn a blind eye to. Horses
hanging in paddocks, with not one item of care attended to, seems to
be an ongoing issue. People seem to think that a horse standing in a
paddock is seeing to its needs. Lack of hoof care, teeth, worming,
supplement feeding, and lack of covers has its toll on horse health.
Abuse is also extensive. One property, for example, that RRR visited,
found severely skinny mares with foals at foot, along with an injured
mare who also had a foal at foot. She had been left over five days
without any kind of medical attention for a severely injured hind leg.
RRR made contact with the owner of the property and offered help
and assistance that fell upon deaf ears. This mare could have been
saved but instead RRR-rescue came back to find she had been
slaughtered by what seemed to be blunt force trauma to the head and
her foal who was not weaned had been left motherless. It was a
senseless act of cruelty which made the team angry and sad.
Horses are beautiful creatures that deserve the care and respect
from humans. If you would like to help this amazing charity RRR-
rescue, they are looking for winter grazing for their horses and
donations for feed and covers. RRR bank account for donations is Kiwi
bank 38-9022-0530097-00 or private message their facebook page to
enquire about providing grazing.

GasTech 24 Whiore Ave
Tauranga Ltd The Lakes
For all your gas Tauranga.
requirements, and small Phone: 07 543 2336
plumbing maintenance jobs. Em: [email protected]
Authorised Service Centre Showroom now
for all your servicing and open
breakdown requirements

across the
Western Bay of Plenty.

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 8

A Quiet Month by Nichelle Healy

We have had a pretty quiet last couple of weeks at our centre. Due to omicron
sweeping through New Zealand we have been missing a
number of our families who have had to isolate and we even
had to close our centre for a week. The response from all our
members to help and support those in isolation has been a
real testament to the relationships formed and manaakitanga
at our centre. With fewer members on session, we have
been enjoying quiet, more intimate times together. A few of
our younger members experienced their first volcano
experiment, some of our older tamariki experimented with
using our swings to paint, and we have been practising our
gymnastics skills on our obstacle course and rings.

We acquired some lovely new resources recently including
two trolleys that have been very popular with our tamariki.
They have inspired our tamariki to set up shops and cafes,
filling them with their homemade playdough treats and
inviting others to shop and enjoy a cup of tea together.

In these challenging times, it has been so nice to be able
to bring our tamariki to a familiar and supportive place where
they have the freedom to play, explore, and imagine. We
would like to extend our deepest love to our community and
to anyone who had been affected by covid.

Our sessions run Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30 -12pm.
We are located next to Pyes Pa School, come along and join
the fun, we offer the first three visits for free!



Phone Russell: 0274 390 471
07 544 6209
Ten Years
Ohauiti Local,
Call For Free

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 9

New College block is a great asset

The opening of ACG Tauranga’s highly anticipated College block has been a 2022
calendar highlight for staff and students alike. The new building is an enormous asset
to the school, and Principal Thea Kilian couldn’t be more delighted.

“It has been a great privilege to move into our new classrooms, specialist spaces and administration area,” she
says. “It is incredibly special when buildings reflect the character, values and aspirations of the people who
occupy them, and this has certainly been achieved. Personally, I love the large opening windows within the
classrooms that provide a special sense of overall connectedness. And the views from the administration area,
where we can watch our students play and engage in a positive and healthy manner, is daily confirmation of how
much I enjoy being a part of this community.”

The contemporary block includes a reception area and meeting rooms, offices for the principal and
administrative staff, a dedicated library, a specialist art room and science lab, and five new all-purpose

Grounds and Property
Maintenance Technician Johan
Prinsloo has worked tirelessly to
get the project across the line –
and he says the final result
surpasses expectations.

“The new block has created a
space that not only accommodates
key learning areas but is also a
place that senior students can
make their own. I especially like
the library and art and science
rooms, as they were purpose-
designed specifically for their

To learn more about
ACG Tauranga, please visit

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Drain laying
wetback installation
solar hot water installation
concrete floor repairs
roofing repairs
chimney removal
safety assured

Barry James
m: 021 82 60 46
p: 07 543 2682
e: [email protected]


Seasoned Firewood! Your local Health
Bags of kindling available Practitioner
Free delivery Pyes Pa.
Phone Kelly. Health & well being naturally
Tree Removal BOP Ltd
021 107 4725 Kinesiology can help with: * Anxiety & sleep
* Calmer emotional states
* Decrease stress and physical pain
* Better injury and sports recovery
* Clarity & focus
* Allergy support & testing
* Digestion issues

Diane Rosenberg is a Health
Practitioner /Kinesiologist who holds
workshops and runs her clinic from Pyes Pa

For more information
contact Diane Rosenberg

021 172 4624
[email protected]

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 11

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 12


Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 13

Free Community Bulletin Board

FOOD GROWERS’ GROUP: Tauranga Meets on the first
South Wednesday of the month
Food Growers Group Garden at Central Baptist Church
Casual friendly group in Pyes Pa Club Hall, cnr 13th Ave and
and Oropi for everyone -
beginner or expert - who enjoys, Cameron Rd,1.30-3pm.
or wants to grow, their own fruit
and veges: Visitors are welcome.

