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Published by Zaim Shafiy Muhammad, 2019-06-14 03:49:49

SPS 105 specto bowling

SPS 105 specto bowling


To : Madam Noridah Bin Abu Bakar
From : Muhammad Shafiy Zaim Bin Mohd Noor Azam (2019357607)
Date : 17/5/2019
App : Specto Bowling

Specto Bowling

What is specto?

 Founder : KEGEL (Built For Bowling)

 Specto is a new tracking system for centres, bowlers and coaches. It records
information about the the bowler’s shot using a high-power sensor ad
displays this data on an easy-to-use app designed for mobile devices, or
the coaches app, for Windows based devices.

 The bowling center is able to control the Specto system using their Center
Dashboard and can easily turn specto on and off on each lane.

 Released on 19 February 2017

How Specto Bowling Work?

 The sensor is mounted using an isolator bracket that will attach to the
foundation at predetermined location. The sensor must have a clear path
to the bowling ball as it travels down the lane.

 However some of the bowling centers have a type of scoring camera or
sensor which may be mounted on the gutter gapping. To help with this
obtacles, KEGEL has designed a form that must be completed to help
determine the optimum location to install the Specto sensor.

Benefits Of The Specto

 See your ball reaction.
 Learn how accurate you are.
 Test your balls and prepare your arsenal for your next competition.
 Use practice drills designed by coaches to improve your game.
 Use deep practice to improve your skills quickly.

Lack Of Specto?

 Need access to the internet.

 Specto uses an infrared sensor so sometimes has trouble reading darker
bowling balls.

 Need to take a permission from bowling center to turn on Specto before we
do a shot.

 Only several bowling center has this Specto.

 App keeps freezing and has ton of bugs that need to be fixed.

My Opinion and Experience
about this Application?

 This app has help me to improve my accuracy and see my mistakes after
doing a shot.

 I can see my rev rates after use this app.

 This is cool app and training system, so you will know where is the breakpoint
and target.

 In a Specto there has a practice with purpose just like a mission that you
need to accomplish.

 In a Specto, I can prove my talent and skills. Compete with bowler in our
center, country and world by repeating the shot.

Things That Need to Be

 Create an account that can be log in by any option like Google,
Facebook, Specto Account and anything else.

 Fixed the freezing of the app because it make many people uninstall it.

 It would be nice if we could manually enter our lanes and don’t need a
permission from the bowling center to turn on the Specto.

 This app only use landscape. Need to improvise so that many side can be

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