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a detective named jeff Compost gets in a car crash after having a good day it turns bad. when he wakes up he has something new and becomes the greatest detective of all time.

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Published by Chase Williamson, 2019-05-08 11:57:36

The Craziest Day Ever

a detective named jeff Compost gets in a car crash after having a good day it turns bad. when he wakes up he has something new and becomes the greatest detective of all time.

​ The Craziest Day Ever

Written by:Chase Williamson

​ The is the best detective around. You know, like the ones that always
get asked to give off an autograph. Well, that is who he is and what he is
doing, right now, would make people disappointed.

He is like a tiger ready to tear his prey apart and eat it all up in one
gulp. But first he makes you cry like a hopeless homeless baby. He is
the one, the only, Jeff Compost. And he is coming for you people who,
go around at night and break in and steal anything, or maybe you are a
killer. Whatever it is, he is coming for you….. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

4 hours before

Jeff lives in the middle of Florida. He is 6´.6¨ tall and he is a very
lean person. You could pretty much say he is rich. You would think he
was anyway with the stuff he has. He also has a mansion. It is four
stories tall, 50 yards long, and is 40 yards wide. He works in a place
named Brazil Detective Agency. His vehicle is a 1971 black Chevy truck.
He keeps it perfect and clean.

He has a family too. He has a wife named Jule and a daughter
named Shanaynay. He also has his dad and mom along with my wife's
parents and her brother.

T​ his morning, Jeff, had a pretty good morning for the most part. Jeff

brought his kid to school and then he went to do his normal day of coffee
and pancakes at this one breakfast place. Then he went to fill up his gas
tank. Then he went to do something with the news because there was
something going on. After he did that, he started to drive to his work. His
work was only two miles outside of town.

He was a mile out of town and then a car hit the front end of his
bumper. The car was probably going 100 miles an hour. He realized
the guy that hit him was the person he was trying to catch. But before
he could get going again another car ran into him and then a tree fell
down onto his car.

He started to get out of the car but the tree crushed the car even
more and tore his arm off. He kicked the door open and jumped out in
pain. Then he screamed, it was the most painful thing ever. Then the
truck blew up.

After about 5 minutes of sitting on the ground and
watching the fire, Jeff looked down at himself and saw that
his clothes were really ripped and bloody. Then at that
moment, he knew that he would,.. then he fainted.

He woke up in the hospital bed all panicked because he lost the
guy, or did he?? But then he remembered he had thrown trackers on
the cars that hit him earlier. After a moment he realized that his wife,
daughter, mom, dad, and parents in law were in the room. They all had
worried faces. Then his wife said, “it will be hard to get used to.”

He looked at his arm to see what they were talking about and it
was there. He was puzzled... His arm was actually there!! Then his wife
said, ¨It cost quite a bit, but you are the first one ever to have one on. It
was also very smooth and looked like an arm, only metal. ¨ It was truly
a robot arm. It was one of those newer ones for the people that serve
the country. The machine had a piece in the brain that went to the
machine to make it move like a regular arm.

The next day was not to bad. He got up got ready for work and
went outside to go get his other vehicle in his shop. It is a 1976 Camaro
ss. Now he is the coolest detective of all time. Lots of kids and other
people always ask for his signature even more than usual. Then later
on people started coming from all over the world to meet the first ever
detective and person to have a robot arm.

The rest of his life went somewhat smoothly after that day, and that
is what you call a bad day turned into a good life

​ The End

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