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The Marvelous World of Fashion Designing (1)

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Published by kazihaye3983, 2021-05-07 10:07:06

The Marvelous World of Fashion Designing (1)

The Marvelous World of Fashion Designing (1)

By: Kaziah

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”
—Rachel Zoe
Fashion designing plays a big part in today’s economy. Without it,
we would not have clothes (shirts, pants, shoes, hats, etc) to wear.
Fashion designers use many resources. They make about an
average of $69k per year. They use many themes and types of
clothing (dresses, shirts, pants, etc). Dive deep into the world of
fashion designing with me!

A formal dress


What is Fashion Designing?

Fashion and fashion designing is a form of art focused on
creating clothes and accessories. Without fashion designing,
we would not have clothes to wear. Imagine that! Fashion
designers make all different kinds of clothes and resources.
Hey! That brings us to our next topic, resources!

Rainbow necklace and earrings

Butterfly hair

Fashion designers use many resources.
Fashion designers use resources like paper and pencil, fabric,
thread, and a computer or tablet. For example, with paper and
pencil, you can erase part of a certain line, in contrast, with a tablet
you can only erase a whole line. Some people can’t draw with the
mouse of a computer, while with a tablet you can just drag the
screen and draw like you would with paper (without a pencil, of
course). As you can see, fashion designers use many resources.

Some people use a designing app
called Tailor Nova

Fashion designers make an average of about $69k per year.

In fashion designing, experience and education are both needed to
boost a salary. First, seeking experience is most important. You could
start out learning how to design fashion and fashion trends in a
clothing store earning $10 per hour. Completion of high school is
needed. Next, you could study fashion designing in college. Over time,
your experience and education can earn you more money. A fashion
designer that owns their own company will make way more than $69k
per year. The pay for being a fashion designer can change over time
and can depend on if you own your own company.

Fashion designers use many themes and types of clothing (dresses,
shirts, pants, etc).
Do fashion designers have to stick to one theme or type of clothing?
To answer that question, no, they do not. If fashion designers stuck
to only one theme or topic, it would get very boring over time. For
example, if I created only skirts, I would get tired of skirts and
would want to choose something else to design. You could decide
that you wanted to design neither skirts or pants. The same goes for
anyone. That brings us to the end of our dive into the marvelous
world of fashion designing.

Different types of fashion

These four topics we talked about today were some of my first
questions about fashion designing. We have come a long way into all
the wonderful things about fashion, like, they use many resources, how
their pay changes over time, and how they use many themes. Who
knows! You might be the next major fashion designer!


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