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Toluna News - Read our February issue online now!

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Published by Toluna, 2018-02-14 04:06:38

Toluna Magazine February EN-PK

Toluna News - Read our February issue online now!

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  T O L U N A C O N T E S T / N E W S / R E C I P E S / R E C E N T E V E N T S  

F e b r u a r y 2 0 1 8


3 Recipes

4 Toluna Contest
5 Recent Events

6 Toluna Playlist

Dear influencers

Time flies by so fast and the first month of the year 2018 is over.

January was full of changes and excitement in the new Toluna office.

We are working hard to meet our New Year´s resolutions and make

you as happy as possible. What about you? In our second issue, you

will find interesting recipes, Toluna Contest, Recent Events and

Toluna Playlist. Have fun reading it.




Do you know the lazy sundays where

you have nothing to do? We made

something up for you, start cooking!

We have some great recipes for you Kofta Kebabs (Lamb)

that you can try any time! With 6 different kind of spices this

must be the most delicious
Kebabs you ever had! Find out
how to make them by watching
this video!


Do you consider this delicious dish a bit
difficult to prepare? We found a video

showing an easy way how to prepare it
so it will never take a long time and you
will not find it impossible to prepare

Chocolate Cake

What is better than ending your
meal with a Chocolate Cake? The
recipe we found is for a cake with

three layers.
You're welcome! (;


Toluna contest

The 14th of February is in most countries the day

of love. We celebrate that we have our family,

friends and other loved ones around us. Toluna

wants to celebrate this day with a nice contest!

The idea

Share a story about the most important person in your

How did you meet him/her? How long do you know

each other? What makes this person so special etc.

The most remarkable stories win points!

1st place: 10.000 points

2nd place: 5.000 points

3rd place: 2.000 points

You can participate in this contest until the 28th of February.

We will announce the winners on the 1st of March.

Honor your loved ones by writing this story.

We can't wait to read it.


Recent events

Flood in Paris

As many of you may already know, the water in the

Seine has risen considerably in recent weeks. Some
metro stations were closed because there was a risk of
flood. For some people it was even difficult to leave their

houses so they used small boats to get in and out of the
house as you can see in the picture.

Since some of the Arab countries also deal with floods
every year, we gathered 5 tips for this situation:

1. Keep an eye on Weather forecast
2. Don't drive while it's raining
3. Stay inside

4. Don’t use electrical appliances affected by the floods
5. After the floods, wear protective gear while cleaning
Toluna has moved

That's right, we got a new home! We're still in Paris but
we've changed our address in January. Now we are in

a much better place with big rooms, nice neighborhood
and a lot of things happening on the surroundings. It
was indeed a good change! Sometimes these
investments are needed if we want to provide a better
service to our members and we believe that with this

moving it will be possible to do that.


Toluna Playlist

Toluna has created the playlist of the month for

you, inspired on different artists, and different
Arabic countries. We hope you will like it!

Abu ft Yousra - 3 Daqat

Balti - Ya Lili Feat Hamouda

Hussein el Deek - Jamalek Ma Byekhlas

Hussein el Jasmi - Ahebek

Oka Wí Ortega - Elaab Yalaa

Abdel Majid Abdallah - Ya Zain Menk

Hussein El Jasmi - Bawaddak

Saber El Rebai - Byitkheli

Saad Lamjarred - Let Go

Wael Kfoury - Khafey


Thanks to all our


members without

whom, this would

not be possible!


Influence Your World
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