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Toluna News - check out our April edition

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Published by Toluna, 2018-04-09 05:32:12

ENAE Toluna Magazine - April

Toluna News - check out our April edition

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04 What is happening in April

06 Get to know us better

08 La vie est belle

10 Guess the flag

11 UAE Does It Better


Dear Toluners

April is here and we have a new issue of the Toluna

Magazine ready for you!

Spring is coming here in Paris and we would like to show

you the beauty of this season. You can see lots of flowers,

sun and happiness added to this 4th issue. Do not forget to

click on the pictures, sometimes there are links hidden!

Hope you will like it...



What's happening in

Al Marmoom Heritage Festival

UAE’s oldest sports of camel racing

Al Marmoom Heritage Festival aims to urge
the citizens of the Arabic Gulf stick to

traditions and culture, which represents the

camel as an important component of the
culture and quest to revive the cultural

memory in the hearts of people and direct it

to stick to camels, breeding and qualify to
participate in this important event through.

We said bye to our

Toluna Test Products

Since the launch of our Test Products program, it has always been our

mission to find interesting products that you would like to test and give

feedback on. With this mission in mind, we have decided to revisit our
offering for the foreseeable future. During this time, we will be focusing

on remodeling our offer, to better cater to the wants and needs of our



UAE during April


1st Tech Event in Asia, Middle East and Africa

Since Dubai is the world’s fastest growingtech-hub,

#1 Tech Event in Asia, Middle East & Africa is

happening in April. Largest meeting platform of
MENA government entities, global corporates, start-

ups will be set in Dubai and you can be a part of

it! Over 100K visitors, key players from every
industry, government decision makers, corporate

buyers, innovators and futurists will be there as well.


Weekly Lottery


We would like to

Elena is our Italian colleague who is in

charge of the Italian community on
Toluna. We have asked her several

questions to make sure you will know

our team better. Last time it was
Mustafa from Lebanon, do you


Hello Elena, tell us why and how

did you decide to work for Toluna?

I have always been interested in digital

marketing, social media, communication,

online world in general and in love with
Paris. Once it came to a decision what

to do after my graduation I have decided to
get some valuable working experience. I got

the offer to work for the Toluna company as

an Italian CM (Community Manager) and
work in an international environment with

people from
all around the world. I couldn´t say no :)


introduce you...

What do you like the most about your community?

I would say the spirit. There are positive vibes around every day. I like the fact

people are open, they are willing to share their opinion, experience, pictures,

memories and once there is a contest they are all participating and doing their
best to win. I am really enjoying this work.

Which place in Italy would you recommend us to visit?

I was born in a little village next to Rome, therefore, I would recommend you

our capital city and experience La Dolce Vita for sure! There is so much to see
and to do. You can visit the Colosseum, throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, get

Lost in the Centro Storico, shop until you drop at the Galleria Alberto Sordi,

take an early evening break for aperitivo, eat gelato at Giolitti, admire ancient
ruins at the Roman Forum

Sounds amazing, thank you very much for your time and now get
back to your work!

La vie

In previous TM we have announced
Have a look at some

randomly choosed

Salut everyone.. reachriyaa
It was a Bien and Bonjour today as we had a cloudy and cool weather..

La vie est belle, though some days we need to look a little harder to see the
beauty. We cannot expect all the days bien through out our lives.

Beau things are imperfect and flawed people are beautiful. We all have clouds,

but we also have the ability to come out from behind our clouds and continue to
shine. We all fall and stumble, yet that’s usually when la vie reveals its beaute

to us.

Difficult roads often lead to beau destinations, and sometimes the wrong
choices bring us to the right places. All life is a journey of oneself to oneself.

Happiness isn’t even the destination—the fulfillment of what we wish for—but

an appreciation of what we have and who we are right now, on our way to
becoming closer to who we’re meant to be.

Hope everyone is having Bonsoir :) Merci all for reading my short story.
Merci once again and Au revoir ;)


La vie est belle!

- 'Bonjour' cher ami.
-Salut camarade.

- As-tu une fois entendu parler de TOLUNA? C'est une
plateforme qui non seulement te fait des gains en

surfant mais aussi elle t'informe.

- Non jamais entendu parler.
- 'Bien', je t'invite donc à y accéder.

- Je le ferai donc, 'merci'.
- 'Au revoir' mon ami.
8 - 'Bonsoir' camarade.

est belle

La vie est belle contest for you!

nice posts from our
winners! Congrats! See more posts here


Salut & Bonsoir!

La vie est belle; There is no greater purpose, no greater meaning. Everything and

anything. It doesn’t have to be solely people, it can range from a pet to something
abstract and imaginary.

Even if you don’t love La vie itself, through loving things/beings in your La vie you
find meaning, purpose. For example : You choose your dream job because that is

what you LOVE to do. You choose whatever path you choose in La vie because

that is the path that you LOVE.
When you love someone/something, unconditionally, it gives your La vie

meaning, it gives you the will to live POSITIVELY, and that’s one of the greatest
treasures love can give, a positive, healthy attitude towards La vie, and of La vie

towards you.

Love unconditionally as much as you can, expand your “circle of love” to the
farthest it can reach. And you’ll find. The more you send your love to others, the

more you’ll appreciate the love you’re giving, making you also love yourself

UNCONDITIONALLY & your La vie will be est belle
Merci & Au Revoir!


She enters her favorite cafe. Bonjour, says he. Salut, say

she.Comment allez-vous, asked he. (How are you?)
Bien, merci, et vous? asked she. (Good, thank you, and you?) Très

bien, said he. (Very good) Both smiled.

She comes regularly the coffee and the company. Night
fell.Bonsoir, says he.Au revoir, says she. Before she left,

La vie est belle à cause de toi, says he. (Life is beautiful because
of you) And the rest was history.


Guess the flag

See more in here

We have prepared a new contest for you.

We will share a distorted flag with you twice per a week and you will

need to guess which country this flag represents.
With a help of photoshop we will make this contest a bit more difficult for

you but specific colors of every flag will always remain the same.


UAE DIB is over and we would like to thank you

for such an amazing performance!

Even though UAE did not make it into final Top 10 we have

announced :

5 most active members of each week who will get 3000 points

♣ rajanson ♣ vctrspnjr ♣ farsintzr

♣ farsintzr ♣ farsintzr ♣ vctrspnjr

♣ AHMED6997 ♣ rajanson ♣ rajanson

♣ usha59 ♣ Abdulsolanki ♣ mrssyeda

♣ salahmo ♣ DuchessofSpyros ♣ usha59

3 Winners of the Chief Survey Taker who will get 10,000 points




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