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Toluna News -Read our latest magazine full of surprises

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Published by Toluna, 2018-03-07 05:35:31

Toluna Magazine March EN-AE

Toluna News -Read our latest magazine full of surprises

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March 2018


3 Bonjour France

4 Events in March
6 Women's day

6 Mother's day
6 March Contest

7 Interview with CM
8 Draw your portrait

Dear Toluners

March is here and our new Toluna Magazine as well.

Have a look at what we have prepared for you this month. You can
find: What is happening in UAE during March, get some inspiration

where to go and what to do, participate in our March Contest
and read an interesting interview.

We Hope you will enjoy our 3rd issue made with love.


We have a question for you

2 What is your country best at?

French vocabulary

"For every language you know, you gain a new version of yourself"

This quote refers to not only the ability to communicate in different

languages, but also the ability to integrate into, and become a part of,
different cultures. Here at Toluna, most of our colleagues speak French,

so we would like to show you the beauty of this language...

And who knows, maybe you will fall in love with French as well and start
learning a new language.

Good morning Hello Good evening
Bonjour Salut Bonsoir!

Good bye Thank you Nice

Au revoir! Merci Bien


What's happening?

Dubai Food Festival

Dubai’s annual celebration of everything

culinary and gastronomic

Dubai Food Festival is the only truly citywide

food festival in the Middle East. Held every

year, it celebrates Dubai’s emergence as a
gastronomic destination.

Until 10th March, you can enjoy gourmet

dishes from a range of international cuisines.
The festival promotes the diversity, creativity

and multicultural nature of Dubai’s culinary
Have you been? offering – from five-star gourmet dining to

Tell us more everyday restaurants and cafés for all

Click on the picture budgets; international brands of home-grown
concepts influenced by traditional Emirati

cuisine and the flavours of the 200

nationalities that live in Dubai.
Run The Track

On 17th March, join a community of
runners to race around the Dubai

Autodrome. Runners can choose to

run either 3km, 5km, or 10km at Run
The Track, and each distance finishes

at the chequered line in front of the

Autodrome’s main grandstand.


In UAE during March

Dubai Fountain turns pink for
Breast Cancer

Awareness Breast Cancer Awareness


In honour of the International Breast Cancer

Awareness month, The Dubai Mall is trying

to remind women how important it is to
detect breast cancer as early as possible.

Shams Emaar, the corporate social
responsibility team of Emaar Properties,

decided to turn the colour of all shows, set by
Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, to pink, in a

gesture to improve awareness of breast cancer.

Shams Dubai is extending support to the Pink
You can pick up a pink ribbon Caravan Ride - the annual pan-UAE breast

to wear and show your cancer awareness campaign. There are events

support during Breast Cancer organised across the seven Emirates to
Awareness Month in heighten people’s awareness about the

The Dubai Mall
importance of early detection of breast cancer

and offers free breast screenings to thousands
Jaan-e-Jigar of citizens and residents of the UAE

Jaan-e-Jigar is a one of a kind Bollywood

musical packed with the perfect amount of
Bollywood masala in a spectacular two-hour

show! Set in the royal town of Ishqabad, this

musical extravaganza will take you through
the fantasy tale of two brothers named

Jaan and Jigar, in a classic story of 5

good vs evil.

Women's & Mother's day

Women are to be celebrated every day but give them

something extra special this March

In March we celebrate Women's day on Thursday 8th and Mother's day on
Wednesday 21st. Make every woman around you feel appreciated.

Mother's Day is a time to do something special for the most important
person in your life. Your Mum gave you birth and your life, therefore,

make this day perfect and cherish her by doing something a little extra

to show how much you care.

March Contest

Another Toluna Magazine Contest is

here for you!!!

Would you like to win points?
Participate in the following contest HERE

♣ Tell us about your favourite story with your Mum

♣ Upload a photo of any gifts you received (if you're a mother),
or what you are planning to give, prepare or buy for your Mum

♣ Name this topic Mother´s Day

6 5 random members will receive 2000 points

Get to know us better

Have you ever wondered who the people writing to you on the other side of

your computer are, while participating on Toluna? We would like to introduce

you our team, starting with an Arabic Community Manager - Mustafa and tell
you his story about how a boy from Lebanon became the Community Manager

at Toluna, based in Paris, France.

Hello Mustafa, where are you from?

I am Lebanese, I come from a town called Chekka, which is situated on the

north coast of Lebanon, 45 minutes away by car from Beirut, so as you
imagine I used to spend a lot of time on the beach.

Tell us more about your hometown...

My town is well known for Ras AL Shaqaa, a white and green mountain
touching the Mediterranean Sea and its public and private sand beaches. As

well as for some of the largest cement and paper factories in the eastern

Mediterranean, such as Holcim and Cimenterie Nationale.
When did you move to Paris and what was the reason, why did you

chose Paris?
I moved to Paris in September 2016, so almost a year and a half ago.

The main reason was to study a master’s programme in International

marketing. Paris has always been my dream. It’s truly the best experience I
have ever had.

We are glad to hear that :) What do you like most about your job?

What I love the most about my job are my colleagues. Everyone is really nice
and fun. I love to interact with other people, see their opinions and share mine.

That’s why I have chosen to do my internship as a Community Manager at
Toluna. To share my opinion and to influence the world.

Which other Arab countries have you visited?

When I was a child, before the war in Syria, I went to this beautiful country with
my family. I am really sorry about what is happening there right now because

Syria is very nice. I also went to Dubai last year and I must say it was

incredible. If I have the chance to travel again, I would like to visit Egypt and


Draw your portrait

We would like to share with you some portraits
while participating in Toluna´s contest: Draw your portrait.

Have a look at following masterpieces

Jgarbosa truly proved her skills. You can also compare her drawing with a real

picture! Thank you for sharing :)

There is a real person

hidden behind this
portait. Let us introduce

you Sh.zayat

Such a talented boy,

isn´t he?

Have you met John.jacob 24 ?

If not, do not hesitate to check his content on
Toluna and leave a comment or two...

Mary541 draw

herself in a funny
and easy way and

we like it! Can you
see what is written

on her T-shirt? :)

honestly made our

day! We can easily

imagine her real
face. You only

need to use your imagination :) LOL


Toluna contest

which you have made and shared with us See more portraits here

We are proud to say you have such a great skill and talent!
and you will understand.

Bhabyshe is a real artist! Isn´t she? WOW


allowed us to compare
her amazing and

porfessional drawing

with her real picture and
we love it! Do you?

We had to laugh hard

once again thanks to NJT21 This drawing is epic!

Reenamkhan has a
pretty cool T-shirt :)

Where did you buy it?
We would like to have

the same :))

This is how we imagine

Šahrazād. But it is up to Mrssyeda to tell us more about who is she.
Lovely picture it is. What do you think Toluners?

Aninuraeni 147
is another talented

member and we

would like to thank
all participants for

your beautiful

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