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Published by ksoares1900, 2017-12-02 01:39:16

Barber-Scotia College Sesquicentennial Celebration


1. Alumni Row- New, Executive style townhouses, with top of the line fixtures, amenities, etc. Designed
to bring older alumni looking to sell their big homes and first time home buyer-alums, back to the
campus area and become mentors (grandmothers and grandfather's, aunts and uncles to future
students.) They will become stewards/watchdogs of the campus as well.

2. New Convocation Center & Sports Complex - (Solar embedded glass) (Naming rights negotiable)
2,000-4,000 seat arena, inside track field, tennis and volleyball courts, Olympic size pool, state-of-the-
art workout facility, 2,500 seat concert hall and theater, event rooms, dance studio, classrooms,
sports medicine research, cafe and concessions, sports store and more. Multiple businesses inside,
owned by students!

3. Condo-style resident life- (200+ condo apartments) - Top notch apartment style residences for
professors and upper classmen.

4. Class A Offices & Retail Businesses - First level incubator businesses and offices. Strip Mall-Barber,
salon, food eateries, doughnut shop, t-shirt design, etc. A solar powered garage will be attached for
school and resident parking.

5. Hydroponic & Aquaponic gardens and research center, classrooms for agriculture.
6. "Logan's Air"- an organic open-air market, where we will sell fish and organic fish, fruits vegetables

and other products to feed the community, country and the world! (The open-air market will have
solar embedded glass panels.)
7. Existing Gym- We will upgrade the facilities and lease to Cabarrus County school system for games
and swimming events.
8. New library and state-of-the-art research center. Will have everything! Solar glass roof. Open to
the community for research, school archives, heritage hall with virtual reality and telepresence
rooms and Board rooms. This is where most research in (STEAM) renewable energy, battery storage,
electric cars, food security and more, will take place. (We will become the testing sight for all things
energy and technology.)
9. Existing Student Union -upgrades, event rooms, cafeteria, music room, television & radio stations,
student game room and cafe, offices and more.
10. New Townhouse-style Apartments (400). Concierge & Security. Apartment style, inside courtyard
and fire pit, lounge, workout facility, internet rooms, etc.
11. Honors Complex. Need simple upgrades with counter-tops, floors and appliances. Add Smart TV’s to
common areas. Currently 4 suites. 3 suites have 4 bedrooms with their own bathroom, 2 beds in each
bedroom. 1 suite has 1 bedroom apt for the resident life adviser. Original architectural drawing
include second level.
12. New schools of Energy, Technology & Business Entrepreneurship. Labs and hands-on instruction
will take place here, before utilizing the research center.
13. Cozart house. Built for 6th President Leland S. Cozart, who served 32 years. (Minor renovations)
14. Graves Hall. Graves Hall will be renovated to house conference center meeting rooms and
15. Faith Hall will be renovated with minor upgrades to include more bathrooms, centralized
HVAC, more laundry rooms, TV rooms. (Freshman Dorms)
16. Berry Hall will be renovated to become the new Scotia Seminary for a Master's program.
17. Cozart Hall (Administration Building and Science Labs) - Renovations needed to include, new
roofing and gutters, bathrooms on lower levels, offices for staff and faculty and lounge area and new
technology solutions .
18. Kittie Sanson Chapel. - Minor upgrades.
19. New High-end Apartment–style Residences. ) Top notch apartments for students and/or other
20. The White House- Proposed 5-star Bed & Breakfast. (We are open to suggestions.)
21. The College Icon monument is on main road, Cabarrus Ave. Minor upgrades.
22. New Monument - The monument in the center of the campus represents the power source for the
College and the Community. With all of the Solar installations and other hybrid solutions, the College
will generate up to 2MW of power. (Battery)

Solar pillars and solar powered pathways will be throughout the campus. New digital display
(marquee) on the front lawn of Faith Hall and BSC Spirit Banners flags that surround the
campus and into the neighborhoods.