Next meet: Sunday 15 May - at 2pm Monthly speaker and friendly club.

For general information about the group and Ph Sue 027 413 0150
details of next meet please contact Christine
0274034757 or Jenny 0272036220 Greerton Hall Market

Taekwondo - Now at the Racecourse Sat urday April 09

St Ledgers basement area Saturday April 30
Tauranga Racecourse
1383 Cameron Rd Crafts, plants, produce, bric-a-brac. Stalls
Training from 6pm - 7:30pm inside/outside. Discounts for community
Tuesday and Thursday charity groups. Tea, coffee, snacks available.
Ages from 7 and up New stallholders always welcome. Stalls $12
per trestle table or outside space.
For enquiries contact Brett Wright 0275 842 853
or [email protected] Tricia/Gary 543 1487, 027 908 2952

St Vincent de Paul
Vinnies op-shops are always grateful to
receive donations from you.
We assist those in need in your
community with your help.
Please drop donations off to:
766 Cameron Road: 9-4pm Mon-Fri
and 9-1pm Sat
134 Chadwick Road, Greerton: 9-4pm Mon-Fri
and 9-1pm Sat
If you need us to collect please phone:
07-578 8218

Badminton Club at Aquinas College Action Centre

Mondays & Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm March & April TAURANGA SWIM SCHOOL
Senior players – all abilities welcome
for fun, fitness or competition Offers affordable swimming lessons
from 6 months old through to adults
for further information contact Noel 027 622 9797 and disability.
Call Andrea Hm 544 2141
or visit or 0272 868506. Check us out on Swim School.
Book now - limited spaces.

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter GREERTON LIONS

“serving our community”
The club is seeking
enthusiastic men and
women of any age to join
our active club.
Check out our Facebook
page or visit

Bill: 543 4423


Classified Advertisements

FOR SALE: Why English is so
hard to learn
Prices Ph 543 0047 1. The bandage was wound around the wound.
2. The farm was used to produce produce.
 SILAGE: Small Bales. $20 -25 Ph Skin 3. The dump was so full that it had to refuse more
027 284 3908
FOR HIRE: 4. We must polish the Polish furniture.
5. He could lead if he would get the lead out.
 Log Splitter For Hire: $90 per day, or log 6. The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the
splitting available: Ph Paul 07 543 3042
WORK OFFERED: 7. Since there is no time like the present, he thought

 Casual garden work: Call 027 543 5470 it was time to present the present.
8. A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.
 BLUEBERRY PICKERS WANTED In Pyes Pa 9. When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.
Orchard. Casual work. Flexible working 10. I did not object to the object.
hours. Phone Greg 021 08789362 11. The insurance was invalid for the invalid.
12. There was a row among the oarsmen about how
to row.
 Why not donate your excess, or otherwise 13. They were too close to the door to close it.
unwanted, citrus or avo crop to Good 14. The buck does funny things when the does are
Neighbour? We can pick.
Call Bill 027 474 1206 present.
15. A seamstress and a sewer fell down into a sewer
 Sonshine OP Shop is open. Accepting
whatever your garage is tired of. On Joyce line.
where the Olive Tree Cottage used to be. 16. To help with planting, the farmer taught his sow to

17. The wind was too strong to wind the sail.
18. After a number of injections my jaw got number.
19. Upon seeing the tear in the painting I shed a tear.
20. I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.
21. How can I intimate this to my most intimate



Homonyms or homographs are words of the same
spelling, but with more than meaning and sound. When
pronounced differently, they are known as heteronyms-
for example You can lead (bring) someone to lead (the
metallic element) .

