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report b2044 Shabazi 5 Jerusalem

report b2044 Shabazi 5 Jerusalem

A Water Damage Inspection Report

Report No. Client and report's details:
Client's Name
Property address B2044
‫דורון שפיר שירותים רפואיים בע"מ‬
Phone No.
Date of inspection Shabazi 5 Jerusalem
Report issuing date 054-7445517/8
Season of Inspection 24/9/2020
Name of Inspector 19/10/2020
Report Editor
Moshe Ben David
Dorit Azar

Equipment used by the Inspector

An infra-red thermic camera Photo Camera:
model: Flir E75 Canon SX530 HS

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Expert's proclamation

I hereby proclaim that I have been asked by the client to give my expert opinion
about water damage fault/s which may exist in the client's property. I give this
opinion in adherence to the law and proclaim that I am well aware of the criminal
act regarding perjury. This expert's opinion, singed by me, is to be regarded as a
sworn statement in a court of law.
I hereby proclaim that I have no personal interest in this report's object and have
no personal relationship with the client or anyone that may be involved in respect
to this inspection. I have conducted this inspection to the best of my professional
ability, and in faith that the facts brought forth in this report are true and the
conclusions derived from them are true too.
Any of the findings and data specified in this report refers only to the date of the
inspection. We will not be held responsible of any new faults to occur after the
inspection due to natural wear-and-tear or any other reason. Likewise, the findings
and conclusions of this report depend on the technological equipment which was
used during the inspection according to what was said in the inspection's request
regarding this matter.

Qualifications of the Inspector:

- Graduate of "Certified water damages inspector", at Luzon school –
a school for certifying water damages inspectors

- Graduate of Level 1 Thermography Inspection course-
leaks location using Thermal imaging equipment under
Israeli code No. 13187. )04-141001(Fluke & RDT
Systems Academy (Luzon school)

- Member of the leaks' inspectors and thermography in
Israel no. 190007, registered association no. 580600369

Occupational experience:

- Over 20 years of experience as a painter including
treatment of bacteria and mold.

:Inspector's signiture

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What constitutes viable evidence for this report:
Regular photos, thermal imagings, videos, samples and information given by the
client, all gathered by the inspector, form the base according to which the
inspector can ascertain the origin of the problem/s, if any exists, and formulate
his recommendations accordingly.
Please note:
our company makes great efforts to locate the source of any problem in your
property. There are, however, cases in which the inspection may fail due to
different reasons. If such a failure should occur due to a mistake made by the
inspector, we will perform a second inspection at no further cost.
However, if the inspection's failure is not at the fault of the inspector, such as in a
case where an inspection cannot be made due to field's conditions or if the
inspector receives misleading information from the client, we will not be held
responsible for the inspection lack of results and will not perform another
inspection without additional cost. We feel this point should be made clear as
these cases tend to be rather common. We emphasize our policy in this regard,
in order to serve you, our client, in the best and most transparent manner.
Furthermore, if a need should arise for a second inspection using different tools
than those used in the preliminary inspection, the client shall be charged with
addendum payment accordingly in case that a second inspection takes place.
In order to facilitate and clarify this report, we recommend reading the
explanation on thermal imaging before you. Please note that a proper reading of
a thermal image requires special training and one should not make assumptions
based on the images in this report alone. The conclusions of this report are those
set by Luzon's qualified inspector and by him alone.
Explanation of thermal imaging:
The thermal scale is indicated by color. The bluer the color- the colder the area.
On the other hand, red indicates that the area is hot. The point of the darkest
blue is usually the source of the leak.

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Asset's An apartment located in an apartment
building that has 3 floors.
Inspection's .‫ קומות‬3 ‫דירה שממוקמת בבניין דירות ולה‬
We were asked to conduct several

inspections where there were signs of
paint pealing and high level of

‫התבקשנו לבצע מספר בדיקות במקומות‬

.‫שיש סימני קילופי צבע ורמת לחות גבוהה‬

We have been hired in order to locate the source of the fault/s, if such
exist/s, and to give our recommendation on proper solutions to these
faults and their pricing including rehabilitations, if required.

