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The May issue of the Toluna Magazine is now available!

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Published by Toluna, 2020-05-22 05:30:10

Toluna IN Magazine - May 2020

The May issue of the Toluna Magazine is now available!

I N D I A C O M M U N I T Y E D I T I O N M A Y | 2 0 2 0





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Hi Toluna Influencers

Have you ever participated in Toluna QuickCommunity? If not,

worry not as we have got you covered in this edition! Apart
from that, you can also find the winners of #StayAtHome

contest and your chance to win up to 15,000 points by

referring your friends to #JoinTolunaIndia!

In this issue of the magazine, you can also found a video

showcasing the solidarity of Toluna community members

around the world. We hope that you continue to stay healthy

and happy!

Keep Influencing Your World!

The Toluna Team

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Toluna QuickCommunity

A QuickCommunity is a client commissioned
live chatroom on, to which some of

our Influencers will be invited to join and have

discussions about a certain subject, with other

Influencers or a researcher from our client. It is

a new and fun way to voice your opinion at

Toluna and influence your world!

How do I join?

There will be a short survey in the “Survey
Centre” section of Those who

complete this short survey and whose profiles

match with what the client is looking for, will

be able to join the QuickCommunity. A new

section called “Events” will appear in your

account on, and you can select the

QuickCommunity chatroom to enter. Please be
sure to log in to the website instead of the

Toluna mobile app.


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What do I do inside & will I get points?

Once you are inside the chatroom, you will see

1 or more “Topics” on the top left-hand corner.

You can select the topic you want to

participate in, then simply provide your opinion

on the topic and join the live discussion!

You will be awarded points as well! The

number of points on offer
3. Will I get Toluna points?depends on how
much of your time is required and the

complexity of the requirements. The details

and eligibility criteria will be explained in the

initial short survey. We look forward to your

participation in this fun activity!

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On behalf of the entire Toluna Team, we

hope you are all safe and well as can be

during the pandemic.

Our Influencers around the world united

and shared photos of the view from their

windows and home office spaces. Here is a

short video we created using some of our
favourites. Hopefully this helps to shrink

the distance with others that you may be

feeling right now. Enjoy the video!

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Toluna aire

Every day, one member from our worldwide community will

win ONE MILLION POINTS! The next person could be you!


1 - Take surveys here

Answer at least 1 survey in the past 30 days

2 - Active in the Community & Has Profile Picture

Create content in the past 30 days. Your profile picture

does not have to be your face.
Congratulations to smalpani7

who have won 1,000,000
3 - Purchase extra entry here
points on 16 May 2020!
You will receive free entry when you participate in a

survey. Apart from that, you can also buy extra entry. The

more entries you have, the higher chance to win!

Click here to see the complete list of winners.

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C 8 2 2 5

I am learning to play guitar since before lockdown and
I am still learning. We i.e, I, my sister, and my mother
prepared pani puris one day which was too good. I
have learned to crochet and I have made my first
crochet motif. I have designed a pretty dress and I
have also made cloth masks. I had made a sketch few

days ago which is my all-time favorite activity.

As this much is not enough for me. I am also learning
something from digital learning platforms such as
Udemy and Edx. To stay fit I walk on the roof. I am not
a passionate cook and I don't even have a big
appetite. But I am looking forward to learning to cook.
I also put my energy in keeping my house clean.

M I N N I E _ S T A R Z

Unknowingly I have done many good things starting
from attempting yummy dishes, to painting, to
exercising, to singing, to dancing, to playing indoor
board games, to creating small videos with family..all
just to feel busy and it does wonders at the of the
day..You feel content :-)

Few realisations made
*I started to think about Wastage of Food.
*Started appreciating smart buying - Buying what is
NEEDED and not what is WANTED.
*Understood how it feels to be Caged.

*Appreciating the liberty to go outside to breathe in
the fresh air.

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N 1 5 4 1 9 6 2

1. Working from home and fulfilling our professional duties from
our house.

2. Making my kids study and involving them in different activities.

3. I am looking after the family and household work when we are
out of servants. In india working without servants is the most
difficult thing because we are habituated to have servants for all
our work and now working without them and fulfilling all other
duties is very difficult.

4. I am trying to do different activities like making new dishes
which is also a hobby. I try to make variety of dishes at home. The
photo that I have attached here is that of the pizza that I made

it at home.

5. I am trying to spread positive messages through my writings on
my blog and requesting everyone not to spread rumours which
can mislead and increase problems for the common man. Let's all
save humanity from the biggest pandemic in the history of
medical science.


1. First thing spending quality time with family
members, before covid-19 we used to not get much
time now we all together cook and eat together
and also play some board games.

2. Learn Learn and Learn have time being at home
so utilize it very well, taking online tutorials from
coursera and udemy, which will add some

productivity to my work.

3. I learned to cook during this time, tried some new
dishes from youtube baked a cake and few south
indian dishes.

4. Work from home, helps to be doing excercise by
taking short breaks in between, that refreshes mind.

5. Connecting friends through social media by
doing group video calls, sharing news on facebook
and reading news paper online to get updates
about the current situation.

Page 8

T A N M A Y _ A N N E

1.ENJOYMENT: Being a medical student, I don't have much time to enjoy, so I sat down and completed
all my pending series and I'm happy about it.

2.YOGA: I had an injury 2 years back and I had to take bed-rest for 3 months, my parents told me to
not play games again because of my injury and hence my volleyball skills went to the attic. After I
joined MBBS I started yoga and my health got better. So during this lock-down time, I focused on
improving my body and now I am in intermediate level in yoga, though I can't do the hand stands and

head stands, my spine is once again flexible and I think I will be able to play volleyball again this year.

3.HOUSEHOLD SKILLS: Like most of the girls, I don't know much about taking care of the household
matters. I do take care of my own needs and requirements, these holidays I learnt a lot of cooking,
cleaning the house and also enjoyed doing all that

4.BOOKS: I am a fan of reading good books, in fact I have a collection of around 20-30 books some
of them are novels and the rest are personal development. In this lock-down I had the time to read
some new books I bought few months back and I had made many changes to my thinking and lifestyle.

Books influence our lives and I recommend everyone to read more books.

5.RECONNECT WITH FRIENDS: I lost contact with many of my school friends, be it busy life or just petty
fights.This indoor time made me think deep and helped me reconnect with all my long lost friends and
it gave a warmth in my heart.

6.LIFE PURPOSE: These times made me think deep, question my existence and also have a internal
debate about many things and resolve every issue. Now I am ready with my personal goals. Whatever I
do the end goal is to serve humanity and as a medical professional I have the opportunity to do it in
the front line. I am so happy that I made this choice of joining MBBS.

7.INFLUENCE THE WORLD: I joined Toluna basically for the rewards, but as I took each survey I
realized that my opinions did matter and are being taken into consideration. I have never took any
survey lightly, because my opinion makes a change. This lock-down period, I attended more surveys
and I am happy about it. I also was able to follow the Toluna community and what people shared, its
nice to be in this community and also change the world at the same time.

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