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 15


LTD Local Agent

For a successful sale, without taking a big bite from the pie,
talk to Ben Louis from Reality Realty.
Being a local lifestyle owner, it is in my personal interest to
achieve the best possible price.
Proven for over 6 years that this does work, why would you
pay more for the sale of your property?
If you would like to know more then call me for a
no-nonsense, no-strings-attached chat and/or look on my


Sale Value ($) Commission ($)

700,000 13,512.50

1,000,000 16,962.50

1,500,000 22,712.50

Ben LouisLicwewnwse.rdeaALlgiitcweyenrwnetwasRle.tErdyeA.acAAAlogiRt.2eyn0nrEze0taI8RlNtEyA.ZcAo.2n0z08 Ph: 07 543 0006 P O Box 3207, Greerton, 3142
Mob: 027 275 8228 [email protected]

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 16

Edible Flowers Part II by Julia Sich, BA, Dip. Hort. (Distinction)

Have you tried adding edible flowers to your dishes since my last article? This month I’ll introduce a few more
edible flowers.

It’s exciting to learn that flowers we love to grow in our gardens turn out to be delicacies in our food and drinks
as well as pleasing visually. And it turns out that our ancestors often chose flowers for their aroma and flavour
over their beauty.

Chamomile is a miniature daisy-like flower with a yellow centre and a mild apple flavour. It is used to make
herbal infusions for promoting relaxation and sleep. Pick the flowers when fully mature and the yellow centre
sticks up and the white petals are pointing downwards. Chamomile likes well drained soils with lots of sun.

Cornflowers are bright blue with a clove-like flavour and frilly texture. Their striking appearance and mild
flavour add colour and taste to salads. They are also used in herbal teas to improve digestion, detoxify the liver,
and for their antibiotic and antioxidant properties for warding off colds. The plant prefers full sun and does not
tolerate shade.

Dianthus or pinks have pink, white and red coloured flowers with a spicy, clove-like flavour.
Daylilies are commonly used in public gardens as they flower over a long period. Flowers only last for a day
but they come in many colours with a distinctive slightly asparagus or summer squash taste.
Elderflowers The best time to pick elderflowers is on a dry, warm spring day when the blooms are open
newly. Give them a gentle shake to dislodge any insects and rinse briefly in cold water before using. You can
take the flower by the stalk and dip it in a tempura batter for a delicious fritter. The subtle floral notes of
elderflower cordial make a refreshing alternative to alcohol and it is easy to make. Infuse flowers with lemons,
sugar, water and tartaric or citric acid. The flowers can also be used to flavour kombucha.
Geraniums The leaves and flowers of scented geraniums are edible. The leaves contain essential oils giving
aroma to meat dishes, salads, desserts and even cakes. You can line a cake tin with peppermint geranium
leaves to flavour a chocolate cake. Varieties with a lemon aroma add zest to salads, sorbets or tea. Other
varieties are nutmeg, rose, orange and chocolate scented geraniums.
Nasturtium flowers instil a bright statement on any salad ranging in colour from yellow, orange and red
shades. They also bring a hot, peppery bite to the dish. All parts of the nasturtium plant are high in sulphur which
plays an important role in protein absorption, blood purifying, cell building and in healthy hair and skin. The
younger leaves are the nicest to eat and can be used as a food wrap or on an open sandwich. The seeds can be
pickled like capers.
Tulips who knew tulip flowers were edible? They come in a wide range of colours except blue and have a mild
sweet flavour (on hearsay as I have yet to try one).
I hope this gives you fresh ideas of flowers to use.

Come in and see your local mechanic

WOF Brakes 07 571 5221

Tyres Tune-ups 41B Whiore Ave
The Lakes
Servicing Electrical
Trailer repairs Batteries Paul & Leoni

[email protected]

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 17


Security and Communications

Installation, Maintenance, Repair

 Alarm Systems of
 Access control
 CCTV  Phone outlets
 Intercoms  Data networks
 Automation  Fibre optic
 WiFi
 Audio/Vision systems

Home or Business

Call Gareth 021 514 900

[email protected]



Owned & Operated by Fully Qualified & Experienced Beauty
Professionals, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands!

Facials - Massage - Waxing - Tinting - Henna
Brows - Lash Lift - Lash Extensions -

Manicures - Pedicures - Spray Tans - Makeup -

Serenity Skin & Beauty proudly stocks Dermalogica
and Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

543 4981 - 022 1877 281

[email protected]
Book Online and Buy Gift Vouchers

32 Grantston Drive, Pyes Pa

Members of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty
Professionals Inc

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 18

Hi from Jane Nees,

Your Bay of Plenty Regional Councilor
Investing in Our Environment by Supporting Volunteer Effort

