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A zine displaying a variety of imagery based on the environment and the climate crisis split into sections the past, the present and the future.

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Published by elliewjones101, 2020-05-13 11:33:59

Make a Change.

A zine displaying a variety of imagery based on the environment and the climate crisis split into sections the past, the present and the future.

This zine starts with imagery created for subjects to do with the past and climate change.
This section starts with some type as image experimentation with the type representing the planet. Each section in the zine starts with type destruction to present the changing planet. In this piece, strong blue and green tones have been used to display what the Earth was like in the past and then the changes begin to alter within each section to replicate the heating of the planet. The fragmenting and deforming of the letters add to the metaphor of the type representing the destructing Earth as it reflects the gradual fracturing of the Earth.
The next piece in this section is to show light on the first Earth Day to occur on April 22nd, 1970. Earth Day is an annual event celebrated globally to raise awareness for environmental protection. It is an important event that correlates with the past (but not distant past) and climate change. It shows that the climate crisis is an ongoing issue that needs more attention and it always has done otherwise a daylike this would not be needed. A collage of images from the first Earth
Day has been put together to create this piece.
we go back to where it all began, the industrial revolution. significant benefits to the industrial revolution such as
For the next piece,
Yes, there are many
the advancement in
but it has also created catastrophic impacts on the environment. The release
of carbon emissions since the start of this movement has led to a gradual
increase in global temperature, pollution, and ill health. We need to significantly drop our carbon emissions if we can even think about preventing climate change. A double-page collage piece has been created to represent the industrial revolution and its impact on the environment.
technology and causing a growth in the global economy,

Moving on from the past, this section displays some imagery taken from present-day key issues and movements that relate to the destruction of the environment.
Here we see
a piece that
text and
colour to
the destruction of the
planet. Previously in the past
section, the type destruction displayed colours which represent the colours
of the Earth. This is seen with the use
of vibrant green and blue tones, but here the
colours are beginning to alter to yellow to replicate
the changing and heating of the planetas time progresses.
Social issues in modern-day have taken a huge toll on the planet. Money inequality is a key example of this. For example,
it has been predicted that those in the top 1% richest on the planet have
a carbon footprint up to 175 timeshigher than those in the poorest 10%. The poor are not able to make significantchanges to their lifestyle, but the rich have much larger accessibility to do so and this is what needs to be done to help meet targets set by The Paris Agreement.
But this is much easier said than done. A piece has been created in this section which presents money controlling the planet.
No one is too small to make a difference – Greta Thunberg.
The last focus in this section is Greta
strikes. Greta Thunberg is a 17-year-
activist who has become a significant
seen in the present day. An example of
strikes. School students across the globe strike school on Fridays (Fridays for future) to create protests and demonstrations to demand changes from political leaders. These changes include the conversion to renewable energy and to take further steps to help stop climate
change. In this section pieces of work have been created to display quotes from Thunberg’s speeches and her linkage towards the school climate strikes.
Thunberg and the old Swedish
school climate
figure in the help to
something she has influenced are the school climate
environmentalist fight climate change

In the ‘future’ section a selection of imagery has been created to push the message that the climate crisis needs more attention to save the future of our Earth.
This section is started with
a type as image piece
displaying the changing
of the planet by destructing type.
This time the wording ‘future’
has been used along with harsh red
tones as this is a colour associated with danger. This replicates the danger the planet is in if we do not make a considerable change to combat the climate crisis.
We then move onto another type destruction piece but this time a 3D approach has been taken to push the message across. The climate situation is not displayed enough in the media and this is something that needs to change for people’s attitudes to change towards the environment. This piece displays that the destruction of the planet needs to be revealed. This is seen by torn newspaper articles being placed on top of a photograph displaying the burnt words ‘Planet Earth’. If we want to save the future of our planet we need to
open our eyes and understand the climate crisis.
Next, we see a piece that is very relevant
to global current events. Our current situation
of the Covid-19 crisis has resulted in a halt in air
and land travel resulting in a significant decrease in the
release of carbon emissions which has resulted in positive
impacts on the environment. However, if we want these impacts
to benefit us in the long term we need to change our attitudes
towards the environment and not go back to how we were before.
A global pandemic should not have to occur for us to see the benefits
of the decrease of carbon emissions, but hopefully, it has triggered a lightbulb moment and our outlook towards the environment has begun to change. This is needed for us to even think about saving our Earth.

If we want any hope in preventing further
climate change we need our attitudes to
change globally, governments need to be
more strict with their environmental policies,
and the media need to be clear on what the future brings for our Earth.
We need to be scared. Respect your home.
All designs created by Ellie Woodcock-Jones
Make a change.

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