The inspection was made by a qualified inspector, who used the required
technological instruments in accordance with his professional judgement in
the field.

The use of the Thermal Imaging Camera was done in accordance to Israeli
code no. 13187

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The findings are as follows:

1. Area The findings

The Lowest Floor, The first area inspected is the lowest floor. In the wet room, the bathroom,

the Wet Room signs of paint pealing can be seen on the ceiling. As it can be seen in pic.

num. 1, there is a high level of moisture. On top of this area there is a


‫ ניתן לראות באזור החדר הרטוב‬.‫ האזור הראשון שנבדק הוא האזור הקומה התחתונה‬,‫הקומה התחתונה‬

,‫ כפי שניתן לראות‬.‫ מעל לאזור הזה יש בוידעם‬.‫אמבטיה סימנים של קילופי צבע בתקרה‬ ‫החדר הרטוב‬

.1 '‫ ניתן לראות זאת בתמונה מס‬.‫קיימים סימנים של רמת לחות גבוהה‬


2. Area The findings

The Same Floor, An inspection shows that in the Boidem there are also paint pealing, as

the Boidem can be seen in pic. num. 2, and in this area there are also signs of

moisture. On top of this area is located the pipeline system of the whole


‫מבדיקה שנעשתה ניתן היה לראות שבאזור הבוידעם יש גם קילופים של צבע כפי שניתן‬ ,‫אותה הקומה‬

‫ מעל האזור הזה בדיוק ממוקמת‬.‫ האזור גם יש בו סימני לחות‬,2 '‫לראות בתמונה מס‬ ‫הבוידעם‬

.‫מערכת צנרת של כל הבית‬

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3. Area The findings

The Second Floor, On top of this area, as said, is located the pipeline system of the whole

a pipeline system house. It can be seen in pics. num. 3-5. From an inspection made no pipes

were found leaking, but a more in depth inspection showed that there were

three iron pipes which were replaced with plastic pipes. Two of them were

neutrelized, but the third one is the one causing the wetness and it was not

replaced completely, some of it is now plastic, but a part of it remained

iron. It can be seen in pic. num. 6. This pipe is the cause of the moisture

signs in the bathroom wall. The high level of moisture in this area can be

seen in pics. num. 7-8.

‫ ניתן לראות את זה‬.‫ ממוקמת מערכת צנרת של כל הבית‬,‫ כאמור‬,‫מעל האזור הזה‬ ,‫הקומה השניה‬

‫ אולם מבדיקה‬.‫ מבדיקה שנעשתה לא התגלו צינורות ששופכים מים‬.5-3 '‫בתמונות מס‬ ‫מערכת צנרת‬

‫מעמיקה יותר התגלה שלמעשה קיימים שלושה צינורות של ברזל שהוחלפו לצינורות‬

‫ חלקו‬.‫ שניים מהם באמת נוטרלו ואחד שהוא למעשה שגורם לרטיבות לא הוחלף‬,‫פלסטיק‬

‫ שלמעשה הצינור‬.6 '‫ ניתן לראות את זה בתמונה מס‬.‫מפלסטיק וחלקו עדיין נשאר ברזל‬

‫ ניתן לראות את רמת הלחות‬.‫הזה הוא זה שגורם לסימני רטיבות באזור הקיר באמבטיה‬

.8-7 '‫הגבוהה שקיימת באזור בתמונות מס‬

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34 4

7 7

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4. Area The findings

The Lowest Floor, Other areas in the lowest floor were inspected as well. A wall in the

the Stairwell, stairwell which is adjacent to the bathroom has a high level of moisture

adjacent to the with paint pealing, as can be seen in pics. num. 9-10.


