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Published by Toluna, 2018-01-16 05:16:14

Toluna News Magazine - A Year In Review (US)

Read our January issue online now!

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Our Year in Review

H I G H L I G H T S , U P D A T E S , P R O M O S , W I N N E R S , H O L I D A Y W I S H E S

J a n u a r y 2 0 1 8

Dearest Influencer I S S U E

The year 2017 has been quite the 03 M e e t i n g t h e t e a m s

roller coaster. We would like to take 04 2 0 1 7 H i g h l i g h t s & U p d a t e s

the time to thank you and all our 06 T o l u n a S w e e p s t a k e s

wonderful Influencers who have 08 P r i z e D r a w s

trusted us throughout the years.
T e s t P r o d u c t s
As we are about to embark on this
G i v i n g b a c k - d o n a t i o n s
new year with its share of surprises
and new challenges, we thought it 12 T o l u n a I n t e r v i e w

would be nice to take a trip down 14 C o m m u n i t y P r o m o t i o n s

a n d E n g a g e m e n t  
memory lane.
16 F A Q S - A C o m m u n i t y G u i d e

Join us as we travel through the main 18 T o l u n a T r a v e l s

events of the year 2017 and share 20 H a p p y N e w Y e a r W i s h e s

news on upcoming events for 2018.

Alex W.


Meeting the teams

The Website Community Team

Animates & Moderates the Toluna community

They are the fun team, always ready to hear your new ideas
for improving the community so don't hesitate to share.

Contact here:

The Social Media Team

Posts trending and fun content on our FB pages

Swing by our Facebook page to continue influencing your
world by participating in trending debates and fun

Contact here:

The Helpdesk Team

The superheroes who don't wear capes

Always ready to answer your questions about surveys and

rewards. Answers on average in 72h or less.
Contact here:

The Incentives Team

Processes and ships all rewards

Works hand in hand with the above teams to make sure that
all rewards are delivered in the best time possible.
Launches and processes lotteries, test products and all
rewards available on the website.


2017 Highlights


October - ongoing

We are always looking for new ideas to improve the website
and make it more interesting for our members.

Thanks to your precious feedback, we have updated our landing pages to not only
reflect what Toluna is all about, but to also make it easier for users to understand how

to use our website. We have already updated most of our pages but if you don't yet see
this design, please know that we are working on launching it in your language as soon
as possible.


We have recently optimised our Referral program
to include a shareable link; making it a lot easier to invite
friends to Now, you can simply copy/paste

the referral link and share it on the platform of your

Once your friend has successfully joined, you will receive
500 bonus points for each referral (points limited to 10

new friends per month)

and Updates



After 5 years and 7546 winners, we have decided to
put an end to our Gifties program that seemed to be

losing in momentum. Don"t worry, we are working hard
to replace it with something that you will be sure to




Toluna launched a whole new and fun way to share your

opinion and earn points. These exclusive forums are only
open for a short period to small groups with specific

interests. To be selected to participate, simply answer our
short surveys in the Survey Centre. If your profile
corresponds, you will receive an exclusive invite to the

forum you qualified for.



Since the launch of our latest mobile app in 2015, we have
credited bonus points for the 1st content created via the

app. This bonus was no longer needed, as we are already
awarding points for all quality content created on Toluna,

regardless of device.
Please note that you will still be receiving an extra
500 points for every survey you complete via our mobile

app so don't forget to download it.


A news

Toluna sweepstakes -

Did you know that our monthly cash sweepstakes now takes

place weekly?

Before, every month 5 winners could win one of the following cash prizes up for
grabs: 1x2500$, 1X1000$, 1X500$, 2X250$,

While this allowed users to earn bigger cash amounts, it also restricted the number

of winners to a few extremely lucky influencers

Since October 1st, every week 25 lucky
members can each win $100!

We made the change with our members
EACH WEEK in mind, because we want to make sure
that as many of our loyal members get a

chance to win!


