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Pyes Pa Newsletter Dec 2019

Pyes Pa Newsletter Dec 2019


N E WS L E T T E RDecember

“Our very own gutsy little non-profit publication, for the Pyes Pa rural area.”

Page 8 M
Children E
and Pets R
Page 10 Y
OKT Photo C
Competition H
Page 17 I
What not S
to eat T
Page 19 A
Getting on with S
Council Business

Page 25
Tribute to Tim

Deadline for February 2020 Issue: Friday, Jan 31

Arbor Care Ltd

NZ Arboricultural Assoc Approved Contractor

Ph/Fax 07 543 1775

[email protected]

your local arboricultural experts

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 1

Pyes Pa Foodie
By Tricia Young


Glazes are as varied as the relatives gathered around your table on Christmas Day so I have gathered together
a variety of glazing recipes - something for everyone’s taste, I hope. It is not a difficult job to glaze a ham and
the effort is really worth it so give it a go and enjoy.
Honey and Cinnamon Glazed Ham
1 cup liquid Honey

Juice one Orange
1tbsp Prepared Mustard

1tsp Ground Cinnamon
1 half ham on bone
Mix together the honey, orange juice, mustard and cinnamon.
Using your fingers, carefully run them between the ham skin and the ham to remove the skin. This is by far the
easiest way. Cut the skin around the base of the knuckle to give a tidy look once glazed.
Using a small paring knife, cut a diamond pattern in the fat layer of the ham. Place the ham on a foil or baking
paper-lined baking tray. This layer of paper or foil will prevent the sugary glaze sticking and burning onto the
base of your tray.
Brush the ham liberally with about ¼ of the glaze.

To glaze the ham only, cook at 180°C for 30-40 minutes, brushing with the remaining glaze every 10 minutes

until the ham is golden in colour.

To serve the ham glazed and hot, bake at 160°C allowing 20 minutes per kilogram, brushing with remaining

glaze every 10 minutes, until it has all been used. Serve the ham garnished as wished.


¼ cup Cranberry sauce 1 cup Pineapple juice 1 cup chunky Marmalade 1 cup Maple syrup

¼ cup Orange juice 1 cup Brown sugar 2tbsp Whiskey or Port ¼ cup French Mustard

2thsp Brown sugar 1tsp Mustard powder

2tbsp Port A pinch of ground Cloves


CAR BOOT SALE Newsletter articles and stories
must be submitted on time,
Saturday, Dec 21 or miss the boat!

7am to Noon Deadline for February issue is:

$5 per site at the Greerton School Grounds FJRaInD3A1Y,
Organised by :-

Contact Shirley 577 1116
or Jude 07 281 2389

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter

Pyes Pa Community Newsletter Circulation: 950
Delivered to the Pyes Pa rural
Editor: Clyde Campbell 543 1477 area and other distribution sites.
Email: [email protected]
The Pyes Pa Community
Treasurer: Joyce Bonner: 544 5165 Newsletter is non-profit and is

We always welcome any new articles of up to 300 produced by volunteers.
words so don’t hesitate to tell us your story. Please supply text as Any surplus funds are donated to
Pyes Pa community organisations.
a Word Document and photos as .jpeg.

Deadline for Feb 2020 Issue: Friday, Jan 31

A big thankyou needs to go to Siobhan for covering for me last month - I had an eye operation a day before the
Deadline Day.

I was surprised and saddened to see the news about the passing of Tim Bulkeley in Noni’s column on page
25. Tim had been a regular columnist to the Newsletter since before April 2014 (that is the oldest electronic copy
that I can access) and his writings were always entertaining.

All of you kind regular contributors can relax for two reasons: firstly because there is a break until the end of
January, and secondly because you will not get “encouraged” to send in your contribution by Sue any more. It is
with regret that we have to say goodbye to Sue. She is entering a new phase in her busy life and we wish her
well in her travels

With the end of the year approaching rapidly, the Newsletter team wants to acknowledge the support given by
the contributors and the advertisers. Joyce will be in contact with this year’s advertisers to see if they would like
to continue with their advertising for 2020. There has been a lot of interest in the limited advertising space lately,
so it would pay to get in quick!

We get a lot of positive feedback about the Newsletter and it needs to be pointed out that its quality is the
result of the hard work that is applied in the background by the Newsletter Team - thank you.

Advertisers please note


Could you please place your
adverts, copy and payments

(along with your contact
details) in an envelope

and drop off at
414 Espresso Café
or Renner Park Golf Club

Please contact Joyce Bonner (544
5165) for enquiries about payments.

