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report 2848 nahal micha 11 beit shemesh

report 2848 nahal micha 11 beit shemesh

A Water Damage Inspection Report

Report No. Client and report's details:
Client's Name
Property address 2848
Phone No. Nahal Micha St. 11/12 Beit Shemesh
Date of inspection 02-9920987
Report issuing date 10.1.2020
Season of Inspection 12.1.2020
Name of Inspector Winter
Meir Luzon
Report Editor Dorit Azar

Equipment used by the Inspector:

An infra-red thermic camera model: Camera model:
Fluke TiX-500 Nikon D3200

Expert's proclamation

I hereby proclaim that I have been asked by the client to give my expert opinion about water damage
fault/s which may exist in the client's property. I give this opinion in adherence to the law and
proclaim that I am well aware of the criminal act regarding perjury. This expert's opinion, singed by
me, is to be regarded as a sworn statement in a court of law.
I hereby proclaim that I have no personal interest in this report's object and have no personal
relationship with the client or anyone that may be involved in respect to this inspection. I have
conducted this inspection to the best of my professional ability, and in faith that the facts brought
forth in this report are true and the conclusions derived from them are true too.
Any of the findings and data specified in this report refers only to the date of the inspection. We will
not be held responsible of any new faults to occur after the inspection due to natural wear-and-tear
or any other reason. Likewise, the findings and conclusions of this report depend on the
technological equipment which was used during the inspection according to what was said in the
inspection's request regarding this matter.

Qualifications of the Inspector:

- Graduate of "Property Damage assessment", at Mishlav college
- Graduate of Level 1 Thermography Inspection course- leaks location using Thermal

imaging equipment under Israeli code No. 13187.
- )04-141001(Fluke & RDT Systems Academy -
- Member of the Israeli contractors union (2778)- Restoration and

upgrading of buildings in Israel.
- Listed contractor No. 30076 specializing in Insulation.
- Graduate of Water Damage Restoration course.
- Qualified Sealer by the Israeli Institution of Codes and Regulations.
- .‫ בקבוצת גבים‬- ‫בוגר קורס מגשר מוסמך‬
- Qualified plumber by the Israeli construction center.
- Chairman of the Israeli Leak-assessors & Thermography union (2014), Association

No. 58060036.
- Gives Lectures on Leak inspection using "non-distractive" and their solutions.
- Admin of leak-assessors forum at 'ZAP'- Dapei Zahav.
- Qualified construction inspector (B.Q.M).
- Qualified to serve as an expert witness in the Israeli judicial system.

2 (13)

Occupational experience:

Your inspector has an experience of over 35 years in construction with a construction

faults' location specialty. He provides services to privet clients as well as government

institutions and public and commercial organizations such as: the Israeli Police

Department, Electra company, Israeli Department of Security, different construction

companies, The Jewish agency and more. Over the years your inspector has performed

thousands of construction faults and water damage inspections as well as restorations and

treatment of thousands of houses and buildings.

:Inspector's signiture

What constitutes viable evidence for this report:
Regular photos, thermal imagings, videos, samples and information given by the client, all
gathered by the inspector, form the base according to which the inspector can ascertain the origin
of the problem/s, if any exists, and formulate his recommendations accordingly.
Please note:
our company makes great efforts to locate the source of any problem in your property. There are,
however, cases in which the inspection may fail due to different reasons. If such a failure should
occur due to a mistake made by the inspector, we will perform a second inspection at no further
However, if the inspection's failure is not at the fault of the inspector, such as in a case where an
inspection cannot be made due to field's conditions or if the inspector receives misleading
information from the client, we will not be held responsible for the inspection lack of results and will
not perform another inspection without additional cost. We feel this point should be made clear as
these cases tend to be rather common. We emphasize our policy in this regard, in order to serve
you, our client, in the best and most transparent manner.
Furthermore, if a need should arise for a second inspection using different tools than those used in
the preliminary inspection, the client shall be charged with addendum payment accordingly in case
that a second inspection takes place.
In order to facilitate and clarify this report, we recommend reading the explanation on thermal
imaging before you. Please note that a proper reading of a thermal image requires special training

3 (13)

and one should not make assumptions based on the images in this report alone. The conclusions
of this report are those set by Luzon's qualified inspector and by him alone.
Explanation of thermal imaging:

The thermal scale is indicated by color. The bluer the color- the colder the area. On the
other hand, red indicates that the area is hot. The point of the darkest blue is usually the
source of the leak.

4 (13)

Asset's An apartment located in an apartment's building. It

Description: was enlarged, the sun terrace became a room which

became a part of the apartment. After this was done

there was water leaking into the apartment and a

legal struggle between the client and the neighbor

upstaris which ended up with our client's lose. It was

determined that it is his responsibility to fix the faults

found, not the neighbor's.

We have been hired in order to locate the source of the fault/s, if such exist/s, and to

give our recommendation on proper solutions to these faults and their pricing

including rehabilitations, if required.

The inspection was made by a qualified inspector, who used the required technological
instruments in accordance with his professional judgement in the field.