We have so many special places in the Bay of Plenty that Regional Council on behalf of the funding partner agencies, that
agencies such as the regional and district councils and DOC are include other Councils across the region and DoC. The Coast
not able to carry out all the environmental protection and Care contractors work to restore the ecological integrity and
restoration work required across the region. We are lucky that we resilience of coastal dune systems through organized volunteer

have a huge network of local volunteers who are passionate about planting events at specific times and places. During the planting
their local environment and put in many, many hours to protect season last year there were:
places that they care about. • 142 sites planted • 83,606 native plants planted
The Bay of Plenty Regional Council provides ongoing financial • 5,359 volunteers who participated
and practical support of care groups and other volunteer groups In addition, in recent years, Council has also supported the
because it recognises that the gains achieved by this volunteer formation and running of a number of catchment groups. They are

army outweigh the investment by council considerably. groups of landowners whose properties lie within a catchment
Council supports 65 Land and Estuary Care groups by where water quality attributes need improvement and landowners
providing technical support, advice and funding for materials to be come together to effect change at the catchment level. Their
utilised by the group. To keep it simple, Council generally funding comes from a variety of sources and landowners within a
purchases and supplies materials for them (like pest traps and catchment group often enter into Environmental Programmes with

bait, and plants for revegetation) and includes any training or other the Regional Council under its Environmental Grants Policy
resources required for the job. These costs are usually very small As well as this, the Regional Council has an Environmental
- often less than $5,000 and no more than $10,000 per year. Most Enhancement Fund of $300,000 per year for community based
of the groups operate on publicly-owned land. environmental projects. This year, it also provided direct major
In the western bay and Tauranga over the last year there were: multi-year financial support to the Bay Conservation Alliance,
• 40 care groups active in the area Landcare Trust and Envirohub, each of which complement

• 4,000 pest animals trapped • 500kg bait laid Council’s work in the environmental volunteer sector in some way.
• 15,000 native plants planted • 40,000 hours of voluntary All of this support of volunteers fits within Council’s Community
labour contributed (1000 weeks) Participation Action Plan. The overall investment is large but is
Also supported was Coast Care BOP that is coordinated by the outweighed by the return to the environment/community.

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 19

You would be made welcome at
Daniels in the Park
9.30 - 11.30am 1st Thursday of the month

for fun and fellowship
Ph. 543 2791 for details.

Kiwi Breeding Season is Over

Eleven chicks this year, up from nine last year, and that is great. The big
surprise was Pistachio and Koura – let’s hope it's the beginning of lots
more babies from them. Their chick was named ‘Ruby G’ by Bruce
Fraser, our former Chairman who so sadly passed away in February this

Kiwi work for the next few months will be focused on changing out boy transmitters and checking that girl leg
bands are secure. The coming excitement will be attempting to get transmitters back on the missing boys.

If anyone is keen to help, please contact the Trust. Requirements for this work are: good hearing, being
comfortable in the forest at night, know what a kiwi sounds like, have a compass and know how to use it. We can
teach you if you’re keen and available. Please contact [email protected] if interested.

We have 20 kiwi on transmitters and three boys still to catch. Our kiwi crèche, Warrenheip, has 11 chicks and
the Hatchery has two chicks and one egg.
Kōkako News
The Trust has recently appointed project coordinator, Tiffany Randell, for the next proposed Kōkako translocation
into the forest. Tiffany is working with the Kōkako team to get the translocation proposal submitted to DoC and
have greater engagement with iwi.

There are currently 69 Kōkako in the forest (last survey taken in 2020), however there is a need for new
genetic material to be introduced through a translocation of birds from other areas in order to secure the future of
Kōkako in Ōtanewainuku.

Now that the nesting season is over it’s
great to hear reports from volunteers and
visitors that they are hearing the haunting
song of the Kōkako.
Next Workday: Sunday 10th April, starting at
9am at Mountain Road, Oropi. New
volunteers are welcome!

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252383 Maleme Street Tauranga
Telephone 541 – 2565

DrivFeowr aalyl sY,oTuernCnoinscCreotuerRtse,qHuioreumseenstlsabs,
Patio’s, Full Contracts,

Come anPdroVfieeswDsiOisopunlraayCl oTmeapmrehensive
at 23 Maleme Street, Greerton

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Pet Nutrition by July Hebbel

We spend a lot of money on our pets, especially on the food they eat. But how much thought do we put into food
choices for our pets? Are the more expensive or ‘premium’ foods actually any better than the supermarket or
more ‘budget’ brands? The choices can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Put simply, if we want our pets to live a healthy and happy life, one of the most crucial things we can do is to
give them the proper nutrition that he or she needs. It is also important to remember that there is no one-size-fits-
all approach as our pets all have individual nutritional needs depending on life-stage and individual requirements.
There are foods designed specifically for puppies and kittens, active adult dogs, older pets, large breed dogs and
many foods designed for specific health issues such as allergies, arthritis, dental care and joint health.
Marketing vs evidence

At Tauranga, Te Puna, Katikati and Papamoa Village Vets, we believe strongly in evidence-based medicine.
That means we can be confident that the food that we recommend has undergone stringent analysis and/or food
trials to ensure that they are a complete and balanced diet for your pet.