DISCLAIMER: We print 11 issues for the year - February to December. If you wish to place a
Multi Ad during the print year in three or more consecutive issues, the 30%
Every effort has been taken to see that discount still applies. Clyde Campbell 543 1477, Joyce Bonner: 544 5165,
all information within this Newsletter is
correct. This newsletter is produced by 3

volunteers in good faith.
No responsibility will be accepted for
any inaccuracies or misuse or misrep-
resentation or/of wrongful information.

All information given and provided
should be used as a guide only.

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter

Farmers Tree of Remembrance and Christmas Bauble

Christmas is generally the time of year when we think of people who won't be with us
during the festive season - they may have died, they may be living overseas or in
other parts of the country, or perhaps just can't be with you at this time of year.

From today until Christmas Eve everyone who makes a donation to Waipuna Hospice whilst shopping at their local Farmers store
(Bayfair Shopping Centre and The Crossing – Tauriko), will receive a remembrance card. This card is an opportunity to write a
special message for someone you'll be thinking about this Christmas. Both Farmers stores have a dedicated Tree of Remembrance
in store to display your message for friends and family and the community to see.

The Tree of Remembrance is a way to honour those we think of, while supporting your local hospice. 100% of the donations
remain within the community in which it was given, supporting the local hospice service.

Farmers Bayfair Shopping Centre and Farmers The Crossing will also be selling their annual collectible bauble. This year’s
collectible bauble has been designed by contemporary Maori artist Spencer Bellas. The ngaru, which is Māori for wave, represents
the journey of life, several waves moving together as whanau. Spencer and his whanau were supported by hospice when their
uncle was dying in 2017.

Spencer was surprised how the Hospice crew not only made his uncle comfortable but also made the whole family feel at ease,
giving them a sense of ownership of the physical space and control over the spiritual experience. Something that is vitally important
for Māori.

“Family members were able to sing individually and in groups onsite as music had been a big part of my uncle’s life. The staff
made themselves scarce unless we needed them so we could tend to ourselves, honour our own
traditions and be there for him.”

This appreciation of the Māori values of whānau, connection, spirit and ritual left an amazing
impression on his immediate family who were the closest to his uncle. It also had a great impact on
the whole whānau.

Spencer encourages everyone to buy a bauble from Farmers and support their local hospice;
“Christmas is a time to come together, to eat good food, to laugh, sing, relax and recharge. It is also a
time to reflect on whanau that are no longer with us and celebrate with those who are.”

The hand painted collectible baubles are available in your local Farmers store from now until
Christmas eve. They are $10 each and the full purchase price is donated to your local hospice service
to ensure hospice services are continue to be provided at no cost to patients and their families.

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 4

Phone 07 543 3830 P O Box 810
Fax 07 543 3860 Tauranga 3140
Mobile 021 740 477 New Zealand
Email [email protected]

Garment Alteration Salon For all your General Engineering requirements,
Repairs & maintenance, Site welding, Structural,
Clothing Repairs and Alterations
Gates & fencing. Plate cutting & folding
Deborah Baker - 07 578 6662 General Engineering
Shop 2 Tim Sidwell
Piccadilly Arcade
Tauranga Unit l, 61 Maleme Street, Greerton
Phone 07 541 1277 Mobile 027 256 4250

Fax 07 541 1278

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 5

Latest News - November 2019

Kia ora koutou,
This term has been very busy as we are coming closer to the end of the year and are saying goodbye to some
great friends who are our year eight students. We have had a lot of exciting events and learning programmes
happen this term.

This term we had the Year 7&8 students go to Motiti Island for camp during week 5. They could not have asked
for better weather. They had an amazing time learning about the history of the island and participating in various
different ocean-based activities. We also had the year 5&6 students go to Tui Ridge in week 7 to participate in a
variety of activities designed to challenge them. Later this term we also have our year 4 students participating in a
big day out on the 12th-13th of December where they will be staying at school overnight, having a barbeque for
their dinner and enjoying different activities outside of the school.

On Tuesday 19 November, Pyes Pa School had their annual Bi/Triathlon held on our school field. The students
could choose to compete in the Biathlon or Triathlon events. The Triathlon competitors received a certificate if
they came first, second, or third. Well done to all of the students who participated in the Biathlon or Triathlon. We
hope that all of the students enjoyed their time competing.

Very soon we will be having a new parking area at the front of Pyes Pa School; this will include a new bus stop
and extra parking spaces. The roadwork will begin during the final school holidays. One of our school
playgrounds will also be removed to accommodate the new road frontage. However, we had a huge success at
our School Gala, raising over $10,000 for our new school playground that will be our next project. Thank you to
everyone who supported our School Gala through donations and/or purchases.