Breathe & Stay the Course
The Saber-tooth Tiger


A lineage of men and women of knowledge –or seers–
which originated in ancient Mexico regarded Saber-

toothed Tigers as beings with an outstanding capacity to
perceive non-ordinary realities. The sages of this lineage

affirm that such capacity is directly related to the
sabertooth’s breathing, which is very deep and expansive.
For them, breathing in this manner enables the body to call

in on the force that binds everything in the universe
together –a force they call Intent.

It is Intent that allows anyone who taps into it to enter non-
ordinary states of perception. The seers of ancient Mexico
called these states “Dreaming”. The art of Dreaming –it is an

art– can be practiced while one is awake or asleep.
Mastering it, however, takes a lifetime of the most arduous
discipline and purpose. Seers referred to this kind of purpose
as ‘Unbending Intent’, and affirm that Saber-toothed Tigers
possess such unbending intent that they did not actually go
extinct. According to those men and women of knowledge,
some members of that genus transferred their awareness,
through Dreaming, into another realm of perception. “It is

not they who are imprisoned”, seers say, “but us”.

Each one of us, however –if we so desire–, can reclaim our
rightful legacy as travelers of awareness. And, just like the
Saber-toothed Tiger of Intent, Dream our totality into a new
realm of perception. The name given to this realm by the

seers of this lineage is Total Freedom.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

Guest Speakers
“The Future”

E. G. Clayton, III
Mr. Clayton is a turnaround brand consultant, serial entrepreneur & venture capitalist with HBCU
Ventures. He worked with Technology Founders that with received large investments from NEA -
$3.3 Billion fund , Accel Partners - $2 Billion fund, Detroit Venture Partners - $50 Million, Lightbank
- $200 Million and many others wealthy groups across the Midwest, that are looking for the right
investment opportunity, that has the potential of becoming the next Google, Facebook or Microsoft.
Mr. Clayton has a passion for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, with interest in increasing
the endowments to ensure sustainability.

In addition to his multiple roles in start-up and branding companies,. Mr. Clayton takes the time to
teach Entrepreneurship & Technology startup classes at the University of Illinois at Chicago, to
more than 300 international students from India.

Mr. Clayton is excited about assisting BSC and bringing resources to the College’s vision for “Future
Campus” and increased enrollment
via global partnerships.

Lauri Elliot

Lauri Elliott has over 20 years of
experience in strategy, innovation,
organizational development, change
management, human performance
technology, business process
reengineering, instructional design,
and technology. In addition, Lauri has over 10 years of in-depth business and strategy experience in
developing markets, particularly Africa.

As the head of Afribiz Group, Inc. and The Afribiz Foundation, Lauri assists small/start-up to large
companies to develop strategies and new projects/new ventures, focusing on early stage
development and pre-transaction activities, in Africa. Lauri leads a team that develops
methodologies for managing and developing partnerships, designing and deploying early stage
projects/ventures, and structuring organizations and systems to minimize risk and maximize
opportunities while building sustainable enterprises. These methodologies are specifically designed
for turbulent, chaotic, and continually changing business environments in emerging and frontier

Ms. Elliot brought a delegation to BSC’s campus. They currently have interest in collaborating with
the College to deploy a Tech Center and expand global partnerships in Africa.

Ads & Patrons

Barber-Scotia College
Atlanta Area Alumni and Friends

They gathered on September 25, 2017 to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Founding of
Barber-Scotia College. The evening’s events included a photographic opportunity, a review of the
Founder’s, Rev. Luke Dorland’s, sketch, the Historical Sketch of the College, a fellowship meal
incorporating the Barber-Scotia College Grace, a viewing of a video presentation by Dr. Mable
Parker McLean, conducting a Memorial Service, and the sharing of a Tribute by Ella Abrams
Bradford, ’67. A moving part of the evening was the sharing of each alumnus’ Three Gifts—Scotia’s
Legacy. Before the evening ended, there was an opportunity to view and share some Atlanta
Alumni Chapter and some Barber-Scotia archival materials.
Attendees included: Charles and Annie Bell Penn Webb, ’68; James Adair, former Instructor; Patricia
Spellen Adair, ’66; Lillie Glover Jackson, ’67; Petronia Perrimon Martin, ’72; Edson Ford, ’72; John
Watson, ’70; Arthur May Jones, ’68; Annie Thompson Madison, ’62; Thelma Davis Shoate, ’63; and
Veronica L. Ransom, ’68. Tonja Adair provided technical assistance. Veronica hosted the

“Whatever good perchance we do, Our Scotia, ‘tis for Thee.”