‫ ניתן‬,‫ אזורים נוספים בקומת התחתונה קיר חיצוני בחדר המדרגות שמקביל לחדר אמבטיה‬,‫הקומה התחתונה‬

‫לראות רמת לחות גבוהה שקיימת בקיר עם כל הקילופי צבע כפי שניתן לראות בתמונות‬ ,‫חדר המדרגות‬

,416 ,417 '‫מס‬ ‫סמוך לאמבטיה‬


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10 10

5. Area The findings

The Bathroom We were told that in the past there was a leak from a pipe in the bathroom

and later on the whole bathroom was renewed, including the pipes and the

ceramic tiles, a few years ago. I assume the waterproofing system which

was then done is insufficiant, therefore there still is water passage while

the shower is used, as can be deduced from pics. num. 11-12, in which it

can be seen that there is a high level of moisture underneath the flooring

and on the wall adjacent to the wall seen above in the staircase.

‫ כל חדר‬.‫מבדיקה שנעשתה נאמר לנו שבעבר היה פיצוץ של צנרת בחדר אמבטיה‬ ‫חדר האמבטיה‬

‫ כפי שניתן היה להבין על ידי בעלי מקצוע‬,‫ כולל הקרמיקות‬,‫ כולל הצנרת‬.‫האמבטיה הוחלף‬

‫ אולם להערכתי מערכת האיטום שנעשתה לא נעשתה מספיק טוב ולכן‬.‫לפני מספר שנים‬

'‫ כפי שניתן לראות ולהבין בתמונות מס‬,‫עדיין יש מעבר של מים בזמן השימוש במקלחון‬

‫ שקיימת רמת לחות גבוהה הן מתחת לריצוף והן בקיר המקביל שהוא למעשה‬.434-‫ ו‬432

.‫קיר חדר מדרגות‬

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11 11
12 12

6. Area The findings

A Bedroom In a bedroom adjacent to an exterior wall which was treated it can be seen

that the paint is pealing although the level of moisture is rather low. This

wall was treated, as we were told, by proffesionals in the field of

waterproofing. The wall with low level of moisture can be seen in pics.

num. 13-14. ‫חדר שינה‬
‫ אמנם‬,‫ ניתן היה לראות שיש קילופי צבע‬,‫באזור חדר השינה המקביל לקיר חיצוני שטופל‬

.‫ נאמר לנו על ידי בעלי מקצוע מתחום האיטום‬,‫ הקיר הזה טופל‬,‫ברמת לחות נמוכה מאוד‬

.14-13 '‫ניתן לראות את הקיר ללא רמת לחות גבוהה בתמונות מס‬

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13 13
14 14

7. Area The findings

The Lowest Floor, Near the exit to the balcony in the lowest floor there is a certain level of
a Balcony moisutre in the door's threshold area. A material was applied on the
flooring in order to prevent water absorption into the bedding layer, but I
suspect it was done unprofessionally, so except for ruining the floor, the
problem was not solved. In pic. num. 15 water passage through the door's
threshold into the house can be seen, as well as capillary uptake as a
result of it. There is no drainage system in the balcony so therefore water
gets trapped in the bedding layer and then penetrates to the door's

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‫המרפסת יציאה מהקומה התחתונה למרפסת ניתן לראות שקיימת רמת לחות באזור סף‬ ‫הקומה התחתונה‪,‬‬
‫הדלת‪ .‬גם פה נעשה מעין מריחת חומר על הריצוף למנוע ספיגה של מים לשכבת המצע‪,‬‬ ‫מרפסת‬
‫אולם הדבר לפי הערכתי נעשה לא בצורה מקצועית‪ ,‬חוץ מלבצע לכלוך על הריצוף ולהרוס‬

‫אותו לא פתרו את הבעיה‪ .‬ניתן לראות את זה בתמונות ‪ ,452‬מעבר של מים מאזור סף‬
‫הדלת לאזור הבית ויצירת עליה קפילארית‪ .‬גם מערכת הניקוז איננה קיימת ולכן מים‬
‫הנכלאים בשכבת המצע חודרים לאזור סף הדלת‪.‬‬

‫‪15 15‬‬

‫‪8. Area‬‬ ‫‪The findings‬‬

‫‪The Storage Room In the storage room below the balcony signs of moisutre can be seen as‬‬

‫‪can be seen in pics. num. 16-18. Its source is from the the exterior wall.‬‬

‫גם בקומות התחתונות שמתחת לקומת המרתף ניתן היה לראות סימנים של רמת לחות‬ ‫המחסן‬

‫שמגיעים מהקיר החיצוני‪ ,‬כפי שניתן לראות בתמונה מס' ‪ .454‬ו‪ .456-‬ו‪ .458-‬הסיבה לכך‬

‫היא כשל בקיר החיצוני‪.‬‬

‫‪Page 12 of 20‬‬

16 16

17 17

18 18

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9. Area The findings

The Exterior Wall The exterior wall waterproofing system is failing, so water is absorbed and

passed into the storage room located underneath the balcony, as can be

seen in pics. num. 19-20.