As some of you may know, Janet Bilbe, who has taught in room one for 23 years is leaving at the end of this
year. We will all miss her and it will be a very sad and emotional time, especially for all the students that she has
taught over the years. We are very grateful for her amazing contributions to Education and to Pyes Pa School
specifically. We will all miss Janet Bilbe and we wish her all the best in her retirement.

Nga mihi maioha,
Natalia Jourdain, Callie Taylor and Amelie Inglis (Room 8 students)

Does your Motorcycle or ATV need servicing?
We service & repair all makes & models
Free pickup & delivery if you mention this

Simon & Sherilyn Horne

Phone: 575 8358 A/H: 027 238 1760

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 6


Front entrance doors,
Do you wish to hold a celebration, barn & stable doors,
event, activity or gathering?
French doors,
HALL HIRE CHARGES Bi-folds doors and

Returnable Bond:$200 windows,
interior doors,
Night: $250 wooden joinery
Meetings: $25 an hour, negotiable exterior wooden sash-

EQUIPMENT HIRE (off premises) es
(incl replacements)
Wooden chairs; 50c each
Justwood Joinery - Craftsmen in Wood
Trestle tables: $5 each 75 Keenan Road, RD3, Pyes Pa, Tauranga
Phone: 07 543 0871, Mobile: 021 1667963
Hall hire includes full
use of facilities. Web:
(No dishwasher, Email:
but microwave
available) [email protected]
Contact: Judy
Ph 543 0047

MONEY MATTER$ Christmas bonus – yes or no?

by Nikki Blake

In the lead up to the festive season, small business owners might be wondering whether or not to offer a Christmas bonus to staff. A
range of factors should be considered before deciding to pay staff any bonuses.

Are you obliged to pay a Christmas bonus?
Businesses are not required legally to pay their staff Christmas bonuses – unless staff employment contracts state otherwise.
However, if you’ve given regular Christmas bonuses to your staff previously, it can be quite difficult to stop as it’s something your staff
would now expect.
Best bonus options
Below are some of the most common bonuses offered by small business owners when it comes to giving a little extra to their staff at
Cash bonus – flat rate: where all staff receive the exact same bonus amount. A great way to ‘level the field’ and to ensure staff see
this bonus as a gift, rather than being tied to performance or seniority. However, remember that whatever amount you choose will be
setting a precedent for years to come, so be careful to choose an amount that is sustainable.
Cash bonus – salary percentage: if your business has a more hierarchical structure due to differences in seniority or roles, a salary
percentage bonus might be the best option.
Gifts - things like gift certificates for local restaurants, magazine subscriptions or bottles of champagne always work well.
Perks - an option that is gaining popularity is to offer staff additional employee perks around the holidays. For example, allowing staff
to finish a couple of hours early in the week leading up to Christmas or offering an extra day or two off over the Christmas period is a
great crowd-pleaser and requires no additional budget.
Whatever type of bonus you choose to implement, the goal should always be the same – making your employees feel valued and
appreciated. After all, happy, motivated staff are one the greatest assets of small businesses.
And remember everything has a tax consequence! Cash bonuses will be subject to the PAYE rules, and gifts could have
entertainment tax or fringe benefit tax implications. Check with your accountant or tax advisor to make sure the tax treatment of your
Christmas bonuses is correct.
A big thank you to all my clients for their support over the year. Best wishes to everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 7

By Margaret Rawiri
Phone: 578 0245

Children need to be taught how to interact with their pets

Teach your children to use rewards, pats, or a happy voice when your pet has behaved well; do not allow
children to yell, smack or hurt the family pet as a punishment.

The child will follow an adult’s lead and will respond to animals as they do. Children often perceive their
family pets as siblings and will discipline the pet in the same ways as adults discipline them. Encourage
children to notice when animals want to be left alone or are feeling fearful. The child may notice that the family
pet behaves in a certain manner or retreats to a certain place when they are not comfortable.

When introducing children to an animal, ask them to sit away from the animal and invite the animal to come
to the child.

Encourage children to interact with the family pet with fun activities such as hiding treats in a room for a dog
to sniff out and find, or using a string cat toy to initiate play.

Ask children to identify the personality and likes and dislikes of
your pet. Some pets are cuddly and some are independent. Some
pets are active and some are relaxed.

Encourage your child to learn about the animals they live
with. Do some research together to find out about the specific
needs of your family pet, including needs of certain species and

Ask children to be involved in the daily care of the animals in the
home. Young children can be supervised to put water in the bowl
every day and children can learn to groom and play with their pets.

Children can make fun toys to enrich their pet’s environment –
they can make a cat tower out of boxes or plait old sheets to make
rope toys for dogs.

GasTech 24 Whiore Ave
Tauranga Ltd The Lakes
For all your gas Tauranga.
requirements, and small Phone: 07 543 2336
plumbing maintenance jobs.
Em: [email protected]
Authorised Service Centre www.gastechtauranga
for all your servicing and Showroom now open
breakdown requirements

across the
Western Bay of Plenty.

