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8. ชุดฝึกและสาธิตการทำงานโบกี้รถไฟ

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Published by Clair Vi, 2021-11-04 03:55:34

8. ชุดฝึกและสาธิตการทำงานโบกี้รถไฟ

8. ชุดฝึกและสาธิตการทำงานโบกี้รถไฟ

Teaching Equipment for Work Sand Table
Brand: iClass

Item Description Quantity Explain
1 set The table is made of 16mm large core board. The subgrade is made
Sand Table of large core board. Total size of table of sand table: 6.0*2.6 (meter)
1 1 set Explain:
1 set Sand table for upper, Down two straight lines, There are two stations
Mesa 1 set and corresponding turnouts in the station to form an annular sand
1 set table. Set up correctly, Low signal machine, And high, Short
Sand Plate 1 set platform, Bridge.
1 set Sand plate support seat Combined sand table base, The framework of
Support Seat the sand plate is made of wood. All the wood is dried and dried. Pest
Sand Table 6 groups control, Aluminum plastic plate edge.
3 1 group
Apron The sand plate apron is made of aluminum plastic plate.
Stainless Steel 1 set
4 1 Coach The surface of the table is made of stainless steel edges. The whole is
Edge 12 units beautiful and generous.
Greening Beautiful and realistic landscape decoration, Using acrylic and ABS
5 1 set plates
Decoration 1 set Including a four channel middle station, Station house, Platform
6 Station House 1 set simulation; It is made with ABS plate carving.
1 set 1. The "工" shaped copper rail with the same shape as the actual track;
7 Orbit Line 3 pcs 2. Ensure that the train runs smoothly and reliably. It will not cause
1 set the short circuit of the wheel and the bad copper rail for any reason,
Single Open which will affect the normal operation of the system. It is made in
8 proportion to 1:48.

Turnout Electric control
9 Cross Line
10 cutting Electric control
11 Catenary A gully with one side cutting and one side cutting belt
A section of 2 meter long contact net frame is set up in the interval
Signal Making use of 3D printing material, LED shows the signal in the
12 lamp. Including the incoming station, Out of the station, Shunting
and other signal machine model
machine Premium brands include power lines, cables, connectors, LED lights
Electrical and other electrical materials.
materials Sandbox signal machine, Control of turnout, Track circuit wiring
14 Sand line Beautiful and vivid appearance, Durable, Proportionate coordination.
15 Tunnel Beautiful and vivid appearance, Durable, Proportionate coordination.
16 Bridge Beautiful and vivid appearance, Durable, Proportionate coordination.
17 Culvert Beautiful and vivid appearance, Durable, Proportionate coordination.
18 Line Sign

Construction 2 sets With 2 job marks, 1 deceleration sites, 1 slow line marks (level Four),
19 2 rows 1 parking signboards, etc.
1 set The simulation EMU vehicle is made at 1:48. Drag into one row, It
protection sign can be operated by remote control.

20 EMU model The electric control signal is open, the operation of the turnout, It
can embody the idle and occupying of the track circuit.
21 arrangement


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