‫קיים כשל במערכת האיטום החיצונית של הקיר שלמעשה נספג מים ומועבר לתוך המחסן‬ ‫הקיר החיצוני‬

.465-‫ ו‬464 ‫ כפי שניתן לראות בתמונות‬,‫המזווה הזה שממוקם מתחת למרפסת‬

19 19

20 20

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1. The main problem is at the water system going up towards
the upper floor, the main pipeline, which is made of iron.

,‫למעשה עיקר הבעיה היא במערכת המים שעולה לכיוון הקומה העליונה‬
.‫ שהיא למעשה ברזל‬,‫הקו הראשי‬

2. There are also waterproofing issues at the floor of the
balcony at the backyard in which has no drain system.

‫יש גם בעיות של איטום הן ברצפה של המרפסת יציאה לחצר האחורית‬
.‫של הבית ואין מערכת ניקוז‬

3. The walls around the storeroom lack waterproofing.
.‫בקירות מסביב למחסן חסר איטום‬

4. In addition to that, the waterproofing system of the wet room
is also inadequate and causes water penetration into the
staircase while the shower is used.

‫בנוסף לזה מערכת האיטום של החדר הרטוב גם כן לא תקינה והיא גורמת‬
.‫ליציאה של מים לאזור חדר המדרגות בזמן השימוש במקלחון‬

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Recommendations for fixing the faults and

rehabilitating the damages:

Recommendation specifics: Price
1. There is a need to make a detour over the
iron pipe by a professional plumber who will 25,000
cancel its usage and will replace it whit a
plastic system. This can be done externally
or by inserting a narrower pipe into the pipe,
but in this case, I assume it would cause
decrease in water pressure, so I prefer
making a detour instead of trying to insert a
pipe into the pipe.

‫יש לבצע מעקף של צינור הברזל על ידי בעל מקצוע‬
‫בתחום האינסטלציה שלמעשה יבטל לחלוטין את‬

‫ הדבר‬.‫צינור הברזל ויחליף את זה במערכת פלסטיק‬
‫יכול להעשות או בצורה חיצונית או על ידי השחלה‬
‫ אולם פה להערכתי‬,‫של צינור בקוטר יותר נמוך‬

‫הדבר יגרום לירידה בלחץ של המים ולכן אני מעדיף‬
‫שיעשו מעקף ולא ינסו להחדיר צינור בתוך צינור‬
.‫שירד הלחץ במים‬

2. At the balcony, in order to solve the problem
properly, there is a need to dismantle the
whole balcony and make a new
waterproofing system according to
specifications of LU25 which will include
also making a double drainage system
according to specifications of LU31 and
making a waterproofing system at the door's
threshold according to specifications of

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LU100, which will prevent water passage

into the house. The cost is estimated.
‫ אם רוצים לפתור את הבעיה בצורה‬,‫באזור המרפסת‬

‫נכונה ואמיתית יש צורך בפירוק של כל המרפסת‬
‫ שיכלול בתוכו גם עשיית‬LU25 ‫ועשיית מפרט‬

‫ ובאזור סף‬LU31 ‫מערכת ניקוז כפולה לפי מפרט‬
‫ שימנע מעבר של מים אל תוך‬LU100 ‫הדלת מפרט‬

.‫ עלות מוערכת‬.‫הדירה ובזה תיפתר הבעיה‬

3. At the storeroom exterior walls there is a 4,500

need to seal holes and cracks and

afterwards to spray a sealant made by

Polydan according to specifications of

‫ יש צורך‬,‫איטום הקירות החיצוניים מבחוץ למחסן‬
‫בעשיית תיקונים סתימת חורים וסדקים ולאחר מכן‬