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 8

Fun in the Sun! by Lauren Shaw

Wow, this month has been packed full of fun! Not only has this
month seen us welcome many new families to our centre on both our Tuesday and Friday sessions, but the sun has come out and we
have spent many sessions enjoying the outdoors!

Water and sand play has seen the children getting creative by adding colours and bubbles to the water to invent different potions. They
have also experimented with playing with the gloop using cooling racks where they could watch the gloop run through the wire and drop
down to the tray below - this was a huge hit, with the children’s faces lighting up with excitement! Physically-active play has also been
busy with obstacle courses created for all children - from our babies right through to four-year-olds – to explore.

We had a very successful stall with Pyes Pa Schools gala day, where we got to meet many people from the community and it gave
some of the children a chance to come along and play with the playdough. Thank you to the school and those who supported us by
purchasing our jars of playdough and “sugar-free” cookbooks that we had for sale.

This month also saw us celebrate two amazing people, Fiona Jesson and Laraine Cubbin - these ladies were given the special honour
of becoming Pyes Pa Playcentre Life Members. This doesn't happen
often (perhaps once every six years!) so we are delighted to be able to
have these ladies join this special group of people and to have them
continue to support our little centre.

Before the end of the year, we are coming together for a Christmas
Water Fun Party, where we will have paddling pools, slip and slides
and a shared afternoon tea with a visit from someone very special who
will deliver presents to all our lovely tamariki.

Our final sessions this year are Tuesday 10th and Friday 13th
December. We are back at Playcentre from Tuesday 4th and Friday
7th February 2020 (we follow the school term times). We hope
everyone has a relaxing and safe summer holiday and I look forward to
writing to you all again in the new year about our next lot of



Phone Russell: 0274 390 471
07 544 6209
Ten Years
Ohauiti Local,
Call For Free

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 9

Kiwi Trust announces photo competition results
Photos of robins, kidney ferns, soaring trees, kiwi, a waterfall and a volunteer
trapping were the winners in the recent Ōtanewainuku Kiwi Trust photo competition
for 2019.
The 150 entries covered a wide range of plants, insects, predators, volunteers, visitors and landscapes in the
Trust’s first ever photo competition. Representatives from the local branch of the NZ Photographic Society
generously judged the entries and determined the six category winners. Prizes were presented at an event last
week with attendees impressed with the overall quality of the photos.
Many of the photos will be used
in the Trust’s newsletters as well
as the website and in their The winning photo
Facebook and Instagram by Selene Conn of
platforms. an OKT volunteer

The Trust intends to repeat the
competition in 2020.
Category winners were:
 NZ Riverjet fauna category
winner Selene Conn
 Rotorua Canopy Tours flora
category winner Janet
 Bay Explorer flora category
runner up Reuben Fraser
 Rainbow Springs people
category winner Sheryl
 Rotorua Rafting landscape
category winner Brennan
 Skyline Rotorua volunteer
category winner Selene

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter +trade excellence at affordable prices...
a+ plumbing
Gas fitting
Drain laying
wetback installation
solar hot water installation
concrete floor repairs
roofing repairs
chimney removal
safety assured

Barry James
m: 021 82 60 46
p: 07 543 2682
e: [email protected]


Have Better Sleep
Eliminate Unwanted Small tree and stump removal
Can chip up to 10-inch branches
Habits Rates negotiable, depending on the job
Boost Self-Confidence
2-man team available
Clinical Hypnotherapist / Colin Lane
Donna-Maree Parker
A note of thanks from
027 210 5404 The Pyes Pa Hall Committee
928 0288
We would like to say a
[email protected] HUGE THANK YOU TO ARBOR CARE for Donating a Truck Load of Mulch for the
Hall Gardens .
and also to the Department of Corrections
whose workers weeded the gardens and
spread the Mulch out.
Thank You all Again.

Heat Pump

To be warm and cosy for the winter have a
heat pump installed.



▪ LED lighting ▪ Computer outlets ▪ Audio Visual

▪ Home Theatre & Sound systems
▪ Solar systems … Plus more …
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For Your Home Ventilation

A healthy home with Better Air
Install a Smart Vent Ventilation System
to achieve a healthier, cleaner air quality in

your home.

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 11

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 12

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 13

Free Community Bulletin Board

FOOD GROWERS’ GROUP: Tauranga Meets on the first
South Wednesday of the month
Food Growers Group Garden at Central Baptist Church
Casual friendly group in Pyes Pa Club Hall, cnr 13th Ave and
and Oropi for everyone
(beginner or expert) who Cameron Rd,1.30-3pm.
enjoys, or wants to grow, their
own fruit and veges: Visitors are welcome.

