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ET_STAR-15 Editions-Engagement-1021

ET_STAR-15 Editions-Engagement-1021


September 2021



Editorial Board Members

• Mr. Wasihun Asres
• Dr. Saba Fikru
• Mrs. Zebiba Miftah
• Mr. Wondwosen Marou
• Mr. Sami Muctar
• Mrs. Getenesh Balcha
• Mrs. Kidist Maru
• Mrs.Yamrot Nigussie
• Mr. Eyoubeleyou Admassu
• Mr. Henok Sirak

Article Contributors

• Dr. Dereje Ayele
• Mr. Yonas Embiale
• Mr. Mesfin Teferra


• Mr. Tadesse Tilahun


• Mrs. Fiker Woudu


• Ms. Kidist Getahun
• Mrs. Halib Gashaw
• Mr. Tesfahun Leta
• Mr. Eskinder Alemayehu

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• Mrs. Woinshet W/Tsadik

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Group Employee Engagement and Change
Management office

Email ;- [email protected]
Telephone –251115178225/8725/4397

Organized and presented to you by Group Employee Engagement and
Change Management office


ET-Star COVID-19:
Dr. Dereje Ayele
Company Doctor
Medical Unit & Health Svs

Since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, corona virus has undergone various mutations and there have
emerged several variants. To date four variants of concern termed Alpha, Gamma, Beta and Delta have existed.
Globally the Delta variant has been introduced to more than 120 countries. In the US, Russia, India and many
European countries, it is by far the major variant bringing about severe illnesses and death tolls. In Africa, South
Africa has the highest number of the variant. In Ethiopia, it has been identified in early September and reported
to exist. The delta variant is twice more transmissible than the initial type and the other variants. It also causes
more severe forms of COVID-19 diseases and deaths.
The main stay of prevention of infection with the delta variant remains the same:
Apply the precautions strictly:

• Keep physical distancing.
• Wear face mask and wear it properly.
• Keep hand hygiene and avoid touching the nose, eyes and mouth with uncleaned hands.
• Avoid crowds.
• Get fully vaccinated.

Stay safe and healthy!!




ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: is the collection of values, try something new.
expectations and practices that guide and inform the actions of all team
members. Think of it as the collection of traits that make your company PERFORMANCE is key, as great companies create a culture that means
what it is. Culture is consistent, observable patterns of behaviour in business. In these companies, talented employees motivate each other to
organizations. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” This excel and, hence, greater profitability and productivity are the results.
view elevates repeated behaviour or habits as the core of culture and
deemphasizes what people feel, think or believe. It also drives our RESILIENCE is a key quality in highly dynamic environments where
attention on the forces that shape behaviour in organizations and so change is continuous. A resilient culture will teach leaders to watch for
highlights an important question: are all those forces (including structure, and respond to change with ease.
processes and incentives) “culture” or is culture simply the behavioural
outputs? TEAMWORK encompasses collaboration, communication and respect
between team members. When everyone on the team supports each
QUALITIES OF A GREAT ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE other, employees will get more done and feel happier while doing it.

Every organization’s culture is different and it’s important to retain what INTEGRITY, like trust, is vital to all teams when they rely on each other
makes the company unique. However, the cultures of high-performing to make decisions, interpret results and form partnerships. Honesty and
organizations consistently reflect certain qualities that we all shall seek transparency are critical components of this aspect of culture.
to cultivate:
INNOVATION leads organizations to get the most out of available
ALIGNMENT comes when the company’s objectives and its employees’ technologies, resources and markets. A culture of innovation means that
motivations are all pulling in the same direction. Exceptional organizations you apply creative thinking to all aspects of your business, even your own
work to build continuous alignment to their vision, mission, purpose, and cultural initiatives.
PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY provides the support employees need to
APPRECIATION can take many forms: a public praise, a note of take risks and provide honest feedback. Remember that psychological
thanks, or a promotion. A culture of appreciation is one in which all team safety starts at the team level, not the individual level, so managers need
members frequently provide recognition and thanks for the contributions to take the lead in creating a safe environment where everyone feels
of others. comfortable contributing.

TRUST is vital to an organization. With a culture of trust, team members Adopted from Kellie Wong blog April 9, 2021
can express themselves and rely on others to have their back when they








Ethiopian Airlines shipment of weapons to Sudan is a legal and commercial transportation of hunting guns with all proper
documents of the shipper and the consignee. The hunting guns were held by security authorities in Addis Ababa for a long
time for verification and the consignee sued Ethiopian in Sudanese court to either deliver the hunting guns or pay close to
USD250,000 as compensation.

We would like to respond to the wrong article which appeared in SUNA, Sudan News Agency.

