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Together, as a fantastic family, we share content, create, and discuss all things! Come together and let your creativity blossom.

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Published by Toluna, 2018-03-12 08:05:56

Toluna Magazine - March Issue US/CA

Together, as a fantastic family, we share content, create, and discuss all things! Come together and let your creativity blossom.

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Dearest  IN THIS
Influencer ISSUE

a note from the editor
Hello there, amazing human!

I'm so happy to be able to write a few words again. 02 Editor's note
Spring has come and with it we're feeling refreshed
and ready to face everything life has to throw our 03 Toluna Photo Gallery
ways. I'm sure that with the right mindset each and
every one of us will be able to muster the power to 06 Toluna Interview
make this spring be the very best spring they have
ever had! 09 Content Creator of The

This issue of the Toluna Magazine shares with you 10 Toluna Movie Club
some of the most amazingly creative members 15 My Country Does It Better
we've had and some even more interesting Toluna 16 The Battle of The Greats
Contests and activities. I sure hope you will all 17 Secret Mission 
enjoy readying it and participating in as many
opportunities as possible. 2

See you on the flip-side,

Alex W.

Toluna Photo Gallery
February was the month of love, and you have
submitted the most amazing pictures following

this theme!


Toluna Photo Gallery
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Toluna Photo Gallery

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our monthly photo exhibit!

Each issue of the Toluna Magazine will
offer you a theme. Take a photo
following the theme, send it to

[email protected] and if
you are in the top most creative photos,

you will get featured in the following
issue. Even better, you'll get 1000 points

for your photo!

Your photo may even end up
on the cover!

The theme for this month is:


submit your photo by March 30th
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Toluna Interview

February, 2018

The third episode of


From Montreal, Canada

 I came upon Toluna as I
was randomly browsing the

internet, however, I didn’t
join until after a friend

recommended it to me. An
extrovert by nature, I was
keen on joining an online

community that actively
showcases good content
and rewards its members.



From New York, US

I noticed that they recently
started to add games in their
amazing repertoire of
activities, which is an
awesome idea and I highly
endorse it. I would like to see
even more games on the
website. It would be great if
they could add one or two
games per week. I would also
like to see them broaden
their horizon in regards to
survey topics.

inRteeardviethwe teondtiarey!

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Toluna Interview

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CCoonntteenntt CCrreeaattoorr OOff Tthe Month

At the end of each month we will choose the top 10 users who received
the most bonuses for quality content and name them
*Content Creator of the Month*

United States Canada
Content Creators Of The Month Content Creators Of The Month

Mielle13 dccarter51
pdnr atlanta01
pjaysmitty kdpfinnz
katpearl Sandy Trevor
pab82020 Van84
robynmartin6 john4923
jenls107 noravandoninck

Here are Toluna Team’s tips for creating content that will get rewarded

Always include a visual Interact with other members

Check your grammar and spelling
Thought provoking themes and topics

This month we've had four members who were in the top for three and
five months consecutively and they got additional bonus points.
In total, 20.000 points were given out!

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The Toluna Movie Club

Mrs. Doubtfire - review

This movie is not just about someone who uses

their creative mind to problem solve. It is about a

dad who would do ANYTHING to be in his kid’s

lives.After a separation from his wife, Daniel

Hillard (Robin Williams) takes on an alternate

persona, who he names Mrs. Doubtfire, to

interview for the position of nanny to his kids. He

gets the job as sweet Mrs. Doubtfire and then

comes the fun, chaos, and an intimate bond with

his children. He pulls off his guise so well that at

first, his ex-wife, Miranda (Sally Field) has no

idea who hides behind that well put together

ensemble (the scene covering Mrs. Doubtfire in

the making is one of my favourites)

As time with the family goes on, he

learns a few things about parenting, and

about his ex-wife. Daniel (as Mrs.

Doubtfire) also seems to gain a clear

sense of what went wrong in their


Mrs. Doubtfire is definitely a Robin

Williams classic. We are familiar with his

charm, wit, and versatility; all those

factors he brings to this unique movie. It

combines creativity, goof, and heart felt

warmth. I definitely recommend this for

family movie night for laughs and tears,

while highlighting the importance of melissajohn

Personally, this was one of my favourite Robin from Canada

Williams movies growing up. I watched it a million

times. It was also a kids’ favourite when I worked at a

daycare. If you are a Williams’ fan, and have not

watched it, I highly recommend it. 10
4.7 stars!