December 15th - Mark & Esme (Oropi) Xmas Monthly speaker and friendly club. $12 annual sub
and a $2 door fee. Ph Sue 027 413 0150
For general information about the group please
contact Esme 543-3021 or Noni 579-4944 Greerton Hall Market

Taekwondo - Now at the Racecourse Saturday December 14

St Ledgers basement area Crafts, plants, produce, bric-a-brac. Stalls
Tauranga Racecourse inside/outside. Discounts for community
charity groups. Tea, coffee, snacks available.
New stallholders always welcome. Stalls $12
per trestle table or outside space.
Tricia/Gary 5431487, 027 908 2952

[email protected],

St Vincent de Paul
Vinnies op-shops are always grateful to
receive donations from you.
We assist those in need in your
community with your help.
Please drop donations off to:
766 Cameron Road: 9-4pm Mon-Fri
and 9-1pm Sat
134 Chadwick Road, Greerton: 9-4pm Mon-Fri
and 9-1pm Sat
If you need us to collect please phone:
07-578 8218

Badminton Club at Aquinas College Action Centre
Mondays from 7 - 9pm
free use of club racquets TAURANGA SWIM SCHOOL

Senior players - all abilities welcome: Offers affordable swimming lessons
for fun, fitness or competition from 6 months old through to adults
and disability. Call Andrea Hm 544
Please contact Sue: 0211944335 2141 or 0272 868506. Check us out
for further information or visit on Swim
School. Book now - limited spaces.


Relax, unwind, be still, reflect, refresh,
enjoy. Share in a selection of sacred and
inspirational writings and music from
around the world.
Usually held on the last Sunday evening
of the month. All welcome.
Phone: 543 0434 for details

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 14

Classified Advertisements


 Plywood seconds: All sizes, cheap, while
stocks last. Inquiries Ph 07 543 0047

 Firewood Split ready to go. Shelter belt
trees – cryptomeria. $100 per m³
Ph 027 479 1214

WORK WANTED: Honda Generator Model EG5500CX

 Dog Carer: Home visits - feed, toilet, walk, Purchased new in March 2017 for $3499 from Naismith
talk, play. Pyes Pa area - 30 minutes min. & Jones, for sale for $1,500 ono.
$25. Di Scurr 022 6769790 This generator was purchased as an emergency back-up
for our submersible water pump, but we are now using
FOR HIRE: city water so it is no longer required. It is in as-new
condition and has been run regularly to check the
 Log Splitter For Hire: $80 per day, or log operation of the motor. It would be nice if someone in
splitting available: Ph Paul 07 543 3042 Pyes Pa or Oropi purchased it because it would like to
stay in the area (like me).
Contact Colin Henderson.
 Free Mulch: Telephone 543 0205 or email: [email protected]
 Great for trees etc.
 Bring a trailer or ute - we can load
 Pick up Omanawa Road
 Please phone 027 296 4006

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 15


LTD Local Agent

For a successful sale, without taking a big bite from the pie,
talk to Ben Louis from Reality Realty.
Being a local lifestyle owner, it is in my personal interest to
achieve the best possible price.
Proven for over 6 years that this does work, why would you
pay more for the sale of your property?
If you would like to know more then call me for a
no-nonsense, no-strings-attached chat and/or look on my


Sale Value ($) Commission ($)

700,000 13,512.50

1,000,000 16,962.50

1,500,000 22,712.50

Ben LouisLicwewnwse.rdeaALlgiitcweyenrwnetwasRle.tErdyeA.acAAAlogiRt.2eyn0nrEze0taI8RlNtEyA.ZcAo.2n0z08 Ph: 07 543 0006 P O Box 3207, Greerton, 3142
Mob: 027 275 8228 [email protected]

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 16

What Weeds Not to Eat by Julia Sich, BA, Dip. Hort. (Distinction)

I write about edible weeds usually that we can use safely and include in our diets. This time I’m talking
about two common plants in our gardens that are not good to eat. However, don’t disregard them as
they have other values.

Firstly there’s Milkweed, Petty spurge, Radium weed or Cancer weed (Euphorbia peplus). I have tons
of this in my garden. It is an annual plant growing 5–30 cm tall with smooth round, hairless stems. The
leaves are oval with a smooth margins looking almost identical in colour and shape to chickweed
leaves. These two plants frequently grow together; especially when chickweed flourishes in cooler
weather during winter. Milkweed has tiny green flowers in three-rayed umbels.