Ethiopian Airlines


‘Best Cargo Airline AfricaAward’

Ethiopian Airlines has won the 2021 Air Cargo News Award, Voted by the Readers of Air Cargo News. The award ceremony was held in
the UK with more than 200 people in attendance. Companies took the awards based on direct voting by supply chain professionals and
company submissions judged by an esteemed panel of industry experts.
We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Ethiopian Cargo & Logistics team and the whole ETG family for the good job
done and remind everyone to sustain it for the ensuing period.




ጤናዎትን ለመጠበቅ ወይም በበሽታ ላለመያዝ ምን አይነት ጥንቃቄዎችን ያደርጋሉ?

ብርሃን ሙራድ ሲስተር ጓሊቱ ማስረሻ ወንድሜነህ ላዕከ
SR. Cook
Team Leader Nursing Services Sr. Marketing Officer II

አሁን ላይ ባለው ሁኔታ በአለማችን እጄን በተደጋጋሚ እታጠባለሁ ፣በጋራ በመጀመሪያ ለተሰጠኝ እድል የET STAR Magazine
በተከሰተው ወረርሽኝ የተለያየ ጥንቃቄ የምጠቀምባቸውን ቦታዎችና ቁሳቁሶች አዘጋጆችን ከልብ አመሰግናለሁ፥፥
እንደሚያስፈልግ በመገንዘብ ከታች በተደጋጋሚ አፀዳለሁ፣ የግል መጠቀሚያ ጤና ከምንም ነገር ቅድሚያ ልንሰጠዉ የሚገባ ጉዳይ
የጠቀስኳቸውን በጥንቃቄ መከወን እጅግ እቃዎችን ለጋራ መጠቀሚያነት ነው :: በጥሩ ጤንነት ላይ ስንሆን የፈለግነዉን፣
በጣም አስፈላጊ እንደሆነ አምንበታለው:: አላውልም፣ በየጊዜው የአካል ብቃት ያሰብነዉን፣ ያቀድነዉን ነገር የፈጣሪ ፍቃድ
አመጋገብን ማስተካከል :ማህበራዊ እንቅስቃሴ (REGULAR EXERCISE) ተጨምሮበት ማሳካት እንችላለን። እኔ እራሴን ከበሽታ
ህይወትን በርቀት ማከናወን እና ማስክ አደርጋለሁ፣ ጤናማ የሆኑ ምግቦችን ለመከላከል በምችለዉ አቅም እንቅስቃሴ/walk
በአግባቡ መጠቀም :የግል እና የአካባቢን እንደአትክልትና ፍራፍሬ አዘውትሬ አደርጋለሁ፣ አትክልትና ፍራፍሬ እመገባለሁ፣ በቂ ዉሀ
እንዲሁም የስራ ቦታን ምቹ እና ንጽህናውን እመገባለሁ፣ በቂ እንቅልፍ ለማግኘት በቀን እጠጣለሁ እንዲሁም በቂ ዕረፍትና እንቅልፍ
የጠበቀ ማድረግ እና አካላዊ እንቅስቃሴን እሞክራለሁ፣ ንፁህ ውሃ አብዝቼ አደርጋለሁ ። በተጨማሪም ስለ ጤና ያለኝን ግንዛቤ
ማድረግ፡፡ እጠጣለሁ፣ በየተወሰነ ጊዜ የጤና ለማሳደግ መፅሄቶች፣ድህረ ገጾች ላይ መረጃዎችን
ምርመራ አደርጋለሁ፡፡ አነባለሁ። በተለይ አሁን የCovid-19 ወረርሽኝ
በከፍተኛ ሁኔታ እየጨመረ ስለሆነ፤ ሁሉም የET
ማህረሰብ የሚከተሉትን ጥንቃቄዎች እንዲተገብሩ
ለማሳሰብ እወዳለሁ።

- የኮቪድ 19 ክትባት መከተብ
- ማስክ ማድረግ
- አላስፈላጊ መሰባሰብ መቀነስ
- እርቀታችንን እንጠብቅ





Following the terms and conditions of the pass classifications and the regulation in Ethiopian policy and
procedure, free or reduced rate air transportation ticket on Ethiopian routes may be authorized for active
employees, and immediate family members.

Immediate family member include:

A. Spouse

In the case of the first marriage, ticket privilege for spouse is acceptable on the date of application by the employee

In the case of the second marriage, ticket privilege for spouse shall be valid after three years from the date of
conclusion of the second marriage.

However, when the previous marriage has been dissolved as result of death of the spouse or upon confirmation
that the pervious spouse didn’t use any international staff ticket privilege, the current/active spouse is entitled to
a staff family ticket privilege upon application for grant of the privilege.

The three years mentioned above will be increased by one year of each subsequent marriage. However, Ethiopian
will not accept more than three marriage registration requests.