Your vet can help you choose the best food for your pet based on their age, body condition, activity and any
specific nutritional requirements. At Tauranga Vets, we recommend that, at a minimum, the food you select for
your pet should be formulated to meet AAFCO standards. AAFCO is a non-profit organisation that sets evidence-
based standards for pet foods. Pet foods that meet these standards can claim they’re complete and balanced.

However, marketing is a powerful tool for selling pet food and it has been responsible for fads and trends that
are unsupported by science and leave pet owners confused. Always remember, your veterinarian (rather than Dr
Google) is the best person to talk to about what to feed your pet.
What happens when we don’t feed our pets good quality food?

It is a common misconception that a ‘malnourished’ pet doesn’t get enough food. However, pets who look
perfectly healthy from the outside, can also be deemed to be malnourished. Malnourishment can occur when our
pets are lacking an essential nutrient, but it doesn’t mean they’re not loved or cared for; they just need a more
balanced diet. In fact, even overweight or obese animals can be malnourished if their diet is missing certain
vitamins or minerals. Over time, a nutrient deficiency can lead to certain conditions or diseases and it can also
mean the difference between a long and healthy life versus a shorter and harder one.
If you would like help selecting or narrowing down the best food options for your pet, talk to one of our
experienced veterinarians or vet nurses. Call us on 0800 838 7267

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From new builds, alterations to remedial plaster and

Certified and qualified LBP for exterior plastering
Interior painting, skimming

23 years experience, 20 years working in the Bay of Plenty.
Proud to be local

Dan 020 4736337 (render)
Email: [email protected]

Selling, Buying, Trading?

Advertise from as little as
$2 per 3 line advertisement

Please email adverts to Clyde
at:[email protected]

Adverts can be delivered to

or to Renner Park Golf Club
Include your money in an envelope with
your advert and contact details please
The deadline is always the last Friday of the

month and the newsletter is in your
letterboxes by the first Friday of the following


All advertising enquiries to

Joyce, ph 544 5165

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OROPI AND PYES PA by Christine

Do you grow your own food and vegetables and want to learn more or see what others are doing locally?

We are a casual friendly group that meets every 3rd Sunday in the month to share ideas on growing food. Some
of the notes from last month's visit were:

The vegetable garden was spread over many areas around the house and property, providing for almost complete
self- sufficiency. It was cultivated primarily using no-dig gardening methods, including mulching with garden
clippings, using cut and drop techniques (good for encouraging worms) and spray free primarily to support the
beneficial insects. There were many interesting plants including the king fern in the native area, Vietnamese herb
perilla, climbers such as red banana passionfruit, lemon verbena and fungi such as edible wine cap mushroom,
and immune boosting turkey tail mushroom. And plenty of staple vegetables too. The brassicas were neatly
enclosed within a ‘white butterfly exclusion zone’, with chick weed growing in -between that is used in salads.
One area was cultivated in a variety of chillies, as well as kumara. We discussed lifting and throwing the kumara
runners over the top of the plant to prevent them from rooting. This plot was surrounded by a corrugated iron and
mesh fence – providing both shelter and protection from stock. The potato area further up the field was also fenced
off from stock, and varieties grown included Cliff’s kidney (early), red rascal and Ilam hardy. In a separate area to
the side of the house was another large vegetable garden with carrots, parsnips and a variety of onions with
colourful nasturtiums flowering throughout. Elephant garlic was growing in an old bathtub, covered by netting to
keep the birds off. The small bulbils are kept for seed, grown on for a year, and then planted out the following
year and these grow and split into large cloves for culinary use. Not to mention the fruit trees as well… there was
lots to explore in this very production garden….

If you'd like to share your successes - and failures - and learn from others, come and join us!

We'll have a break over Easter

Next meeting: Sunday 15 May 2pm.
To find out more or to join us, please contact Christine 0274034757 [email protected] or Jenny

0272036220 [email protected]

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Spacess Reprinted from February 2015

Who chooses whom?

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Tauranga Homekills

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