Inside milkweed stems is a milky latex sap which is toxic, and used only externally as a therapeutic
agent for the removal of warts and sunspots on the skin. Quite a few people tell me in workshops that
they have removed warts with this milky sap. Others report using it successfully on cancerous skin
lesions. The anti-tumour component of Euphorbia peplus is ingenol mebutate. If you should accidently
eat milkweed, this substance will burn the inside of your mouth for a couple of days. So how do I
prevent this from happening? When I pick chickweed I don’t want to also pick milkweed accidentally. My
strategy is to take hold of a small bunch of chickweed, cut the lot with scissors then turn the bunch
upside-down and look at the stalk ends. Any milkweed will ooze out the milky white sap immediately,
(the photo shows cut stems with milk oozing out of euphorbia but not chickweed) revealing itself so then
I can pull those stems out.

Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis) has been scrambling its feathery weak stems up through and over
things in our gardens during late winter and spring. This is another annual recognised most easily by its
tubular flowers that are pink with a red tip and a stroke of green. Another variety wall fumitory (fumaria
muralis) is without the green stripe.

It is very bitter in taste and I don’t include it in my smoothies. It is not poisonous, but I am cautious
about using it. “The New Zealand Family Herb Doctor: A book on the Botanic Eclectic System of
Medicine” by James F Neil. M.D. U.S.A., Dunedin: Mills, Dick & Co. 1889 says however, “it is
recommended as a tonic. The expressed juice, a deobstruent (clearing obstructions from internal
organs) was taken as an infusion of the dried herb, an ounce (28gms) to the pint (473 ml). Mixed
externally with the juice of dock in vinegar, it is good as an outward application on pimples, blotches
and scabs.” Another source said it could be added to a bath to treat eczema, itching skin and acne.

Remember that, before
about the 1920s,
medicines from plants
were the standard
remedies. While I don’t
use fumitory myself, I
appreciate its uniqueness
and appreciate the
diversity it adds to my
garden. The last workshop
for 2019 Sunday 8th
December, Hamilton.


new beginner lessons - age 6 - 106
no experience needed

Walter 022 319 0212

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 17


Security and Communications

Installation, Maintenance, Repair

 Alarm Systems of
 Access control
 CCTV  Phone outlets
 Intercoms  Data networks
 Automation  Fibre optic
 WiFi
 Audio/Vision systems

Home or Business

Call Gareth 021 514 900

[email protected]



Beauty Therapy

Come to Serenity Spa for all of your beauty needs!
Facials - Massage - Waxing - Tinting - Henna

Brows - Lash Lift - Manicures - Pedicures - Spray
Tans - Makeup

Serenity Spa proudly stocks Dermalogica, Rito and
Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

579 4775 or 022 1877 281
[email protected]

1260A Cameron Road

Let us treat you at Serenity Spa, come relax,
rejuvenate and revitalise!

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 18

Hi from Jane Nees,
Your Bay of Plenty Regional Councilor

The Problem with Mount Maunganui Air

A key role of the Bay of Plenty Regional Council is to look after and monitor our environment, so that it can
be enjoyed by everyone for generations to come. Ensuring we have clean air is an important part of this role.

The community has been concerned about the quality of air in the Mount Maunganui industrial area for
some time and, as a result, the Regional Council put a network of monitors in place across the area to
understand the problem better. At the cost of $500,000 a year, this has been a significant investment, but in
the last 12 months since monitoring began, the Regional Council has detected a number of exceedances of
the air quality limits for particulates set under the National Environmental Standards - which is simply not
acceptable. The fine dust (PM10 particulates) can cause breathing and health problems, particularly for the
elderly and children, and for those suffering from asthma. This is a huge concern for those living in close
proximity to the airshed - in particular the residents at the Whareroa Marae.

As a result the Regional Council was compelled to establish the Mount Maunganui airshed to help manage
air quality in the area better. We approached central government for official gazettal of the airshed as this will
enable us to use more management tools to address increasing concerns around dust and poor air quality.
Recently, the Associate Minister for the Environment, Hon. Nanaia Mahuta approved the airshed, which
becomes effective from 28 November 2019. This will enable tighter rules and consent decisions and a
greater ability to manage industrial discharges - including the ability to target industrial discharges in this area
specifically and introduce tighter restrictions if required. Under the new Mount Maunganui airshed, new
consent applications for activities that discharge a fine
particulate matter (PM10), as part of their processes,
cannot be granted consent if they are likely to increase
offsite PM10 concentrations. This is unless the pollutants
can be offset in some way in another part of the airshed.

See the attached map for the Mount Maunganui Airshed
(in blue) and the Mount Maunganui industrial area.

