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Published by cbals, 2016-12-15 13:33:11

Mag 2


Keywords: Clothes

This is Carlos. Take a look at why I
thought this would be good. I
thought this would look good for him
because it looks like something he
would wear because he is one of
the nicer characters and he is rarely
seen doing bad things.

This is Evie. I made this outfit for her
because I thought it would look like
something that she would wear because
Evie is a girl who is smart, flirty, and very

This is Mal. this
is her outfit I
made for her
because I
thought it would
be the right
clothing for her
because she is a
sneaky, smart,
and ruthless girl
who is a natural
leader and pretty
good at drawing.

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This is Jay and this it the outfit
that I made for him because I
thought it would be something
that he would wear because he
is a sneaky, confident, and a
cool guy.

This is prince
ben and this is
the outfit that I
thought he
would wear
because Ben is
a sweet natured
man that feels
pity for the
children of
villains and was
willing to give
them a second
chance when
not even his
own parents
were willing to.

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