‫התזת חומר איטום מתוצרת פולידן לפי מפרט‬

4. In the wet room, due to the fact that we 2,800

were informed that the waterproofing was

done by professionals and it is likely that the

failures are in the walls' sealing, in this stage

only an external treatment will be done,

which means making epoxy grout between

all of the tiles, on the walls as well as on the

floor, for reducing the costs. If it does not

solve the problem, there will be a need to

dismantle the whole wet room and making

waterproofing again according to

specifications of LU200. The price is for

applying epoxy grout in the interfaces

between the tiles on the walls and on the


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‫ היות ונאמר לנו שעבודת הפירוק‬,‫בחדר הרטוב‬ 3,500
‫והאיטום נעשתה על ידי בעל מקצוע והסבירות היא‬
‫ לכן בשלב זה‬,‫שקיימים כשלים רק באיטום הקירות‬
‫ כלומר עשיית רובה אפוקסי בין‬,‫יעשה טיפול חיצוני‬
‫ וזאת על‬,‫ הן על הרצפה והן על הקירות‬,‫כל האריחים‬
‫ במידה ויתברר שזה לא יעזור‬.‫מנת להוזיל בעלויות‬

‫יהיה צורך בפירוק של כל החדר הרטוב ועשיית‬
‫ עלות‬.LU200 ‫ כפי שמופיע במפרט‬,‫איטום מחדש‬
‫בגין עשיית הרובה האפוקסי באזור הממשקים הן‬

.‫ברצפה והן בקירות‬

5. After completing all of these repairments,

there is a need for rehabilitation according

to specifications of LU356, LU355 and

‫ וזה‬.‫לאחר כל התיקונים האלה יהיה צורך בשיקום‬

.LU357-‫ ו‬LU355 ,LU356 ‫לפי מפרט‬

Total pay for work: 35,800 nis Total + tax: 41,886 nis

We appreciate your feedback. For a feedback, please click here.

In case in which the link to a specification is broken try to enter the
link through another browser, or enter "incognito" surfing in chrome.
We will be happy to serve you in any case of problem: 1700-701-151
branch 3 and then 2.

Any treatment recommended in this report must be implemented by qualified professionals who are experts
in their field. The work must be properly verified by an authorized inspector. Additional, previously
unobserved, faults may be found during the work and should be addressed and priced accordingly.
Any recommendation for specific material can be replaced by another provided both materials are of equal
We offer our services as authorized inspector in order to properly monitor and document the work. Price for
such inspection will be given, on demand, before the work commences.

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Alternatively, you may use our services as contractors in order to fix any faults which may be found in your
home. This is recommended, but not necessitated.

General notes:

1. The prices given in this report are for work recommendations and as such,
unless specified differently in writing or e-mail, are only valid for a duration of
30 days from the date of completion of this report. Please note that it is
possible that an additional inspection may be required after this date.
The prices include the entire work needed to fix the faults. We reserve the
right to re-price any of the recommendations if the client decides to
implement only part of the recommendations.
The price for each clause does not include tax which should be added as
demanded by law. Usually a total sum which includes tax appears too at the
bottom line

2. The Luzon company- Israel's center for water damage inc. is the proprietor of
the Valinius company and is capable of implementing any recommendations
given in this report.

3. If you choose to use the Luzon company to implement the recommendations
of this report you shall receive a certificate of warranty detailing the
conditions of said warranty.

4. If you choose not to employ our services in implementing the
recommendations of this report you may enlist our company's services to
oversee the implementation of any work. This will be done in accordance with
the conditions for supervision of the Luzon company.

5. The conclusions of this report represent any findings in the field, found by our
inspector, on the day of the inspection, and on that date alone. We do not
take any responsibility for any fault which may have occurred after the
inspector had concluded his examination.

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6. In case the client or anyone to whom it may concern thinks that this report's
conclusions or recommendations are false for any reason, (s)he may request
another inspection from another certified professional who may approve or
disapprove what is said in this report.

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