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Published by Mrs. Schrum, 2021-02-24 15:16:01

Guinea Pigs

by Emely

Guinea Pigs

By Emely

Table of Contents

All about guinea pigs
Guinea Pig Diagram
Baby guinea pigs
Where do they live?
What do they eat?
Toys for Guinea pigs
Guinea pigs vs. Hamsters
Cleaning their cages
Fun Facts

All about Guinea

Guinea pigs are the size of
you hand and your foot.
Guinea pigs come in all
different colors. They can be
white and black and little
blond and brown. They have
fur, ears and eyes but NO tails
because guinea pigs are
small. They have a big butt
because they need to go to
the bathroom.

Guinea Pig Diagram ear

eye No tail
Paw with
nose claws



Baby guinea pigs

When guinea pigs have babies they have
to have a big belly to have their baby. You
have to clean their baby and wash them.
They are very small and when they get
bigger they sweat a lot.

Where do they

Guinea pigs like to
live in clean cages
not dirty cages.
Guinea pigs need to
sleep in a quiet
space with no loud
noises. Guinea pigs
live in people’s
homes because they
are home pets.

What do they eat?

Guinea pigs eat grass,
carrots, lettuce and
tomatoes. They need to
be healthy because
guinea pigs need to eat
every day. If you don't
feed the guinea pigs they
will die.

Toys for Guinea

Guinea pigs play with a
lot of things. Some of
them are balls, chew
toys, stuffed animals
and tunnels. Guinea
pigs like to play with
their owner. They are
good pets to play with.
They play with small
items like small cars
and a small table .

Hamsters Guinea Pigs

-Hamsters have tails. They have fur. -Guinea pigs do not have a
-they are smaller tail .
They are small -guinea pigs are bigger than
animals hamsters.
They both live in

Cleaning Their Cages

First, we take the guinea pigs out of the
cage. Your guinea pig can go with another
person to play while you clean out the cage.
Next, you have to clean out the poop with
paper towels. Then you have to take out the
food, water, toys, and tunnels that are
inside the cage. After that, you wash the
cages with the water and put all of the stuff
back inside. Finally, the guinea pigs go back
to the cages .

Fun facts

Baby guinea pigs Baby guinea pigs are
can leave their born with teeth.
mothers to be pets
when they are 3
weeks old.

A cavy is another name for
a guinea pig.

Glossary Cages- where a guinea pig sleeps and plays.

Owner- a person who to takes care of guinea

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