B. Children

Natural children, legal stepchildren and children adopted up to the
age of 5.
However, Ethiopian will not accept more than two adopted children.
Children up to the age of 23, if dependent, unmarried and student
will be eligible for travel privilege and cease up on completion of 23
years of age.

C. Natural parents, Foster parents, and Guardians provided that such

immediate family members are registered at Group Human Capital
Management division during employment.

Mr. Mesfin Teferra
Team Leader Emp. Affairs & HR. Records





ET-Star ET-Star


Mr. Kirubel Kebede
Expert, Engine parts purchase





On Monday 18th October 2021
morning, the Ethiopian Embassy
Delegation visited the Ethiopian
Airlines City Ticket Office in Kam-
pala and officially welcomed the
New Ethiopian Airlines Country
Manager, Mrs. Meseret Tsegaye
Tesema. The delegation was led
by the Ambassador of Ethiopia to
Uganda, H.E Alemtsehay Meseret
and Mrs. Yewagnesh Birigwa,
Board Member of the Uganda
Tourism, while visiting City Ticket
Office and the entire Ethiopian
Airlines team in Uganda. During
the welcoming ceremony, a cake
was cut in ET City Ticket Office
and served customers, staff, and all
present to officially welcome the
new Area Manager to Uganda.

Ethiopian Tanzania Station participates in Tanzania Tourism Summit

Ethiopian Airlines office in
Tanzania participated in

‘Tanzania Tourism Summit’
held on the 17th and 18th
September. During the event,
Ethiopian products highly



at the Airport and the compound of Ethiopian Airlines for
Today, let us remember one legendary family of Ethiopian Airlines as we that peoples of different kinds could take pictures with him.
continue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Airline. You all know He kept on decorating occasions and special celebrations
Mekuria, right? If not, don’t get puzzled, it is the name of the Lion who of various programs held at Ethiopian Airlines. Whenever
has been with the Airline in the 1950s and 60s as a symbol in welcoming cabin crews graduated from the aviation academy, photo
dignitary guests and passengers, as a special invitee on graduation programs were taking place in the presence of Mekuria.
ceremonies of cabin crews and other staff, and on various pictorial Different posters which were supposed for advertising
advertisements of the airline. purposes were taken by using Mekuria as a photograph
model. Other placards which were intended to promote
Mekuria had raised under the Ethiopian Imperial bodyguard by a person the tourism industry also used this Lion as their sign.
named Gebre Abebe who was a member of that Imperial Guard. Mekuria
was a tamed wild animal who was trained and habituated to live with Mekuria always came to Ethiopian Airlines in the
human beings. From his very cubhood, Mekuria was taken care and raised morning like an employee and stays at the compound the
by Gebre and lived his entire life with Gebre and his family.

As Mekuria was getting more popularity within the public and in the
military, it was taken around the city, Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian
Imperial Guard for large public gatherings and holidays such as Meskel
celebration. He was so popular among the members of the Imperial Guard
that they even named their football team after him. The Lion was also
very close with emperor HaileSelasie and had been a favorite friend in the

Mekuria had turned out to be a family of Ethiopian Airlines as he started
to get brought to the airport to welcome dignitaries. Then he began to stay


ET-Star Having served the airline and the country for about 27 years,
whole day welcoming passengers and taking pictures with them till he Mekuria has died in July 2, 1971 (E.C) for unknown reason
went back to his place with his guardian. He continued this routine and his funeral was held at the compound of the Defense staff
trend for long time. ET used to use this Lion as a marketing tool to sell college. Unfortunately, His guardian Gebre also passed away
tickets for passengers outside Ethiopia to persuade them to make a trip just after few days of the death of Mekuria as people in his
to Addis Ababa so that they could see a lion closely. Several tourists surrounding said Gebre couldn’t resist the agony of the death
used to get surprised when they were welcomed by a Lion after landing of his beloved Lion.
at Addis Ababa Airport. Most tourists were willing to pay few bucks
for taking pictures with Mekuria and the money collected from these The contribution Mekuria has done for Ethiopian Airlines and
tourists used for the Lion’s consumption purpose. the country in general should not be disregarded. It’s always
wise to remember and recognize such things as the past is so
Special events of the time such as the inauguration of the Organization important to move forward to the future.
of the African Union (OAU) in May 1955 were honored by the presence
of Mekuria. All the heads of states who arrived at Addis Ababa Bole No one who put its own fingerprint deserves to be forgotten,
International Airport to take part in the inaugural assembly including so do Mekuria.
the influential leaders of the time such as the Ghanaian president
Kouame Nkrumah and Egyptian Gamal Abdul Nasser were welcomed N.B This article is inspired by a TV show on the story of the
by Emperor HaileSelasie with the accompany of Mekuria. Lion by Genene Mekuria Libro on Asham TV.