To the HBCU-9

Celebrating 150 Years!

Barber-Scotia College on Your

150th Year Anniversary

We Gratefully Acknowledge
Your Legacy of Educational Excellence

Charlotte Alumni Chapter
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated

Dr. Lionel H. Newsom
Barber-Scotia College

7th President

Dr. Lionel Hodge Newsom

First Lady Maxine Emerson Newsom

Barber-Scotia College
Johnson C. Smith University

Central State University
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Leadership with Love, Dedication,
Faith, and Honor

Your Family
continues to follow in your


Jaci Carol Newsom
Janeen Peters-Brown

Damian Peters
Curtis Peters

“I wanted to become educated, that others
could benefit from what I had gained.”

Barber-Scotia College
Atlanta Area Alumni Host Breakfast with the President

Breakfast Buffet with Host, Dr. Olah and Ms. Pat Spellen Adair, ’66,
Ms. Veronica L. Ransom, ’68 with Class of 1966 50th Year Memory Book

On Saturday morning, October 28, 2017, the Atlanta Area Alumni of Barber-Scotia College met to
have Breakfast with the President, Dr. David L. Olah. He learned of the alumni’s September
Founder’s Day Celebration and expressed a desire to share with the alumni. That wish was granted.
He was accompanied by the Chair of the College’s Board of Trustees, Ms. Karen Soares, and Mrs.
Sandra Olah.

The ambience of the gathering space was one of warmth and welcome to “Scotia World”—framed
pictures of landmarks, tee and sweat shirts displayed, table cloths and center pieces, paraphernalia
and archival materials. The setting both provoked and inspired.

It was a time of sharing on both sides. He gave an update on the “State of Affairs” at Scotia—as did
Ms. Soares—and the remarks were followed by a question and answer period. Dr. Olah brought
paraphernalia; we shared paraphernalia. We shared archival materials of the Atlanta Alumni
Chapter chartered in 1972 and non-functioning for nearly 20 years. The Alumni introduced
themselves and shared their “Scotia Stories.” The host presented Dr. Olah with a framed picture of
Faith Hall for his office. Ms. Adair, ‘66 presented him with the result of her labor with her class
reunion project—the Memory Book—and the note of their substantial monetary donation to
Barber-Scotia for their reunion year. This gathering was a highly productive event and in a phrase,
“. . . a great time for friendship and fellowship.”

Attendees were: James Adair, Patricia Spellen Adair, ’66; Joan Grant, ’67; Lillie Glover Jackson, ’67;
Arthur May Jones, ’68; Veronica L. Ransom, ’68 and John E. Watson, ’70.

Thanks So Much for Your Support!

Charlotte Motor Speedway Venue Sponsor

Veronica Ransom Ad, Silent Auction Donation

Patricia Adair Ad, Silent Auction Donation

Roberta Pinckney Ad

Jaci Newsom Ad

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Ad

The Past Love Letter

Alumni, Family & Friends

For the Love of Scotia!


We honor Thee, our Alma Mater dear.
We love and cherish Thee, Scotia
And ever hold Thee near.
We aim to be as pure
As Thou would’st have us be;
And to Thy teachings, always true.
Our Scotia, we love Thee.

Though far away we roam
Our memories are with Thee.
Whatever good perchance we do,

Our Scotia, ‘tis for Thee.
Be Thou our guide and stay

In future days of strife.
Keep us within the paths of right;

Our Scotia, we love Thee.


O Barber-Scotia, our alma Mater Dear
To Thee we sing;

Cherished both far and near,
Thy mandates we revere,
Our tributes we will bring,
Alma Mater Dear.

O Barber-Scotia, our alma Mater Dear
Thy Name we love;

Thou art our guiding star,
And though we wander far

Thy glory beams above,
Alma Mater Dear.

O Barber-Scotia, our alma Mater Dear
We honor Thee;

Point us the path of right
That leads into the light

Of noble service free,
Alma Mater Dear.

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