Bobr1973 r_manchester wandaharper24636 randagio AmazingGrace
bi89914025 vikasngm Maca_826 Gim35 opaben

frauenbach14 mel.hart pao.vasquez Solitaria67 alesmol6
DominikDon83 TSINYCBR vicckky kumazou alliane
teanne bosco-2 Aurora2394 mineral48 pinsuwanwasana


Monthly to Weekly

Remember: the more active you are, the higher your chances of winning.
Don't delay, come to the website every day to participate in our surveys and

engage in the community


I am so happy to be a winner of the Weekly Lottery. When I saw the
points in my account, I could not believe in my eyes. "It must be a
mistake`, I thought, but I understood later that I was just lucky. I

used my points for iPhone X on the quarterly lottery in hopes that I
will have a chance for that too. Good luck to everyone.


I've won!!!!!

OMG Thank you Toluna!!! I've just won £98 on your weekly

lottery & it couldn't have come at a better time! I love this

This time it was my turn! Winner of the weekly 100 euros! I found

out yesterday directly in my mail ... oh yes (...) Great Toluna! I
immediately used 500 points to purchase another ticket ... you

never know! hahahahaha.Thanks Toluna!


I am Super Happy, I won the Weekly Lottery. Thank you Toluna, I
already had my Christmas and birthday present in advance. I

already received the 100 Euros yesterday by Paypal, Like anything
can happen... Do not despair, your turn will come too ...


Toluna Prize Draws

Toluna organizes 3 prize draws every year for a chance to win the latest
gadgets or cool items that our members would love to have!

Here are the prizes offered in 2017:

iPhone X

We had 3 iPhone X up for grabs just in time for Christmas!

Winners: bukleli09, jadefire6, SwedishWildling

2 winners were selected at random and 1 winner bukleli09 was
the influencer who redeemed the most sweepstakes entries.

Samsung LED TV

We offered 3 X 55-inch curved Samsung
LED TVs, in hopes of bringing the cinema

to the comfort of your home!

Winners: bukleli09, 2terramar & Gold-tec

2 winners were selected at random and as
usual the last winner bukleli09 was the

influencer who redeemed the most

sweepstakes entries

Bose QuietComfort


To start the year in style we offered
7 Bose QuietComfort headphones.

Winners: dmt.k, kristen_7988,

デジデジ8903, pierpabass,

marionhulzebosch, jhunstonesteel &
Lmam who gives us a review below

Won these Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones from Toluna and
wow!! They are awesome. They block out any noise around you

and give a smooth, clear, high-quality sound. I love how they are
wireless and I can Bluetooth to my phone to play music as I work
without bothering anyone else, and easily receive calls through

them and get up and move around without worrying about wires
everywhere. I have also used them to play audiobooks for my
7-year-old son (especially on the odd occasion when I have to take him to my meetings
and don't want him to hear any of the conversation). They look good, are comfortable,
very easy to set up and use and they stay charged for ages. I absolutely love these

headphones, we are very grateful to have won them as not something we ever would
have thought to go out and get, but now finding extremely useful and fun, thank you

Stay tuned, our next prize draw starts on Jan 22nd

5 lucky influencers will have a chance to win a:
DYSON V8 ABSOLUTE vacuum cleaner


In 2017, Toluna gave 22000 PRODUCTS

away a whopping

What are Toluna Test Products?
These are simply free products that we send to our Influencers

who are willing test samples from our partners and share their

To participate, you simply need to apply to the products you
wish to test wait to be selected.

Of course, you get to keep the
product once you have sent in your
TEST feedback.

We have tons of new and cool
products to test in 2018, head on
PRODUCTS over to the page to
Test product
see what is now available or

coming soon

Special thanks to all the cool Influencers who send us these cute photos.



gives back

You’re awesome!

Together we collected and donated a total of $7890 to the International Red
Cross, to help those affected by natural disasters.

Seeing the engagement of our communities is
heartwarming. You are the reason why Toluna

continuously strives to do better and more!

Do you donate to local charities?

The generosity and kindness of our members inspired us to start
a collection in our Paris office so that we too could donate.

We'd like to thank you all for always being so loving and caring.


Toluna Interview

December, 2017

Meet two cool,

amazing, fun

loving, ladies!

5 7 K I M M M

From Texas, USA

One time I randomly received a

package of face serum from a survey

in the mail to test! The product was

absolutely amazing . It gave me

absolute pleasure to participate and

give my honest opinion.