By Yonas Embiale

Sr. QMS & SMS Officer




RUN Great Ethiopian Run Plc. is an event management company specializing in
mass-participation running events. Since its inception, Great Ethiopian Run
has staged over 100 races in different parts of Ethiopia. In recent years our
focus has been on taking mass-participation races to all corners of Ethiopia;
developing capacity in the office and event teams that are staffed by Ethiopians;
and working with sponsors on a range of publicity campaigns. Great Ethiopian
Run has consulted different races in Africa; including the Millennium Marathon
in Accra, Ghana and the Great South Sudan Run in Juba, South Sudan.

The Ethiopian Great Run becomes the biggest race in Africa. Over 45,000
people participate in this great running race. It’s been referred to as ‘the most
exciting race in the world’; it is almost certainly one of the world’s noisiest
races; and it attracts participants from all over the world. This run will probably
also be your highest-ever 10km race: at 2400m above sea level, Addis Ababa is
the third highest capital in the world.

There are few phrases treated with such scorn in the running world as “fun
run”. They are for beginners and are not worth travelling halfway around the
world for. But if one event can reclaim the phrase, it’s the Great Ethiopian Run.
Founded by Haile Gebrselassie, the greatest distance runner of all time and a
national hero, it’s a 10km race through the heart of this bustling, fascinating city.

Great Ethiopian Run has the following Vision and Mission.

• Vision: Make running a lifestyle for everyone.

• Mission: Organize high quality, mass-participation races to raise Ethiopia's
image, promote healthy living and important social messages and give
opportunities to young athletes.





Mr. Wubareg Admit ዓይነ እርግብ
Sr. Marketing Officer
ኩል አምባ ዓይነ እርግብ:
ስትገፋ በላቦት በመአዛ ስትስብ:

ጠራኝ የልብ አዉቃ:
ሳበኝ ድንቡል ቦቃ:
ገባሁ ከመሃሉ እኔ መንገደኛ:
ስሸሽ አልገኝም እንደ ዘመነኛ:

ዓይነ እርግብ:
ሽፍን እንደ እሸቱ ደግሞ እንደማሽላ:
ደርበብ እንደ ጎበዝ ቀጥ እንደ ሽመላ:
ክቡድ የአይን ዉጋጋን ደርሶ ሚወረወር:
ያኔ እኔን አያርገኝ ያኔ ነዉ መሰወር:

ዓይነ እርግብ ጥንድ አባር:
በጣዝማ አስለምዶ በሞልጮ አክናፍ መብረር:

ከፍቅር ዓለም ደርሶ ዞሮ በእምነት መስገር:
ዓይነ እርግብ ዉብ አምባ:
ወርቃማ እንቁ ካባ:

ስሰድ የእጄን አክናፍ አግድም ስረዘጋ:
ስትሸሽ ከእኔዉ አድባር አላፍር ስጠጋ:
ስትረቅ እንደ ሃኖስ በሃምራዊ ግምጃ:

መሻትና መዉደድ አንጃና ግራንጃ:
ዉል እስከሚበጠስ አሳሪዉን እንጃ:
የልብ እረግብግቢት የሰዉነት ክፋይ:
ስኖር ከሞት ቀድሞ የአንቺዉ መምጫ ይታይ:
የጥምዝ ወርቅ በርኖስ የደግ አባ ዉሉ:
ለአላፊ ላግዳሚዉ አንድ አንቺ ነሽ አሉ:

የማይታይ አናት:
የማይኖር ሰገነት:
የማይከስም ወኔ:
አንቺ ነሽ ግን ለእኔ?
እኔ ነኝ ግን ለአንቺ?
በጥርጣሬ አጸድ ያሰርሽዉን ፍቺ:
በእርግብግቢት ዳና:
አትሸለቀቂም ያሸተ ነሽና:
ልበሽ የእዉነት ካባ የእምነት ዘዉድም ድፊ:
ሰዉ በመሆን አይደል ኑሮን የምትነድፊ::


ET-Star ET-Star


Mrs. Muna Sultan

Team Leader ADD HUB Planners
ADD HUB Planners

18 18


Mr. Natnael Mekuanent Mr. Wakjira Geda Bedaso

Graduated from Addis Ababa University Graduated from Ethiopian Civil
Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Service University by Masters of
Science (Software engineering) Degree in Developmental Economics
Cargo Export Section
Senior Developer II • Commercial
Applications Support 19


Group Employee Engagement and Change Management
Email ;- [email protected]
Telephone –251115178225/8725/4397
Organized by Group Employee Engagement and Change Management


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