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Published by theresa.yarbough, 2015-12-03 13:00:05

Telephone Etiquette

Telephone Etiquette

By: Emane’ A. Johnson
Ziane Hatcher


• The first thing you should do when you answer
the phone is greet the caller.

• Example – “Hi, how are you?”, “ Hello, how may
I help you?”

Voice level

• Make sure your talking at a nice level so the
caller can hear and understand you clearly.

• If you have a light voice then “say it with your

Listen carefully…

• Listen to the caller’s requests so you can carry
them out efficiently.


• Be helpful

Be Sure

• Ask the caller for there name and put them on

• Make sure you ask them to “ hold please”

Check in

• Go to the person who was asked for and let them
know . Tell them the name of the caller and why
they are calling.


Be Rude

• Don’t talk to your background or other people
while on the phone.


• Do not be loud or yell in the caller’s ears.


• Do not answer the phone with an attitude .
• Always be respectful at all times.

A full mouth

• Do not eat or chew gum when speaking on the

Don’t be mean

• Actually try to be interested in the callers

Being Hood

• Do not use slang or phrases.

Telephone Etiquette Conversation

Ring Ring Ring!
• Employee: Hello, this is MedTech. How may I

help you?
• Caller: Is this the payroll department?
• Employee: Yes ma’am it is.
• Caller: May I talk to the payroll manager please?
• Employee: Yes ma’am, let me switch you over.


• Basically use the manners your mother or
grandmother taught you and be polite. Greet
people nicely, use a nice inside voice, and make
sure you listen carefully. Don’t be rude and
ghetto. Use ENGLISH and pronounciate all your
words to make sure the person you are speaking
to comprehends.

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