In the interim, the Regional Council has been working
proactively with industry, log handlers, dry bulk material
(such as palm kernel) distributors and the Port of Tauranga
to address the dust problem and it is seeing some real
improvement. We’re seeing more sweeper trucks, water
carts and sealed storage facilities being used, but, to
improve air quality in this area some businesses are going
to have to change the way they do things. Aging
infrastructure and equipment needs to be upgraded and
more dusty surfaces sealed. This will be a simple part of
doing business in this area in the future. While this won’t
address the odour issues that we get hundreds of calls
about each year, for the communities living next door, as
well as those who work on site or travel through the area,
this is a great step in the right direction,

For more information, check out the Mount industrial air
quality project page. Or you can contact me at
[email protected].

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Pyes Pa Cidery wins Medal at the NZ Cider Awards

Neil and Jo Anderson from The Hairy Horse Cider Company have just brought back a bronze medal from the
2019 NZ Cider Awards in Nelson for their outstanding Contemporary Style Cider.

In 2015 Neil and Jo decided they needed a new focus for their lifestyle block in Belk Rd South as their
children had all left home. The horses that the children had enjoyed equestrian pursuits with had gone to help
other budding equestrian enthusiasts. In Neil’s words, they had ‘empty stairs and empty stables’.

After planting their trees in 2015, they travelled to the UK to learn the art of cider making from an expert cider
maker as they wanted to produce a Kiwi style cider with an English twist “We wanted to make proper cider from
cider apples, not just from reject export dessert apples that many of the producers are using”. The judging
notes confirm that these trips were worthwhile; with the judges’ notes from their very first entry into the awards
stating “lovely apple pie nose, full rich mouthfeel, slightly nutty
finish, good complexity”.

They planted around 400 Cider apple trees in 2015 and, with
those trees starting to crop, have commenced commercial
production of small batch cider now. The apples are grown,
pressed, fermented and bottled or kegged all onsite. That has
resulted in a product from orchard to glass. Neil and Jo do say
that it is necessary, whilst waiting for their trees to mature and to
balance the cider, to use some desert apples from local ‘pick me’
orchards and the Hawkes Bay.

They are working on developing their product range currently
and will be introducing ‘The Thoroughbred’ that is a dry cider to
complement the medal winning medium cider ‘The Draught
Horse’. They plan to introduce a cider for the connoisseur aged in
oak showcasing the heritage cider apples later in 2020.

You can find their cider at the local BottleO stop in Tauriko, or
look online at their website for other stockists


Have you ever thought about hosting an international student?
* You do not need to have a student at Boys' College
* If your children go to another school in Tauranga that is totally ok
* You are not expected to transport the student to school - they will
use the school bus
* You do not need any previous experience hosting
* $275 per week is paid fortnightly in arrears
* 24/7 support provided by the International Department
Students coming in 2020 for 1 term, 2 terms and full time.
If you are interested or have any questions please give me a call
Tracy 022 560 7104

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252383 Maleme Street Tauranga
Telephone 541 – 2565

DrivFeowr aalyl sY,oTuernCnoinscCreotuerRtse,qHuioreumseenstlsabs,
Patio’s, Full Contracts,

Come anPdroVfieeswDsiOisopunlraayCl oTmeapmrehensive
at 23 Maleme Street, Greerton

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Facial Eczema Outbreaks by Dr Phil Rennie

Clinical cases of facial eczema are now on the horizon
here in the Bay of Plenty. With the onset of summer be on high alert, monitoring spore counts closely and
and sporadic bouts of rain or humid weather, the carrying out their own on-farm assessment of the risk.
challenge will rise. Livestock owners are encouraged to Oral Zinc oxide prevention, preferably through slow
monitor spore counts closely as part of Facial Eczema release boluses, offers best performance. In-line Zinc
prevention on their properties. sulphate water systems is the other main prevention
Signs to look for include: alternative for stock.
• A reduction in growth or drop in milk production in There is no specific treatment for facial eczema and
cattle any therapy considered should be symptomatic and
• Animals are restless, seeking shade and stock palliative. Antihistamines, anti-inflammatories, vitamins
may rub their faces/ lick their udders and zinc based creams for skin lesions are given
• Exposed unpigmented or thin skin reddens, commonly.
thickens and peels For more information on facial eczema in your area,
Not all affected animals will show signs. For ONE contact your local vet clinic for advice and treatment
clinical case there are likely TEN animals with options.
subclinical liver damage. These animals will have
reduced production – growth or milk. Chronic wasting
or death can occur from a badly damaged liver -
especially under times of stress.
The fungus Pithomyces chartarum produces spores
(containing the toxin sporidesmin) when grass minimum
temperatures are above 12°C for two or three nights
and humidity is high. This combination can last from
December/January right through to May. Animals need
to be treated 2 weeks prior to the rise in spore counts to
have adequate protection. Avoid hard grazing and
topping pasture during these times.
Where showers occur through autumn, spore counts
could stay high with mild temperatures. All farms should

