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Toluna News - Read our February issue online now!

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Published by Toluna, 2018-02-08 04:23:38

Toluna NZ News Magazine

Toluna News - Read our February issue online now!

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News Magazine

H I G H L I G H T S , T I P S & R E M I N D E R S , S E C R E T C O N T E S T

F e b r u a r y 2 0 1 8



Dearest Influencer 03 F u n C o m m u n i t y S t a t s

04 H i g h l i g h t s &   A n n o u n c e m e n t s
Can you believe it's February 06 T i p s & R e m i n d e r s

already? Hopefully your 2018 kicked
08 S e c r e t C o n t e s t
off with a bang and you're settling into

the year.

Read on for current highlights, special

tips and reminders, and a link to our

secret contest!



Fun Community Stats

Have you made (or broken) any

resolutions for this year? Whether
you set resolutions or not, you

may be interested to know that

health and fitness is the top
priority among the New

Zealand community for 2018. If

you have tips for staying fit or
maintaining a healthy lifestyle,

share it with us and the rest of the


5 1
9% 10% Bitcoin - one of the highest trending online
4 search terms in the latter half of 2017. If

10% you're not an expert on Bitcoin, don't worry -
most of us are still figuring it out!

1 = Never heard of Bitcoin
2 = Don't understand it
3 2 3 = Have a basic knowledge
26% 45% 4 = Have a good understanding

5 = Not interested at all

As it's award season in Hollywood, have you

ever wanted to work on a movie set? Well,
56% of the community would rather be the

director than the lead actor!

Are you in this majority?


Highlights and


After pausing the monthly surprise gift in January, it's now back for February!
This time the prize is a $10 GiftPay Flexi e-Gift Card.

Simply start at least 8 surveys between 1-28 February to be eligible to win. The

number of surveys that are available depend on the requirements of our clients
who commission the studies. However, you can increase your chances of

participating in surveys by logging into the site regularly and checking the Survey
Centre. Also, check your email account settings to ensure that emails from are not automatically going to your spam folder.




In our last issue, we mentioned that the next
quarterly prize draw would start in late January.

Unfortunately we've had to postpone this until
further notice. Once we have the final details, you'll
be the first to know! We thank you for your

understanding in the meantime.


The Caption Contest - one of our most
popular activities - is back for 2018!

Every two weeks, we'll start a new
round where you can express your

creativity and win 5000 points. Have a
laugh at what others write as well!

The Testimonials section of our
homepage was updated at the end of

January. Thank you and congrats to
the following members, who won

10,000 points each for telling us what
they enjoy most about Toluna!

farside1 chryslergal
Thing Jeroberts2


Tips and

Keep your account up-to-date

To ensure the security of your account, please take a few
minutes to check that your account details are correct and

up-to-date. This includes your PayPal details. If any
information has been changed without your knowledge,

please contact us as soon as possible.

Know how your rewards are delivered

Plastic gift cards - The Warehouse and Farmers - are
sent by courier. To reduce the number of undelivered

cards, please ensure that the address in your account is
complete and correct - and please include your suburb if
applicable! Your redemption will be rejected if this

information is not valid.

Other rewards are delivered electronically - either directly by email or to the Rewards
page in your account. Be sure to check your Rewards page regularly for the status of

your redemption, or to find your e-voucher code.

Find survey IDs

If you have a query about a survey, we require the survey
ID number in order to assist further. You can find a record

of each survey attempted on you Points page. While most
survey points are credited within 24 hours, some surveys

are only credited after the study has closed. If you see
"Project Open - Pending" next to a survey ID, it means you

qualified and will get the points when the project closes.



If you have a question, you may be able to find the answer on the FAQs page of the

website. However if you can't find an immediate answer are waiting for a reply from
our support team, please allow up to 72 hours as we often need to seek further
information from other teams.

Here are some things to bear in mind regarding rewards.

Why does PayPal take so long to


We hear you, and we understand the frustration!
Processing for PayPal is done on a global scale -

so we need some time to get through all pending
redemptions. While it's partly automated, we still

need to check that the reward payments are going
to real people and not to bots.

This is a necessary part of the process and we appreciate your understanding and
patience while we do our due diligence. If you have been waiting longer than the
specified 6 weeks, please feel free to contact us.

Some rewards are processed faster

than others

Processing time for the plastic gift card rewards can

depend on available stock and may be subject to
delivery delays. However the Bunnings, GiftPay and

iTunes Digital Codes are purchased as needed, on
a regular basis. You will most likely receive these
rewards within 14 business days after making the







You made it to the end - thanks for reading! To reward you, participate in this

Oscars-themed trivia quiz to earn up to 3000 points! Click through on our
secret link to submit your answers. The Topic will remain open until 28th

February 2018, and you'll receive 300 points for each correct answer.

1. The upcoming Academy Awards is the __th

year of this award ceremony

2. Who was the first female Best Director


3. What was the first movie sequel to win Best


4. Name one of the James Bond opening

songs that have won Best Original Song
(provide the song name)

5. Who holds the record for the most times hosting the Academy Awards?


6. Which film was mistakenly announced as

Best Picture at the 2017 awards?

7. In which year did the Academy replace the

phrase “And the winner is…” with “And the
Oscar goes to…?”

8. What was the first animated film to be
nominated for best picture?

9. Name one of the people who can claim to

be a Nobel laureate and an Academy Award


10. “Me and Jenny goes together like peas and carrots.” is a quote from which
Oscar-winning movie?

How many answers can you get right without using Google? Click through to

submit your answers!

Click to enter the secret link


See you soon!

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