P I N K 0 3

From Quebec, Canada

I’m definitely going to stick

around. Toluna has so many

aspects that interest me. I love it. I

will continue to contribute

content, vote on content, and do

surveys. I’ll make a difference.

Read the entire

interview today!

Click here


Community Promotions

2017 brought about a lot of contests and promotions, and all of you
participated in staggering numbers. We're happy to continue this

trend in 2018 and we're looking forward to sharing with you all of the

upcoming initiatives!

Total number of points


won by members


and Engagement

2017 - Treat your self!

Last year saw a big increase in what we
did together. You had a plethora of

marvelous opportunities to share your

creativity with us and be rewarded with
pretty cool prizes. Nobody can forget

the overwhelming response to some of
our initiatives: let's remember Santa

Toluna, Movember, and surely the

Halloween Carving Contest.

Contest Galore!

There's been not only points, but also a
plethora of amazing contests where
2018 brings you won an NES game console, or

inflatable pool doughnuts; not to
mention the Halloween and Christmas
even more goodies, gift cards, and cold hard good

ol' cash!

stay tuned!


An Influencer's guide

What is the best way to

earn on Toluna?

Answering surveys is the fastest way

to earn points.
You can complete them by email or How can I earn points for

directly from the on content?
Survey Centre
the website.
You can also earn points for creating

What is good content? content. From 100 to 1000 points per
piece of good quality content.

Insider tip: We are more likely to
Good content is simply content that

has an illustration (picture or video) credit Polls and Topics as they
and generates interesting generate more interaction.


Original and authentic content will
also get higher and more frequent Are there other ways I

bonuses. can earn points?

How often should I post? Sponsored polls: Sponsored polls

are special polls that allow you to

You can post every day or at your own earn 15 points every time you vote

leisure. However, no matter how great on one of them
your content is, if you post >10 pieces Contests: You can earn 100 to

of content in a 5-minute window it will 5000 points per contest and
be perceived as spam; since it doesn’t sometimes up to 10,000 points

allow users to see content from other depending on the difficulty.

influencers which might be frustrating. Leaving great comments: You can
Please wait at least 10 minutes earn 100 – 1000 points for

between posts. comments on all topics so don't
forget to participate.

to Enjoying Toluna

As in all communities where users share opinions and debate their point of

view; it may happen that you will not always like or agree with the opinions

posted by your fellow Influencers.
When this happens, there are a few things you can do to avoid quarrels and

keep the exchanges in the community interesting and respectful.

Toluna Community


We do our best to moderate the site's

content and comments, in order to
make Toluna enjoyable for all users.

If you would like to report misuse of
inappropriate content, please use the

Contact Us link. What should I do if I

Remember: don't get along with
1) Be courteous and respectful of other another Influencer?

2) Do not spam the community The first thing you should do is avoid

3) Do not promote personal pages/ and ignore the user and his/her

channels/ sites content. Not only will this allow you to
4) Make interesting friends enjoy the site a lot more, it will prevent

5) Enjoy the community unnecessary frictions.

Just take a deep breath and keep
Can I share ideas to scrolling. It's as simple as that!

improve the site?

YES, please do. You can send us an

email using the contact us link or just

post a message on our Toluna Team
wall. We are always open to new ideas

that could make Toluna even better.

If you are an active influencer on LUNA

the Toluna community, you know T
that we are an international team of

Community Managers who try our RAVELS

best to share some of the fun things
that the team is up to.

To start the new year, we thought it would be cool to share a few pictures of the
countries we have visited in the past few months.

Can you guess where the Community Manager is in each picture?










How many do you think you
guessed correctly?

Check answers 9



As this new year begins, we would like to take a moment to thank all our
dear Influencers for your loyalty and dedication.

2017 had its share of ups and downs but we hope that with your help, 2018

will be a great and productive year for us all!

Special thanks to the hundreds of users who took the time to send us your
2018 wishes. We couldn't add each and every video to the complication

but know that we watched and enjoyed every single one of them.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Thanks to all our


members without

whom, this would

not be possible!


Influence Your World

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