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Come in and see your local mechanic

WOF Brakes 07 571 5220
Tyres Tune-ups 41B Whiore Ave
Servicing Electrical The Lakes
Welding Batteries Paul & Leoni
Trailer repairs Breakdowns

[email protected]

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In early November, some of us were able to attend the funeral of Tim Bulkeley, who passed away unexpectedly. Tim by Noni Parr
and Barbara are founding members of our group. They have been strong supporters in sharing the trials and
tribulations in growing and producing from our own little patches of paradise. For many years, Tim wrote a regular

column for the Pyes Pa Newsletter about the group. He and Barbara travelled extensively through work and faith commitments, Tim
enjoyed growing and cooking food in some of the Asian countries that they visited. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you
for the cheerful support and encouragement and to extend condolences and kind regards to Barbara and family. We will certainly miss
Tim’s humour, friendliness and most of all his welcoming, warm nature.
I must apologise for the diary error – I inadvertently noted the wrong date for our December lunch and entirely missed that we were

meeting at Joanna’s for the November meeting. I hope those who planned to attend received the accurate email from Esme. Our next
meeting is 15 December for a xmas lunch at Esme and Mark’s place.
We were a small, but dedicated group for our meeting at Joanna’s in November. We had a walk around her garden which is looking
really good. Joanna asked for help in identifying a couple of trees – a few options were suggested, then we turned to digital technology –
which was very helpful.
While we had a cuppa, we discussed watering the garden over summer, various tips and techniques to get the best results over the hot

months were debated and that was of great value.
If you are interested in growing food, we encourage you to join us. We are a casual friendly group, we meet on the third Sunday of
each month to share ideas and enjoy our own food. Our get-together includes observation, discussion about home-grown food and
gardening (techniques, hints, what works and why we did such and such) and an afternoon tea.
Meeting information as follows:

Date: Host: If you have any queries, please call:
December Mark & Esme (Oropi) Xmas Lunch
January (no meeting) Contact: Esme Dean Noni Parr
February Bethlehem Community Garden
[email protected] [email protected]

March Ian & Noni (Oropi) Ph : 543 3021 Ph: 579 4944

April Jenny & Perry
May Barbara

Back issues of the Pyes Pa Newsletter 25 20 Taurikura Dr, Tauriko
578 4049

Amy Lane 0212682278 Services

6+ years’ experience with ages 2-14 6 Taui St Ngongotaha

Trustworthy Reliable Fun Glenn Brake
Certified in Early Childhood Level 3 & 5 and am
currently having a break from studying Primary PPhohnoen:e0:077 3547 4020263
Home: 07 349 6966
School Teaching
Can provide references if needed. Mobile: 027 496 1508

Tauranga Park Funeral Home

Chapels, Catering & Lounge with
a large car parking area.

Located at 383 Pyes Pa Road,

Phone: 543 4780

For CUSTOM BUILT . . . YOGA Classes
 Gates
 Furniture Tauriko Hall
 Hardware State Highway 29
 Balustrades Tauriko
 General Repairs Tuesday & Thursday: 6-7pm
 Restoration Contact: Vikki Mateva
Phone: 0223 143 203
 & much more Facebook: @houseofharmonynz
Email: [email protected]
 Copper houseofharmony_vikkimateva
 Brass
 Stainless 26
 Aluminium

open now

Free Quotes Free Design Service
No Mileage Charges in Tauranga Area.

Well Equipped Workshop
& Mobile Service

Top Quality Friendly
Service & Workmanship
5434904 / 027 272 4104 or visit
72 Kennedy Rd, Pyes Pa.

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Fully Experienced Owner Operator

 15 Ton Excavator for Hire
 Farm Drainage, Dams & Ponds
 Tree Removal / Landscaping
 Demolition / General Excavation
 House Sites / Roading / Subdivision
 Truck & Bulldozer Hire

Mob: 0274 996249 A/h: 543 3451

Tauranga Homekills ENHANCED
Beef, sheep, pigs slaughtered,
packed and frozen. SPECIALISED TUTORING

Bacon and ham, wild venison and Christine Anderson:
pigs processed.
Ph: 543 2066 or 027 2232117
Phone John: 027 504 0802 or 579 4711
[email protected]

Rural Services

Professional coaching with or Lifestyle
without your own horse Block
Lessons Horse Hire
Clinics Membership Fencing, retaining walls,
Arena Hire Social Hub animal yards.
Weed spraying, gorse,
Abigail 021 077 8661 blackberry, etc. Tree felling & wood splitting.
[email protected] Hedge trimming.
Log splitter for hire.
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Phone Steve: 027 826 0573


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