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Check out our February issue of the Toluna Magazine. Don't hesitate to leave some feedback on topics you would like to see in our next issue.

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Published by Toluna, 2018-02-13 08:02:32

Toluna News - February Issue (US & CA)

Check out our February issue of the Toluna Magazine. Don't hesitate to leave some feedback on topics you would like to see in our next issue.

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Dearest  Influencer IN THIS
Has your 2018 started with a bang? If not, rest
assured Toluna is here to help! 02 Editor's note

This year we'd like to see you tap into your 03 Toluna Photo Gallery
creative potential and bring out all of the good
features that may be hidden there. That's why, in 04 Toluna Interview
this issue, you'll be able to see and read more
about all of our new creativity driven contests! 07 Content Creator of The
I really hope you'll enjoy them and participate as
often as possible. Just to give you a little number, 08 Toluna Movie Club
if you do decide to participate in all contests you
may end up earning up to 20.000 points!

Are you ready? Get comfortable, crack open the
magazine, and enjoy!

Alex W.


Toluna Photo Gallery

Be featured in
our monthly photo exhibit!

Each issue of the Toluna Magazine will
offer you a theme. Take a photo
following the theme, send it to

[email protected] and if
you are in the Top 10 most creative
photos, you will get featured in the

following issue. Even better, you'll get
1000 points for your photo!

Your photo may even end up
on the cover!

The theme for this month is:

l ve

submit your photo by February 28th
one submission per member


Toluna Interview

January, 2018

iTnwfluoennecwers tell it
atolld! aMye!et them


From Massachusetts, USA

 I love the opportunity to receive a
little extra cash or a gift card.  I

think it is also neat to have a voice
in so many aspects of the products

and services we use.  I like the
variety of survey topics – from
financial services to movies to
grocery shopping to electronics to
politics – it’s all there and fair game
for our comments and opinions..



From Toronto, Canada

More than advantages for me, I
think there are advantages for the
ones who get my opinions, because
with my feedback I could help
improve products, goods, food,
lifestyle for much else. Being a
Toluna influencer I know for sure
that my opinions will be valued

inRteeardviethwe teondtiarey!

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Toluna Interview

Want to get featured in
the next interview?

are now open!

Follow this link, and find all all the
info as to how you can get featured

in the monthly Toluna Interview!
Bonus fact:

You can stack up to 10,600 points!

Click here!


CCoonntteenntt CCrreeaattoorr OOff Tthe Month

As some of you may know, Toluna gives members points bonuses
everyday for creating good quality Polls, Topics, Thumbs It, and
Battles in the community!

United States Canada
Content Creators Of The Month Content Creators Of The Month

Mielle13 dccarter51
pdnr atlanta01
pr41799 Surveytaker@13
jljmugs Jonathan58
pannamaria Dianae21
jade1024 MAMIsylvie
Makmomma mersid48
chandrareed noravandoninck

Here are Toluna Team’s tips for creating content that will get rewarded

Always include a visual Interact with other members

Check your grammar and spelling
Thought provoking themes and topics

At the end of each month we will choose the top 10 users who received
the most bonuses for quality content and name them
*Content Creator of the Month*

Find our more info!
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The Toluna

Lights, Camera, Review!

Each month we'll offer you the Send the review over to
chance to pick one of four [email protected],
movies, watch it, and then
submit a short review about it! and get 1000 points!

Be among the top four best Even better, you'll also get
reviews and get an extra featured in the monthly
5000 points! Toluna Magazine!

Are you ready?
The first four options
have already been announced!



Movie Club

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the movie you want to



You can always find out more

about everything Toluna
on our official blog.

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