The Toluna Movie Club

Mrs. Doubtfire - review

Mrs. Doubtfire is a wonderfully endearing movie
focusing on familial relationships and how the

dynamics of family can change when faced with
challenges. The casting choices for this movie
were superb. Robin Williams plays all of the

different faces and personalities with ease and the
relationships between both Dad/ Mrs. Doubtfire

and his children/ex-wife are guaranteed to bring a
smile to viewers. As Daniel Hillard's marriage
breaks down, he is desperate to maintain a

relationship with his three children and recruits the
help of his creative brother/brother-in-law to

create a second persona as a British nanny.

After securing a nanny job caring for his SharBear
own children, he manages to Mom
temporarily live the best of both worlds.
He is able to spend time daily with his from Canada
children and ex-wife with them realizing 11
the person they are missing/pushing
away has never really left. As Daniel
looks through the eyes of his alias, Mrs.
Doubtfire, he becomes a better parent
and individual, learning better people
and life skills. When his cover is finally
blown at a public family dinner, Daniel is
left with no choice but to reveal his
antics and motives for doing so.

Fortunately, viewers are treated to a feel-good ending
that sees Daniel being given the daily visitation with his
children that he very much wanted all along, as well as
a great new job opportunity starring in his very own
children's television show as none other than Mrs.
Doubtfire! A heart-warming, funny and realistic family
movie that teaches some wonderful lessons.

The Toluna Movie Club

Mrs. Doubtfire - review

Mrs Doubtfire is exceptional because it is so
unique in many ways. It being released
during a time where divorce was not as
common, not spoke about freely and

discouraged. It addressed this issue in such
an emotional, humorous, quirky, hopeful

manner that it won the hearts of many, as
well as ones that could and could not relate
to divorce such as myself at that time. With

that being said, it is one of the most well
known and well like movie of all time. One of

Robin Williams best performances.

He nailed all aspects of this story line.
He as able to bring humor, emotions,
hope and quirky behaviors all
throughout the movie to give it the best
performance and bring out the best of all
the other cast members. The crew
played a huge part in this movie and it
exceeded its boundaries. The makeup,
the hair, the wardrobe was amazing.
Without the crew, this movie would not
have been the best of the best.

Furthermore, the location (set) was fantastic too. It was Mjagp
appealing enough to summon you to visit. All in all, 5 from the US
stars! A must see. It is iconic and legendary as is Robin
Williams. It is one of those movies you want to watch 12
again and even purchase to have on hand when the
mood hits you to watch.

The Toluna Movie Club

Mrs. Doubtfire - review

Mrs. Doubtfire starring Robin Williams and Sally
Fields is a unique comedy but nonetheless
beloved and touching. It's based on a set of
parents that divorce and the father, not as

economically stable or disciplined as the Mother,
comes across difficulties when it comes to

visitations with their three children. Stuck between
a rock and a hard place Daniel comes up with a

A hilarious and eccentric solution that is. mnt198565
Disguising himself as an older woman from the US
he becomes hired as the nanny to the
children. Not even his children realize 13
that their sweet but stern "nanny" is
actually their Father. Strong bonds are
formed and things are great. Sadly, it's
eventually discovered that Mrs.
Doubtfire is and has been Daniel all
along and nobody is laughing. Hearts
are broken along with trust.

Can Daniel's ex-wife and children forgive
him and see that his intentions came from a
place of love and not betrayal? Can love
truly conquer all?
Find out by watching this laugh out loud yet tear-jerking
film. In an ever-changing world take a moment and
remind yourself of what the true meaning to life and
happiness is. Two thumbs up for Mrs. Doubtfire and
one amazing performance from the beloved late Robin

The Toluna Movie Club

Lights, Camera, Review!

Each month we'll offer you the Send the review over to
chance to pick one of four [email protected],
movies, watch it, and then
submit a short review about it! and get 1000 points!

Be among the top four best Even better, you'll also get
reviews and get an extra featured in the monthly
5000 points! Toluna Magazine!

Are you ready?
The next four options
have already been announced!



My Country Does it Better

From 5th to 26th March, work hand in hand with your fellow
Tolunians to complete fun Challenges and Missions to prove that

your country does it better.
What is the goal of the competition?
To create more content and complete more challenges than any
other country. To keep it fair, we will only evaluate the percentage of
topic creation increase per community.
For instance, if your community creates 80% more Topics in March
compared to February then you guys are on the right track to be

Based on what data will we be choosing the winners?
We will count ALL Topics created during the competition period. The
Missions and Challenges are only for added fun and inspiration.
Please note, we really will only count good quality Topics.Add a little

bit of body text



click on your country to show you're the best




Secret Mission

My Country Does It Better  
 What movie best sums up your country?

In order to participate create a new topic on the website
adding DIB in the tittle and then follow up with your answer.


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