The use of the Thermal Imaging Camera was done in accordance to Israeli code no. 13187

5 (13)

The findings are as follows:

Area The findings

The client's As can be seen there is a very high level of humidity which has reached
apartment the point of water leaking from the neighbor's terrace into the room which
used to be an open terrace. It can be seen in pic. No. 1-2. It could have
also be seen during our visit that there is a high level of water dripped from
the ceiling, as can be seen in pic. No. 3-4 and also many buckets needed
as can be seen in pic. No. 5. Besides the masive leakage which makes
using this room impossible, there is another, more severe, problem, and
that is the weakening of the concrete due to corrosion of the iron
strenghening it. This could cause in the future weakening of the whole
system of the ceiling and might damage it's stability.



6 (13)



7 (13)


Area The findings

The upstairs It can be seen that there is a high level of humidity in this apartment's floor.
neighbor's Water is accumulated under the flooring especially at the area of the
apartment joining between the original terrace and the new ceiling done on top of the
new room at the client's apartment, as can be seen in pic. No. 6-8. The
fault was probably done when the client's apartment was expanded. A
uniform sealing wasn't made so there is as a result a kind of a stitch
between the additional and the original building. Into this gap a lot of water
is penetrating, part of it spreads under the upstairs' neighbor floor and a lot
of water goes down to the client's ceiling. Therefore there is no other
choice but to uncover the whole terrace's sealing underneath the floor
layars and make new proper sealing on the whole area. The drainage
system is also improper, as can be seen in pic. No. 9. There is a need to
install a double drainage system that would drain the water penetrating
underneeth the floor too and prevant creation of a kind of a pool
underneath the floor.

8 (13)




9 (13)



10 (13)


There was found a fault in the sealing system of the terrace in the neighbor upstairs'
apartment. The fault was probably made when the addition to the client's apartment
was constructed and it was not taken into account that both sealing systems, the old
and the new, should be connected to each other. Therefore, a gap between the two
systems had been developed which is a severe fault that caused the wetting of the
whole area. Therefore, a profound, professional work is needed on the whole area.

Recommendations for fixing the faults and
rehabilitating the damages:

Recommendation specifics: Price (nis):

1. There is a need to uncover the sealing of the whole 15,000 nis
neighbor's terrace by taking off the flooring, the bedding
layer and then also the sealing layer and making new
sealing according to specification LU25.

2. There is a need to install a double drainage system 1,800 nis
according to specification LU31.

3. There is a need to make sealing between the terrace 7,600 nis
and the walls around it which will include taking off a line
of stones around the whole terrace according to
specification LU26

4. There a need to make a new threshold between the 2,200 nis
terrace and its door according to specification LU100 for

11 (13)

preventing absorption and transference of water
underneath the sealing layer.
5. After completing the treatment to the terrace there is a 3,800 nis
need for rehabilitating the ceiling at the client's
apartment according to specification LU357.

Total pay for work: 30,400 nis Total + tax: 35,568 nis

We will appreciate your feedback. For giving a feedback click here.

In cases in which the link to a specification is broken try to enter the link through
another browser, or enter "incognito" surfing in chrome.
We will be happy to serve you in any case of problem: 1700-701-151 branch 3 and
then 2.

Any treatment recommended in this report must be implemented by qualified professionals who are experts in their field. The work
must be properly verified by an authorized inspector. Additional, previously unobserved, faults may be found during the work and
should be addressed and priced accordingly.
Any recommendation for specific material can be replaced by another provided both materials are of equal quality.
We offer our services as authorized inspector in order to properly monitor and document the work. Price for such inspection will be
given, on demand, before the work commences.
Alternatively, you may use our services as contractors in order to fix any faults which may be found in your home. This is
recommended, but not necessitated.

General notes:

1. The prices given in this report are for work recommendations and as such,
unless specified differently in writing or e-mail, are only valid for a duration of 30
days from the date of completion of this report. Please note that it is possible that
an additional inspection may be required after this date.
The prices include the entire work needed to fix the faults. We reserve the right
to re-price any of the recommendations if the client decides to implement only
part of the recommendations.

12 (13)

The price for each clause does not include tax which should be added as
demanded by law. Usually a total sum which includes tax appears too at the
bottom line
2. The Luzon company- Israel's center for water damage inc. is the proprietor of the
Valinius company and is capable of implementing any recommendations given in
this report.

3. If you choose to use the Luzon company to implement the recommendations of
this report you shall receive a certificate of warranty detailing the conditions of
said warranty.

4. If you choose not to employ our services in implementing the recommendations
of this report you may enlist our company's services to oversee the
implementation of any work. This will be done in accordance with the conditions
for supervision of the Luzon company.

5. The conclusions of this report represent any findings in the field, found by our
inspector, on the day of the inspection, and on that date alone. We do not take
any responsibility for any fault which may have occurred after the inspector had
concluded his examination.

6. In case the client or anyone to whom it may concern thinks that this report's
conclusions or recommendations are false for any reason, (s)he may request
another inspection from another certified professional who may approve or
disapprove what is said in this report.

13 (13)

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